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Pairs Speculations

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Before the season starts next week we should experiment with something, the breaking news thread says that the 14 houseguests will actually becoming in as secret pairs. Now that CBS had posted their pics and their profiles, does anyone care to take a stab at picking out pairs? It might be fun to see who can get the most right.

April & Jennifer

Beau & James

Kaysar & Ivette

Eric & Rachel

Ashleah & Sarah

Michael & Maggie

Howie & Janelle

these are my very scientific predictions

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here's mine....they are based entirely on location

april and jennifer

ashlea and beau

eric and james

howie and sarah

ivette and janelle(i'm putting money on this one!!)

kaysar and michael

maggie and rachael

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Guest Rusty

OK, here is mine.........

April & Jennifer

Ashlea & Beau

Eric & James

Howie & Sarah

Ivette & Janelle

Kaysar & Michael

Maggie & Rachel

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Guest ranster627

well one of my best friends lives across the country ... I think the locations in some cases might be a "red herring" :?:

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I hate how obvious it is, because some people are from the same places.  :(

Ahhh, but might that not be just what BB wants you to see?

Here are my choices, almost out of a hat:

April & Rachel

Ashlea & Howie

Beau & Janelle

Eric & James

Ivette & Sarah

Jennifer & Maggie

Michael & Kaysar

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yes, ran, i thought of that too, but these are my intial picks and i reserve the right to change them in the first few episodes, as we will not be shown who knows who until a few episodes in.

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Guest ranster627

Yup Scuba, I like the logic you had, I was more responding to the post just above mine, and got too lazy to quote! :wink:

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I've been racking my brain trying to get the houseguests paired up. I'm about to go crazy with it, so here it is before I change my mind:

April & Jennifer

Maggi & Michael

Ivette & Janelle

Rachel & Howie

Ashlea & Kaysar

Beau & James

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Big Brother Twist Revealed!

From Variety:

"Competition skein's jackpot being increased to $1 mil


CBS summer staple "Big Brother" is getting a million-dollar facelift for 2005 -- in more ways than one.

In addition to the skein's new digs (Daily Variety, May 6), exec producers Arnold Shapiro and Allison Grodner have engineered a twist to the game that could result in the contest winner walking away with $1 million. That's double the game's usual $500,000 jackpot.

Getting the coin won't be easy, however.

As part of their annual effort to reinvent the game of "Big Brother," producers have come up with a scheme in which every cast member of "Big Brother 6" will walk into the house with a ready-made alliance -- a best friend, co-worker or significant other.

However, each pair of players will be told they're the only two participants coming into the house with a partner -- even though there will actually be seven teams of two playing the game. Teams also will be told to keep their alliances secret -- at least if they want to win the big money.

"The incentive is (for partners) to get to the end of the game sitting side by side," said Grodner. "If they do, the winner will get $1 million and the second-place person will get $250,000. It's in their best interests to keep it a secret."

If a twosome doesn't make it to the finals, winner will get the usual $500,000, while the runner-up will snag a measly $50,000.

Viewers won't find out which players are partnered until the season's third episode (skein returns July 7). But Shapiro and Grodner already are expecting plenty of what latter calls "soap opera stories" to emerge from a house in which everyone already knows someone.

"These are people who already like each other, but the question is, will (the friendships) last until the end when money's involved?" Grodner said.

Producers are planning myriad mini-twists throughout the season as part of what they're calling "the summer of secrets."

"Every year we do something exotic," Shapiro said. "Last year it was a 'twin twist,' the year before it was the 'ex' factor. This year, there are a number of secrets involving the cast, involving the new house and involving the game. And like an onion, they'll be peeled away week after week throughout the summer."

One early twist will come early in the game when houseguests discover there are only 10 beds for the 14 of them. That's because the new two-story house contains a secret bedroom.

There also have been rumblings that producers might allow each week's "head of household" to maintain a blog, likely via CBS.com-- a first for a network reality show. But the Eye declined to confirm speculation about Web content related to the show, which has traditionally included a pay-per-view Web feed component.

Extreme makeover of the "Big Brother" house includes a second-level master suite (complete with balcony and private bathroom); a full-sized gym; and a new studio for host Julie Chen.

New digs were created by set designer Scott Storey ("Surreal Life"), who was charged with making the house "a character in the show," Grodner said.

Shapiro also credited "technical genius" Gene Crow for making sure the new house's control rooms and edit bays worked. "The fact that we're getting a signal (to CBS Television City) is a credit to him," he said.

New house boasts five extra cameras (for a total of 47) and 10 new mics (for a total of 76).

The 14 cast members are a particularly young lot: 10 are under 30, and the oldest is just 36. I CREDIT BB5BBQ FOR THIS LATE NIGHT BREAKINGNEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 if you use this agian please credit BB5BBQ.com thanks

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Okay, here are my picks:

April & Janelle

Ivette & Jennifer

Ashlea & Rachel

Howie & Sarah

Beau & James

Eric & Maggie

Kaysar & Michael

I tried to take a good look at them for any sort of resemblence. I really think April and Janelle are related (cousins maybe) as well as Ivette and Jennifer.

Anyway, it should be a great season. I can't wait for the 7th. :D

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Here's my guesses:

Eric & Janelle

Maggie & Michael

Ashley & Rachel

Beau & Sarah

April & Ivette

James & Jennifer

Howie & Kaysar

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First Relationship Found

Beau and Ashlea are on each other's Friendsters!! this is the 1st connection i am working on geting all of them i credit bb5bbq for the news.

Ashlea Evans Info

Ashlea Evans

Plantation, FL

Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches

Weight: 115

Measurements: 34C - 24 - 34

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Modelling Info with photos


Ashlea Evans's Resume

Location: Miami, FL Age: 22

Height: 5' 7" Hair: Chestnut

Weight: 118 Eyes: Blue

Bust : 34 Dress : 0

Waist: 0 Shoe: 9

Hips : 0 Ethnicity: Mixed



Extra in Movie From Justin to Kelly


Infomercial for Tracfone wireless


International shows in countries such as Greece, London, and Paris

Playboy fashion show

Rampage fashion show

White house black market fashion show

Addidas fashion show

French Connection Fashion show

Print for Maxim magazine promo site

Tracfone wirless print

Cheetagirls calender

Special Skills:

skilled in singing and dancing

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I don't know if this means anything or not...

I was just looking over the HG's and noticed that two of them list something unusual under their favorite snacks...

They are...

Ashlea (Plantation, FL) and Jennifer (Plano, TX.) they both listed Swedish Fish under favorite snacks...

I don't know what swedish fish is so maybe I am out of the loop but it seems too unusual a food to have two people in the house like it, if they aren't connected in some way...


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This is fun to see, I tried a variety of match ups, location, favorites, occupations, age, facial characteristics and finally almost drew names out of a hat to come up with mine. I agree that the location is most likely a red herring. Looking up people on Friendsters was a stroke of genius.

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Who Could Be Partners?

Ashlea is from Plantation, FL (on Beau's Friendster?)

Beau is from Pembroke Pines, FL

Michael is from Orange County, CA - graphic designer

Kaysar is from Irvine, CA - graphic designer

Ivette is from Miami Beach, FL

Janelle is from Miami Beach, FL

Howie is from Chicago, IL

Sarah is from Chicago, IL

Eric is from Boston, MA (shows up in Vegas on phone number searches)

Maggie is from Las Vegas, NV

April is from Dallas, TX

Jennifer is from Plano, TX

James is from Atlanta, GA

Rachel is from Parker, CO my info from BB5BBQ.com

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Guest eniper

Here are my guesses


Ashlea/Beau (guessed before I read about Friendster)






Everthing but the Sarah/Ivette were educated guesses. They were just the two left over so had to go together.

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i have more info on some of the people :::::Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Kaysar Ridha Info

UPDATED: - Kaysar is a typically Iranian name, coming from zoroastrianism (not Islam) meaning Head of Kings

-"Question: What improvements would you like to see in the University Center?

Kaysar Ridha

freshman, biological sciences

I find nothing I like over there. There is a women

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:lol: Well, after some research, I can only assume that one pair of acquaintences are Beau, and Ashlea. Apparantly they have eachother on friendster.
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The Houseguest That Never Was

Like so many other seasons, one houseguest has not made it into the house. We assume they were replaced pre-photo release, so we should see everyone who is on the site today in the house on Thursday. But someone didn't make it - I wonder how they replaced them with someone their "partner" knew? -I Credit BB6BBQ.com

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