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  1. Man I hope this douche nozzle loses! (Though if he wins wont say he didnt deserve it since the rest of the HG are IDIOTS) but man Dan is a smarmy piece of work
  2. Ian is loyal to his alliance *GASP* horrible!!!! Though it is stupid LOL he has a good shot of winning because he was loyal. GO IAN (or anyone but smarmy jerkwad dan)
  3. When the season started and we all knew the Coaches were coming in I thought it would be a good idea and fair (HA) That the coaches enter and play to get down to one while the newbies get a free ride. So how long do you all think it will be before the coaches are in trouble and Grodner throws in a Pandora's box and makes the vets coaches again for a week to save them?
  4. Except those people actually got to play the game before and knew before that there was a chance they wouldnt make it into the house.
  5. I like really like her from her interviews! So many judgemental people here! Wait until you see her in action then judge away
  6. You havent heard? The new twist is Rachel will find out on BB that she is a long lost Hantz
  7. All I know is if I was a newbie I would say Ef You BB I walk! Really the only way to stop this ish is for us viewers to stop watching! But we wont because it is like crack. Typical drug dealers. Give it to us free (BS free) then start charging us (giving us BS twistst) we HAVE to come back.
  8. If it is true I am sure Grodner will abandon Rachel for Janelle
  9. Something else suspicious. Janelle tweeted that she was going to Greece. Said something like she would be in Greece in 24 hours and posted a pic that was suppose to be from the airport. Someone found the exact same picture on another website. So the pic was face.
  10. Last year Daniele did a super pass show before she went into the house and saw the house pics before she went in. So I dont think Rachel getting to see the house and doing a super pass show disqualifies her from going into the house. Not saying I believe the rumors either
  11. Now the rumor from Missyae is someone from Survivor will be on BB and the last mentor is Rachel. If true BLECH!!!!! Rachel 4 reality shows in the past 3 years? ENOUGH CBS!!!!
  12. I agree it sucks that someone who came into the game without someone they could trust 100% and someone who did not kiss the ass of 3 of the vets to get where she was, won 50K. The shame!!! Yes what a freakin' porker!!! She should go on Biggest Loser next! BTW she got more than Jordon
  13. I really want Porsche to get to the final 2 and at least get 50K but if Rachel were to take it might be worth it to see him lose 7-0 since he thinks he has played one of the best social games EVER on BB

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