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  1. BDing is part of Big Brother. If you don't want to be backdoored, be obnoxious or volunteer to be put up as a pawn. Players who get backdoored are usually the ones who feel too 'comfortable.'
  2. +1 Would love to see this happen, but in McCrae's perspective, this might not be a smart move.
  3. http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=11111
  4. Wouldn't: McCrae + Helen + Elissa + Jessie be enough? Why do they want it to split?
  5. Tonight's DR does make it look like McCrae might split from Amanda. Maybe production is tired of Amanda? This would so drive ratings up haha!
  6. 8:10PM BBT: McCrae is in the storage room with Helen, they are whispering about a new plot to vote out Amanda and GinaMarie will break the tie and Amanda will be gone. We keep getting brief FotH for a second here or there. Helen leaves the storage room and tells GinaMarie she wishes they could dance more. Is this legit?!
  7. Sadly, she is the only one that has the gut to go against Amanda...
  8. If she manages to get Amanda out this week, she'll gain my support!
  9. They will probably ignore the MVP twist for the double eviction.
  10. Y'all think they'll delay PoV ceremony until Monday and have a renomination vote on Sunday episode (i.e. America, hypothetically speaking, say that your nomination goes off the block, who would you like to see put up? Or will they just go down the list lol.
  11. So what's with the diamond POV? I'm confused...
  12. Amanda is slowly going down my cheer-for list...



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