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Twas The Night Before BB6

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'Twas the Night Before Big Brother 6

'Twas the night before Big Brother 6, when all through MortyLand

Not a poster was stirring, not even their mouse.

The mods had set the Big Brother threads with care,

In hopes that the houseguests soon would be there.

The Big Brother Correspondants were nestled all snug by their live feeds,

While visions of houseguests eating pb&j danced in their heads.

And Jem in her 'kerchief, and Ranster in his cap,

Had just settled their brains for a quick catnap.

The Big Brother Correspondants typed narry a word

Their nerves were frayed and anticipation levels soared

They stayed on the BigBrother forum sometimes just to lurk

Then yawning and stretching with a sore neck and back

Got up from the 'puter and went for a snack.

When from the live feeds there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from my lurking mode to see what was the matter.

Away to the keyboard I flew like a flash,

Clicked on my mouse with a mighty and mad dash.

When what on my flickering screen should appear,

A flood of opinion to stick in your ear.

The thread then mutated and broke every rule,

Ignoring the reminders from the mods, someone said, they weren't cool.

Posts poured onto the forum, by the dozens they came,

I recognized most, some even by name.

There's Slowpoke, StephenV and Suds, then Stormy,TheStilesClan, Jenw, King and even DrWill!

CeCimon, patsytoland, Stargazer, SerenityNow, JennyOndioline, and Mo, this lineups unreal!

With Brekkie Boy from UK, Angelo Joe, TwinkleToes, and Crazy B from Shh!!!Town

There's Gorilla in the tree, mango, dietekocgirl, QW and Nebartist acting like clowns.

Jem then posted a technical note,

And someone called hanklee an old goat.

Posts flew fast and furious, I nervously covered my face,

People were trolling in a panic all over the place.

Have I missed the opening of "Big Brother?" they typed

Oh, This is a Disgrace!

DivaSupreme, Sara, Dade, TheWatcher, Raydog and Murf came off the bench,

And then there was Numfar, Wait UP! Isn't he French?

When former members showed up out of the cold,

Someone observed they were covered with mold.

Suddenly Morty appeared, armed with the most reliable information one can get.

We all stared at our screens as he posted his update.

He said not to fret, the houseguests had not arrived as of yet.

After all, it was only July 6, we were far from being late.

As he was posting his update I calmed with his reassuring words.

I looked over and there on my live feeds was a smiling Julie Chen

All she was doing was practicing

"Welcome HouseGuests to Big Brother" Over and over, Again!

Morty diasppeared from my screen and through my uplink,

Back into MortyLand with barely a blink.

I read his words as he flew from my sight,

"Carry on one and all, and to all a good byte!"

A Happy Big Brother6 Season to all~


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:? I feel like I should be hanging up my mouse over my monitor, or buying and sending e-mail BB cards. I don't even have any BB decorations to put around my condo or on my front door :!:

Guess I'll just have to remember to read Salter's poem before I go to bed the night before BB6 starts

Thanks Salter :clap :clap :clap

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Didn't want to start a new thread, and didn't want to put this in a 'Twist' thread cause it seemed kinda outta place.

Soooo..... thought I'd put it in dear SalterPaths :lol:

It's my feeble attempt to adapt "Lets Twist.


The BB 6 Twist

Come on everybody, clap your hands

Now you're looking good

I'm gonna sing my song and it won't take long

We gotta do the BB6 twist, and it goes like this

Come on let's twist again, like we did for BB5 last summer

Yea, let's twist again, BETTER than last year

Do you remember the 4 Horseman, oh, what a bummer

Yea, let's twist again, Julie Chen is here

Yeah SOS's and DNA's and up 'n down we go again

Oh baby make me know why I'm so hooked on this, and then

Come on let's twist again, we're MORE than ready

Yea, let's twist again, BB6 time is here :!:

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