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  1. So far, I like her too. I think she is trying to keep a low profile. She has a beautiful voice. Enjoy hearing her speak.
  2. Both Janell and Ashlea had potty mouths and made some statements that were uncalled for. So did Ivette....I call it "even steve"; however, I prefer the way Ivette, James, Eric, April, etal are playing the game. They are Gamers!! Janelle must now become a "gamer" or she will be gone quickly. Contrary to what is being said, Eric is after Michael, not Janell and will prolly put Mike and Kaysar up... Peace
  3. I believe its Howie.....Myxter would have known James' girl, Sarah...He would have also said he knew two people in the house if it were Michael. Because Michael and Kaysar are a pair...and usually if you have a close friend, you know their other friends. So Howie it is, IMO.
  4. You bet!! I was just screaming at the television until my hubby reminded me that his sister(my sister in law) lives in the area being hit!!! Oh well....
  5. Who is HOH......Who nominated for eviction!! Help!!
  6. Im so excited...and I just cant hide it, Im about to lose control and I think I LIKE IT Thanks for the article...Love all the posts!!! "Summer of Secrets"...yessss!!
  7. welcome littlelaura....i know how you feel. When I saw the fish stories, I immediately went to realplayer superpass and signed up...then I immediately signed on and watched the fish for a while. Heyy, we are all a little nutty that way.
  8. I would hope to find a "male" Diane; pray he falls for me..and ride his coattails to the end....
  9. MEN Bo Constantine Nikko Scott Anthony Travis Mario David WOMEN Carrie Vonzell Jessica Lindsey Mikalah Aloha Nadia Janay Awwww...sorry wrong board...These were AI contestants!
  10. Once the show/live feeds begin, its "off to the races for me". I begin my day at 6:00 a.m. eastern(Self-employed working at home) until 11:30 a.m. Prepare dinner/lunch while working also throwing in a load of laundry each day...lol.....The hamsters are usually in bed until around 9:00 am pst, l2:00 noon my time. No vacation/No visits from friends or family wanted or needed(everyone knows this by now..lol My meals for the next three months will be prepared in the OVEN only!! Three days a week is "take-out" meals only. On saturday mornings, do housework that had "BETTER" last for a week..lol

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