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August 18 Live Feed Updates


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Boogie comes back and says that George has "lost his MF mind. This is a golden opportunity. I mean, this is ripe for the picking!"

Dani says that he needs to go up and tell him that he would have been gone if it wasn't for Will and Boogie.

Boogie says he thought that George understood, but George is so malleable.

He says there's "Beauty and the Beast" talking to George.

Boogie: Dude, what could they possibly offer you? It's not gonna matter anyway. It's just gonna be either at his expense or not at his expense.

Erika: I was like, you know one of us has the power. Why would you risk that? He doesn't know what he is doing. If he puts up Will, will I go home?

Boogie: NO.

Dani: You don't know what that power is.

Erika: Well, I think I just asked a very specific question. Why waste it? Why not strike?

Boogie: Why? Why do this with repercussions?

Dani: If he does this, I gotta get rid of him. I have to. He's a dangerous player. He's one of the most dangerous players in this house.

Boogie: What did he ask you?

Dani: He asked me, on my kid's love, will I keep her (Erika). (She doesn't tell what she answered!!)

Boogie asks if George really wants Erika to stay or not?

Dani: He really wants Erika to stay. He's not that good.

Boogie: So, so you think they really wanted Will out?

They say yes.


Erika: I'm like, George! I go home if you put up Will. Do you understand that??

Boogie: I don't know where he thinks he is getting the three votes!

Erika; Because they told him (Janie and Howie said they would vote to keep Erika).

Boogie: Oh, they told him. I don't even know why I'm getting stressed out. I'm gonna fix this like that! (Snaps) And if he won't listen, I hope he has a fun--FOTH

Dani: You have to get you and Will both to talk to him and he needs to understand that you and Will both saved his ass last week. I don't think he understands that.

Boogie says that Will doesn't take this seriously, and needs to get focused now.

All four feeds are on Erika shuffling cards over and over. (Thanks, BB!) Dani enters, plays solitaire. They joke that they are the "solitary alliance."

Janelle knocks and enters and sits on the couch. They ignore her. She doesn't say anything. FOTH

Will and Boogie have cornered George.

George says that it would be the wrong thing to just ditch her (Janie) like that. It would be wrong.

George is saying that Will told him last night that he wanted him to put him on the block!! Will is brushing his teeth and he says he told George if he had to do that, he wouldn't be mad! George says that Will is the one who told him to do it this way!!!!! Boogie tells Will to spit that out--he needs him now.

They are telling George this is the wrong thing to do, and what if he follows her out the door? George says he follows her out the door, then.

FOTH (I'll bet this is a long one)

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I just heard Howie say to George that if its a 2-2 tie that George should do the right thing...??? umm 5 people will be voting so i guess unless something happened that i missed howie miss counted???

Feed change to Boogie and James in bug room

James saying he has to vote this way (assuming he means he has to vote out erika) to maintin atleast some form of alliance with s6

Boogie saying if something arises with Janelle he will look her in the face and say: you reap what you sow

James asked about the time and said oh we still have 4 hours at 12:17 BBT so i dont know if the eviction is at 4 or 5 BBT....

Janelle and Danielle in work out room putting on makeup

Danielle saying if she could see anyone's DRs it would be George's because you never know what he is thinking.... Danielle leaves the room

not sure why but now im getting FOTH on all feeds

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From Mortys Main page. We had to re-set the board because of the traffic.

12:05PM BBT: James removed himself from the block and Howie was nominated. We see Will and Boogie in the SR, Will says when Howie leaves they will see that he has a secret weapon and it

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12:45PM BBT: Danielle and Erika are very pleased with themselves for turning around George's decision. Erika's sure of her votes, and that Howie will be evicted.

1:15PM BBT: Will tells Danielle that James doesn't want to vote Howie out because it'll cost him two votes in the jury (Howie and Janelle). Danielle says they need to tell him if he votes out Erika, then he looses the three votes.

1:30PM BBT: I can't believe it, things are starting to quiet down, what a day! Howie's packing, and he has all his souvenirs that collected to sell on eBay. James suggests that Howie take one of the roses from Janelle's prom queen bouquet to give to Julie if he's evicted. James said he should say, "Julie, you shot me down last week, but I still love you." Meanwhile Will is playing basketball in the living room with a ball from the pool. Danielle chuckles that Howie actually brought cigarettes to barter with.

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I can't keep track of times, but after the veto ceremony, Danielle and Janelle were in the gym and Danielle asked "so would both people go to Mexico together?"... and now they are in indoor lockdown... will is assuming they are building the HOH competition outside... [could this be two evictions this weekend?]

howie says vote is at 4 bbt

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From general talk in the BB house today here is the tentative timeline of events according to the houseguests.

Today 4:15 BBT HOH competition

Saturday---voting on Howie/Erica eviction Whoever is voted out will leave the house Saturday

Sunday---New HOH takes over and will make nominations

Of course this could all change! :lol:

1:51 BBT I guess Skeletor--aka Erica has taken over of Marcellas' wearing of a robe all day. She is in the kitchen wearing her robe that she's been walking around in all day. Danielle getting ready to make her and James tacos. Boogie working out and Will still playing with the ball from the pool through out the house.

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1:45PM BBT: Howie's taking his nomination very well, but then CT has told him they'll vote out Erika, but really they'll vote out Howie and tell Janelle they did it because Howie broke the reality TV rule and called out the alliances. Howie explains again to Boogie what "live to tape means." The show isn't live, but they shoot it just like the regular live show. At 4:00PM BBT, they'll vote live, compete in the HoH contest, and do everything as if it was being broadcast live. This will air as Sunday's show.

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2:05PM BBT: Janelle visits Chicken George in the HoH room. George doesn't sound like he's doing too well, he sounds really depressed. Janelle says she's voting to keep Howie. Janelle says that she understands that it's a game. George says he's sorry to split her and Howie up, but he just wanted to keep her safe. Janelle asks if Will came up here and asked him to put her up "... and did James?" "I'm not going to say. You're a smart girl, I think you can figure it out,." George tells her.

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Mike and Will are starting to debate whether voting out Erika is such a good idea. Will and Mike are talking and Will is saying that voting out Erika would be better because Janelle would not come after them. James told Mike and Will he will vote out Erika because of the jury (ed: very interesting stuff...)

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cktb just wrote on the boards...

.......Just wanted to let everyone know that according to one of the Moderators/Techs on the Real Player BB7 Forum......the Feeds are supposd to be back on tonight and not Flames for the rest of the weekend.

Looks like it may be a long FOTH.

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4:45 bbt

still FOTH

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5:41 BBT

once again, still FOTH

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We're back and Janelle is crying.

Janelle doesn't feel good. James said he's sure Boogie and Will will be sleeping together in the HOH room tonight if Janie wants to sleep down there. Everyone is being really nice to her.

James says, "If it's not the nerd herd, it's Chill Town." Dani says they will have a girls date tonight - paint their toe nails and stuff. She went to get her nail polish. James asks if there's anything he can get Janelle.

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janie in bug room crying, james asks her if there is anything he can do for her or get her...

janie - no

james - you have to know that in this game there are people you can trust in this game and people you cannot...

janie says something muffled

james - you are janelle... you are f'ing janelle... I've never had to be in this without howie

janie - what

james - i've never been in this house without howie, it is gonna be f'ing quiet...

more muffled convo...

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James tells Janie, "you trusted people and they lied to you." Now you know who you can trust and who you can't. You'll be around a lot longer than I will. You're Janelle, you'll find a way . . . Then James says, "I've never had to be in this house without Howie. It's quiet."

So Howie has been evicted!!

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Janelle and James in the Ant room. Janelle lying in bed crying. James says "BB I'm out of clothes". He tells Janelle that Boogie and Will, will probably sleep in HOH together.

Will, Boogie, Danie, and Erika sitting at kitchen table. No sign of George.

Either Will or Boogie have won HOH. Danie asked if they had pictures from back then.

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