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August 18 Live Feed Updates


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dani begging CG not to put her up...

i've seen everyone but james so i think james won veto.

i've seen all 6 people and nobody is wearing a veto... however dani is BEGGING.. literally BEGGING cg no to put him up so a veto has to be somewhere?

Will whining about how short the comp is.

Dani pissed... telling CG "you wanna nominate.. go ahead." (about hmmm.. 15 times she's said that)

Dani annoyed.. talking to erika alone rehashing the convo.

james/ CG alone in hoh

james = veto.

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CG : im gonna give it to you straight. janelle cut me a lot of slack. i like your alliance. janelle has cut me a lot of slack.

J: when

CG: she didnt nominate me.. how many times... twice?

J: yeah but.. george.. janie didnt nominate a lot of people twice.

CG: also she tld me i was going up next week.. i accepted it.. i said cool. i hugged her, i didn't .. i said you said what you have to do you do it. OK. howie... i like the guy. ok. once again.. you explained... in my life i've gone by.. it probably costed me the money last time.. what's personal to me. it's how i am. you were the only one who nominated me, that's all it was. i have NO beef against you what so ever. what i did was this.. i went back through as fas as the game has been played so far, and nobody has helped me much at all.. ok..? very little.. little here little there. i saw the people that may have contributed to me being here, and tha'ts how i chose. do you understand?

J; in a way.. yes. i think you're leaving a lot out

CG: I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING nobody in cludes me in anything

J: the thing is.. i have no idea why you nominated erika, i think you nominated her cuz you thought everyone would keep her over me.

CG: no.

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CG: i'm an individual player.. cuz I am. that's what i have to do.

J: lets go back to janie and howie. im trying to fig out how... first of all you have serious misconceptions about why you're here. marcellas was put up over you becaue of 3 people. will, boogie and me. we knew if you got up, youre alliance would vote you out... for me being in the opposite lliance... its not that it has anything to do with you, it's just erika would have been better to keep. so we convinced janie to put marcellas under the clause that marc wouldnt go. janie is quite upset. whatever they told you is bullshit. you can think me, the doctor and boogie for you not being nominated this week. the doctor is a shady guy, but whether it had to do with saving you and nomming marc, more so its nomming marcelas... trust me... all this time was not janie saying not putting you up. was I mad when you nominated me?

CG: no you took it good

J: well no i went in the back and swore at you and said iw as gonna kill you in your sleep but.. obviously my name isnt marcellas .. i use vetos. you aren't an enemy to me. i thought we had let by gones be by gones. i put you up because will said he wanted to go home so i put him up.. 2.. we had a lot of floaters .. the marcellas's the erika's, the jase's. so we had people who were throwing HOHs you know why.. they didnt have to.. all the floaters told us theyd put you up so we wanted to take away their handicap and make them playing the game. was i considering you as a number not a person.. yes... i dont hold this against you. im not an emotional player, i get emotional but last year i was emotional and it was stupid. in the future don't sulk when someone wins the veto you wanted out. i think theres a bigger picture on the grounds of my noms.

CG: you got it wrong... you nominted me.. its that simple.

J: im gonna ask 1 direct question.. was there any other person behind you nominating myself or erika? want advice on a replacement nominee?

CG: go ahead.

J: you're in a tough position.. apparently janie and howie have helped you out a lot. if you take one of them out... they get weaker. you have an important choice ahead of you. you're in the jury and people take things person. i get emotional at first.

CG: it was the only thing i had to work with..you nominated me.

J: i'm past this. if i were you i'd bring people up here and i'd talk to them. you didn't get that chance the first time... but you have someone on the block you liek (erika) and i think i was nominated because it'd be ridic for people to keep me over her. take this as a learning experience ... if i win hoh next week, you're not going home. if i win hoh, i might nominate you to fuck with you... but you won't go home. ask eople who they want nominated. this is where you make deals and help yourself get further in the game. you're a lucky man outside here and if you do it right this time you wil lbe lucky in this house. don't let people bully you into things. bring people in one at a time, find out who can help you and how you can help them. choose based on that.

CG: all right jamesy. i'm getting the picture that your alliance isn't as rosy as i might think. you're the odd man out?

J: based on this convo... i'm not the person to talk to this week. listen to what the house wants. based on what you've said... talk to other people.. right now you have nervous people down there.. i'd talk to them. if you talk to janelle ask her if marcellas and you were such good friends, why would you nominate him over me.. if you really tried to look out for me. umm... make these people work man. they're making you their dish bitch every day. this is your opportunity to make friendships and deals for the rest of the game. you have to do something to help you get fruther... good thing theres a few people who is good as her word and one of them is DANIELLE. i don't take it personally cuz she told m she was gonna nominate me. if you think someone is good for their word, take it. think about waht motavtes you... bring them in one at a time and get something out of it. janie didnt have an hoh last week.. her friend went home. you odn't want your friend going home (erika). try to save your friend and do the best thing for you. im serious, no hard feelings what so ever.

CG: you did good out there.

J: when my ass is on the line i'm a different person.

CG: send up erika.

james leaves, erika enters.

CG: question. i was sitting out... talking to dani in the morning... yesterday and she told me t nominate you.

E: hmm. ok yest?

CG: yeah. i'm very confused and im laying it out on the line. here... lock the door.

CG: erika.. i'm a wreck. you tell me.

CG: i'll go through why. i get up in the morn i go outside and sit down.. and dani said you're gonna nominate erika. i slepe here she sleeps across from me. bogie got her in the middle of the night, she said boogie told her to nominate you. but i knew the nightbefore that boogie was gonna do that so i played it off....i was told...

E: i am confused. lets back track.

I'd type this out.. but.. theyre confusing ME.

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Erika wanted to NOT make a deal with sov 6. wanted a 4-2 vote.

CG says he's being lied to... that's where he has a hard time (he is raising his voice). (aww he is really geting upset).

CG: i got an alliance i ca't trust. danielle. i can't trust you.

E: I think it's.. the less you know the better.

CG: hanging me out to dry?!?!?!

E: she should have let you in on the plan .. i know, i know. i am speculating.

CG: i would have been the lone vote then!

E: not necessarily.... they should have tld you what was going on... you were being set up, not in a malicious way but... i'm speculating... i know dani, i , marcellas had your back. when i won hoh i tapped you on teh back and smiled because i wanted you to know you were safe.

CG: I feel liek i dont have anybody.

E: you have me... who was the first person i turned to when i won hoh. i had your back. ever since i've walked in to the house.

CG: who do you want to go up next to you for your benefits?

E: well.. stay away from CT... well its a crapshoot if dani is next to me. my only chance of staying is..... i mean... i don't wanna throw anyone under the bus.. so it's like i feel.. i don't wanna tell you what's best for you. i tapped you cuz you were so fucking safe. i know dani and i have your back.

CG: marci threw me under the bus!

E: no he wasnt nuh-uh

CG: he said things...

E: actions speak louder than words.

E: take what people say with a grain of salt.


E: I think you know the only 2 people are who i could go up next to and be next to. i dont know your deals are.

CG: all i have is CG saved me 3 times.

E: you were never in danger! you don't owe anyone. you need people to help you and protect you. she didn't put you up cuz you're not a thread to her.

CG: the hting is.. dani threw me for a big loop.

E: this is the thing. im gonna frank.... i think what happened is you hold your cards so close....

CG: this deep in the game.. no alliance, no nothing.

E: they feel they can't confide in you. do what's best for YOU. you hold your cards so close.

CG: i had no choice.

E: that's the reason why we wanted to bring you in.. specifically. i wanna bring you in.. i wanna know your cards. and you did get far by not giving away a lot of info. now is the time when you start showing people what you're thinking. pick someone.. it could be me.. danielle.. you know

CG: that's why i had a meeting with dani.. then it was explained.. otherwise... she knew what had gone down...

E: you have to realize people who bring you into meetings.. me.. danielle.... you're vulnerable next week.. you need to pick people to protect you. know what i mean.

CG: i understand

E: I know you do. i don't know waht to tell you to do georgie.


E: did james say anything enlightening?

CG: yeah he did.


CG : now i feel like ive really burnt bridges

E: you can mend that.

CG: i had a difficult time with what happend yest.

E: in a weird way... she [dani]was trying to protect you. the less you know, the better.. kinda. does that make sense?

CG: not really.

E: it's kind of like.. you're not liable.

CG: I wouldhave been the lone vote!

E: no.. they were tryig to achieve 4-2. like who the 4 was and who the 2 was. but... take CT out of the equation. they have that power. go for dani, or the other 2. those are your options.

CG: lets go through scneiors.

E: ok

CG: if i put up janelle.. how will the votes go.

E: umm. everyone will vote her out but howie.. it would be a landslide. shes a huge threat. howie would also be 5-1. if you put up dani, i don't know. i really don't . i don't know who CT or James would go for.

Mike knocks.

E & CG: one min

CG: erika... you'd stand the best chance against janelle right?

E: yeah

CG: i'll think about it..... but.... ok. i'm sorry you're in this situation. i didn't even want to be in this position.

E: no.. you did a fine thing. a pawn and who you wanted out. if you want to keep me in the game... it's you're only viable option. otherwise i'll go home.

CG: I don't wanna see you go home.

E: I don't want to either.

E: i'd go against dani, will or mike. so.

CG: I shouldn't have done this game... Teresa was right.

E: you're doing great.

CG: I gotta keep you in the game.

E: thanks george.. i'll return the favor.

Erika pushes HARD to put janie up and not dani.

erika again talks about the shoulder tap.

CG: i don't wanna go after will or boogie. and i have to have you stay.

CG: i owe you cuz i threw you out. alright erika.. i'll tell you. i have a hard time with dani. the only thing teresa gave me was a piece of paper and your name was the name to allign with.

**************************************************CG: From now on.. i'll work with you.

E: you got yourself a deal.

CG: done?

E: done.

CG: I was saving it for a time to tell you.**************************************************

CG: i guess now i know what i need to do.

as of 3:26 AM, Janelle will be going up, and mostly likely voted out this week.

Boogie enters.

Erika leaves.

CG says he's figured out a lot.

he rehashes the Dani thing.

CG tells boogie he's going to go after "the big one."

Boogie dancing around the issue, but basically saying, if he puts Janelle up, the CDT can/will save him.

basically, boogie says... if he doesnt put janie up, he'll [CG] wwill be gone very soon. (In more words, basically dances around the issue)

CG: you and doc were never on my radar.

B: we'll be loyal to you in the end. trust me when i say yo want to sit next to us. we need to get through this week. go after the most feared person in the house is the best way to do that.

CG: I know what I got to do boogie.

B: shes gonna be mad at will , me, james... so.

CG: she'll be out?


B: the beauty of it is... we're not with her at all... and she thinks we are. she thinks dani is going up. HAHA it won't matter.. everyone will protect you.

Will and boogie meet up and discuss the boogie/ george convo.

they contemplate making a deal with Erika.


Will saying he's gonna tell howie dani has the secret power and they had to do what they want.

CG tells Dani he's keeping her for sure.

incase anyone missed it, Janie will be going up this week.

Dani saying she was hurt, she would have never done it to him... sounds like shes getting choked up... about to cry.

3:44 DANI is now crying.

Dani reiterating she was hurt.

CG: so was i!

D: i was completely hurt and angry.

Dani saying how hurt she is/was.

D: from now on ill let you know everything about how the plan is.

CG doesn't feel he can/could confide with people and when he realzies dani couldnt be trusted he was upset.

CG said not to worry about it tomorrow, she's fine.

George alone: [stressfully] oh gosh.

Howie said James won that soo fast.

Howie said he envetually stopped doing his and just turned to watch james.

Erika, Dani and CT having a good laugh about Janelle being taken out by CG.

WIll and boogie say to dani and erika theyre gonna make sure janie thinks she is safe.

W: howie has GOT to go next.

Dani, CT, Erika just having a grand old time now. all in high spirits. (this is difficult to watch as a janie lover)

janie and howie and james chat about past seasons.

(so hard to watch.... sigh.)

James and Janie and Howie also in high spirits.

James teling Janelle she better talk to george.

Janie: it doesn't matter who gets put up though..

Jams: oh yeah, what the fuck do you care?

Janie: I don't.

Janelle telling boogie she wants to try to get dani up.

b: you can try...

Janie: you should tell him nobody comes after him if he puts dani up.. but if you put me up EVERYONE does.

(basically the opposite of what boogie said in the hoh room.)

B: oh good idea.

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this is literally painful to watch....

Janie and Howie thinks they have some huge alliance that will protect anyone that goes up against erika..

J: this is a miracle.. the best thing ever!

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3:10--Howie, Erika, Janelle in RR talking. Howie asking Erika about Josh. Janie says he comes in her club. Janie talking about how her boobs need massaging. Howie says he'll do it. Janie doesnt oblige him. They then discuss when the POV ceremony will be, the eviction and the next HOH comp. Erica is actually eating a bowl of soup.

3:18--Erica goes to bed. Howie and Jani alone in RR to sleep. They have no blankets. Talk about when they were nominated last year/how many times.

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4:22BBT Howie is the last one up. He's taken his shower and now going to bed in the RR with only one little blanket. He was trying to turn off the two lamps in there but couldn't figure them out. He even tried clapping then said "clap on, clap off" :lol: (thanks Howie for the chuckle before I go to work)

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This is getting really crazy, earlier Will went up to chicken george and told him to nominate him like this erika leaves and danielle and janie continue to fight and they can lay back and watch fight! george is scared of doing this but theres a 50/50 chance he will. Will dosent want janelle to go.

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09:43am BBtime


george tell them that the whole house wants him to put up janelle......

g: i want to join up with you guys, i'll give you time to think about it, but i need an answer right away......they want to throw you under the bus, janey you are a badass player....i am not about that, if i put you up like this it goes against everything i am about

janey and howie step out for a couple of seconds......come back in

janelle: we want in the answer is yes

george: i need one more favor, you guys have to vote to keep erika in the house

george: if you burn me i'll go get tiki dolls and put needeles in them

george: you have to promise me that you will vote to keep erika just this week

janey:who are you putting up

george:i cant tell you

janey:ok, we'll vote to keep erika

george:you will regret it if you burn me, if you burn erika, just one week, from what you do then is your own business

howie:are you going to try to sell me out george?

george:shakes his head

george:it would be easy for me, they ALL wanted you out janelle

( :P im getting visions of george as the Godfather here)

george:no matter what goes down, you guys have to promise your vote to erika

george:i dont know what you guys are going to do with james, but you knew he was going

george: i couldnt burn you, it would be unfair

janelle:thanks georgie, they hug

george:if word of this gets out though, the whole thing is done

howie/janey:we wont say a word

george says ok you guys better get going......he asks them to send erika up

(he accidently locks himself out of the HOH so he goes downstairs for erika, they end up talking in the workout room)

george tells erika, im proably going to be sunk.....but i've secured your votes

erika: against janelle?

george:no, im not going to tell you...but i have secured your votes , and i had to do the right thing, but im proably going to be gone.....but i just wanted you to know that ive secured your votes

erika insisting that she needs to know what he is doing........she says i think you are doing the wrong thing......(he hasnt even told her?).....please dont do this, as HOH you cannot secure votes

erika says the only way she can stay in is what we talked about last night...as a new member in your alliance, please, you are only HOH you are not the house, im going home, im telling you im going home (damn i wish someone would come interrupt her!)......

george: you are GONNA stay, i stayed up all night, i have to do the right thing, i did what i did to secure your votes, and you gotta roll with me on this,

george:im out any which way you look at it because of this

erika: i know what youre gonna do , im telling you...please, you have a really good chance of getting to the end ...if you go against five jury members against two

george: i know but i gotta do the right thing

erika: but that is the right thing

george is stuck on that he has done the right thing (he is so calm , i would have told her to stfu by now, but he likes her and i dont so there)

erika:those two want me gone, why do you think ive been nominated by them twice, you cant believe them

george:well maybe this is the time it wont be

erika:im gone

george:maybe one time you gotta go with trust

erika: you are making a mistake , they are lying

george:i guess sometimes you gotta have faith in people

george : i made the deal to cover you, youre going to stay

george: i got your votes, there's one more thing....i got your votes....just roll with this one

(unless he whispered, he still hasnt told who is going to be the replacement nom......yay for george for making suspense happen!)

erika: george we are not doing the right thing, they are going to run us out of here

george:no they wont

george: im going to get my key, im locked out of my room :)

erika:people will tell you whatever to stay off the block, please do what i want, you arent the one on the block

erika:look what they did to nakomis

erika:there's five votes george,

erika:strategically its not a good move, you are leaving three strong players, james will group back up with them

erika:this is the strategic move of the game, it is the right thing to do


(she is wearing a tiara the whole time and she looks like day old garbage under it ....sorry i cant help it, i am so biased)

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Erika is begging George not to put up Dani against her. She is linking herself with George, saying "we" aren't making the right decision, it's not the right thing to do, "they" will be sitting ducks. She is telling George that if he leaves James, Janie and Howie in the house, they will run the house, and that this is the big strategic point in the game, and he needs to do the right thing.

George keeps saying it is the right thing, over and over, and he says sometimes you have to have trust.

She starts sniffling. He says "Let me reconsider..."

He has to get his key because he locked himself out of his room.

She says she is coming up there with him. (God, I can't stand skeletor--ed)

Howie and Janie are talking in the red room. They can't believe that James has betrayed them this way. Howie says that this confirms all of their worst nightmares about James, and this will get James backdoored if he keeps it up.

Janie says that George feels he will go home for doing this (saving Janie). Howie says that he doesn't believe that. Maybe Dani or James would put George up, but that's it.

Howie says that George will be safe definitely next week for doing this. Janie says okay, but she is worried about George.

(Earlier, George told Janie and Howie that he really needed protection for doing this, and they said he had it).

Will, James, Boogie and Dani are talking together. They are laughing about Julie busting up alliances on t.v. She outed the Jedi alliance. Yesterday, she said "Spool of lies" to Howie. Will is laughing, saying that it is wrong for her to out alliances and strategies, and that was Howie's dumb strategy. (James seems very relaxed now, as does Dani. They haven't heard from Erika yet. BB is blocking out the Erika/George convo right now).

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howie and janelle in red room......

janelle: do you think chilltown sold me out too

howie:no, nooo ( :) )

howie:bottom line george is safe next week, he is not going up

howie:dont get mad yet, keep playing the game

(ugghhh i wish they would go disturb erika/george...im assuming erika slipped under the door even before george got his hoh key)

howie:they are walking around with too big a smile on their face

janelle is crying a little bit, it appears to be that kind of crying that comes out when you are really pissed about something

nope, now erika is on cam.....shes strolling back down the stairs (maybe george is in the diary room? BB please keep him locked in there!)

howie:let's just calm down, get this ceremony over with and DESTROY them!

they discuss james......they say at the same time 'ultimate BETRAYAL"

janelle:the guy's a weasel..

howie:yeah he is

howie:daniell making it like she's coming after him....oh jamesey.........not in OUR house, nice work james pal

howie:if me and you have an opportunity to get hoh, you give it to me so you can get the next one

(erika was last seen sitting alone in the kitchen, not eating of course :) )

FOTH now, i gotta grab some lunch

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Howie and Janie whispering.....theya re sure theya re ok, everyone except the LOD are in fear and upset..LOL

(Its about time George took it to em!!!)

No mention of the POWER Janie won with prom wueen, Howie still cheering her one, Erika in kitchen upset and the rest oblivious!!

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It must not be good news for Erika. She is sitting at the bar sniffling, with her head in her hands. (I hope someone gets a screencap of her sitting there in Janie's crown, crying).

In the red room, Janie and Howie are saying "Ultimate Betrayal!" Howie has been comforting Janie. She looks really shaken about James. (They think that they have the votes with CT and they still haven't figured out that James is with them, too, in a separate alliance.)

So far, Erika hasn't gone to Dani and company to tell them. (Maybe George told her to be quiet about it and she is afraid he will watch the screens? By the way--they still have those, right? I'd be watching them!! --ed)

We're having a LONG FOTH. (Curse you, BB!!)

10:20 They're back!

Howie is in the room with James and CT. Howie is pacing and talking fast, talking about talking to people about BB on chat rooms.

Dani is playing solitaire at the table. She looks pensive. (I'll assume that Erika told her, but I don't know).

James in the other room is talking about how people slammed Maggie on a chat room and then would say they loved Janie, and Maggie had cried in her last interview.

Boogie says it might be therapeutic to "shit on some people" on the CBS blog. Janie is in there with them.

James asks if anyone has seen Chicken George--he is probably in the DR saying "I can't handle this! I wanted that James guy gone!!!"

James called to DR.

Erika comes by into the brown room and she acts like she has a light saber and hits Howie with it. "Howie, you let your guard down!"

George says he is going to take a bath. He only has one more night in the HOH.

James asks George to get toilet paper from upstairs. He goes up and Erika follows him. (Big surprise).

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E is up in HOH with George.

G admitted he's putting her up with Will

She is literally begging him NOT to put Will up.

G is saying he went and got the votes this morning, she is safe.

E is begging begging begging him telling him "they" will say anything to not get on the block, says J will never vote out Will that she is in love with him.

G says he wants to just take a bath and please don't beg him, saying you never know how this will play out, you just don't know

E "George I'm begging you on my mother, I'm begging you really>

G Don't go there

E I don't know what else to do I thought we had an agreement

G we Do that's why I went out this morning and got you the votes

E begging again, saying "they" will do anything to not be put up

E asks whose votes do you have

G I have Danielle, Howie

E no you don't

G saying you know how upset H was when she said she wanted to take Will to the prom... she knows now she's being used

E that's fine, I know she does and all that. now threatening with the special power. She thinks one of the special powers is to switch nominees...

e it's not gonna work

g yes it will

e it's not gonna work, I'm telling you "they're" in bed together, "they're" gonna tell you whatever to win.

Erika is still begging, literally begging G

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dammit george was trying to keep it mysterious....and then he slipped and told erika finally after all her prodding

george:' im going to put will up'

erika : no no n oooooooooooooooooo, im gone ...please im begging you please no, oh my god, im gone

that is the wrong thing to do if you want me to stay, janelle and howie are aligned with them, im gone

erika:janelle will vote me out, please im begging you george, dont put will up

george: dont do none of the beg stuff


george:that's why i got the votes this morning

erika:you dont have the votes

george you dont know that

erika:i know how this house works, i am begging you, please, she will vote me out

george:just let me take my bath, you never know how this is going to play out

(funny how erika hasnt told him what town she is from....Chilllllll :) )

erika: they will say anything for you to not put them up, they will vote me out

george:i dont think so this time

george:howie is getting tired of that relationship .......(CT).....janelle knows now that she's just being used

erika: you have to take into consideration the special power,

george: will wont let mike use it on him, the doctor will want boogie to keep it so he can use it on himself

george: i know what they'll do

erika: no no no you dont know

george: this will work

erika:no it wont

( i need a baseball bat!)

george: yes it will

george:she knows she's just being used

erika:janelle told me she is keeping will in the game, because she thinks he wont win competitions,its the wrong thing to do to put will up, im going to go home

george:i dont think so

(ok, i really am out this time....its too redundant)

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Erika: If we leave the three of them in the house...If you want to weaken James, which is what I think you do, take her out of the house.

Erika is saying that they have to take out Janelle and weaken that big alliance. James knocks on the door and asks for the toilet paper, which he needs.

George tells him sorry, he forgot.

James: I'm not on the block anymore so I don't matter to you.

Erika badgers George to tell her who he is putting up. He says you can't tell anyone, but I'm putting Will up.

Erika starts begging him not to do that--she will go home. Janie is in love with Will.

Erika: George, I am begging you. I am begging you from the bottom of my heart. I will go home. I am leaving on Saturday if you do that.

George keeps saying he doesn't think so.

She gets snappy with him, saying his name in a terse way.

She goes between begging and snapping at him.

Erika: I was up here with her, and she said, Will is never going to win anything! I'm going to take him to the end!! She wants me gone. George, I'm begging you. I'm begging you.

George: Don't do any of the begging stuff.

Erika; George, I'm begging you. George, please. On the new thing we have together.

George says that is why he got the votes for her.

Erika says he doesn't have the votes, and she knows how the house works. They will say or do anything to not be on the block.

She keeps saying over and over that she is begging him. (She has no pride).

He keeps asking her not to beg him, and he just wants to take a bath.

Erika: George, I'm begging you, on my mother.

George: Don't go there.

Erika: I don't know what else to do. I thought we had an agreement.

George says that he got the votes for her, and Erika says that people will say anything.

George: I don't think so this time.

Erika: Oh, my God, George. Who do you think you have? Who are the votes you think you have?

George: I have Danielle.

Erika: Okay.

George: I have Howie. (She tries to interrupt).

George says wait. George says that he thinks Howie is tired of that relationship, and Howie was hurt when Janie said she wanted to go with Will to the prom. Now, Janie knows that she is being used.

Someone is ringing the bell, and George yells to give them a minute.

Erika says that she thinks the special power can switch up the nominees.

George says that Boogie doesn't have it--it is Dr. Will.

George says that the Dr. won't let Boogie use the power if he has it.

Erika: But if he uses it, he has no choice. He can't say don't use it.

Erika says "They are in bed together." and they will say whatever they have to say to get him to do what they want.

George: She knows. She knows now that she is just being used.

Erika: She is just saying that to you. She is using him just as much.

Erika says that Janie told her that she will keep Will in the game a long time because he won't win comps. He will throw them.

George: Maybe now that she knows that she was not being--that she was more or less being used...

Erika: The thing is, Georgie that it is a mutual using. She is playing with that.

George keeps saying he doesn't think so.

George: There is hope here. Howie--

And we get FOTH

They are back right away, and they are still going around in circles.

Erika says that she has been "the sitting duck" and she has gathered a lot of info and she knows the deals that are being made.

George keeps saying he thinks they can pull it off, and he thinks they can do this.

Erika: It's a numbers game. Remember Georgie. If you take out Will, it doesn't matter!

George: Yeah, it does. Because they are with him, anyway. Now I'm chipping away part of it because she knows..

Erika: George, I'm telling you that she is not telling you the truth. She looked in my eyes when I swore on my mother.

(Erika keeps snapping "George, look at me!")

George: I will consider everything that you said. But I've just been up all night, and I haven't had any sleep and let me just sit in the bathtub.

Erika; George, I know, but let me just explain to you.

Erika keeps saying that there are "no other threes in the house--only twos" and if he doesn't break up the three--

Erika keeps saying the true alliance is season 6.

George: James is on the outside with them too, now.

Erika keeps harping and he begs to take his bath and says he will think about it.

Erika; Okay. Just talk to me before you do anything, okay??

She finally leaves at 10:40.

Erika wasted no time telling Dani and Boogie. Boogie tells her that he will "fix this." Dani says that George doesn't understand that Boogie and Will saved him, not Janelle and Howie.

Erika; Don't tell him that I told you though, okay? Because I promised.

Boogie says he will go up and ask if they are still okay. He will remind him to be careful.

BB autovoice is asking Mike and George if they have changed their batteries. Boogie goes to do this.

(Dani wants Boogie to talk to George and he says George is in the bath--he was on his way to talk to him when Erika told him George was in the bath).

Dani: He's playing with fire, because he can flip it. He doesn't know what that power is. Does he understand that no one knows what the power is?

Erika; I was begging him upstairs. Begging him. Begging him not to do this. Begging, begging begging. (We get it, Skeletor).

Dani: He doesn't realize he is playing with fire.

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