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August 18 Live Feed Updates


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POV Time They just chose who was playing

George pulled out Howies ball, Erika pulled out Danielles ball and James pulled out wills ball. They said there is only one houseguest choice ball now.

Playing in POV:







(That only left Janelle and Boogie on the couch, was an eye opener to me at how close we are to the end)


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9pm BBtime

CG gets his HOh room.It is decorated in greens and yellows with a 60's love child type of theme.

The other HG's stay maybe 15 minutes and all leave except for Howie.Then Janelle comes back.

Janelle and Howie have been up in the HOH room with George.Howie drinking a Bud along with CG.

He promised them that if either Erica or James wins veto, he will not be putting either of them up.

He told Howie that he really needs him to play hard for veto if he is choosen.Howie agrees.

Then they decide that they will talk more after the veto comp.

Both Howie and Janelle telling Cg that the rest of house really pushed hard to have him nominated last week, but that they did not agree.Janelle said she told them no way, I am not putting up George(basically lying her butt off)

CG was called to the diary room, and came out to announce the veto comp player selection.

Playing are:







*Also just confirmed that HOH will be played tonight!!

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ERika and Dani were talking in the red room Erika saying that she doesn't feel the room is cursed she finds it comforting.

Dani says she won't sleep in it.

then Dani proceeds to talk abt the comp being funny saying I took off my mask and thought I won this thing and look and it is the chicken man next to me!!!!

"What is this world comming too? I'm a monkey's uncle or something.... The Chicken man is next to me!!! my face was like this (pulls a shocked expression) Erika laughing away saying how funny Dani is.

"Speaking of CG I'm gonna go talk to him" says erika and she leaves the room to look for him.

other hg are on the couches and stuff in the main room. E asks where CG is and the others tell him he's in the DR.

George comes out and they are getting ready to pick for the veto.

Will and Boogie ask why CG didn't get a chicken suit. everyone laughs. Will asks if CG wants to wear a yellow feather scarf. CG declines and CT says "oh getting all serious on us now? common'" so george wears it and fulfills his "role" as CT says.

they pick player for the veto. CG draws Howies name, Erika draws Danielles name and James Draws will's name. Janie and Boogie are the only 2 not playing.

Then we get FOTH

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9:06 BBT

Back to CG & Erika in HoH CG saying sry I had no time has to do what I had to do. I had to pay some people back. Erika asks does CG think she has the votes to stay. Cg says yes she is the safety zone.

HG in the bathroom getting ready so the POV is coming soon (I think)

In the HOH Erika (the kissass) asks CG if she can ask an honest question. She asks if bluhbluhbluh (can't make it out tried rewinding) & if they want James out. CG says no they don't want James out but that doesn't go any farther.

CG asks what happended the other nite w/Erika & Dani were thay acting? Erika sasy yes but not for you for the people upstairs. Erika says I am not going against Dani she is in my alliance as I thought you were. CG says he didn't think he was in any alliance. Erika says she tried to bring CG in. CG says everyone (basically ignores) leaves him alone. Erika says can I ask one more question? If I come down who will go up. CG says he doesn't want to answer that. It "seems" (but nobody knows what the chicken man is thinking for sure) that CG wants James gone because James put CG up (can't blame the guy)

James & Dani talking in front of the picture wall. James says she doesn't want to go after him because he is a Dr. (Jan vs Will)

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Erika said she thought CG was in her alliance

CG: I feel like I don't have an alliance

E: that was the point. i studied with you, i tried to help you..

CG: a lot of time i felt it was me in the kitchen alone.

Erika talks about "the 4." (floaters i'm assuming)

E: if me or james comes down... who goes up

CG: i don't wanna answer that question *thinks* yea... i don't wanna answer that. do everything you can to win.

E: no, i will. i mean i , i, i , honestly feel if i stay on the block i don't know how the votes will go.

CG; ohhh i think i.... i think i have a good idea

E: we'll see.

CG: you're just a pawn

E: i know.. i understand.

CG: and.. that's it. have something to eat. i'd give you a drink but nows not the time for that

an excerpt from CG's letter from his youngest daughter: I don't know.. i hope you go a lot father in the game and maybe even reach the million dollars.


E: cute. very sweet.

CG showing her the letters and pictures.

CG: hey. i don't know how I won.

E: you won fair and square. you did great.

CG: I don't know how I won..

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continued silence. it's odd.

E: hmm. sweet. (she must have been reading the letter)

CG: it could be she has it wrong too... (huh?).

CG: i never thought i'd be sitting up here.

E: you're well deserving of it

CG: and marc leaving.. i know you guys had something...

E: we're friends.. we're good friends. I felt really bad for marcellas, he was very unhappy here.

CG: really? why?

E: couldn't tell? he was in the room..sad

CG: i thought it was strategy..

E: no he was very unhappy... i dont know. we'd wake up every morning and marc would say 'this is the worst experience of my life.'

CGL: really?

E: uh ha (yes)

E: I like marcellas, you.. i like all the misfits.

CG: hm. so maybe it's good he got to leave.

E: yep. i think so too. last night he was like 'maybe i should just give up.'

E: I like your hoh room

CG: it's austin powers action!

E: yeah

CG: they did good for me not giving anything. lime green is awesome

CG: Its hard here because of the trust factor.

E: i saidthat to marc last night... he is sensitive. it's just a game, really.

CG: it is just a game.

CG: did you see my mom?!

E COmments how much weight he lost

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feeds back CG and Erika in HoH

G: I had to do what i had to do

G: I had to pay some people back. Your like this saftey zone (Georges way of saying she is a pawn)

Basically Erika tryign to feel george otu and see where his head is at. George is saying he isnt in any alliance and Erika telling him she thoguht he was in ehr alliance with Dani, they pulled him into the meetings from day one. George said he wasnt sure because he would always be left alone while everyone went and did their things. He continues to say hes not in an alliance (hint hint erika)

Erika just talking to g about the room losing weight his kids any type of strategy talk seems to have gone.

g just telling her to do what she needs to do with the POV that shes a smart girl

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CG: you do good tonight. do good out there. do what you gotta do.

E: it sucks if I win it i know it puts someone else in jeopardy..

CG: and it's up to me to decide... do what you have to do to win it. you're a smart girl. I don't belong here.

E: if you want james out, these are good noms.

E: there's 3 comps that need to be won, hoh, veto, and the votes.

CG: you're used to it.

E: what's up with being the pawn? every single time!! I was like I just got OUT of the chair george! I won't unpack

CG: that had to suck... that really had to suck.

E: thanks george.. rub it in (they'relaughing)

E: it was a good nom

CG: it should work.

CG: I knew...I knew...

while they're boring me with their convo, i'll tell you what georgie got. he has new clothes, a BRIGHT 70's typed room...

they hug.

george offers that erika is more than welcome to listen to his music.

Janie: thanks america!!

BB: Will..please stop singing!

lots of eating and nothingness going on.

E: I hope this isn't too strenuous. I'm a little on the tired side.

Janie in background: I got the most beautiful vase!!

James hopes it athletic. Will said: no shit.

Erika likes this pace better. W and someone else agree this pace is more fun.

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Will for once seems happy about the producers and the show. This is what he thought the whole show was goign to be like bakc to back to back competitions and constantly doing somethign even said to wake him up in the midddle of the night for americas choice he would love it

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E/ D alone

E: he wouldn't tell me who he was gonna put up if veto was used. BUT.... i said how do you know i wont go home. he said 'you'll probably have the votes.'

Erika basicaly rehasing the convo to dani, which i just typed out and I'm not typing again.

E: these noms have season 6 written all over it

D: yep.

E: its gonna go by a vote of 3 - 2. they'll make up an excuse.

E: do they [H/Janie] think that james doesn't know these noms aren't theirs? {Howie/ Janies}

D: when he won I was like... what the hell is he gonna do?

Erika rehashes the part about CG not thinking he had an alliance.

Erika continuing to blame ALL of this on Janie and Howie.

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9:28 BBT

Erika & Dani in redrum. Erika says CG would not tell her who he would put up if POV is used but that CG is sure Erika won't go home. Erika says CG wants James out & Season 6 wants James out & it will go by a vote of 3-2. Erika says do they (SOV2) think that James is not on to them & this is their nomination. Erika smugly tells Dani that James that he thinks he has her vote (lmao at the delusions of skeletor)

Dani asks why CG won't be direct. Erika says CG does really have no enemies but James, think about it that way, why would he go after Jan & Howie. Dani says that's true. Erika says it's not really a bad nom if you think about it. Dani says CG frustrates her & she can't talk to him. James comes in. Blah blah blah & lots of F-bombs

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D: why won't he be direct...?! I don't like this.

E: he has no enemies BUT james think of it that way. It's a good nomination if you ASk me.

D: I can't talk to him. he frustrates me.

meanwhile, James is singing "THIS IS MY SONGGGG... THAT I MADE UPPPPP."

James enters

J: relax dani. go out there and chill and relax. let the big kids play.

J: what is this 3 times for you?

E: yep.

James tells dani she should have sucked it up and said Will was more intelligent than her and therefore she'd be the HOH

D: I've been KNOWN for the smartest player... so i figured...

J: doesn't matter.. wills the best all time.


D: they hate you

J: they can eat a dick.

J does a fake DR and makes fun of janelle.

E: one of us will get the veto.. i'm curious who will go up.

J: it's gonna be me.. bringing it home. i gotta do it. i hope CG realizes he still has to do the dishes.

E: well atleast I don't need to beg CG for his vote and get a round about answers.

J: their so obvious, janie and howie run up to his room and spend all this time.. of course you're the ones that put him up to this

E: I see there fingerprints all over this nom...

J: fuck yea cuz theres 9 on one and 10 on the other

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Will & Boogie in the kitchen cooking. Will wearing his mandana (looking a bit like a chia pet, you're hot dude but it's time for a haircut)

In the redrum--Erika says I don't want to pull a Marcellas but I almost don't want to use the veto if I win it ( :huh::lol: man this girl feels safe)

Dani says if you win POV you always use it. More "I want Janelle gone" talk.

Erika says "Damn I wish I knew what that power was".

Dani says what if the power was that you could actually take someone off & pick the replacement? (close girl). She says it can't be just that you can take someone off, it has to be HUGE!!! & Boogie said something to her & she is thinking that he waited to see how the HoH came out.

They start using cards in the deck to explain their game logic (but frankly that's to much for me to keep up with :P Howie is the 2 of clubs for those that care)

Meanwhile in the HoH (while I was watching the stupid Howie/2 of Clubs analysis I was missing) Boogie & CG having some alone time. Boogie tells CG that the LOD & Erika are all deathly afraid of Janelle. Poor CG is confused. Boogie tells CG that he doesn't want to see him go after Dani when she is not going after him. He tells CG to look at the big picture. Boogie says James isn't as disliked as he might think. He tells CG to sleep on but that Janelle is ripe for the picking this week. Boog says that Jan will nom CG next week. Boogie telols CG that Howie will win over him in final 2. he assures that Jan will nom CG next because Will has Jan in his pocket. (You can tell CG obviously isn't stupid. He seemed more intersted in listening when Erika was talking. He looks like a deer in the headlights with Boogie yammering)

Now James joins in the HoH fest.

But Will & Janelle alone in LR... Will says he doesn't want it to be week after week w/James & Dani together but nobody did anything. Jan says I tried to get rid of her last week. Will says I know & we will get rid of her next week. Will then says to Janelle "you looked beautiful in your dress" (I bow down to Will the master) Janelle says "really?" he says yes & she says thanks & tells him that he looked nice in his suit too(chaaching for the Evil Dr.)

Janelle is wearing low cut tight sweat pants & a really belly baring top (looking a bit like Britney @ 6 months :blink:) Jan stares at the picture wall in silence for 10 minutes.

Feeds changes to Erika, Dani, Boogie in redrum... trying to figure out if CG is really smart or dumb. Boogie rehases the convo he had w/CG in HoH. Talk of how CG voted for himself as the "Nobel Peacr Prize " winner & that means he is really smart. They think he is playing the dumb chicken man. Erika says sry I had a BF of 5 years that told nothing but lies.


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omg - breaking news . . . George has a 'beef' with Danielle!?! He's feeling Boogie out about backdooring Danielle, but Booger's speechless . . .

George feels betrayed by Danielle because of all the flip-flopping that went down last week between voting Erika or Marcellas out . . . he thought Danielle tried to purposely keep him out of the loop to set him up to take a fall when he voted the other way . . . Boogie is now doing major damage control and simultaneously trying to retrain George's target onto Janelle . . .

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Boogie talking to George and really working hard not to get Dani backdoored.

Telling George how dangerous Janelle is - that she wins comps and that if she gets HOH that George will go up.

Saying Dani wouldn't do that and she is not one to make an enemy of.

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10:17 BBT

James to George "I'm just used to them putting pure evil in this house" He doesn't know what to think of George.

James seems stunned by George.

James "George you have your shirt on backwards"

George *laughs* "Oh thanks!"

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WIll talks about final 3 comp with Monica and how he just quit. And how it would have been dumb for him to win and put up monica and one of them.

Janie: it's time.. wait can I just go.. it's time for the veto competition! I have a bad feeling about this one though...

all hgs: ohhh nooo

howie: oh shit

janie nods....


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