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  1. where's da cat?

  2. I think the op is correct - If Eric stayed and Dick won HOH, it'd be Dick's gang of 4 versus LNC with 5. With Dick and 2 LNC not voting, the vote would at best be a 3-3 tie. But Eric can't vote for himself. So it doesn't really matter whether Kail or Eric stayed because the AP votes have all been going in favor of Dick. Worse yet for LNC, they THINK they have Eric's vote - Amber tried to tell Dustin Eric couldn't be trusted based on his past voting record but Dustin wouldn't listen.
  3. Just got some updates from James' site - apparently CBS still had everybody holed up in a hotel (like they haven't been officially released yet or whatever) and the wrap party was last night. Hopefully somebody'll start posting their pics soon Also, somebody posted on James site that Will just filmed a cameo on Y&R with Jack Abbott at Jabot, and that Will has managed to get himself an interview with the producers of TAR so he can pitch himself and Boogie as contestants And James is hoping to do some chats soon with Danielle and George on his site. Thanks for the pics and vids and interviews everybody! Helps with the BB withdrawal
  4. Yikes! Morty if I had known who your favorites and non-favorites were beforehand I'd have probably made about 90% of my posts differently since my favorites/non-favorites are like the complete opposite of yours! Thank you so very much for giving us all a place to post our opinions no matter what they were - sorry mine probably weren't what you would have preferred to hear * * * * * As for Boogie making All-Stars - that kind of ticks me off too, one because of the merit thing (like not only was he not popular, but he wasn't known for being a notable strategist) and two because yeah by him getting to be on the show it meant somebody else lost out on that opportunity - Bunky, Lisa, Cowboy, Monica, Dana, or Ivette. I try to look at it like if Will wouldn't do the show unless the producers let Boogie do it too, then would I have been happy with an All-Stars without the great Dr. Will? That makes Boogie being on all-stars and winning all-stars more palatable for me since the answer to that question is no. If I had one wish for BB8 and my $40 it would be for us to have feeds of sequester too - I feel like Will may have played his best game in sequester, and if so then we lost out. He he and yeah, rants are a sign of passion not disgust, so I too can't wait for next year! PS Yay our avatars are back!
  5. Maybe you should get that checked out then, eh and not worry so much about Erika - jk I would guess you reap what you sow . . .
  6. I can always count on Rejuvenated for a mature, fair and insightful post even when I'm none of those things - awesome post Rejuvenated! * * * * * Okay, at first I liked Rosie's digs at Booger because Booger got so many digs in on Erika at her expense so it was like balancing things out, but now I'm feeling guilty about laughing at him. I do feel like he needed to be told that just because the jury awarded him half a million dollars for his gameplay and there weren't any rules against how he treated Erika, people would still prefer to see some empathy and compassion displayed from Will and Boogie towards Janelle and Erika via some compliments on what they have going for them, or some contrition for not treating them well. Hopefully that message got through to him. I want to see these guys take note that Janelle is really sweet and trusting, and Erika's a great listener and easy to get along with and that they're both smart and fierce competitors . . . think it'll happen? (I hope so! It would make Will and Boogie look somewhat better too, so maybe it'll happen . . . )
  7. Ah ha ha ha ha - that was awesome! Go Rosie! Rosie said wanted to wear a shirt today that said 'I hate Boogie' but the producers wouldn't let her wear it. She said Boogie's mom must be ashamed of the way her son behaved. She said Boogie took the prize money that Erika rightfully earned. There were a bunch of other slams on Boogie - mostly how it was sick the way he made Erika think there was something there and then called her a 'ho' in the DR. Rosie also said she wished the two of them had banded together with Danielle to get rid of the guys because she really enjoyed Danielle, and Janelle explained to her how the guys kept them apart to prevent them from rallying up against the guys. The girls came out looking really great thanks to Rosie, and well Boogie is just shameless so he wasn't fazed at all - what are you going to do? Go Rosie! Well technically Janelle did, but if not for her persuading Janelle to do it was Janelle going to evict Will on her own? So what changed that outcome there? jmo but it still seems to me like people who feel vulnerable about being publicly humiliated and shamed and otherwise made to look like a played fool that continue to omit the fact that Erika actually did something to alter the outcome of the game and then use that omission as the basis for claiming she's delusional.
  8. SamTheCat

    The View

    lmao Rosie just called Joy a wench (and she wasn't laughing or smiling) and everybody had like that nervous giggle because they knew she wasn't kidding. You called it PS Janelle, Erika, and Boogie are going to be on today's show - hopefully somebody'll YouTube it. Rosie's already said she wants to strangle Mike when she sees him and Joy called him 'Booger'
  9. It's also because the Dancing With The Stars premiere was on last night - I wanted to see Jerry Springer get his groove on But oh, look at all the football - the numbers for BB might actually still be the same though, eh because top 20 are all in the 9million mark and BB never rakes in more than 8? But yeah, Erika and Boogie are not exactly fan favorites
  10. The general thrust of the thread (not alluding to anybody in particular) seems to be that oh well Erika got played but Janelle's different because Will respects her, secretly even likes her. Then Erika gets bashed the hell out of because she 'deserves' it based on whatever rationalization makes it palatable. That kind of makes it seem like the bashing on Erika maybe has more to do with what people can't stand in others is what people don't like in themeselves (public humiliation, shame, getting duped, loss of dignity, losing, getting laughed at and disrespected) and the idea that Janelle is any different is perhaps denial (?) I mean like I get that it makes some people feel vulnerable so they want to disassociate and claim that Erika needs clinical help and Janelle is different, but really all Erika has is low self-esteem and both girls got played. To say that Erika's delusional because she has no strategy and if she thinks she has strategy means she needs counselling would also necessarily mean the entire jury needs counselling so that in itself is irrational, and to say that Erika's delusional but Janelle is not because Erika got played but Janelle did not . . . well, same deal there. Seeing as Erika got cheated on by Robert and survived, I'm sure she'll get over this one too, and same for Janelle - they're both strong women! As for Boogie, well he's gross but life goes on - I don't see him changing much . . . PS Although about 50% show compassion too
  11. Sucks that the money was only $25k - gotta figure CBS must have made at least 10x that, eh? But that was kind of funny how everybody was celebrating like Janelle won the big prize and Julie had to remind everybody that Boogie was the winner PS Did my distraction work?
  12. Ugh, it's a losing battle trying to maintain Erika's dignity . . . y'all know where I stand . . . The harder part for me to watch was the Chilltown DR clips making fun of James, Danielle and Janelle with the split screen of their live reactions to it - how humiliating. And you could tell by that point that they had already casted their votes for Boogie to win. Even worse was the Danielle one because I got the feeling Will influenced her vote there in one last show of who is the puppetmaster. OMG bad night for women and dignity at the hands of Chilltown
  13. If you look back at my posts from a couple of days ago I said that it looked like Boogie had the jury's respect and the jury's votes. Then after roundtable I said I wasn't sure because Boogie's assessment was that he had 3 votes, Erika had 3 votes and CG was an unknown. Never did I say Erika 'belongs' in the final 2 (not that she doesn't - it is what it is), never did I say Erika was going to win, never did I say I wanted Erika to win. If you will look back at my posts Ladybee what I said is that Erika wasn't delusional or an idiot for saying she actually played the game. As a matter of fact, Danielle, Howie, and Marcellas made all the same points I have with respect to her gameplay and Will even added that she played a 'brilliant, phenomenal game'. So if you're still arguing that she had no game that flies in the face of the entire jury, none of whom got the impression that she was stupid or delusional. What irritates me is when women call other women stupid and crazy because the woman doesn't have self-respect and gets herself into positions that reinforce that lack of dignity. Janelle got played for a fool just as badly by Chilltown and I've never once called her stupid or delusional for believing their lies. Janelle also doesn't have much of a strategical game outside of comps and I've never once called her stupid or delusional for thinking she deserved to win. For me it's worth arguing for a person's dignity, even if that person is Erika and she's not at all popular or respected. jmo - sorry if you disagree. (PS I personally also think Danielle was onto something when she said people have a problem with women playing dirty but not men - hence some harsher criticism of Erika than for Boogie - also irritating) PPS And no Marty, I'm not Erika's brother - I thought you said you were nice
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