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August 18 Live Feed Updates


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Janie is really upset.

James: now you know who you can trust and who you can't

Janelle: just crying, very sad

James: You'll be in this house longer than I will.

Janelle What? Why?

James: Come on you're Jani

Janelle says she doesn't think so, says something about being "done" :(

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Dani's retelling Will, Boogie, and Erika about when the twist with Natalie and Adria was revealed.

Erika looks like she shed a few tears earlier.

James went to the DR. Janie is lying down in the yellow room.

Will tells Boogie that if Janelle had won that HOH, his (Boogie's) ass would be toast.

Will & Dani are speculating that the HOH room will be a "wacked out" pimp room. Boogie just confirmed he is the new HOH!! He just offered it to George for tonight since George is still so stressed. Boogie says he'll have it for 4 nights.

Brief FoTH while Will sings. Now discussion of different bands.

Mike says everyone hates me. (Meaning America). They call me Booger. Dani said something about a spoiler. Mike says here's a spoiler, flips off the camera and says, "Eat a dick."

BB - Please stop singing!

Will: I feel like Howie, no matter when he left, was going to be angry. He even said earlier during the day that he'd be mad if he was voted out.

Erika: He was really close to berating me.

Mike said that Howie said, "Chicken George, Chicken George, you go down on Erika, you get chicken sores.

Dani now feeling sorry for Busto because Howie berated her. (Yuck, she deserved the busto berating!)

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Will, Boogie, Erika and Dani in kitchen. Will says poor Howie, he yells during the ceremony, he yells when he is evicted. He doesn't even have a clue what he is doing to his alliance. Will feels that no matter when Howie left he was going to be angry. He tells about how Howie said he was going to yell whenever he left. I guess he yelled at CG to.

Erika is now telling how Howie berated her and it was close to going over the edge. Now Boogie is telling how Howie would sing about getting chicken sores if he went down on Erika. It appears they feel bad that he is gone, but just couldn't stand his behavior any longer.

Will is telling them about how he had to calm Howie down many times for yelling at Janie. Dani said she thinks Howie yelled so much because he couldn't hear and Will said yeah it was but it was the content coming out of his mouth that made it so badly.

Dani says she will say this then she is done, she said she thought the busto routine was funny but then she realized what she saw was editted and now after living with Howie she realizes that abuse went on for hours every day and she feels so sorry for "that little thing" meaning April.

Will tells CG he is sorry he shocked him. CG says it is okay now, it is all good. The problem was Will has been up alot, but Howie thought he was really staying. Howie was totally blindsided, Howie really thought he was going to be in the HOH room and this really messed him up. Howie thought Dani was the ONLY one after him. Boogie said Howie should of realized you can't make it to the end by riding someone elses coat tails. Boogie says Howie has to much ego and he thought it was funny to with the busto thing, but now he realizes after living with Howie how abusive he was to her and her family. You just don't go after someone's loved ones and pets like that. (paraphrasing, they are talking to fast to type word for word)

Will says you have to remember that someone is going to be unhappy each eviction. I guess during the HOH there were pies involved and the HG got hit in the face with pies. There was a fat black gnome and that gnome didn't want to be there. Now more talk about the HOH comp.

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Will: The only person Howie thought that was coming after him was Danielle. He was totally blindsighted.

Mike says that Howie has an ego.

George looks really bummed.

Will says that a little person hit him in the head with a chocolate pie. Will tells Mike to go to DR and do some damage control. Dani was trying to hide him (Will). Boogie, "How awesome was that fat black gnome?"

Will: I'm gonna be in hell and I'm gonna look over and you're gonna be in the VIP section with Osama Bin Laden (to Boogie).

Mike goes to look for Janelle. He thinks she's asleep. She says, James? He says, No it's Mike. I just want to talk to you for a second. Janie asks what happened. Mike says it was a difficult decision. There was no master decision, they didn't try to pull one over on them. She asks then why was the rest of the house cheering? He tells her Howie rubbed people the wrong way, esp. the way he went out. It's like guilt by association. He says, I feel really bad that I celebrated like that. I just got scared. We got really scared of his volitility. Jani asks what about James? Mike says he voted to save Howie. She said what about today. Mike says did he throw it? Yea. I think everyone just wanted to see us go head to head after the way Howie treated me. I just want to apologize though. I am really, really sorry.

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Will is explaining to CG that how Howie left wasn't normal behavior. He said Howie shouldn't of yelled at Boogie and Boogie shouldn't of yelled at Howie. Will refuses to leave like that, he won't be shocked when he leaves. He said he didn't want to hurt anyone.

Now Dani and Erika are talking alone. Erika was whispering something, I couldn't hear it. Dani said she will talk to Janie when she has some wine. She knows J feels alone, she understands that feeling and she has lost everyone. Boogie doesn't want to yell for everyone to come see his room and rub it in Janie's face. Dani is shocked at Howie's behavior. Erika doesn't seem surprised. She is sensitive when people react like that. Dani says he can't sit and lie to her face.......whatever. Now she is talking about how she is losing fat and getting defined to much.

CG earlier said in a shocked voice he can't believe he was the reason for Howie leaving. Will is back to reassuring CG that the rest of the group is a fun group, mature and he just can't even explain Howie's behavior tonight.

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James asked what Mike said. James says they lied to you. Don't take things personally.

Will comes in.

Will says "he's sorry. I don't expect you guys to except my apology."


Will: Who's the princess of BB? You are. Because your pretty, smart, and sexy. I completely understand why you're upset. At the end of the day, keeping Howie in here made S6 3 strong. He said some things that were funny in one way but he also yelled at CG. CG is one of the nicest guys. We're not nice guys, we're sons of bitches and if you had won you should have put us up. What Howie & Boogie did was very uncalled for. Earlier today, no matter what, Erika was gone. Then Howie said he was going to yell at and berate CG. I just couldn't tolerate that. I totally stabbed you in the back.

Janie: Why didn't you tell me?

Will: Because you would have told him.

Janie: No I wouldn't, because I know how he gets. Why was the rest of the house cheering when I lost?

Will: You don't ever have to forgive me.

Will goes on to say he wasn't comfortable when Howie started throwing out who was in what alliances - S6 & CT. He says he's there to support Boogie. He will continue to do that because he is extremely loyal. Is Boogie getting a little power hungry? Probably.

Both Will & Mike say they would not have voted out Janie if she was up. Will says CG has no clue about what's going on. Janie says she hates Erika & CG. Will says CG doesn't have a mean bone in his body. The whole house went up to him (CG) & told him to put you (Janie) up - except for me.

Will: I am embarrased by my own behavior. But I don't know what else to do, someone has to go. I won't go out angry. If you vote me out I will kiss you on the cheek. Boogie came up to me 20 min before the ceremony and said we have to get rid of Howie. He's a liability, he's gonna yell at CG.

Apparently the HOH had something to do with thowing chocolate cakes/pies. Janie has some in her hair. Erika went to shower earlier.

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Will: Dani controls Erika. I'm gonna suggest to Boogie that he put up Dani and James. . . I take full blame for sending Marc home. I don't blame you if you hate me. I have never been so sad and depressed in my entire life. I'm somehow kind of good at this game and I don't know why and I hate that it's part of me. How's your burn?

Janie: I keep accidentally scratching it.

Will: Don't do that. We'll put more Neosporin on it later. I'm a really big Janelle fan. I'm really sorry.

Janie: Alright apology accepted.

Will: The reason Dani and Erika don't like you isn't that they don't like you, they're intimidated by you.

Janie hates that they (Dani, Erika, Boogie) were cheering for her because she lost. That's why she's crying - not because Howie left!

Will: Howie had an alliance in here with every single person but Dani. Howie's like Frankenstein. It was only a matter of a week before he flipped on us.

Will talks about how he played in S2.

Will tells Janie that CG was going to put Will up but that Boogie stopped him. They had no idea that Howie was going up.

Will: Boogie doesn't trust James.

If Howie had sat there he'd still be here. Instead he started telling George "we have the numbers." - exposing the alliance.

Will: Alliances in this house are based on neccesity and greed. If Boogie had won the first HOH then James would have been with the CT alliance, not S6.

Janie: Did you have an deal with Kaysar?

Will: Yes. That's why he didn't put us up the 2nd week. We didn't have a deal to the final 2 but to watch each other's backs as long as we could. Everyone kept saying we were going up. CG is definately going to be in the final 4.

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Will is trying hard to get Janelle out of the red room. She keeps refusing. He offers water, oreos, etc. He tells her it's ok to be upset. He asks where she's sleeping. She asks if he's sleeping in the HOH room with Boogie. Will says "No, that would be gay." It sounds like she's going to sleep in Boogie's bed downstairs.

Janie: Boogie probably thinks I'm the biggest crybaby.

Will: No he doesn't. You're a girl; you're allowed to cry.

Janie: I haven't cried in like 6 months.

Will: You're allowed to be angry, upset, and hurt but not embarrased.

Janie: That was the dumbest competition.

There was some memorbilia question - how much - Will forgot the stuff in the bathroom. There was a question Janie didn't know because she didn't think they would ask that question. Will says it was his least favorite competition ever.

Janie: Do you think everyone in the house wants you out?

Will: Everyone but me. Everyone thinks Boogie wants you out but he's actually open-minded.

Janie: I don't understand why everyone wants me out.

Will: What do girls hate?

Janie: Getting messy

Will: Try again. . . Beautiful girls. What's the next thing girls hate?

Janie: Smart girls. . . and guys that like them.

Will: You're beautiful, smart, and sexy, what's not to hate?


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Boogie: I need a serious break from this game - all of us.

James: It's called sequester, bitch.

Dani has chocolate cake in her hair and needs to go bathe, she says. BB: Dani please go to the DR.

Boogie: To lose 2 people in 2 days, esp one of them being Howie with his mouth, it's gonna feel like a dead zone in here, like a cemetary.

James: Erika, you have great boobies.

Erika: Oh, I'm so glad I'm not going to be hearing that for the next week!

They realize they've been in the house 47 days.

Will: I hope you like my girlfriend when we get off the show. I think you guys will really hit it off. Is that weird to say?

Janie: I hope she doesn't hate me.

Will: I hope she doesn't hate me.

Boogie speculating about what will be in his HOH room - pictures, letters, etc.

Will's still trying to get Janie out of the red room. Points at Janie - America's Choice. Points at himself - Producer's Pick.

Will: Can you even imagine Marc's face when Howie walks into sequester? Marc called Howie the most annoying person he'd ever met.

Boogie: Do you guys feel like in the last 2 days we've passed a point of no return? Like before I still felt in touch with my real life. Not anymore.

Will: See I'm a glass half-full kind of guy. The problem is it's half full of Vodka. :)

The conversations are fairly repetitive.

I'm tired so goodnight guys! :)

We just went to FoTH anyway so perfect timing!

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Will is still trying to get Janie out of the room. He says he will learn how to play chess tonight if she will leave the room. She refuses, says she doesn't want to go out there. She just can't understand why the girls want her out of the house so badly. :rolleyes: (ed: I think she is really clueless as to why the two women she has been after for weeks want her gone.)

Will thinks Erin and Janie will get along well, Janie giving her pity party response about how she will hate Janie to. Will refuses to let Janie feel sorry for herself, he reminds her that Howie is gone, some little guy slammed a choc pie in her face, the girls laughed at her........it is as bad as it can get, it is only up from here. Now he is giving her the pep talk about how she will be coming back, Janie is just refusing to get over herself and her sadness. Will is doing his best to get her out of the room, she says she can hide out there forever, she just doesn't want to see those girls. She says she hid out last year, she can hide out again. Will tells her she is spoiled, she is use to getting her way. (ed: I don't know if she is just pretending or what, I can't imagine after all the celebrating she has done when she won comps and the comments she has made to others that this comes as a complete shock to her when others do it to her now.) She told Will earlier that she can't believe they were praying that she would lose, that wasn't nice and it hurt her.

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(switched feeds)

James, CG, Erika,and Boogie all talking around the table about how some were back doored, others left that way do to circumstances. James said Kaysar was stupid for not playing for the veto. Even if he had won, he would of been protected and he wouldn't of had to use it. James is still pretending to be with season six.

Dani is in the DR, been there for a long time. Boogie said they would be able to see the room or have the lockdown over as soon as Dani gets out. He says Dani must be going off in the DR. Dani gets out of DR and tells the guys they are so much like women, they talk about their weight, they pose in the mirror, they are worried about how they look. James is playing a card game with Dani. CG and Erika go off somewhere else.

James, Boogie and Dani all talking about who they hit with the pies. James got CG and said that this was for Howie.

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Dani said she has never seen such anger before. James said that was why he got Howie's bag for him, he wasn't going to open the door and act like he was kicking him out, but he knew Howie wasn't mature and was going to explode so he was trying to help him out easy. James said Howie really trusted them, Boogie said he knew but he couldn't allow Howie to explode like that if he had been told earlier. Boogie said they would of had to go to producers and tell them to calm the mother f'ing down. Boogie said what was done had to be done, James says it was a good decision by CG. Lots of whispering and card shuffling going on so I can't hear it all. Boogie said Howie wasn't mentally able to handle the game. They are talking about someone not being an all star, but I couldn't hear all of it. Boogie just got called to the DR. Now James is talking about Howie telling the producers something and about how someone is an idiot and shouldn't be in the all stars.

James is going to check on "Janie girl".

James asked Janie if she was better, she said no. He begs her not to take this so hard, he has never seen this side of her. He says she isn't a super woman, she is human. James is asking if there is anything he can do to make her feel better. She says NOTHING will make her feel better. She is curled up with a blanket, covering her head and all. She says she feels like she was depressed, and now there is no way she can ever be happy again in that house. James says no one will be happy in that house, his emotions are like a roller coaster. She is talking to James while she keeps her head covered with a blanket. James tells her this game breaks everyone down at every level. She says she feels ill, James offers to get her some Sprite. She moans something. He is explaining that NO ONE knew why CG put Howie up, it made no sense. Janie says Erika (I think, Janie is still hiding under the blanket) makes her want to puke, she is so annoying. James says Howie is the only person who was nice to CG. Janie wants to go home, James does his Howie voice saying "Your cute Janie". Now he wants to know what Will said to her. She is telling him bits and pieces and how Howie sent himself home. James says yeah Howie didn't do himself any favors by getting in Boogies face and throwing his hat at Boogie.

Now James is telling her that she has so much natural beauty, it doesn't matter what she looks like, she says "are you sure?" It is time to go see Boogie's room, Will is back to talk her into leaving the room and he gets on his knees. She says she can't get up, Will says James and he will help her up the stairs and she says she can't do it. OMG they are just begging her and she is soaking this in. Will gets her some sun glasses and she gets up but might need some support.

They are heading to Boogies room.

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