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  1. Oh man, I really don't like seeing the ugly side of people this topic seems to be bringing out. For me, Morty's has always been the "clean" and "safe" message forum. I stopped reading the other boards because of the flaming, attacks and constant filthy language. I understand that we each have our opinions on the situation.But, please, let it be discussed in a tasteful manner.
  2. Have ya'll listened to the Alison Grodner interview that was released today? In it, she pretty much confirms that those previous players shown on the CBS website, may not be the only couples in contention. She specifically mentions a few other pairs that could be considered dynamic duos...the one that popped out for me were Danielle and Jason!! Then, she pretty much also confirms that the couples going in have already been pre determined.
  3. This whole returning duos thing just makes my blood boil I am not crazy about any of the options, but the one that would hurt the least would be Jeff/Jordan. I would even prefer Dick over Rachel/Brandon, but I was not a fan of Danielle at all.Sorry.
  4. Just ordered my live feeds through the banner here at Morty's Happy Birthday to me And for those wondering, YES you can use a pre-paid Visa card. I had my debit card compromised earlier this year so I am extremely careful where I use it now. I bought a prepaid Visa card, registered it online to be able to make online purchases, and ordered my feeds with no problemo!
  5. More pics !!!! Awesome UVP, Thanks so much !!!!!! I had to go look again. Wow....whats up with that?
  6. If you look closely at the ice cream room, it looks like there are big pull out drawers made into the bed frames.The white parts at the bottom. And I am thinking that maybe in the 3 twin futuristic room that the tops of the metal crags lift up for storage????? I'm wondering what kind of fish we will get to watch on the feeds all summer?
  7. Yep, yep!! I can vaguely remember someone being in the kitchen making faces or mouthing something to someone who was outside in one season.So, the window has always been there. It might have been tinted back then though.
  8. On no Yana, please say you are pulling our leg! No more Rachel. Have the producers lost their minds? I mean, she had absolutely no strategy or game play last time,zilch. Not to mention that she is just plain out annoying to me. If this is true, I see her being voted out the first chance that they get to anyway though. And, thankyou for your inside scoops! We love you, do you know that ?
  9. Same here lala! They could at least feed us a crumb or two that we could pass time pouring over
  10. Hi shan! Better start stocking up on BB snack foods.Your cabinets are probably bare after that hibernation.
  11. OMG....exactly 2 weeks from now we will be counting down the hours until the show premieres!!! Is anyone practicing staying up later yet???
  12. Hi!! I am a long time member here at Morty's,just not a real avid poster. I do tend to post alot more during BB though.In my opinion, Morty's is the best forum site for BB because it doesn't tolerate the member bashing and plain out ugliness that occurs on several of the other sites. I will be buying my feeds through Morty's and pitching in with live feed reports and screen caps. Looking forward to getting to know you new people, and getting reacquainted with the regulars.
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