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  1. I think their strategy right now is to do nothing. Just lay low until they have to play their cards. I think for past seasons that has been the mistake with most alliances is that they cut themselves off from the rest of the house and kind of draw a line in the sand. You see how everyone in the house is reacting to just a 2 person alliance, think how they would react to 4. Think Lane is dumb all you want, but if I were a betting woman I would bet on him being at the very least final 3.
  2. I think the Brigade are just keeping it cool at this point. They haven't had to show their hand yet, so why spoil it. For an alliance of 4 to go this long without being found out and without turning on each other says alot to me. I think Lane is a lot smarter and a much better physical competitor than what we have seen yet. At this point he knows he's safe so why try for HOH and then put a target on his back. LOL Lala...great minds think a like!
  3. Dear Andrew, Please don't ever wear me again...especially to competitions on National TV. Thank you, Britney's shorts
  4. I think Annie is one of the "life long friends". Which could be a sibling. I have 2 brothers and a sister, and all of us have been super great friends our whole life. One of the things that make me think that is last night I think when she was throwing her fit and talking to herself she said "I can't believe I died my hair for this". Making me think it must have been a drastic change of hair color, and not just a touch up. Just sayin'.
  5. No the person that uses the Veto cannot be put up to be evicted but if they are already up and do not use it it would not make them safe. Thanks Orion. Have they said this before and I just missed it? Because I know it has never been done before.
  6. But....I thought the person that won Veto also could not be evicted.
  7. Ranster, I know that Sarah used it to save James.....I was just using that as a "for instance". Because if you win the POV you are safe, and also if the person that wins it decides to use it on someone, they are also safe from eviction. I guess I'm not doing to good of a job expressing what I'm trying to say.
  8. If this has been asked in the past, please don't flog me. LOL I have watched BB every season, and I also have the live feeds. Maybe the HG have this in their "rules" before entering the house, but I have never heard it mentioned. My question is this. Say for instance that James and Kaysar are on the block. They play for the Veto and James wins it. Has it ever been suggested that James use the Veto to save Kaysar, thus saving himself?
  9. 7:36am BBT Cam 1: Rachel in the BR beginning her ADL's All other HG still asleep.
  10. 6:52am BBT I hear movement in the house from someone (I'm sure it's Rachel), but all 4 cams are on sleeping HG.
  11. 6:49 am BBT Everyone still sleeping. Kaysar's alarm went off for him to get up and pray. He just turned it off and hasn't got up yet.
  12. Kaysar just told "his side" in the GR that he also told Maggie that he was a leader of people that think and stand on their own, and that she (Maggie) just led a bunch of dummies. Then he said that Maggie said "That's true". Then they all laugh about it. ***That was never said in the discussion that he had with Maggie***
  13. Kaysar went is in the gym to talk to Maggie while she is working out. K: I want to continue our convo. from yesterday. M: OK K: We talked about trust and the game and somewhat of a deal. Your objective is to take out some key players M:ok K:Even though you are safe this week you want to ensure your saftey for the next weeks. You may think about taking a deal to save your own ass. The only way you can assure your safety is to put up someone from your side. M: How does that help me? K: Take me off this week will be a good thing. Your probably not gonna win any more HOH's. Physically your sid
  14. K: she (Maggie) thinks she is cleaver. She is using interrogation tactics.
  15. Kaysar talking to Rachel while she is doing laundry. Kaysar is saying that he wants to go and talk to Maggie and figure out why she is trying to make deals. Rachel says who do you think she is going to put up? K:she will put up Janelle, and I will be going home. R:Eric left her instructions on what to do and she will carry them out.

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