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Derek Frazier

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Derek Frazier


Age: 29

Hometown: Philadelphia

Current City: Philadelphia

Occupation: Safety Officer


Three words that describe you: Loud, outgoing, and assertive.


Favorite activities: Going out, dancing at the bars, CrossFit, and binge-watching TV!


Who are your favorite Houseguest duos? Those who became best friends in the Big Brother house or had a showmance?

Derrick and Cody.


What are you most excited about living inside the Big Brother house?

Getting the opportunity to win prizes and a half million dollars.


What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house?

Not being able to use my phone.


What is your favorite past moment on Big Brother?

When Dick and Jenn got into a heated argument and she threw out all his cigarettes.


What is your strategy for winning the game?

Try to get to know everyone on a personal level so they never put me on the block. I will get everyone to do my dirty work because I am good at being a leader.


My life’s motto is…

“At the end of day, I see through it all.”


What would you take into the house and why?

  • My phone so I can keep in contact with my friends and family.
  • My cologne because it reminds me of home.
  • My PlayStation, because I would miss playing video games.


Fun facts about yourself:

  • I can fall asleep sitting up or standing.
  • My Dad is Smokin’ Joe Frazier the boxer.
  • I can lift a lot of weight. Bench 315 lbs, deadlift 500 lbs, backsquat 520 lbs.
  • I went to military boarding school for high school.
  • I went viral on TikTok once for a video I didn’t post.
  • I know how to box in a boxing ring.
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I absolutely LOVE Derek F!  He seems very genuine.  He engages people in conversation and likes keeping people upbeat.  He seems to really listen to people, too.  Do well in competitions Derek F! 

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I liked him at first but can't stand him now.  Calling women bit*hes, eating and napping all day. Ugh!!  He thinks cooking and doing dishes will keep him safe.  I want to see him on the block and watch him play veto to save his arse.

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I think he understands the game more than anyone in the house.  He gives the best advice on how to play the game.  I just wished he would listen to his own advice.  When Big D and Azah have private talks, it's some of the best live feed ever on the show.  I agree that the eating and napping all day needs to stop.  

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He is being portrayed as the lazy fat guy that sleeps (and eats) all the time. BB can do so much with his story.  I think people want to hear about what life was like with his famous father.  Like other seasons, coffee chats or walking around in the backyard before the other houseguests wake in the morning.  

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So he's in F3 but has done nothing to earn it.  My pick to win has been Xavier for quite a while and I don't think Azah or Derek have done enough to earn the win.  But good luck to whoever gets F2. I'm not even sure he or Azah deserve Favorite Player.

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Big Brother is not just about have how many HOH and comp that you won.  The social game is very important for a player to win.  Derek F played an amazing social game.  He cooked and cleans almost everyday in the house.  He also used himself as a pawn at the right time to advance the cookout. 


Tiffany would have won the game without winning anything in the game.  The members of the jury said that to her in the jury house.  If Tiffany gives any credit to Derek F about helping start the cookout, he may gets some votes at the end.  Xavier played a much better game than Derek F.  It all comes down to jury management.  All he needs is five votes to win.  I can see Brit, Ky, Azah, Sarah and Hannah voting for him to win.  Xavier biggest mistake was blindsiding Ky by sending him to the jury.  Xavier should have talked to him like Tiffany did to Claire.  I feel that Ky will try everything to stop Xavier from winning.

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