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  1. He should have made a better nominations speech. I think some of the players are putting the pieces together about the cookout alliance.
  2. Ky's HOH was bad because he made every other player give him information and he did not share any information. Players are going to use this against him.
  3. She has a good (not great) social game. Tiffany is going to use her to get far into the game.
  4. Everyone loves her. It's going to be very hard to get her out the house.
  5. He is just like a chameleon. He knows how to blend into all the groups in the house. The good thing about him is that he learns from his mistakes. He is playing a very clever game.
  6. Several people want her out the house. Has she done anything to be considered a threat to other player?
  7. Instead of telling him all the things he should correct, people are coming up with reasons to vote him out this week. I hate when they do this to a player. By this Thursday, his spirit is going to be broken. No one is going to speak to him or look at him in the eye. The sad thing is that production is going to make him campaign for votes.
  8. Showmances are always a bad thing in the BB house. Shomance with someone on your own team makes it ever worse.
  9. She is what you call a floater in big brother.
  10. She is playing a very smart game. She knows she is playing with a bunch of kids. I think she going to be one step ahead of all these kids.
  11. I hope she gets her head into the game. She feels that everyone in the house is fake and it shows on her face. After Big D called her out, I think she is learning to be a better player.
  12. I think he understands the game more than anyone in the house. He gives the best advice on how to play the game. I just wished he would listen to his own advice. When Big D and Azah have private talks, it's some of the best live feed ever on the show. I agree that the eating and napping all day needs to stop.
  13. I can see her being used as a pawn all season. She needs to win something to break the cycle. All she needs to do is keep her mouth shut to be safe this week. Trying to make the HOH take her off the block might earn her a ticket home.
  14. Is it a smart game move to get rid of Frenchie this week? Frenchie go after people that he can't beat (Brent, Christian and DerekX). Always keep a bigger target in the house.
  15. I select Tiffany as my HG Token for the Morty's TV Big Brother Season 23 Monopoly Game. (done)
  16. Christmas will be crying all the way to the Jury House. She now understands how she was used in the game this season. After the way she treated people in the game, it's time for her to go home. She was playing a better game than Enzo until her HOH. After hearing from the wall yeller and seeing the flyer overhead, she still played the game she played. Fool me once (Paul) shame on you, Fool me twice (Tyler) shame on me.
  17. I was thinking the exact same thing. I feel that Ian got that 52k to keep his mouth shut.
  18. I guess it's time for me to do the eyeroll. Bibbs gets it and I get it also like most black people. This is coming from a person that has a 100 percent black family. Educate yourself.
  19. Wow. You are comparing black girl magic to white girl power.
  20. After the way Bay acted last week, she deserves to go home. But, she has been friends with Christmas since the start. She even helped her promote her business (something other houseguests did not want any part of). In the house are two previous winners and four runner-ups. She did not see any of them as a threat. It’s all about jury votes. Bay and Day would most likely vote for a female to win. Christmas is playing someone else game not her own. Ian, Bay, Day and Kevin all can see how Cody, Tyler, Dani and Nicole are running things in the house. Nicole even told Christmas that getting rid of another girl will be a problem for our game (She really meant her game). The main problem with Big Brother is that everyone is trying to form an alliance at the start of the game. It Is really not a house vote, It is an alliance vote. If any other person would have put up Bay and Day, the house would not seem so awkward right now. This is how Paul lost big brother twice (Friendship). I think Ian said it best “This is not fun anymore”.
  21. It all depends on production and the power of the basement. If BB brings back the wizard power or diamond veto, it will be a crazy week. I think the seeds are planted for her but will she do the right thing. Getting rid of another female will cause a problem for her game.
  22. Bayleigh needs to get her facts straight. I've been rooting for her since the start of the game. It a shame that she thinks that she untouchable in the game. In big brother, you alway tell people what they want to hear. I think it's time that Day let her go.
  23. The only reason Christmas did well on her season was because of Paul. Paul needed people to use and she was one of them. I really wanted to like her this season but, her true colors came out. The only way that you can look like a villain is by your actions not the BB edit. Playing the victim does not look good on her. This pawn needs to go home.
  24. Kaysar will be leaving for the wrong reason. His only mistake was trying to play the game with Janelle. They played a very old school game which was fun and messy at times. This was the type of gameplay that made BB great to watch on TV. I feel that several of the players know each other outside of the game (possibly talked strategy before the game). It's like last season with Tommy and Christie. It's things like this that makes the game unfair for players like Kaysar and Kevin.

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