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  1. I feel the exact same way about Jared and Cirie. Cirie did not even play in the first comp. I feel that production may overlook some of Jared actions due to Cirie being in the game. If I was playing the game this season, I would be so upset with the Big Brother Production. Taking off 100 days from your job to watch a mother/son win the game. Big Brother needs to do better.
  2. I love that Felicia is in the house and that she won HOH. Why would she want to backdoor the biggest target in the house? Once Hisam is gone, I think the biggest target would be Cirie. Everyone knows that Cirie and Felicia are a team. I agree that watching Felicia, Cirie and Izzy on the live feed is like comedy gold.
  3. Why would Monte take Turner to the end? Just like he had to get rid of Michael, he has to get rid of Turner. I can see him only getting votes from Taylor and Joe against Turner. He’s playing this game for his Mom and brother that’s in the military. This is the time he needs to put his family first. (Leftovers started during Turner’s HOH and Turner put Kyle on the block)
  4. After this messy season, I feel that Taylor needs to win the game. I think everyone can learn something from her experience in the house.
  5. The only reason she made it this far was because of Michael. Her BB comic should have been a tick instead of a flea. Now she’s final four while Michael is in the jury house. I just wish that she would stop the crying. I feel that she don’t understand how much she hurt Michael’s game by her action.
  6. He knows exactly what needs to be done to win the game. If he can gets Taylor out this week, he will win the game. I don’t think anybody hates him in the jury house.
  7. Monte wants to take Turner to the end. The only people he can beat are Taylor and Britt. If he puts Taylor on the block, he loses her trust. If he puts Turner on the block, Turner may get voted out. This could be a $750,000 mistake. He needs to have a come to Jesus moment with Taylor. Both will lose against Turner and Alyssa. Will he be smart enough to understand that working with Taylor is his only option?
  8. I still want Michael to win the game. Production controls the live feed. I feel that there is more to the story. For some reason, none of them are talking about it. Something happen to Brittany so bad that she doesn't want to be around anyone.
  9. i like watching Micheal's gameplay the most out of anybody in the house. He knows the people from the backyard are lying to him. It's great to watch on the live feed how he put the pieces together about everything that happen in the backyard. It's gonna be sad to see him voted out because of the stupid twists in the game. Once Michael and Brittney are gone, I'm done with watching the live feed.
  10. Kyle creating an alliance in opposition to bullying was one of the best things ever in big brother. We can not forget that his showmance was one of the the bullies. Monte was part of the problem from the start with Paloma. Kyle and Turner should have never went to Monte about anything. Kyle was suppose to be the good guy from Utah. He's the wholesome guy that does videos with his mom. Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture. If he would have stayed loyal to the Leftover and lost the game, America would have loved to see him with his mom on the Amazing Race.
  11. Terrance was given the right information at the right time. He was given a pot of gold. He was suppose to make a deal with Turner and Joe to replace Kyle in their final four. By making this move, a bigger target would always be in the house. Everyone knows Michael/Brit/Tayler is a group. Alyssa would have joined the girls. I think Michael is the only person in the house smart enough to play this game. Now, it looks like he is going on the block again. He could have been this season Victoria and walk away with $75,000 or He could have been this season Josh and walk away with $750,000. Michael seems to be the only person thinking about jury management.
  12. Terrance is in the perfect place right now. If he sellout Kyle to Joe and Turner, he can make it to final four. This is the first time that I can see him winning the game.
  13. Why would Kyle breakup the leftovers now? He is liked by everyone in the house because his social game is great. I think he is the only person that could beat Micheal in the end. He's getting the split house that he wants by having five leftovers against his showmance and Terrance. I really wanted him to win the game.
  14. Last week he called all the other players clowns. During his eviction this week, I hope Julie ask him "How does it feel to get voted out by all these clowns?" I'm glad Michael did not fall for his lies.
  15. Will he self evict this week? His relationship with Nicole was odd. I think he needed her to keep him grounded in the game. I think it's sinking in about how big of a mistake he made with the veto.



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