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  1. If Jackson wins Big Brother, everything he has done in the past and in the house will be in the spotlight. All the things he did off camera and all the things he did to Kat and Holly. Once the season is over and all the houseguests have been paid, I think several of them are going to tell some great stories about the game. The truth always comes out in the end.
  2. I feel that it was DR that set up the whole thing. Look at the facts. Jackson just happens to ease drop at the right time. Jackson was smart enough to come up with a plan to tell Nicole and Cliff. Someone suggested to Nicole to call a house meeting. The smirk on Jackson’s face shows that he was lying about everything. After all this time in the house, they know each other quite well. Tommy knew exactly was happening but could not do anything about it.
  3. This is the case Nicole should make in the final two. Bella tried to destroy her game and she survived the group of eight. Then Cliff’s notes exposed her game by his big mouth. Christie was the biggest player in the game and she got rid of her during the double eviction. Jackson is a great player but he had tons of help at the begging of the game. If it was not for the Jackson/Holly/Kat connection and BB helping him, he would have been gone a long time ago. She sent Tommy out because she’s thinking about jury votes. By sending Holly to the jury, Jackson would win the game.
  4. She deserves to win the game. Most people would have been broken physically and mentally after the way she was treated in the game. Each day she grew stronger and learn to be a fighter. BB production have a chance to make things right and push for her to win.
  5. I did not say that being a maga-lover is a bad thing. Holly is the one that says because of her conservative background that she should not be doing this stuff. One of her major fights was about not having sex on the show (This is when Jackson tried to break up with her). She even had sex with Jackson while people were in the bed next to her were talking about game (Sis and Christie knew what was going on and made an excuse to leave the room). Holly was the main mean girl trashing Kat about having sex with Jackson. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. If she feels that people should not judge her, she should not be throwing all those stones.
  6. He feels all alone in the house because the person that he knew before the show got voted out. I love you Tommy but they need to vote you out. Karma is a bitch. (I guess he only loved them when he was safe)
  7. Nicole knows the smart move would be to keep Holly. While Cliff and Nicole are studying for the final, Jackson and Holly are doing other things in the HOH room. Both of them can beat Holly and Jackson in the end. It’s going to be another bitter jury. The only thing standing in Cliff way is the next POV because Jackson and Holly will take Nicole to final three.
  8. For someone that has been watching BB from the beginning, it kind of hard to turn off the channel. BB over the past few seasons has gotten worse. From Paul to Tyler and now Jackson. I don’t know if you watch the live feed but, lots of bad stuff happens on it. It has gotten so bad that they block the feed sometimes to protect Jackson. I hope that they fix things and make it right for the next season.
  9. It has been rumored that production talk to all members about Jackson. They were told not to say anything bad about him. They were also told not to say anything about his cheating. Several of the players would talk in code about not saying anything about Jackson.
  10. Wow. This POV was so expected. He's the only one that could have saved them both. I'm done with BB for this year. I just canceled the BB live feed because in the end it's going to be one of four awful people.
  11. I agree that they were a huge failure for Big Brother. Without showing these events in real time, it made it look like production picked the winners.
  12. Why would he put up Jess and Christie? If Tommy win the POV, he will take down Christie. He would have to put up Nicole or Cliff. I have a feeling that DR told him about Christie and Tommy. Cliff and Nicole knows about Christie and Tommy. I'm glad he has done this because he will go on the block during the double eviction. With Jackson and Holly having won the last three HOH, everyone will put them on the block.
  13. I think the problem with Christie is the same with the last few seasons cast members. They were cast to play a role instead of being a player. I think the only reason she's on the show is due to knowing someone in casting. She might have been told it was going to be easy to win. It appears that production is helping these cast members out by sharing information in DR sessions. Several of them said that DR is giving them lines to say for the show. I feel the crying is fake like Vanessa did in her season. She will be fine after the show because of her big paycheck. I wish BB would go back to having more players than cast members. I feel the only game players this season are Nicole, David, Ovi and Cliff. All the others are there just for the money and fame.
  14. I hope she wins the prankster vote. Everyone is always making deals and leaving her out. Hopefully she would put up Tommy or Jackson.
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