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  1. I would love to see her make it to the end with Derek F. Nothing better than watching a bitter BB jury. Who should win the money? Someone you don't like or someone that did nothing at all.
  2. Big Brother is not just about have how many HOH and comp that you won. The social game is very important for a player to win. Derek F played an amazing social game. He cooked and cleans almost everyday in the house. He also used himself as a pawn at the right time to advance the cookout. Tiffany would have won the game without winning anything in the game. The members of the jury said that to her in the jury house. If Tiffany gives any credit to Derek F about helping start the cookout, he may gets some votes at the end. Xavier played a much better game than Derek F. It all comes down to jury management. All he needs is five votes to win. I can see Brit, Ky, Azah, Sarah and Hannah voting for him to win. Xavier biggest mistake was blindsiding Ky by sending him to the jury. Xavier should have talked to him like Tiffany did to Claire. I feel that Ky will try everything to stop Xavier from winning.
  3. You don’t have to win a lot of comps to win at the end (Nicole BB18). A few weeks ago, everyone in the cookout was talking about how important it was for Tiffany to win. Everyone fully trusted her. She made several bad decisions in the game. She was asked to be on the block next to Claire and she refused. She was asked to throw an HOH to Azah and refused. She talked down to Derek, Ky, Xavier and Azah. She didn’t feel a need to apologize until she was in trouble. The first half of her game was excellent like Dan and Derrick. She has one of the best stories in the house. A single black mother in her 40s playing against people in their 20s. The money was hers without even winning one competition.
  4. I think her biggest mistake was putting Kyland on the block. She should have picked someone that has not been on the block. She played her cards too early in the game. I think Tiffany is going to throw her under the bus. I’m okay with her being the first member of the Cookout going to the jury.
  5. I have to give her total respect for achieving her goals. I think the word I would have use is bossy instead of bully. She is the one that made everyone in the cookout follow the plan. So what if Ky had got hoh last week. She would have been in a better position. Now, she’s going to have to deal with Claire in the jury.
  6. I think if she believes in the bigger picture that she's been selling to the viewers all season, she will put Claire on the block and vote her out. She's playing for all the other black players that were not given a fair chance in the game. She's playing for all the black fans that wish someone like them would win the game after 22 seasons. It is so important that she does the right thing. Xavier said the best thing about her. "If she turns on the cookout and keeps Claire, she will have 4 to 5 votes against her." Hannah gave up Baby D, Azah gave up Brit and Ky gave up SB. By keeping Claire, she would be known as the worst player in BB history. This would mean that she was using other black players to further her own game.
  7. Tiff is the person that started the cookout. She has no choice but to put up Clair. Will she put up Clair?
  8. I think it's fair that the cookout uses the veto on Xavier this week. The only reason he's on the block is due to winning the comp to keep members of the cookout safe. I feel that he's playing the best game right now. The only person he needs to be wary of is Tiff. All members of the cookout are starting to see thru Tiff game. If the cookout makes it to the final six, we are going to see some of the best shows in BB history.
  9. I don't know if this was the right time for her to get HOH. Now is the time to think about jury management with the votes. If she's going to say that she's the mastermind behind all these moves, why is she giving people false hope about staying in the game. She is following the path of Tyler and Paul. Paul and Tyler played excellent games but, they lost due to jury management. I think she is going to find herself in trouble before the cookout gets to the final six. Some say that she's getting the bad edit. BB is only using things she is saying and doing in the house. If DR is setting her up, she should be smarter than this. I hope she gets back to being careful about her actions in the house.
  10. I think he will get to play in the veto comp. Big D, Ky and X already have a plan for if Big D wins the high roller comp. I think who ever wins the high roller comp get to pick the nominations with anonymity.
  11. The only votes Derek X may get is from Ky or Hannah. I feel that Tiff was lying about wanting to flip the vote to keep Derek X. Everyone knows that Tiff trust Clair more than anyone including member of the cookout. He may get a chance to get back into the house but, it has not been confirmed yet.
  12. After he was told to spend his BB bucks over and over again, he refuse to do so. He is a very nice guy and I like his gameplay. He should have been smarter and listen to the advice from DR. Now he gets to goto jury with the most BB bucks.
  13. His reason for staying in the house is because he cooks and clean. So it's okay to use him as a pawn each week. If something goes wrong, they have someone to cook and clean for them at the jury house.
  14. Sarah had to win the HOH this week. After last week with Ky, everyone wanted Sarah out this week. I feel that she could use this win to get further in the game. I don't understand her nomination for the block. The smart move would have been to put Derek X on the block because he put her on the block. If she backdoors him, it looks like she's playing someone else game.
  15. She is on the block again. The good thing is that at least she made it to jury. Azah told Brit that she's on the block because Ky wanted to punish Azah. Brit still didn't put the pieces together about the Cookout. Big D told her he wasn't going to campaign against her. He told her that she can campaign against him. Now she's going thru the house campaigning against him telling people she has his permission to do so. It's really sad to see this happening in the house. Big D is putting on a big show about how upset he is about Brit on the block. His acting skills are so bad that Tiff had to call him out on it. I understand that Brit has to go but, all the extra drama is like putting salt on an open wound.

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