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Wednesday, October 7, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:14 AM BBT

Nicole, Cody and Enzo are chatting in the HOHR. Everyone else is sleeping.

Nicole: on Thursday we have 20 days left so let's not rush it

Enzo: next Thursday there's only 13 days left

Nicole: oh God, that's gonna be final 4

Enzo: that's exciting

Cody: we will be here til that point....why are you giving me that look? (to Enzo)

Enzo: 'cause I want to be final three

*feeds cut to stars


12:40 AM BBT

Nicole: I think it's cool being in the legends room even with the lights off

Cody takes his mic off

Nicole: Cody get your mic on...Cody....Cody...get your butt up

Enzo: come on, Bro we are talking

Cody: why are you cursing at me? it's midnight (Cody wants to go to sleep)

Nicole: let's ask him questions

Enzo: Cody are you going to Nicole's wedding [LOL....Nicole meant studying]

Enzo begins asking Nicole about Vic and how they met

Cody: how do you not know this

Enzo: I don't watch Big Brother, Yo



1:30 AM BBT

Cody, Nicole and Enzo are still talking in the dark in the HOHR about random things


3:15 AM BBT

Enzo and Nicole leave the HOHR and head to bed.


3:16 AM BBT

BB zooms in on the birthday message Christmas created for her son, Loyal's, 2nd birthday. (His birthday is Thursday)




3:30 AM BBT

The BB house is dark and silent.


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9:35 AM BBT

We have stars for Wakey Wakey


9:45 AM BBT

The lights are up in the BB house.  

Cody and Christmas are still in bed in the KBR.

Enzo and Tyler are still in bed in the PBR


9:48 AM BBT

BB: Good Morning Houseguests. It is time to get up for the day. There are fresh batteries in the storage room.

9:57 AM BBT

Memphis and Christmas are up and moving about.




10:05 AM BBT

BB: Houseguests must be awake from the hours of 10AM to 10PM

Christmas: where are we

Memphis: must be right at 10 o'clock

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12:41-1:45 AM BBT.  In the HOHR there is general chat between Cody, Nicole an Enzo.  They talk about former HGs, former seasons of BB, significant others & their personal lives.  

1:45 AM BBT.  Enzo says when Tyler asks about the vote, he doesn't know what to say to him.  He just tells him it is up in the air. Enzo says he has nothing to be embaressed about coming in 6th. Nicole tells him that Tyler might think it was a waste.

1:50 AM BBT.  Enzo says Da'Vonne told Kevin everything before she left.  Nicole thinks Dani told Da'Vonne too much.  Nicole says she has only trusted Cody and Enzo, she couldn"t trust Dani, it was exhausting. She says she loves her, but couldn't trust her in the game. Nicole says she thought Dani flipped (not Christmas) to vote her out.


2:15 AM BBT.  Nicole and Enzo discuss comps from other seasons (the chicken wire egg comp).  Nicole gives Enzo advice on how to do the slip n slide comp.  She tells him who was good at it and who wasn't.  

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10:03am BBT: Memphis laying in bed  staring sat the walls. Enzo and Tyler sleeping in the PBR. Christmas comes in the rom with Memphis they talk and laugh about Dani whispering. Memphis yawns and they go silent.

10:12am BBT: Christmas and Memphis are laying in their beds in the KBR awake just staring at the walls. All other HG still sleeping.

10:18am BBT: Christmas is now in the KT with Memphis making coffee as they told about how old Memphis feels.

10:42am BBT: All cameras are on Enzo and Tyler sleeping in the PBR.

10:43am BBT: Christmas in the KT alone talking to the cameras saying she is going to win HOH if she is still there tomorrow then she is going to wish Loyal a happy happy  Birthday. She talks about how Nicole is a target  and how she is close to Cody, She then says if she wins HOH she wants to put up Nicole and Cody on the block, Memphis comes back in and talk stops.

10:50am BBT: Enzo is now up  and goes to the STR to change his batteries then he goes right back to bed and covers his eyes. Memphis and Christmas still in the KT talking general talk.

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11:13am BBT: Christmas has gotten her suitcase out of the STR and taken it to the KBR to start packing her things. She tells Memphis she has friends who are big BB fans and she will take them some of these shirts she has gotten on BB.
11:37am BBT: Nicole is now up in the WA doing ADL's Memphis walking around the house while Christmas is still folding her clothes in the KBR.

11:39am BBT: Christmas talks to Memphis in the KBR saying she has to have athletics gear for tomorrow is what they said so i will leave this out here. Nicole  doing makeup in the WA and Enzo comes in and they talk about Memphis asking if they stayed up all night and they told him no. Enzo says this is campaign day crap as he walks out of the WA.

11:44am BBT: Christmas walks into the WA to get ready for the day as Memphis leaves and she says he looks creepy and Memphis says don't say i am creepy  then Christmas says  she said he looked creepy not that he is creepy.

11:51am BBT: Enzo, Tyler, Nicole and Memphis in the LVR talking about animals and horses and laughing telling about  stories of horse racing. Christmas in the WA doing ADL's and no sight of Cody this morning.

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12:30PM BBT HG prepping some lunch. No real talk except about the fact Nic gets to eat tonight.


12:42PM BBT WE have stars. Feeds return and Xmas is talking about how smart Loyal is with his toys and how he picks what he wants when she tells him how many to pick. We get stars again.


12:52PM BBT We have had stars for about 5 minutes. No idea why since HG were just eating. Feeds back and HG still eating and just chatting.


 12:55PM BBT Xmas doing the dishes. Cody playing with one of the balls in the living room. Enzo says he is going to jog and then take a shower.

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1:00PM BBT: Enzo, Memphis, Cody, and Christmas are in the LR. General discussion. Nicole is in the HN room studying.


1:07PM BBT: Cody is relaxing on the LR couch. Christmas is sitting on the other couch. Tyler is making a protein shake. Nicole is still in the HN room studying. Enzo is walking around. Now we have stars again.


1:12PM BBT: Feeds are back. Enzo and Cody are in the LR. General conversation. Memphis is at the Kitchen table with Christmas. Tyler is making something to eat.


1:17PM BBT: Cameras back on Nicole. She is still studying in the HN room. Christmas and Memphis are at the KT table still. Christmas made Memphis an ice pack and is wrapping his foot and ankle.


1:20PM BBT: Feeds on stars again.


1:27PM BBT: Nicole is still practicing in the HN room. She’s practicing days and comp questions that may be asked. She says she wants to be confident in her answers and doesn’t want her anxiety to get in the way.


1:54PM BBT: All cameras on Nicole studying.


1:56PM BBT: Christmas is in the KT cutting oranges and juicing them. Memphis is at the table watching her with an ice pack on his ankle. Nicole still studying.  


2:06PM BBT: Nicole walks into the KT where Christmas is making orange juice. Nicole tells her it smells good, and Christmas says she will save her some. Back to stars.


2:16PM BBT: Tyler in the Picture BR putting on a face mask. Enzo is in the BA shaving.


2:19PM BBT: Christmas takes out the trash.


2:35PM BBT: Nicole in the HN room studying. Christmas and Tyler at the KT table playing backgammon.


2:44PM BBT: Nicole is in the KT eating. Memphis goes upstairs and starts walking laps. Christmas and Tyler still play backgammon. Cody is in the HOH room watching the monitor and listening to music.


2:55PM BBT: Cody in the HOH room listening to his music and working out. Nicole walks back upstairs.


3:02PM BBT: Memphis and Christmas are walking laps upstairs talking general conversations. Enzo is in the KT cooking bacon.


3:11PM BBT: Christmas and Memphis still talking and walking upstairs. Enzo is eating in the KT. Tyler joins Cody in the HOH room while Cody works out.


3:12PM BBT: Cody and Tyler are talking about how hard it is to work out without having the BY. Feeds go to stars when they start talking about election day.


3:19PM BBT: Cody and Tyler in the HOH room. Tyler says we should play charades tonight. Cody says he’s down. Memphis and Christmas still walking laps upstairs.


3:26PM BBT: Cody and Tyler are talking about how many more weeks are left in the house and how many evictions are left. Cody says they thought there would be no double at one point.


3:43PM BBT: Enzo, Christmas, and Nicole in the KT eating and talking general talk. Tyler is cooking.


3:49PM BBT: HGs in the KT talking about the 2 hour live triple eviction and how insane it was. Enzo says he bets they will all be shocked when 3 people walk into the Jury House back to back. They talk about how bad the POV comp was and how awful the clothes were that they had to change in to. Stars again.


3:55PM BBT: HGs in the KT still. Talking about a comp they played in before and how hilarious it was.

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4:10PM BBT Enzo is talking about what he thinks the HG are doing in the jury house. We get stars.


4:35PM BBT Xmas is in the KT making a birthday cake for her son. In the PBR, Enzo and Cody talking. Cody or Enzo need to win this HOH.


4:39PM BBT Tyler comes into the PBR, he says it is time to pack again. Cody says it seems like forever since Tyler had to pack. Tyler says that it doesn't seem that long ago. Enzo asks who is in the KT, Tyler tells them Xmas making her cake. Tyler says that Xmas no longer wastes her breath on him. Cody says that he doesn't want to stay up until midnight for Nic to eat.


4:45PM BBT In the PBR, Cody, Enzo, Tyler and Nic talking about the pictures. Enzo is taking some of the pictures. Under the pictures are other pictures. They are talking about them.



 4:57PM BBT All 4 cams still on the PBR. HG still talking about different HGs from the previous seasons. Memphis comes in to tell them the timer going off in the KT. They all say it Xmas' cake. Cody gets up and we have stars.


 5:01PM BBT Xmas is making different color frostings from the M&Ms. Cody asks what is in icing. Xmas says sugar. Memphis agrees. In the PBR, Enzo is still looking at pictures.


5:09PM BBT Xmas is continuing to make her "icing" it is straight powdered sugar with coloring from the M&Ms. She tells Cody they need to take the icing off of th cake before they eat it. She says it will be way to sweet otherwise.


5:13PM BBT IN the HOH BR, Cody and Memphis talk about how Xmas annoys him with always being around him. Cody says that sometimes it bugs him that Nic comes up. Memphis says that it is exhausting to him that Xmas is always around. 



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 5:24PM BBT Cody and Memphis talk about how different it is to be in the house a second time. Memphis says he had a strategy this time. Cody agrees. Memphis says that BB isn't building anything so it will be a simple comp.


5:28PM BBT IN the PBR, Enzo and Nic talking. Enzo is talking about not getting to bars until midnight or so. Tyler still packing.

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5:30 PM BBT Enzo is talking about bars, his waist size says he is a 36/30 and gives a shout out. Tyler is packing and Nicole is just relaxing talking to the guys. Cody is up in the HOH room listening to his music. Christmas is somewhere not sure where. 

5:36 PM BBT Feeds cut to stars 

5:40 PM BBT  feeds come back on and Christmas is in the kitchen icing a cake. Memphis and Cody are up in the HOH talking. Nothing else really going on. 

5:55 PM BBT Enzo and Christmas talking in the KBR talking. Enzo tells her that he cant be doing that he needs to do something. Christmas agrees with him.  Memphis and Cody still in HOHR talking. Feeds then cut to stars. 

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6:02 PM BBT christmas tells Enzo that her and him would be a best case scenario and then Feeds cuts to stars. Memphis an Cody were still up in the lounge. 

6:06 PM BBT Feeds come back and Christmas says that Nicole is campigning againist her now and she is salty. Christmas said why does it matter im still here. Enzo says yeah right. Christmas says that Tyler thinks he is going because no one has come up to him and tell him they got his vote. 

6:11 PM BBT Christmas and Enzo talking about what to have to eat. They talk about making hamburger they dont want pork they think it gone bad. Enzo says he can make mashed potatoes they are easy to make and he heads out to start on that. Memphis and Cody talking about their familys. 

6:18 PM BBT Memphis is in the KT talking about food getting dinner ready talking about mushrooms, Nicole is sitting down watching him make dinner. Cody comes down from the HOHR. Tyler is asleep with the headset on in the HOHR. Christmas is also in the KT chatting with the rest of them. 

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6:25 PM BBT

Nicole is alone in the SR "It makes more sense for me for Tyler to stay than it has since the beginning...I could sit in here for probably an hour"

Enzo walks in and Nicole tells him she is having second thoughts



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6:27 PM BBT Nicole and Enzo are talking about tyler and Memphis in the SR. Nicole says that she wants to see Tyler and Memphis got at it. Enzo agrees. Enzo says says what about Chritmas though. Nicole says that no matte what she is going to be targeted. Enzo says he is screwed he is screwed. Enzo says if he cant win pov then cody will. 

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Enzo: oh yeah?

Nicole: I'm thinking how close...it's crazy how close Christmas and Memphis are. are we making a mistake. There is no way Memphis wants to go to final 3 with you and Cody. There is no way he will put Christmas up.

Enzo: I thought of that, too.

Nicole: I think Cody...I need to talk to Cody

Enzo: If Tyler teams up with fucking Memphis, we're done...we're fucking done, Yo

Nicole: okay, we need to talk it over one more time

Enzo: let's talk it over with Cody


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7:17 PM BBT

Christmas has finished decorating the cake she made for Loyal's birthday

Memphis compliments "Lookey, lookey, lookey. Impressive...VERY"

CHristmas: thank you

Enzo: That looks so good

Memphis: Right? Holy shit!

Enzo: Holy shit! What the fuck! The colors! There's a sun. Damn!

Memphis: if no one knows how hard that shit is in this fucking houw....you don't even know

Memphis suggests she add an eye to match the dino she made with Froot Loops on the table



Christmas adds an orange eye

Memphis: there ya go

Enzo: I think it's awesome!

Christmas: Thank you....12 hours later. SOrry I made a mess people.

Tyler: no, you do your thing

Christmas: it's for my baby boy


7:45 PM BBT

Christmas and Tyler are playing backgammon

Cody is prepping ingredients for lentil soup

Memphis is tired and wants to go to bed

Nicole is counting down the hours until she can eat her mashed potatoes

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7:45PM BBT: Christmas and Tyler continue to play Backgammon at the KT table as Cody cleans up around the KT.


7:51PM BBT:  In between stars, Enzo and Cody discuss possible scenarios up in the HOHR.



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8:05 PM BBT

Nicole, Cody and Enzo talk in the HOHR

Enzo: Nicole said I got nothing to shit out right now

Nicole: I'm nervous; Christmas thinks she and I are...that I am forgiving her and everything

Cody: I was like she hates both of you

Nicole: you guys are using the word hate

Enzo: no I said she is upset at both of yous (sic)

Cody: I used the word hate

Enzo: I was like Tyler I don't know nothing, yo. Make sure you pack, yo.

Nicole: what is the plan for tomorrow. Are you telling him or blindsiding.

Cody: I think it's either blindside or you tell him...I'll tell him Nicole said she isn't voting to keep you

Nicole: he doesn't have anything he can say about me, so should I just tell him?

Cody: I'll say, you're too big of a threat in here...blah, blah, blah

Enzo: and I'll tell him that I'm just going with the house; it's three nothing; that's it

Cody: I think that's the best bet...I mean do I tell him

Enzo: no, you already put him on the block, Bro

Nicole: I'll tell him

Enzo: he's a good kid, yo. Ty...he's gonna go to the jury house. He played messy, too, right from the beginning

Nicole: I agree....I didn't tell him one piece of information. That's how you know he's not playing a good game

Cody: shit, Nicole is stressed out...Look guys, I need you so bad this week to win HOH

Nicole: I know...Stop

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8:12 PM BBT

Enzo: If it's Christmas and Memphis, who wins, yo?

Cody: if it's Christmas and Memphis I am voting for Memphis. What has she done?

Enzo: Damn, yo! this sucks yo!

Nicole: it doesn't suck because it's 3 versus 2...we got it

Enzo: no for us...if Memphis and Christmas make it to the end that's what sucks...it's not gonna happen

Cody: Let's be honest...you guys have got to win this for me. I am tired of it. You guys are sitting here like (making scared noises) you know it's gonna be me that they go after over you two and I don't even get to compete

Nicole: Cody, I'm gonna win

COdy: let's fucking tighten up yo and win a comp

Enzo: yeah, fucking tighten up, yo

Cody: I'm talking to you (to Enzo)

Enzo: oh

Cody: and you...I know you (Cody mocks Nicole) Nicole is like 'I'm throwing it 'cause he'll go after Cody' I know you

Nicole: you don't know me at all. I would never do that to you. Never in a million years, COdy

Cody mocks Nicole again 'Cody is my shield...he'll go after him'  [his impersonation of Nicole is hilarious  -MamaLong]

Nicole: don't even speak that into existence

Cody: okay

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