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Wednesday, October 7, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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8:22 PM BBT

Enzo speculates that it will be the slip n slide "It has to be the slip n slide because it's already done...it's not that extravagant.. They throw castor oil on floor and that's it ...shit"

Cody: castor oil? Is that what they use?

Nicole: Crisco

Cody: what's Crisco?

Nicole: grease...same stuff in Otev

Enzo: that shit is disgusting

Enzo says they will have to cover him in Benadryl [he had an allergic reaction in OTEV] and he will wear elbow pads. Nicole says they will get shoes and knee pads.

Cody: yo, you better be fucking moving

*feeds cut to stars


8:28 PM BBT

Enzo: then you get to decide your fate

Cody: I think one of you two are winning the HOH tomorrow

Enzo: I thinks so too...I'm at a point where I'm not worried about showing my cards, but I got to see if it's the right thing to do

Cody: That's the most important thing. Yo, dead ass, if he fucking won the veto and pulled her down and I went up and got sent home, I would have been like, I got fucking got and wouldn't talk to you

Enzo: I'm like, what do I tell Memphis as to why he's on the block. I'll be like look, fuck you and the WIse Guys. I'm done. That's it. WHat the fuck to I tell this guy. I'll be like you're the pawn....CHristmas is the target

Cody: He'll be like why isn't Nicole up there

Enzo: backdoor

Cody: he won't believe it

Enzo: I don't fucking believe it....shit...because he (Memphis) has proved himself over and over. He could have done it in the double

Cody: Nicole is gonna come back in here...watch

Enzo: we know those two are tight as fuck, yo...they have a final two.....we know that

Cody: I don't know if they have a final two

Nicole comes back in the HOHR and reports that Memphis are talking about the competition "they are sitting like this close"

*feeds cut to stars again



8:49 PM BBT

Tyler joins Cody and Enzo in the HOHR. They laugh about all of the alliances in the house

Enzo: everybody was lying...everybody was in an alliance with everybody  [he's got that right  -MamaLong]

Nicole walks in and Cody tries to fake sleeping and Nicole calls him out. She asks them to wake her up so she doesn't sleep through midnight. The guys agree to wake her at 11 PM.


[I'm out for the night   -MamaLong]

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8:45pm Big Brother Time


Cody and Enzo are in the HOH room talking about strategy.


Nicole F left a few minutes ago, so the two of them are talking about their final two agreement.


Cody is insisting that Tyler should be evicted this week.


Enzo is trying to tell Cody that both of them are at risk to being put on the block if Christmas stays.  Enzo tells Cody that Memphis told him he would put Nicole and Christmas on the block, but in that case Christmas would only be a pawn.


Cody counters with his belief that sending Christmas out would make Memphis mad and the two of them will go on the block if Memphis wins HOH.


Enzo says if Memphis wins the next HOH...Cody interrupts him, saying that Memphis will put up Nicole and Christmas.  Enzo tells Cody if one of them wins the POV, then either him or Cody will go on the block.  Cody says if Memphis wins the HOH he won't be able to play, he wonders if Memphis feels super confident.


Enzo asks Cody how Memphis would react if he suggests getting rid of Christmas, Cody says he hasn't said anything like that to Memphis, he doesn't want to push it right now.


Enzo says he knows it is dangerous to give Tyler another life line.  Cody insists "no, he's gone."


Enzo worries about if he wins how will he do it, things seems to be leading towards putting up Nicole F and Memphis, telling Memphis he is a pawn.


Enzo jokes around, Cody responds by relaxing a little and laughing with him.


Tyler comes into the HOH while they are laughing so conversation naturally continues in a different way. Enzo makes it sound like he is talking about Danielle.  They laugh about never having their stories straight when she asked questions and having to hustle.


Enzo starts complaining about Davonne throwing him under the bus. Cody says Davonne accused him of being tight with Danielle, and he spun himself out of it.  Enzo says Davonne was telling lies like everyone else.


Nicole F stops by the room and asks them to wake her up at 11, she is going to the have not room for a nap but doesn't want to miss midnight.


They continue to gossip about Davonne.


Memphis has joined the group in the HOH, Christmas is downstairs cooking.


Gossip in the HOH continues



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9:00pm Big Brother Time


Gossip in the HOH continues (Tyler, Memphis, Cody and Enzo).

Christmas continues cooking

Nicole F is in the have not room napping until midnight.


Enzo is called to the diary room.


Tyler is called to the storage room (melatonin)


When Tyler is gone and the door closes Cody says, "Bye Ty."  Then he laughs, he is convinced he was not on camera. "I'm not on camera, it's okay."


Memphis starts to tell a story and the camera moves to the kitchen.


Christmas continues to cook, Tyler stops on his way to the storage room.  All cameras remain on Christmas. 


(she has been smashing the burgers she is making with a vengeance. --just so you know kids, never smash a burger, cook them low and slow and when they are cooked to medium turn up the heat to caramelize them.  it helps to put a little dent in the center, they stay flat and pretty.--Grannysue, elderly chef)


Camera moves back to the HOH rooster party-sans Enzo, who was called to the diary room earlier. (gossip and bragging about being idiots)....


9:25pm Big Brother Time


The roosters decide to go to the kitchen and get a burger.


Camera moves to Nicole F with her face covered, looks like a nap.


The guys start putting their burgers together, Cody is making lentil soup, and Christmas is enjoying her burger.


Memphis starts telling about his jobs, when he starts to tell about selling fake Nikes the cameras move to Nicole F, lifeless on the cot in the have not room.


Cameras return to the kitchen, Enzo has returned from the diary room, he is making some kind of bread boat for his burger from the bun.  He asks if the burgers are vegan or human. Enzo jokes that he is learning to talk "vegan eeeze", Tyler says Enzo is teaching him new ways to talk too.


They see Cody come out of the diary room, grab tissues and go back to the diary room.  Enzo says, "he is takin' props in "dayr".


Cameras go back to Nicole F. No twitches. could be dead. let's wait and see.....ohhhh we have an arm movement. and a leg wiggle.  she's good. These feeds are great!!--(sorry Morty, had to)


(Too bad we don't have interactive feeds, this would be a good time to yell, "WATCH OUT!!", but alas we do not.)


Cameras move back to kitchen. lentil soup is cooking. Christmas and Tyler are playing backgammon.


Enzo and Tyler decide to stay up and wait for Nicole F.  Memphis has gone to bed in the key room. 








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10:00pm Big Brother Time


Christmas and Tyler still playing backgammon.


Memphis in bed reading the Bible.


Enzo in the HOH room listening to music.


Nicole F still in have not room


Cody in diary room


Cameraman fooling with shots of a pair of sunglasses on the table, then close ups of the chachis on the table.


Game is over, Christmas decides she is going to bed, but puts the burgers away before she leaves the kitchen.


Tyler goes up the stairs to join Enzo, he gets to the HOH room and Enzo is already in the loo.  Tyler goes downstairs to the other lavatory.


Christmas joins Memphis in the key bedroom.


Tyler returns to the HOH room, he hides beside the bed, then pops up when Enzo comes into the room.  He hops up, Enzo yells, "ohhh s**t!!"


Tyler asks what people are saying.  


Enzo tells him Nicole F is saying she doesn't know what to do, he adds that he is trying to massage it.


Tyler tells Enzo if he stays he is going after Memphis, but he knows it is all up to Cody.  Tyler tells Enzo Cody hasn't talked to him yet, and if he wanted him to stay he would have done that.  Tyler says he isn't going anywhere, he's staying.


They talk about the goodbye messages, Tyler says his have been genuine.  BOB tells them they are "not allowed to talk about their diary room sessions with other house guests."


Tyler says Memphis told him he was the leader of The Committee, that they had a good run, but he is voting Tyler out this week.


Tyler says Nicole F doesn't realize she is on the bottom of the totem pole, Memphis put her up, and Christmas voted her out.  He doesn't understand why she can't see that.  Tyler says he hopes his eviction speech helps him stay.  Tyler says Nicole F and Cody are talking in real conversations, Cody is pretending with him.  Tyler mentions "having the stink" again, and says he is being avoided.


Tyler insists he is staying. (this has something to do with his eviction speech tomorrow).  Enzo says him and Tyler can work tightly together if Tyler does stay.  Enzo says if Nicole F makes it to the final two she might get the  money just because she is there and did nothing to get there.


Tyler says he won't vote for Nicole F, he says David won't vote for her either.


Enzo says he is upset because he was forced to do what they all told him to do, he knows he was the replacement nomination if the Veto had been used.  Enzo says if he put Tyler up for a vote, what does the whole time they worked together mean.  Enzo says, "it was a vote, who cares?"  Tyler says, "I didn't vote for you,man." (referring to Cody)


Tyler says again that he is staying, he knows Memphis will not vote for him.  He adds that Memphis knows Tyler is going or he would not tell Tyler he is voting him out without back up.


(Tyler must have some juicy information to share, Enzo is giggling about it and seems to be looking forward to it.")


Tyler tells Enzo to put up Cody and Memphis or Nicole F and Christmas.  He says if one of them goes down, put the other side up.  He tells Enzo that if the votes are tied Enzo can choose.  Tyler also tells Enzo not to go to the end with Cody, but Tyler thinks he has a shot against Memphis, Christmas, but not Cody or Nicole F.


Enzo wonders if Nicole F will win at the final two, Tyler says he doesn't think like that.  Tyler says everyone is mad at him, he made a mess of things. They both mention that Memphis goes to bed early every night and is in the final five.


Enzo is trying to decide if he should win the HOH, Tyler tells him that if Enzo doesn't win and Tyler is here, Enzo would have the votes to stay.  If Tyler is not here, Enzo would go up against Nicole F or Christmas and might not have the votes.  Tyler tells Enzo, "If you're up, you're out."


Enzo realizes that is true.


Enzo asks if Tyler has talked to Nicole F, he says she has been avoiding him, he says that's how he knows she is going to vote him out.  Tyler says after his speech Enzo will see where he is, and Enzo will have to vote to keep him.


Tyler tells Enzo not to tell Memphis anything about knowing about The Committee, he needs to keep it quiet. (Tyler doesn't know that Enzo and Cody have already talked about it, and Enzo knows.).  Tyler tells Enzo that The Committee won every HOH except Enzo's.


Enzo says he doesn't get why Cody is letting Memphis run the whole show.  Tyler says if he stays it will be Enzo, Nicole F and him (Tyler) in the final three.  Enzo says taking Nicole F out will be easy.


Enzo says if he (Enzo) makes the final three with Cody and Nicole F, Cody and Nicole F will take each other and send him out.  Enzo says he was surprised that Cody went after Tyler at the final six, but Memphis is running the whole thing.  Tyler says Memphis could win.  Tyler tells Enzo there are only two more HOH competitions, and if Memphis says he ran things he will win.  Tyler tells Enzo either Cody or Memphis has to go.


Enzo continues to pretend he hasn't been told about The Committee.  Tyler advises him to tell them after the votes are locked that he knows, but not before.


Tyler tells Enzo again that Cody will not take him (Enzo) to the end.


Enzo says winning the HOH in the final four guarantees you final three.


Tyler goes out to check the time, Enzo is going to wake Nicole F up and get it over with (at 10:39pm).


He goes into the room to wake her up, she says she didn't sleep at all.


Nicole F asks if everyone is up, Enzo tells her Memphis and Christmas went to bed, they don't care about her have not week being over for her.  He leaves the room and goes back to the HOH room to listen to music.


Cameras move to the kitchen where Cody is working on the lentil soup. Cody is telling Tyler about the soup giving him some trouble, but the soup is finally done.


They decide to play "horse" in the living room.








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10:55pm Big Brother Time


Still playing horse. Cody has h. o. r./Tyler has nada.


Memphis and Christmas still in the bedroom talking.


Nicole F comes into the kitchen, she asks Cody for some of his cheese but decides to wait a few minutes before starting anything.


General chatter in the kitchen.


Christmas goes to join Enzo in the HOH room.


Christmas says she is trying to stay awake, Enzo says he is tired as well.  


Enzo compliments Loyal's birthday cake, he asks where Memphis is, Christmas says he is in bed.  She says this is the last have not, and tomorrow they will have cake tomorrow afternoon before the live show.  She tells him it is a brownie/cream cheese cake. 


She says if she if voted out she is taking it with her.  


Enzo says he is terrified of the final four HOH, Christmas says it is the power play.  Enzo says he is indebted to anyone who takes him to the final three.  Christmas says so much can happen, they have the HOH and then a POV, but we are interrupted by stars before she finishes the thought.


Christmas and Enzo are talking about Nicole F, and that she hasn't won anything.  Christmas says a couple of people would vote for Nicole F to win, just because she won nothing and she is a dangerous person to take to the final two.  Christmas says Nicole F will have Davonne, Ian and possibly Danielle.  Enzo says Kevin also said if Nicole F makes it to the end he will vote for her to win, Christmas says if Cody is not in the house that is the fifth vote.


Christmas says Nicole F can say she meant not to win anything and was protected and carried.  Christmas says she can't think of any strategic moves she made, but she thinks it will be said that Nicole F was low key player that came in with an alliance and made other alliances, allowing her to get there.


Christmas says if they take Cody out next week that will put Nicole F in the final four, but Nicole F will have to win the Veto to stay. Enzo thinks the HOH will be something they have to work for, it won't be a quick one.  He thinks there will be a rope/the egg competition.  Enzo says Nicole won't last, it could be slip n slide or even comics.  Enzo says they won't find out at the live show, they will have to wait a little bit.


Christmas says it might be something new, she doesn't think it will be a repeated competition, but she also thinks it will be a longer competition where you learn the technique, then speed up.


Christmas says between Enzo, Memphis and herself they are strong.  Christmas is worried about Cody, Enzo says Cody didn't perform well with questions.  


Enzo asks Christmas if she has talked to Tyler, she says no, they are just respecting each other's presence.  She tells Enzo Tyler told her he almost backed out before he entered the house, even after he had all the work done to come into the house.  


Christmas says they have about two weeks left, and it will be Enzo, Memphis, and herself,,and either Cody or Nicole F in the final four.  She says they have the higher odds, Cody will have 1/4 odds, and it will be the same for Nicole F.  Christmas says either one will be going against the numbers.


Enzo says one of them has to win the HOH tomorrow.


We get stars.....


A few minutes later feeds return.


Memphis and Christmas still in HOH room


Other house guests in the kitchen.


Enzo warns Christmas that Tyler might do or say something if he realizes he is going, that you never know.  He mentions Danielle's speech when she was going home.


Christmas says Cody threw the HOH to Danielle on the wall competition, he didn't want it. She thinks it bonded them because she got a letter from her family and a win. She says Cody fell as soon as Nicole F fell.  They agree that it was intentional for Danielle.


They talk a little about the yeller and what Kevin might have heard.  Enzo says Kevin heard something and mentioned Cody and Nicole F later.  Enzo says that is probably why he was sent out.


We get stars for a few minutes


Cameras move to kitchen.


Tyler is filling the pan with water, Nicole F has decided to make vegan chicken nuggets with hot sauce with it.


Cameras return to HOH, Cody has joined Christmas and Enzo.


General talk.


Christmas asks Cody if he thinks they will have comics this year, he says he will be upset if they don't.  He says it is an important week.


Camera returns to kitchen.


Nicole is cleaning up her cooking tools while she waits for midnight.  Tyler gets out the hot sauce and red pepper flakes for their chicken.  Tyler tries to talk Nicole F into a frozen mini pizza too, but she says that would be too much for her.  She is going to taste Cody's cheese with the nuggets and mac and cheese.


She asks Cody if he is larger or smaller than when he came into the house, he says smaller.  He says he exercises by riding bikes with Angela and they play tennis now but don't go to the gym.


Camera moves back to the HOH.


Cody is dozing, Christmas and Enzo are talking. Cody is obviously very sleepy.


Tyler and Nicole F are talking in the kitchen, just general talk.


Tyler tells Nicole F he is staying tomorrow, either she doesn't hear him, or does and doesn't answer.


We get stars again......it is 11:50pm.


When feeds return a few minutes later all cameras are on the kitchen with Nicole F and Tyler.


They are talking about how funny Enzo is, Tyler says he came in with Enzo, Ian and Kevin and was terrified.  They talk about the order they came into the house, and then having a competition right away.  Tyler says that he took a moment when he got to the back yard so he could recognize that he was in the house.


Tyler is still waiting on the water to boil, Nicole F says she can eat some cheese at midnight if the pasta is not ready at midnight.


Tyler shouts out to his family. 


Tyler offers to go get the others and tell them it is five minutes, Nicole F says if they want to come fine, if not, that is okay too.


The group in the HOH come down to the kitchen, Memphis is asleep already.


They all decide to eat something, of course Enzo is the leader of the eating charge.  Tyler says hopefully this will be the last time they have to do this.





(Since I have missed you all so much, I have decided to stay a little longer this morning.....Morty--------------New Day!!)



Everyone cheers for Nicole F, and because they say there are no more have nots.....Christmas yells happy birthday to Loyal.


Memphis shows up in the kitchen, everyone claps because he is here with them.


Tyler mixes the vegan chicken into the mac and cheese, Christmas gets some of it before it is declared ready.  NIcole F and Tyler put some on their plates as well. They have added hot sauce to it, and they say it is "bang bang" (Enzo's language and teaching skills--successful)


General talk as house guests snack with Nicole F.


**From what I have seen and heard tonight--Tyler will be going to the jury house tomorrow.  No one, with the exception of Memphis, is telling him how they are voting, but from conversations where he is excluded plans for the final five are being named and he is not mentioned in their strategy. Tyler has mentioned that he has a final speech that will be his last attempt to stay in the game, and that this speech will insure him staying in the house.  He has alluded to it several times, each time saying he is not leaving tomorrow.  We will see what happens on the live show!!**




House guests still in the kitchen finishing their snacks, Nicole F thanks them for joining her at her have notgiving.


Well youngns', it has been a long week for this old lady.  After too many doctor visits and calls this week, I hope to be back in action for the rest of the season.  Thank you all for your lovely messages, all is well, so no worries, just a minor blip.


Tell someone you love them today, sometimes the friends you think are happiest need you most..

Goodnight dears

hugs, Grannysue









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