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Tuesday, September 1, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:14AM BBT: Kaysar whispers with Da'Vonne and Bayleigh in the WA. Kaysar is talking about the other HGs and the alliance. Kaysar says David wants to be accepted by them so badly that he's all over the place. Kaysar tells them to be careful with Enzo, because Enzo says the "women in this house freak me out." Kaysar says he told Enzo to "not go there" because it wouldn't be in his "best interest." Kaysar says Memphis doesn't want to do anything until the second half of the game. Da'Vonne asks Kaysar who he would want to come out of the house behind him. Kaysar talks about his previous all-star season. He says if he could do it all over again, it would be to take out the big players. Kaysar says either Tyler or Cody. Da'Vonne wants to know which one of them is calling the shots. Kaysar says he hasn't figured it out yet, but Dani is definitely in control. Da'Vonne keeps saying "Ok" while Bayleigh brushes her teeth.


12:17AM BBT: Bayleigh turns the sink on full blast and we can't hear Kaysar whispering anymore. When she finally turns it off, Kaysar is talking about the old players vs. new players. Kaysar says once he's gone, there won't be a mutual target anymore and they need to watch themselves. He says Kevin asked him if there was a way to keep Kaysar in the house. "F**k man," Kaysar says and sighs deeply. Da'Vonne says Enzo putting Christmas on the block was just to "secure" Kaysar going home. "It also took away a vote for you," Da'Vonne says. Kaysar agrees.


12:20AM BBT: Kaysar doesn't understand why Enzo is going after him, he doesn't understand. Da'Vonne says Enzo is just a "plus one," and Kaysar agrees. Kaysar says he told Dani he was going to blow up her alliance and Dani got "all freaked out." They laugh. Kaysar says Cody told him "you know where we stand" and "I don't have anything." Kevin walks into the WA. Kevin, Bayleigh, and Da'Vonne leave the WA. Bayleigh and Da'Vonne walk into the lounge and Bayleigh tells Da'Vonne about her conversation with Cody earlier. David and Dani are outside in the hammock chatting about traveling. 


12:34AM BBT: Bayleigh and Da'Vonne are still talking in the lounge. She's telling Da'Vonne that nothing "is making sense." Da'Vonne says Cody is known to make "fake alliances." Da'Vonne says it's "annoying" because "his a** wants to be Derrick so bad." Da'Vonne says she's tired of it. Bayleigh says they have to beat them at their own game.


12:41AM BBT: In the lounge, Da'Vonne and Bayeligh discuss the upcoming weeks. Da'Vonne says no one is "bold enough" to put them up together. Bayleigh agrees. Da'Vonne says they can't put David up one week and then the two of them up the next. Bayleigh says Dani would. Da'Vonne disagrees, she says Dani wouldn't put them up together. Da'Vonne says Bayleigh is "more liked" than she is and they would use Bayleigh against her. Bayleigh wants to know who likes her more than Da'Vonne. Da'Vonne says no one is coming for Bayleigh, Bayleigh agrees.


12:49AM BBT: Da'Vonne and Bayleigh discuss wanting to take Dani out if they win HOH. They don't believe David would go against Dani because they've been getting closer. Da'Vonne says Nicole F has done everything but flirt this season. Da'Vonne says Nicole's been getting close to "that area" though. They talk about David. Da'Vonne says David is not someone she would want to give information to. Da'Vonne says she needs David to get to jury and leave the game. She says David is a distraction. 


1:07AM BBT: Da'Vonne has moved to the KT where Kaysar, Kevin, David, and Memphis are chatting. Upstairs, Tyler and Dani are in the havenot room. No one has their microphone on, so it's difficult to hear anything they are saying. Eventually Dani puts her mic on, she says Memphis is a "good shield" for Tyler and Cody. Tyler says he doesn't want to be anyone's "shield" and that if someone wants to take him out, they need to do so. Because he doesn't want to be a seventh jury. Dani says she would "put money" on next week being a double eviction. Tyler says there's a twist coming. "We have to win in the double," Dani says.

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1:10AM BBT: The group in the KT joke around. Dani is saying everyone believes the twist will be an America's votes power, but she says they were told there would be more doors. Tyler says "the rooms will be changing." They try to figure out what the twist is going to be. Tyler hopes it will be "something cool." He talks about his favorite comps.


1:25AM BBT: Tyler has put something over his eyes and is trying to go to sleep. Dani has removed her microphone again and continues to talk to Tyler about food. Da'Vonne, Enzo, and Kevin are still in the KT, laughing. They talk about previous BB seasons. 


1:35AM BBT: Da'Vonne and Kevin are talking on the hammock outside. Da'Vonne is talking about Dani and David. Kevin asks for Da'Vonne's receipts, she says she doesn't have any, it's just her intuition. Da'Vonne says Nicole and Dani are suddenly "all over" David and everyone sees it. Kevin doesn't agree. Kevin says he's "figured it out" and tells Da'Vonne his theory about Dani being on the outskirts of this alliance.


1:38AM BBT: Kevin says he "heard some tea" and Derrick came in and was part of a "pre-gamed" with Tyler, Cody, and Nicole F. Da'Vonne wants to know who told him this. Kevin refuses to tell her. Da'Vonne is upset he won't tell her who said all this. Kevin says it's not important. Da'Vonne says it is and if Kevin doesn't tell her, then he doesn't "trust" her. Kevin continues to try to talk about the "issue" but Da'Vonne wants to know who told Kevin what he knows. 


1:40AM BBT: Kevin tells Da'Vonne that "they" are using a "playbook" that was written by someone else. He says it matches up to exactly what they're doing. Da'Vonne continues to beg Kevin to tell her who told him this. Kevin says no. Kevin says Enzo is "getting played to some degree." Da'Vonne agrees, she says she has some "tea" for Kevin but she won't tell him until Kevin tells her a name. Kevin is frustrated, he says she needs to trust him. 


1:42AM BBT: Da'Vonne and Kevin argue. Da'Vonne begs Kevin to tell her. Kevin says she needs to "focus" and he's not going to tell her anything else if she doesn't. Da'Vonne says Kevin is acting like this information is "gospel" and she needs to know the source. Kevin continues to say no. "It has to be Ian," Da'Vonne says. She says she'll go around the house asking everyone if he doesn't tell her. Kevin says they have to trust each other. 


1:45AM BBT: Da'Vonne continues to try to get a name out of Kevin. BB cuts the feeds for a minute. When the feeds are back, Da'Vonne and Kevin are still chatting in the hammock. She really wants to know who told Kevin his information. Kevin says the boys are "out of control." They talk about Nicole, Tyler, and Cody working together. Kevin says they need the numbers, he says the three were given a "playbook." Kevin says they've made many alliances to bring people in so they think they're working together. Kevin says it's "strategic" and they're going to make the people in the alliances go after each other. Da'Vonne isn't convinced Tyler was involved in this "pregame playbook" thing. Kevin agrees with her, but he said Tyler is an opportunist and was looped in later.


1:51AM BBT: Kevin continues to discuss the theory with Da'Vonne. They lower their voices when Cody walks outside to do laundry, but continue to discuss while Cody folds laundry. Da'Vonne wants to know why Nicole and Dani are all over David. They go back to talking about the three manipulating Enzo. Kevin says someone literally wrote out a playbook for them before the season started. Da'Vonne says there are "more layers" to that and she needs to know the source. Kevin says he's exaggerating the written out part, he says it was a phone call and that Da'Vonne needs to keep quiet about this. 


1:56AM BBT: Da'Vonne starts to talk at a louder volume, Kevin gets upset. Da'Vonne says it look sketchy if they sit there whispering while Cody does his laundry. She says he'll know they're talking game. They laugh and say random things loudly so Cody can hear them. Da'Vonne says she smells weed, Kevin says it smells like skunk. Da'Vonne says Cody is being a little bit "suspect" right now while he tries to get his laundry together. Cody leaves the BY and Da'Vonne tries to get the source out of Kevin. 


1:58AM BBT: Da'Vonne gets off the hammock, she tells Kevin to have a "full blown conversation" with himself. She says she wants to "see something." Da'Vonne runs across the BY to the laundry area while Kevin talks to himself. Da'Vonne stands over there and tries to see if she can hear Kevin talking to himself. She instructs Kevin to talk louder and louder. She walks back to the hammock, she says she couldn't hear Kevin at all even when he was talking loudly. Da'Vonne gets back in the hammock, she says they need to talk strategy. 


2:00AM BBT: Cody walks back outside to get his water bottle, Da'Vonne gets frustrated. They both tell Cody good night as he walks back inside. Da'Vonne says the cameras aren't on them and she wants to know what's going on in the house. BB puts all four cameras on them in the BY. Da'Vonne says they "need numbers" ASAP. They talk about Nicole being Dani's plus one and Tyler is Cody's plus one. She says there are all these other "branches." Kevin agrees. They agree that the four she just mentioned are in control and everyone else is just "circled around" them. 


2:02AM BBT: Cody walks into the PBR, Nicole is talking in her sleep. Cody tries to listen in and then moves on to tidy up the room, he walks to the SR and looks through the fruit before going back to the PBR and getting into bed. Outside, Da'Vonne and Kevin continue to talk. Da'Vonne says Kevin is giving Cody too much credit, because he's not that smart. Kevin says Cody isn't, but Derrick is and Derrick was talking to Cody before the game started. Da'Vonne says she doesn't want to go down as someone who "let them win this season." Da'Vonne wants to know when they need to make moves. 


2:10AM BBT: Da'Vonne and Kevin continue to talk about who they believe is in control and who they are using to work for them. Da'Vonne says she really has a "heart" for Enzo and she thinks Enzo is going to get his feelings hurt because he doesn't understand the new way of playing. Kevin says Da'Vonne telling him all about Dani means that they are being "sloppy." Bayleigh is out of bed, she walks to the BY and looks through the window before walking to the WA. Da'Vonne wants to know is looking at them through the window. Kevin thinks it was Ian. "They came right to the door," Da'Vonne says. 


2:14AM BBT: Bayleigh leaves the WA and walks back to the CBR. Kevin and Da'Vonne see that it was Bayleigh. They continue to talk game in the BY, Kevin believes Da'Vonne will be nominated next week. Bayleigh gets into bed and says she "doesn't understand" why BB hasn't turned off the lights. BB turns off the lights and Christmas and Bayleigh thank BB. Da'Vonne tells Kevin that Christmas wants Dani out. "There are numbers to get Dani out of this house," Da'Vonne says. Kevin says they need Dani because they don't have any numbers. Da'Vonne says Nicole F is a "guys girl" and probably wants Dani out anyway. They rehash the same conversation they've been having for the last thirty minutes. Kevin says they are tapping into Da'Vonne's paranoia, Da'Vonne says they aren't. 


2:29AM BBT: Da'Vonne says she won't go after Enzo. She brings up Dani's name again, Kevin disagrees that Dani has any part of this plan. They talk about Janelle. Da'Vonne says they have to "start playing" the game. BB suddenly moves one of the cameras over to the pool/Jacuzzi area for several seconds before returning it to the hammock. Kevin wonders if Tyler will take a shot at him. Da'Vonne says he probably will because Kevin doesn't ever talk to Tyler. Kevin says he'll talk to Tyler tomorrow. They talk about Tyler. 


2:33AM BBT: Da'Vonne and Kevin both tell each other they have something going on with Tyler. Kevin tries to figure out why Tyler would try to betray Dani. Da'Vonne says Tyler and Dani aren't close. She says Dani is "shady" and Tyler doesn't want to play a "shady game." Kevin says he needs to talk to Nicole and Tyler tomorrow. He says he's checked in with Enzo, Cody, Dani, and everyone else. Kevin says someone could be lying, but he doesn't think so. 


2:36AM BBT: Da'Vonne asks Kevin if she comes across as "mean" or "intimidating." Kevin says no, he says maybe out of the 24 hours in a day, for thirty minutes Da'Vonne could come across as "tired." They talk about previous seasons of BB and Da'Vonne is frustrated people think she could "go off" at any moment. Kevin and Da'Vonne continue to talk game and how they're going to go forward after this week. They discuss talking to various HGs and they rehash the same conversation they've been having for over an hour now. 


2:49AM BBT: Kevin gives Da'Vonne a hard time for keeping secrets. Da'Vonne says if Kevin gives her his source she'll tell him all the tea. Da'Vonne talks about Nicole F and how she behaved around her after their season together. Da'Vonne says Nicole F was "terrified" of her. BB cuts the feeds for about a minute. When it's back, they're still talking about Nicole. Da'Vonne says she told Nicole they could start with a "clean slate" and that she feeds Nicole F whatever she needs to say to make sure Nicole feels comfortable. They talk about Nicole's game. Kevin tells Da'Vonne not to "get played" by Nicole F. Da'Vonne believes Nicole F would not take a shot at her, but she will take all the shots at Bayleigh. Da'Vonne says Tyler can't take a shot at her either because of all the stuff he did to Bayleigh during their season. She continues to say that Cody wouldn't take a shot at her either, because he doesn't want to be compared to his brother. "He'll have somebody else to do it," Da'Vonne says. 


3:18AM BBT: The rest of the HGs are asleep, except for Ezno who is listening to music and rocking out in the HOHR as he gets into bed. Kevin and Da'Vonne continue to talk outside in the hammock. Their conversation continues to circle back around as they talk about who is in control and who is a puppet. 


3:40AM BBT: Da'Vonne and Kevin leave the BY and start to get ready for bed. Kevin is in the WA, Da'Vonne walks in and asks him what's wrong. He says he was watching the camera people in the mirror. Da'Vonne uses the WC as Kevin yawns and takes off his jacket. He holds his ice pack against his chest before brushing his teeth. 


3:47AM BBT: Da'Vonne and Kevin whisper in the WA, Kevin says he and Cody have an "agreement" and that they are good. Kevin says he doesn't have that with Tyler, but he'll work on Tyler tomorrow. Da'Vonne asks if Kevin thinks it's a situation where Cody won't take a shot at him, but he'll have Tyler do it. Kevin nods yes. "That makes sense," Da'Vonne says, "there's a lot of that happening this season." Kevin wants to hurry up to Thursday.




3:49AM BBT: Kevin tells Da'Vonne to play it cool tomorrow. Da'Vonne says she will, she says she's "chilling." Kevin tells her she has to act like she doesn't know anything. Da'Vonne says she won't say anything. Kevin says Dani has talked to "a lot of people today." Da'Vonne worries Dani was talking about her. Da'Vonne says if Dani has gone around saying stuff about Da'Vonne, no one will be able to confirm it because it isn't true. Kevin says he's going to bed. They say good night. 


3:53AM BBT: Da'Vonne walks out to the BY to make sure she didn't leave anything outside. She walks back to the WA to continue getting ready for bed. 


4:08AM BBT: Everyone is in bed, the lights are off, and all is quiet in the Big Brother house.


8:13AM BBT: The HGs tossed and turned a lot throughout the night. Memphis is the first one awake, he walks into the KT to make coffee. Once it's brewed, he sits outside and drinks it in silence. 

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8:50 AM BBT

[Memphis is still clearly dealing with back pain. He injured his back during a workout a few days ago when he bent over and felt a pop. He has been treated, received a massage and has been applying deep heat analgesics. He still moves very slowly, stretches often,  and grabs his lower back a lot. He looks like he is very uncomfortable, so this will likely impact his participation in any physical HOH competition on Thursday.     -MamaLong]



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9:36 AM BBT Memphis and Christmas are up talking outside. FOTH for wake up. 

9:46 PM BBT David is now up and in the SR changing his battery for the day. Memphis asked what the schedule is and Christmas nomination cermony and the veto and renom ceromony then thursday eviction. 

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9:45 AM BBT  Memphis, Nicole and Christmas are in the BY.  Christmas is in the hammock, Nicole and Memphis are in chairs.  They are discussing juice bars, juice shots, and the difference/preference of juices to smoothies.  Juices are $7-$10, while a smoothie is almost a meal.  Christmas loves her juice shots.  David has been rambling around the house, in the SR, then the KT, while twirling his hair. 

Memphis gets up, says he will be right back, we get music/Stars

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9:50 AM BBT  Stars on the screen 

9:54 AM BBT Nicole and Christmas are talking about food. Kaysar is now up and vertical in the KT at the table trying to figure what to do. Kevin and Day are in the WA doing their adl's. 

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9:55 AM BBT  Feeds are back, Nicole is talking about a coffee shop she wanted to buy, worked there for free for 2 months, then found out a new Starbucks-type store was going in right down the street.  Christmas said it is good she did her due diligence.  Memphis and Kaysar come out to the hammock, they get ready for Mornings with Memphis.  Bayleigh and Kevin are in the WA.


Memphis gives the LA weather report, says Kaysar just flew in from London for the show, they will talk about top news of Elon Musk, Kanye West, Taylor Swift and bananas.  They are making up stories as news. 

10:01 AM BBT  Nicole asks if it is true (Memphis report on Elon Musk), Memphis said that is good she is asking.  He and Christmas say they have the best fake news.

10:04 AM BBT  David is cleaning in the KT.  Bayleigh joins the BY crew doing Mornings with Memphis. 

10:07 AM BBT  In the KT, Kevin is coaching David. (sorry, I find that funny - pierceka).  They discuss starting a mandatory rotation for cooking and cleaning and doing the dishes.  They said HN's and HOH would be exempt.  They said there needs to be rules.  David then talks about emptying the trash in the WA, and when the girls are on their...you know...that it is all over the place and smells bad.  Kevin says he doesn't have to deal with that in his everyday life.  David agrees, said they should take care of it themselves (the girls).  

(Do they really think a cooking/cleaning rotation will work?)

Kevin and Davis start to head outside, Kevin wants some sun, David is going to run.  Mornings with Memphis seems to be breaking up. 

10"14 AM BBT  Bayleigh and Kaysar are doing the awnings.  Kaysar is doing most of it.  Bayleigh is telling him how can get pushy.  She wants to go with the flow, and he keeps telling her how many minutes she has left (not sure doing what).  Someone comes out and Bayleigh said they can do their laundry.  Not sure who is off camera and off mic.  Kevin and David are on the couches in the BY, don't know why they were gotten up so early with nothing going on today.  David complains he is sore.  A plane flies over, and David said it was low, looks like FedEx.  Ian drags a chair over to join them.  David starts cussing, there is a big spider crawling on him.  He has Kevin look to see if he was bitten.  David is afraid it was a brown recluse.  Kevin assures him it isn't.  Ian wants to kill it, David doesn't.  He is trying to move it with his flip flop to another area.  (It really wasn't that big...come on guys!)

10:19 AM BBT  David goes inside, Ian is moving the chairs back into place.  When Memphis and his group left, they left everything near the hammock.  Kevin brings out a spray to kill the spider.  David doesn't want them to kill it.  Nicole and DaVonne come over to see how big it is, but can

t find it.  David now says it wasn't that big, Kevin said it was huge.  He now has to look for it's cousin, auntie, etc.  They think it may have come out of the awning when it was lowered.  Kevin said he is deathly afraid of spiders, David said that is irrational, they won't hurt you (though David is the one who freaked out when it crawled on him).  Kevin said they have venom, he doesn't like them.

10:25 AM BBT  David and Kevin continue to chat outside, Kaysar and Bayleigh are inside in the KT.  Kaysar is cutting up a pepper and onions.  He asks Bay if she wants some eggs.  She says so long as there is no meat in it, she is in.  Kaysar said he will make one with beef and one with the veggies. 

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10:06AM BBT Memphis, Xmas, Kaysar and Bay are on the BY hammock/area making up a news report. Covering cooking, the Huston Astros, etc. In the KT, David is making breakfast.


10:15AM BBT Xmas is putting each of her baby stars in a plastic bag. She says goodbye as she shoves each one in. She brings the bag to the SR. In the KT, Bay sings and we get stars. We come back. In the BY couch, David and Kevin sitting on the couch. David jumps up. There is a spider crawling on him. Ian comes over and David asks him to check his back for a bite. There is nothing. David doesn't want to kill the spider so he lets it crawl onto his sandal and he carries it over to the side of the yard and puts it down.


 10:24PM BBT In the BY, David tlaking to Kevin and Memphis. David says he is hoping to get his first HOH win this week. He says he has been close several times. Memphis is still in pain from his back. David talking about working out and Memphis is quietly heavy breathing in pain. Kevin asking Memphis questions about the comp and Memphis giving short answers. 

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People just milling around.  Bay is eating something before she gets her eggs, Kaysar is cooking, Kevin and David are outside chatting, Christmas goes outside as Memphis comes into the KT.  They say Memphis is moving around better today.

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10:29AM BBT Xmas joins Kevin and David in the BY. David tells her that she looks ready to work out. She says she gets demotivated in the afternoon so wants to work up a little sweat and then jump in the pool. She tells them about a dream she had with a garden and a palace. She says someone called her "birth mother". She says the guys were all wearing the same outfit as were the women. In the KT, Memphis and Bay talking about what they would like to make but they have none of it in the house. Bay wanted to make vegetable soup but they don't have anything. 


 10:35AM BBT Bay gets up and says she is going to drink her coffee outside. She rinses her bowl (no soap, no scrubbing) and puts it in the clean dishes and heads outside. Dani comes into the KT, she was trying to lay on Nic's bed and BB told her no. She is angry about it.


10:38AM BBT Xmas and Kevin talking. Xmas telling him that she didn't come into the house to coast even though she could. She won't campaign dirty. She says that likes to keep the integrity of the game intact.

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10:40 AM BBT  Bayleigh is sitting on the ground near the hammock talking with Ian who is aggressively swinging.  They are talking game, about alliances, who is running them, if they were formed early, etc, but we keep getting Stars when they start to name names.  Ian gets up to do his laundry, and Bayleigh gets called to the KT for her eggs.  Ian goes back to the hammock.  He said he thinks of it like an octopus.  He goes over distractions in different seasons, and Janelle and Kaysar were the distractions this season.  They are mouthing names, so we can't hear.  Ian says he doesn't know who Bayleigh's noms would have been, but he hopes not him, she laughs and says no.  More stars

10:51 AM BBT  Feeds come back, Ian and Bayleigh say they need to chat some more.  Bayleigh said she likes to gather information, then sort it out in her head.  She gets up to go inside for her eggs, they say they will talk later.  (Thanks BB for cutting all the game talk!)

10"52 AM BBT  Kevin comes over to the hammock to talk with Ian.  Ian said you know how we can't say things because it would blow up their game, Ian said there is one person who it wouldn't hurt, that is Kaysar.  Kevin said he said that last night.  Ian goes over part of his talk with Bayleigh, not saying names, being very cryptic.  Kevin asks who Bayleigh said Ian said the same they were thinking.  Kevin asks male or female, Ian says male.  Ian says it is going to get very volatile soon.  They discuss how it is hard to put a plan into action when they aren't winning things.  Ian said Cody looked at him real weird.  They think David will go up next week, Kevin thinks he (Kevin) might go up.  They say there are limited choices. 

11:00 AM BBT  Kevin asks Ian if he has noticed people falling into a pattern of play like they did before.  (this is the same thing Ian and Bayleigh discussed).  Ian agrees. Ian said he is getting eyeballed again. Kevin said he tested the area, they can't hear anything being said in that corner.  Ian talks about Bayleigh, said he won't say exactly what was said.  Kevin said he understands, he is very cautious.  Ian says that Kevin is closer to Bay and Day, Ian wants Kevin to make sure Ian isn't going up if they get power.  Kevin assures him he will check for him.   More Stars

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10:48AM BBT Bay and Ian talking on the hammock. Trying to figure out the alliances in the house.  They are discussing the yeller and we get stars. We come back and Ian is saying they need to chat more often. Bay says she likes to gather info and sort it out in her head. She heads inside to have eggs.


10:52AM BBT Kevin goes to the hammock and Ian tells him that he had a thought. He says they can't blow everything up but Kaysar can. Kevin says that the HG will not believe him. Ian says true, it will sound like the ramblings of a madman. They talk in code about the HG who is in charge in the house. Ian says they haven't been able to have control in the house because they have had no power.


11:01AM BBT Kevin and Ian talking still by the hammock. Ian says Cody is looking over. Kevin says you can not hear them. They continue talking about protecting. things are in a type of code so not real clear. We get stars again.

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11:10AM BBT Cody brings a chair over to the hammock to talk with Ian. Ian tells Cody tha this weeks votes are obvious but what does he think going ahead. Ian tells Cody that when he talks to the Core 4 that the names that come up are Bay and Day. Cody asks if he could do that.  Ian says he could. He asks Cody if he could help him get HOH. Cody asks him if he wants HOH and Ian tells him he wants that room.


11:16AM BBT Ian tells Cody that they have the votes as long as one of them isn't up. Ian says he tries to steer the convo away anytime he talks with anyone. Cody says that no one thinks that if they say anything about Cody to Ian that it will get back to him. Cody says that he thinks they are doing a great job at it. Ian says that they need to be friends but be careful with it. He says the number one rule is that it can't be both of them up.


11:27AM BBT On the BY couch, Bay is telling Nic all about beauty pageant and how they work. The rest of the yard has HG sitting in the sun and not talking.  


 11:30AM BBT Bay telling Nic and Kevin about her family. She is the quiet one. She says her mom is very pushy about wanting grandbabies. She says that her mom is very aggressive when Bay and Swaggy go home to Missouri. Bay says it is not acceptable. She starts talking about her sister not being married but having a long time girlfriend and we get stars.


11:45AM BBT In the BY, HG goofing around and talking trash to each other. Cody being a big mouth about Tyler coming at him this morning. They are joking around. 


11:49AM BBT On the BY couch, Bay and Memphis joke about Enzo hasn't come down. Bay says that he begged her to tell him a story yesterday because he was so tired of the other HG. Memphis joked that he was sorry he won HOH. Says he was happy and then he wasn't. They joke that Enzo is going to win 4 more this season.


11:53AM BBT Xmas finishes running and working out. She jumps in the pool to cool down. She says it feels great. Cody asks her if the pool is cold. She says it is and she wouldn't jump in if she wasn't all sweaty and that way it feels good.



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#BB22 12:00 PM BBT.  Bayleigh and Memphis talking on the couch in the BY.  Bayleigh says she got in trouble for saying something on her first season.  They start talking about restaurants and drinks. Cody, Ian, Tyler, Nicole and one of the other girls (maybe Dani?) talking in the BY about ghosts.  

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12:13 PM BBT.  Feeds are back. Kevin and Bayleigh in the lounge.  Kevin says Tyler was asking him about her and he confirmed.  She says she has had 3 other people tell her also.  They leave.  Bayleigh and Da'Vonne in the WA.  Bayleigh was telling her about how Kevin wants to see if Kaysar will blow some stuff up before he leaves.  Bayleigh says Ian was talking heavy to her this morning.  She tells Da'Vonne he said it'll be a follow the leader season.  Kevin comes back in.  Bayleigh leaves.  In the BY, they are still telling stories.  


12:17 PM BBT.  Bayleigh goes into the KBR to talk to Kaysar.  He tells her that all this socializing is exhausting.  Bayleigh asks if Kaysar has any info that could blow up Dani's game?  He says he told her that to see her reaction.  Bayleigh says Dani has been around and the alliance is clear as day.  She says now Dani wants to hang out with her.  Bayleighs asks if he will blow up Dani's game on the way out?  He says how?  He says he thought about blowing everyone up but doesn't know if it would hurt her.  She says let's talk it out. He says he'd congratulate everyone on playing a great game.  You guys came out the gate strong, but the 4 of u, everyone knows about u.  She says so the 4 would be Dani, Nicole, Cody and Tyler?  He affirms.  He says he's been telling Memphis since day 2 and he doesn't believe it.  He thinks everyone knows so he doesn't know what it would do.  He thinks letting them believe they are good is to her advantage.  


12:23 PM BBT.  Kaysar tells Bayleigh that Kevin is waffling and Ian does not want to take a shot.  Bayleigh thinks she is ok but worries about her and Da'Vonne being seen as a pair.  Bayleigh says when I win HOH they'll all be nervous.  He asks if she'll take a shot?  She says yes, anything she does would be a shot.  


12:26 PM BBT.  In the KBR, Kaysar tells Bayleigh there is no advantage to doing it.  He says I have told them all for weeks.  He tells Bayleigh even she got annoyed when he told her.  She says that's because he acted like she was dumb.  He says he'll think about it.  Kaysar says he has screwed it up for them with Enzo and Ian.  He thinks Bayleigh doesn't want to believe it about Ian.  She says she does.  Bayleigh thinks it'll create chaos and she'd be out of it.  Cody and David talking in the BY.  


12:30 PM BBT.  In the BY, Cody asks David if he ever said anything about an all guy alliance?  He says no.  Cody asks where it came from.  David tells him it came from Janelle.  Cody says Kaysar has been there 3 times now and never gotten further than this point.  Bayleigh and Kaysar still talking in the KBR.  Bayleigh asks why he can't just blow up Dani's game?  


12:36 PM BBT.  Cody and David still in the BY.  Bayleigh and Kaysar still talking in the KBR.  She says she knows what she needs to do and it's all about execution.  He asks her "you think this will help"?  She says it won't hurt her.  He says he'll think about it.  She leaves.  


12:30 PM BBT.  Bayleigh and Da'Vonne in the WA.  Bayleigh tells her Kaysar will think about it.  Da'Vonne doesn't think he'll do it.  


12:30 PM BBT.  Kevin has joined Cody/David in the BY.  They talk about how long it's been since Cody played.  Cody says he is a completely different person now.  He says I am who I am, but more mature.  He says he is still loud and annoying.  Bayleigh and Da'Vonne in the WA.  Bayleigh tells Da'Vonne that Ian told her Cody is in the middle of all of it and has to go.  Da'Vonne wonders if he's planting a seed or if he is serious about it.  


12:47 PM BBT.  Kevin, David and Cody still chatting in the BY.  Xmas now joins them.  Da'Vonne and Bayleigh still in the WA.  Da'Vonne is getting ready and Bayleigh is sweeping.  


12:50 PM BBT.  Bayleigh telling Da'Vonne that people have been babied their whole life. Da'Vonne says she didn't come here for all this work.  Bayleigh says when u stroke people's egos, it feels good.  Bayleigh says she doesn't need hers stroked.  Da'Vonne says she better get to stoking.  They both agree they were not raised like that.  Bayleigh says they throw fits and get their way.  

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1:00 PM BBT Day is in the kitchen doing dishes. Christmas, Cody and David outside talking some and we get stars. 

1:11 PM BT Feeds come back on Bayleigh says Enzo is okay he is up in his room listening to music relaxing Cody rins upstairs and goes up to see him he says something them comes out laughing and runs down stair. David and Christmas outside talking about Miles and running, FOTH again.

1;15 PM BBT Cody and Bay are doing some yoga outside against the wall. Kevin and Christmas talk he says something about a battle back, Christmas tell him that she been working on her speech brushing up polishing it and she says she just wanted to check on him. 

1:23 PM BBT Dani and Day are in the KT. Day is making some food. Cody says it time for his lower back workout and he said what muscles need to work on. Kevin makes a comment on Days slop browns he said they need to more flat. Day starts singing and FOTH. 

1:29 PM BBT David and Nicole are talking, Nicole says she never won a veto and she never token herself off the block. David said this was his first one, Nicole says oh really. David said he really wanted to win too. Bay says that cody has bad posture. Christmas is in the KT and says Cantalope anyoe, Memphis says if your cutting i will have some, 

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1:30 PM BBT

Cody tells Nicole on the backyard couch that he is going to begin telling people he is targeting her

Nciole: Okay

Cody: and I'm gonna put you on the block

Nicole: no you're not

Memphis and Christmas come outside with their lunch of fruit and sandwiches.

Cody and Nicole decide to go inside and make tuna sandwiches



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1:38 PM BBT Bay does some stretches. David says well here we go some electrolytes and a bagel. Nicole says then your working out. Cody is looking for a nail that stabbed him in the foot. Memphis is having a turkey sandwich and cantaloupe to eat. Bay counts how long she stay in her stretch it was a minute and 28 secounds. 

1:45 PM BBT Nicole asks Cody if he think they will recover from that and Cody says no i think the only we can do is act like we are fighting. 

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1:38 PM BBT

Bay/Day are in the Love Lounge.  Bay is discussing conversations between HGs that involve her, which she overheard....she was sitting near them.  (specifically talking about Dani asking Cody and then Tyler about his season and interactions with Bayleigh)

Da'Vonne: it's very clear they are trying to get one of us to explode.

Bayleigh: But, why is that okay.

Da'Vonne: it's not

Bayleigh: but what the fuck

Da'Vonne: okay, but we are not exploding

Day tells Bay that it's not worth it to get upset over this

Bayleigh says everyone follows her (Dani) "like sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep"

Da'Vonne: yeah and they do that to get to him (Cody)





Bayleigh continues explaining that Kevin was trying to probe her to see if she had a lesbian relationship with Kacey  *the feeds cut*


2:14 PM BBT

David Cody begin yelling to a helicopter as it's flying over the backyard. It causes Da'Vonne and Kevin to run to the backdoor thinking something is happening that would cause a lockdown.  

Luckily, no lockdown






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 2:09PM BBT Bay, Kevin and Day in the KT discussing if BB cleans out the food when they get them more. Kevin says he doesn't think so. They are discussing stress. Bay tells them that she can blow up if she can not keep calm. She says she has been working on it. Kevin and Day are talking about something he messed up on for Day. Kevin says he will talk to "him" and repair it. Not sure who they are talking about.



 2:21PM BBT NIc is making Ian a sandwich in the KT. Tyler is walking around the KT complaining they do not have any vegan food. In the BY, Memphis and Xmas are talking about their businesses. 


2:23PM BBT Bay and Enzo talking in the BY, Bay tells him that Kevin came up to her and told her that she owes him for vouching for her with Tyler. Bay says Enzo says he is going back up to his room to listen to music. Bay says she is going to do bible study today. Bay goes over to join Xmas on the hammock. She asks Xmas how she is doing being on the block. Xmas says good and that everyone has been open and honest with her.


2:31PM BBT Bay and Xmas are on the hammock. Discussing being positive and being motivated. In the KT, Enzo comes in and starts singing. We get FOTH.





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2:45 PM BBT

Ian has been complaining of not feeling well.  He joins Christmas in the hammock but he dozes off a few times, once almost dropping his cup and it startles him.

Ian: I don't think I can do sun anymore.

Christmas: I don't understand

Ian says he doesn't think he should stay in the sun. He says he got dizzy earlier, so Nicole made him a sandwich. He is still feeling woozy. He gets out of the hammock that he was sharing with Christmas and almost wobbles over.

Christmas suggests he go inside.

Ian: I'm not feeling particularly good.

He goes to sit in the shade




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2:41PM BBT In the KT, Enzo, Memphis, and Bay talking about Enzo's kids going to the shore and learning to swim. Bay says that Swaggy didn't learn to swim because he is from the hood in Bridgeport, CT and they do not have pools there.


2:46PM BBT Enzo comes over to Xmas who is in the hammock. She is practicing her speech. Something about being "in the Christmas Spirit". Enzo tells her that she is staying and that the vote will most likely be unanimous. She says it is still scary to tbe on the block. Enzo tells Xmas that he thinks there was a weekly battle back to bring someone back in the house. Xmas says that it is possible they are using the Safety Suite this week for the HG. 


 2:54PM BBT Xmas and Enzo keep talking. Xmas says she is going through everything ot keep the integrity of the game. Xmas says the floaters will need to start winning something. Enzo says that Enzo made sure that they knew Kaysar was the target. 



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3:01PM BBT: Christmas is in the hammock alone practicing her HOH speech.  "It's eviction day and in the Christmas spirit, I hope you vote HOH way.  Beause my time here is not done, I have yet to deliver all my competition fun.  So go into the diary room and when Julie asks what do you say?  Please vote to keep Christmas joy here today".



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