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Monday, August 24, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:38 AM BBT

Kaysar meets with Tyler in the HoHR. It's the same ego stroking conversation that he delivered earlier....I like you...I want to work with you... Kaysar says to  Tyler "It's my last ditch effort to appeal to you that we would be better for your game if you keep us together because as you said yourself, the house wants what the house wants...we are a huge target. We have already burned a lot of bridges. We don't have anyone else here, and I don't think anyone trusts us at this point...it is an option, and in return I would be willing to give you whatever, meaning, if we stay in this house, we don't go after you. Hopefully, that would then earn us the trust that we are actually working together...I am loyal and I play my game with integrity."   (Tyler just listens and nods his head every now and then)

Tyler: I'll be honest with you, man, I was in with Janelle like 'let's take care of each other...we are big targets in the house' and you were like my best friend in the house and then it got to the point when I won HoH my back was against the wall....every single person...told me you were throwing my name out. You two are the Holy Grail of Big BRother....I'm safest putting the two biggest targets up and you were putting my name out"

Kaysar: let me ask you this...straight forward...is there any way

Tyler: Dude you don't have anything behind you now man. You and I will always be friends out of here. I don't want you to go home.

Tyler explains that most of the HGs are super tight..."this was my only move....not just my safest move"

Kaysar: oh this sucks

Tyler: we have no other option; you and I will look out for each other going forward and if you want to put me up - put me up



2:00 AM BBT

Kaysar is sitting alone in the hammock coming to the realization that his Block Buddy, Janelle, will be evicted. He sighs and says....:ohhhh....failure"

Kevin comes out and says goodnight to Kaysar...he takes Kaysar's place in the hammock and begins talking to the camera "that is some shenanigans...so annoying...literally...okay, am I trippin? Am I even awake? What is happening?...okay, calm down. Lord. Jesus.  HMMMMM! How is he even gonna tell me he has no one when I just saw Cody and Dani going up...I cannot deal with that...like, come up with a better lie...he literally lied to my face without even blinking and it was a terrible lie. A terrible lie....I cannot stand him....oh my God. He literally told me the last conversation I had today..'I don't care what happens'....I find him campaigning...it's so insulting...so insulting. I feel so slapped in the face...he pees on me and says it's rain..okay, calm down. I am so hateful. He is on the block, poor guy"  (he goes on and on about Kaysar)


Dani, Tyler, Cody and Enzo replay the same conversation as the last few days in the HoHR

Tyler: she has got to go...Kaysar is still trying to tell me to get you (Cody) to use the veto

They all start laughing


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12:00AM BBT :Nicole F, Cody, and Dani are still up in the HOHR. Da'Vonne and Bayleigh are whispering in the lounge about conversations they've had today. They discuss the boys "throwing" the HOH win so that a girl can win HOH. Da'Vonne says they should then throw the HOH to Kaysar. "That would be nice," Bayleigh says. 


12:22AM BBT: Bayleigh and Da'Vonne leave the lounge. The three in the HOHR are still chatting. Dani says Cody and Nicole F are just "bickering." 


12:47AM BBT: Bayleigh and Janelle are talking in the havenot room. Janelle tells Bayleigh about her conversation with David.


1:22AM BBT: Kaysar and Tyler are still in the HOHR discussing the game, while the rest of the HGs are joking around and getting ready for bed in the WA. Tyler tells Kaysar that this is just "another layer" to the game and they can figure it out. Kaysar says he feels like he believes Tyler. Tyler says he's not a "f***ing liar." Bayleigh walks in, she asks if she can use the HOH WC. 


1:34AM BBT: Cody and Dani are whispering in the WA, trying to figure out who is upstairs with Tyler. They talk about Nicole F. Dani says Nicole F overthinks everything because she doesn't want the viewers to dislike her this time. "She doesn't want to come off looking bad," Dani says about Nicole F. Dani says Nicole F is mad at Da'Vonne because Da'Vonne tried to flip the vote to keep Janelle and Nicole F considered it an attack on her because Janelle would come after Nicole F. 


1:51AM BBT: Kaysar has left the HOHR and is now outside alone in the hammock. Enzo is in the WA with Cody and Dani. Tyler walks outside, "damn it Kaysar, you're giving them the sad shot to use after our conversation." Tyler tells Kaysar to stop and not to let his "head spin." Tyler tells Kaysar good night. The group in the WA continues to talk about the Nicole F/Janelle drama. Everyone leaves the WA, Cody joins Tyler in the HOHR. Enzo and Dani follow Cody and Tyler into the HOHR. Dani wants to know what Kaysar said to Tyler in the HOHR.




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2:42AM BBT: Dani is the last one in the HOHR, they just continue to discuss staying in power and Janelle going home. Eventually she leaves the HOHR and starts to get ready for bed. The lights are off in the PBR. 


2:48AM BBT: Dani gets into bed, it appears she is the last HG awake.


2:53AM BBT: Christmas' star babies start to cry. They cry that they are hungry. Christmas holds the bottle up to each of the star babies and goes back to sleep. The star babies cry again, Christmas takes one to the WC before leaving and going to get all of the other star babies. She changes all of their diapers. 


3:20AM BBT: Christmas is still tending to her star babies. She carries them upstairs to the havenot room, where she tells everyone in the room how cute the babies are. Cody follows her out of the havenot room. Christmas puts her star babies in the stroller. Cody walks into the WC. Janelle gets up a few minutes later, walks to the WA and opens the door to the WC. She is startled that Cody is in there and apologizes over and over again. Cody finishes in the WC and washes his hands. Janelle apologizes again and then uses the WC. Christmas is now pushing her star babies around the BY. 


3:45AM BBT: Christmas puts the star babies to bed and then gets back into bed as well. BB cuts the feeds for a few moments. When they're back, everyone is in bed, everyone is asleep, and the house is dark. 


7:47AM BBT: Memphis is the first HG awake. 

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8:00am BBT: Memphis has started Coffee and is sitting in the BY alone. All other HG sleeping .
8:20am BBT: Memphis still alone in the BY as all other HG sleep.
8:40am BBT: Memphis still drinking Coffee in the BY as he sits all alone.
8:47am BBT: Kaysar is now up and in the BY with Memphis  no talking going on as they watch a plane fly over.
 8:50am BBT: Kaysar says do you get the  feeling that no one talks to you in this house and Memphis shakes his head no and ask why he thinks no one talks to  him and Kaysar says  i think they all talk to each other and no one wants to work with us. Memphis says he knows there is some alliances being made but i think it is like 2  people in it. Memphis then tells him he told him yesterday why Janelle is  probably leaving this week.
 8:56am BBT: Memphis talks about Ian and how he Needs to  goes because he won before. Kaysar says do you think that Ian played the game? Memphis says no i think Dan played the better game all around  better than Ian but i think the house . Memphis then says that the house is probably coming after him as well he just does not know. He says people are loyal right now but the power will shift and they will star clipping off people. He says he thinks  people are floating around  and keeping out of each others way. He says his season was everyone fend for yourselves.

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9:00am BBT: Memphis says Dani said her season was the same way it was fend for yourself. Memphis then says i think  no one is loyal right now but when it gets to ten people  it will be down to it.
 9:02am BBT: Memphis tells Kaysar my gut says  you will live to see another week and Kaysar says i know i am just trying to figure out if there is anything i could have done differently to make this go better and Memphis said probably not its like if i go home next week then i go home, Kaysar says yeah.
9:05am BBT: Memphis says he can not wait for the girls to win HOH and to see who they will put on the block. Kaysar tells how this game is played and Memphis asked have you asked anyone for their votes and Kaysar says honestly if i had been put on the block against anyone but Janelle i  would have asked but i can not against Janelle.
9:13am BBT: Memphis and Kaysar continue talking about alliances and it being to esarly in the game for it, Memphis gets up and heads in the house , Kaysar stretches and yawns and sits alone in the BY.
9:16am BBT: Kaysar goes to the STR to change his batteries and David is changing his, Kaysar tells him he does not know what is going to happen this week and he will not go against Janelle but if he does stay he will be a free agent and  could work with him because Kaysar says he has no friends in this house and if I stay how can we do this? David says i do not know lets see how this plays out.  Kaysar says this is just complicated. David gets a q tip and says he does not know if he can sway anyone  and i like you more than Janelle and you know that. Kaysar says i know.
919am BT: David says i do not know it is like you are trying to move chess pieces, Kaysar says i know  but if i stay,David says i think you are trying to work this game to hard  so just let people create there own tension. Kaysar says yeah but at the same time you do not want to be in this house it is like crazy everything you say in this house gets twisted. David says focus on what you can control because whenn you try to force things that is when it comes back, David says that is my thougt.
 9:22am BBT: Memphis back in the BY drinking coffee alone again. David and kaysar leave the STR, David goes to the WC and Kaysar just walking around then heads back out to the BY.
 9:31am BBT: David is cleaning the KT as Memphis sits in the BY  and now Kaysar joins him  playing with  two pool balls as they sit in silence. Memphis then ask if the babies woke up lastnight sand Kaysar says yeah i did not hear them but i seen Christmas  taking care of them and i could not breath she was over my head but the lights were off and we get FOTH.
9:47am BBT: After a brief FOTH we come back to David still cleaning the KT and memphis and Kaysar sitting in the BY in silence.
 9:50am BBT: Nicole up and changing her batteries in the STR then heads back to bed. Bayleigh now coming down the stairs  as Memphis tells her good morning.
9:55am BBT: Kaysar cooking breakfast as David cleans Bayleigh out of WC and goes to STR to get batteries, Memphis sitting in the BY alone.
9:58am BBT: Alot of Babies crying all at one time  and Christmas says what babies and they says Mommy take me for a walk. Christmas  starts to  get up to get ready for  their morning walk.

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10:02AM BBT: David and Kaysar talking in the kitchen.  David can't sleep when people are talking "I can't turn off my awareness".  He says there was a lot of late night game talk and he was hoping that they weren't conspiring against him.  Kaysar says "eh - let them talk".  David responds that a rested mind is a better strategic mind.  Well, that's what I tell myself."


10:05AM BBT: Christmas packs up all her baby all stars into her stroller in the CBR and rolls them in and out of the PBR and then the same in the KBR.  Then into the KT, where Kaysar and David are cooking.  Kaysar offers to make her eggs.  She's not quite awake, says "if you have extra" and then goes into the love room to grab a blanket.  Then off to the WA.


10:13AM BBT: Now in the KT by the stairs, Christmas rearranges the babies in the stroller and tries to remember their names.  Then to the SR to replace her batteries and pick out some fruit.




10:15AM BBT: Kaysar tells Christmas as she walks by "I will say this, that's a good look".  David says "good news is that it's Tuesday, so it's flying by".  Kaysar tells him it's Monday. "oh"  


10:19AM BBT: Christmas starts talking with a raspy voice and says "good job, BB.  Instead of the Godfather, I'm the Godmother".  




10:23AM BBT:  Christmas names off her babies' names. All Star, Safety, Veto, Twinkle, Backdoor, Blindside, Twist, Alliance and then can't remember the ninth. "I need coffee".


10:24AM BBT: She remembers the ninth....Battle Back.


10:36AM BBT: The HG slowly roll out of bed and around the house.  Production says "WAKE UP".  Kaysar, Christmas and the babies join Memphis on the BY couch.

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10:39AM BBT: Memphis rambles on.  He has three cups of coffee a day.  He has an office in his house on the first floor, and an office in Miami.  He closed his office in Ft. Lauderdale because he never used it.  He'll use the office in the restaurant if he needs it.  Ian comes outside and they talk about how ridiculous it is to give her a pile of babies.  Ian says "perhaps that was the intent".  At 3am, Christmas had to get up and change them, feed them, walk them and bounce them on her knee - which took about 45 minutes.


10:45AM BBT: They're trying to remember the song played this morning. Ian says it was Santana "it's something about being hot and a sun".  She says "man it's a hot one - that was a collaboration with someone ....named Rob, I think".    Ian tells them it would be good for Jukebox Bingo, and then tells them what that is.  [the sont was Rob Thomas/Santana,  "Smooth"]


10:52AM BBT: The house is fairly quiet.  Bayleigh is in the KT with Da' and David.  Ian comes in to get some coffee and thanks Bay for making it.  



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11:01am BBT: Bayleigh and Christmas in the BY talking about having a bond in this game and  how there is already cracks in the house on week three.
11:08am BBT: Tyler talking to Christmas and Bayleigh about the babies and Christmas  tells what all she had to do with the babies all night long. In the WA Nicole and Kevin doing ADL's.
11:14am BBT: Hg are all settling in the BY as they prepare for the Veto Meeting, bayleigh talks to Christmas about Memphis, Christmas says Memphis does not talk to girls except me and only because i give him crap.
11:25am BBT: Dani and Kevin in the PBR talking about who to keep and talking about who is stronger. In the BY Enzo is  running while Bayleigh and Christmas watch him, Christmas tells him they have babies to take care of and he is running then laughs. Bayleigh says they need to talk later on  and Christmas agrees but she has these babies to take care of.
11:32am BBT: Kevin in the KT making breakfast for himself, Nicole in the KT getting a trash bag. Nicole says she will come help Kevin make them breakfast in a few minutes she has to get the laundry together as she has not done hers yet.
11:34am BBT: Christmas and Bayleigh talking about Janelle and how she follows Bayleigh around, Christmas says she has something to say at her meeting i bet and she says i bet she has something to offer to try to stay don't you think and Bayleigh agrees.
11:42am BBT: Kevin cooking and Nicole squeezing oranges for some juice as BB will not supply her juice anymore. Tyler taking vitamins, Christmas  running in the BY as the ground is already hot as she pushes the stroller with Nine  babies in it saying she is going to go ahead and get her clothes from the dryer. 
11:47am BBT: Dani and Ian by the pool putting on suntan lotion talking about how Dani played  the other seasons she played ,She says my point is you do not know who to trust in this house but you have to trust people which is hard in this house. Ian agrees. 
11:50 am WE have FOTH
11:54am BBT: Ian telling Dani that his last semester of school after he left the BB house he put the BB voice to wake up too , Dani says why would you do that and Ian says he liked it so he  made an MP3 of it and Dani says she would not know how to do that so Ian tells her how it is done.
12:08pm BBT: We now have Puppy cams as the HG have the POV meeting.

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1:04PM BBT: Feeds are back. Lots of HG hugging.


1:05PM BBT: Christmas is walking her star babies, Cody and Kaysar are in the KT with Bayleigh.  Everyone is pretty jovial.  Kaysar says "it sucks that I like you guys so much".   Cody jokes that he wanted a good fight, or something to that effect.  Most of the other HG are in the BY. (Da', Bay, Kevin, David, Jani, Enzo, and Nic)  Kaysar has gone back to the KBR to change clothes.  Feeds are intermittantly cut.


1:12PM BBT: The HG in the BY rehash the baby deliveries from last night and Christmas having to get up during the night.  Kaysar and Enzo are in the KT and Memphis walks through one way, David the other.  Just aimlessly walking around and mindless chat in the BY.  Ian is swinging on the hammock, chatting with Dani - who is laying out in the sun.


1:15PM BBT: Enzo and Memphis are in the KT talking about losing weight on slop.  Memphis said he'll lose 10 lbs if he goes on slop.  Nic walks into the KT to get ice water.  They talk about pickled pigs feet and Kaysar walks in, obviously disgusted - and walks back out.  [Muslims are not allowed to eat hoofed animals]


1:17PM BBT: Nobody has really said if the POV was used, but with the laughing and comments, it appears that it wasn't.


1:23PM BBT: Jani is in the KT making up hot slop while Memphis works on his arms by pulling the elastic equipment from the stairs.  Enzo is at the KTT, but asks Tyler if he can use his bathroom upstairs.


1:32PM BBT: Christmas is walking her star babies around the house. Dani is on the pool float and Nic is on the lounger chatting with her about Vic.  Jani is eating her slop alone at the KTT.



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1:32PM BBT: In the KT, Jani is washing her dishes and Tyler walks in and tells her he's sorry.  She says "oh my gosh, don't be - it's all good".  He says "I'll be following you anyway, if you go".  She campaigns a bit and says she'll go up on the block every day if she stays.   Christmas walks back through and he asks if she's got more than 9 now, she says no, still 9.


1:36PM BBT: Bayleigh joins Jani, Christmas and the 9 babies in the KT and they talk about how disgusting the slop is.  Bayleigh says "it's not the best".  There are baby bottles on top of the shelf and two high chairs.




1:53PM BBT: Christmas's babies start crying.  She was in the BY eating and says "oh sh*t, I left my babies inside".  She goes in and Bay was rocking the stroller.   Christmas pushes the babies outside and sits back down.




1:58PM BBT: Jani reminds Bay that the Covid tests are tomorrow night, and feeds are cut.


1:59PM BBT: Bay says that she'll hold a Bible study around 3:15.

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 2:02PM BBT In the BY couch, Xmas and Cody talking. Xmas is talking about she wants someone here who wants to be here. In the loft, Kaysar and Janelle talking. Janelle tells him not to act like he did last week. He agrees. Janelle says now they are in trouble. They discuss their friendship and that they are only best friends inside the house. They talk about staying in better contact after the game.


 2:09PM BBT Xmas, Kevin and Nic talking in the BY. Xmas is talking about the lake house her boyfriend owns. All cams all change to Kaysar and Janelle in the loft talking about picking up where they left off. They discuss Janelle's friends outside of the house. Cams change back to the BY. Xmas still talking about the lake house and a boathouse.


2:17PM BBT In the BY, Nic, Kevin and Xmas talk about Janelle. NIc tells them that Janelle started a rumor that Nic cried her way on to the show. She says isn't true. Kein says he did cry his way on to the show. They all laugh. Enzo comes by and they discuss slop and what he is doing.

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2:22PM BBT Xmas and Nic talking about comps and how good different HG are at them. Xmas says as soon as she gets her rhythm, she will blast right through. They continue to discuss different comps and who would be good at them. Talk changes to working out.


2:30PM BBT Xmas tells Nic that she is excited to come to her wedding. Xmas says she can't wait to show Nic a picture of Zeb. Nic says she is worried if pictures will make her sad. Nic decides to get something to eat. Enzo comes over and they chat about going to HOH and chat with Tyler.


2:43PM BBT Bay is cooking something on the stove, Nic is chopping vegetables for dinner. Xmas leaves the babies alone and goes out to the BY for a minute. She comes back in and baby talks to the babies.


 2:52PM BBT Kaysar and Janelle continue to chat in the lounge. In the BY, Ian is swinging on the hammock. HG laying out in the sun. No game talk.



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3:03 PM BBT.  David is eating in the KT.  Kaysar & Janelle talking in the loft.  Janelle says her sister lives in Vegas.  Not much going on in the BB house.  


3:07 PM BBT.  In the loft, Janelle tells Kaysar she has 2 brothers.  He says why don't I remember this?  Janelle is talking about the MN accent.  She says a few words the way they do.  Kaysar is amused.  We have FOTH STARS.  

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3:14 PM BBT.  Kaysar and Janelle in the loft.  Kaysar says he doesn't want to be stuck here with these people.  Janelle says so u think they are voting me out?  Kaysar says he has a sneaking....  Xmas & Nicole talking in the lounge about food.  


3:17 PM BBT.  Kaysar & Janelle in the loft.  He says I was thinking we could do something so I go.  She asks who has a better shot.  He tells her historically she has done pretty well so you're a bigger target, maybe he can blend in better.  


3:22 PM BBT.  Xmas is feeding/burping the star babiesin the lounge.  Nicole is in there as well.  Janelle & Kaysar still in the loft.  Kaysar says he won't be mad if she campaigns.  She says she won't be campaigning against him.  Kaysar says he tried to save them both when he talked to Tyler yesterday.  He says it didn't go well.  Tyler told him it's not good for his game.  Kaysar says I don't know if it's true but Tyler said every single person wants us gone, they all told him.  Kaysar asks if she believes that.  She says it doesn't matter.   


3:26 PM BBT.  In the loft, Janelle asks Kaysar who he thinks will vote for him.  He says Nicole F (Janelle "obviously"), Ian (Janelle "obviously"), ne isn't sure about Cody.  He thinks Memphis will keep Janelle.  Janelle asks if he wants to stay, do u have it in u?  He says depends on the day.  He says I'm not gling to roll over.  Janelle says she definitely wants to stay.   Xmas & Nicole talking in the lounge about Janelle not campaigning to Xmas yet.  Nicole says maybe she thinks u are voting her out for sure.  Nicole is wondering if Janelle will still blow stuff up.  She says we need to make her feel safe so she won't.  


3:30 PM BBT.  In the loft, Kaysar asks Janelle who will vote for her.  She says Bayleigh, Memphis, she doesn't know about Xmas or Cody.  She hopes DaVonne will.  She says she needs Dani, but Dani is still really pissed at her right now, really pissed.  


3:35 PM BBT.  Xmas & Nicole in the lounge saying there's 2 more weeks until jury.  They are talking about scenarios & the future of the game.  In the loft, Janelle tells Kaysar she thinks they're voting her out.  She says Tyler's alliance is voting her out.  Kaysar says the one that doesn't exist?  Janelle thinks nothing can save her, they have the numbers to get her out.  She says u would literally have to say u are coming after them.  He says I can tell them I want the hell out of here.  She says that could be advantageous to them, if your heart isn't in it.  She says he literally has to say I'm coming after u, I don't give a f**k!  


3:40 PM BBT.  In the lounge, Nicole tells Xmas her mom gave her advice that she needs to work with who she trusts & not get hung up on whether they are a guy or girl.  They are going over who would put them up, who would go after th boys.  She says so many people get hung up on that.  In the loft, Janelle leaves to get a protein shake.  In the HOHR, David & Tyler are talking.  David says Kaysar wants to game with somebody.  


3:44 PM BBT.  In the HOHR, Tyler says he thinks most people want Janelle to go.  He says Nicole F wants her to go, Ian wants her to go.  Davkd says I want her to go.  Tyler says it moves him up the target list, but he has no choice.  He says the whole house wanted them up, but it's better for my game if they stay.  Tyler says people have this me & Cody s**t in their brains.  Davids says somebody will do something to become a target.  They both think Xmas is playing a good game.  Tyler says if him & Cody go on the block & Cody pulls himself off then I'm gone.  Tyler says I'm ok with that though, if I can't win a comp to save myself then...  David says a twist is coming.  


3:48 PM BBT.  In the lounge, Nicole says she doesn't want Memphis to win.  She thinks Memphis won't do well with endurance bcuz he's so big.  They wonder who he would put up.  In the HOHR, David tells Tyler nobody sees us 3.  Tyler telling how Kaycee didn't need to win until the 2nd half of th season, then she won 7.  David says people think they need to coach me.  He wants to shut it down but...  Tyler says u need people to think that.  


3:53 PM BBT.  In the lounge, Xmas says everyone enjoys Dani but she is rough around the edges.  She says Dani can annoy people.  Xmas says Bayleigh mentioned that Cody is nice but never says much.  Nicole says yeah, he doesn't go into things.  Xmas thinks DaVonne would go after Tyler/Cody.  Nicole says no way, not in a million.  Xmas says she can't look at them, she leaves the room. Nicole says maybe then, but I don't think so.  


3:58 PM BBT.  In the lounge, Nicole tells Xmas we just have to see who gets it & talk about it.  She says we need to think & talk it out, go over scenarios & not do it with emotion.  

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4:05 PM BBT Nicole and Christmas are in the loft talking about the votes. They are trying to figure the numbers and who can play in the HOH. They then talk about Bay and day and who they would vote. Nicole says she dosent trust Kayser she think he would put up her and cody. Christmas said she can get Day and Nicole says okay perfect. They then finish their talk and talk about what they need to do. 

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4:12 PM BBT

Jani asks Dani if she can talk to her and they head to the Love Lounge. Jani asks her where the vote is and Dani tells her the house wants her out "but you never know"

Jani: so you think everyone is going to vote me out

Dani says she is the better competitor

Jani tells Dani that she would 100% help her out and have her back if she stays. Dani tells her that she feels the same. Jani says she knows Ian, David and Da'Vonne are voting for Kaysar to stay.

Jani: if I can get 5 votes would you be my 6th?

Dani asks how many votes she knows she has

Jani says just 1, Bayleigh, her only friend in the house





Janelle pitches Dani that she would be a huge threat to keep and she doesn't win competitions.

Dani: if you could get Bayleigh you can probably get Da'Vonne

Jani: and then Kevin....so, if I can get 5?

Dani tells her that she doesn't want to say anything that would get her in trouble but she is definitely wanting to work with her. Jani explains that David has already said he would always have Kaysar's back. "I'm gonna try to stay. I didn't leave all my kids and my husband to go out week 3"

Dani: maybe try Christmas. Do you have Memphis?

Jani: Memphis could be a maybe for me 


Jani: I think everyone in this house would nominate me if I'm around next week


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4:15 PM BBT Tyler and Christmas are out on the hammock talking about how many battle backs or DE they would need to equal the 85 days. They have come to conclusion that there no possibe way to do a battle back but 2 double evictions. Tyler then says just dont make it this week. They talk about what if scernarios about a reset week. Janelle and Dani are in the loft talking about who they can get votes from. Christmas says she dont trust Day and Bay she says they are wildcards. 

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Janelle says she doesn't understand why Kevin doesn't like her "like, I didn't do anything"

Dani: but who else would you get...you need one more

Jani: I would need Memphis, you Da'Vonne, Bayleigh...I would have to work David

Dani asks about David

Jani: he told me 'I am coming after you'

She explains that David said she was guilty by association (Memphis) "it was an odd conversation...I was like, alright...and apparently Nicole A told everyone in the house she was gunning for me"

Dani tells her that was her pitch to stay. SHe explains to Dani that she was shocked by Nicole A's misunderstanding of her

Dani: everyone is crazy

Jani: what the fuck?....I never said a bad thing about the girl

Jani tells Dani she doesn't understand why Nicole F thinks she is after her "it's so stupid"

Jani: so if I get 5 you will be 6?

Dani: I don't want to tell you yes, but I'm not telling you no...go work some magic and see what you can do

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4:25 PM BBT Janelle tells Dani that she would have to work with David because she hast talked any game with him. She says Kevin makes these weird jabs at her and Dani says yeah he doesn't like you. They then talk about Nicole A and how her pitch was she against Janelle and they think Nicole A and Kevin are close and that why Kevin doesn't like Janelle. They then think Enzo just going to vote with the house. They then talk about the yeller outside and what they think it said. 

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4:38 PM BBT

Jani says she is going to try talking with Cody because she knows Cody likes her better that Kaysar...convinced Kaysar is after him... "Cody is really nice"

Dani: really nice...a little annoying, but really nice


4:42 PM BBT

Dani and Jani are talking about jury. Dani says she doesn't want to go "and be micromanaged and not talk to your family"

Jani says "wait, are the feeds on us?...I was told that we get a one week phone call..."  *feeds cut*

Dani gets up to leave saying "I'm getting out of here before people say we're conspiring"

4:49 PM BBT

Jani asks Kevin, "So, we only have the backyard until 5?

Kevin answers "no 6"



Enzo and David are talking in the backyard. David says "that's why she has to go" David says Janelle manipulated NicoleA.

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