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Monday, August 24, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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4:32 PM BBT Janelle says that she thinks she can get Day if she can get Dani vote. Dani agrees. Janelle then says memphis im going to have to cath him at the right time after he eats dinner but before he goes to bed. Janelle then ask who she needs to work on and dani tells her Day and Bay Kevin memphis and david. Janelle says ugh why is kevin so weird. I dont know what i did to him to make him this way. Janelle then asks if i get 5 will you be my six dani says yes but is hesitant about it but leaning toward yes. She then goes on to say that if she stays will be gunning after her week after week. Tyler and christmas talking about school. 

4:39 PM BBT Dani says just do me a favor if you leave squeeze the baby powder one last time and she tells her it not there someone took it out. they then talk about jury and Janelle says she dont want to go and hopefully she is out before jury if o make it the 5th week. both of them  discuss how long it is and then Janelle asl if the feeds are on her and she said they get a week long phone call and feeds cut. The feeds come back and Dani says go talk to some and well chat later, 

4:48 PM BBT Enzo and David are by the talking Nicole A and how she wanted to give up because she though Janelle was against her. David said that she told him that she said it his turn to go far and David told her no you got a reason to be her. David then asked if he has talk to Ian and he says no he is a wildcard and he dont know where he would be if he got HOH, 

4:53 PM BBT Cody and bayleigh and Dani are in the WA talking about Janelle and what deals she would give Dani. Enzo and David talk about slop and how BB thought he was napping becuse he had his shades on Enzo will be happy after 2 more days. Bay and Janelle are talking. Janelle tells Bay that dani agreed to be her 6th and Bay seems pleased with that but then ask has she talked with cody and Janelle say not yet but she plans too and offer him the world. Janelle then says that Nicole A ruined her game and did nothing to her game but trashed her Bay then says but you tried for her. 

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8:00 PM BBT Bay says that she is out and campaigning you have a reason to be out campaigning. Janelle says that the other house is dominating the house. Bay agrees with her. She then says she dont get why kevin is acting so werid towards her. the chat then changes to food and water and the moon being out. 

8:33 PM BBT Christmas and Nicole whisper. she tells her that Janelle campained to Dani twice today. Nicole acts like she dosent know about it. Christmas says if she ask she is going to say nope. Nicole says really. the talk changes since bay comes in and talk about the photos and they ask if she wants to do a picture. 

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5:41 PM BBT Kaysar and Janelle are in the KBR talking and Kaysar said she looked bummed earlier and Janelle said no she wasn't bummed. She still got people to talk too. They then talk Nicole A and Janelle is still trying to figure out why she trashed her. Kaysar tells her she was in a really bad headspace and janelle says she is trying to put heself in Nicole A spot and gives her 2 scenarios she ethier convinced herself or she had other convince her and Kaysar give a scenario to try and help her understand. Janelle says it what it in the past and there nothing we can do to change that. Janelle says it dont matter one of us is leaving this week no matter what and he sai siad she means sighs then says whatever. Kaysar tries to get her to expond on her though but says it hindsight 20/20. Feeds then cut. 

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5:36 PM BBT


Day comes in to tell Christmas that her laundry is ready, so she babysits while Christmas grabs her stuff.

"Hey Little Peoples. Hey Little GIrl...... oh Hey.... (lots of loving for these star babies)





Da'Vonne then sees the frowny faced star baby. She has to put that star baby in check "Why are you always frownin'? Let me tell you somethin'!  (she clears her throat and gets serious) Once upon a time there was a little baby that loved to frown and then little baby's lips got stuck like this. Forever.....so you can't frown.. you got to turn that frown upside down. We don't want your face to get stuck that way. We want you to be a happy baby... (Day turns stern) I don't know why you lookin' at me like that because when you look at me like that you make me feel like you feel some type of way, and you too little to be feelin' some type of way ...OKAY?..so fix your face... little kid....I'm gonna have to watch you!.. 'cause I don't like how you lookin' at me. You look at me like we got a problem...I ain't did nothin' to you. You was just born  (snaps fingers) yesterday. . I don't like this attitude that you have. Your energy is a little off. You too young for your energy to be off like this. You, you want to pray? We gonna pray about it! You want to talk to God about it? Because I don't like your attitude. You need to get it together. Why you frownin? Why you poutin? You mad because you wanted to be the only child? You have 8 little siblings. At least you have someone to talk to. I didn't have my other sibling until I turned 13. So, enjoy it! Bask in it! Smile about it."



Christmas comes in and catches Da'Vonne still talking to the baby with a frown. She laughs and says she's taking the babies out for the last bit of sun. Day says the praying worked. "See, you about to go outside...SEE? Shift!....BOW...see how the Lord works!"

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5:53 PM BBT Kaysar and Janelle who they think they can get as far as votes because janelle like doing that. Cody, Christmas Tyler and other are outside tlking about the coming weeks. The chats then change to general chit chat and we get FOTH. 

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6:07PM BBT: Feeds are back.  Tyler and Jani are standing at the KT island talking about music.  Nic is in the CBR folding clothes.


6:09PM BBT: Cody jokes around with Tyler in the KT "give me something and I'll take it in the shower".  He's hungry and waiting for his slop to chill.  Jani says "every other

season I've been here, there have been really big loud personalities."  They agree that everyone is chill, including Jani, who people expect to be larger than life.


6:14PM BBT: Memphis is eating snacks that were in his HOH basket.  He jokes with David and Jani in the KT about how he was trying to make them last until the next HOH comp when he'll get some more.   The three discuss who are introverts v. extroverts in the house, and previous seasons.


6:20PM BBT: Christmas, babies, Bay, Nic and Kaysar are laying around in the CBR.  Just general chit chat.  Christmas asks Kaysar if he saw her this morning with the big star bag.  He says yes, she looked like Santa.  "Well, I am Christmas".


6:28PM BBT: The feeds have been cutting in and out tonight. Cody has been in a singing mood, which is not allowed to be streamed.


6:30PM BBT: Tyler is doing pull ups on the stairs and Janelle is painting her nails in the KBR.






6:34PM BBT: Enzo is ready to play a game of Backgammon.  He's got it out on the KTT.  Jani and Tyler are talking about his F2 in his season and she asks about why Sam didn't vote for him.  


6:45pm BBT Da'Vonne beats Ian in a game of Chess. Nicole notes that tomorrow is Covid Tuesday (when they get their weekly swap test). Christmas is laying down with her baby stars, talking with kaysar and Bayleigh in the CBR. Kevin is eating at the KTC, Enzo and Memphis are playing with the backgamon dice at the DT. David is in the KT.

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 6:43 PM BBT 

Da'Vonne calls check to Ian during a game of chess. He moves then she calls check again

Ian: that's mate

He accepts defeat and shakes her hand

Ian: very good game

Day: thank you Ian

Ian traces back his steps to see where he went wrong.

Day: that was fun

Ian: that was a good game....I need to study..practice 





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6:53PM BBT:Nic is out of the shower and Ian is in the WA.  Most of the HG are in the KT area.  Enzo says he hates it when the BY is closed because there are too many people in the house.  Memphis and Da' are playing chess in the LR.


6:56PM BBT:  Kaysar is eating an apple, watching Da' and Memphis play chess.  Bay heads upstairs to listen to Tyler's music.


6:58PM BBT: Cody is in bed zoning out.  Dani is laying two beds down reading the Bible.  There is some banging behind the wall and she asks Cody if he's ever had the tour back there.  "No".  Feeds are cut.


6:59PM BBT: Dani and Cody start talking about all of the pictures up on the wall, and that they did a good a job of getting a lot of the cast members, but definitely didn't everyone that's ever played.  They like this BR the best in the house.


7:08PM BBT: Cody and Dani want to rally the other HG to play a game.  Cody asks Dani if you can hear through the walls in the PBR.  She said that normal tones, it's like Charlie Brown adults.  If louder, then you can hear.  She tested it.  Cody says he will always defuse house explosions like Derrick did.    Danie said and she'll do everything keep them going, so that they know who should go home.

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7:10 PM BBT

Cody asks Dani how secure the walls are in the PBR. She says "speaking a normal voice sounds like CHarlie Brown mumbles. Whispering can't be heard at all. Elevated voices can be heard. I've tested it."

Dani asks Cody what his order of evictions would be

Cody: evictions?  this week, next week and the week after Janelle, Kaysar, Da'Vonne and see what happens

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7:10PM BBT: Cody and Dani talk about the next evictions, and who they'd want in jury.  5 people go straight home, then 9 to jury.  She asks who the next three after Janelle he thinks will leave.  Kaysar and then Da', and then he wouldn't mind if Kevin went after them.  His reasoning is he doesn't like Da's going around talking about a guys' alliance.  He's afraid it might turn Christmas to want the women to be strong.


7:14PM BBT: Dani tells Cody that there's only one girl to beat a guy in the F2 - Nicole.   He wasn't aware.  He was telling her that a lot of girls have won.  Dani says "not in comparison to the guys!".  He answers "it's 13 to 8".   Kevin walks in and talks with them while getting his sweater.


7:17PM BBT: Dani explains that the guys beat the girls in the F2 because the female jury members are bitter and the male jury members want another male to win


7:20PM BBT: Jani and Tyler are explaining to Enzo in the KT that the players on Survivor are have nots most of the time and have to find their own food.  Jani is very familiar with the players/game.  [Jani is a walking reality game show encyclopedia]




7:23PM BBT: Ian is out of the shower and carefully getting dressed in the PBR without exposing himself to Cody and Dani.  They laugh. 




7:32PM BBT: Dani asks Cody and Nic who their least favorite person ever to play against was.  The feeds move back to the KT and the Survivor convo.  The feeds then go back to the PBR and they're asking each person who they don't want in jury.  Dani says it's too early, and Nic says "you have to manifest it".   Cody says "I'm not going to be in jury".   Dani  "you're so annoying".    


7:35PM BBT:  Cody, Nic and Dani all agree that they've got to watch out for Ian, that he has PTSD from last time.  Cody says he refuses to babysit people in the house.  He says that he doesn't want Da' in the jury because she'd never vote for them to win.


7:37PM BBT: Nic tells Dani and Cody that they need to be careful around Bay as well.  Christmas told her that Bay would put up Tyler and Cody.   Cody gets worked up and says "I have no problem putting Bay up on the block".   They think that Bay is trying to get Christmas to put Cody up.  Dani said that Ian told her today that he would never put up Day and Bay up together - if he wins HOH this week, he'd put up Bayleigh and Kaysar and Kaysar would probably go.  

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7:41PM BBT: Dani says they'll need to use David as a pawn against Bay.  Nic wants Bay to go home.  Dani is worried that if they send Bay home that Da' will be hating.  Da' walks in right after that last sentence.  It doesn't appear that she heard them.  She leaves and they whisper how they don't trust Da' at all.


7:44PM BBT: Janelle and David are in the SR.  David tells her that it hurt that he was trying to get to know people and then people start talking about how he should be out.  He tells her that she was part of the effort and why should she trust her now?  She tells him that she loves and respects his passion for the game. His goal was to actually experience the game this time and not have to watch from the sidelines.

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7:39 PM BBT



Janelle talks with David in the SR and asks him what he is thinking for the vote. He comments that they were both campaigning to get him out last week, so they are even in his eyes.

Jani- I mean I definitely voted for you to stay

David brings up Nicole Anthony and Jani tells him that she never manipulated Nicole A.... that she had a mental breakdown. David says he doesn't know how much he can trust her. Jani tells him she is freakin' loyal. He mentions some lies and she says "so you think I lied to you?"

David says "Do you deny it...that you lied and speculated alliances and put my name in it?"...Jani says she didn't lie, she just speculated some alliances he had.  He tells her it hurt.

David: I am literally helping...taking time to help out because living here should be comfortable and then all the sudden, 'David should be out'. How am I supposed to work with you and be enthusiastic about it. Jani says it's a week to week game. She explains again that NicoleA was convinced that she masterminded to get her out and it wasn't true. Jani tells David she appreciates his passion for the game. He explains that he never got to experience it last year, and his goal was to experience the game with positive intentions...but then all of the sudden, bang. (he clearly thinks Janelle had something to do with him being on the block) David tells her he just can't trust her because she has lied before. She asks what lies, but David won't say. 'I can't give you what you want to hear right now." Jani says she hopes if she stays that he can put it past him and work with her later. 'I love you in the house...I love that you clean for everyone...it's so sweet...I love it..and people don't appreciate it enough. I'm not coming after you David...I never was" She tells him she is not working with Memphis...she had no insight or power with his nominations. Se repeats that she respects David. David tells her he isn't really sure who would be best for his game. Jani says that he could work with her and Bay/Day. will vote with the house and hope she will understand. She said she respects it and understands completely. They hug.


Da'Vonne and Kevin enter the SR so their conversation ends.

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7:54PM BBT: The next question is what movie can you watch over and over and know you're going to still enjoy.  Cody, Dani, and Nic ask each other is Cody picks Just Go With It, but also loves How To Train Your Dragon.  Nic picks Pets 2.  Dani picks Elizabethtown, which the others have never heard of but are now intrigued.  


7:57PM BBT: Next question is what tv show have you watched the most.   Nic - "New Girl", Dani - "Pretty Little Liars", Cody - "Entourage".   Favorite cereal?  Cody -  "Honey Bunches of Oats", David (who is now in the room with them) - "Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or Cinnamon Toast Crunch",  Dani doesn't eat cereal, but used to love "Cinnamon Life",  Feeds go to Jani, Enzo and Bay in the HNR.  Enzo says he never wants to be a HN again.


8:00PM BBT: Ian and Kaysar are in the KBR.  Ian says that it blows that they have to square off on Thursday.

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10:00 PM BBT

Da'Vonne confronts Kaysar in the bathroom "I need Kaysar back i n the game!" She asks him when he's going to start campaigning for himself. He tells her he is not going to campaign against Janelle. She says he doesn't have to. but he can campaign to save himself. He says he will start. She gets stern, "WHEN? Tomorrow? 'Cause you're on the block...I don't like this. You've been moping" He says, "I don't mean to be rude, but why do you care so much?" She tells him "What do you mean....I like you. We're friends. I can't wait to get out of the house and meet your wife and your kid....it's not good for me for you to go." Kaysar hugs her and thanks her "I'm not down and out. I'm just laying low. Zero giving up here. I'm just chilling.

Da'Vonne: okay




11:00 PM BBT

Janelle has been campaigning all night. She talked with Christmas and just finished talking with Da'Vonne in the Love Lounge.  Now she is chatting with Kevin. Kevin tells her that he is glad she is trying, 'Kaysar said he doesn't give s shit." Jani deliver s her same campaign, which is that she would be a huge target to keep in the house. Kevin tells Jani she is a stronger competitor, hinting that the house wants her out. He agrees that she would be a good shield to keep but doesn't commit to voting to keep her.  [Gotta love that she is trying.]


Cody is complaining (loudly) to Tyler about Bayleigh in the HoHR that she scares him because today she asked if they could have a bonding session. "I can't believe that the distrust is already happening." Earlier today he told Dani he won't babysit these people [so many need constant affirmations and validation that  he is loyal to them/working together Including Day, Bay, and Christmas. Cody is tired of them questioning his loyalty, but let's face it....the girls know Cody is working with everyone in the house  -MamaLong]



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