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Monday, August 10, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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8:17 AM BBT

The feeds cut to stars...could be wakey-wakey time for the houseguests.


The feeds pop back on and still only Memphis is up.


8:29 AM BBT

Kaysar and Memphis are talking in the kitchen about how miserably cold the house is. Memphis says it's 50 degrees in the other room. Memphis goes on and on about how miserable he feels.

Memphis- like, if I wanted to be tortured I'd move to Canada


The feeds cut 

8:33 AM BBT

Kaysar is changing his batteries in the SR. There is no sign of anyone else. The Have Not room is dark and silent.

Today is Kaysar's birthday and the houseguests are planning a pool party. 

Kaysar- you missed it

He tells Memphis about his birthday "cake"....that it was HoHo's stacked with powdered sugar and half a Kit Kat stuck in like a candle

Memphis laughs "like a third world country"   [Sorry, but Memphis is not my cup of tea   -MamaLong]





The HG's sang happy birthday to him at about 12:24 AM BBT

Kaysar thanked them and said he's glad they could celebrate before the game gets serious.


9:24 AM BBT

The feeds cut to stars 

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9:35 AM BBT

The feeds are back with only some houseguests out of bed *feeds cut again


9:37 AM BBT

Feeds are back and it looks like most are up and about. Tyler, Bay and Day are still in their beds. Christmas yells "Happy Birthday" to Kaysar.


9:48 AM BBT

Da'Vonne is in the shower and says the water is really hot....like boiling hot. Nicole F says she thinks they got the ducts wrong.

Dani- this is nuts

Nicole F- this whole time we've been using the Have-Not shower

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9:00 AM BBT Kaysar is up in the kitchen cleaning up from last night. Memphis is also up as well. The rest of the house is still asleep.

9:07 AM BBT Kaysar and Memphis are discussing Keesha. Kaysar said that she just needs to start asking people. Memphis said people think if they keep her they get Memphis said that is wrong. They both agree that with the BY not being open is making it hard to really game and talk because you don't know who is with who in what room.

9:20 AM BBT Memphis and Kaysar talk about how if you are loud and obnoxious in the house it puts a target on your back then you got to win the comps so you can be safe. We haven't gotten a wake-up call yet.

9:24 AM BBT We get FOTH I believe this is wake up call.

9:36 AM BBT The feeds come back on. Ian is in the KT with Kaysar, David, and Christmas. Christmas gives a birthday shout out. Tyler is in the PBR making his bed. Da' Vonne is in the shower Nicole F and Dani are in the WA talking about the music not being loud or startling them.

9;43 AM BBT Bayleigh is in the CBR reading something. Most of the HG are complaining that the first song should have not counted as a song because there were no words. They agree it should be just an intro and not a song. We get FOTH then feeds come back on. Ian purposes a question, in theory, asking the music mirror what going on in the house. He mentions some scenarios that happened in his season and the song teddy picker. Then the situation with the reset button and the song satellite.

9:48 AM BBT Da'Vonne is in the shower saying Oh Crap it hot. Nicole F says "Really it's hot?" Da"Vonne said don't share the secret now.

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10:03AM BBT David, Xmas, Tyler and Ian are talking in the KT. Tyler says if they advertised it right as Big Brother is "back to basics" they will probably do really well this season. Xmas says very true as they are live and right now nothing is live. Even sports are just repeats. She thinks CBS has done a great job.


10:12AM BT Cody and Memphis whispering in the upstairs lounge. Memphis asks about replacing Bay with Nicole (sounds like F.) . Cody says he likes that. Memphis says he will talk to Tyler. Mempshis tells Cody to try and make a connection with Xmas. He says they need Tyler's feedback and that it is organic. It sounds like they are planning for next week's eviction. BB comes over the house and reminds the HG they have to stay awake. Cody says he is so tired of that rule.


10:25PM BBT Cody and Memphis continue talking. Cody feels Kaysar is probably going to take the easy route to put him up. Memphis says that if Kaysar or Janelle don't win HOH next week, they they will go back up. Cody says that he feels Janelle would put up Nicole A but not him. 


 10:42AM BBT Kevin in the HN BR talking to himself. He is wondering what Cody was like in his season. He tells himself this is what he gets for not being a super fan or a live feeder. He says he senses Cody is genuine but at the same time is squirrely. He says he knows people are talking to him even if Cody says they are not. Kevin says out loud he feels like everyone is floating in the air and he is trying to grab them. This is not going how he thought it would.


10:49AM BBT In the KT, HG making food. David is doing the dishes. Dani is telling Bay that she is allergic to dust mites. Cody starts talking about the movie Pitch Perfect and how the 3rd one was too out there. Kevin is still in the HN BR and practicing what kind of deals he can make with others.


 10:55AM BBT In the KT, HG discussing COVID-19. COdy is saying that it's been around. Dani trying to explain to him that they are finding that it has long term effects. Cody says he wasn't being stupid and was wearing a mask. He says a ton of his players has had it. Dani says his way of thinking is the problem. Cam switches to Kevin still talking out loud in the HNBR.

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11: 01am BBT: Kevin says i got this you cab do this, He looks in the mirror and says damn i am so skinny look at this you can see my muscles. he then says am i really in a sewer room? He then leaves the room. 
11: 04am BBT: Memphis in the LL and Kevin says he was straightening his stuff up as it was everywhere. Memphis complains he is tired and how he is freezing and can not sleep in  this cold.
11: 18am BBT: Kaysar and Tyler in the LL talking about Angela's cook book she made with Veagan foods. HG in the KT having coffee and just talking general talk.
11:28am BBT: Kaysar and Tyler talking about trips they have been on in the LL. In the KT Cody,Nicole F., Nicole A. Dani and Christmas are in the KT talking about working out and general talk.
11:38am BBT: Nicole F. Talking with Memphis , Memphis says he thinks they are ok, He says my thought is this 5 or 6 people whchi can hold their own on their own who can easily fit in with someone else, He says i am thinking Tyler, Cody. You and myself then i was thinking Bayleigh, and the other person is Dani. Nicole says yeah Dani is my favorite, 
11:41am BBT: Memphis says i have not felt out Christmas, Nicole says yeah these are all my favorites. Memphis says what we do is walk around the house and not get noticed and stay under the radar for us to survive. Its like we  can not draw attention to ourselves, Nicole agrees with him.
11:44am BBT: Memphis goes on about talking with Tyler about the alliance, Memphis then talks about keesha saying he has no idea where everyone's vote is, He says my season i kind of stabbed keesha in the back so i need to be careful. Memphis then says i think this alliance will work but we can not meet everyday and lay low so no one knows and we all have to trust each other.
11:51pm BBT: Memphis now in the WA with keesha and Day saying he hopes they have a good reason to have them locked inside again, Keesha says i think it is the washer they was having to fix it.
11:55am BBT: Kevin talks to Enzo about  keeping him safe and Enzo said he wasn't using the veto , Kevin looked crushed and thanked him walked over to the KT island and told memphis thank you for putting him on to the protein shakes instead of slop.

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12:03pm BBT: Dani and Keesha in the STR and Dani tells Keesha she has not heard one bad thing about her at all, Keesha says good, Dani says Kevin probably needs to worry but  i do not think you do, Keesha says good i like you and Dani says i like you too. Dani then ask if she was shocked to see Memphis and keesha says yeah i did not expect to see him and i was surprised Jeff wasn't here. Dani says me too i am shocked a lot wasn't here.
12: 09 pm BBT: Kevin and Nicole A. in the KT talking about past HG and Nicole says that Sam Smith is her buddy and yells Send It. she then laughs and they talk about other past HG. Nicole F. walks in and starts washing dishes, Tyler walks in looking around,  HG are just sitting around talking general talk as they wait for the BY to open up.
12:25pm BBT: Kevin, Tyler, Keesha and Memphis in the KT talking about people getting power and letting it go to their heads. and we get FOTH.
12: 32pm BBT: WE now have the Kitty Cam going as They could be doing the POV Ceremony.

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2:01PM BBT Kevin and Nicole A talking in the upstairs lounge. They discuss being light headed due to lack of eating regular food. Cam changes to Xmas and Janelle. Xmas says that she is not how the media portrayed her. She sad her ex told her that they are both used to being misunderstood. We get FOTH.


2:11PM BBT In the KT, Cody and Kaysar whispering. They discuss that everyone is getting along right now but someone has to pull the trigger. Cody leaves the room. In the KBR, Xmas and Janelle talking about that Xmas hasn't really talked game with a lot of people.


2:18PM BBT Xmas and Janelle talk about Josh. Xmas says Josh is such a kind person. Janelle asks her if she talked to Josh before coming in. She says she knows he was called. She isn't sure if last minute they didn't use him or if he tested positive. Janellese says he tested positive for COVID-19. Cams change. We have Bay talking about how she can't be in the sun long because she gets dark fast. We get FOTH.


2:23PM BBT Nicole A and Ian talking in the HNBR. Ian says the noms stayed the same. Nicole asks him how he is leaning. Ian says he thinks he knows which way it will go but he isn't happy with it. He likes both of them. He thinks Ian is the target. Ian thinks Kevin is very nervous but Keesha has been really cool as a cucumber. Ian gets the feeling that the consensus is that Kevin is going. He knows it isn't set in stone and is his guess.

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2:31PM BBT Nicole A and Ian still talking. Ian says that he doesn't vote with the house. It's not his thing.  He says he was almost out first last time. He says he is glad he is safe but sad that 2 friends are on the block. He says he is going to head outside. Nicole A still in HN BR counting votes. 


2:34PM BBT Nicole A is figuring out that there is one large group. She knows she is on the bottom. She says Enzo told her he was keeping noms the same. She says either Enzo is out of the loop or they are just telling her things to keep her at bay until a blindside on Thursday. We get FOTH.


 2:39PM BBT Nicole A is talking to herself about the convo she had with Kevin. She says he is telling two different stories. First he says he spoke to people and then he says it's a vibe he is getting from Kevin. She says if he has spoken to Janelle and Kaysar, they would want to keep Keesha. She says maybe she is just conditioned from last year. She asks" can't we have sides and the power shift. Like grow a brain". She says she needs to ask around. She says she needs to talk to people more but not too much because she says too much.


2:45PM BBT In the KBR, Xmas is talking to Janelle about TV shows. Janelle says TAR was crazy. Xmas says she wants to do soap operas. She tells BB that she is ready this time and they should utilize her. Xmas says its kind of boring and what do they do until Thursday. Janelle says she hasn't been there in 8 years. She says she needs to talk to BB about her medical. Kaysar come into the room and tells them he made chicken if they want any.


2:51PM BBT Nicole and Kaysar whispering in the WCA. Nicole A asks him how he is looking at voting. He says he likes both of them and that is the problem. He says that everyone is looking to just voting with the house. He says the problem is everyone likes both of them. We get FOTH.



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3:10 PM BBT


Da'Vonne is on the bathroom couch saying she doesn't feel well

Da'Vonne- I don't know whyyyy

Bay- did you take ???

Da'Vonne- I did apple juice...no wait that's a lie...I did coffee, I did tuna

Bay- okay well that won't help


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3:03PM BBT Ian in the BY alkign to HG that he hasn't watched the last few seasons of BB and won't watch this one. He says he just got older and not that interested. Janelle explaining different competitions the HG have had. She tells him about the urine smell comp. 


3:08PM BBT Nicole F telling the HG in the BY about TAR and being with the Afganimals. Dani telling them how bad she felt that the other teams ganged up Victor and Nicole F. Nicole F says they had no idea what they were doing. She says the teams that won a first place were all TAR. Ian asks Janelle if they got a first place. Janelle says they were so slow they lost to Ruphert. Everyone laughs.


3:14PM BBT. In the KT, Memphis Dani where they are. She points upstairs and they head up to the upstairs lounge. He says it is freezing up there. They whisper about bringing Xmas into the group. He is difficult to hear. He says he wants to talk to Cody first. They talk about ants being everywhere in the house. Dani found one on the HOH toilet seat. Memphis says he will talk to Cody today and then grab Xmas and then call it a day.


3:25PM BBT Xmas is telling Ian, Enzo and Keesha about getting one of her tats from a well known artist while being in Las Vegas. She says she told him not to mess it up. She says she is known for her tats. She tells them she has been in Ink Magazine twice. They start discussing the different houses they were sequestered in for the show.



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3:30PM BBT Dani and Nicole A talking in the upstairs lounge. Small talk about if Nicole feels better. She says she does. Switches to Nicole A asking Dani what is going on in the house. Dani mentions to Nicole that she expects Nicole A to keep Kevin. She says she thinks she will. Dani says that she wants to keep Kevin too. An ant bites her on the arm all of a sudden and Dani is upset that she got bit. Dani gives her advice not to seclude herself so much. She says even if she isn't feeling well, to lay down in a room with others. 


3:35PM BBT Dani and Nicole A talk about that Keesha has to be tight with Memphis and Janelle. She says that Memphis and Keesha were very tight in their season. Dani asks Nicole if she is going to go for HOH. Nicole A says always. Dani wants it so she can see Dom and show off her beautiful daughter. We get FOTH.


3:40PM BBT Dani and Nicole A talking about the upcoming HOH. Dani says she thinks it will be one of the ones where you have a ball and a number. Nicole thought maybe endurance but Dani tells her they would already be building it.  Nicole A asks if she is going for it. Dani says yes. She wants only pictures of Dom and her daughter. She says any other ones she will tear down. Not even her best friend. 


3:50PM BBT Memphis comes into the KT where Janelle is mixing something in a bowl. He says he is lightheaded from being outside. He was hoping to get regular oats. He says they should just give them regular oats. Xmas returns from the storage room. She was looking for baking powder but there was none. Janelle is baking a birthday cake and Xmas is making banana bread. 


3:55PM BBT Dani and Nicole A still talking. They are joking about no one wants to be the first one to go after someone. Dani jokes that her alliance of 1 will be called "me". They laugh. Nicole A tells Dani she likes her butterfly tattoo. Dani says that she is sorry she got any. She feels like she was just a different person when she got them.

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3:50 PM BBT

Dani and Nicole A are in the loft chatting. Nicole asks her if there's anyone she has found she can work with. She says it's annoying because she hasn't been able to do that yet. The topic of conversation changes to complaining about Twitter and how brutal it is. Dani says she doesn't understand why people have to TAG her really mean Tweets, and how she just blicks them. She doesn't care if people talk bad about her, it's whatever, but don't tag her. Nicole says, yeah, say what you mean, but don't be mean. Nicole also mentions how she can't keep up with the DMs "there's just so many" She says she feels bad about it. Topic goes back to game

Dani- either everyone is scheming and I don't know about it or nobody is making an alliance

Nicole -nobody says anything to me....nobody wants to be the one to set it off

Dani- someone make an alliance

Nicole- an alliance of one

Nicole notices Dani's butterfly tattoo  "oh a butterfly....I want a tattoo so bad"

Dani- don't do it....I wish I didn't have mine  (says she doesn't want Tennessee to ever get any)

She goes on to say that tattoos are not who she is anymore and it took her a long time to find out who she was and she was always trying to fit in, she never had a lot of attention, she felt lost so she was trying to be different "but now I can be me"


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4:00 PM BBT Dani and Nicole A. are talking in the loft. Dani is telling her that she is going to enjoy her 20's. Nicole says that she has changed so much. The Nicole that started BB21, the Nicole that finished BB21 and the BB22 Nicole are completely different people.


4:03 PM BBT Down in the KT, Janelle is complaining that they don't even have any wine for cooking. Christmas "My cooking wine is the wine I am drinking while I am cooking." 

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4:08 PM BBT

Bayleigh is chatting with Nicole A on the hammock about The Challenge. Nicole asks her who her favorite Challenge person is

Bay says Jenny was her best friend in the house and Big T...they always did Tea Time  "so inclusive...always so nice to me"




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4:15PM BT Kevin and Dani talking in the BY to Ian, David and Keesha about Chima's mic hitting the water. Dani says Kevin says it bounced but we all know it went in the water. Kevin says he thinks someone threw it in the water for effect. Ian says that no one has been kicked out of the house since his season. Nicole F is called into the DR. Dani says Nicole gets called in a lot.


4:22PM BBT Bay and Janelle in the KT. Bay says she is happy today. They have the outside and she is getting cake today. She says that she is going to make pineapple upside down cake in the bundt pan. Bay is happy. Janelle asks Bay about her diet for Miss USA. Bay says that is why she went vegan, she was so tired of chicken breasts. Janelle says she has been watching the pageants and the girls are way to thin.


 4:27PM BBT David and Nicole A. in the WCA. She was telling him about her season. David says that if he keeps his distance it's because they wer on the same seaosn. Nicole agrees. He says that is the safe way to go. 




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4:28 PM BBT

Nicole A and David are talking in the bathroom about being careful not to be seen around each other too much. He says that if he keeps his distance, that's why. She says "likewise". They discuss that it's easy to be associated since they were on the same season

Nicole- but I can just say that 'oh that's the thing, he left so early that we never really played together'

David- I know me, you, Bay, Day are tight

Nicole- I like that and bring Kevin in...  Boom, that's a nice 5         *Nicole gets called to the DR



4:35 PM BBT

Janelle is putting Kaysar's cake in the oven and chatting with Bayleigh. Bayleigh makes a comment about the HGs not cleaning up and that she won't do it today. Janelle says she thinks only she and Bay clean. Bay adds "and David"  Janelle says she isn't really a sun person. Bayleigh says she isn't either "oh like me....I think we are the same person". Janelle says that's good because they can spend a lot of time together.

Bay- who made up the nickname Jani?

Janelle- Howie...he used to call me Jedi Jani...big fan of Star Wars



4:43 PM BBT

Memphis is chatting with Christmas on the backyard sofas "I was thinking about Tyler...thinking about Dani...thinking about Cody.....and thinking about you, obviously"

Christmas- yeah

Memphis- well, originally I was thinking of Bayleigh but I see her talking with Da'Vonne a lot so.....if it wasn't Bayleigh then maybe Nicole

Christmas- Nicole sounds good, do you want my idea on those?  Well, what about Kaysar?...I'm just wondering

Memphis- he has spun out

Christmas laughs and Memphis tells her about Kaysar making up a paranoid narrative in his head 



Memphis and Christmas continue talking about how you can't play the "what if" game...that you have to stick with some folks and roll the dice. Memphis says he doesn't want to get everyone in the same room, but just play it like phone....phone

Christmas- oh a little Telephone

Memphis- then there is no leader of the pack

Christmas- I understand the house is divided but we don't have to play that hard line

They agree to stay incognito and share info with each other.


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4:35PM BBT In the KT, Bay is taking a container out of the fridge, some fish has leaked into it and she is cleaning it out. She and Janelle talk about how much alike they are. Bay says she is not cleaning up after everyone today. Janelle says it seems to only be her, Bay and David. Bay asks Janelle where she got the name Jani. She tells her that Howie gave it to her.


4:45PM BBT David and Da in the upstairs lounge. She tells him they need "him" on their team to stay in power. She says that the " I can't win at comps" excuse isn't going to work this season. She tells him to use his judgement and what is best for his game of course. Da asks him if anyone outside of her and Bay have talked to him about something. He says he is trying to get with the guys but nothing so far.  He says he has tried with Cody but he hasn't gotten that deep. 


4:48PM BBT David tells Da that he is just going to keep pretending he doesn't know anything. He says a lot of times he really doesn't. Da tells him it is working. In the BY, Memphis and Xmas talking about how they are looking at this season differently. Memphis says he wants to build his team via telephone so it's not obvious. Xmas agrees with him on everything.


4:53PM BBT Keesha and Kevin talking in the yard. Keesha telling him how they were supposed to protect her in her season and they blindsided her. Kevin says he understands. They took Jerry as the sacrificial goat. He says he couldn't be mad at it. The 2 Nicoles on the hammock talking about how much better they feel with the BY open. 

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5:02 PM BBT

Ian and the Nicoles are talking at the hammock about their living arrangements. Ian says he purchased "a nice investment" 1100 sq ft loft 1 bdrm condo

Ian asked Nicole F if she lived at home for her seasons. She said she lived at home for her first 2 seasons...that she's really close to her family. She now has a house that she bought.


7:24 PM BBT

Janelle is icing the cake she made (It's lemon cake with cream cheese frosting)



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 4:58PM BBT Memphis and Xmas talking on the BY crouch. He says he really likes Nicole F. They talk about how they crushed their seasons. They are talking in circles about the house. 


5:08PM BBT In the BY, NicoleA & F, David, and Ian talk previous seasons. David says he hears nothing about BB 1-5. Ian says that is because it is really old. He says it was a 1 story house and not this exact location. They all tell him about the first season.


5:12PM BBT In the BY couch, Memphis and Cody are talking. Memphis tells Cody that he and Xmas are team "go". They discuss that Xmas will talk with Cody later.


5:21PM BBT Cody and David start a pool game. THe HG sitting around chatting. Xmas has started prepping her banana bread again.


 5:27PM BBT Janelle is icing Kaysar's birthday cake. She zests a lemon over the top. HG relaxing in the BY and just chatting. Game talk is quiet right now.

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