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Thursday, August 6, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:02 BBT Time: (Photo Room) Da’vonne & Tyler talking about how no one is talking to each other, speculating if it’s too early to play? Da’vonne asks Tyler where he stands with Cody. Da’vonne says you need friends in this game, we all know it’s a numbers game and everyone knows their game already. He says if everyone thinks they are going after each other they won’t come for them. Sounds like he’s trying to says sorry for the past (voting her out in their season) and proposing working together secretly.

Christmas walks in. Da’vonne asks if Christmas is going to play and asks if people are talking. Christmas says no and says Cody is quiet anyway. Tyler doesn’t know if Cody wants to chat up. Tyler thinks it’s crazy everyone is just chilling. Christmas says we don’t know if everyone is chilling or they just aren’t talking to them. They discuss how everyone was hanging out in the HOH room and no one was talking game. Da’vonne says today is the day (speculating about the competition). Tyler says he hasn’t talked to anyone about anything. Da’vonne wants to know who is talking, so she leaves to talk to Cody.

Christmas to Tyler: My quick idea is that we sperate and at the finale we honor our ride or die’s. Tyler and Christmas talk about how they don’t know anyone and she asks if he buried the hatchet with Da’vonne. He thinks so, but he’s not sure. Christmas said she would be a good ally. Tyler says Da’vonne won’t forget that he voted her out. Christmas says we should connect every few days. She tells Tyler he needs to break out of his shell. She said everyone is kind of uncomfortable right now. They talk about how they wish Kaycee was there [me too-SCRTsqrl]. Tyler says they shouldn’t be stay together too long and Christmas leaves.

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12:15 PM BBT  Feeds switch to the KT.  Enzo talks about needing cardio, a stationary bike or treadmill.  Someone said they had an indoor gym before.  They say there will be equipment outside, but they won't get out much.  Janelle is cold and wants a nap. 

David goes into the VIP room, David comes in.  Tyler asks if he is ready to play, they can do this, they can make it happen.  (So far he is working with Christmas, Bay and David)  They are talking about the crazy twist, do you play, do you put a target on yourself by winning, take someone else safe, give someone punishment, lots of options.  Tyler thinks Cody is pretty cool.  David agrees. Tyler said he needs to reach out to some other people.  He and David say they are so recent, people don't think about them being players. 

Enzo comes in.  They ask him what he thinks about the VIP twist.  Enzo said it is so early for the twist.  They think no one has gone up to talk with Cody.  Enzo doesn't want to be the first, but they really need to talk with him.  (so far I have seen both Nicoles talk with him)  They talk about having a plus one, and you have to call it out immediately.  Someone will get a punishment as the plus one, but safe.  Enzo said he will be a plus one, Tyler asks if he wants the punishment. He said he was a penguin, he doesn't care.  He sold the suit on E-Bay for $500.  It had pee stains on it and everything.  They decide to go hang out.  David asks if anyone is using the Lounge, Enzo says it is really cold in there, 10 X colder than their room.

Feeds go to upstairs lounge area outside of HOH.   Day, Bayleigh. Cody, Ian, Nicole and Kevin are talking about entering the house, and the first game.  Cody said he was crucified after his first season because he picked Derrick over Victoria, he would have won against her.  He said Paulie didn't want to come back, he wanted to be on TV, but this was the wrong show for him.  He prepares hard.  He says how hard he came in. Paulie would call Derrick for advice before the show, then come in hard, and Derrick would call Cody and say what is he doing?! 

12:33 PM BBT  People are congregating in the WA, KT and upstairs balcony lounge.  Just general talk, getting to know each other.  No game talk

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12:35 PM BBT Cody is talking to the others in the loft about his relationship with his brother. He says that his brother would put him first every time. They have the best relationship. He is the greatest and he doesn't know where he would be right now if it wasn't for him. 

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12:31 PM BBT  Ian, Cody, Nicole A, Kevin, Day and Bayleigh are sitting in the loft talking about Cody's brother, Paulie. Cody talks about how Paulie just came on the wrong show (BB) and was too aggressive with people. Cody said that Derrick coached him before he came in but he did the exact opposite of Derrick told him.

Cody talks about Paulie's fighting nature and how he always was fighting for what he believed he was due....said that he was like that with soccer too, "he would train and train and train and then someone else would get the accolades"  [Cody talks so highly of his brother. It's clear they have a great relationship.] "He's the greatest. You have to know who he is and then you can understand."


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It appears the safety suite is an optional game. Not everyone is eligible to play. Tyler, Janelle and Kevin all have Safety Suite VIP passes. You swipe the pass to play. If you win, you take a plus one, but the plus one may or may not get a punishment. You have to immediately announce your plus one. There is no keeping secrets. Everyone will know you played and who your plus one is. It is done before the noms. They think the safety suite comp may be later today.


12:40 PM BBT Nicole is called to the DR. FOTH


12:46 PM BBT Kaysar, Tyler and Christmas are chatting in the WA. Tyler says he was so glad that he had Angela with him to help him get through his season. Kaysar talks about how him being on the show was an accident and how it forced him out of his shell. He still can't get used to things like people asking him what it is like to be a sex symbol. "I am like what? There were people in this house that acted like they were the best thing ever and came out hated. Others are humble and turn out to be fan favorites. You never know. This is not natural." Christmas starts talking about how her broken foot broke her spirit and she had to play a whole new game. 


12:54 PM BBT Christmas tells Kaysar and Tyler that she loves chaos because chaos causes change. That is what is happening in the world right now. She says it is not about politics, but if you are not trying to actively do something in some way then you are complacent. Not doing something is going the other way. It is more detrimental not to decide than to do something. Tyler says they need to figure out what isn't working and fix it. Kaysar says the need is for everyone to come together. The house is still on fire. First you put out the fire and then find out what caused it. He says it is solution oriented. 


1:00 PM BBT In the WA, Kaysar tells Christmas and Tyler that he doesn't know where the county has gone wrong. We have lost our pride and we lost our standards. If we hold ourselves to a higher standard then we will not allow ourselves to settle for the bottom. Christmas "It's called integrity. Doing the right thing when no one is looking" 


Be Back Later.


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12:47 PM BBT Kaysar, Tyler and Christmas talking in the bathroom about social media and how difficult it is dealing with the hate they had PTSD

Tyler- like one day I would be fine and then I'd read something and it was like

Kaysar- Yeah, I went from everyone being in my business...I was stressed out

Christmas- it is very jarring going from one extreme to the other. I mean I've gone through some crazy experiences....like I was distraught

Tyler- but it was necessary

Christmas- Yeah, I'm still so grateful....it's your responsibility to see, in good time, what your shine will be

Kaysar- yeah, you have a choice....how do you handle it...you can grow or not

Christmas- a key to that was me owning my own shit. At first I was like this is happening to me then I realized that I needed to truly take accountability for my own bullshit. That's when I grew.

Tyler- some people are trashed...like they don't get that

Kaysar- most people don't have that level of awareness though

Christmas- I think our society now is doing an amazing shift

Kaysar- like because of COVID

Tyler- like we have no choice....the Earth says TIme Out!


They laugh about how COVID is like a big dose of BB and the pandemic has made the world experience things that needed to be experienced.

Christmas- it's the best opportunity for change

Tyler- yeah you can't just put a bandaid on it, you know

Kaysar- but that's the point....people in positions of power need to get it together and step up. I don't want to hear...this side and that side. I'm done with it.

Tyler- yeah, placing blame and trying to look for blame is wasting time that should be used to solve this

Kaysar- you see that in the corporate world too....grow up...come together




1:00 PM BBT

Bay, David, Nicole A and Cody talk about how they are all about the bidet now (a tushy toilet) [they had them in their rental homes]

They are all playing with mind bender toys and puzzles

Bay- I did it. Yeah!  FIrst time.



They begin discussing meditation and APPs

David- gamechanger

Bay- yeah it's great

Cody said he tried it (some APP) but couldn't really figure it out. Bay said she will help him when they get out.




David starts talking about how he isn't sure he will have kids

Bay- what are you talking about

David- well I got to meet somebody and then give it time...it could take years

Cody- or just two weeks [ha ha]

Bay laughs and agrees "yeah, you know when you know" she tells David he will be a good dad

Ian has been sitting with them just listening but not talking, he finally speaks up when they begin talking about muscle and joint injuries

David asks Ian why he walks on his toes, and Ian tells him he doesn't choose to do it. He doesn't want to do it but his foot is messed up so he has a gait problem.

Ian- yeah I've had that gait problem since I was like 6 or 7, but I don't know why it happened. That tendon didn't develop right.

Bayleigh said he is cute when he walks, "It makes you look happy....like even when you are nervous you're just hopping around."

Ian mentions that he has shoes that are supposed to fix it, but...

Bayleigh- why fix it though?    [Bay is super sweet to Ian]

Ian- yeah, I was never comfortable with it




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12:15 BB Time (Photo Room) Tyler & David  wondering if they should play or not play. Tyler says no one is saying anything to him and David says no one is, they are all being cautious. Tyler says we can make it happen though  and asks him if he’s ready to ride this out and they shake on it. They are talking about some type of plus one twist. Tyler says he feels good about Cody, that he’s a straight forward dude and they should just hang out with him, be natural. Tyler says he’s trying to connect with some of the people but he doesn’t really know anyone before he started watching from Season 14. He mentions how they are such recent players but they can make it.

Enzo walks in and David says how does it compare to his season as far as game play talk. Enzo says it’s crazy, he doesn’t think anyone has gone to Cody. Enzo doesn’t want to be the first person to go up and talk to him, and Tyler agree no one wants to break the ice. Enzo said it’s just the calm before the storm.

Tyler and David trying to clarify the plus one twist to Enzo. If you win, you announce your plus one immediately (for safety). Sounds like there’s a punishment involved too.

Tyler, Enzo & David leave the photo room.


12:25 BB Time (Loft) Cody, Ian, Da’vonne, Nicole A & Kevin rehashing the HOH. They don’t think they will ever do a live premier again. They were worried someone would be voted out the first night but Cody said he asked and production beforehand and they told him they would be in the house at least a week. They talk about how other BB Alum are going to talk sh*t about them. Cody says he’s still getting crap for taking Derrick to the end.

12:45 BB Time (Bathroom) Christmas, Kaysar and Tyler talking about the post traumatic stress of life after the BB house because of social media, how so many people know you and talk about you. Kaysar said he was really introverted, then he came out of his shell on the show and he got a lot of love after the show but it was overwhelming attention. He said you almost have to be even keel all the time because you don’t know how people react to what you do in the house. Christmas said she locked herself up in her house for a long time after the show while she rebuilt her life from a different perspectives. They talk about how hard times provides the opportunity to be a better person.

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1:30 PM BBT Talk turns to nicknames. Bay said she calls Swaggy both Swaggy and Chris but she can't call him Christopher because he hates that. Nicole A talks about how there were a lot of short names for her season....that Analyse went by SIs and Kathryn went by Kat, Jackson and Jack had similar names so Jackson went by Michie. She mentions how the first day it was so confusing "like wait, who do I vote for...what's his name", so she was glad when Michie said to call him Michie. "I was like, good. You're Michie from now on".

Kevin asks Nicole A what it was like with them (Holly and Michie). Nicole A says she has such a soft spot for everyone and she worked with them for so long that... *feeds cut*

1:40 PM BBT  Dani, Da'Vonne, Keesha, Memphis & Bay  talking about James (not sure which James) and how they saw him on a dating show. They talk about how he is married now. Then they say he was on an addiction show. Da'Vonne says she never saw it and makes a funny face. Dani- I was like, wait. I know him. They say he was a serial dater and dated everyone.



Dani asks if they think the room that they played the game in will be the one...."they kept saying there's gonna be more rooms." Camera cuts to SR

Bay walks in SR. She grabs a banana and talks to the cameras "Guys I am so nervous. It's like high school again. This is very serious. Ugh! What am I going to do?" 



Bay then returns to the kitchen.


1:52 PM BBT  Nick F opens the fridge and something falls out "what the hell. I don't know where this was." she asks "Did anyone open Solza yet?" All the HGs look at her perplexed.

Dani- you mean salsa? *laughing*

Nick F- yeah, I know I say solza

Memphis- what are you gonna do, put it in the hummus?

David- I thought you meant like seltzer water

They all laugh and Nick leaves the room laughing at herself



Nicole F says she doesn't know what to use for dishes. "Like they are on the table....and they are all dusty."

Everyone agrees they need to be washed

*camera switches to loft upstairs



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1:28PM BBT HG sitting around discussing the COVID 19 virus. David asks if they got scramble due to someone testing positive. He said he got scrambled around. Cody is called to the DR.


1:44PM BBT Bay and Keisha talking about pageants. Bay tells her how she won first runner up and then she won.


1:56PM BBT Nicole A, Enzo and Kevin talk about nicknames and what they go by. In the LR, there is an excercise session going on.


2:07PM BBT Janielle and Memphis chatting in the lounge. Discussing who is most likely safe with Cody. They assume Nicle F is safe. They talk about Cody being a beast in comps.

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2:05 PM BBT  Bay heads upstairs and joins Kevin and Nicole A who are looking over the balcony at the HG pics. Nicole A asks Bay about her box braids. Bay shows her where her hair stops "you can see the color change....I can wear this for months if I need to....I have to do conditioner, though. My hair is so curly, it will come out of these braids."

Nicole A - I love it. It's so pretty

Bay- thanks

Kevin- I'm surprised they let you do it, though (it's different in her profile pics)




Everyone is nervous about noms and speculating. Nicole A tells Bay and Kevin that when she talked to Cody he said he will base his noms off people he has talked to and not talked to "so if you haven't talked to him yet, I suggest you talk to him...I think he will make a level headed decision."

Kevin- the first HoH is so hard. How are you feeling (to Bay)?

Bay- I love everybody. I'm just observing. Everyone is mingling so I don't have any like....but I do have some vibes. It can go a few ways.

Kevin- I think they are building something. That's where that noise is coming from.

Nicole A - yeah, that's why the Have Not room is off limits

Kevin- well, I need to have a conversation with him....I am so slow

Bay- it's okay

Nicole A- no, it's just gonna be fun

Bay- yeah, fun times

Nicole A- we are on All Stars, like we are gonna have fun

Bay- I didn't have fun the first time

Nicole A- sorry

Bay- yeah

Kevin- who was on your season?

Bay tells them that people keep asking her about her and Tyler. "I don't know. I mean we didn't...after our season, we didn't even talk.

Kevin- ya'll had a moment

Bay- we had a few....but we never talked about it

Kevin- it's time to hash it out

Bay- yeah, but if we talk everyone is gonna get paranoid,  it's like, I don't know. I want it to be real. The fights we had were real. It wasn't game play, so if we have a conversation I want it to be real....I'm an open book.

Kevin- okay

Bay- it was a learning experience. I'm good. Me and Chris are great. I'm not the type of person to hold grudges.

Da'Vonne joins them and Bay catches Day up on the conversation.

Kevin says people are still salty from his season.

Bay- yeah, but it's been two years and I don't want to feel this way. We are coworkers. I'm not walkin' in a party and feeling weird. I want to be professional and I made a decision. (to just let that negative stuff go)

Nicole A- Eric always says that having resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die

Bay- ooh, that's good

They all agree


*feeds cut*


Da'Vonne talks about how when her season was over she just got disconnected. Bay says that she reached out to her because she looks up to her and she's a strong black woman, but when she didn't respond she figured it was because she wanted to just be past it (BB)

Da'Vonne gets a bit teary saying that she feels bad that she didn't respond. She feels she should have "because I am a black woman...I'm so sorry. That really bothers me. I know you needed it."

Christmas- you had to take care of yourself

Bay- girl, you did your job.....I'm grateful...you did everything for me through Swag    (they hug)




Kevin- no, let that go

Bay- no don't feel bad. Not too many people can handle Christopher Jordan Williams and you were real. But I honestly do want to build a relationship with you outside of the house because we have....like we did BB and we did the Challenge. Not everyone has that.

Da'Vonne- it was a subconscious thing because even on social media I always made it a point to defend. I'm so sorry. I never want to be that person.

Bay- you cannot feel guilty. It's like, people are mean y'all

Christmas- yeah, people reached out but I went off the grid and didn't even know. I was in my own shit.

Bay- yeah, but you go through things and I lost friends because of this

Christmas- I stopped fighting to defend who I am because they are going to have their own perception. I had to let a lot of friends go. Some have come back but just because they come back doesn't mean I let them in. I get to decide.


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1:25 BB Time (Bathroom) Kaysar telling Nicole F he feels nervous and asks what he’s going to do and he said he doesn’t know. They repeat the same thing everyone is, if you play you might look like you are going to hard but you don’t want to not talk game either. How you can be too aggressive, or too quiet or too friendly and all of it could get you nominated. Nicole says she doesn’t even have a plus one yet and she needs to talk to people and make connections. Kaysar says we just got here and to take a step back and clear her head. They both think once someone talks to Cody it’s on. Cody wants to talk to Cody because they played together on opposite sides but she wants to make sure they are still cool. Nicole thinks Noms are today, she thinks they want to make it cool for the viewers so HOH might not get a lot of time. Kaysar thinks everyone is on edge and trying to figure out what’s going on. They discuss how no one sticks out, everyone seems to be getting along so far.

Nicole F telling Kaysar she’s not here to be the life of the party, he said he’s not either. They talk about how loud an energetic BB Alum Paul is. She said she thinks he’s actually an introvert, and he’s a great one on one talker. She said she’s glad he isn’t here because he’s really good and she doesn’t think he would work with her even though they are friends. She said Paul never slept.

Christmas walks in. Nicole tells Kaysar she felt like she couldn’t say no to being part of All-Stars. She said you really do miss it. Kaysar said he’s up for a good game, but he’s glad there don’t seem to be dramatic alum/rivals. Nicole said they did a good job picking a diverse and normal cast lol Nicole says she doesn’t like Rachel but “she’s not an all star”. Christmas jokes she has a rival now.


1:40 BB Time (Storage Room) Bayleigh talking to Janelle. Bayleigh said she was originally scouted through social media. They had scouted Desi from social media, from the miss USA pageant circuit for survivor. Then next year they saw Bayleigh was friends with Desi and tried to scout her for Survivor but she preferred Big Brother. Cody walks in and Da’vonne asks if she can talk to Cody after he’s done eating. Cody leaves. Janelle asks Bayleigh if she’s going to do the competition and she says she doesn’t know. Bayleigh says no one wants to break the ice with Cody and she doesn’t know why but if she has to be that person she hopes he doesn’t take it the wrong way. She contemplates how you can use your pass as a bargaining chip. They speculate if a lot of people don’t play, the less competition there is, but it’s a double edged sword because you also put a target on your back.

David & Nicole F. walk in. They start talking about red bull, being tired and condiments. They all exit.

Christmas & Tyler are working out in the living room. Getting in some burpees like a beast.

Cody, David, Janelle, Nicole F, Keesha and Dani in the kitchen complaining they aren’t allowed to take naps.

Enzo, Ian, Kevin & Nicole A in the loft talking about how everyone is getting along and no one sticks out as an easy vote.

1:55BB Time (Showmance Room) Janelle & Memphis? Janelle thinks Nicole F is safe with Cody because they have played together. She also thinks Cody might be good with Cody. Memphis says no one is coming off as a threat and Janelle says he could just come after her or Tyler as ‘threats’. Memphis says she’s like the historian and Janelle jokes she’s the big brother grandmother. Memphis says he hasn’t seen everyone’s seasons and Janelle says everyone is a threat in their own way. They think Cody will be a huge threat in this game, in past seasons he won comps, everyone liked him and they (him and Derrick) had good strategy. Enzo walks in. Janelle says everyone is chilling out, putting on poker faces. They talk about how no one wants to be the first person to talk to Cody and come on too strong. They think the first person to shake things up will be the first to leave. Everyone is waiting for someone to start some sh*t.

2:13 BB Time (Loft) Nicole A, Kevin & Bayleigh. Nicole A is excited to be part of all stars. Her and Da’vonne want to have fun. Kevin asks how Tyler was. Da’vonne says I dunno, she says they don’t have tension between them but she doesn’t know. Da’vonne walks in. Bayleigh says she’s an open book and her and Swaggy are great. She said she doesn’t hold grudges. Kevin says he feels like he does. Nicole A says Eric always said resentment and that kind of stuff is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

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2:17PM BBT Enzo, Janielle and Memphis chatting about Matt lying about his wife having cancer. Everyone wants to talk to Cody but no one wants to be the first.


2:26PM BBT Janielle tells Enzo and Memphis that she will not be back. She is 40 and this is it. Memphis says they are established and it is different. He says they all live for a lot more now then they did before.


2:32PM BBT Bay and Day complimenting each other and how wonderful they each are. Kevin asking baout how they feel about not playhing in groubps. Day says she is happy not playing in groups.



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2:45 PM BBT Cody, David and Tyler in the SR talking about the clues that tell them something is gonna happen. 

David says "ours was like Wednesday, Thursday" then he starts thinking and isn't really sure

They can hear things going on through the walls



They walk into the kitchen

Enzo- what time is the comp?

Cody says he doesn't know and says something about Christmas having to do something. He then warns Kevin about washing the glasses "be careful because I put my hand in that and it broke" (it cut him)

Bayleigh- "Oh, did you have to go to the DR?"

Cody- no, Dr. David took care of me  (David wrapped up his finger for him)


2:54 PM BBT  Kaysar, David and Dani in the kitchen talking about how different this season is and the time between comps. Dani says the DR told her that there will be different amounts of time but they will tell them how long so there isn't a mad scramble. David says production wants them to start strategizing Kaysar says the haste is gone. They agree no one is in a rush. They agree that everyone is just more mature.  Dani says she hasn't seen Nicole all day. She goes looking for her.





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2:38PM BBT Cody is washing a glass and it breaks. He has cut his hand and we have FOTH.


2:44PM BBT Christmas telling her story about her foot and how she had surgery in December when she got home and her foot didn't stop hurting until last summer. Cody and David discussing that they still feel uneasy in the house and their stomachs hurt. Just some place new.


2:51PM BBT Enzo and Cody in the HOH BR. Cody tells Enzo he is good. Cody says the Nicoles came up. Cody says that Tyler is good but Enzo was loyal to the end and won comps. Bay comes in and breaks up the game talk.


2:55PM BBT Bay telling Cody that she knows what his girlfriend looks like and how cute she is. Cody starts telling her that his girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer and we get FOTH.



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3:00 PM BBT Bayleigh tells them they had a scare when talking about Swaggy dad passed away. Then FOTH. 

3:04 PM BBT Janelle P and Keesha are talking in the KBR about who they think is safe. They mention Nicole A feels safe. Feeds Cut. 

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3:04 PM BBT Janelle and Keesha talk in the Key BDRM. Keesha says she think Memphis might be a nom  *feeds cut*

3:08 PM BBT Da'Vonne, Enzo and Cody are talking in the HoH Room. Day says she went to Target and stocked up on bathroom items before coming in the house. 

Cody- I gotta be honest. I didn't do a thing

Enzo- I was just happy to be coming here

Da'Vonne asks if he knows when the comp will be. He doesn't

They start speculating about how things will go.


Cody- it's tough. People gotta understand this is a short week. If you're not having conversations with people...but in two days with this many people

Day- there are a lot of people that want to talk to you

Enzo- because you don't know...everyone is friendly. How do you differentiate?

Day leaves and Kevin comes in.



Enzo- I'm just trying to interview people and feel things out

Cody- yeah because we know of each other but we don't know each other. At the end of the day, people are gonna get irritated, but I know...

Kevin- I would appreciate it if.....I'm a free agent and I know you don't have a lot to go off of.

Enzo- me too Bro. It's been like 10 years, you know?

3:15 PM BBT

Cody begins talking about Nicole and how they played together before but weren't friendly, and like the second  they... *feeds cut to cute critters*









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3:10 PM BBT: Janelle and Keesha are in the Key Bedroom discussing if they should play for safety.  Janelle calls herself the biggest target in the house and that she doesn't want to get backdoored again.  She could compete and keep herself safe.  They talk about it making you a bigger target to play.  Both agree that Janelle, Keesha, Kaysar and Memphis are the ones likely to go up, but Janelle doesn't think it'll be two guys because Cody likes to play with the guys. 


3:15 PM BBT:  FOTH that quickly turns to puppies.

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4:00 PM BBT The feeds are still on the critter cam. The HGs have been speculating that the Safety Suite competition is possibly being be played today. 


4:42 PM BBT The feeds have now been down for an hour and a half. 

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6:54PM BBT Feeds are back.  Ficole and Xmas are talking in the bedroom.  Cody, Ian, Day and Bay are in the living room talking.


6:56PM Keesha joins the group to gather intel.  Memphis comes in a minute later and Bay takes off now that the room is covered to see what's up with Xmas and Ficole.


6:57PM BBT Camera changes and you can see past the front door where Kevin, Janelle, Kaysar, Nicole, and Tyler are in the Kitchen.

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6:54 PM BBT The feeds are back


Christmas and Nicole F are in the Key BDRM talking. Christmas tells Nicole she needs to talk with Cody.

Christmas- if we both make it seem like we just went for it last minute

Nick F- they're smart




*sorry guys but I have an emergency and have to go



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7:08 PM BBT:  Nicole F and Christmas are in the Key Bedroom talking about an old school versus new school alliance. They agree that they have to respect the old school players.  They start talking about who might be considered old and new. 


7:10 PM BBT:  Kaysar, Janelle and Ian were in the WA.  They were talking about flip flops that Ivette from BB6 had and that Beau sends shoes to Janelle's whole family.  Kaysar asks how old Ian was when BB6 was on the air. 


7:11 PM BBT:  Janelle joined Nicole F and Christmas.  Nicole congratulated Janelle on being safe. Janelle was saying that it was hot in the comp room.  Janelle is shocked that no one else played.  Christmas said she wanted to wait. Nicole says she regrets not going for it. Christmas says that if she goes up she will fight for the POV.  


Janelle recounts her conversation with Cody.  Apparently he told her that he had a target, then it shifted.  Christmas says that Cody is going to have a hard time.  Janelle confirmed that Kaysar played.


7:18 PM BBT:  Christmas asks what Janelle's punishment is and when she will get it. Janelle asks NicoleF what the rules are for the leotards.  She asks if they can take it off when they work out.  She said that Frank kept his on and it got nasty. 

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