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Thursday, August 6, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBB)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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(Sorry Morty! I have some details from 12 -12:20 AM on Wednesday. OOPS)

12:20 AM The Houseguests are waiting around in the kitchen for the HOH Room.



12:40AM BBT Cody gets his HOH Room key. He has the typical struggles getting through the locked door. All the HG's are waiting for him to get in. 


The HG's begin talking to production "Come on guys"  "really" "oh gosh" "they got to unlock the door" Christmas- "Do you got to do the doorbell" Day - "Are you sure you live here?" Cody- "They said not to talk to them, like don't say anything to us."  Feeds cut. When the feeds return, Cody is in the room and Bay sends out a "whoooo" as the HGs join him.



Cody got a basket but no letter "that's devastating." Nick- this is way nicer than any other" Day agrees. They like the rooftop feel. Cody apologizes that he didn't get any booze, "I didn't ask for any" He was hoping to get a letter from his gf or pictures. "You guys don't have to stay up here. I'm the worst host ever. I got nothin". Cody didn't even get music "I got shit".


His basket has coffee, under eye stuff (he says he asked for it-for his dark circles "they help me"), face mist, almond butter, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, bubble bath stuff, a big sponge thing, truffles, Burt's Bees "I never go without this" and HoHos. 



The HGs ask him how he met his gf. Cody tells them he met her in a bar but didn't have the nerve to approach her. He got a friend to stop her for him and then he was upset he didn't get her number. He had his friend look her up and he messaged her but she didn't respond right away. Someone asks if they have a dog together. He says they don't live together yet. He wants a big dog and she wants a little dog.



12:53 AM BBT  The HGs begin talking about BBOTT and how good it was. They say Jason was so funny. Someone says it was low budget because it was an online version.

Day- It was brilliant though because they didn't mess with ya. Like, they just let it play... (feeds cut for production talk warning)



2:15 AM BBT  Several HGs are in the bathroom getting ready for bed including Christmas, Nick, Nicole, David, and Keesha. They are complaining about the temp in the house. Most rooms are cold, but one of them is really hot. Nick says when she propped the door open she got in trouble. Kaysar is in the DR and the girls discuss how they know if they take their makeup off they will get called to DR. Keesha is talking about the pizza and Nick tells her she hasn't had pizza in a long time and she isn't sure it was a good idea. Keesha tells Nick that she can't believe she had a doctor visit her [sounds like she got ill in sequester and had a panic attack] Nick then explains that when she gets like that her heart starts palpitating and she gets short of breath. "It's really hard to calm myself down. I stopped drinking caffeine because of it." Keesha says she stopped caffeine too.


Nick says she is sensitive to caffeine and alcohol. Keesha says she is too. They know if they need to stay awake they can have caffeine. They discuss Red Bull and how strong it is. Nicole A- "oh my God, I can't even have one"  They begin talking about sinus medication and how it gets them so out of it. 


2:24 AM BBT  Janelle joins them in the bathroom area and asks Nick if their room cooled down. Nick tells her it's better but still hot. 




2:27 AM BBT  Janelle joins Kaysar in the Key BDRM. She tells him she thinks she will be nominated. They aren't sure when noms will be. Kaysar asks her if everyone is up there (HOH). She's not sure. Kaysar tells her that the DR is freezing but the Key BDRM is the best room in the house now. Janelle tells Kaysar that they should not be seen together. He leaves the room.



2:30 AM BBT  Janelle, Christmas, and Nick are talking in the bathroom about lasik surgery. Janelle had the surgery but now needs contacts because her eyes have aged. She said she needs bifocals too. Kaysar joins them and warns them about how cold the DR is. Nick- "I think it's like that for the equipment"  They all agree.


Kevin- I'm acclimating...like...okay...okay...are you guys getting used to it? (being back in the house)

Keesha- it's still very surreal to be back in here

Kevin- it was such a strange premiere night too

Nick- how we prepared this year was so different...and then the live show was different, I mean we ran in the door and did a comp. My emotions all day were, I mean I was so nervous.It takes such a big toll on your body. I need sleep. I don't know what tomorrow holds.

Keesha- I'm sad the backyard is closed tomorrow

Kevin- how do we know this?

Keesha- someone told me that

Christmas- I said I don't know...there has to be something tomorrow. It's not gonna be like, just chill.

Kevin- yeah, there's got to be something



Nick - I don't think noms will be tomorrow.

They discuss how they couldn't get into the Have Not room because they left it locked.


3:06 AM BBT  Memphis is awake in the kitchen. Ian is lying in bed in the Have Not room clearly going through details in his head.Enzo, David and Dani are getting ready for bed in the Photo BDRM. Enzo says as soon as he gets in bed he will get called to the DR. Dani agrees and they laugh. Dani says the bdrm is freezing and David says he loves it "It's Heaven". Dani says that this is the perfect season to come back. David says he isn't really an All-Star, but... Dani says that All-Stars have memorable moments "everyone is an All-Star for different reasons.....so don't think of it like that at all,"

David- yeah like memorable moments....what's the story...and what they are producing



The camera flips to the Key BDRM where Nick is doing an undercover change and complains to Keesha and Kaysar that the camera is right on her.

Keesha- of course it is

The camera switches back to the Photo BDRM and then back to Key room where they are getting ready for bed

Keesha says she likes their BDRM but it's too cold (Keesha, Nick, & Kaysar are clearly planning to sleep in Key BDRM)




Tyler and Cody are talking in the HOH BDRM. Cody tells Tyler that he has him. 

Cody- Dude at first I was like I want no part of this HOH but then I saw who was here in my group and I was like I don't know

Tyler- yeah, you have to

Cody- I was like I am not going up on the block the first week. I'm not the one to initiate convos, so I wanted to just you know 

Tyler- yeah, and they are already talking....I wanted to win this first one too

Tyler says goodnight to Cody and heads downstairs for bed


3:19 AM BBT  Tyler and Enzo change for bed in the Photo BDRM. Tyler- "Goodnight Angela. I love you." Enzo says goodnight to his kids.

Tyler- back in the Big Brother house...I didn't think I'd be back here in a million years.

Enzo farts 

Tyler- Damnit! is that how it's gonna be Enzo

Enzo- hey, that's the first.  I just warmed up the cold ass room. I like the cast though, you know. Everyone is nice, Man.

David- yeah....no awkward silent moments

Enzo- I can't believe when they announced the cast, Bro. That shit is crazy. The whole shit was dope...the package. They did it right.

David- on national TV live



Enzo asks David where he is from. David says he is from Atlanta "I love Atlanta" but he moved to LA for a job  "but last summer I didn't win any money and I was broke. I found the ideal company within my field, like my niche, a really, really good company. When I got the text about this I was having a hard time, you know, like these opportunities don't come along, there's no guarantees...how do you say no to it? You might never get this call again."  

Enzo- yeah, but you can get a job anytime

David- but my job - full support

Enzo- that's amazing

Tyler asks him about last time "you were a photographer, right?"

David- yeah, I was just doing freelance though. I wasn't at a point where it was sustainable though

Enzo asks Tyler if he's working

Tyler says they are just working their business and doing the influencer thing. He tells them they took a big trip to Dubai for his birthday.

Enzo says this came at the perfect time because he wasn't doin' nothin'  "Once we get out of here I'm going with the family, it will be the holidays, Bro"

Tyler- it's crazy

Enzo says he just wants to get back for Halloween. Tyler says they will be done Oct. 21st

Enzo- this year is wrapped up. Man, shut the lights off

Tyler- they aren't gonna do it...my first night on BB20 I remember I just passed the f*** out

David- our cast said they stayed up all night...that's what they told me

Tyler- you went back the next day

David- two week sequester   *feeds cut*


3:34 AM BBT

When the feeds come back Tyler asks David if they talked about "how they were treating you guys"

David- I knew their egos were just, you know, I just saw the ego and analyzed what it was. I could see the confidence running through. I remember one distinctive moment when Jack's HOH was coming to an end and he was getting frustrated. I was just going about my day and not getting upset about nothing. Like whatever they were doing wasn't working.  Those were interesting moments.

Tyler- it's crazy what you can see when you just sit back like that

Enzo- if you shut these lights off I'll fall out. Man, I'm going to have to put my shades on.

David- goodnight fellas

The guys say goodnight and the room gets quiet


Camera switches to bathroom area where Nicole is getting ready for bed, brushing her teeth. Dani asks Nicole if her sisters were happy she was coming back. Nicole says they were, but they are also sad. Dani says she wanted to spend time with her family before coming here but that the process sort of robbed them of that "shoot this and do that" Nicole tells Dani she thinks it's cool that she met Dom here. Dani explains that they weren't in a showmance or anything. They just flirted and then she realized after that she really liked him. Then when they saw each other finale night they just stayed up all night talking and were inseparable ever since.

Dani- who are you gonna showmance this year?

Nicole laughs

Dani- you got Enzo, David...

Nicole- all of them....one at a time

Dani- girl, I support you

Nicole- I honestly...correct me if I'm wrong. I think I'm like the only single girl..

Dani- Da'Vonne, but that's it, huh? Da'Vonne is vsuper single though

Nicole- Ah

Dani- but that's it. The weight is on your shoulders. 

Nicole- I've got this guys. I'll have 5 showmances to balance out

Dani laughing

Nicole- Bless Big Brother's heart. They are trying to give me the best chance  *laughing

Dani- we need a showmance....we got you Nicole


3:44 AM BBT  Dani is carrying around her showmance pillow  [so cute  -MamaLong]. She plans to sleep with it. Ian comes downstairs for the bathroom saying he can't sleep. Dani tells him to come hang out in the back bBDRM if he can't sleep.

Nicole says she is getting a second wind "I'm wide awake" Dani says "don't get a second wind now" then she heads to the kitchen to get something to eat



Ian steps out of the toilet room and tells Nicole that he may go back to the back BDRM but he is unsure. Nicole feels the same. They head upstairs.


3:51 AM BBT

Ian, Nicole. Memphis, Kevin are settled in bed in the Have Not room.

Enzo, David, Tyler and Dani sleeping in Photo BDRM

Cody asleep in the HOH Room

Comic BDRM- Da'Vonne, Bayleigh  (I guess Christmas is in there, too, just not positive)

Key BDRM- Kaysar, Keesha, Nick F, Janelle


4:00 AM BBT The house is dark and silent 

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7:19AM BBT: Kevin and Memphis are up and in the KT. Kevin is talking with Memphis, he says he's freezing, but he found an "emergency blanket." He asks Memphis about his foot, Memphis says it's doing "ok." 


7:21AM BBT: Kevin walks into the lounge, he declares it the "fart room," and promises to do all his "farting" there. He looks at the pillows and the cameras and then wanders out and stands in the KT. Memphis meanwhile has been wandering around the LR. 


7:24AM BBT: Memphis is making coffee, they joke that they're making "prison coffee." Kevin says he's "empty" and "can't sleep." He tells Memphis that he "didn't expect this." Memphis says he likes his coffee super strong. All of the other HGs are still sleeping. 


7:25AM BBT: Memphis says if the coffee "tastes like sh*t" it's not his fault. Kevin says he's going to try to go back to sleep. Memphis says once he's up, he's up and can't go back to sleep. Kevin says he never wakes up early and this is "really throwing him off." Memphis asks Kevin where he lives, they talk about Southern California. They talk about when they normally wake up. 


7:30AM BBT: Kevin and Memphis are still in the KT. Kevin says BB should change the orange dots on the doors to the BY. "I think it's an inside joke," Kevin says, "the one thing that never changes" in the house. Memphis laughs, he compliments the floor of the KT. "It's just tape," Kevin says. Memphis disagrees, he thinks it's real flooring.


7:30AM BBT: Kevin says that the flooring of the previous season can be seen when moving furniture. He takes Memphis to the LR and points to a spot in the corner. Memphis laughs. 


7:31AM BBT: Kevin lays down on the paint splattered flooring, he says he matches it. "This is as sign," he says.




7:33AM BBT: "I'm laying on the floor, oh my God!" Kevin gets off the floor and joins Memphis in the KT. Memphis says the coffee tastes like the bleach off the paper towels. 


7:34AM BBT: Kevin says if he drinks the coffee, there won't be any chance of him going back to sleep. "Nope!" Memphis says while drinking his own cup. The lean against the KT island. 


7:35AM BBT: "It smells delicious," Kevin says. "It'll do," Memphis laughs, "I've had worse." Memphis drinks his coffee black, he says the blankets upstairs are "horrible." Kevin says his "arms kept falling asleep." They discuss their arms falling asleep. "At least next week you'll really enjoy that bed," Memphis says, Kevin agrees. Memphis says there will have to be another three people in the havenot room next week because there aren't enough beds in the house for everyone. 


7:37AM BBT: Kevin says he can't "wrap" his head around the "safe room" Julie was talking about last night. Memphis says obviously that room would keep you safe from eviction. "Why is it a physical room, though?" Kevin asks, he doesn't understand why it's a room and not a comp. Kevin and Memphis try to figure out where the Safety Suite is. 


7:38AM BBT: Kevin says the crew is constantly opening doors. Memphis is trying to figure out what show Da'Vonne was on after her BB season. Kevin says it was "the challenge." They both say they've never watched it and try to figure out how the "newer generation" is able to cross over into other networks. Memphis wonders what his kid is doing, he says he starts kindergarten this year. "I thought schools were closed," Kevin says. "Not private schools," Memphis says. 


7:41AM BBT: Kevin and Memphis continue to talk about Memphis' kid and his schooling options. Memphis says he'll miss his kid's first day of school, he says it's "brutal" missing that. 


7:43AM BBT: Memphis talks about having to entertain his kid in the quarantine. He says his kid got really good at riding a bike.


7:44AM BBT: Kevin and Memphis continue to talk about the quarantine and their families. 

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7:47AM BBT: Kevin and Memphis continue to discuss the pandemic and how many businesses may get rid of office space and have people work from home permanently. Memphis says people are more productive at home. 


7:52AM BBT: Kevin and Memphis continue to talk about business. Another HGs wakes up to use the WC and then goes back to bed. They moved so quickly we're not sure who it was.


7:55AM BBT: Kevin and Memphis discuss restaurant property and ride sharing apps. 


7:58AM BBT: Kevin and Memphis talk about the water bottles the crew has given them. They comment on how the house will go through an entire "landfill" of water if they don't give them a plastic cup to keep all season. Kevin thinks they'll get that later today. "They gave us a sh*t ton of paper plates," Kevin says. "Back to college mode," Memphis laughs. 

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8:46 AM BBT  Music is on with pictures of stars. 

8:48 AM BBT  Feeds are back, HGs are up and in different rooms, just mulling around.  Most are in KT and WA.   Bayleigh and Tyler are being civil in the KT.

8:54 AM BBT  Kaysar and Nicole A are in the SR, talking a little game, Dani comes in, they talk about the water being stale and the tea kettle doesn't work.  Nicole said it implodes.

8:59 AM BBT  Most of the HGs are in the KT/DR area.  Kevin is staring at the HG pictures.  Others come over to look at them,  Cody is eating, both Nicoles are now looking at the pics, Nicole F doesn't like her picture, says she had a really good one taken at home.  Christmas said she didn't like her picture from her first season, it wasn't realistic.  Nicole F still complaining about her picture.  They say the picture is good, it is the lighting that is bad.  She said it doesn't look natureal.

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8:59AM BBT: All houseguests rush to the KT to look at the picture wall to look at the cast photos.  Photos were provided by the houseguests themselves & most are commenting that Janelle's looks professionally done.  Kevin does not like the photo they chose for him.  


9:18AM BBT: Janelle and Bayleigh are talking game and general impressions of the girls in the Lounge.  Xmas walks in and J & B say they were discussing the Safety Room.  Kaysar & Memphis discuss his businesses in the KT.  Lots of boring general chit chat.

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9:05 AM BBT  Someone is in the shower, can't see who it is.  Christmas gets into the other shower,  Dani and Bayleigh are talking about how tall Bay is.  She is 5'10".  She said she needs a tall guy, because she likes to wear heels.  Swaggy is 6'4".  Danielle said she was surprised by how tall Bay is.  Dani is 5'5.   Dani brushes her teeth, while Tyler comes in and sits on the WA sofa with Bay.  They are trying to decide what is happening today.  Bay thinks they might get a room.  Someone thinks maybe nominations.  More people coming into the WA. 

Christmas is out of the shower.  She is showing her C-section scar.  Now Christmas and Bay are talking about whether Christmas wants more kids, she said her boyfriend has some kids.  She loves parenting, but it is a lot.  They do have a part time Nanny.  She said if she is going to have another one, it will need to be soon.  She continues to discuss her pregnancy.

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9:16 AM BBT  Bay and Janelle are talking about how things feel weird because everyone is super nice. Bay says she wants to talk with Cody but he is so quiet and she knows the guys are already talking to him. "Tyler is like on him" 

Bay- how are you and Keesha

Janelle- she is really nice, I met her years ago

Bay- good

They agree they both like Christmas

Bay- we got to figure it out. Everybody is really nice and everything, but I don't want to be like...we are going to have to have a meeting soon

They begin talking about the secret room  "The Safety Suite"

Bay thinks maybe America votes on it.

Christmas walks in and Bay says "welcome to our coffee nook"

They begin chatting about past powers in their seasons. Christmas talks about Megan leaving early because of PTSD. They know Megan had it hard in the military.

Christmas- but she came in playing hard, cornering everybody...I was like, whoa. I just steered clear.





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9:30 AM BBT  Christmas, Janelle and Bay are in the lounge, talking about their seasons, then about their lives now.  Christmas asks Bay if she wants kids, Bay said most of her family is "chocolate", but she is just brown.  She said Chris is chocolate, so she wants a chocolate baby with curly hair and dimples.  They ask her if she wants one soon, she said yes and no.  She said they originally said when she is 28, but she is 27 now, and she was like "whoa".  So if she gets pregnant, they will be happy, but she would rather wait.  She talks about traveling, and all the different things she has done.  Christmas says she didn't merge her two lives together, she is now a mother, and loves it. 


In the KT, Keesha is talking about lizards and squirrels and rabbits that interacted together during sequester.  She said she is from the mid-west, she knows rabbits and squirrels, but had never seen them act like that together.  Janelle is now in the KT.  She has a rabbit named blueberry.  Her daughters want horses.  Keesha wants a goat, but probably won't get on in LA.  Now they are talking about different support animals they have seen on planes.  Miniature horses, a parrot, a rabbit.  Kevin says he would be upset if he was next to a horse on the plane, where does it poop?  Both Keesha and Janelle had their small dogs certified.  More talk about animals on planes. 

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9:35 AM BBT

Janelle  talks with Keesha and Kevin in the kitchen about her pet bunny, Blueberry. She says it lives in her room and uses a litter box. "He's like the Velveteen rabbit"

They talk about emotional support animals and how some people have miniature horses as ESAs. Keesha says they can fly on the plane with them as an ESA

Janelle says it's crazy and they agree they would be mad to have to sit next to a mini horse on a plane. Kevin says he loves when he is by a dog, though, because they are so calm. They continue talking animals...clearly animal lovers.



9:40 AM BBT

Nick F and Dani are talking in the bathroom trying to decide on who they want to work with. Dani says that Janelle and Kaysar are clearly the biggest targets. They agree that Da'Vonne and Bayleigh are playing down that they are friends.

Nick F- yeah, it's obvious they are friends

Nick tells Dani that she likes Keesha

Dani- yeah

Nick- is she trustworthy?  *feeds cut





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9:41 MA BBT  Dani is in the WA, talking game with Nicole F.  Dani thinks Janelle and Kaysar are the biggest targets in the house, but Dani thinks the other HG's are star struck.  Nicole F is quiet.  Dani also says that DaVonne and Bayleigh are friends outside the house.  She said they are trying to keep it quiet.  Nicole gets up complaining about her hair looking bad.  Dani asks if they took a lot of her stuff away, Nicole F said no, she wished they did, then she wouldn't have so many choices.  Dani said she had her stuff for 2 weeks, then they made her take half of her stuff out in the green room.    Feeds switch to DR.  Christmas says she loves the live feeders, they know the backstory of the houseguests, compared to people who just watch the show and see only the edits.    Nicole asks Christmas about her tattoos.  Cody asks about Christmas' fall.  She said it was on day 13, and she broke 10 bones.  They discuss her crutches and scooter.  She still can't  flex that foot much.  David and Tyler are at the table as well as a couple of others.  Talk is about working out, sports training and nutrition. 

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9:46 AM BBT

Nicole A asks Christmas about her foot injury "did that freakin' hurt?"

Christmas- yeah and it hurt for two years after

She tells Nicole and Cody that she broke ten bones and had screws. She kept the hardware (2 pins and 10 screws) once they took it out. They praise her for staying in the game despite her injury.






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9:54 AM BBT

Dani and Day are talking in the Photo BDRM. Day tells Dani how it was her grandma that talked her in to trying out for BB. She never thought she would make it on the show. After her granny died she decided to try out. "And now I am like a reality star"

Dani gets called to the DR

Dani- Oh my gosh...can't you see this? 

She is still getting ready

Dani- please give me like 10 minutes

They want to go outside and see the sky



Dani tells Day that she really likes her. Day agrees that she was happy to see Dani, ""That's why I was like, what we doin' Dani?"

Dani- I like Tyler. I thought I wouldn't like him because I didn't like him on his season... but, I like him

They discuss how confused he is about Kaycee not being there

Dani- is there anyone you don't like?

Day- not yet

Dani- there's time

Day- oh yeah, there's time. I came in here so low. You came in so low.

Dani- yeah, so low

Day- Christmas came in here low. 

Dani- I was worried she was gonna come in with Josh. Kaycee and Bayleigh had a huge fallout. It's a huge relief for her

I was worried she was gonna come in with Josh.


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9:00am BBT: HG doing ADL's and Eating breakfast just general talk going on.

9:10am BBT: Nicole and Tyler talking about the memory wall and where their pictures were last time they played. David tells them he never seen his picture in color. Tyler laughs and says man keep this man in color.

9:23am BBT: Kaysar and Memphis talking about Memphis's restaurants and how he got started and what he makes in his different restaurants.

9:30am BBT: Cody goes to the STR  comes back to the KT and says Red bull and Fruitloops can't get no better than that. He goes to the table grabs a glass blows in at and dust goes in his face he then goes and washes the glass before  using it. Bayleigh and Nicole in the WA doing ADL's.

9:38am BBT: Janelle, Keesha and Kevin talking about support animals and how they would fly with theirs and how there is talk about making  animals citizens now, Kevin said he does not agree with that.

9:42am Dani and Nicole F. IN WA talking about their things they brought in the house and how BB took most of Dani's things because she brought to much. Nicole F' ask do you like Keesha? Dani says yeah. Nicole F. says i really like her do you think she is trustworthy? Feeds switch to KT with general talk.

9:55am Dani and Day in BR talking about Dani trying out for BB and how her grandmother told her to and now she is a reality star. BB calls her to the DR.

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Feeds are back, Dani gets called to the DR.  She is in the BR with Da'Vonne  She asks don't they see she is putting on make up?  She said she will go in about 10 minutes, she is really fast putting on make up.  She rubs it in, she said she is low maintamence, she was raised by her grandmother, and doesn't do a lot of make up.  She continues talking to Da, wanting to go outside and see the sky.  They are hoping there aren't too many twists. they feel like it messes with the game.  They laugh that it is only day 2.  They are talking about production, people who aren't there anymore. 

Da asks Dani if she has talked to "him" yet, they both say they haven't.  They said no one is talking game, and Da is trying to talk with everyone, but that can be sketchy too, because people see her going from person to person.  Dani brings up going after the pairs, especially Kaysar and Janelle.  Whispering now, someone with how close Keesha is with someone.  Da said she was trying to give hints to Dani early.  They both like Tyler, Dani didn't think she would.  They talk how he is there without Kaycee, that he really thought she would be there.  He seems lost.

10:04 AM BBT  Day and Dani still chatting.  They are trying to decide who has someone in the house.   Day said Nicole A has David.  They don't think they are close.  Dani said he is the Chicken George of this season.  They think he might go far under the radar.  No one knows what he is like in comps, since he didn't do much his season. Talk about the easy comp, and they could have changed clothes into something cute.   Short music cutaway, when they come back, Dani is gone.  Day talks to the camera and says she knows this is the alliance "they" want her in, she is trying.  Baby steps.  She goes into the KT/DR area with the other HGs

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10:08 AM BBT

Dani leaves Day in the Photo BDRM alone

Day sighs then talks to the cameras "I'm trying, I'm trying y'all. I know this is the alliance you guys want, so I'm tryin'. Baby steps. It's only day 2....only day 2."





She leaves and heads to the kitchen




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10:15 AM BBT  Nicole F is in the HOH talking with Cody.  She wants to start something with him, Christmas, Day and Dani.  He said Memphis is really cool, too.  They both say it is hard to talk, with so many people in the house and watching them.  Cody says he didn't want to be the first HOH, but was afraid of being put up if he didn't win.  Nicole F says it is hard, he says he is just hoping someone says something or messes up so it would be easy for nominations. Nicole F goes out, and Nicole A comes in.  He tells her the same story, he didn't want to win.  Cody said he doesn't really talk to people in the game.  Nicole says she is just out of the game, so she went to the meet and greets for her season.  They are talking about NY, he goes a lot, she won't say exactly where she lives, but it is Suffolk county.  Cody goes there all the time.  Cody is from New Jersey, so is Enzo, but not near each other.  He talks about people from the show he has met, but he doesn't keep in touch with any of them.  They talk about David, and how excited he was to pick a bed, he never got to do that in his season.  Talk turns to Day, and Cody's brother.  He is doing better, but he spiraled.  He had a rough time.  His brother was crucified on twitter.  He has been on X on the beach and The Challenge.  (who was his brother?) 

10:29 AM BBT  Nicole A and Cody finish their talk and leave the room.  Cody said he will leave it open if she wants to use the bathroom or something.  She talks about the birds, she hates birds.  Cody is surprised, said there is beauty in a cardinal.  Nicole F says birds are flying dinosaurs.  They go downstairs.  Cody goes to the SR, says they have already gone through all of the water.  He puts something in the WA, and leaves, Day walks past him in the hallway and says she wants to talk.  He agrees, as they keep walking in opposite directions.  Christmas is called to the DR.  It startled Cody.

10:33 AM BBT  David is in the WA with Day and Janelle.  He asks what she has been on.  She said twice on BB and twice on The Challenge.  He said she is a pro.  She said she is trying to be.  She said she wants to be on The Circle, then she will be done.  She talks about The Challenge, how it isn't live, so after the 3 months, you go home and have to watch it, so you don't get to check out.  She prefers BB, where you leave and get to check out.   Janelle asks what the prizes are, Day explains.  Kaysar comes into the WA,  discusses wearing glasses with David.  David explains how blind he is. 

Dani comes in, said they didn't need her in the DR, she isn't on this episode, they laugh.  Someone asks about Portia.  Dani said they aren't friends anymore.  She said she really liked her, worked with her on the show, but when Dani and Dom were dating, Portia was hanging all over Dom, so that broke the friendship.  She asked Janelle if she is still in touch with her, Janelle said she doesn't live in FL anymore, but heard Portia got married.  Ian is in the WA now, they are talking about degrees.  Dani said hers is to teach art, but  to hire a nanny at the low teacher pay, it isn't worth it.  Talking about how sad it is that teachers have to shape the children, yet don't get much money, and have to use their own for supplies.  Discussing homeschooling, Zoom school, and how good Brittney is at homeschooling.

Lots of general chatter in KT and WA, no game talk.  I am out for a while.

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10:00am BBT: Nicole F. and Cody in the HOHR talking about them working together and not letting anyone know that they are. Nicole says she rally likes Keesha and wants to keep her around because she feels like she can talk to her if she wins HOH. Nicole F?> Says they will keep in contact  when they can as she leaves the room.

10:17am BBT: Nicole A. comes into the HOh room to talk with Cody now Cody says he thinks he  knows what he is going to do and that she is fine not to worry. They then talk general talk about their seasons and about hoe Cody isn't sure about Day as his Brother did not like her.

10:31am BBT: Nicole A. leaves the HOHR and heads down to the KT. everyone is sitting around talking general talk.

10:46am BBTL In the WA talk is about how the show works and how after the second week it starts to get real in the house. 

10:51am BBT: IN the WA Tyler brushing his teeth while Nicole A. talks about her skin breaking out when she went home last year and kessha agrees this place messes with your skin. we get FOTH

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11:00 AM BBT Cody, Enzo, Bayleigh, David and Tyler are sitting at the dining room table talking about the trials and tribulations of social media. Cody jokes that his boys get on to him every time he posted a shirtless photo so he stopped. Meanwhile Nicole is talking to Kevin at the KT counter. She tells him that Victor is so good at so many things but he is socially awkward. 


11:08 AM BBT Bayleigh and David are talking about slavery. Bayleigh says that people talk about slavery like it was a a long long time ago. She says that it wasn't that long ago because her great great grandmother was a slave. David notes that this current generation is the first generation that is truly free. 


11:11 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Christmas, Janelle, Keesha and Nicole A in the WA. Christmas and Janelle are talking about different skin care products.


11:14 AM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 show Bayleigh, David, Enzo, Tyler and Cody at the dining room table. Bayleigh is telling them that everyone from her season is "all over the place" and some of them are still holding grudges. Enzo agrees saying that his season was ten years ago, and people still hold grudges. The speculate why Frankie is not on the show. They agree that he is in a really good situation right now and probably turned them down.


11:22 AM BBT Bayleigh, David, Enzo, Tyler, Cody and Ian are discussing the different punishments from their seasons. Tyler says that the absolute worst was Sam's two weeks as a robot. She couldn't even go outside without getting stuck in the grass.


11:24 AM BBT Bayleigh is talking to the others about Kaitlyn from her season and her claims of hearing things from her spirit guide. "Girl, you heard that around the corner. Stop." Feeds switch to FOTH.


Talking Smack at the Table.jpg


11:28 AM BBT Feeds switch to the critter cam. Something is happening.

Critter Cam.jpg

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12:00 PM BBT The feeds return and most of the HGs are in the WA. Kevin is walking around with something around his neck that says VIP. Nicole "I bet everyone was crapping their pants after that one." 


Kevin VIP.png


12:03 PM BBT Tyler and Bayleigh are alone in the Photo BR. He also has a VIP pass. They have decided to play together without appearing to the others like they are. Tyler apologizes to her for how he acted when they were in the house together last time. He says he wasn't focused on people. He was wrong for the way he made her feel. He didn't deserve to win. Bayleigh says that he was always sincere in his apology and they agree that they need friends in this game.


Tyler VIP.png


Janelle also has a VIP pass. And whatever the pass is good for it, it includes them to bring a plus one.


12:10 PM BBT Christmas has joined Tyler and Bayleigh in the Photo BR. They are trying to figure out what strategy Cody will use to come up with noms. 


12:15 PM BBT BB Zooms in on Tyler laying on the bed with the badge around his neck. The badge reads Safety Suite VIP. 

Safety Suite VIP.jpg


12:16 PM BBT Tyler, Christmas and Bayleigh have agreed to work together. Christmas and Bayleigh leaves and David comes in. Tyler tells him that it is weird that no one is talking to them about what is happening. Tyler and David agree that they need to work together. David tells Tyler that his safety could make him a target. David says he will be his plus one. 


12:20 PM BBT David and Tyler are still in the Photo BR. David says that the VIP changes everything. Enzo joins them. "Do you go, do you not? Do you show your hand?" Tyler "It is shooting in the dark." 


12:22 PM BBT David, Tyler and Ezno are discussing the safety suite. It involves swiping your badge to play. David "If you win, they will announce it to the house and you have to announce your plus one immediately." Tyler "And everyone knows it. It is not going to be a secret. And you have to call out the plus one." Enzo "That's like a punishment right there."


12:28 PM BBT Kevin, Da'Vonne, Cody, Bayleigh, Nicole A and Ian are talking up in the loft. Cody is telling them about his season on BB and how everyone was trying to get into each other's head. 

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12:00 PM BBT  Bay and Tyler are talking.  They are talking about working together, they think it can work.  Tyler says in front of others they will be civil, but behind the scenes they will act like they are coming after each other.  They don't think anyone would think they are together.  Tyler apologizes for the way he treated her, he said no matter what he did, he didn't want to make her feel that way.  They are making amends for their previous seasons.  Bay and Tyler think they can work together.  Bay said just don't be mean to her.  She said her life is in a different place now, everything is so good.  Tyler said she deserves it.  Tyler said he gets nauseous thinking about it.   Christmas comes in.  They ask what Cody is thinking.  No one seems to know.  They are curious how noms will go.  Tyler said everyone is chilling.  Christmas said not everyone.  Tyler said no one is talking, at least to him.  Tyler was up there last night, but nobody was saying anything. Bay decides to go upstairs and talk with Cody. Christmas is talking with Tyler.  She is talking about working with Tyler, they don't have to talk, they are good.  Christmas asks if he is burying the hatchet with her.  He said he doesn't know.  She might accept his apology, but Tyler said she will still remember he voted her out.  Christmas said they need to check in every couple of days, she is trying to get close to a couple people, Bay and Ian.  She said Tyler needs to come out of his shell.  He said no one is trying to connect with him, he is a little worried.  He needs to see about getting with someone.  Christmas leaves, Tyler lays down thinking.




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