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Thursday, August 6, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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7:18PM BBT: Janelle confirms to Nicole & Xmas that she lost the comp and got a costume punishment.

7:27PM BBT: Nicole goes into the HOH and asks to talk to Cody.  Bayleigh leaves to let her talk.  Nicole tells Cody she's been telling people they haven't talked.  Nicole is shocked that Kaysar/Janelle knew to play for the Safety Suite.  K & J both used their VIP pass and Kaysar won the comp.  Cody tells Nicole that he told Janelle he isn't going after her, but Janelle was coy when asked who she would put up.  Cody took this as meaning she didn't trust him, so he doesn't trust her.  Nicole is worried and asked Cody if anyone ever brought up "putting up the 2 winners".  He said no one has said that.

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7:10 PM BBT: Janelle is safe.  It was an ear and memory comp and Janelle completed it in 16 minutes.  Christmas and Nicole F are talking with her in the key bedroom.  


7:12 PM BBT: Bay is talking with Cody in the HOHR.  They are hoping that the comps don't involve snakes.  She had to deal with one in her season and Cody did the same on Fear Factor.


7:15 PM BBT: Bay tells Cody that he could be a model.  He says he's not tall enough and never got into modeling.  Bay said she was told she was too pretty to model in NYC.






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7:28 PM BBT: NicoleF and Cody are in the HoH talking game. Cody had given Kaysar a heads up that he was thinking about nominating him.  He mentioned that he might nominate Keesha.  Cody had told Janelle straight up that he wasn't going to nominate her. He knows now that they don't think that his word is worth anything. When Cody asked her who her targets were she said, "Weaker players." Cody said that he doesn't care to keep Janelle close to him. Nicole asks for confirmation that no one is looking to nominate the two winners. Cody said no, but that Memphis said to target Ian because he can slip under the radar. 


Nicole said that Christmas really trust her and asked Nicole to use her VIP pass for her and that she would use hers for Nicole. Nicole and Cody claim that Janelle and Kaysar are a big duo, and they thought that they didn't talk. Cody says that it is probably true that they didn't talk before the season, but they are not like Cody and Nic. Cody claims that he would veto Nicole if he won. 


7:35 PM BBT:  Cody is saying that he is likely to play next week's Safety Suite because he can't compete in HoH and no guarantee of POV. Cody said that they both made it into week 2.  Cody said that it sucks to nominate Keesha because she is sweet.  He is thinking of nominating Kevin alongside her. Cody says that losing either of them does nothing for his game. Cody doesn't trust Janelle and is skeptical of Kaysar.  He said that Janelle is loyal to who she is playing with. 


Talk turns to Dani.  Nicole claims that she is better friends with Dani than Janelle is. They then recount what happened to Dani in BB13 and her demise.  Tyler then comes in and interrupts the conversation.


The Safety Suite is the hot topic now.  Nicole said that she had hooped that Kaysar would save her (Ok... WHAT!? - Sheldon).  They all agree that the two people playing is the way to go.  They laugh about how epic it would be if Kaysar had saved Enzo.


Tyler asks who the nominations are going to be.  Cody said that he is not going to rattle the cage.  He says that he feels bad, but it is what it is. Tyler says that everyone is a threat. Tyler brings up Keesha's name and Cody said that he doesn't remember Keesha from 10. They talk about how Dan wasn't in the season until the end. 


7:46 PM BBT:  Nicole is now in the storage room with Dani. Nicole claims she doesn't know who the noms would be.  Nicole then tells Dani that Janelle told her and Christmas that her and Kaysar made a deal to use it on each other. Dani called BS and said that they have been friends for years. She said that that duo is now a huge target. 


Nicole said that she is scared that Janelle is going to win the next HoH and nominate her. Kevin walks in and asked if Nicole talked to Cody.  Nicole said that she didnt talk for long because Tyler came in. Dani laughs and says that there is a big alliance and they think no one is playing the game. They analyze the types of alliances that Tyler, Cody and Enzo get into (meaning big male dominated alliances).  Nicole says that she doesn't know who is going up and that Cody never said that Nicole was safe. 


Kevin asks if the noms would be someone who is connected to Janelle and Kaysar, but none of them know who that would be.  Kevin says that he wants to know who the nominations are going to be and that he isn't trying to sway it, as long as it is not him.

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7:45PM BBT: Cody, Tyler, & Nicole talking in HOH, Nicole leaves when Enzo walks in, she thanks Cody for talking.  Cody wants to nominate Keesha, and the 2nd person he isn't sure.  The whole house seems surprised that Kaysar played the Safety comp, but Cody understands because he didn't really reassure him when they spoke.  They talk about not wanting to rattle Christmas bc she's good at comps. 

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7:53 PM BBT:  Janelle, NicoleA and Ian are in the Love Room.  Janelle is talking about "them" taking out her alliance in BB7. They then say that it happened to her in both seasons.  Ian says that the end is so stressful and it is a lot of luck to get to the end.  NicoleA says she thinks of luck as fate.  They are talking about the schedule for the week. Janelle hopes that she isn't in the unitard for the live show, she only brought a few cute outfits because she doesn't know how long she will last. Ian says that he had the most fun being a dog for a day.

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8:14PM BBT: Kaysar joined Nic A and Janelle in the Love Room.  He figured out Cody and friends were targeting him and explains to them that Tyler started acting nervous around him when Kaysar questioned him about who Cody was thinking & that is why he decided to play for Safety.  Janelle says they dodged a huge bullet, she says Cody is probably going to put up Keesha or Memphis because they are friends.  Ian enters the room and they talk about wanting to try to win veto for whoever gets nom'd.

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08:00 PM BBT FoTH:  


08:00 PM BBT In the LR Janelle is talking to Ian and Nicole about her season as a coach and trying to deal with Ashley being in love with Frank.  Meanwhile, up on the balcony Dani, Cody and Tyler are chatting randomly.


08:10 PM BBT Dani comes up and asks Cody if they can talk.  They move into the HOH.  Dani starts off by telling Cody that she loves him.  Cody thinks Dani is a great player is well and is super smart.  Dani thanks Cody is underrated.  The conversation continues.  Dani asks Cody what he said to Janelle and Kaysar to make them play.  Cody said Janelle said everyone seemed nervous about playing.  Dani and Cody believe that Janelle and Kaysar put a target on their back by playing.


Down in the LR Janelle, Nicole and Ian continue to discuss the coach’s season.  Ian thanks Dan really helped him.


08:13 PM BBT Dani asks Cody if he knows what he’s going to be doing.  Cody doesn’t know yet.  Everyone is walking on eggshells.  He gets it.  Cody starts to ask Dani what she would do but then stops himself and says he doesn’t feel comfortable asking other people that.  Dani doesn’t know.  She thought Casey would be here and Tyler and she would be close.


Dani believes big alliances are big part of players getting to the end.  Cody agrees.


Meanwhile down in the LR the discussion has turned to what Cody is going to do.  Ian has left the room.  Kaysar has joined.  Janelle thinks Keesha.  Kaysar and Nicole don’t want Memphis or Keesha to go up.


08:15 PM BBT Dani doesn’t feel comfortable with Nicole.  She has an odd vibe with Nicole because she asked her to be on her podcast.  Dani doesn’t care to do things like that because she has a personal life.  Dani ghosted her.  She regrets it now and will have to make amends eventually.


Down in the LR Ian has returned.  Talk turns to when they’ll get access to the BY.  Kaysar thinks it may be a few days because they are likely constructing the veto comp in the BY.  They all agree Cody is a comp beast and will be playing hard for veto.


8:20 PM BBT Cody won’t hold it against anyone if they play in veto because they likely want safety for themselves.  Talk turns to the first comp.


Down in the LR The conversation has turned to today’s comp.  They had to compose a song based upon tones that they heard.  Once you got a tone wrong, you had to start over.  Ian can’t do tone stuff.


8:23 PM BBT Cody stays in touch Derrick and Zack.  Dani thinks Enzo will go far because he’s funny and everyone will want to keep him around.  Dani likes Tyler as well, she didn’t think she would.


Down in the LR the group doesn’t know what to think about David because he’s not really played before.  Ian says the house is cold and he’s going to have to start wearing pants.  Kaysar has three layers on.


8:25 PM BBT Cody tells Dani she wouldn’t have gone up even if she didn’t check in with him.  Cody says he’s not trying to send people home.  His job is to nominate.  It’s everyone else’s job to send the noms home.  Dani doesn’t think there are any bully characters in the house this season.  She asks what he thinks about Christmas.  They both agree that she seems like she can become angry without warning.  You can’t joke with her.  Cody is going to tip-toe around her.  Dani thinks she’s going to try and prove herself this season because of her layers from last season.


Down in the LR Memphis has walked in and the group jokes at him about his layers and shoes.  He says he’s very cold.  Kaysar packed for arctic.  Everyone else packed for hot water, etc…  It will get cold in the evening.


8:30 PM BBT Up in the HOH the discussion has also turned to the coldness of the house this season.  Cody thinks Dani’s daughter is adorable.  Dani misses her so much.


8:32 PM BBT Conversation continues in the HOH about Dani’s daughter.  Feeds in the LR switch to the BR.  Bae and David are talking.  Bae felt like conversation stopped when she came into a room and she gets it.  Folks are playing a game.  The conversation is quickly over.  David feels better after his shower.  Bae wants to take three showers a day.  Bae gets up and joins the LR.  Janelle is talking about the fireworks that can be seen from the BY on the Fourth of July (previous seasons).  Bae is cold.  So is everyone else. 


8:34 PM BBT Back in the HOH talk has turned to previous seasons.  Dani’s season was hard because of the couples.  Both agree the show is best when there is a revenge win.


Down in the LR the party is breaking up.  Jani, Nicole, Kaysar and Memphis are left.  Memphis does not feel safe.  Janelle is worried about him.  Memphis said after it was revealed that Kaysar and Janelle were safe he wondered who would go up and he asked Keesha that.  She was like “Us two you *****” and he was like “Oh…”.


8:38 PM BBT HOH feed switches.  Nicole F is in the BR and she is crying.  Keesha is trying to console her.  Nicole F says this is what happens when she doesn’t get any sleep.  Keesha says Nicole F is probably missing her family and her house.  Ian walks in with a dinosaur puppet?  Kevin walks in and checks on Nicole F.  She says she’s just emotional.


8:39 PM BBT Ian walks back into the LR with the puppet.  David has replaced Kaysar.  The group asks what he has.  Ian says it’s his and his girlfriend’s puppet.  Feeds in the LR switch to the Kitchen.  Enzo and Kaysar.  Talk turns to their kids.  FoTH.

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8:40 PM BBT  Nicole is crying in the bathroom about being so tired and emotional...just wanting to curl in her bed and have some privacy.  "I just feel like I'm more sensitive than I used to be." She worries that others will see her cry and think she's weak. Kevin, Christmas and Keesha console her and they all agree that they've been in quarantine for two weeks and then started an intense game. They all admit to crying already. Christmas tells her she is a pretty crier. [They are being very supportive -MamaLong]





Kevin talks about how their handlers wouldn't even talk to them

Christmas- what do you mean? They weren't supposed to talk to us? Mine hung out with me

Nicole F- Yeah, they are not supposed to talk about themselves   "I just need to get some good sleep."

They begin talking about the hot room.  Nicole says it's really hot in there and she would rather sleep in the Arctic.

Nicole F talks about the Have Not room having small bumper cars, but she fit perfectly "like a little bug in a rug. I loved it...but it was hard for the taller people."

8:58 PM BBT Kaysar asks Janelle to speak with him and they head to the Key BDRM. Kaysar says he feels it's pretty clear that they are being targeted. They need to lay low and keep their heads down. Janelle says Nicole and Ian are paranoid. 

Kevin walks in and says the room feels nice.

Kaysar- they are shaping the house. The moment it get's into that cadence, we're screwed. Do you think we can work with Memphis and Keesha.

Janelle- definitely but I think they would be targeted next.

Kaysar- I don't think we can ever pull Tyler and David to our side 

Janelle- that's a bummer

Kaysar drones on and on about how they have to break up that alliance by winning HoH next. Janelle doesn't say too much, just mostly listening.


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BB Time 8:31pm


Camera 1 in the HOH room


Cody is having a conversation with Danielle about the conversations he will need to have with house guests about his nominations.


(Earlier today Kaysar won the Safety Suite and selected Janelle as his Plus 1. Nicole F and Cody had a conversation earlier where they agreed that by competing and selecting Janelle, Kaysar has shown that he may not have trust in Cody as the HOH.)


Cody and Danielle are talking about her past season and the dynamics of players in that show. They both agree that a “revenge win” is very much a part of the game. Cody wants to do well and go far, but he has put going home in perspective.


Danielle says the stressful house reduces the fun they can have while playing and Cody says he was not happy with Paulie (his brother) and Davonne clashing, but that Paulie now does have contact with her. Cody denies that he has contact with Davonee when Danielle asks him.


Camera 1 (moves to washroom area)


Nicole F seems to be very upset and is crying. She says she is crying because she is very tired and says she is not upset.


Kevin comes in and asks if she is okay, she tells him her fatigue causes her to cry (as her normal self).


Christmas is with her and offering sympathy, Kevin asks what she is thinking of, and Nicole tells him she is just feeling “raw” and feels like just crawling in her bed.


We get stars (the new fish)....at 8:40pm for just a few seconds.


When the camera returns Nicole F is telling Kevin and Christmas that maybe she is more sensitive than she used to be. They all agree that it seems like 20 days instead of two. Keesha enters and offers her sympathy.


Christmas says the length of quarantine has added to the quarantine in the house. Kevin says his handler during quarantine was very stand offish and his contact with that person was only very superficial. Christmas seems surprised to hear that.


8:45pm Camera 1 move to kitchen


Kaysar is talking about the dynamics of Big Brother with Enzo. Kaysar says things have truly changed since they came back from the competition (assuming Safety Suite). Janelle is eating a ham and peanut butter snack. They ask why Nicole F is crying, no one seems to have an answer. Kaysar says the “honeymoon is OV ER. People are crying.”


Nicole F comes into the room, tells them sometimes when she gets very tired she cries.


Silence in the room for several minutes, but Enzo seems to be looking towards the washroom. He is mumbling about Nicole F's crying episode


Enzo tells Janelle and Kaysar that he has no current girlfriend, he prefers being used in relationships like “friend with benefits”.


Enzo tells them there is game talk in the HOH and tells them that Nicole F was up there earlier. Janelle tells him and Kaysar that Nicole has denied talking game to Cody. All of them are skeptical.


Kaysar takes Janelle aside and tells her that it is obvious they are being targeted. He says that they cannot use any power for anything unless they hold the HOH. He tells her that anything they say will be taken to the current HOH to barter for their own needs. He says that they need to put together a block for themselves. He names several people who are in a group of some kind with Cody.


Janelle says that Ian and Nicole A would work with them, but she doesn't trust Danielle.


Kaysar says that they should give out no information. He says the group with Cody is trying to shape the house, and the moment they get into a cadence, both of them will be screwed. Kaysar mentions Keesha as a possible ally. He believes, Tyler, Cody, and David will work together. He hopes to bring in Memphis.


Janelle says she does not want Danielle to go up because she likes her and Danielle is trying to lay low.


Kaysar says a middle alliance will push votes to get out other people to save themselves.


Kaysar believes it is a named alliance already. Kaysar tells her that Tyler has already approached him after having a conversation with Cody. He believes they do not know how in depth he knows the game, as well as how well Janelle knows the game. He believes without Derrick in the house Cody will not have enough help strategizing.


Ian comes into the bedroom and Janelle decides she needs to go to the shower.


Kaysar follows her out of the room. (Ian may have left off camera).


Camera 1 9:06pm moves to kitchen


House guests are talking about romance based television shows.


Camera 1 moves to the washroom area.


House guests are talking about Diary room sessions and we get Stars for a few seconds.


Camera returns and everyone has changed topic to sleeping.

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9:11 PM BBT  Kevin and Da'Vonne talk in the loft area. Kevin says he wants to diversify. Da'Vonne says that no one is talking game with her. She asks Kevin what he thinks about Nicole. He says he loves both of them and feels he can vibe with Nicole A because they are both awkward. He says he wishes he could work with Janelle "but she's like here" (he raises his arm to shoulder height)

Da'Vonne- you gotta stop thinking like that

image.thumb.png.d1a459bbb914cbc7a2bd80a8097b3e1a.pngNicole A joins them "How are you guys feeling?"

Kevin says he talked with Cody so he appreciates that advice (earlier she told him to do that) He seems to be understanding and I would love to work with him

Nicole A- Cody? Yeah he's strong....he's genuine

Kevin says there are some that he is getting a vibe and it would be hard to work with him

Nicole A- who?

Kevin- keep it between us girls...Memphis. I can see it hard to work with him because he is so different...opposite world

Da'Vonne- have you guys talked

Kevin- this morning we talked about an hour, we both woke up early but that's when I realized he was gonna be hard to work with. There is like a shield and I cannot crack it

Nicole A- yeah I've been feeling that, Oh crap. Like where do I fall in this puzzle

Da'Vonne- I don't know....I believe if you're feeling that you should try to break it.....we are playing a game. So, if I got to have this conversation with you, it's $500.000. 

Nicole A- who do you feel good about?

Kevin- well, you two

Nicole- yeah, we're good that's why I'm asking.

Kevin- I would like to work with Ian and Cody is so athletic....I would love to maybe work with Enzo

Da'Vonne- yeah I feel good about you guys. It concerns me because everyone is talking game now but no one is talking game to me. So, I don't know.




Da'Vonne- at this point, nobody is talking with me so having this conversation is making me feel 'okay, cool'

Nicole A- we are not known for blowing smoke, so I feel comfortable with it

Kevin- I want to work with Tyler. He's good.

Nicole A- he is amazing

Da'Vonne- he is a good shield


9:30 PM BBT Nicole thanks them for talking with her

Da'Vonne says that you have to work with people that make more deposits than withdrawals

Kevin agrees "we know each other on the low"


*I'm out for the night  -MamaLong



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8:42 PM BBT Feeds back.  HOH is Dani and Cody still talking.


Down in the BR it’s Christmas, Keesha, Nicole F and Kevin.  Talk is about how they were quarantined.  Kevin says his “person” wasn’t talking to him.  Keesha says she was talking to her.  Everyone else seems to agree that their person’s were supposed to be keeping distance from them.


8:46 PM BBT Cody says Covid has been exhausting.  Dani says her daughter did not get to see the Easter bunny this year.  Cody says his aunt takes medicine that makes her immunocomped and she’s a huge fan and is probably watching the feeds.  He laughs when he realizes the cams aren’t focused on him.  Dani jokingly says there’s probably game talk somewhere else and they’re plotting to take him down.


BR feeds switch to the kitchen.  Kaysar and Enzo.  Janelle joins them.  Asks where everyone is.  Kaysar says after their game the mood has switched.  Janelle wants chocolate.  It’s her addiction.  She doesn’t smoke any more.  Kaysar is glad.  Janelle says she wasn’t addicted she just smoked to smoked.


8:50 PM BBT Bae has joined the HOH room.  Talk has shifted to Covid.  Dani says everyone in Orange County says it’s a hoax.  Cody offers Dani a blanket.  She is cold.


8:53 PM BBT Quiet in the kitchen.  Talk has turned to Enzo and his divorce (4 years ago) he was put through the ringer with it.  Hushed whispers about Nicole F and her crying a bit ago.


Up in the HOH Dani says she got a smokers type cough while in sequester because of her sinuses.


8:57 PM BBT HOH feeds switch to balcony.  Dae and Tyler.  “Is to that point in the game where people are hiding already?”  They both trust Cody.


Down in the kitchen Kayser asks Jani to go and talk.  They walk into the key room.  Kaysar says it’s obvious that everyone is treating them differently now.  He thinks people are going to try and gain information from them.  Kaysar trusts Nicole.  He doesn’t know about Ian.  Janelle thinks Ian will work with them.  Kaysar asks about Bae and Dani.  Janelle doesn’t know.  Kevin walks in and interrupts their talk looking for Keesha and Dani.  They don’t know.  Kevin leaves. Kaysar doesn’t trust anyone and thinks that everyone will try to come to them for info and they can’t share anything with them.


09:00 PM BBT Janelle doesn’t wasn Dani nominated.  Kaysar doesn’t either.  Kaysar says without Derrick, Cody more or less doesn’t have a leg to stand on (summarized).


Up on the balcony Dae admits she was closed off on her previous seasons because she was here to play a game.  Tyler understands.


09:05 PM BBT Ian walks in with his puppet.  Conversion over.  Balcony feeds switch to bathroom and then the LR.  Nicole and David talking about last season and they were open about.. FOTH.  Feeds back.  David won’t be surprised if he gets nominated.


KR feed switches to the bathroom and then to the balcony.  Kevin and Dae talking.  They both agree they don’t feel like they know where they are supposed to fit in.


09:10 PM BBT Dae says she was super excited to see Kevin return and she tried to hold herself back so she wasn’t super obvious.  Dae says nobody has approached her about wanting to work together yet and she believed there were a few that might.  Kevin agrees.  He’s trying to talking to Ian because he’s so smart.  Dae asks about Nicole in the HN room.  Kevin loves both of them, but he says Nicole F is distant and has not spoken game.


Back in the LR David and Nicole continue to talk to each other about last season.  Nicole thinks David will make it far this season.  David wants to know what it feels like to sit on the block.  Nicole tells him no  He can feel those seats when he’s in final 2 with her by his side.


09:15 PM BBT  David and Nicole get up and leave.  Feeds switch to the bathroom. Christmas, Nicole F and Ian.  Janelle in the shower?  Talk is about the water not being super hot.  Pizza will happen at midnight?  Dani joins the group.


Upon the balcony Kevin wonders if this season is going to be like Survivor.  Old School vs New School.  Dae says maybe after what happened today.  Clearly “they” are working together.  Nicole asks to join them.  They say sure.  She asks how they are.  Kevin says he feels discombobulated.  He spoke with Cody twice.  Cody thanked him for talking.


9:20 PM BBT  Janelle out of the shower.  Random chatter about Janelle being thin.


Up on the balcony talk has turned to Tyler being genuine.  Kevin says it may be hard to work with Memphis.  Kevin is trying but he says he can see it being hard to work with him.  Kevin says he’s not talked game with him yet but they did talk.  Kevin tells the girls that he and Memphis woke up and talked for a while this morning.  He says it took a lot of energy out of him.


9:25 PM BBT  Down in the SR David and Tyler are talking   Tyler says Cody is a good dude.  David didn’t realize Kaysar and Janelle were on the same season.  Tyler says Janelle tried to pull him into something but then Keesha walks in.  She leaves and Tyler says he felt like Janelle was trying to eff with him.  David says he’s not playing like he’s safe.  Tyler says no one else is talking to him.  Tyler feels good with Cody and Enzo.  David does too with Cody.  Tyler suggests they continue to hang out with those two.  It’s good they share a room.


Back on the balcony chat continues between Kevin, Dae and Nicole.  Kevin says he wasn’t a part of an alliance during his season.  He thinks he was absorbed by an alliance by association, but he was never officially invited.  Nicole says the same thing but every time she got someone they went home.


9:28 PM BBT Down in the SR Kaysar and Tyler.  Kaysar had a conversation with Cody and says he doesn’t want to come into a position to grovel.  It won’t look authentic.  Kaysar says he told Cody that even if he wasn’t in power he would be safe.  Cody asked Kaysar who he would see himself working with and Kaysar said Tyler’s name.


9:30 PM BBT Up on the balcony talk continues.  Dae continues to work on a puzzle that she’s been working on throughout the conversation.  Nicole says she had a conversation with Cody and he said she would be safe.


Down in the SR Tyler and Kaysar continue to talk.  Tyler says he should talk to Cody some more.  Tyler tells Kaysar that he thinks Cody is smart and he’ll put in a good word for him.  They should put a spin on the fact Kaysar didn’t feel safe with others.  Tyler reassures Kaysar that he’s good.  They exit the SR.  Kaysar buzzes to get back in the SR..


9:35 am BBT  Up on the balcony Kevin, Nicole and Dae continue to talk.  Nicole says the only time she won a veto when Cliff was on the block.  She feels very comfortable talking to these two.


Feeds in the SR switch the kitchen.  FoTH.

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9:10pm Big Brother Time


Kevin and Davonne are talking in the lounge about how careful they have to be when spending time with other house guests. They are trying to network all over the house so no one can pinpoint who they spend too much time with.


Davonne says most of the conversations seem to be scripted and Kevin agrees, saying no one wants to slip and give anything away.


Davonne says no one has come to her and asked her who she is comfortable to work with.


Kevin says Ian approached him, and Kevin told him (Ian) that he felt comfortable with him. He also feels he would like to work with Nicole A. He thinks Nicole F is stand offish, and that she told him that her relationship with Cody during her season was hard. Davonne informs him that Nicole F and Cody do not have a bad relationship.


Kevin says he would like to work with Janelle but she is at such a higher level.


(from what Davonne is saying, once someone plays for the Safety Suite they cannot use it again during the season. She said neither one, so that would mean the player and the plus one if I got that right)


Kevin tells Davonne that when he was in the HOH room with Cody earlier his one on one took place in front of Baliegh. He also says that Baleigh asked him to leave so she could talk to Cody privately. He says he told Cody he is a free agent in the house.


Davonne says Cody told her he would not put her up. She says “Even still, this is Big Brother.”


Davonne feels that the move made today by Kaysar and Janelle was “bold and ballsy” They are working together and are not hiding it. “This is all stars,” she adds.


Nicole A joins the two of them, and Kevin tells Nicole A that he followed her advice and talked to Cody. He feels like he didn't get good confirmation.


Nicole wonders if another conversation with Cody would be a good thing.


Kevin says Cody seems to be understanding, and that he would love to work with Cody. He says Cody seems to be a “nice guy”. Davonne says he is a nice guy if you go by his last season.


Kevin says he has had conversations with Memphis, but nothing game related. He feels that Memphis is on a different place than he is, and wonders if it will be hard to ever connect with him.


Nicole A also has concerns about where she falls in the house.


Davonne says to use discernment, and try to break the barrier. Even if he is right, he will had made the effort. She says it is a game for 500k, and it would be better to have done all you can.


Nicole A asks Kevin who he feels comfortable with, of course he says her and Davonne. He adds Ian as someone he could work with. Nicole says Ian is a good choice. The three of them agree with Enzo.


Davonne says people are talking game now, but no one is talking to her. She wonders if that means she is the topic of game talk.


Nicole A says they need more “crew”.


Kevin says he was never in an alliance, but was absorbed by Lydia informally.


Nicole A says she was in an alliance but people kept leaving so she was aligned with Cliff.


They all know the danger of expressing themselves to the wrong person. Davonne says not rocking the boat is what she is doing.


Nicole A continues to toss out questions about whether or not she should approach Cody again after the Safety Suite competition has been completed.


Davonne says she believes there will be a mass shift tomorrow. After the competition today Janelle and Kaysar are no longer available to nominate.


Kevin says he would go after people who are close to Janelle and Kaysar in order to eliminate people who gravitate towards them.


Nicole A tells Davonne she relates to the “outcasts”, and Davonne agrees with the assessment that she is an “underdog”, although she does not like the label. She says she was in the game twice and has never won. She wants the resume that she is in a group this season that remained solid and doesn't fall for personal greed.


Nicole says she only won a veto when she was protecting Cliff, who was on the block.


Davonne says some people will come to her and ask about what she has heard, or what she knows. She says those people only make withdrawals without deposits.


Kevin says they should have separate conversations with other people, and that they can report back to each other with information when they get it.


Davonne says an alliance is not good when you only hang with those people.


They all agree to look out for each other. Nicole A' says she is not sure where Ian is, but she plans to find out. They are all concerned because Ian beat Dan in his season.


Nicole says the have not is messing with her psychologically and physically. All of them were hoping for throwback have nots.


They all agree that nominations tomorrow instead of today has given Cody time to marinate.


Kevin wonders about a “dude alliance”, Davonne had been watching for signs of one.


They wonder about the connection between Enzo and Cody.


Conversation continues about general game strategies and how they perceive different house guests

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9:39 PM BBT  Feeds back almost instantly.  Nicole really likes Ian and he’s super smart.  Talk turns to HNs being over quickly this go around.  Hopefully, they won’t get picked right away for it again.


In the kitchen, we have random chatter.  Cody, Enzo, Bae, Memphis, Keesha, Kaysar


9:41 PM BBT Kitchen feeds shift to Christmas, Ian and Nicole F in the bathroom.  Ian is going to check on his Melatonin.  Nicole wants to cry if people talk about their family.  They think Janelle is scary because they can’t get a read on her.  Nicole is still clearly crying.  Nicole and Christmas are going to go to bed when 10 PM hits.


9:45 PM BBT Up on the balcony Nicole says she spoke with David and he’s happy to be here longer than a day and actually participate.  They discuss Camp Comeback.


Down in the bathroom Nicole continues to be teary-eyed.  Ian returns.  Christmas is afraid she will really start to miss Loyal in the coming days.


9:50 PM BBT The balcony crew continues to chat.  Kevin says on his season he stuck with a small group and those people had outside connections which was nice.  Nicole says if she hears either of their names she’ll let them know.  Dae says she won’t ever get too comfortable.  Dae is glad the three had this conversation.  The other two agree.


Down in the bathroom they discuss their previous seasons.


9:55 PM BBT Nicole wonders if she should go down and mingle the other two agree.  Dae says she follow them down sooner or later.  Nicole is apparently constipated.  Nicole says she’s going to wait until everyone goes to bed.  Kevin says he’s already blown the place up.  He’s on slop.  Kevin heads down.  Nicole will follow in a bit so it’s not obvious.


9:57 PM BBT Bathroom feeds switch to the LR where Bae and Janelle begin to start some yoga.

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9:57PM Big Brother Time


Camera 1


Kevin left the loft area and Nicole A and Davonne continue to talk alone.


Davonne tells Nicole A that she believes the two of them will be fine tomorrow.


Nicole A says she is not comfortable, even knowing that Cody told her early today she was fine.


Davonne says she has been in the loft for about 3 hours, and she wonders how to approach the others when she does go downstairs.


Both of them say their eating habits are horrible in the Big Brother house, they eat things they would never eat at home.


Nicole A wonders if she can have chocolate milk, Davonne says probably, but that Nicole A should ask.


Meanwhile on Camera 3


Janelle and Baleigh are discussing whether or not Cody will nominate Baleigh tomorrow. Baleigh says their history has not been erased, but they have decided to ignore that history during this season.


Baleigh thinks he will go after Keesha, she likes Kevin but thinks Kevin gets inside his own head.

Baleigh says maybe whoever is nominated will have a melt down.


Janelle indicates that in the unlikely event she wins veto, she can remove another person from the block. Janelle says she likes everyone in the house.


Baleigh says she hopes she wins some competitions, Janelle is laughing at not being a competition winner so far. Janelle says she decided to take the chance to be safe, and that she had a deal with Kaysar that if one of them one the other would be their plus one.


Janelle is called to the diary room to receive her plus one punishment. (they think it is a unitard)


Baleigh comes into the kitchen and tells the house guests they were doing yoga in the lounge area.


Camera moves to a group of house guests discussing earlier seasons.


10:16pm Big Brother Time


We get stars for a few minutes, and when feeds return conversation is still about the earlier season.


10:26pm Big Brother Time


Enzo and Danielle are talking about connecting with other house guests. Enzo says he wonders who is going up.


The camera moves to Kaysar, who has joined Nicole A and Davonne on the upper area of the house.


Davonne says people really like him (Kaysar), and that Cody seems to be a straight shooter.


Kaysar says it seemed like Cody wasn't sure what way he was going, and now he is worried if it might be him. He wonders if his win was all for nothing, and he plans to talk to Cody to ensure that he did not do it as a personal affront to his HOH.


Cameras moves to Danielle and Enzo.


They are fooling around, laughing at each others terriblejokes. The word is Yoga.

Frozen, cold, hot...yoga and so on. It seems the humor is directed at Danielle saying that her and Janelle were “doing yoga” earlier.


Topic moves around, it seems like no one is safe from Enzo's jokes.


Memphis is lounging around the table,he joins in the fun.


They are all laughing about ways to obtain and save up alcohol in the house.


More jokes about how they filled out their forms for internet bios.


Christmas joins them and conversation becomes more general.



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11:00 PM BBT  NicoleA explains to Kaysar and Da'Vonne in the upstairs loft that if she ever wins HoH the bird thing has to go because she doesn't want to wake up every morning and see that bird. Kaysar wants more info. The conversation is hilarious as NicoleA explains her fear of birds.

Kaysar- Are there worst birds for you....like a type

NicoleA- The bigger ones obviously scare me more than the smaller ones. I love penguins from afar, but I heard some are like 4 feet tall. That's ridiculous. Like turkeys and ostriches...the worst. Ostriches can kick.  If they kick you your done. Why can they kick? Why?  There's too much going on. Like why do they have feathers? Why do  they have beaks? Why do they have talons? Why do they walk like that? Why do they flap like that? And I get so upset because they are dinosaurs and they still exist and people aren't bothered by that. They are like that's just a bird. Whatever.  Like we've all seen the Jurassic Park movies. Why is no one concerned? We should all be concerned. Shouldn't we be worried that they are just going to get bigger and bigger and turn back into dinosaurs?

Kaysar- I mean,  to be perfectly frank, um, I was not afraid...not on the top of my mind..., but I'll take it into consideration

NicoleA- I mean if they get hit with some radiation, we are all done.

Kaysar-  you think there's an underground genome project and they are changing their dna to... (he doesn't finish his question)

NicoleA- YES

Da'Vonne is laughing...."she said yes"

Kaysar is enjoying the conversation and keeps laughing, he continues to question her

NicoleA - "Yeah they have everything on us. Like geese, they can walk, they can fly, they can go on the water. ...some can go underwater...They can be in the trees, on the land, in the water, in the air......and what I don't get too is they balance on electric wires and stuff..... How? They have these little tiny twig legs. They shouldn't be able to hold those big puffy bodies....and owls, they can turn their heads around. What kind of crazy witchcraft is that?"

Kaysar- I never thought of it that way. So how far can they turn their heads?

NicoleA-180 degrees. Like if I was sitting here and looking this way then turned my head all the way around wouldn't that bother you?

Da'Vonne- she knows!

Kaysar- well, I would just think......she's rude

NicoleA- they are evil and we have it coming

Kaysar- what about Thanksgiving?

NicoleA- I eat turkey with great delight. It's my warning to all other birds.

NicoleA talks about how maybe she is being conditioned to hate them because she is surrounded by them at home. Her parents have birdhouses and cuckoo clocks everywhere. ..bird wallpaper...birds everywhere

Kaysar- you know that is a really bizarre right?

NicoleA- yeah maybe it is some sort of immersion therapy and they are trying to drive me crazy with more and more cuckoo clocks

Kaysar- this is a great story. This is so good. You can't make this stuff up.


[NicoleA is truly entertaining....love her!  -MamaLong]



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