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  1. 09:50 Looks like they were on lock down in HoH. Came downstairs to smaller table and dishwasher. They also noted the clock on the microwave was off but thought they had to turn the power off to put the dishwasher in and maybe they can reset it otherwise they don't know what time it is. 9:55 Kyle & Terrence in the bathroom. Terrence asks when noms are who Turner is putting up. Kyle says he thinks Taylor & Britney. Terrence goes to eat cheerios. Britney comes in and is putting her hair up to shower but they call her to the diary room. Monte & Turner are asleep in HoH. 10:05 Terrence & Kyle in the pantry. Terrence says Monte & Taylor might be up in HoH with Turner right now [I see Monte and Turner on the camera but they are both sleeping] and they were the last ones up there last night. Kyle says they aren't even trying to hide it, but Kyle says Turner said he would do it, he said it was going to be a long damn day and hopefully they are fighting against each other and their only pitch is we're leftover strong'. Terrence says Michael was cheering on Monte saying "Come on Monte, you have to win!" and Kyle asked if he told Turner that and he said yes.
  2. 10:40am Jasmine goes into the HoH room to talk to Michael. He tells her 'From talking to Britney and Taylor, I think we're all on the same page this week, getting Monte out. Basically how I'm looking at it is the veto will be 4 of us against Monte...you know I'm not going to put Britney up. If Monte wins the veto it only leaves you and Taylor so whoever I put up first it doesn't really matter because if Monte win's the veto it's the same scenario.' He says it's probably not what she wants to hear this morning but Taylor has already been on the block and he's leaning towards putting up her (Jasmine) and Monte. Jasmin asks if he wins th3e veto would he keep noms the same and he says probably unless he thought Britney and Taylor were wavering. All he needs is one person to vote how he wants because he breaks the tie. She thanks him for his honesty. [Not sure if this is honest, or if it's the Jasmine pitch]. 11:03am Monte, Britney & Taylor goes into the HoH room to talk to Michael. He rehashes telling Jasmine she's basically going up. Michael says it's weird that she's tried to form an alliance with everyone except him. Michael says Jasmine hardly ever talks game to her. They rehash Indy leaving and how they kind of feel sorry for her because she really had no idea what was going on. They talk about how the non-leftovers operate so poorly. How even after a month of people they work with have been going home they don't ever think, well what is the 'right side of the house' and if you don't know, you haven't been invited to it! Britney says the non-leftovers are in such a survivalist mentality they just flip on their own people. Monte says he's not sure if there was anything they could have done to prevent this. They think it's foolish to think the non-leftovers could flip Joseph. Britney says it's not even an alliance because when it comes to voting they always flip. Michael says I don't even know if they are friends. Britney says she's happy they are all together and they all basically give themselves a pat on the back for being such great players before the feeds cut out. [I know it's slim but have they not considered what happens if Jasmine DOES pull out a veto win?!]. 11:25 Alyssa, Terrence & Kyle outside. General talk about taking showers in bathing suits, being hungry, hiding from the sun during the day and not knowing what time it is. (Turner & Joseph still asleep)
  3. 3pm BBT: It was the veto comp where you pick prizes Da'vonne got 5k and is crying in the HoH
  4. 3:25BBT Christmas talking to Tyler in HoH The blocker power was won by Christmas. If someone uses the veto, before the new nominee is chosen, she can block someone, including herself from being put up. If she were on the block & won veto she could protect herself and one other. She has 2 weeks to use it.
  5. 3:12BBT Dani talking to Nicole in HoH Dani got a power but she said it’s trash. Her power is that she can allow the current HoH to play for HoH the following week instead of sitting out. She has 3 weeks to use it.
  6. 10:35 PM BBT David & Kevin in the Showmance Room (BLUF: David doesn’t think Enzo will put up David because he wants Kaysar out so he needs to put up a clear pawn) Happy dance for Nicole A. to celebrate Kevin’s win. It came down to David & Kevin, Kevin asks if David could have gone on longer and David said no. He pumps Kevin up saying he beat Enzo and he beat Tyler in an endurance comp and even Bayleigh who is really into Yoga. (The challenge sounds like the poison ivy challenge where you are hanging from vines and contorted into weird positions) Kevin doesn’t think Enzo will put David up because he wants to put someone up who is a clear pawn. Kevin appreciates David cheering for him. David said his husband and friends and family are going to be so proud of him. Kevin wants to know if people dropped on purpose after Kaysar fell out of the competition. Kevin wants to win HoH next week. They talk about how sore they are and how the house didn’t expect them to be the last two standing. 10:50 PM BBT Bayleigh joins David & Kevin in the showmance room (BLUF: More talk about the veto comp.) Bayleigh is proud of Kevin and said now ‘the people in power’ have to get more blood on their hands because he didn’t give up. She talks about how everyone scattered after the veto because now someone else has to go up as a pawn. Bayleigh said Kaysar lost because he just isn’t that flexible. 10:58 PM BBT Da’vonne joins Bayleigh, Kevin & David in the showmance room (BLUF: Kevin thinks David is too juicy of a target to put up. Kevin says Enzo could backdoor someone but Da’vonne says that would leave Kaysar in the house. They don’t know what Enzo will do) Kevin asks if they think Enzo is a free agent. Da’vonne says she doesn’t know. Kevin asks who they think he will put up as a pawn and Da’vonne say she doesn’t know. Kevin wonders if he can use the veto to get information from Enzo. He doesn’t think any one of them are going up, he thinks David is too juicy of a target to put up. He thinks Enzo wants Kaysar to be the clear choice. Kevin says he could backdoor someone but Da’vonne says then that leaves Kaysar in the house. Kevin doesn’t know what he will do. Bayleigh tells Kevin he should be happy Da’vonne and her spooked him last night, she said it worked and he won the veto [Kevin was actually unnerved by this joke they played on him last night where he asked them if noms stayed the same would they keep him and they looked at him and just said ‘you need to win the veto’ -SCRTsqrl] Kevin says he needs to figure out a way to influence his decision. Bayleigh says she doesn’t think Enzo will let others influence his choice but he has the power to get a say. 11:10PM BBT Kaysar joins Da’vonne, Bayleigh, Kevin & David in the showmance room (BLUF: More talk about the veto comp) 11:15PM Bayleigh leaves. 11:16PM Da’vonne leaves. 11:22PM Kaysar, Kevin & David go the kitchen with Dani & Da’vonne. 11:24PM BBT Christmas & Bayleigh in the bathroom (BLUF: Everyone feels good with Enzo, so they don’t know who he will put up, Kaysar is defeated) Christmas speculates if David made a deal with Kevin during the POV comp. Bayleigh doesn’t think so. Christmas asks how Bayleigh feels with Enzo. She said she feels ok by ‘it’s Enzo’. Bayleigh asks how Christmas feels and she says pretty good but look at the house, everyone feels that way with Enzo. Da’vonne walks in to brush her teeth and Christmas talks about playing speed backgammon with Ian. Christmas asks if she’s talked to Kaysar, she says no and she hasn’t either. They think he’s defeated and it’s sad. Bayleigh said it takes to much energy to prop him up right now and she’s trying to keep her own spirits up. Talk turns to taking fiber. Bayleigh said she’s a little achy and thinks she will sleep great tonight. People walk in and out randomly (Dani, Tyler, Ian) no game talk. 11:33: PM BBT Nicole, Enzo & Cody HoH (BLUF: Just hanging out) Cody asks where everyone is and Enzo says downstairs scheming and wondering what he’s going to do. Cody says, do you want me to start a rumor like tell David, I heard he’s going to backdoor Tyler, they all laugh and Nicole says it would be through the house in 5 minutes. 11:35PM BBT Tyler comes in. He says he tried to win he just couldn’t. Cody says everyone was breaking the rules of the comp. Everyone seems to have had issues/confusion over what the rules were. 11:48PM BBT Dani & Kevin photo room Dani doesn’t know what to say to Kaysar, he has to know he’s going home. She said she’s so happy Kevin won POV and she thinks a new twist will reset the house and shake things up. Dani say’s she’s cool with Enzo but so is everyone. Dani says they gave everyone a lot of leeway in the comp. Kevin and Dani whine they both want to win an HoH. 11:53PM BBT Nicole, Enzo, Cody & Tyler HoH (BLUF: General chat, social media, Derrick Levasseur) Cody says every time he posts on social media he looses followers. Enzo says why is that? Nicole says because they remember they are following you when they post and they don’t want to anymore. Enzo says he just got on IG to have fun, see what girls are out there. Nicole gives a shout out to Victor to follow Enzo on SM. Cody tells his dad, who is handling his IG right now to go follow Enzo (@enzp_). Cody talks about hanging out with Derrick, Frankie and Enzo in NYC. Cody tells Ian his dad is a superfan and he watches season in the beginning and then sometimes fades but he always asks his dad what’s going on. Cody says his dad really liked Tyler & Kaycee. Cody asks Tyler if Angela watches the feeds and he says no, she just gets sent stuff when he mentions her or people talk about him, stuff like that. Tyler looks at the camera and says “Don’t send Angela mean things people are saying about me, she doesn’t need to see”. Cody says he didn’t watch when Paulie played, he just checked twitter. Cody say Derrick is watching the feeds. Tyler says he hopes Derrick is rooting for him and Cody says OVER ME?! Sh*t. Cody says what about you (Nicole)? Nicole says he’s definitely not rooting for me. Tyler says what?! Cody says, that’s not true. Nicole says “Derrick root for me”. Cody says “Derrick root for me”. Tyler wants to know who Derrick will vote for as America’s favorite. Cody says he’ll vote for all his friends once, he won’t even throw him two votes. Tyler says he’s a fair guy. 11:58 Enzo & Dani come in, general chat resumes.
  7. 2pm Ian, Kaysar & Da'vonne Bathroom (BLUF: No game talk) Ian says his 100th day in the house is tomorrow and Da'vonne does the math with him, she's on day 97. They start trying to name all the people in the 100 club. [No need to speculate, I did the research, sorry if I forgot someone but here are the people over or close to 100 days in the BB house as of 28AUG20. -SCRTsqrl] Janelle Pierzina 200 Nicole Franzel 193 Paul Abrahamian 191 James Huling 177 Mike Boogie 152 Will Kirby 147 Dan Gheesling 146 Danielle Reyes 142 Jordan Lloyd 142 Erika Landin 140 Chicken George 138 Tyler Crispen 123 Britney Haynes 122 Cody Calafiore 121 Frank Udy 106 Christmas Abbott 116 Rachel Reilly 116 Jeff Schroeder 116 Marcellas Reynolds 115 Nicole Anthony 115 Kaysar Ridha 103 Ian Terry 99 Enzo Palumbo 99 Da’vonne Rogers 97 Memphis Garrett 95 Kevin Campbell 97 Dani Briones 79 Bayleigh Dayton 75
  8. 1:05 Nicole & Christmas in the Picture Room (BLUF: No game talk) Nicole mentions Emelia Clark [Who is from London! She played Daenery’s Targaryen of a million other names on Game of Thrones -SCRTsqrl] from one of Dax Shepard’s Podcast, Arm Chair Expert (https://armchairexpertpod.com/) [it’s AMAZING, one of my favs -SCRTsqrl] said being dumb and pretty is the best thing you can be in this world because you’re just so blinded by everything. When you become educated that’s when you spiral, and anxiety starts and you start to overthink things and you know to much. Nicole thinks it’s true because once you know too much and start connecting dots --Christmas interject but that’s also thinking about thing negative versus positive, Christmas says she wants to know more to be empowered and Nicole agrees it is good to be educated but she had never heard anyone say what Emelia had and it kinda made sense because if people are just bee boppin along in their own world, they are always happy. Christmas says she’s not sure about that, she doesn’t think she’s too dumb and she’s pretty happy. [FACT CHECK, She said, “My Mate Lola and I always talk about this, that when we have kids What we hope is that they are beautiful and stupid, because they'll always be happy because they are unaware of what it is that they are dealing with. If they are beautiful then it’s just like cool and there’s no questioning that but I think that if you’ve got a high emotional intelligence than you always going to be trying to figure out how people are looking at you and then, if you put your worth on how you look then you instinctively go I've got to pay more attention and I’ve got to look at that even more and that’s gonna be the thing and you realize that’s deeply unfulfilling…” https://www.podgist.com/armchair-expert-dax-shepard/emilia-clarke/index.html#0:47:44 -SCRTsqrl]
  9. 12:47 Enzo & Ian Have Not Room (BLUF: Ian’s good) Enzo tells Ian he’s not going up, he’s good with him. Ian thinks he’s on the verge of winning something [everyone who hasn’t won anything has said this today -SCRTsqrl]. Enzo doesn’t know why they didn’t throw in a new comp or twist. Ian says it’s harder because everyone is pleasant, Enzo agrees. They think the worst part about this year is not having the backyard open much.
  10. 12:28 Enzo & Christmas in the Have Not Room (BLUF: Christmas is so SPARKLY it hurts my eyes. There is some value to floaters. Christmas makes a pitch to keep Kevin) Christmas said she just wanted to talk to Enzo today so she doesn’t seem suspect for not talking to him after talking with him last night. She said people were even suspicious of that and she told them her and Enzo were just talking about kids and comps, not game. Christmas would rather play with strategic players over emotional players. Enzo says he doesn’t like floaters but Christmas says they a lot less threatening because they don’t win anything. Power couples concern Christmas. They talk about the game starting to shape. The trend was getting out weak players no one really cared about until last week when they voted out Janelle but they said that was an easy HoH for Tyler, he didn’t get any blood on his hands taking out a big player because everyone wanted it. Christmas says people are going to have to start taking shots at bigger players otherwise you’re at the end with a bunch of beasts. They talk about dragging a Victoria to the end (aka someone who is loyal to you who won’t win anything and no one wants to vote out because it’s a waste). Christmas talks about how you can pull floaters in, tell them they have safety, throw comps to them when possible and let them do the dirty work and then you can play HoH the next week. Christmas says David is unpredictable, Kevin gives too much information to people but he wants to work with Christmas. Christmas says he’s a good floater and Enzo agrees and says, yeah no one is going to vote him out. Christmas says Enzo should pull Kevin in and say he wants to work with him and who else would be good to join them, prompting Kevin to say Christmas so it’s his idea. Enzo wants to put him on the block and tell Kevin he’s not the target but when he doesn’t go home he should know the trust is there. Christmas leaves as Ian comes in.
  11. 12:08 Enzo & Kevin in HoH [BLUF: I’d love to tell you what wentdown but BB is star blocking me. -SCRTsqrl] 12:11 Enzo & Da’vonne in HoH (BLUF: Da'vonne is good, David is annoying people) Enzo talking about David making a rookie mistake and now he’s a target in this house. Da’vonne agree he’s rubbing people the wrong way. He tells her to relax this week and win next week so he can relax next week. He says we’re the six (slick six alliance: Da’vonne, Bayleigh, Dani, Tyler, Cody & Enzo) are stronger players in the house both physically and socially. Enzo says he’s never been HoH and he kinda hates it because he is friends with everyone. They agree they are good.
  12. 11:49 Enzo & Dani & Nicole & Cody HoH (BLUF: Dani thinks Da’vonne & Bayleigh are too comfortable. Dani wants David to go up instead of Kevin. Core 4 almost get busted by Da’vonne & Kevin) Finally the two rogue votes talk about who threw out the rogue votes. Dani says it had to be Bayleigh and Da’vonne right? Enzo says maybe Kevin. Nicole F joins. Enzo says they are good and he’s going to put up Kaysar and a pawn, maybe Kevin. Dani says David might be easier than Kevin because Kevin will stay mad but Enzo says David can be next week, he’s a target for a lot of people and he isn’t going to win anything. Cody comes in, the core 4 are in the penthouse. They talk about Cody’s tight pants. Enzo says the girls need to start winning stuff so he and Cody can relax next week. They talk about where David stands. Cody thinks Kaysar will blame ‘the house’ if he goes up. They talk about HoH letters they have gotten. Enzo says probably Kaysar and Kevin. Enzo asks what he should say to Kevin. Nicole says just to tell him he’s not the target. Dani says she thinks it would be easier if he puts up David because Kevin will hold a grudge. Enzo says, so what? What’s he going to win and he has nobody in the house, he’s just floating around. Dani say’s he has Da’vonne and Enzo says Da’vonne is grabbing everyone’s leftovers. Enzo talks about how much he likes the HoH. Kevin & Da’vonne are waiting outside and they are trying out how to leave without drawing attention to themselves. Cody thinks he should hide behind the bed, or in the bathroom, then the girls are like, should we hide? Should we leave? SNACKS! Grab snacks so they don’t look suspicious [ya’ll this is funny as heck watching them freak out -SCRTsqrl] finally Enzo opens the door and says “Are you guys waiting, you can come in, we’re just hanging out” and Kevin says oh, I was coming for a meeting and Cody says “Oh I thought everyone did that already” and Da’vonne says “I didn’t get my meeting yet” and so Cody, Nicole and Dani leave. Smooth [we’ll see anyway ha ha -SCRTsqrl]



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