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Neb's Interview with Danielle


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:) I have alot of things I wana point out from this interview so this might drag on a bit. Well first wouldnt of Chiara teamed up with lisa. I mean im not saying she wouldnt of teamed up with Marcellous but really besides roddy the only person from her team she would team up with is Lisa. I think I remember dont quote me on this but didnt lisa do something to betray chiara or vise versa. I think Chiara when they did the vote to bring back a hoseugest chiara didnt vote for eric. i might be wrong cause bb3 was so long ago and I cant remember but i think i remember lisa and chiara betraying each other?

As far as the chiara being loved part i wouldnt put it that way I seemed to remember Amy calling her Chihora if my memory serves well. I think there evn friends now to this day. I guess the mended there wounds and made up. I think chiara even attended amys wedding im not sure.

As far as wanting to not go back into the house with Marcellous I can understand Marcellous wanting to get danielle out for past experiences but why arent they friends. I mean i assume Danielle tried to mend fences with Marcelllous but i think imo marcellous wouldnt forgive her and if thats true it gives me more evidence as to why I think Marcellous is a jerk. And if thats the case I dont even know if i want him in the house now theres no doubt about it i think cbs will pick him but i might have to turn off the feeds assuming i get them if i have to hear himdo the same stuff he did on house calls last year. I realize its good drama but I just think thats rude that he wont forgive danielle and its stupid

As far as danielle and lisa being dance partners thats hot man id like to see that. I agree with danielle i too thought lisa was a good player. I thought I was the only one that thought lisa was a good player unfortanetly I dont think ill be voting her back in the game sorry lisa my heart belongs to janelle and diane.

I think danielle will be having competiton with going out first along with dr will. I actually think if the big brother people are smart they will take out dr will lisa and then danielle the winners before the loosers then go with what order they want. heres hoping janelle and diane and james make final 3

Speculation is that the new bb food is tuna. Lol that would be funny if someone was illergic i think if someone is illergic they have to bb evil sloppy joes. I always hated the ones they would make in elementary school.

Im glad danielle isnt gonna censor herself on the feeds i loved her on her season doing her diary rooms. BTW does anyone know if they show all the bb diary clips that the houseugest do like i mean the non preparing for nonminations or when someone like justin seibeck gets sent into the diary room for going physco on krista i mean ones that they discuss strategy and the weeks events do they show all of that??

I didnt even notice those 14 memory thingys on the wall i thought they were decorations boy i must be going blind in my young age.

All in all good interview neb i give you props you and yana should have a contest see who can outshine one another? my suggestion for the interviews will kirby and brian heidik from survivor thailand that would be entertaining :D

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