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  1. I'll be glad when BB turns the air-conditioning off so they have to suffer through this heat!! And try to sleep without it!! LOL
  2. OMG You're killing me fizzle!! LMAO!!! I haven't heard that song since I was in my teens! ...I used to sing it to my Grandma to make her laugh! I even remember the tune to it! Now you got me singing it in my head!! Thanks!!
  3. Thanks Fizzle...Hugs!! My grandbabies want me to take them to the show tonight!
  4. Question...There is NOT going to be a show tonight...right?? Didn't know where else to post this at!! I agree 100% Neb!!
  5. Janelle has adopted the "F" word as her new catch phrase!! I've heard a lot of the HG's say the "F" word on live feeds!! But Janelle the most!! LOL Cajun...
  6. Does anyone else think that Howie looks a lot like the guy who plays Brad Carlton on The Young and The Restless?? Some of the pics in that video that Jem posted looked just like him!! LOL I can't believe that no-one has alerted Nakomis to the way Howie is dissing her! She would absolutely confront him about it and then it would be on!! LMAO
  7. I am personally shocked at Howie for some of the things he has said about Nakomis on the live feeds!! Good Lord ...He has called her some really harsh names!! I like Howie but geezzzzzz...Lighten up! It wasn't even his fight!
  8. Well I would say that Howie has found his new "Busto"...BUT Nakomis doesn't have a bust....or much of one anyway!! LOL...J/K Anyway...she asked Mike Boogie nicely to not do the Monica impressions. She wasn't bossy about it!
  9. Nice try Camper...I've already quoted you and then you added the rest of that gibberish AFTER my last post!! Guh!! If you post something be big enough to "own" it!!
  10. Cluck. Cluck, Cluck!...Camper What ya trying to say Camper?? Birds of a feather?? Why don't you find some old feeds from BB6 and see for yourself that the fishtank made a bubbling sound instead of being a smarty!!
  11. everytime salary is mentioned we get FIRE. That is 100% CBS not lawyers...Dumblonde I don't see why they cut to fire everytime they talk about salary!! If the HG's are willing to tell how much they make then why should CBS care?? If they are talking about how much CBS is paying them...thats a stupid reason to cut to fire too because we'll know when they leave the house anyway because they always talk about it in interviews and websites! Dumblonde....YES...we always had that bubbling sound with the fishtank!
  12. LMAO@Dep.... Depends...Buy em!! LOL
  13. I was here before Camper. Been here almost 5 years and have had the feeds every year! The thing is...the feeds have NEVER been this bad before! Its every five minutes...F(ire) OTH!! At least the fish were interesting!! LOL
  14. CBS and Real Player promised 24/7 live feeds (they are liars!!) We were promised VIDEO of the HOUSEGUESTS...NOT FIRE!!! Grrrr.... Why can't they just leave the live feeds going and MUTE the audio on the HG's mikes?? That way we could still SEE everything that goes on! And everyone could still take screen shots of everything!! That's better than listening to that damn song and having to look at the fire constantly!!
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