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Thursday, June 27, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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11:56 BBT


Cams are still on the Boat Room and the KT now where we hear Michie and Jess talking about soda. Kat enters the Boat Lounge and asks again “are you guys conspiring about me?” (I guess this is a joke now). Michie starts singing so feeds cut to fish. Kemi walks through the KT and says she’s going to bed. Cam switches to Bella alone, filing her nails in the RV room and she says “hello” to the camera when she notices it moving to her. Cam switches to KT again where Nicole, Ovi and Jess are. Ovi goes upstairs to “take care of business”. Nicole is collecting the box tops off of the cereal boxes. In the Boat lounge, Michie joins the crew and they talk about how Ovi touches people so much. Nick gets up to go get some medicine for his head after he hit it. It ends up with him getting 4 Benadryl, 5 tums, and 6 Advil’s for the room. Feeds cut to fish.




((I posted this in the other topic, but moved it here after the latest post about the new day.))

12:07 BBT


Nick and Nicole get medicine out of the storage room and Jess cleans the glass in the kitchen. All cams are now on Bella and Kemi in the RV Room. Kemi says anytime she tries to talk to people Nicole or Jess will walk in and just talk about whatever. Kemi says Jess would put two guys up if she wins. They talk about Christie, Jack, Michie, Holly, and Sis being an alliance and Jess wanting to be a part of that. Kemi mentions that Bella told her about a group of 8 from earlier in the week. (My internet froze up, when it comes back:) Kemi is talking about a conversation she had with Jack about him moving to L.A. Nick comes in and the feeds go to fish.



12:36AM BBT

Still on fish. Around 10 minutes now.

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12:37AM BBT


Feeds come back. They picked players for POV. Michie and Holly are in the SR. Tommy is the host. Michie and Holly are NOT playing. Holly reassures Kat that she’s not getting backdoored or played, but she is being paranoid. Jack, Sam, and Nick are in the Boat Lounge. Nicole is playing in the POV. If Nicole doesn’t use the veto, they’ll vote out Kat, but they don’t want to. They want to backdoor Kemi. Nick wanted to host the comp. it sounds like Cliff got house guest choice and picked Jack. Christie picked Sam. Kat, Cliff, Christie, Sam, Nicole, and Jack are playing in the veto!

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12:42AM BBT


Holly, Michie, and Kat talking in SR still. They are super worried about Jack and Christie being so close. Michie says he loves Jack, but Jack and Christie will pick each other over anyone else, but things are still too fresh. Michie says it’s a huge red flag that he told Jack something and he went straight to Christie with it. Holly says obviously anything we talk about we can’t tell him. Michie says it caught him off guard cause he wasn’t expecting that from Jack. Holly says he’s smart and really good with his words. Holly says he has Nicole and Sis in the palm of his hand. She says he’s going after those ones specifically. Michie says the vulnerable weak ones. Michie says he wants him to get focused again. He (Jack) is so smitten with Christie. He looks at her and sees the moon. Christie and Sis are on the other cams in the HoH room. Christie talks about her conversation with Cliff before the pull. Cliff said he wants Jack as houseguest choice, but doesn’t care who plays, but wants Nicole to play cause she said she would take him off. The two celebrate a little and Christie says either way, the noms are changing. She says it will be Kat vs. Kemi. Holly and Kat are alone in the SR and Holly tells her she needs to find some chill. Tommy enters the HoH looking for Kat. He wanted to apologize cause he felt he was being insensitive towards her. 


12:52AM BBT


Sis, Christie, and Tommy are freaking out in the HoH room about just the experience. They’re so excited for the comp and even pulling the chips was exciting. The cam switches to Jack and Kat talking at the bar about veto. The other cam is on the Small Bedroom where Kemi, Bella, and Ovi are talking general chit chat. It switches then to the WA where Tommy does apologize to Kat and she says it was nothing to worry about. Tommy tells Nick he’s going to bed. Jess says she’s going to bed as well. Other cam is on the HoH still where Jack is with Christie and Sis and they discuss how everything is going according to plan. Jack said he’s glad he was picked. Christie said she knew if anyone picked houseguest choice, he would be picked. She says Sam will do whatever they want. Ovi is now upstairs with them. Christie says Jack needs to go to bed early in order to play well tomorrow. 


12:59AM BBT

The other cams are on Jess and Nicole talking about lotion in the RV room and the cam switches to Kat and Tommy entering the Boat Lounge. Tommy is comforting her and she is crying. She said she feels awkward and Nick enters. She says she feels uncomfortable. She doesn’t want to leave, she’s having so much fun. Nick assures her that if anyone wins veto, someone is coming down. Even if Kat stays on the block, she’s not going home. She asks are you sure? Tommy and Nick are reassuring her. Kat wishes they could get it over with. Michie enters now. Cam switches to Nicole and Jess in the RV Room. Jess says she thinks you have the power. (I don’t know who “she” is, but I’m guessing they know about another power?) They’re discussing who will use the veto and who could go up if it’s used. Jess says she’s doesn’t see Christie wanting to put someone else up cause it would be getting more blood on her hands. Jess says she’s getting a good rod on cliff, but he’s no punk. He’s smart and a good competitor. He could easily have the power. Nicole says she doesn’t have it and she thinks one of four have it. Jess says it would be good if it he had it cause she would be comfortable with him having it. They joke and Jess says “Dammit! Everyone is too nice! Get some assholes in here!” They laugh. Nicole goes to the WA. She meets Holly outside the RV Room and they talk about veto. Holly says she’s headed to bed. Holly says she didn’t want to play in veto, but after people started getting picked she wanted to. She asks what Nicole would do. Tommy gets called to the DR and everyone is thinking they’re about to play veto.

1:12AM BBT


Kat and Michie are in the Boat Lounge talking about Bella. Kat keeps thinking’s that Bella is gonna get jealous of them being together. Michie keeps assuring her they’re just friends. (To me, it seems like Kat is the insecure one.) Kat says she knows girls and they can get jealous. “Why would she walk in her to just talk about peanut butter?” She says please keep me safe from Bella. And don’t turn on me. He says he’s just worried about Jack, but doesn’t want to talk about it right now. Kat starts talking about a DR and how she talked about something but didn’t want to seem like a bitch. Cam cuts to the LR where Nick, Jack, and someone else are getting ready for veto. Jack says he heard Tommy screaming in the DR and says game on. The female I missed says don’t wake up Cliff yet and as soon as she says this we hear Jack open a door and say game on (assuming to Cliff). Cam cuts back to Michie and Kat and she says I’m just worried about Bella. And Michie says yeah. Christie enters and comes to reassure Kat that the noms will be changing. Tommy comes out of the DR and there are mixed emotions of good and sad. Sam enters to let them know there is no veto. He stays and they start talking about votes Kat would have against Kemi. Christie says she has Michie, Sam, Sis, etc. When she says Bella, Kat disagrees. They start talking about Ovi and Christie says he thinks he’s part of the alliance. She says he thinks they have an unnamed alliance. On the other cams, Kemi, Jess, Bella, and Nicole are getting ready for bed in the RV Room. Christie leaves the Boat Lounge and Kat and Michie go back to whispering again. Michie says he doesn’t trust anyone. Kat says “yeah don’t trust anyone. Wait. You can trust me.” Michie starts saying that Kemi, Nicole, and maybe Jess would want to take a shot at him. Kat assures him that someone (a female) is not coming after him. Christie enters and tells Kat that if it’s a close comp, she’ll let Kat win. Outside the WA, Jack and Holly also discuss the veto comp and the two enter the Boat lounge. The cam switches to the living room where Nick and Tommy are talking.


1:28AM BBT

Nick says the only guy he thinks he would go home against would be him(Tommy). Sam joins them. They talk about Michie farting so much from eating so much. Christie is talking about the Whacktivity challenge. So they must know about the twist. They’re talking about someone barking orders. And the same person (a girl; not Jess; maybe Nicole?) going up to people and saying “im sorry, but if you’re on the block, I’ve got to vote with the house”. They say if they get rid of this person that Jess will think she would be next. Sam and Nick are in the LR talking about penny slots. 

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1:35AM BBT

Back in the Boat lounge, Tommy has joined them and they are complaining about Kemi. Bella has told Michie that on Day 2 she (Keni) was complaining about them cooking. They say that this is gonna be the most entertaining first week of BB and that this season is gonna be one of the best. Upstairs, Holly is talking to Sis in the HoH about how close Christie and Jack are. Holly says she and Christie want Kat to win to put less blood on people’s hands. Holly says Nicole wouldn’t tell her if she would use it, but she did say she told cliff she would use it on him. Sis asks if she thinks Michie, Kat, Jack, and Christie could be conspiring against them. Holly says it’s funny cause Kat just brought up alliances recently saying maybe she should talk about some. Holly says Jack is a wildcard and scares her. Sis agrees. Holly says he’s good at making people feel good and he’s beautiful. Sis says as soon as it gets down to the 8, she would want to take him out first. Sis says she’s worried about the 4. She thinks Christie would side with them over Jack. Holly says once it gets down to the 8, it’s gonna get savage. Sis agrees. 

1:45AM BBT


Sis says she shouldn’t even be worried about getting down to the 8 because it’s a long way from now. They say a cliff is good too. Holly says she thinks she trusts everyone in the 8, except Jack worries her. Holly says Jack is encouraging Kat and making her feel good, but he doesn’t like her. Sis is confused as to why he does this. They talk about how hot he is and why he was cast. They wish he wasn’t flirty. Holly says she thinks people don’t see him as smart as he is because he’s so charismatic. They talk about Jackson being a wild one. They keep talking in circles about Jack. How hot he is, how they wish he wasn’t here, how he’s manipulating them, how he’s distracting them. They talk about him and Jackson potentially turning on each other later. Cam switches to Christie who I think was looking for Sis in the RV Room. She meets Jack by the DT and Sis gets called to the DR. Everyone starts getting ready for bed and Christie says goodnight to everyone that passes by. She stops and talks with tommy saying she thinks she saw Bella and Nick making out. Tommy says she has to be careful being caught in the same room with a cliff and Kat. Ovi came out of the DR before Sis was called and now he’s in the Boat Lounge with kat and Michie. They’re chatting about being in the house and the veto comp. Tommy tells Christie he’s not gonna win a lot right now. He’ll win when he needs to. Ovi, Christie, and Tommy head to bed and the feeds go to fish.





(I’m also going to bed now. Goodnight!)

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6:54am BBT 

Jackson and Jack are awake. 


Jackson was up first and went into the bathroom. While he was in the WC, Jack came to the bathroom and sat on the couch. When Jackson came out to wash his hands, he did not see Jack sitting on the couch. Jack got up to use the WC and scared the crap out of Jackson. It is well worth replaying. 


One of them complained about being called to the Diary Room at 3am.


By 6:58am BBT, they are both back in bed.

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2:00am-3:00am BBT: Sis is called to the DR and Holly tells Christie that Tommy said he did not want to win anything right now  because it will put a target on his back.Christie says she does not want to win POV to take anyone off so they do not know she planned on backdooring Kemi. Analyse comes into the HOHR with Holly and Christie and are talking about how Jack flirts with Christie Christie says he flirts with all the girls and I am only here for one reason and that to win this game.They are now reviewing the comps that they played before and talking general talk.All Hg have gone to bed and lights are out.

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7:35am BBT Cliff is awake and wondering around. He does some things in the KT and uses the WC. Everyone else is still sleeping.


7:48am BBT Cliff is microwaving some oatmeal (microwave is inside the cupboard this season) and says Happy Birthday to Daniel and some I love you to people.  He quietly eats his oatmeal and contemplates the Memory Wall. He finishes eating and washes his dishes. 


8:00am BBT Cliff says Hi guys, welcome to my world. Shout out to RHAP love you guys. 8:01am BBT we have WBRB. 


8:11am BBT HG are awake doing ADLs. HG talk about how they will probaby play veto early. Nick teases Ovi that this is the earliest he has been up. NIck goes to HOHR and says "Wakey Wakey HG, there are fresh batteriers..." the girls LOL.


8:25am BBT Christie, Nick, Jack and 2 more girls in HOHR. Tommy will be host of the Veto comp. They LOL that what if he comes out of DR  in a scout uniform. Christie says she trusts Sam to use the Veto, she trusts him.

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9:00am BBT:In the HOHR Christie tells everyone lets get up and go have some breakfast. Jack Christie leave HOR to go downstairs. Jessica, Kat and kemi in the WA talking general talk, Ovi walks in and they tell him good morning.

9:03am BBT: Analyse sitting in nicks lap brushing her teeth, sam sitting in the Wa talking spanish. In the KT Michie< Jack,Christie, Kat,Nicole and Tommy having breakfast and talking general talk.

9:12am BBT: Sam and Nick in the WA talking about what the veto comp might be today, Cliff says it might be one of them word ones and if it is my wife will be laughing at me. Holly and Analyse in the BR talking and doing make up. Holly leaves to go change her batteries. 

 9:23am BBT: HG just sitting around or doing makeup and getting ready for the POV comp just general talk going on.

9:28am BBT: Holly and Analyse talking about Jack and how the world is sitting at home thinking jack is the cutest thing ever. Bella in the KT telling Ovi, Jack Kathryn about playing piano and violin.

 9:36am BBT: Nick, Tommy and Cliff in the BR talking about wining the POV and if Christie wants the veto used and Tommy says yeah she is ok with it being used. Cliff says yes she wants it used. Tommy and Nick leave the BR. In the KT Kat is washing dishes while jessica and Kemi eat and Jack makes a drink. Jack throws a piece of ice and hits Kathryn with it, She says Jack is trying to take me out before the POV comp. They laugh and jack says i am sorry.

9:43am BBT: Tommy cleaning the BRL talking to sam, Sam ask if he is excited about hosting today and he says yes i am excited i hope i can do it for being so excited.Sam says i hope you get to wear a cool costume and Tommy says me too as he folds the blankets.

9:45am BBT: Tommy tells sam he wants to talk to Kathryn and Cliff about them being safe but can not get them alone. Kemi comes in and sam leaves.

9:51am BBT: Ovi and Nicole are going upstairs to sit , Ovi asked if anyone fed the fish yet  and no one knows. They then get the checker board and start playing. In the BRL Tommy, Kemi, sam and Bella are sitting under covers talking general talk.

10:05am BBT: Nicole tells Ovi she wants to ask Christie if she needs to throw the veto. Cliff, Kat and Jackson comes up to feed the fish they ask Cliff if he is ok he says he is fine he is ready for the POV comp. Christie is walking around the house.and we get FOTH then We have Puppy Cam. as Hg play the POV comp.

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5:26 BBT

Cam 1: Jack and Sam talking about a final 5 alliance. Sam says Holly and Bella will be with us and Nicole will always vote with us. They agree Ovi will probably vote with them too. Jack says their final five alliance should be Sam, Jack, Christie, Nice and Sis. Says those are a solid 5. Sam asks if they should make a solid 7 or 8 alliance just for backup so that they feel apart of it. Jack says we should wait to make it official until after the next HOH.


5:29 BBT

Sam and Jack talking about the Veto comp. Sam wants to use the Veto on Cliff because he deserves to be here. The house wants to backdoor Kemi, but Sam says in a couple days that might switch to Ovi. Apparently Ovi has been pissing a lot of people off in the house. Sam says the competition was set up like a school cafeteria and players had to catch food in their mouths. The competition took several hours because they had to clean up after each player.

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5:30 pm BBT The VETO comp was a school cafeteria with ice cream machines and vending machines, and it took soooooo long because it was an individual comp and each player made a mess that had to be cleaned up before the next player could compete. 

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5:04PM BBT-  The live feeds are back and the winner of the POV comp was Sam.  Kathryn is embarrassed that she didn't do better and is crying.  Holly and Jackson are comforting her.


5:10PM BBT-  Analyse and Christie were discussing Kat's reaction to the POV results and wondering why she was so upset, since they have been reassuring her that she's not going anywhere.  They wonder why she thinks she's being backdoored, and how could she not understand what that means.


5:18PM BBT-  Sam, Nick and Jack are in the boat room, and Sam says he'll go with what Christie (and the majority) want, but that he wants to take down Cliff.   The other two agree that Cliff has been through enough already.  Tommy, Kemi and Cliff come in and they begin to talk about the comp.


5:21PM BBT-  The comp was set up was like a school cafeteria with the various tables such as for hot dogs, ice cream - with three stages.  The players would have to run down the mats and then have to hop up on a table to catch falling items.  They said that it was difficult because it was slippery.  There were 18 one pointers (onions), 5 five pointers (meatballs),  and 4 other items with additional points (strawberries) - all for a possible of 83 possible total points.  The comp was invididual, so while one was playing, the others were sequestered.


5:25PM BBT-  Analyse and Holly are trying to comfort Kathryn in the bedroom.  Holly tells her to trust her and that she's playing messenger.

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5:36 BBT

Kathryn tells Christie she is paranoid. Compares herself to Rachel last season, and they both agree that Angela was evil. Christie says she is happy that Sam won Veto because he is going to use it on Cliff. Kathryn says it is so hard to be on the block. Christie says it is so crazy to watch Big Brother on TV, but says now being in the house you have so much down time. Apparently there was lots of down time in the Veto comp and it took 5 hours. Christie says she wants Kathryn to feel good and she doesn't want her to go home. 



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7:07PM BBT-  The HG are in the KT, mostly around the KT table, with lots of chatter going on at once, none of it really discernable.  Holly and Tommy are making dessert in the KT.


7:09PM BBT-  The chatter quiets down a bit and a conversation starts up about Mr. Rogers, and that his favorite number was 143, which was code for "I love you".  Jack said that he heard a rumor once that Mr. Rogers wore a sweater because he had full sleeve tattoos, which was later debunked.


7:28PM BBT-  Kathryn is laying in her bed, but not asleep.  She just appears to be deep in thought.


7:34PM BBT-  Analys and Holly were touching up their faces in the RV bedroom and talk about Ovi, who they say tries to be funny, but is annoying and obtrusive.  They wonder why he had to wake Kat up, and that he's really trying to get air time.  Holly doesn't to run out of patience and then look like a b*tch.  They return to the KT and rejoin the other HG.


7:41PM BBT-  Jack and Tommy settle into the boat room couch and Tommy asks what Sam will do with the POV.  Jack lets him know that Cliff is coming down and Tommy is happy with that.


7:45PM BBT-  Jack tells Tommy that he really want the comp win today.  Tommy says that he didn't need it, but Jack likes to prove his worth.  Jessica and Cliff head upstairs to play a game of Backgammon.


7:49PM BBT-  Tommy tells Jack in the boat lounge that he's anxious that someone is going to slip about Kemi going home.  They feel that it's important to have patience in the house, and how they didn't realize this before being in the game.


7:51PM BBT-  Tommy and Jack continue to chat, switching up to last year's comps and what they feel they'd be good at.  They both look forward to the slip and slide.


8:01PM BBT-  Sam joins Tommy and Jack in the boat lounge.  They congratulate him on his win again and he says what sucks is that Melissa (wife) watches the live feeds so she'll know he won before the show.  


8:03PM BBT-  Christie and Jackson go up to the HOH room, and check it for others before starting to talk.  They turn on the monitor so they can watch to see if anyone is coming.  Feeds go to WBRB.



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8:05PM BBT-  Feeds come back and in the HOH, Christie and Jackson talk about how annoying Ovi is, and how he's deflecting, but they have to wait until week 3 to get rid of him because Jessica needs to go next week.  They think that Sam is a dangerous competitor.  


8:13PM BBT-  Jackson tells Christie that Analyse is really his type and a lot like his exes, but he stays away from her so that he doesn't step on Jack's toes. He said that he hasn't told anyone about Kat, and wonders if she's said anything.  (he doesn't say about *what*)  


8:18PM BBT-  Analyse, Nick, and Holly are whispering in the KT, but difficult to understand.  Cliff walks through on his way to the DR.  Ovi joins Jackson and Christie in the HOHR to question them about the sign language alphabet, and then they head downstairs, leaving Ovi alone up there.  Jessica and Nicole are talking upstairs at the game table.  Jess says that Christie doesn't want to put Kemi on the block because she might look like a racist.


8:30PM BBT-  Jackson goes in to check on Kat in her bed and finds her crying.  He tries to comfort her as she tells him how much she is missing her best friend.  He tells her to let it out and she said she doesn't want to be crying with a camera in her face.


8:43PM BBT-  Ovi, Jess and Nicole are at gaming table upstairs still, and Jess says that the other players that are making plans to move in together after the season is over must have a F4 deal because why would you make plans like that and then evict them?


8:49PM BBT-  Cliff joins Sam and Nick in the boat lounge and asks him what's best for his game.  They agree that both Kathryn and Cliff are both safe at this point, so it doesn't really matter - but would love to be taken down.  He says he wouldn't come in and beg because Sam's got to do what's best for his game.


8:55PM BBT-  Jessica comforts Kat as she weeps in her bed.  They both feel like outsiders.   Meanwhile, all of the girls have changed into workout clothes and have gone to the gym to workout with Jack, and Jessica is about to go join them.  







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8:37pm BBT: Jackson is giving Kat a pep talk, making sure she sees him as loyal and that he keeps his word.


She is worried about being on the block and feels alone in the house, but he encourages her by telling her she is not, that he is there. She is embarrassed about her performance in the veto competition.


Camera moves to the tree house were Ovi, Jessica and Nicole are discussing the nominations, pending veto ceremony and eviction.


Jessica seems to think Bella is not Christie's friend, even though Christie believes she is.


Ovi tells them to make a house decision, not to be “the pigeon under that bus”. (of voting dissension).


The three of them say their goal is to make it to jury, they know people are making bonds or plans to live with each other after the show. She seems to not believe those people will kick each other out of the house if they have made plans like that.

Jessica wonders if they will continue to use Cliff as a pawn, she wants to see where things are after this vote.


Nicole laughs at her competition failure and says she is “that person” people watch on tv and say “oh no here she comes”.


When Jessica mentions back dooring a “person of color”, the camera immediately moves to other parts of the house.


Tommy and Christie are giving mutual “you are wonderfuls”, the camera moves to Jack and a male who is off camera, Cliff comes into the ship bed lounge. The three of them are talking about working out,


Cliff asks Sam (the previously unidentified person in the room) what his plans are with the veto. Sam tells Cliff is leaning towards using the the veto on him (Cliff).

Camera moves back to tree house. Jessica is no longer there, just Nicole and Ravi remain. Very little talking.


Camera 3 goes back to boat bed lounge.


Cliff is telling Nick and Sam he would be happy to be taken from the block. When asked he tells them that he would put Jessica and possibly Ovi would be his choices.


Nick says he would put up Jessica, Ovi and Kat. He says he would put Kat up because she has already been up there with Ovi. “And if Ovi has the power it will flush it out...” (They all seem to think there are powers out there)


Cliff says he wants to see how things line up in the house. Everyone agrees that Ovi has seemed to have changed during his time in the house, he is no longer as like able as he has been. He was meshing well, but has become un meshed. Cliff says he likes Ovi, but the others say it doesn't make sense to play with liking people in their mind.


Cliff says he likes Kat, but he doesn't see how she can help him out later. Sam says he told Kat that the only way she would would go home is if the veto was not used. Cliff tells him that as soon as Sam won the veto Kat began asking what he would do with it.


The three of them are talking about the eviction schedule as it relates to the Fourth of July. They believe it will happen fast.


Nick says he trusts Bella, Sis, and Jack.


There must have been some kind of competition with a power attached, they are trying to figure out who won it. They are trying to figure out A. Who has the power and B. What the power is.


The three of them believe that Jessica is pushing “girl power” quite a bit.


Cliff says he does not like the back door since there is no control over the winner of the veto. He thinks it could come back to bite him. He would rather just nominate and tell the person they can fight to stay.



Nicole comes into the room to join the others in the boat bed lounge.


They ask her about the exercise going on in the other part of the house. She tells them it seems intense so she slid right past them.


They talk about DR sessions and a whack a mole type of game (possibly this is where the “power” comes from)


Talk changes to television shows and Star Trek. Cliff says he watched Battlestar Gallactica, and scary late night stories.

They say the nickname for Analyse is “sis”, and Jackson is “mickey”


They say Ovi made cookies and hid them in his bed, they are thinking about going to get them, eat them, then deny it.

All of them are upset that the ingredients were not his, and the cookies should not be hidden. One of them says they should take a bite out of all of them.


Everyone leaves the room because there is cake ready in the kitchen.


All the house guests (except Kat) are in the kitchen enjoying the snack, but I am not sure yet who made it.

Kat is alone in the bedroom sniffling and cleaning her face with disposable face cloths. She keeps looking into the mirror. When Bob tells Bella to go to the DR, Kat visibly jumps. She puts her microphone on and goes to the living room where Jackson meets her for a hug and encourages her to join the others for birthday cake. She goes to the storage room with him, thanks him for supporting her.


House guests are in the kitchen talking and laughing. It is a loud party atmosphere in there, with Bob reprimanding them for talking about production.

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11:17pm BBT Tommy talking about how hot Shakira was in a video in the treehouse with Jessica, Isabella Christine, Nicole, and Kemi and he almost blows his cover with Christine by commenting in an offhand way that Christine would love it (he says "well, YOU would love her" in a familiar, knowing way)  when Christine says it sounds hot. He covers it a bit, but he basically was putting it out there that Christine likes women, not men, which would lead to the question of how does he know that? Christine helps with the cover and they move away from that topic.

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