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  1. 5:36 BBT Kathryn tells Christie she is paranoid. Compares herself to Rachel last season, and they both agree that Angela was evil. Christie says she is happy that Sam won Veto because he is going to use it on Cliff. Kathryn says it is so hard to be on the block. Christie says it is so crazy to watch Big Brother on TV, but says now being in the house you have so much down time. Apparently there was lots of down time in the Veto comp and it took 5 hours. Christie says she wants Kathryn to feel good and she doesn't want her to go home.
  2. 5:26 BBT Cam 1: Jack and Sam talking about a final 5 alliance. Sam says Holly and Bella will be with us and Nicole will always vote with us. They agree Ovi will probably vote with them too. Jack says their final five alliance should be Sam, Jack, Christie, Nice and Sis. Says those are a solid 5. Sam asks if they should make a solid 7 or 8 alliance just for backup so that they feel apart of it. Jack says we should wait to make it official until after the next HOH. 5:29 BBT Sam and Jack talking about the Veto comp. Sam wants to use the Veto on Cliff because he deserves to b
  3. 9:14 BBT Jackson tells Kathryn and Jessica if he gets picked for veto, he is playing to win. Says he will take one of the nominees off. The nominees are Kathryn and Cliff Kathryn says she has a good feeling but says she is anxious. Kathryn wishes Jessica a happy one week anniversary of their friendship, celebrating they moved in one week ago today. 9:18 BBT Jackson in the bathroom shaving, Jessica complaining about her pants unraveling. All of the other houseguests are in the kitchen loudly talking. Kathryn in WA contemplating whether or not to put on makeup b

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