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Casting and Auditioning


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Do you remember watching Big Brother 5? Waiting with bated breath for Morty to finally update his page? Looked at the above logo everyday for weeks on end? Cant wait for BB6?

Below is a list of the interview dates, times and places. If anyone wanted to try and apply so we can poke fun at you! You can print a form off by clicking the link to CBS that I have provided you at the bottom of the post.

Are you an outgoing, intriguing, competitive person who would make the perfect BIG BROTHER HouseGuest? Are you up for anything and everything? Are you ready to live inside the BIG BROTHER House with a group of strangers while multiple cameras record your every move and sound 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Are you willing to compete for half a million dollars against other participants as aggressive and ambitious as you are? If you can answer yes to these questions, you just might qualify as a contestant on BIG BROTHER 6.

  • Monday,

March 28 Green Bay, WI 4pm - 7pm Anduzzi's Sports Club

1992 Holmgren Way

Green Bay, WI 54304


March 30 Boston, MA 10am - 4pm CBS4

1170 Soldiers Field Rd

Boston, MA 02134


March 31 Springfield, MO 4pm - ?? Patton Alley Pub

313 S Patton

Springfield, MO 65804

Only the first 100 applicants will be accepted


April 1 Philadelphia, PA 930am - 12noon CBS3 Studio

101 S Independence Mall East

Philadelphia, PA 19106

(on the corner of 5th & Market)


April 1 Denver, CO 10am - 5pm CBS4

1044 Lincoln St

Denver, CO 80203


April 2 Bakersfield, CA 10am - 4pm Nissan of Bakersfield

In Bakersfield Auto Mall

2800 Pacheco Rd

Bakersfield, CA 93313


April 2 Miami, FL TBD TBD


April 2 Columbus, MS 10am - 1pm Leigh Mall

1404 Old Aberdeen Rd

Columbus, MS 39705


April 2 Roanoke, VA TBD TBD


April 3 New York, NY 12noon - 9pm Fighthouse Studios

122 W 27th St

2nd Floor

New York, NY 10001

(between 6th & 7th Aves)


April 3 Los Angeles, CA 11am - 3pm CBS Radford Lot

4024 Radford Ave

Studio City, CA 91604

Enter at Radford Ave Gate


April 5 Bay City, MI 2pm - 6pm Labadie Tri-City Toyota Jeep

909 N Euclid Ave

Bay City, MI 48706


April 7 Quincy, IL 3pm - 7pm County Market Store

N 30th St & Broadway St

Quincy, IL 62301


April 7 Cleveland, OH 4pm - 8pm House of Blues

308 Euclid Ave

Cleveland, OH 44114


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Guest conniejoe
I have to wonder how many people will be pulled to be contestants of Big Brother 6 from these casting calls and how many will come from portfolio headshots already on the producers desk.
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As much as I hate to say it cj, I think you're right. Why cant they have normal people. Like... hmmm... lets say our little green bouncing friend! :shock:

But, I WILL watch either way! :wink: And being that it is only once a year, we just cant get enough! :D

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Guest cappy

Yes I believe they will be happy. Just go up to them and say "I survived 5 weeks in eBB house and was trapped 5 months with Barbies." Thatll get me a free ticket to a shrink and a crazy house.

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Cappy....Xandra's just up in Frederick, Md.

Maybe you could talk her into trying out with you in Philly .....

If she dosen't want to DO the show..... it still sounds like it would be a fun trip to tag along on :!:

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Ya cappy, I'd try out but can't get out there. Anyway, good luck, and if you make it, I get TOTAL interview rights when you get back. I shall be your manager, and get you on Letterman!! Oh I hope I get to meet Letterman. or he at least will call. Or stop deleting my love mail :P (jk)

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CBS Begins Casting on 'Big Brother 6'


LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Do you love exhibitionism, enclosed spaces and Julie Chen? Do you hate the idea of eating cow testicles but figure you could live on peanut butter for weeks at a time? Do you have a job that would allow you to take an entire summer off? Do you enjoy staging televised fights over hygiene, sexual orientation or race? And, most importantly, will you hook up with a stranger in a hot tub? If so, CBS has got your summer vacation all planned out, launching a nationwide casting call for "Big Brother 6."

Complete instructions for the application process are available on CBS' website and applications are due by Friday, April 8. If you turn in a properly quirky two-minute videotape along with two fetching color photos, you may get to be one of the strangers locked in a house on the CBS backlot and forced to vote each other out in quest of a half-million dollar prize.

Viewers who loved such past twists as the Ex-Factor and last summer's silly twin thing, can get ready for even more surprises.

"'Big Brother 6' has some big surprises that will soon be revealed," says Executive Producer Arnold Shapiro. "Our goal this summer is to assemble the most colorful, competitive, and charismatic houseguests we've ever had. Right now, we're seeking the most memorable and exciting competitors we can find."

While it launched in the shadow of "Survivor," "Big Brother" has become a consistent ratings winner for CBS in the lean summer months. Airing three times a week, "Big Brother" episodes averaged as much as 9.1 million viewers per week.

"Coming up with the best House Guests and the most surprising twists are the most challenging-yet-rewarding parts of producing 'Big Brother,'" notes executive producer Allison Grodner. "This summer we look forward to delivering a terrific cast and surprising new twists."

Not long to go...... 105 days! :D:D see... down there.... LQQK!


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And yet one more article.........

CBS begins accepting applications for 'Big Brother 6', announces casting calls

By Steve Rogers, 03/27/2005

CBS announced Thursday that it has begun accepting applications for Big Brother 6, the latest installment of its long-running reality franchise. Once again produced by Arnold Shapiro and Allison Grodner, Big Brother 6 will air in Summer 2005.

As in previous seasons, Big Brother 6 will follow a group of strangers living in a specially constructed house outfitted with dozens of cameras that record their moves 24 hours a day.

"Big Brother 6 has some big surprises that will soon be revealed," said Shapiro. "Our goal this summer is to assemble the most colorful, competitive, and charismatic houseguests we've ever had. Right now, we're seeking the most memorable and exciting competitors we can find."

"Coming up with the best houseguests and the most surprising twists are the most challenging-yet-rewarding parts of producing Big Brother. This summer we look forward to delivering a terrific cast and surprising new twists," added Grodner.

While CBS isn't yet revealing any of the new season's surprises, it least one of them has been known since last fall -- the construction of a new two-story Big Brother house. Demolished following the September 2004 of Big Brother 5, the show's previous house had served (albeit with annual redecorating) as the set for all of the show's first five seasons.

Mail-in applications and instructions can be downloaded from CBS.com. A two-minute videotape and two color photographs must accompany all completed applications. The deadline for mail-in applications is April 8.

In addition to accepting mail-in applications, CBS has also announced upcoming nationwide casting calls on the following dates and locations:

- March 28, Green Bay, WI

- March 30. Boston, MA

- March 31. Springfield, MO

- March 31. Grand Junction, CO

- April 1. Philadelphia, PA

- April 2. Bakersfield, CA

- April 2. Miami, FL

- April 2. Columbus, MS

- April 2. Bedford, VA

- April 3. New York, NY

- April 3. Los Angeles, CA

- April 5. Raytown, MO

- April 5. Bay City, MI

- April 6. Waterford, MI

- April 7. Quincy, IL

- April 7. Cleveland, OH

- April 8. Austin, TX

Additional casting call information is available from CBS.com.

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Guest Kubiboo

Well consider yourselves all lucky. We live in Canada, and don't even qualify to be contestants. Hubby and I would kill for a chance to be on the show.

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Denver Votes Big Brother 6 Out of The House.

By TheScribe - April 2, 2005

As you would all suspect this renowned scribe has been keeping a close eye on the open casting calls for the up and coming Big Brother 6 show, scheduled for approximately July 5th of this year.

Now, we are all aware that when "The Apprentice" calls an open casting call, even small towns end up with line ups larger than their population. When "Survivor" invites potential victims to their casting calls, they end up with folks camped in the street overnight clamoring to be first in the door, and of course there are "American Idol" cattle calls that are so huge they have to rent stadiums to accommodate the masses that want to be in the Big Show.

Okay with out further ado I will get to the point. This weekend Big Brother held an open casting call in Denver, Colorado, a city with a population of 2,581,506 and the total turn out for the open casting call was 30 people, give or take a loony or two.

I am guessing if you are a Big Brother fan your brain is total denial after having just read the previous paragraph. That is okay Bunky, so are the producers of Big Brother.

You are now asking yourself, how can that be possible, only 30 people (give or take) show up at a casting call for the greatest show on reality TV?

The answer is plain and simple; the show is no longer of the people, for the people, by the people. The great unwashed masses have figured it out; this is a show of a few dupes salted into a show of Hollywood wannabes.

The producers of Big Brother are so far out in "pat myself on the backland" they can't see they lost the greatest asset the show ever had, the real people. The very essence that makes American Idol so strong has been totally ignored by the producers of the Big Brother show. No, it is not the text and phone in voting. It is the innate built in competitiveness of all Americans.

We all know Texas is the biggest and best state of the Union because they are always reminding us they are. We know how special Alaska is because that is where the real men live. I could go on and on about how each state of the union loves competing for cock of the walk and bragging rights and that is what American Idol has and what Big Brother is so arrogantly ignoring. It is also why only 30 people show up for a casting call in a city with a population of 2,581,506

This also means for absolutely sure that we are only going to get more of what we got from Big Brother the last two years, a show that is predominantly cast from agencies and the whims of the producers rather than a show that will draw the attention of people all rooting for the person from their state or region to win.

Folks it is time to start stomping your feet and screaming loudly enough to be heard. Although I am sure the producers of Big Brother read my ramblings, I am also sure they write me off as some crank that has no business sticking my nose in their business, rather than an accredited scribe of a renowned publication. So Bunky, get your pen out, get busy on your keyboard and start writing to aspproductions@aol.com to voice your opinion if you want something more than what you have been given the last few years. Just maybe, and I say this carefully, if you do take to writing, you will be giving America back a summer time pastime we embraced once upon a time.

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BB6 Reality TV hopefuls head to Waterford

Web-posted Apr 7, 2005


Of The Daily Oakland Press

WATERFORD TWP. - Being locked in a house for 100 days with complete strangers where your every move is filmed apparently intrigues many people.

Auditions for "Big Brother 6," CBS' claustrophobia-inducing reality show that promises $500,000 to the winner, drew about 100 hopeful housemates to Waterford's Shark Club Wednesday.

Show producers are holding auditions around the country and plan to air the show in early July. They said the next round will be the semifinals, and they expect to name finalists near the end of the month.

Described by one observer as " 'Survivor' in a house," the show has included players who were polar opposites, whose personalities were "arrogant, obstinate and obnoxious," said Matt Malyn, CBS-UPN Detroit director of communications.

Sitting alone at the back of the nightclub, professional gambler Kelly Fabinjanski, 36, of Highland Township, had no problem explaining why she would win. "I have an evil streak," said Fabinjanski, whose specialty is blackjack. "If I don't get what I want, I will turn the situation around to my advantage."

At another table, Val Arnold, 33, of Holly shared a smoke with Kim Ash, 25, of St. Clair Shores as they waited to film their two-minute audition tapes. Calling herself a "big reality show buff," Ash said her job as a bartender would help her in the "Big Brother" house - which will be in Los Angeles this season. "I'm used to characters," she said.

Another contender, Mike Saagman, 37, of Grand Rapids said he used his day off from selling waterbeds to try out. "I'll play the game the best," he said. "I'll win by my boyish charm." A faithful fan of the show, Saagman recalled stomach-turning moments from past seasons, including the time one contestant used another housemate's toothbrush to clean a toilet.

Another episode included a player tossing a salad with his bare, very unclean, hands. "Nobody ate the salad," Saagman said, laughing.

The scenario would have upset avowed neat freak, Nicholas Baker, 27, a contestant who drove to Waterford from Germantown, Ohio. Ex-wife Crystal Baker of Waterford Township had alerted him to the audition. "I told him he could walk to it from my house," she said, pointing toward her neighborhood a stone's throw from the nightclub.

Some people who showed up had never seen the show. Russell Rabb, 28, of Ypsilanti said a friend had told him about auditions. "I'm going in blind," he said. A former Marine and "repo" man, Raab said there were many reasons he should be chosen for the house. "I'm energetic and fun," he said. "On a scale of one to 10, I'm a strong nine on an off day."

During Amy Smith's audition, the peppy 28-year-old Oakland University education student - a semifinalist for the show in 2003 - gave it all she had. Smiling into the camera, she said, "I am the ultimate houseguest. Please give me a chance. America is going to love me!"

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Guest ranster627
Has anyone had a call back for the semi finals??????
I went to a casting call also' date=' I haven't heard anything either. I wonder if they are waiting until the last casting call is over before they start calling. What are the odds of even getting a call back though.[/quote']
Keep us posted Lisa!

We're rooting for ya!


I've applied for bb6 and recieved a callback. I'll keep you guys posted if I can and if I get on the show' date=' wish me luck :)[/quote']

Terrific Bounty!! Fingers are crossed for you!!

Bounty' date='where did you go to a casting call or did you send in your application?[/quote']
Way to go Bounty! Hope you get on!
Congrads Bounty! When did you get your callback and what city are you going to? Hope everything goes well. I am still waiting on mine.
Does anyone know what cities they've done the callbacks for so far - all of them or are they just getting started?
Has anyone had any experience with' date=' or heard of being bumped right from the first level of application to being one of the forty or so who go to CA?, therefor skipping the semi-final interview...[/quote']
I havent had a call back yet.. or ever.. But im hoping this will be my year and its MAY 1 they should be calling soon. They should be done looking at all the tapes by now....
semi finalist have already been contacted. they will be contacting finalist within this week.
Hey all of you BB fans. I went to the Miami Beach Casting call a bit back and I can give ya some insite on whats goin on. I did find that it will be 20 house guests for this next season and they definity extended the running time of the season. Thats all that they knew when I asked.

So hopefully I will get on this season!!!! i pray

good luck maj!
congrats fizzle on making the finals; anyone else out there in morty land in LA with fizzle for the finals??

:? I never said anything about making finals... or semi finals for that matter.. I was just posting time line info.

:P That's cool. I am sure there are probably confientiality rules prohibiting the admission of being considered. I think BB and others like to keep their contestant search out of the public eye. If you are in LA right now for the finals then good luck to you and the others but don't get yourself in trouble by admitting it.
when I went to the casting call in FL they told me to expect a call back no ealier than the end of may' date=' so there is still hope for us all!!!!!!![/quote']
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Guest Connect4

Someone I'm close with was a semi-finalist in the Memphis region. He risked $5 million in disclosure penalty to tell me what he did. But today was the last day for them to call him for finalists in Los Angeles, and he didn't get the call, so he told me about it. I'm going to do my best to conceal anything that might give his identity away. The big news stuff is in the final paragraph.

-He wasn't supposed to tell ANYONE that he made it as a semi-finalist. He had to tell his parents since he needed documents (like his birth certificate) that required honest answers. When he got the news on making semi-finals, he had to pretend it was someone else on the other end so he wouldn't give it away to the girl he was hanging out with at that particular time. He's not supposed to tell anyone that he made it as a semi-finalist until July 4. Why they chose that day, I don't know.

-Setting up the Memphis semi-final interview, they asked him for a day he could make it, and he told them. They were very last-minute with things, as if they wanted to keep things secret as much as possible. He was told to go to a certain hotel in Memphis and go to a certain room. He had to fill out a bunch of paperwork there and sign all sorts of forms that he said gave CBS pretty much the freedom to do whatever they wanted to with him as far as how it portrayed him on the show and how they edited his interviews, etc. He said signing was not an optional thing; either you signed or you could leave.

-From there he was told to go to another room number, where the woman he had first spoken with on the phone interviewed him. They clipped a mike to him and everything. He'd been told to prepare for as long as 3 hours, but it only took him 1. He was asked questions about things he would and wouldn't be willing to do in the house, if he'd be willing to hook up with chicks in there, etc.

-The main things of interest are this: the woman he talked to from the show told him to get the Big Brother 3 DVD set, which he did (and he watched the entire thing in one week). She intimated that this season would be more similar to it than BB4 or BB5; she gave him the impression that BB4 wasn't considered very good by the powers that be. There were going to be 40 finalists from the 12 regions flown out to Los Angeles. Of those 40, 12 would make the show. He was told that if he made the show, he might have to be in the sequester house the entire time, even if he was voted out the first week.

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Guest XandraSkye
Thanks Connect. Very interesting stuff. And my lips are sealed. I will deny I know anything...which is pretty easy for me to convince people of anyway.
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We don't know!! Could be that one of our guys is on the final list and is keeping faith with the agreement they signed with the production company to keep mum until July 7th!!!

Here is hoping that we have a secret mole in the HOUSE!!!

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Guest bigbrother6reject

just wanted to let yall know that the finalists have in fact been chosen and they'll fly out to LA tommorow for the finals... it'll probably last about a week. 8)

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just wanted to let yall know that the finalists have in fact been chosen and they'll fly out to LA tommorow for the finals... it'll probably last about a week.  8)
Thanks for letting us know. Its so close yet so far away.
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