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Monday, September 3, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:05 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Haleigh in the BBR. She is laying in bed with the covers all the way. She is heard crying. BB adjusts the camera to capture it. She asks that BB leave her alone. She is sad.


 12:09 AM BBT Haleigh continues to cry in the BBR. "I don't even want to be here anymore." 


12:16 AM BBT Haleigh can still be heard crying in the BBR. Scottie walks by but doesn't notice. Meanwhile Kaycee, Angela, Brett and Tyler are eating pancake sliders. 


12:20 AM BBT Scottie has gone into the BBR and laid down next to Haleigh. He asks her if he should do his speech tomorrow. She tells him no. Meanwhile Angela is rinsing off her dishes and takes the nozzle from the sink and sprays it across the island at Brett. 


12:24 PM BBT Scottie is trying to cheer Haleigh up. He is giving her excuses to tell the others to get rid of him instead of her. Like: he is growing an alien life form inside him and they need to get rid of him before it comes out. Or that he beats up clowns at children's birthday parties. He drowns fish, throws birds off cliffs and buries worms alive. 


12:25 AM BBT JC and Brett are in the HoH. JC starts to vent about BB doing Have Nots with only 20 days left. He stops himself "Hold on let put my mic on first so that they can hear me."  He wants to make sure BB knows just how upset he is.  


12:29 AM BBT In the HoH JC tells Brett that the reason he is so mad is because BB did a shi**y thing by doing HNs based on the HoH. It is targeting him. That's why he is so mad. 


12:41 AM BBT Haleigh and Scottie are talking in the BBR. Haleigh admits that she has been sad because she doesn't want to be the target and doesn't want him to be the target either. Meanwhile Brett and JC are in the HoH. BB "Please turn the music down." JC complies. "Are you happy now? B**ch." BB "Yes."   


12:50 AM BBT Kaycee has joined Haleigh. She sees that she is upset. She tells her to relax. She is fine. She does her best to try to cheer her up. 

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12:58 AM BBT Haleigh tells Kaycee that she is frustrated with Scottie. When they were in the hammock Scottie told her that he was told that he was the pawn. He said that she was leaving this week and he will be right behind her the next. 


1:10 AM BBT Haleigh and Kaycee are in the BBR. Haleigh is telling Kaycee about deer hunting and how tags are given to make sure they is no over hunting. They then discuss hogs. Kaycee thought they were about the size of a medium sized dog. Haleigh tells her that a big a$$ hog can weight more than 300 pounds. It takes 4 or 5 dogs to take one down. 


1:20 AM BBT Haleigh continues to educate Kaycee on hog hunting. She explains how hogs are a nuisance animal. They destroy everything and over populate. You can hunt as many of them as you want. There is no limit. 


1:23 AM BBT Brett has joined Haleigh and Scottie in the BBR. He says "Just the two I was looking for. About to have a pants party." Scottie "You mean you are having a party in your pants and I am invited?" 


1:36 AM BBT Brett and JC are whispering in the WA. They are discussing that something is up between Tyler and Angela. If he wasn't on slop he would be up there to F up her game. He doesn't understand why she stays up there. Brett tells him that when he went to bed at 4 AM the other day, she was not in her bed. Brett "Maybe that's a move that needs to be done." 


1:40 AM BBT Angela says that JC makes her so mad. He needs to hurry up and go to bed. Why does he care so much? He is in love with Tyler. Tyler "I am competing with JC." 

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1:42 AM BBT JC goes to the microwave to retrieve the "heating bag". It is not there. JC says to Sam "I bet Haleigh has it. I will have destroy her." He goes to hunt down Haleigh for the heating bag. JC corners her in the WA. She denies having it. He continues to search the house looking for it. 


1:48 AM BBT Angela and Tyler turn off the HoH lights and crawl into bed. JC and Haleigh are in the KT with Sam. JC and Haleigh continue to argue about the heating pad. 


1:51 AM BBT In the KT, JC is painting Haleigh's nails. Angela and Tyler are in bed in the HoH with the lights out.


2:00 AM BBT Haleigh has crawled in bed in the BBR with Kaycee. JC, who slept almost all day, is pacing around the room. Kaycee ask for BB to turn the lights out so they can go to sleep. Haleigh tries to get Kaycee to go to the PBR with her where it will be pitch black. Kaycee doesn't want to go. JC picks his microphone up "Charlie, when you get done in the KT, would you please turn the lights off in the BR. Thanks." 


2:10 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on Kaycee and Haleigh in the BBR. JC joins them. Kaycee says she has asked BB nicely to turn the lights out many times. JC tells her that she has to ask rudely to get what she wants. 


2:15 AM BBT All 4 feeds show Tyler and Angela in bed in the HoH with the lights off. They are watching the HoH monitor. Angela says that it must be exhausting being Sam. She never just sits. She always has to be doing something. 


2:19 AM BBT Tyler and Angela are in bed. Some movement on the monitor makes Angela jump up. They watch the monitor for a moment. It was just Brett going outside. She lays back down. 


2:25 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Brett playing pool alone in the BY. Feeds 3 and 4 show Angela and Tyler cuddling in the HoH. 


2:43 AM BBT Brett is still alone in the BY. He is just sitting on the side of the hammock. Tyler and Angela are still in bed in the HoH on feeds 3 and 4. 


2:45 AM BBT Brett finally heads inside the house. He takes off his microphone and crawls in bed in the PBR. BB turns of the bedroom light. Tyler and Angela whisper in the HoH bed while cuddling. 


2:55 AM BBT All the HGs are in bed. All the lights are out. Tyler and Angela continue to snuggle and occasionally whisper.


3:00 AM BBT-4:00 AM BBT Tyler and Angela continue to snuggle in the bed in the HoH. Occasional whispering and quiet kisses can be heard. At 4:03 AM BBT Angela heads downstairs to climb into her own bed. BB turns of the house lights. 


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7:55 AM BBT JC gets out of bed. He walks up to the patio door and looks outside. No one is there. He heads to the WC and crawls back into bed. 


8:00 AM Sam is wakened by JC going to bed in the HN room. She gets out of bed and heads to the WA. she does a little bit of grooming before she heads back to bed.  


9:08 AM BBT Sam is awake. She makes coffee and begins her ADL's. 


9:30 AM BBT Wake Up call.


9:40 AM BBT Feeds return. Sam remains the only one up and around.


9:44 AM BBT Sam makes a bowl of cereal and takes it out to the patio to eat it. 


9:45 AM BBT Haleigh and Brett have gotten up to change their batteries.


9:50 AM BBT Sam is called to the DR. 


9:55 AM BBT Sam is out of the DR. She goes back to her cereal at the KT island. She talks to herself. She says that she wishes she could be a dog. Have people love and pet her all day. She would be an Australian Shepherd. And her name would be Whiskey. 


9:59 AM BBT Sam is alone on the patio. She is talking to herself. "Let's do 20 things that I am thankful for." Kaycee just came out of the WC. She crawls back into bed. Angela is awake in the BBR. She tells Kaycee that when she took a shower she forgot to shave an armpit. Kaycee is still sore from the comps. 


10:02 AM BBT BB calls for Tyler and Scottie to change their batteries. Sam is sitting alone at the patio with her head down. 


10:04 AM BBT Sam "Obviously my slippers smell great because there are flies in them. What a great way to start the day." She starts to sing to herself. BB "Please stop singing." Sam "Oh, I didn't know you were out here. Pardon e mua." She heads back inside. 


10:13 AM BBT BB once again calls for Tyler and Scottie to change their batteries. There is no movement.


10:15 AM BBT Sam is in the WA getting dressed. Everybody else is in bed. 


10:19 AM BBT BB makes another plea to Tyler and Scottie to change their batteries. 

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10:24 AM BBT Sam comes out of the WC wearing a pair of rather tight fitted blue jeans. She appears to be insecure about it. she keeps staring at herself in the mirror and putting her hands in and out of the different pockets. She sighs and moves on brushing her teeth. 


10:34 AM BBT BB has called for Tyler and Scottie to change their batteries for what feels like the 17th time. BB then calls Kaycee to the DR. Kaycee "Great. I don't even have a voice." Her voice is very hoarse this morning. 


10:40 AM BBT Tyler has finally gotten up. He is making his bed in the HoH. Haleigh is up and doing her hair in the WA. Kaycee is cleaning her face. Sam is putting on makeup. 


10:45 AM BBT Sam tells Kaycee and Haleigh that she got up early this morning and got dressed. She says she looks like she is getting ready to go sell bibles this morning. Or to teach her 2nd grade class. Kaycee laughs at her. BB calls Kaycee to the DR again.


10:47 AM BBT Sam continues talking about being a door to door salesman to Kaycee. If you don't want her bibles she has a two for one special on Meow Mix. She has Kaycee practically in stitches. Their laughing draws the attention of Brett and Scottie in the KT. 


10:51 AM BBT Kaycee is called to the DR again. Kaycee is almost ready. BB also calls for Haleigh and Sam to put on their microphones then immediately calls Kaycee again. 


10:55 AM BBT Brett is in the WA with Sam. She tells him she tried to put on her Levi's that fit her when she came into the house. She can't wear them anymore. Quite depressing. So she decided to screw around with her hair instead. Brett "You cutting it again?" Sam "There are no scissors in here. BB knows better than that. I wouldn't have any hair left." 

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11:02am BBT:  Brett and Haleigh go out to the BY to let the awnings down. They are talking about bathing suits. 

 11:04am BBT: Tyler in the KT getting himself a drink, Scottie comes in and they talk about items sitting on the KT island. Sam comes in and says good morning. In the BY Brett and Haleigh are sitting drinking coffee and talking general talk.

 11:10am BBT: BB calls for a Out Door Lock Down. HG start to make their way out the the BY. It is time for the Veto ceremony.

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11:50pm BBT: Feeds are back with HG hugging and talking loudly as they separate and leave the LVR. Everyone talking about the speeches and saying how great they was then laughing more.

11:52am BBT: Haleigh says she forgot to flex when she was making her speech that there was supposed to be flexing. Scottie talks in a weird voice saying roses are Red. Tyler laughs and says i hope that makes the show.

 11:56am BBT: Angela goes to the BY and says back top the sunshine. Scottie is in the BY saying he wanted to do a barrel roll. Angela ask how would you do that? Scottie laughs and says i don't know.  Kaycee, Haleigh, Tyler and Brett in the KT laughing about the speeches and how much they cursed and kaycee says she did not cuss and Brett says yes you did when you forgot what you was going to say. kaycee says oh i did and they all laugh.

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11:58 am BBT  Brett, Haleigh, Tyler, Kaycee and Sam are in the KT discussing the Veto ceremony.  Kaycee is upset because she cussed in her veto speech.  Tyler thinks it can be cut.  Haleigh thinks she did a good speech.  Sam is telling both of them did good.  Sam likes the shirt Kaycee is wearing, while Haleigh put something in the oven (cinnamon rolls). 


Haleigh says she did a good speech last week, she isn't sure she can top that.  Sam said it was very eloquent and lady-like.  They joke this will be a ratchet speech. Tyler turns around and says "I drive a Jeep, by the way".  Everyone laughs, (reference to Fessy speech)  They are joking around.  Brett says "I am Brett.  When I don't have a boner, I'm not drinking beers".  Everyone laughs as he says it a couple more times in a deep voice.

12:10 pm BBT  More joking around in the KT. Scottie goes to the WC.  When he comes out he forgot his mic and had to go back to get it. In the KT, Sam says something was thrown out that Haleigh was looking for.  She said either her or Scottie did it when they cleaned out the fridge.  Brett talking about working out.  Kaycee said she is taking it slow, she hurt her knee.  She said when she ets up she feels a sharp pain in her right knee.  People talking around and over each other. 

12:15 pm BBT  Sam goes outside, her mic is still on.  She tells Angela (who is sunning) that the girls are making cinnamon rolls and eggs, and JC crawled back into his saucer.  Her mic gets cut.  Scottie goes outside, cameras follow.  Brett is making double entendres about cooking.  Kaycee asked how to make something moist and then catches her self as Brett and Tyler laugh.  Brett says he can it moist.  He knows how. 

Scottie is running laps outside as Angela tans.

Brett says he is upset over someones speech, but that he will get over it, just like Kaitlyn will get over it and hopefully Rachel.  Haleigh asks if his speech is what got Rachel sent home.  He says of course.  Haleigh claims she didn't know about the power Bayleigh had. Brett says sorry Rach to the camera.

12:27 pm BBT  Tyler and Kaycee go upstairs and Kaycee said that Haleigh was crying so much last night because Scottie told her that Tyler said he was just a pawn, and was safe.   Tyler said he never said that, but gave the impression Scottie is safe.  They don't understand why Scottie would do that.  Kaycee said Haleigh told her that Scottie told Haleigh that he is safe this week,and it should be a unanimous vote  but whoever stays goes home next week.  Kaycee said why would you say that?  Kaycee told Haleigh not to be too confident, and not to say anything to Scottie. Haleigh said it is the same as last week, but she would never rub it in his face.  Kaycee said Haleigh puts on some emotions, Tyler agrees.  Tyler and Kaycee agree everyone loves Scottie, but he needs to go.  Tyler doesn't want him to feel bad.


Brett comes up.  He said Haleigh was giving him a hard time about his Bayleigh speech.  Haleigh said everyone already knew what he was saying.  He said oh, so you knew about the power?  She said no.  He asked if she knew Rachel was a pawn, she again says no.  They talk about what a bad liar Haleigh is.  She is fake and lies, forgets the story she tells, and then lies again 15 minutes later.  They are laughing about it.

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12:35 pm BBT  Brett, Kaycee and Tyler are in the HOHR.  They are discussing Haleigh.  Tyler said he got her to confirm that she told her whole alliance that she was the hacker, even though she told him over and over that no one knew.  Brett says she has to go, she is always doing sketchy shit.  Tyler said she will go.

Brett said he had a talk with Scottie last night, and it was confirmed in the jury house that Haleigh had a final 2 with Rockstar, another with Bayleigh, one with Fessy and another one with Scottie.  They are also pretty sure she had a F2 with Kaitlyn.  Tyler said Scottie told them about the F2 with Haleigh, and she was back tracking and made a cover story.  They all say she is sketch.  Tyler said it is easier to get info out of her when you are joking about it, then if they attack her.  Brett says it really pisses him off.  Brett says what is so funny is that she thinks she is playing a flawless game.  Tyler tells about the Hive offering to pull him in, so he can make 6th place. 

Kaycee says she puts up such a fake vibe.  She knew she was so fake, and you can't trust her.  They said she is doing good for being 21.  Tyler said he would have been out week 2 if he was there when he was 21.    They say you can't trust her, she even betrayed her own group.  Brett says Scottie is saying the exact same thing as he did last time he got evicted. 

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12:03pm BBT: Sam, Haleigh, Tyler and Kaycee in the KT still talking about  the speech for the veto comp. sam tells Haleigh she did so good but Haleigh is mad at herself. sam says don't be but now you have to come up with a good speech for Thursday.

12:13pm BBT: Most HG in the KT talking genera talk. Angela laying in the BY in the sun. Scottie gets coffee and goes back to the PBR then back to the KT.Scottie now goes to the BY and gets ready to workout. Sam has come out to do laundry.

12:22pm BBT: Scottie running in the BY while Angela lays in the sun. JC has gone back to bed, Tyler, Brett, Haleigh and Kaycee in the KT eating and talking about going to bars and buying their friends shots.

12:26pm BBT :Kaycee ask Tyler if she can have a drink in the HOHR and he says yes they go to the HOHR and kaycee says you know why Haleigh was acting the way she was yesterday? She says it is because Scottie told her that you told him that he was the pawn this week. Tyler says i never told him that. Kaycee says i know but that is why she was acting that way.

 12:35pm BBT: Brett now on the HOHR talking to Kaycee and Brett about Haleigh having 5 final 2 deals with Bayleigh, Rockstar,kaitlyn, Scottie and of course we all know she has a final 2 with Faysal. They continue to talk about Haleigh's alliances and how she plays the game. kaycee says she thinks she is playing a flawless game. Brett, Tyler and kaycee say they can not trust Haleigh at all.

12:44pm BBT: Brett and kaycee repeating themselves in the HOHR, kaycee says it is going to be a good week. Brett says yeah a good week and it should be a double eviction maybe. Angela and Haleigh in the BY talking about bikini tops while Scottie runs.

 12:52pm BBT: Brett, Tyler and kaycee in the HOHR talking about live shows and how sometimes CBS goes to their hometowns and talks to your families. kaycee says i wonder who's town they went to. Sam in the WA down stairs looking in the mirror. Angela goes to the WC then heads to the KT.

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12:50 pm BBT  Tyler is saying they will be in all 40 episodes, Brett doesn't think so.  Tyler is saying with previous episodes, the "previously on" then in the jury house.  They continue to discuss.  They talk to Tyler about going to interview the family.  Brett talks about Christine who ws crushing on Cody, and got boo'ed when she got out. 


Scottie told Brett that if Brett goes to the jury house, you need to stay away from Rockstar.  She is really not happy with him, especially after seeing his GBM.  He was concerned about going into the jury house, there are real knives there.  Scottie told Brett Rockstar continued to complain about Brett and his GBM.  Kaycee said so do we have the votes?  Tyler says with L6, they control the votes.  Brett said downstairs, Haleigh made him so upset, he almost wanted her to leave.  But, he knows Scottie needs to go first.  They discuss who he would put up.  They all really like him, but he tells everyone what they want to hear.  Brett says he was glad to see Scottie come back, as he is the best in the house.  Bayleigh and Rockstar are both blasting Brett.  Brett also noted that Scottie will go in with Fessy there, that will be awkward.  Brett keeps saying please, please don't make me go in there.  He promises to eat bananas in the corner, but please don't make him leave!


They are talking about Haleigh catching them celebrating when Angela got HOH.  Kaycee went into the BBR, and started jumping, Tyler was celebrating then Brett jumped in the air in the hallway.  Tyler covered by saying Brett thought Angela was going to put Sam up, which made him happy.

1:02 pm BBT  Brett says Haleigh said she wanted to get closer to Angela and Kaycee,  and was always up Tyler and Angela's ass since they were each HOH.  Kaycee said she knows, Haleigh slept with her lst night.  Brett said there were enough beds, and Kaycee said she knew, but Haleigh still slept in her bed. 

Tyler Brett and Kaycee are talking about how good Level 6 was.  Kaycee said whatever is said, stays put.  No one ever says anything, people don't know.  They said the only one that didn't believe in the alliance was Rachel, and they took care of that.  They bash Rachel a little more, then change the subject.


Brett tells about Sam approaching him yesterday about a conspiracy theory.  Brett had just awakened from a nap, and Sam came in from the bathroom, and was just staring at him.  He said he was just napping, so he knows he didn't say anything.  She asked about thinking if Brett thought she was trying to manipulate him, that she had a bunch of theories.  They think DR is asking her questions which are putting ideas in her head.  They said she was having a bad day yesterday, it was in the KT then moved to the BY.  Kaycee said she was afraid to ask what happened.  Tyler and Kaycee both say the DR asks questions about your game, but since she isn't playing, they ask how things going on affect her, which gets her going crazy.  Brett said she will come by and be all nice, and asks if things are good and stuff, then comes out of the DR and goes crazy.  Brett leaves, Tyler goes to WC, Haleigh comes up.  She wants to use the Icy Hot.

Kaycee leaves, and Haleigh has cornered Tyler.  He tells her that he told her Kaycee wouldn't use the veto.  She asked if Kaycee told the story of Scottie telling her he is the pawn.  Tyler says no.  She explains what Scottie said to her, Tyler said he never told him that.  He said he didn't want him to freak out, but never told him he was a pawn.  He said it doesn't make sense to go say anything.  Haleigh said she was just said.  Tyle said he is trying to reassure her.  He said he doesn't have a vote, so he doesn't know for sure, but he doesn't think she is leaving.  He continues to reassure her, but reiterating that he doesn't have a vote.  Haleigh said she isn't freaking out.  She asks that he doesn't say anything, she doesn't want people to know why she was upset.  Tyler wants to go outside, he hasn't been out yet today.  They go downstairs.  Haleigh says she will work out with Kaycee, doing squats (not the whole workout).  They talk about being able to eat what they want.  Haleigh wants peanut butter and a banana.  She isn't a big banana eater, but that sounds good right now.

1:25 pm BBT  Tyler goes outside.  Brett and Angela are outside sunning.  They are talking about power washing.  Haleigh comes out.  Brett and Angela talk about how it is hotter today. Yesterday was smoggy, today seems even hotter.  Haleigh is on a lounge chair.  They ask about JC.  They said he is back in his saucer.  Brett thinks he is taking it better than he expected.  They agree, because all he does is sleep.  Sam comes over talking about the laundry.  She asks Brett if she can have his shirt (from a comp).  It reminds her of one her mom had in the 80's.  He said sure.  She asks whose panties these are.  They were Brett's.  He said they are compression shorts.  They wouldn't be Tyler's.  Brett said Tyler wears them backwards, because he likes them tight in the crotch.  Sam leaves.  No more talking.  Kaycee is in the BBR getting on her workout clothes.  Scottie was called to the DR earlier, must still be in there.



( gotta start supper, out for now)

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1:43 pm BBt  Feeds were on people in the BY, when all of a sudden reruns of previous seasons came on.  Not sure why.

1:45 pm BBt  Feeds are back to the BY.  Scottie comes out to join Tyler, Brett Kaycee Angela and Haleigh.  Not sure where Sam is, she was doing laundry earlier.

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3:30 PM BBT Sam and Scottie are outside on the patio. Everyone else is inside cooking or eating. Sam is outside attempting to fix something or make something. Angela goes out to the BY to run laps. Tyler wants to take a cold shower.


3:35 PM BBT Brett has joined Scottie and Sam and Brett says he’s hot. Scottie says he did 135 laps and Brett says yeah. Angela is still running laps.


3:40 PM BBT Brett and Scottie are talking about some of the veto competition set-ups and how nice they were. Scottie is talking about the mazes on double evictions with the table maze where you have to get peg through it.


3:45 PM BBT Brett, Scottie, and Sam are outside on the patio while Angela runs laps. Kaycee is in the KT cleaning.


3:50 PM BBT JC has gone to lay in the hammock. Sam has gone inside and Kaycee says she wants to play pool and Sam wants to play too. Sam has made a humming bird feeder and she wants to see a humming bird. Scottie and Brett have moved to a lawn chair by the pool and Scottie is laying on his stomach in the shaded area.


3:55 PM BBT Scottie and Brett are still by the pool and Tyler joins them laying in the sun. They are talking about the episodes that are being aired and the schedules conflicting with football. The guys outside are talking about football.

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4:00 PM BBT Angela goes inside and Sam asks if she can use four big drops of her eyelash glue and Angela says she can use the clear one and tells her where it is. Sam is called to the DR. Tyler, Scottie, and Brett are outside by the pool talking about the bears and football. JC is in the hammock still. Haleigh is laying down and Angela is back to running laps.


4:05 PM BBT JC has gotten up and is doing some laps with Angela. Tyler, Brett, and Scottie are still talking about football. Sam is periodically humming and we get FotH. Sam mumbles she wouldn’t put this stuff anywhere near her eyeballs.


4:10 PM BBT JC only ran a few laps and went to sit with the rest of the guys. Still chat about football.


4:15 PM BBT The guys are still talking football. Sam is getting frustrated with her hummingbird feeder. Angela is breathing heavy and she’s inside talking to Sam.


4:20 PM BBT JC is going to bench and Brett is his spotter. Brett has gone to lay back down in the shade by the pool. Sam is still frustrated with her feeder.


4:25 PM BBT JC is laying on the bench press, Tyler, Brett, and Scottie are in lawn chairs by the pool, and Sam is inside messing with her feeder.

4:30 PM BBT Angela is laying down in the WA. JC is talking about someone outside and we get FotH. Tyler is in the hammock. Scottie is laying in the shade. JC and Brett are over by the weight bench. Sam is still messing with her hummingbird feeder. They can hear sirens outside and Tyler says it reminds him there’s a real world out there.


4:35 PM BBT Brett goes to stand under the outside shower and starts screaming. Scottie makes some noises too and Sam can hear him inside and she starts laughing. Sam is talking about her feeder to Angela.


4:40 PM BBT Sam is explaining to Angela that hummingbirds are attracted to the color red and that’s why their food is basically red sugar and most feeders are red. Sam says once they know where a feeder is, they return to that feeder. Tyler is still swinging in the hammock. Sam says she may need to take a break and return to it when she’s bored. Brett has gone inside and Scottie is playing cornhole by himself.


4:45 PM BBT Sam heads outside to see what’s going on with laundry. Scottie is asking her why the feeder didn’t work. Angela asks where Kaycee is and Brett thought she’d be with Haleigh. Angela says Haleigh is asleep. Brett says maybe Kaycee is in the DR.


4:50 PM BBT Angela asks Brett if there are any clean towels and he doesn’t know and says she should ask Sam. Angela yells outside and asks if there are clean towels. Sam says no, we should probably do a load of towels. Angela goes back inside and Sam mumbles meaning I should do a load of towels before they close the yard and we have no clean towels. JC starts humming and we hear humming is the same as singing. Please stop! JC says oh my F’ing G. Sam is standing against the wall where the sun is and is drinking out of a cup. Brett is cooking something. JC starts singing again and he gets another warning. Sam and JC are laying down head to head in the small patch of sun that is still in the BY. Brett goes to look in the SR. He comes out and Scottie walks by and Brett says they are out of avocados. JC hums again and gets yet another warning.


4:55 PM BBT JC says no one is watching him right now. Tyler comes in and Brett has overcooked whatever he is cooking. All is quiet and we hear a plane flying overhead. Whatever Brett is eating, he put a banana on top of it. Scottie is inside putting his clothes away. We hear a no napping HG, followed by Haleigh! Haleigh moves and Scottie says see she’s not napping.

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5:00 PM BBT Kaycee is out of the DR. Sam wants to know if JC knows who John Denver is and he doesn’t know him. He asks her to name some songs and she does. He tells her to sing some of the song and she says no and he says then he doesn’t know. We can hear Brett eating in the background. Scottie is still putting his clothes away. JC starts to sing and we get FotH. Feeds are back and then we hear humming is the same as singing. Please stop. Scottie is going to the WA and then he’s going to eat a “brownie”. Angela says it’s kind of crumbly and Scottie says it’s a slop crumble then. Kaycee comes into the WA and she says she has to go back in the DR. Kaycee asks if anyone is in the WC and Angela says Scottie is.  


5:05 PM BBT Scottie is out and Brett has brought his dishes in from outside. Angela is drying her hair. Kaycee is out of the WC and she is called back to the DR. JC goes to the WC. Angela says again? Kaycee says she was in there without her comp shirt. Brett goes back outside and sits at the corner of the pool with legs in the water. Tyler is back out and laying in the hammock. JC asks Scottie what he’s eating and if it’s any good and Scottie says it’s pretty good. Sam is leaning against a window sitting on the washing machine. We hear please don’t block the windows. Sam scoots over.


5:10 PM BBT JC and Scottie are inside talking about how many days are left. Brett and JC are playing cornhole in the BY. Scottie is getting another piece. We hear Haleigh, HG are to remain awake between the hours of 10am and 10pm. JC asks Brett if he wants to go scare Tyler in the panic. They are discussing options. Brett suggests pouring a bucket of water on him.


5:15 PM BBT Angela is drying her hair in the WA. Haleigh is still laying down in the PBR. Kaycee is in the DR. Sam is still sitting on the washer outside. Brett and JC are playing cornhole. Scottie is cleaning up after himself in the KT. Tyler is in the hammock. No chatter.


5:20 PM BBT Angela is still in the WA and she’s talking to Scottie who’s in the KT. JC and Brett still playing cornhole. Tyler still in the hammock and Kaycee still in the DR. Brett asks JC what he has left to lift. JC is called to the DR and he tells Brett he’s in a really bad mood. JC asks Angela what she put in the “brownies” and she says protein powder. JC thought it was sugar. Angela walks through the house with her pink towel on. We hear wakey wakey HG.


5:25 PM BBT Brett is laying on a blanket in the yard. Sam is standing on the washing machine to reach the last spot of sun. Tyler is in the hammock. Scottie is washing dishes. Haleigh is still laying down. JC is in the DR. Kaycee and Haleigh are headed to the BY and Brett says sleeping beauty awakes. They see Sam and laugh and Sam says it’s the last little bit of sunshine. Kaycee says she couldn’t figure out who was on the hammock in those short little shorts. Tyler says what the heck are you doing Sam? Brett asks Tyler if he was dreaming about JC.

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6:00 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Scottie lifting weights. Tyler is assisting him. JC is offering his encouragements which includes trying to push him to add more weight to the bar. Feeds 3 and 4 show Angela and Kaycee in the KT. They are talking about their favorite foods from the fair. 


6:10 PM BBT Tyler and Scottie are raising the awnings in the BY. JC is watching them. Kaycee sees JC, who is too short to help, and narrates for him "I wish I could raise them, b**ch."  


6:15 PM BBT Tyler is called into the DR. He is not happy about it because "I just want to work out." Meanwhile Brett, JC and Scottie are having a discussion on what traits are considered masculine that aren't stereotypical. Scottie says that being protective is a masculine trait. Brett says B.S. He says you don't hear about daddy bears in the woods protecting their young. When it comes to protecting our kin, that's women. 


6:18 PM BBT Haleigh is talking to Tyler in the BBR. She tells him that she suspects he is not being open with her about her being the target. He tells her to relax. She will one day look back at the video and see that he was telling her the truth. 


6:22 PM BBT Brett, JC and Scottie continue to discuss masculinity in the BY. Bret "What is considered masculine? What is considered feminine? JC says it is created by society. Brett says he gets that.


6:28 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Kaycee and Haleigh playing pool. Haleigh says that she had really buck teeth and it caused a severe lisp. Feeds 3 and 4 show Scottie, Angela and JC by the hammock. JC is talking about how there was nothing left holding him back in Miami and that's why he came to California. 

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6:34 PM BBT Haleigh and Kaycee are in the KT. Haleigh is explaining about the live feeds being advertised on CBS. Kaycee says she doesn't want to leave the house because there is no telling what they are saying. Haleigh says she wants out of the house to see what kind of stupid things that she has done. Kaycee says she may cut her and remove all her tattoos afterwards. 


6:42 PM BBT Angela and Scottie are sitting at the hammock together. Angela is talking about her career outside the house. There is very little involving sports or athletics that she is not willing to try. She can fake most of it. Things that she can't fake, scuba diving or base jumping. She would never agree to do that on the job. 


6:50 PM BBT Angela and Scottie are still out on the hammock. They are talking about their first alcohol experience. Meanwhile Tyler, Haleigh and Kaycee are in the KT. They are talking about Haleigh's nails. She has been chewing them the entire time she has been in the house. 


6:56 Haleigh is talking to Kaycee in the KT.She plans to adopt one day. Meanwhile in the BY, Brett is talking to Scottie about how JC walks around like a F head all day and expects no repercussions because no one says anything to him. Scottie "Like when you were holding weights yesterday." Brett was lifting weights and JC came up to tickle him. He could have really hurt himself or both of them. " I was holding 135 lbs on my chest and he wants to tickle me?"

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7:03 pm BBT Haleigh and KC are discussing her upcoming speech and what she should bring up - or not bring up. 


7:06 pm BBT Haleigh is still praising herself for last Thursday night's speech.  She never liked Rockstar's speeches, but Brett's are entertaining. 


7:08 pm BBT Haleigh tells Angela that she's taught her discipline, and that she's learned from each person in the house.  KC = to be authentic, Brett = not to judge people off the bat, JC = be yourself, Unapologetically, Tyler = don't stress out, Scottie = being weird is cool and nothing is worth being sad about, Kaitlyn = you can have multiple soulmates.  They laugh at that last one.  




7:19 pm BBT Scottie is in the hammock.  Sam is walking around and doing laundry, talking to herself.


7:20 pm BBT Haleigh, Angela and KC are back in the KT.  JC is eating.  JC said he has chicken skin right now.  They are confused and then realize that he means goosebumps.


7:22 pm BBT Brett is now in the BY talking to Scottie, who is laying in the hammock.  They are talking about how they messed up their BB speeches.  Brett said he keeps going over his first speech and how he felt like an idiot and that it's getting in his head.


7:25 pm BBT Angela is laying on the KT table bench.  JC asks KC if she's the romantic type.  She said yes, she likes to do cutesy stuff.  JC said he loves getting flowers.


7:29 pm BBT Haleigh is heading to the hot tub.  JC said that one time he got home and there was a big fake red rose on his door.  He called to thank his boyfriend and it wasn't from him.  He still doesn't know who it was from.


7:32 pm BBT KC, Ang and JC are in the KT discussing cheating and how many relationships they've been in. 


7:36 pm BBT Tyler tells Angela up in the HOHR that "they know!".  "About last night?"  "Yes!" , referring to production.


7:40 pm BBT Sam is laying in the grass in the BY staring up at the camera.




7:46 pm BBT JC and KC are under the blankets in the hammock laughing. Brett said he didn't bring any cold weather clothes.  The backyard is apparently getting cold at night.  




7:54 pm BBT The lovebirds (T and A) are studying comp wins up in the HOHR bed.





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8:00 pm BBT The BB camera zooms in on the stuffed animal on the night stand over Angela's shoulder while Tyler asks her if she has any more secrets, and is she sorry she told him all of her secrets last night.




7:59 pm BBT The house is quiet.  Everyone seems to be deep thinking in their own world.



8:06 pm BBT Haleigh has had enough of the hot tub and sits at the KT counter in a towel.  Scottie, Sam and KC are also in the kitchen where KC is rocking the owl beanbag like a baby.






8:13 pm BBT Haleigh is sitting on the KT floor and Brett is laying on the KT table bench.  Scottie, KC and Haleigh are reciting lyrics to Ice Ice Baby without production hitting the fish button.  They're asking production for an ETA of when they can go back outside.








8:23 pm BBT Brett and Scottie talk in the KT about fitness goals and what you want the outcome to be makes a difference on how you should work out.  KC puts a blanket over Haleigh, who is laying on the floor.




8:36 pm BBT Scottie and Haleigh are talking about The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise shows and how brutal the 2 on 1 dates are, and how the one girl was left on the island.  [Olivia]


8:44 pm BBT Sam is alone and deep in thought in the PBR. 






8:46 pm BBT JC goes up to the HOHR to talk with Tyler.  They're not looking forward to being on indoor lockdown.   Once Angela leaves, he confronts Tyler about him and Angela.  He heard Angela jump and run to the couch when they saw him coming.


8:46 pm BBT JC tells Tyler that he no longer believes him about his relationship with Angela.  Tyler tells him that he's paranoid, and not stupid.  JC just wants to know.  Tyler starts to get defensive when JC tells him to stick to the plan.




8:57 pm BBT JC tells Tyler "you think she's super smart, but she's noooooot", referring to Angela.  Also that production has asked him about the two of them being in a showmance.  



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BB Time 8:47pm


Sam and Angela are walking through the house talking, While Sam was relaxing in the bedroom, she mentioned not cooking to Angela.


Sam: “you cook and no one likes it, no one eats it...” “it's just slop...”


Sam is looking over leftovers on the stove, she wants to know if it worth saving, she mentions letting things live in Tupperware...


BB Time 11:51pm


JC and Tyler are in the HOH room, Tyler on the bed and JC in one of the chairs.


JC is telling Tyler that he will more than likely end up on the block, Tyler reassures him.


JC: I think Brett really really really wants to put up Kaycee and Angela up.

Tyler: It's stupid, it's too early. I genuinely think it is a bad idea, but whatever.


JC says Haleigh hates Sam's guts, and will put her up if she is HOH, Brett is not after Tyler or JC, but he is after Angela and Kaycee.


They talk over each other a little, but JC tells Tyler he will be fine, but Tyler disagrees, he believes Haleigh will put him on the block.


JC tells him that Brett is thinking in the direction of Angela and Kaycee, that he will not beat Haleigh and he knows it. JC tells Tyler that Kaycee and Angela need to be separated, and the worst case scenario is that Sam wins. If Sam wins she will go after Haleigh.


Tyler says if you (JC) win HOH and put up Angela and Kaycee, whoever is here will go after you.


JC “Then let Brett do it.” JC says he understands it would be a crusher move, and he would have to take out Haleigh. He mentions a double eviction, that he would sit back and give himself a week to think it out.


Tyler asks if it is a good idea to let nominations brew for a week and JC says that is why it is best for Brett to win HOH. JC adds that Brett really likes Tyler, and he has ideas that the girls are working together.


Tyler tells him to be careful, that could be turned around it on him, but JC says he is careful what he says, he is only open with Tyler. JC says the rest of the time he has a list in his head of things he cannot say.


JC says that the best thing is for Brett and Sam to come at one another and to stay out of the way. Tyler disagrees with JC, tells him “It's not that simple dude.”


JC: yes, it is.


JC tells him all this talking about this could be useless if Tyler has already made a final two with the “love of his life”


Tyler: I have

JC looks at him

Tyler: with you


JC tells Tyler that his name is mentioned with Sam, and they need to destroy duos, and Angela and Kaycee are a duo. If they wait until there is no one to back them up they will fail.


Tyler insists they will have the people,


JC says Haleigh winning HOH this week, it will be worse case scenario, that she will put him and Sam up on the block. JC says Haleigh has no reason to put him on the block, but Haleigh is more likely to put Tyler up. JC names Kaycee, Tyler and himself as more than a little possible.


Tyler is telling JC to be careful, that doing too much will get him put on the block.


JC tells him he is careful about what he tells people, Tyler (aggravated) tells JC he does the same thing and JC doesn't see it


(Tyler makes peepee, washes hands before continuing)


JC tells Tyler that he doesn't tell people who to put up, Tyler says he does, (Scottie), JC says I did not tell him to do that, I told him things.


Tyler tells him you did tell him, you told me you did, JC insists he only told him things....


JC tells Tyler that he told Fessy that Tyler would have his back and it kept him off the block.


Tyler you told him Scottie liked Haleigh

JC: I told him as a joke, if he took it like that...(shrugs)


JC says he gave Faysal information so he would not put Tyler up, and it was a good pitch. JC also says he told Faysal he would vote him out before the vote, and Faysal didn't say anything.


JC says not to worry about the jury votes, they have 5 weeks in there, and when the final two comes, they see things differently. (he mentions Derrick and Cody). JC says that Paul failed because he was seen as a bully, and self important, he tells Tyler that is not how it has gone with him (Tyler)....


They are interrupted by Sam yelling from the living room.


Sam tells everyone to sit down. She has a message from POP TV. Have nots may participate until midnight.


POP TV has sponsored a grill out for the house guests, with beer and food waiting in the storage room.


Everyone runs for the storage room and grabs stuff for the yard.


They go out and find a grill, and beer (everyone grabs for the beer, screaming and yelling and checking for alcohol content.


(This is about the be fun...


Brett will be the grill master, Haleigh is fussing, she wants to do it.


They have croquet and bad-mitten too.


JC comes in the kitchen, he is excited about the beer, Haleigh tells him everyone only gets one.


JC: If I spill my beer, I will have to kill myself...” he goes into the kitchen, checks the wine bottle, it is empty.

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 9:11PM BBT Tyler and JC talk about Fessy. Tyler asks JC if he told Fessy that he was voting him out. JC says that he did. He says Fessy just looked at him. They talk about final speeches at the end of the game. .


9:14PM BBT Sam comes out of DR. She yells for everyone to get into the LR. She says HN are allowed to participate. The HG are cheering. "Dear HG, BBAD only has eyes for you even on Labor Day. That's why we want you to chill and brew" They are getting a party.


9:16PM BBT They have gotten a grill and beer and wine. The HG are yelling thank you POP and BB. Tyler pours the bottle of wine for himself, Angela, Hayleigh and Sam. JC comes in for wine and it is gone.


9:28PM BBT Brett is grill master. Tyler and Scottie are playing a game of croquet. Angela and Hayleigh are in the hot tub.


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BB Time 9:24pm


The house guests are in the yard, they are all doing different things, Brett cooking, Tyler and Scottie are playing croquet, Angela and Haleigh are in the hot tub, JC is digging in the cooler (looking for a stray beer?)


JC found it! It was Brett's....He takes a few swigs while the others yell.


JC: I was getting it for him......(gulp gulp gulp)

Brett: I don't want it now, it has your backwash. (takes the beer)


Scottie and Tyler have moved to bad-mitten and Kaycee and JC join them. (they will never make a pro team, never never ever). But they do have a good time birdie-chasing and racket swishing and of course trash talking.


Brett yells that the burgers are ready. No one runs to the food.


Sam comes out in her bib overalls. She looks so country cute. Like a bug you want to hug.


Sam: this almost looks like a real back yard now.


Sam sees the watermelon, it seems she likes it because she says; “I am about to slash that mother humper right now”


Brett adds more food to the grill when Sam asks for chicken sausage with pineapples in it.


Sam says she shot gunned her beer, that is the first time for years.


Fun continues in the back yard.


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