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Thursday, September 3 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:03 AM BBT In the KT Austin is serving up fish tacos for him and Steve.  Steve comments that this game is hard.  Austin says “tell me about it.  It’s hard for me.”  Steve says “it’s hard for everyone.”  Steve says on the bright side it’s corner day and he gets a back rub tonight.  Julia comments and Steve says that she will get one too.  Julia wins the chess game. 


12:05 AM BBT In the HNR, James is telling Meg about how close his friends are, and that they even help each other out when they are short of cash for bills, and they always pay each other back.  If they need to talk things out. Jason is good that way [James’ roommate]...he’s a good guy that way.  Meg talks about how awesome her friends are and how they are there for one hundred thousand percent. 


12:11 AM BBT Austin and Steve are in the WA doing ADLs.  Steve tells Austin that the game is starting to get to him.  He isn’t sure what James will do if James wins tomorrow.  Austin thinks James will go after the twins or else Vanessa will be the back door.  Steve says he should be glad but he doesn’t want the twins to be targeted.  Austin says that the thing is that there’s two of them and only one of “all of us” and they’re going to split the money.  We get FotH.  When we come back, Austin is saying he doesn’t want it to happen like that next week.  Steve says this game is unfortunate as we get to the end. 


12:14 AM BBT Liz and Julia come into the WA.  Liz says she won the chess game.  John is washing his hands after using the WC.  Steve uses the WC and Julia is flossing and saying  that Johnny Mac taught her to floss. 


12:15 AM BBT James tells Meg that he just wants her to know...no matter what she sees in the DRs, don’t get mad at him.  We get FotH. 


12:17 AM BBT  James asks Meg what she is doing tomorrow. She says we are going to the “HOH” room for like, 3 hours.  Calm down.  Maybe nap.  Then rehearsal...she should shower first, and pack in between.  She wants to come out in a blanket.  James say no...it’s scary.  Meg says it’s funny...for rehearsal. 


12:19 AM BBT Steve is having a shower, while Austin and the twins do ADLs in the WA


12:22 AM BBT John and Austin talk in the KT about rooting for each other.  More chances.  In a chance game, that’s what you need.  Austin says “I like it.  It’s an unlikely duo.  The last expected thing.”  John laughs and nods.  Julia is in the KT washing a cup.  John says he’s going to try to sleep. He says James and Meg are still talking in there.  He doesn’t want to force them to go to bed but he’s going to try to lay down.


12:24 AM BBT Liz is laying down in the Ocean BR, with Julia standing there.  Austin comes in and Julia wants to talk to him.  She feels like it’s been sketchy lately.  She wants to know why he stopped talking to Johnny Mac while he was in there.  She’s worried that the votes are going to flip.  Austin says he was talking to JMac about not using him as a pawn even, and John told him that John is planning to put up Vanessa and Steve.  Julia says this is stupid and paranoid, but she wants to know whether she has Austin’s vote.  Austin says of course!!  He reassures her that there is no way she is going.  Julia says she’ll stop being paranoid.  She turns out the lights as she leaves.  Austin turns to Liz and asks why Julia is worried.  Liz says because Austin has been acting weird.  Austin says he told her that he has to look after business this week. He wants Vanessa, James, Johnny Mac and Steve all need to know that he can talk to them as an individual.  Liz complains about something that Austin said that made Julia paranoid.  Liz is worried and she tells him she will never talk to him if anything happens.  Austin promises he would never do that to her.  They kiss.


12:26 AM BBT Meg tells John and James that she sometimes wears her sunglasses at night, but if she leaves and forgets them, he can have them.  James says he’s ready for lights out, and they all agree.  Meg says she is going to go brush her teeth.  Meg says that she thinks James was waiting for Johnny Mac to come in there.  Meg leaves, saying she’s hungry.  John and James settle into their chairs in the darkened HNR.

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12:29 AM BBT Austin tells Liz that she is more important to him than this game.  He reassures her that unless James wins they should make it to final six.  He’s not sure if he should make a deal with James tomorrow.  Liz says that if James wins he will put her and Julia on the block and if one of them wins veto, James would put up Vanessa.  Austin says as long as one of them is off the block they can win veto and use it, and they would have the votes. Austin says that he is hurt that she would even think that he would do that.  He says there is no amount of money that would make him do that.  Liz says it wasn’t her.  Austin explains that he was talking to people to ensure that they see him as separate and they can talk to him without ticking him off.

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1:31AM BBT Steve comes out of DR and John is in the WA. John asks him if he wants to slip. Steve says he doesn't know.  They are conflicted. John says that James and Meg won't put them up. Steve says he doesn't know if Austin or the twins would put them up together.


1:33AM BBT Steve asks John if he is considering a relationship with James and Meg. John says yes. They decide to think about it. John heads to bed.



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1:35AM BBT Steve is in the cabana room very upset. He says he doesn't know what to do. Steve is talking out loud trying to justify it. Steve says that all three of the Austwins wants John out.


1:40PM BBT Steve says he doesn't want to be the person to send her out but he doesn't want to lose the game because of a bad move. He told himself when he entered the house he wouldn't have his integrity. Steve says he can live with being a terrible person.  He has to do what is right for his game.


1:43AM BBT Julia runs into him in the cabana room and asks him if he is voting for her. She sends her out and heads to the BR. Steve gets M n Ms to help him figure it out. He wants to play the odds.


1:50AM BBT Steve is worried that Austin and James are close. Steve is working with the M n Ms to figure out his odds. Steve says he doesn't need Vanessa's permission to vote Julia out.

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1:56AM BBT Steve realizes if Meg goes the rest will go after John and will put him up next to John. Steve says if Meg goes it's my eviction.  He wonders if he is trusting Vanessa too much. Steve is frustrated and wanders the house.


2:08AM BBT Steve uses the WC and comes back to the BR. Steve says he has to look out for #1. Steve continues to try to figure out his odds.


2:23AM BBT Steve crawls in bed but lights still on and brain still working.


2:32AM BBT Steve is still thinking but just mumbling. He says that he thinks Austin would still put him up. More whispering and he is back up with the M n Ms. He says Holy Sh*t, I need to vote out Julia. He starts to think again.


2:41AM BBT Steve says he gives up and crawls in bed. he says he still doesn't know what he will do. He gets up and goes to the WA and vomits in the sink.  (yes - so glad I got to see it)


2:53AM BBT Steve comes back to bed and pulls the covers over his head. He gets back up and makes the bed and heads to the SR. He is pacing around the SR.

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3:01AM BBT Steve lays down on the SR floor. He gets up and heads to the WA to brush his teeth. He goes to the upper landing and is staring down below.


3:08AM BBT Steve goes to the chess board and sits down. No game talk...just sitting there thinking.


3:14AM BBT Steve heads back to the WA and brushes his teeth again. He is now just wandering the house. Steve is back to the M n Ms. he says he is in trouble. He starts laughing and saying he is so on feeds.


3:24AM BBT Steve says all three of them are putting him and John up. He says Meg and James will keep him. He keeps moving MnMs around and mumbling. Steve says that he is putting his foot down. He says he is going to bed that he is over this for tonight.


3:32AM BBT We get FOTH and then Steve is up and heading to the DR He must have been called because HG moving a bit in their sleep. Vanessa is up and headed downstairs. She looks around and heads back upstairs and grabs a box of snacks.

3:40AM BBT Vanessa is sitting up snacking in bed and watching the HOH screen of the KT.


3:41AM BBT Vanessa has goes back to bed. Steve still in  the DR.

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3:56AM BBT Steve exits the DR, sits in dark bedroom for about 10 seconds, then turns light on and stares at us while silently mumbling(I could hear the light switch 'click' on, but have no sound while Steve is talking to us!)


4:00AM BBT Steve sits on side of bed, just staring down at cup of MnMs, still thinking...


4:12AM BBT John is up from the HNot room, Steve(STILL with no mic sound BB!) continues shuffling MnMs around.  Steve appears to hear something, but doesn't get up while John walks to K then WC.


4:14AM BBT Steve starts pacing the room.


4:15AM BBT Steve is out of WC, washes his hands, Steve keeps pacing and talking to himself.


4:16AM BBT John returns to HNot room and lays back down.  Steve and John do not appear to be aware of each being awake.


4:18AM BBT John is back in his HNot 'bed', Steve is back to sitting on the edge of his bed, playing with a hair clip while mumbling silently.


4:20AM BBT Steve(with long pauses of silence):I just need to make a decision.... I'm no closer to making a decision... 


4:24AM BBT Steve is back up, pacing and talking to himself under his breath.(He's up, he's down, sitting, standing, pacing, holding things, mumbling, you get the idea)


4:26AM BBT Steve turns the BR light out... and walks to the K, to pace and mumble there... no, he heads to the WA, to... pace back to the K... back to the WA to wash his face, no just a quick splash, dry his hands, back to K, touching the wall in the hall a second time... nibbling on a crumb left in a pan, then back down the hall, nope uturn and back to K..


4:50AM BBT Steve is back in bed with lights out... doesn't get back up or talk to us, but there's lots of tossing and turning and half awake moments for him


5:00AM BBT - 9:00AM BBT All HGs sleeping...

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 9:00am BBT: Hg still sleeping.

9:09am BBT: WE now have FOTH as BB may be waking them for the day.
 9:21am BBT: Steve is sitting alone in the LVR, Meg and James awake in the HNBR. James says i do not do good under pressure. Meg says it will kick in after I leave. James then ask i wounder what room i will sleep in. meg says you can have my bed.
9:26am BBT: Julia comes to the LVR and ask Steve what is wrong with you and Steve says i am just tired. Julia says i didn't get to sleep to easy lastnight either. Julia says it is corner day and Steve says it is corner day. Steve goes to the KT and  moves M&M's then goes back to the LVR.
9:28am BBT: Johnny Mack is up gets his headband and heads to the  HOH rm. Meg and James are  still in the HNBR just talking general talk. Steve still in the LVR thinking alone.
9:33am BBT: Johnny Mack in the HOH rm listening to music while Vanessa is doing ADL's. James and meg in the HNBR talking about James shirt that Meg took and he says do not worry about it  it's just a shirt. Feeds go to Steve and Julia in the WA. Julia goes into the WC and Steve just stands then starts pacing.
 9:39am BBT: Julia is now in the KT and steve goes to the OBR and tells Liz and austin he is tired he could not sleep. austin ask why anxiety? Steve says i do not know.
 9:42am BBT: Steve gets his blankets and pillows and heads to the HOh rm and gets in his corner. Vanessa ask did i miss anything from Wednesday? he says no why? She says just asking that's all. Vanessa says you are not going to  do anything crazy right? He says no she says cause i am reasonable and you know that he says i know you are. he tells her he just got through throwing up, She ask why and he says i do not know. She tells him no hug for him today and to go lay down.
9:48am BBT: Julia eating breakfast talking to Steve about him staying up all night and being sick. James and meg  talking in the HNBR about Steve and Johnny Mack and if they would  flip. 
9:54am BBT: James says i think they have a deal. Austin Vanessa and Steve and maybe Johnny Mack is in there somewhere. Steve goes to the HOH rm and as Johnny Mack can one of us please win today? Johnny Mack says yeah . Steve ask do you think we made the right decision? Johnny Mack says yeah I do.
9:56am BBT: James and meg talking about  them saying that Becky said this and Becky said that and wanted them gone so Becky went home. Vanessa  in the KT with Steve and Julia now talking about balancing sound.
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 10:00am BBT: Liz and Austin in the KT making breakfast. Steve drinking water and Julia just walking around telling Steve his face is all red. Meg and James are talking general talk ion the HNBR. James then says it is going to  be weird seeing everyone back on finale night and we get foth.

10:04am BBT: Meg and James get up and grab blankets to go to HOH rm. Austin and Liz eating. Vanessa tells Steve to go to sleep. Meg ask if Steve is sick? he says yeah and Meg says i am the biggest germaphobe ever. James in the HOh rm with Johnny Mack. Julia comes in and gets on the bed. James tells johnny Mack that Steve is sick.
10:09am BBT: Meg now in the HOh rm and sits on the bed next to Julia then lays down complaining about the dentist chairs and how they make her hurt so bad. She says thank God she is done now. Vanessa now heads to the HOh rm.  Steve going up right behind her.
10:11am BBT: we now have FOTH as HG  make their way to the HOH rm.
10:17am BBT: WE are now on Jeffs Reels.
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 12:21pm BBT: Hg going down stairs as Vanessa  gathers her things to move back down.  Austin moving the chess game back out to the balcony table. James and meg in the KT, James eating slop.

12:23pm BBT: Julia in the OBR talking to Liz  then says she is on the feeds now and says Bye and Liz says bye. Julia leaves the OBR. In the KT is John pacing around as meg  cooks Slop and James is eating no talking going on. Austin comes in and looks around then leaves.
12:27pm BBT: Austin now in bed snuggling with Liz. James, meg and johnny Mack in KT eating and saying they have about 4 more hours.
12:29pm BBT: Vanessa and Julia bring food down from the HOh rm and put it in the KT.John goes to see what Vanessa put over on the counter. 
12:34pm BBT: Julia is finishing up her packing as Liz and Austin lay in the bed watching her. James, meg and John in the KT eating their slop. and we get FOTH.
12:37pm BBT: Liz ask Julia if she put her luggage in the STr. She says yeah. In the KT James is quoting a song and Bb says stop singing. James says they know that song. Meg laughs.
 12:43pm BBT: Meg has finished her slop and is washing her bowl, Johnny Mack is still cooking his slop. Austin and Liz still laying  in the bed snuggling.
 12:46pm BBT: Meg now in the OBR packing her last minute things while Liz and Austin talk about marinating meat for tonight.Austin gets up and heads to the KT.
12:48pm BBT: Vanessa and Austin in the WA talking and Austin says no matter what happens you have the tie vote. Austin asking if he needs to make a deal  before HOH otr after and Vanessa says I would do it now. Vanessa says if he does  not put me up against one of you guys then we are good. Austin says right.
12:57pm BBT: Vanessa and Austin talking about playing chess on their next lock down.
12:58pm BBT: Hg just walking around getting ready for the Live show tonight and eating not much talking going on.
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  1:00pm BBT: James and meg in the HNBR and James is throwing pillows on Meg she ask why are you doing this to me? He says i only have a few more hours to mess with you. He ask her if she feels secure now and she says yes.


1:02pm BBT: James says he forgot to take his meds this morning. He says at least i do not have to take birth control pills cause he would be bad on them. he ask meg did you take yours today are you regular and she tells him to mind his own business. He says what i am just looking out for you. Meg laughs.


 1:06pm BBT: Vanessa and Steve in the CBR talking about  the HOh  game coming up  and how  to get  acceleration on the ball and how to get friction on it to get it to go where they want it to go. Vanessa says this game was not made for a strong arm so that's why we had to throw the ball to help slow it down.

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1:13PM BBT Vanessa talking to Steve. tell him to trust her. She has run the numbers and know what she is talking about. Telling him that she has never screwed him over.


1:29PM BT Austin and Vanessa are talking with Steve about general stuff. Steve talking about the Moon. The twins are cooking and cleaning in the KT.


1:38PM BBT Austin, Vanessa and Steve continue to have an intellectual conversation. Julia in the KT scraping her bowl.


1:43PM BBT Vanessa and Steve talk about popularity outside the house. Van says that trying for approval outside of the house is useless.


1:54PM BBT Steve is getting ready to crawl in bed and Vanessa is going to tell him a story about camping.

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2:36PM BBT Steve is mumbling to himself again. Same chatter. What to do what to do.


2:46PM BBT Julia called to the Dr. Steve still mumbling to himself in the CBR.


2:55PM BBT Steve is playing with his toes in the CBR and John is playing with his toes in the HNR.


3:01PM BBT All of the Hg are starting to get ready for the show.


3:05PM BBT we have Jeff reels.

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7:05pm BBT Liz tells Julia that Steve needs to go next - she thinks that they can all win over John.  Julia and Julia say James had been bullying them, he's mean.  Julia won her first competition, Liz notes. Austin says both Vanessa and Liz's targets went home. Steve points out that Vanessa didn't compete in either comp during the DE.


7:15pm BBT Liz whines she didn't get any benefits for winning HoH. Steve reminds her she's had a real one. He hasn't.  Austin and Liz kiss - they think they're a successful showmance. Steve does the Scamper dance for Austin, who barely acknowledges it.  John and Julia are packing for James.  Vanessa tells Austin he has to throw the HoH comp so she can protect him and the twins.


7:20pm BBT Liz tells Steve she meant to throw HoH to Julia.  Steve says they can keep their beds tonight, they'll be an extra one.  John wants his bed back in the comic room - Steve has been sleeping in it.  In the lounge, Vanessa tells Austin that she can engineer getting one of the twins out (Julia of course) without Austin having to vote her out.  She tells John she's in shock they are in Final 6.


7:25pm BBT Vanessa offers to help Liz pack for James but they're already done. She thanks Liz for not nominating her during the DE.

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From Kekila:


7:04 PM BBT Julia comes into the KT. Vanessa tells her that she just won her first comp. Julia wants to make a protein shake but there is no milk.
7:13PM BBT John and Liz are packing up the rest of James stuff. he had most of it packed already.
7:14PM BBT Austin and Vanessa talk about who she would put up. She is hinting at that she should win the HOH.
7:19PM BBT Vanessa goes to the HN room and tells Liz thanks you. She starts to tear up slightly. Liz has packed up for James. She says she is so sad she had to send him home. Vanessa tells Liz that it was the twins show all the way around.
7:28PM BBT Vanessa continues to talk with Steve and John individually. She assures them she knows what to do as the HOH. She tells Steve that one of them should win HOH and John wants to save himself for a physical comp.
7:34PM BBT Steve talks to the camera. He says the twins are idiots for keeping John. Steve says he will put them up. he says he will benefit from their mistake.
7:39PM BBT Austin and Liz say that not of the original 8 alliance are left. Austin tells John that the two pawns and the targets are all that are left.

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7:51PM BBT Austin and John are talking about the schedule for the final 3.  Says it will be an hour and a half show. Austin says that they will spend a small amount of time in jury.



7:53PM BBT Julia and Liz notice one of their little plastic robots are gone. Liz says Meg took it and calls her a b*tch. Julia says James probably took it for her.

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08:00 PM BBT Julia is unpacking her stuff. Steve is laying down in the colorful room. Johnny Mac is in the KT with Austin. Little conversation happening now.  Julia tells Steve that he needs to get some sleep. Julia says that in order to get some sleep they need to go to the HNR, but she says she is done with that room. Julia says it might be two hours before they play the HOH.


08:03 PM BBT Liz is in the KT with Austin. She makes a comment about the steaks still being frozen. Johnny Mac has gone to the colorful room. He changed clothes and put his mic back on. Liz says if Shelly would have been here she would have won. Austin agrees and then says well that’s why she isn’t here. Austin asks what the jury must be thinking right now. Liz says that she doesn’t know. They are now discussing banana bread.


08:06 PM BBT Liz and Austin were whispering in the KT, but the sink was on muffling what they were saying. Austin tells Julia that Meg’s bed is the bad luck bed. Austin is eating a snack now and so is Liz. Julia is still unpacking. Juia dropped something and then said a bad word.


08:09 PM BBT Liz has gone to the purple room and argued with Julia a little bit and then left to go back to Austin in the KT. Liz put some cookies in the oven.


08:012PM BBT Julia is going to the WC at this time. Austin and Liz are Hugging in the KT. Liz says that she is going to eat healthier and she also asked BB for some red wine. She goes back to hugging and kissing Austin. Austin says he is going to play chess and Liz says OMG. We can hear the toilet flushing from Julia. Liz says 3 have left from both sides. Austin and Liz decided to practice memorizing who left on what day.


08:14 PM BBT Julia has changed clothes. Austin and Liz seem to be confusing themselves quizzing each other. Julia joins them in the KT.


08:16 PM BBT Julia is now a part of the quizzing session. Austin seems to be doing better, but Julia seems to be a little lost. Julia asks if Liz is going to get alcohol, Liz says hell yeah. Julia is now arguing with Liz because Liz made a joke about not giving her sister any alcohol. The conversation goes to the veto competition. Julia says Steve is acting weird. Austin says that he told Steve he was cool, but has a hard time trusting them.


08:20 PM BBT Austwins are still in the KT talking about certain situations that may arise after the HOH competition. Liz says that either Julia or Austin need to win. They believe that Steve is starting to get nervous because the amount of people that are in the house. Some of the conversation was drowned by Julia putting dishes in the sink and shaking a juice container. They go back to quizzing each other.


08:23 PM BBT Austwins are trying to figure out what the competition might be. He says that it would be unfair to ask questions about days that Julia was not in the house. (Liz should have downloaded all of that info to her.) Vanessa walks into the KT. Vanessa is talking the twins up saying they did a real good job even though they had a big target on their backs. Austin gets called into the DR.


08:26 PM BBT Vanessa says that she is in utter shock about how everything went down. She said she was so paranoid. Vanessa is still giving a pep talk saying that we can do this over and over. Julia said she went to Austin yesterday asking him who was going to vote for her. She said she felt worried because Austin, James, and Johnny were talking and stopped when she walked in. Julia said that after she talked to Austin she went into the WA and cried.


08:29 PM BBT Julia believes that James would have put the twins up and would have BD Vanessa. Twins and Vanessa are talking about what could have happened if James would have stayed and if James was the first one evicted tonight. Vanessa says that Meg would have been on a rampage if she would have saw that and could have won the HOH. BB tells Julia that she cannot discuss what she says in the DR with the other HG.


08:31 PM BBT Julia is telling Liz why she answered the way she did in the HOH comp. Austwins and Vanessa are so happy that things went down the way they did. Vanessa is now in the purple room going over the days and trying to place the events of the season. Vanessa looks like she is thinking very hard. Julia tells Liz that everything worked out well. Vanessa walks back to the KT and asks the twins where everybody was. Julia says that they need to break Steve and John now. Vanessa is going over the possibilities of who is going up next.


08:35PM BBT The girls are still in the KT talking about how hard it is for the girls to win the game due to the physical aspect. Vanessa brings up the idea that the boys need to start going. Vanessa says that as a feminist she would be so happy if it was just girls at the final. Vanessa is doing good at inflating the twins ego. Vanessa is telling them that they overcame so much even though they were targets as twins. Julia says that no matter who wins they need to put up Steve and John.


08:39 PM BBT Julia says that it is so much better without James and Meg. She says they run the house now. Vanessa and Liz agree. They are now talking about how horrified they were when the double eviction was announced. Vanessa tells the twins that Steve cannot know that she knew about the twins before they came into the house. They are getting their stories straight because if steve ever found out he would know that Vanessa and the twins are closer.


08:42 PM BBT The twins and Vanessa are still talking strategy. They are fixed on Steve being a threat to them. Vanessa is making it seem like Steve should be the next one to go, but with Vanessa we may never know what she is really going to do. Vanessa leaves and the twins go back to quizzing each other. Vanessa is in the WA memorizing the days again. Steve gets out of bed. Liz offers him a chicken nugget. Steve does not look so great.


08:44 PM BBT Julia tells Liz that if she drinks the wine with Austin instead of her she will be upset. Liz gets called to the DR and Austin leaves the DR. Vanessa is still in the WA memorizing the days. Julia is asking Steve when he got his basket when he won HOH. Julia is really wanting that red wine. Austin and the twins Joined Vanessa in the WA. Julia discovers that one of the males urinated on the back of the toilet. She seems disgusted. Steve is trying to help Vanessa with the days and she pretty much tells him to shut up. Everybody leaves Vanessa except Austin in the WA.


08:49 PM BBT Steve is whispering to himself again. He loves to talk to himself. Austins angels are back in the WA. Vanessa is still going over the days. She is letting Austin help her with the days. Vanessa is very serious about this. She has memorized almost everything from the whole season. Steve walks to the WC.


08:51 PM BBT Steve starts to help Vanessa again when he walks out of the WC. She allows him to help her this time. Steve leaves the WA. Julia is still unpacking her stuff. Vanessa is trying to figure out when the gronk parties were. Austin provides little help on this topic, he is confused about it too. Steve is wondering around the house very awkwardly again. Julia goes to the pantry. She seems to be hungry but cannot decide on anything to eat. She looks in the fridge a couple of times. Steve joins the conversation going on in the WA. The conversation is still about the days. Steve says he needs to go eat something and is discussing what he has eaten that day. Austin tells Liz that we need to try and win because they still have options this week.


08:55 PM BBT Julia walks into the WA and the strategy talk stops for a little bit. It starts again. Austin is telling Vanessa that he doesn’t want to throw the next comp even though both Steve and Johnny has told him that he is cool with them, Austin says you never know. Austin brings up the fact that they need to win because of the possibilities of Pandora’s box.


08:58 PM BBT Steve walks in to the WA and asks to join Austin and Vanessa. Vanessa says yes and then says that her head is spinning due to everything that has happened so far. They are talking about the times their alliance has come close to certain evictions. Vanessa says that she was very happy when she saw James walk out of the door. She said she could have done a song and dance. Austin says that it was too easy.

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9:01 PM BBT In the WA, Austin says, grandma is dead, the caretaker took her body & never brought it bat. Steve acts like a dog & Austin calls him Boi. Julia asks Steve if he had his Angel necklace on tonight? Steve says, he had it in his shirt pocket. Austin talks about the first alliance of 8 all being evicted, so all of the insiders are gone. He says, it's the worse alliance ever.


9:03 PM BBT Austin tells Julia about Da'Vonne not trusting Shelli enough to be in the alliance, & that's why Shelli wanted Da'Vonne to leave. Julia says, Shelli was in all the alliances. Austin talks about Clay having his hands in everyone's cookie jar, & telling everything to everyone. Julia says, Audrey was the Queen & Clay was the King until Audrey left & then Shelli took her place. Steve says, he missed a lot in this game. Vanessa says, Audrey, Clay & Shelli were for sure working together.


9:05 PM BBT Austin tells Julia, Vanessa & Steve that they all just blew up. He says, they couldn't trust each other. Liz screams something from across the house. Austin says, she should have said she got her HOH basket because that's more believable. Vanessa is studying days while she sits on the coach in the WA. John says, he still has 3 hours left before he can eat.


9:07 PM BBT Steve finds his angel necklace on the floor in the WA. Austin & Liz go to their bed in the OBR. Liz asks Austin if he's good on days? He says, yes. He starts kissing Liz. She complains about her make-up. They kiss some more with a lot of hollow sounds. Austin tells her she looks so pretty tonight. Liz says, thank you. In the WA, Vanessa is going over days with John now.


9:12 PM BBT Not much going on at the moment except for Vanessa & John studying in the WA, & Liz & Austin talking about tonight's competitions. Austin says, he tired to switch his answers tonight, & Julie Chen didn't pause to give him time to switch. He says, usually she does, & Johnny Mac was out so it was o.k. Austin says, it was hard to tell some things. Austin says, it was HG's faces on other people's bodies. Austin told Liz she won it. Austin says, he hopes it's a days comp.


9:15 PM BBT Liz tells Austin it's going to be physical. Austin says, he hopes it's days, but if it's physical it might not be until tomorrow. Liz says, it's going to be tonight. Liz tells Austin how good his beard looks. He tells her how good she looks. Liz asks Austin what the RV picture was in their booth? Austin says, it was the transition screen. Liz says, they had boards there also so they could write. Austin says, it was in case of a tie. Liz says, she tried to throw it to Julia. Liz asks Austin if he was excited? Austin says, yes.


9:17 PM BBT Austin & Liz talk about tonight's live show. They get told they are not allowed to talk about production. Austin says, there's no reason they can't be friends with Meg & James after this. Liz asks if James got a lot of cheers? Austin says, Meg did & he thinks he did also. Austin says, he left the door way open for them to hear. Austin tells Liz that James really didn't even try to stay. Liz is laying on her microphone, so she is muffled. Austin does the same thing.


9:22 PM BBT BB turns up the room microphones to try to hear them. Austin tells Liz that James went out quick which was the best way. Liz says, she wants to get changed. Liz tells Austin & Julia that Meg took her favorite robot. She says, she has no right to take her robot. Julia says, if one of them goes to jury they will get it back, that's not cool. Liz says, "Meg I know you took my robot, you're going to give it back, (in a whisper) b*tch," & she snaps her finger. Julia tells her not to be so nasty.


9:24 PM BBT Austwins starts studying the days in the house. Steve peeks in the CBR. Julia says, "We're practicing days, Steve, don't be a creep." Steve shuts the CBR door.


9:26 PM BBT Liz goes to the WA & breaks Vanessa & John up. She is yelling, & tells John that Meg took her freaking robot. She says, "Oh, hell no." John asks if it's the one that bends into cool positions? Liz says, she thinks so, it bends into cool positions. (She doesn't even remember what it looks like...LOL). Liz goes in the WC. Vanessa goes in the WA & tells Liz that she has her HOH key.


9:28 PM BBT Vanessa tells Liz that she doesn't get to use it to go in the HOHR, but it should be around her neck, & it rightly belongs there. BB calls Liz to the DR. She is changing her clothes. BB calls Liz to the DR again. She is taking her time doing her hair. BB calls Liz to the DR for a third time. Liz runs & says, I'm coming. Liz thinks it's for the comp. Julia says, it might be for her HOH box. Austin goes in the WC & we can hear him starting to go pee, until they shut his microphone off.


9:30 PM BBT Julia tells Vanessa that it would be cool if she's in the HOHR again. Austin rinses his hand off in the sink, & doesn't use any soap, nor does he use a towel. Julia comes out of the WC, washes her hands & uses a towel to dry them. Steve goes in the WA with Vanessa & starts running down the days in the house with her.


9:32 PM BBT HG's are conflicted as to whether they are getting ready to do the HOH Competition or it's for Liz' HOH basket. Vanessa tells Steve that they both have each others word on their mothers that they aren't putting each other up. Steve says, o.k. & leaves the WA. Austin goes in & tells Vanessa they should use this as a free play. Vanessa says, she's not going to stress, as she's talking uber fast.


9:34 PM BBT Camera's 1 & 2 focus on the DR door. Steve walks by the Memory Wall. Julia is lounging on a couch in the LR. Julia asks Steve if he got his HOH box thing after the second HOH Competition? Steve says, yes. Julia says, so it's probably the competition then. She says, she's picking off her nail polish, because that's what they do. Liz says, "Hey everybody, it's time for the HOH Competition, head out to the BY." Julia tells Liz that her pants are disgusting. We see FOTH.

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BBT 11:18  Feeds have been back for about an half hour. Steve has won the HOH. It was some type of puzzle that Julia and Vanessa thought was hard. 

Liz and Julia working on dinner in kitchen.JMac sitting with them. Julia and JMac counting down time till havenots are over.


Van, Austin and Steve in purple room talking about days in house. Steve asked for wine for his hoh basket so that he can share with the final 6. He wants to host the dinner in the HOH room.


Van asks if it's almost midnite but it's not quite 11:30.  Steve wants his room by midnite. Liz is still waiting on her basket too.

11:24 BBT.  Everyone in kitchen. Twins still working on dinner. Steve saying he got no sleep last night as he was sick.

11:30 BBT  All in living room. Liz has her basket and is reading her letter. (Feeds were off for a few minutes, so I am not sure who it is f
rom.)  Austin is doing stretches.  Van says she can now easily tell twins apart. Liz is happy with her basket with healthy stuff plus Nutella.  Seems letter is from Mom.
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10:50 PM BBT ***BBAD comes back with Steve winning the HOH Competition.***


10:51 PM BBT Live feeds are back with Vanessa being really upset because she didn't win the HOH Competition. Julia says, "You were just HOH b*tch." In the KT, Austin tells John that was hard for him. They talk about the faces that were in the comp. In the OBR, Vanessa & Julia are talking. Liz is listening in as she puts stuff away in her wardrobe. Vanessa tells Julia to cross her fingers. Julia says, she's scared. Vanessa thinks Steve will put Austin up against her.


10:55 PM BBT Julia tells Steve she jammed her finger on the puzzle. She tells Steve he deserves it, because he was only HOH for a minute. Steve wants pictures of his family. Austin goes to the OBR. Steve talks about meeting someone named Harrison, & we see FOTH.


10:56 PM BBT Steve comes back saying he was supposed to meet Harrison, but he had to leave from Virginia. Harrison seems to be Steve's nephew. He says, he's probably about 4 months old now, & the majority of his life has been when he was in the house. He thinks he was born May 13 or 14. Julia says, she really likes that name. Vanessa says, "What a day." Steve says, this morning he was puking in the sink. Julia says, now you are HOH. Steve says, & I'm in final 5.


10:58 PM BBT Steve says, he's not going to be an a**hole about it. He says, he requested Port Wine. Then he says, he didn't, so he's going to request it. Julia asks them to wait for the HN's to eat tonight. Julia tells Liz it's only about another hour. Liz tells Julia to go & cook then. Julia says, she's a HN. Steve comes back from the DR to the OBR. Julia says, she's sleeping in the CBR. She says, Liz & Austin make out all night, & she doesn't want to listen to them.


10:59 PM BBT Vanessa & Steve talk about the HNR getting closed down. Vanessa says, she probably needs to get her stuff out of there before it happens. John says, it looks so clean in the OBR, because there's no stuff. Steve asks if Liz got her HOH basket yet? Steve goes to the SR & goes back to the OBR. Julia is talking about Meg taking Liz' robot again. Vanessa says, Steve's going to get a letter again. Steve goes to the DR to request his teddy bear. He says, he gave it to them. Julia says, she can not believe Steve brought his teddy bear to prison. She says, "Oh my God, I loved that competition."


11:02 PM BBT Vanessa says, she had 9 pieces of Jason's face & it wouldn't work, because there were 12 pieces. John says, it was tricky. Vanessa says, she tricked herself. She says, she can't do competitions at night. She says, she's soo rotten. Julia says, all of the HG left are in the OBR. Julia asks for Sour Patch Kids for Steve. Liz looks through his last HOH basket. Steve says, "I make my Halloween candy last like nobody's business." Liz asks him if he still goes Trick or Treating? Steve says, no, but he sorts all the candy, & the table becomes his on Halloween night.


11:05 PM BBT Steve says, he loves candy & sweet stuff. Vanessa tells everyone about how much chocolate candy she found when she was HOH. Steve says, his favorite spot was on top of the door in the HOHR WA. Vanessa says, she wouldn't eat it in there, because she thinks there's something unsanitary about it. Steve says, he's going to have his FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) now. Vanessa says, he has the chess board.


11:07 PM BBT Everyone likes Pot Ball, but they seem to like Sling Band better. Vanessa asks who likes the BB Bowling? John says, the set-up kind of sucks on that. They talk about the partners they had in the game. Steve tells them that Christine & Nicole left on the double eviction last year. Steve says, he's very picky about who he likes. He says, he picks them from Press Junket.


11:10 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that her letter was from Mel, who wasn't as huge of a BB fan as she is. She says, she watched it though. Vanessa says, they did good today though. Austin is laying on the other bed in the OBR next to the one he's sleeping in. He's all sprawled out. Steve realizes that the HN's are still HN's. He wants to host the wine time tonight.


11:12 PM BBT Steve says, the last time he really drank was at Fredonia when they do the day drinking. He says, he learned that Fredonia has a frisbee house. Vanessa says, a frisbee would be great to have there. John says, they had one, he discovered it in the castle, & he was asked to take it to the DR. No one grabbed any baseballs from the BY. Steve tells them he had to talk about his whole experience about HOH. We see FOTH. Steve comes back saying that Liz will get a DR call telling about her experience as HOH. We see FOTH for a moment. Vanessa says, there shouldn't be anymore double evictions.


11:14 PM BBT Steve says, the evictions should speed up. Vanessa says, she can't handle the long wait for the week. Austin, John, Steve & Vanessa talk about the cheers that Meg & James had. Austin thinks James' was louder. He says, the audience may be told to make it louder. Steve says, they haven't had their non-live eviction yet. He says, Frankie was evicted last season. We see FOTH.


11:16 PM BBT John leaves the OBR. Vanessa says, she can't believe they are down to 6 people, & she's in shock. Steve says, they aren't picking players for Veto anymore, so they should get a fun host, like maybe Jace. He says, last season it was Ian. Liz yell, "Yay." Steve asks if she got her HOH basket yet? Austin says, "No, she'll scream for that."


11:18 PM BBT Vanessa & Steve talk about the things he likes. Vanessa tells him to ask for what he wants, & he'll get it. Vanessa says, she requested specific stuff by brands & she got it. She tells him if he does also, he should get it. Steve says, he gave them a list. We see FOTH again.


11:19 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Vanessa tells Austin & Steve they've made it to day 85. Steve says, maybe, but they are going to speed up the evictions. Liz says, she can't handle the ants, & they are all over the paper towels. Vanessa says, day 85 is next Thursday. Steve says, today is day 78, & his HOH ends on day 85. Steve says, "Wow, sh*t." Vanessa says, "The Boi just cursed." Steve says, "That deserves it." Steve asks how he didn't go out the first week? Vanessa says, others made themselves the target.


11:21 PM BBT Vanessa asks if it's almost midnight? Steve says, "I want to get my room before midnight." Vanessa says, they may not get it to you by then. Vanessa checks the time & says, It's 11:20 PM BBT. Steve says, he wants to take a shower, but he wants to take it upstairs. Steve goes in the WC. Austin goes in the WA, runs the water, turns it off & leaves.


11:23 PM BBT It was actually Vanessa that was in the WC. She comes out of the WC. As she leaves the WA she says, F that puzzle, F that HOH. Austin goes in the WA to fix his hair.


11:25 PM BBT John is walking around the CBR. Steve sits down at the glass table. He says, he likes having a wall to sleep against. Vanessa says, he would be the first & probably the only HOH that sleeps like a hobo in his HOHR. Steve says, he's already famous for "trombonists." Vanessa keeps obsessing about them being the only HG's left. Steve says, there are 4 very very attractive women & James in jury.


11:27 PM BBT Julia says, no, there are 3 very very attractive ladies, James & Meg in jury. Steve repeats it. He & Vanessa talk about his hair. Vanessa says, she did it for him today. Liz gets called to the SR. She got her HOH basket.


Liz' HOH Letter: Darling Liz, I'm writing this letter in excitement, as you are reading it because you have won another HOH. I feel like you have inherited the best of me & the best of your father. But, wait, you have succeeded in surpassing our good qualities, & have developed into one complete perfect daughter. Yes, perfect. That is what you are, & perfect is good enough. Your mad drive & determination has taken you to levels I can't really understand. My heart aches to see you, to touch you, talk to you, to love you. The day I see you again can not come soon enough. In the meantime my child, stay strong, keep winning, keep fighting till you make it to the top. Remember, mad determination. I love you, Mom

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