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Saturday, August 1 2015, Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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1:00am BBT HG play charades while James inspects Becky's cooking. By 3am BBT HG are getting ready for bed and 15 minutes later they are snug in their beds.


8:00am BBT FOTH, could this be a wake up call?


8:30am BBT Meg is out of the shower, Shelli doing her make-up. John washes his hands. Austin tries to cuddle Liz while in the dentist chair. (He slept with his head on her back. Yes, over the gap between the chairs) Julia has her bandana over her eyes in another chair.


9:00am BBT Make up and cuddling still happening. Annnnnnd FOTH


9:08am BBT John eating cereal and James sleeping on the couch in the HOH. He has his camo visor, his hoodie pulled over his head and a big blanket on. (He looks like Yoda-Morty)

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9:30am BBT Jackie and Becky doing make up, John goes from KT to LR. There is no talking.


10:00am BBT John had been cleaning, HG sleeping....all of a sudden we get Jeff's Reels.

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12:20 Austin, Vanessa, Shelli and liz on the lounge in the bathroom. Small talk. Asking Austin if he ever snaps. He says only if it is really personal, and then he only yells at people. He would never hit someone even if he hated them, he doesn't want to hit anyone. Liz agrees that it can all be handled with words. Liz couldn't believe as a bouncer he had never been involved in a fight. 

Vanessa is pacing while the others sit on the lounge. Shelli and Liz are about to do their nails... clear for Liz. 

In other news, James is sleeping on the couch. Shelli and Vanessa have moved to the hallway and are talking about trust. Now they have moved into the kitchen area. Vanessa is drumming on a can, and it sounds pretty good actually. (better than any of the conversations going on.) Shelli is amazed at her drumming talents. WOW! How did you just do that?????? You just thought that up, that fast? OMG!!!!

Shelli left the drum area and went to the bedroom where Meg and Jackie are in bed resting. Shelli hops on the pull out and climbs in and covers up with a blanket. 

Austin and Liz are talking about who is home watching the feeds. We keep getting FOTH so Austin might be mentioning folks that didn't sign waivers. 

Just now wondering why Shelli is so visible moving around the house and Clay is not in sight. Not sure I have ever seen one w/o the other. 

12:35 Julia has joined Austin and Liz in the bathroom area. Complaining about having to get up early. FOTH

The wake up song must have been THESE ARE THE GOOD OLD DAYS, because Julia is mentioning it and saying it must be foreshadowing (she didn't use that word) because things are about to get bad in the house. Liz agrees that something might be about to happen like a double eviction. Austin says these are the good old days because we don't have to worry about going home this week. No worries this week. Vanessa enters with her protein powder can bongo drum and Austin is giving her pointers. 

VANESSA STOP THAT! is heard, even though the audio was muted prior to the speaker. 

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Vanessa is using her wee leprechaun voice and talking about Scotland. They are all amazed at her vocal talents. 

Vanessa looks at Austin and says, OK, if one of us gets back doored we have to work together to get votes for us, ok? He says, oh yeah, yeah, no problem. We have to assure that one of them goes home. Its scary because you never know, says Austin. 

I found Clay! Asleep in the bed with a blue shirt wrapped over his face. 

Vanessa is making sure Austin will 100% keep her if one of them wins the veto and comes off and she goes up. She keeps asking, 100%???? Hes assuring her that shes OK, that he will campaign for her and she'll be good. 

Julia assures Vanessa (who is near meltdown over the possibility of going on the block) that one of them (she or Liz) will go up before she does. 

Vanessa is worried about pissing off whoever stays (Clay or Shelli) if she campaigns against the other one. Liz says you're going to piss James off if you use  the veto, he doesn't want it used. They agree that Clay needs to go and Shelli needs to stay. Liz says she wants Shelli to stay and Vanessa agrees. Shelli can be controlled and she'll be gunning for James and Clay will let it all blow over. Clay won't be mad and Shelli will. 

Vanessa say we have to remember next week that James can't compete in the HOH, we have to count on Steve winning it. (??) 

Johnny Mac can't be controlled like Steve, they feel they can control him as HOH. 

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Liz pours a quart of almond milk into her protein shaker and Austin takes it from her to shake for her. She smiles at his gallantry. Julia gets a new sponge to wash her glass out before she makes her protein shake. Liz says... OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG she has to get a NEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW sponge before she washes her glass. You should see her at home, she has to put on the gloves to wash her dishes. 

They notice the bright lighting outside and think it must be about time for the comp. 

Liz suggests they go into the hammock room and take a little nap. She says there might not be enough room for them all to sprawl, but we can try. 

(This stuff is riveting, I tell you)

Shelli has crawled in the bed with Clay and woken him up.

Liz says she can't believe that Steve is asleep and Austin agrees he is always scampering about listening, so it is unusual that he is in bed asleep. 

Liz and Julia are picking the lollipops up and talking about them. This is a Gobstopper, and I don't like Gobstoppers so I am not going to eat  this one. Austin tells her that its a jaw breaker and she says, you're right. She looks at the camera and says, the slop is getting to me, I just called this a Gobstopper. 

Austin is play slapping them and they are squealing and saying noooo-wa. Noooooo-wa. 

Liz says #lolipop #lolipopssuck #wewantmorepopcorn. 

They are all 3 going to the hammock room to lay down. (Hopefully they will fall asleep and stop talking)

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BBT Liz, Austin, Julia hanging out in LR drinking protein shakes waiting for POV. Van haning in hammock room alone. Shelli, Clay, Meg sleeping in grey room, everything pretty quiet and awkward waiting for POV to start.

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1:22pm BBT Liz, Julia, Austin in LR talking about tv shows - Goosebumps episodes, Meg goes to Hammock room and talks to Van mentioning that if veto stays the same it would be sooooo much easier. Meg saying that James does not want to put up anyone else and his points are valid. Vanessa is paranoid of being backdoored. Meg saying that is not his plan. Meg saying that if Clay wins and uses it on Shelli it would be very sad. She doesnt want him to have any regrets in this game.  Vanessa reiterates that she is on board but is super stressed out that she got picked to play Veto. (James, Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Becky, Jackie are veto players)

Meg thinks James would put up Liz as a "pawn"  

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1:31 pm BBT Liz, Julia, Austin still talking tv - catching up on episodes of Ghost Ship, The Shining, Psycho, some scifi movie called Sunshine, 28 days later, Dawn of the Dead,The Walking Dead seasons and Game of Thrones Julia is obsessed with these shows with Austin, but Liz is kinda silent. While  Recapping of Walking Dead seasons , Julia is called to DR!!!!

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1:30 pm BBT Meg and Vanessa are in the OBR talking about what the PoV comp might be and scenarios of who might win it and what might happen. The discussion turned to how long they have been in the BB house.

1:39 pm BBT Meg and Vanessa still discussing being in the house and what their families might be thinking if they are watching. Austin, Liz and Julia are lying in the LR on the couches discussing songs and shows on TV.

1:42 pm BBT Austin always falls asleep when he watches shows that run in a series. They begin discussing the movie “The Mist”

1:43 pm BBT Back in the OBR Meg and Vanessa are running scenarios again. Julia was just called to the DR and Meg said this is it. (Possibly Julia is the host for the PoV). Vanessa told Meg her logic to defend herself is to not use the veto because she could go up. Meg appreciates Vanessa’s talks.

 1:43 pm BBT James walks in the OBR with Vanessa and Meg. They discuss the comp that is coming up and Vanessa said this whole situation is rotten for her.

 1:47 pm BBT Vanessa left the OBR leaving Meg and James talking. Jackie joined them and James asked if they thought the PoV was going to be a crap shoot. The girls agree and then they all leave the room.

 1:49 pm BBT It looks like everyone  is beginning to congregate in the LR and they are discussing their shoes being wet from the HOH comp.

 1:51 pm BBT Steve, John and Becky are in the Color BR talking about the twists in BB. Steve told them that last year was the most twisted summer ever then we get FOTH.

 1:52 pm BBT The feeds have switched to Jeff’s Highlights now so possibly time for the PoV.

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1:45 pm BBT while Julia is in DR, the house starts waking up, Shelli wakes up Clay and takes stack of dirty dishes to Kitchen - James meets up with Meg and Van in hammock room Vanessa and James  talk about comp - if it is a choice and I am last "do you want me to take the veto or the punishment." They all agree she should take veto. " This whole situation is just rotten for me" she says, again. James just yesses her as she leaves to get ready. Jackie walks in and they discuss maybe a crap shoot. Meg thinks it might be the 1-6 like vanessa thinks. Jackie wants to win veto. James says he is good at crap shoots. Meg says "Jackie, I talked to Van if she gets veto, not to use it.

1:51pm BBT  Jeff Highlights.......POV time

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4:15 BBT - Clay is asking Johnny that if he and Shelli remain on the block that he votes to keep Shelli.  Johnny gets teary eyed after Clay leaves.  Clay won a trip for a week to Ireland.  Shelli has a punishment.   Clay asks Vanessa to keep Shelli and she agrees.  Clay says that he can go home and has a great family and that she deserves to stay. 

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Shelli has a punishment (Knight Training with a sword) to do 2,400 times...every 100 times have to run into the living room and ring a bell.  In

If she doesn't do it within 24 hours, then she can't compete in the veto next week.


Austin and Vanessa in BR talking about how Clay wants them to save Shelli. 


Becky, James and Jackie in the HOH room talking about the $5K.  Becky says that she's going to share the money.  Jackie has to wear a costume for a week and also has to be clinged to Vanessa.

Confirmed.  James won POV.

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4:33PM BBT: Vanessa and Shelli in the bathroom.  Vanessa is crying and ask Shelli if she heard. Clay walks in. Clay is telling everyone he wants to go home and leave Shelli.  Vanessa says Clay is the most romantic man she has ever met in her entire life.  Shellii is now crying in his arms.

4:37PM BBT:  James and Jackie are in the HOH room saying they'll (Clay and Shelli) will be ok.  James says Clay came up to him and said no hard feelings...it's just a game and that he loves him bro.  

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Jackie talks about voting out Shelli.  James is going to convince everyone to vote her out.  Jackie said if they don't then the POV was all for nothing because Shelli had the POV. 


James and Shelli hugging in the BR while she's crying. 


James and Jackie talk about the risk that James took in nominating Clay and Shelli and how it was meant to be.  James said that Clay came up to him and told him that there were no hard feelings. 


James thinks that everyone will be trying to get Steve out next week after a big week this week.  Jackie talks about getting Clay out next (after Shelli this week).  James said that Clay winning HoH will be the worst thing for his game.

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4:42 pm BBT - James and Jackie discuss how next week's comp will probably not be physical and they need to get Shelli out this week because if she stays then she will team up with Vanessa and put their side up.


James says that next week the worse thing if one of them is put up against a twin.  James made a deal with Vanessa to keep him safe.  More talk about possible double eviction.  Jackie is pissed that Vanessa NOW wants to form a group when they already had a group.

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4:03 PM BBT Feeds are back. Shelli and Clay are in the WA, and Shelli is crying. It was a prize and punishment. Shelli thought there was a chance he would take a good prize. She is wearing a “Castle Guard” hat. Vanessa comes in an apologizes. John and Austin in the CR say they have each others' backs.


4:27 PM BBT James goes to HOHR where Becky and Jackie are hanging out.  Becky insists that she will split her winnings with James.  Jackie says something off camera and James replies that he felt bad doing it, but he thought he should do it so no one else has to. 


4:36 PM BBT In the HOH room, James and Jackie are talking that it was meant to be.  James recaps that he won HOH and then he won PoV.  They all completed their missions, and it's huge.


4:38 PM BBT James thinks that everyone will be going after Steve next week.  Jackie asks “what about the double eviction?”  Jackie suggests getting Clay out first and then Shelli, and James says “get Clay out first? And keep Shelli?” Jackie clarifies to get Shelli out and then get Clay out, and then Steve.  James is worried about Clay getting HOH because he knows Clay will come after him. 


4:45 PM BBT In the HOHR, James tells Jackie about how the double eviction works and that you need to ask someone else to pack your stuff up because it happens so quickly.  He has plans to put his stuff in one spot so that it will be easy for them to pack if he’s the one to go.  Jackie tells him he’s not going anywhere and if they get through this week, he’ll be fine.  James says that the worst thing that could happen next week is if Clay wins and puts James or Jackie up against a twin because Austin and the other twin will not vote to keep them.  They discuss other votes they might have if that happens.


4:47 PM BBT Jackie and James talking about how Vanessa is scampering around trying to get a group together before double eviction.  Jackie is ticked off because they already tried that once and Vanessa ruined it.


4:49 PM BBT Clay is sitting alone in the Cabana Room Lounge.  Feeds switch to the Storage Room, where Austin congratulates James on his win.  James says he wanted to keep everyone safe and didn’t want anyone else going up. Austin tells him it means a lot that he did that so that Liz won’t be going up.  James says he’s a straight shooter and if he says he’ll do something he does it. 

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4:10PM BBT: Shelli has taken a punishment during the Veto competition. She has to go out to the BY to do something in the backyard 2400 times in 24 hours, and every 100 times she has to run into the living room to ring a bell. Clay has won a trip to Ireland for a week.


4:18PM BBT: Becky has won $5000. Clay spoke to John in the cabana room lounge, and they shook hands that John will keep Shelli. Clay and Vanessa are chatting in the washroom where he asks Vanessa to keep Shelli.


4:22PM BBT: John is in the cabana room lounge with his eyes closed. Becky, James and Jackie are in the HoH room. Becky says she's splitting her $5K with James after the show is over. James says he felt bad about doing it, but did it so no one else had to do it. Jackie has to wear a costume for a week.


4:34PM BBT: James and Jackie are talking in the HoH. James has won the Veto! James says that when he wins, they all win. He won, but he had everyone's support.


 4:41PM BBT: Clay, Shelli, Vanessa and Meg are in the washroom area. Clay and Shelli are cuddling. Clay says that these are his three girls. Steve comes out of the washroom. Steve says he had no idea coming into the house since he's watched it, but he really didn't. They joke about the 1000+ page wavers they had to sign before coming into the house. Meg gets choked up and gets upset when she sees people go out the door every week. 


4:46PM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli in the washroom area that what Clay is doing is the sweetest thing she's ever seen, ever. Shelli goes into the cabana room lounge and starts cuddling with Shelli. Shelli says that there is a chance, but a very small chance. Clay says they should keep doing what they're doing, being buddy-buddy with everyone. Shelli says they don't know what Steve has been saying about them to James. 


4:53PM BBT: James comes into the cabana room lounge to talk to Clay and Shelli. James says he really likes them, and feels horrible about the situation. He says that this is a game move, and he's playing for his little girl. James is glad they got their trip to Ireland. James says that whatever happens, happens. He hopes they'll all be friends after this, but it's a game. Clay says he understands, James has to do what to what he has to do, and that it is what it is. Clay just wishes that he had've made it to Jury, and that's the only bad thing about it. James says the two of them tough cookies. He hopes that clay and Shelli go far outside of the house. Clay and Shelli say they appreciates him coming to talk to them.

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6:12pm BBT Clay goes into the bathroom, still wearing his knight suit from POV comp and Meg follows him. They act like they had liquor at comp (jonnymac said he was drunk earlier) Clay brings her in for a hug, they start blubbering, Clay asks Meg to vote him out and she while crying, hits him and tells him to stop , that he cant ask that of her. She tells him if he wants out to look around the house but not at her, she cant do that . They start whispering. I caught Meg saying "I am giving you tough love baby, its not up to you anymore. If I am in jury and you are final two - you are getting my vote, so stop acting like this, you came in here alone and you came to play....I know you dont want to hear this but Shelli's game is better, my peeps want her out...You had to go off with your "ladyfriend"...you are campaining to the wrong person... and the only thing I caught from Clay "dont tell anybody about this" hug hug, cry, sniffle, mumble... they split up

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6:34pm BBT Clay is drying his hair after a shower, Jonnymac is passed out cold in the rainbow room, shelli and steve in kitchen and steve is explaining every 100 times she has to ring a bell, but not to worry that she has everyones support in the house as well as America. He tells her how Brittany was so much more likeable with her soccer penalty last year. Shelli says the punishment should start soon, they are changing Jackie in DR now. He thinks it will be in the backyard and she will come in to ring the bell. She goes into BR to get some rest...  Becky is in the bathroom curling her hair and whispers to Clay, tell people how to vote and we are good, I was so scared to win that veto... Clay mumbles... I cant make out his words...

6:40pm BBT Fish

6:41 pm BBT Clay goes in to get in bed with Shelli, they are talking about her jousting 100 an hour - she says thats more than 1 a minute.......Vanessa helps her with the math and says almost 2 a minute - 1.4/per minute Vanessa promises to help her out and do a few hundred with her. 

6:44pm BBT James in HNroom drinking a beer talking to Austin,Liz and Julia are sleeping in the chairs next to him and he (james) covers Julia with a blanket. They are talking about being lactose intolerant from the milk in the slop. then game talk :  James "Yup, I cant wait this over with so I can blow people up. I will have fun with that part cuz it gives me something to do - well, I willlet you two get some sleep. He calls the twins cute with their bandanas. Dont tell Meg, I think Jules here might be my new girl".. jokingly. James turns off lights in HN room. BB "You are not allowed to turn off bedroom lights during..." James" alright alright, sorry guys," and leaves

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6:55pm BBT James, Jackie, Becky, and Van in bathroom. James debating if he can keep his knight costume for Halloween this year... Becky is cleaning up and walks out. Vanessa asks if noms are staying the same 100% says James. Vanessa asks we didnt give we should talk about a plan going forward. We have had 2 brutal weeks. Lets have some kind of deal because we are so traumatized. It depends who wins the next HOH we gotta keep the votes off our people. Van says its good to have an idea and a backup. James says to Vanessa, you are sitting in a good position this week. but we are all vulnerable if it is a double evict next week. BB tells vanessa pillows are blocking window. She moves them and James says all eyes on you Vaness. They were hoping knights costumes meant chess, but they are glad without turnout. talk turns to timing, games, double evicts, and still 12 in the game.

7:08pm BBT Van tells James "you have 2 HOH and u won 2 BOB's and you survived eviction, you have the most competition wins" James" yeah I'm done"


they are now predicting what comps are left. They are waiting for the ice skating one. They think it is 325 slides to fill the HOH globe.

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