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Tuesday, July 28 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT Jason and Meg in a darkened OBR trying to sleep.  Jason takes his microphone off and clips it to a pillow propped up next to him.  Vanessa and Jackie in the HOH WA.  Vanessa is hoping that the next HOH is a physical competition, because she wouldn’t be good at that anyway.  Austin and Liz are on the hammock in the BY pondering philosophical questions.  Liz:  “Nature doesn’t deceive.”  Austin:  “People do, not nature.  It’s what you can trust.  Nature is the essence of life.  Trees carry water.  Water is the essence of life, like your veins carry blood.  It’s a commitment to existence.” Liz: “I wonder when humans first realized that they needed water to survive” Austin: “Probably immediately when they were thirsty…”  They agree that it’s natural instinct, and Austin poses more questions “Why is the sky blue?  Why am I me and not you? You can ask a million questions.”   


12:07 AM BBT Becky, John, and Steve chatting in the KT. Becky has a blanket around her shoulders and John teases her that she is two steps away from “Audreying.”  Becky does a quick playful impression of Audrey with the blanket. They talk about the pros and cons of being in HNR during that week. 



12:09 AM BBT Liz asks Austin if others know about his “Judas” persona.  He says that Clay and Shelli know.  Liz is worried about others finding out and using it against him.  Austin thinks it’s okay because only their alliance members know.  He says he owes them so much.  Austin tells Liz about Shelli wanting to keep the Sixth Sense alliance to the final six.  Liz is worried about Vanessa and how she could turn on Austin like that.  Austin just wants to forget about all the bad stuff that happened this week. 


12:11 AM BBT John and Steve still in the KT.  Steve comments about almost making jury.  John tells Steve about a conversation he had with Meg that if he goes before he reaches jury he could go home and make money.  If he makes jury, he can’t go home.  Steve says it’s his last chance for fall semester too.  But of course they want to play!  Steve talks about avoiding any accusations of eavesdropping.  He stayed in areas that won’t make others suspicious.  They joke about how everyone thinks Steve is a mastermind that he isn’t.  Steve says it’s because he wears glasses and went to Engineering school and that he spelled “trombonist.”  John goes to brush his teeth and Steve wanders around the kitchen making noises with a glass and talking himself into not throwing it.  He goes to get two fake oranges and starts pseudo-juggling with them.  Steve thinks that with Jason gone, there will be less talk about him being a snooper.


12:16 AM BBT  Liz telling Austin about getting evicted from an apartment.  They talk about having to get up early.  Liz suggests that Austin can always teach gymnastics and it could be a new kind of fitness class.  Austin says that’s what he’s trying to do and then he plugs his website.


12:22 AM BBT On the hammock in the BY, Liz and Austin talk about having Julia come into the game.  Liz is worried about what a big target they will be because they are three strong. Austin sees Jackie as the biggest threat to the three of them.  He sees Meg and James as easily led and not a threat without Jason.  Liz is looking forward to being able to hang out with Julia and tells him not to get jealous of her time…he can hang out with them, but he’ll be the third wheel. Liz says she’s worried about how he was okay with Julia leaving, and he claims that he never said that, and that Jason just added that to blow up his game. 


12:28 AM BBT Steve and John are having a game of chess while Liz and Austin continue their conversation about trust and alliances on the BY hammock.  Austin thinks it’s been a great week and that they made great TV, and that Liz is going to look great as a genuine person.  Liz points out that they learned a lesson: “Do NOT lie to Vanessa!”  


12:33 AM BBT Vanessa comes up to John and Steve as they play chess.  They talk a bit about playing poker and how people sometimes try to hide their chips.  Vanessa ask if everyone is sleeping.  All but Vanessa, Steve, John, Austin and Liz.  John is up later than usual because Steve wanted to play chess.  Vanessa explains “castleing” and then wishes them well with their chess game.  She’s ready to sleep from pure emotional exhaustion.


12:48 AM BBT John and Steve continue their chess game.  Vanessa is laying down, but lights are still on in the HOHR as Jackie uses the HOH WA. 


12:53 AM BBT At Vanessa’s request, Jackie turns out the lights in the HOHR as she leaves.  John and Steve are still playing chess.


12:55 AM BBT  Jackie, Austin and Liz are in the KT.  Jackie is wondering where everyone is, and Austin and Liz tell her that everyone is sleeping.  Austin and Liz go up to HOHR to talk to Vanessa.  They turn the light back on.  Austin tells her that all is quiet.  They start talking about getting ready for the next competition, and Steve comes in.  They ask him what they should be “Jedi-drilling” to prep for HOH.  Vanessa suggests studying faces and Steve says no way, that’s much later Steve thinks the next eviction will be a double eviction and they won’t want to do questions two weeks in a row.  They keep discussing different competitions.  Steve suggests studying comps and things in the house.


1:06 AM BBT Steve asks if they have recruited Becky and Johnny Mac.  Vanessa explains that they are for comfort, yes.  There are levels of loyalty.  They aren’t on their way out, but they are not in the primary alliance.  It all depends on who wins HOH.  Steve is self-conscious about being the only one in the room who hasn’t won an HOH yet.  They start drilling again.


1:18 AM BBT Liz, Austin, Vanessa, and Steve are still “Jedi-drilling” in the HOHR. 


1:19 AM BBT Vanessa asks Steve what Johnny Mac thought about everything that happened with the PoV ceremony.  Austin says that John gave Austin a hug.  Steve says that John wasn’t surprised because Vanessa had told John a few days prior that she didn’t want to put Austin up.  John had no loyalties to Jason, so he was fine with it.  They start talking about underdogs.  Steve says he doesn’t understand about popularity, and talks about how some people in prior seasons are loved for the same thing that others are hated for.


1:22 AM BBT In the HOHR, Liz and Vanessa watch silently as Steve and Austin animatedly discuss their favorite players of past seasons.


1:24 AM BBT Steve is telling Liz, Austin, and Vanessa the twitter handle he wants, but he’s sure it will already be taken. 


1:26 AM BBT The HOHR group are back to discussing prior houseguests and trying to understand why some are loved and others are hated. 


1:29 AM BBT Steve and Austin have opposing views on everyone from past seasons that they talk about.  They start talking about favorites from each season trying to find someone they both like.




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2:30 am - 3:30 am BBT Steve was up in the HoH room talking to Vanessa explaining that he really has not been throwing comps, he thanked her for keeping him safe and they agree that he "owes' her when he does win HoH. Jason was in the BY on the couch smoking a cigarette and talking to the feeders. He told himself to stop the pity party, just enjoy the next two and a half days and then he went to bed. Vanessa and Steve see Jason head to bed on the spy screen and then Vanessa told Steve it is safe for him to go back downstairs since everyone is in bed now no one will know he was up talking to her. Steve headed outside, tossed the hula hoop in the air and juggled some balls for awhile, and then he headed back inside to take a shower. As he was in the HN room getting some clothes Clay woke up, got out of the HN chair, grabbed his mic and went into the WA and sat. Steve entered the WA, started getting undressed and climbed into the cold side of the shower with his shorts on. As he was showering Clay asked him who was the last person up with him and Steve responded that Jason and Becky wondered around a little bit but he did not talk to them. Clay went back to bed in the HN room after that and Steve finished up his shower and made a comment that he wondered why Clay was up and even grabbed his mic when he never does that. Steve decides that Clay was just fishing for information and then he heads to bed. All houseguests are sleeping now and it is silent in the BB house.

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3:55 am BBT- 4:10 am BBT Jason is now back out of bed, went into the storage room to take Advil and went in the KT. James got up out of bed and they both went out to the BY to talk. They were discussing who the last house guests up were and James told Jason that he was talking to Clay about Jason being put on the block. James said that Clay said that the last thing that they knew about Jason going on the block at the last minute and when James looked at Shelli, she got defensive saying that she don’t appreciate the look that James gave her and it has been really hard for her. James said that he told Shelli that he was just playing around. Jason said that Shelli got defensive with Jackie too. Jason said that their stories are a little bit crossed. James said that Clay told him the house was on board with putting Jason up. They discuss how Vanessa made a deal with Becky and Jackie that they are not going home this week. James said whatever the house is, him, Jackie and Becky are not a part of it. They discuss how Steve is a snitch, James was being a smartass to him today and James will put up Austin and Steve if he wins the next HoH. Jason thinks Austin and Steve are bonding now. They begin to speculate what happens after you leave the house. Jason wants to go out like Zach Rance did but then he decides that he don’t want to put a target on James, Meg, Jackie and Becky. They both agree that Shelli and Clay are running the house. James then said that the next on the block should be Shelli and Vanessa to stir up the house. 

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4:10 am BBT - 4:20 am BBT Jason said his first impression of Shelli was not to trust that B*tch. James said that they should have gotten Shelli out of the game first instead of Jase. Jason said that everything is 20/20 in hindsight and James will be in not a good spot if he does not win next week. James said that he should have listened to Audrey a long time ago. James said that it is crazy that Steve and Johnny Mac are up higher on the pole when all they do is float and throw comps. The discussion turns to throwing comps and then they discuss how Johnny Mac told Becky that he can’t be seen with her because the house will think they are a pair. James said that Clay told him Johnny Mac and Becky are a pair but Jason said they are hardly ever together. Discussion turns to Jeff and Jordan and Brendon and Rachael from a past season of BB. Jason said that he told Clay and Shelli that he would go to the final three with them just to get them to vote for him to stay, but he don’t think it matters. James don’t know if it’s Clay or Shelli getting paranoid more. Discussion turns to Audrey and things that were said when she was in the house. Jason told James to not let them scoop Meg up after he is gone.  James said all that it takes is for one of them to win the next HoH and split them up. 

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4:20 am BBT- 4:30 am BBT Discussion between James and Jason turns back to throwing comps. Jason said that he feels bad for helping Vanessa studying this week. Jason said that Vanessa has a sharp mind and she remembers pretty much everything. James told Jason he is not going to have to worry because as long as he wins something he is not scared to get blood on his hands. Jason told James to protect Jackie, Becky and Meg after he is gone. Jason gets Shelli and Clay’s game play but once the twins come in they will be cut. Discussion turns to Vanessa being upset with Shelli and Clay for not owning up that they knew about Jason going on the block. James said that he told Vanessa that she was not on his radar and if he has Vanessa he would have Austin and Liz on his side too. Jason said that he should have known something was up when others were asking him if they could trust James. Jason told them that he was not approving of sending Becky home over Austin and that is why he is on the block now. Jason would love to see Steve follow him out of the house next week, but told James he is going to need the floaters and they compare the BB game to a chess board. James said hopefully they could get Shelli and Clay in a check mate soon. Jason thinks that Clay is throwing the HoH comps so that it is all Shelli doing the dirty work. They start to speculate what the next comp will be. 

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4:30 am - 4:45 am BBT Becky is up and sitting at the KT table eating. James and Jason are still in the BY talking about the other house guests and how they pretend they are weak. James said that he is going to play it week by week. Jason recommends that he get as much info on the others and make every deal that he can. James said that everyone’s loyalty is pretty short. Jason said that Austin and Shelli are the only ones that have not been on the block so that would be a reason to put them up. Jason said that he talked to Liz today and she acted like nothing. Their discussion turns to they think there is more going on in the BB house than just the twins and then they speculate that Clay is America’s player or Saboteur. They talk about what it will be like when they are home and watching the show from day one. Jason thinks that Shelli and Clay will string him along until the eviction so that he does not blow up their game. Jason thinks that he is going because he was the one that was always voting against the house. Jason might throw a little zing in his final speech but he isn’t going to say any names. They wonder how the other house guests are in real life. 

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4:45 am - 5:00 am BBT James told Jason that he is sorry how everything went down. Jason said that is how this game works and they were trusting Vanessa, Shelli, Clay and Johnny Mac. Jason said that Johnny Mac plays dumb but he knows that Johnny Mac got through medical school so he is not mr. goofball.  James thinks that Steve went and told Shelli and Clay that he was giving him a hard time. Jason said that he thinks Steve tells everything to Vanessa and then she tells the others. They discuss again how Jason will just get his little zing in and no more, he will not be throwing any fruit loops. Jason heads in to get more cigarettes and James headed into the KT to make some eggs. Jason walks in the KT and told James that he has 20 packs of cigarettes left and then he went back outside. James finished fixing his food and went to the BY by Jason and sat down to eat.  

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5:00 am BBT Jason told James that he is going to be nice until Thursday and then try and flip peoples votes. They discuss who he could possibly get to vote for him. Jason said that he is a BB player and he is not going to just lie over and go. James told Jason there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Jason said that the others in the house live luxury lives and he has to live in his mothers basement. Jason said that he is going to try and not go back to work until at least his birthday. They discuss how they will not get paid from BB until after the show is over. 

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5:10am-6:00am BBT: Jason and James sit out in the mBY talking about Alliances and how there is none in this house compared to other seasons where there was a group against the floaters. Jason says he reads Blogs and watches the Alliance charts and  this seasons is going to be all over the place and look like a hot mess. James says he  wonders who Jackie will put on the block of she wins HOH this week. He then says he will let Jackie know he is with her if she wins. James then tells Jason that maybe Audrey told the truth about things and Jason said Audrey  cried wolf alot and lied all the time. James says he can not remember where he works then says yeah home depot and his co workers  were happy he was going to BB.

6:00am-6:30am BBT: Jason and James talk about applying for BB and Jason says he applies for BB15 but never heard anything from them then for BB16 he was busy. James says and this year the cast is very young. James then says we were chosen for a reason then James heads inside to go to bed. Jason then thanks the feeders for the hula hoop but Thursday before i leave i am going to destroy it. James comes back out and he and Jason talk about BB Australia and how they get a pet but we do not. Jason and James head inside and both go to bed.
7:00am-8:00am BBT: Austin goes to the WC then back to bed. Clay gets up goes to the WC then to the STR for popcorn then  to kitchen for coffee. He then heads outside where starts laundry then sits eating popcorn and drinking his coffee.
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8:00am-8:30am BBT: Clay laying on the hammock resting. Shelly gets up  and is making fresh coffee goes to the WA and clay comes in gives her a hug. Clay heads back outside  as Shelli makes her a cup of coffee.

8:45am BBT: After a brief FOTh feeds come back and Clay says sorry i didn't do it as he is putting the awnings down by himself. Shelli is in the house in the WA doing ADL's.

8:53am BBT: Clay sitting alone in the BY. Shelli has gone to the DR. All other HG sleeping.

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 9:03am BBT: Clay sitting alone in the BY drinking his coffee and stretching his neck. Shelli is still in the DR as all other Hg are still snuggled in their beds sleeping.

9:04am BBT: Shelli comes out of the DR and goes outside where clay is. She sits down to drink her coffee and  talk about the cameras moving then they laugh.

9:20am BBT: Shelli and Clay still the only ones up talking about  using their DVR to record BB and how she  had to put a 30 minute extension on her DVR so it would catch the  whole show and i told  my mom how to set it so she could record all this season for me.

 9:30am BBT: Clay and Shelli  still sitting in the BY talking about going to movies and laughing as all other HG are still sleeping.

9:40am BBT: Shelli and clay talk about going to fast food places and shelli says her favorites are Arbys, Chick fil a  and taco bell. Then clay talks about his mom making sweets and how good they are.

9:45am BBT: John is now up in the STR changing his batteries.John leaves the STR and goes to the BY and joins clay and Shelli. John says awnings down already. shelli says yeah Clay did all of those all by himself. 

 9:50am BBT: Shelli, Clay and John talking about bed sizes being a twin, full, queen, king. John says oh ok then they talk about traveling.

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10:12AM BBT Clay making breakfast. Steve eating breakfast as well.


10:25AM BBT Steve says he is suffering from vertigo at the moment. He says he is going back to bed.


10:34AM BBT We have FOTH - wake up call.


10:42AM BBT Feeds are back but BR still dark. Clay and Shelli sitting in the BY.


10:44AM BBT Shelli talking to Clay about that Becky saying that they should be individuals and not couples. Shelli says that she isn't keeping them safe while they are the main targets.


11:00AM BBT Becky has come out to the BY. Becky and Shelli discussing the ways they enjoy the slop. John eating in the KT. BB calls Vanessa to the DR. She comes to the KT and makes some coffee. (She is still wearing what she wore all day yesterday)



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11:31am BBT: john is washing dishes and Becky is laying  in the By near the pool.

11:42am BBT: Becky gets up and gets in the pool.John is still washing dishes in the KT.no other Hg in sight.

12:00pm BBT: Becky gets out of the pool and lays back in the sun on her towel. john finishes dishes and goes to the STR looks in the cabinets then goes walking around the house. 

12:10pm BBT: Vanessa comes down stairs where Austin is now up in the KT and ask if everyone is still sleeping? Austin says yeah. Vanessa ask then how am i supposed to take pictures. Vanessa goes to the bedrooms and ask people to get up  as she only has the camera for an hour.

12:15pm BBT: Vanessa taking pictures of Hg sleeping and just waking up. She then goes and takes a picture of john brushing his teeth. Shelli is following Vanessa around saying she is hungry.

12:20pm BBT: Shelli is doing make up in the WA as Austin is doing his ADL's Jason and meg still laying in bed and we get FOTH.

12:22pm BBT: Shelli and Austin talking about backs hurting after sleeping in different positions. Jason, James and Jackie laying in bed talking about taking pictures.  Vanessa in the BY talking  to John about  her decision to put Jason up and she says she knows Austin lied but i think this is better for our game. john agrees with her.

12:26pm BBT: Meg comes out to the BY and says she is ready and Vanessa says thank you i really appreciate you getting up for pictures and meg says sure. Vanessa then takes  pictures of meg and John.

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12:31PM BBT Meg taking a picture of Austin and Vanessa with some sand toys. Vanessa says they are like little kids going to the beach.


12:39PM BBT Shelli looking at pictures of Austin and Liz that meg took. Going on and on about how cute they are. She especially likes the duck face ones. In the WA Vanessa is telling Becky that she is nauseous today and doesn't like the feeling.


12:51PM BBT Vanessa goes to lay down. Says she feels sick from maybe a medication she took. She isn't sure. In the KT the pictures are still being taken. This time with bags of popcorn.


1:04PM BBT. Austin and John have a quick chat. Austin says Julia not coming back in until Thursday when she enters the house.

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1:18PM BBT All 4 feeds on Austin working out and John spotting him.


1:22PM BBT Vanessa in the KT telling Liz that she doesn't feel well. Liz asks what she ate. Vanessa says 2 Triscuits and cottage cheese. Liz says she is very loyal to what she likes. Vanessa says that she is very loyal to her peeps. Vanessa asks when Julia is coming in. Liz says she doesn't know why she didn't come in. BB told her that they were not switching.


1:39PM BBT No game talk. Pool party in the BY. Steve cooking in the KT. Very lazy day in the house.


1:48PM BBT Shelli is talking bout the music group Roxette in the BY. Steve and Liz are eating in the KT.


1:52PM BBT Austin talking to the cam in the KT. Says that BB did't play the song he requested. He says that they will play it tomorrow right? And the cam moves back and forth in a "no". Liz and Austin laugh.

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1:58 PM BBT Meg, Shelli, Clay, John & Jackie are in & around the pool in the BY. HG's are talking about alcohol they like. John says, he really like Yuengling beer. John tells them it's a logger beer. He says, it's common around him, & Miller Light is what they normally drink. Clay talks about a beer that only comes out at Christmas time. In the KT, Austin is drinking a protein shake. Liz is washing dishes. Steve is sitting at the DT talking to them. Steve talks to Austin about his tattoos & getting part of one redone. He wants to get the BB Key that morphs into something.


2:02 PM BBT Steve tells them the he counted something on the right side of the Memory Wall up to number 8. He says, he's not telling them what he counted though. Steve gets called to the DR. He says, they told him they would be doing that. Austin says, yes they did. Steve closes the bag on the table, because he doesn't want to leave it opened. He puts on his green hoodie, & goes to the DR. Liz gathers her sun hat & towel & tells Austin to go to the BY with her. He finishes literally scarfing down an apple in about 8 bites, throws out the core, & chomps it down. He goes to the WA.


2:04 PM BBT After Austin grabs a clean, folded towel, he goes to the BY, leaving the sliding glass door open. Meg comes in, looks at the fruit in the bowl on the glass table, & walks to the SR. She gets a cold piece of fruit out of the refrigerator, takes the sticker off of it, gets a paper towel, throws the sticker away, opens the sliding door, asks if anyone wants anything, & then goes to the BY.


2:07 PM BBT James & Jason are sleeping in the OBR. The conversation by the pool is about Netflix & HBO Go. The washer or dryer just buzzed. Liz says, she's drying towels. The HG's talk about needing to do laundry. Shelli wonders if they will be locked down tomorrow. Becky says, yes. Shelli says, hopefully not early. Becky says, they have done as early as 10 a.m. Becky & Austin are laying in the shade on lounge chairs. Ausitn has his dirty flip flop on the cushion. Liz is in the pool with her sun hat on. Austin gets told to please exchange his microphone in the SR. Austin says, they always say his name with an angry tone. Shelli says, she feels that she's getting scolded. Liz says, Shelli is the only one to get thank you. They all talk about others getting thank you's.


2:13 PM BBT Liz is bouncing up & down in the pool. Shelli says, the pool water looks like what they see on the TV in the LR. The HG's talk about not seeing anything other than Julie & the Nomination Ceremony Today screen, they haven't seen anything on there in about 3 weeks. They discuss why they haven't had the BB Takeover anymore either. They think BB got tired of it. We see FOTH.


2:16 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Liz coughs, while she's still in the pool in the BY. Meg says, she has to shower. Austin is in the pool now. Liz is in the shade, & Austin i swimming near Jackie in the sun. Becky says, she loves girls in pony tails, & she says, she loves Jackie's. John gets up & walks away. Clay is walking around the BY. Meg is laying next to Becky on the lounge chairs in the shade. Shelly is sitting on the side of the pool with only her feet in the water. Clay sits down in a chair by the back wall & mirrored windows.


2:19 PM BBT Jackie gets out of the water. She is looking for a towel to use to lay out on. Becky tells her to use the one she was using earlier, because it was clean this morning, & she did't use it much. Jackie gets that towel, & lays in on the ground next to the pool. Becky tells Jackie she did a hard workout the other day. Austin was watching Jackie until she layed down. Austin wants to hear a ghost story. Becky says, Johnny Mac has some good stories. Becky says, he has incredible stories, & they are real. Austin says, he gives a great back story when telling them. Meg gets called to the DR. Meg says, oh, man. She wants to wear sunglasses in the DR, but doesn't think she will be able to. Liz tells Shelli she had to take off the cat hat. Shelli says, she got to wear the hat from the squirrel hat, when she was talking about the comp.


2:23 PM BBT John goes to the BY & says, he was told to come out. John makes up a story about a farm, with a starfish & a slingshot in it that other HG's wanted in it. The story is about a farm boy going to the ocean, then to the aquarium. He found the starfish at the aquarium. The star fish talked, but only in Spanish. John says, they went to buy a slingshot. John continues with his story, & Clay is questioning him. John says, they are trying to hunt elephants in Africa, & they have a tiger go after them. He says, they kill the tiger with the sling shot.


2:27 PM BBT John says, they stuff the tiger & eat the meat, so they don't waste it. He says, they brought the stuffed tiger home to tell the boys dad that he's a hunter now with a star fish friend. The end. Everyone found his story interesting. John says, white cheddar jalapeno said with a hard J sound, which is the popcorn he's eating. Shelli asks if it's good & John says, yes. Jackie says, she dated a guy that said jalapeno with the hard J sound as well. She says, he then said fajitas with the hard J sound in the middle. Jackie says, it was driving her crazy, & she asked the guy why he was saying everything with the hard J in it.


2:30 PM BBT Jackie says, She knew he was joking on the other day when he was saying fajitas with the hard J sound. She says, she thought he was being serious, & couldn't take him home to her dad if he wasn't joking. Jackie says, they ended up breaking up, because he didn't want to have kids. Shelli says, that'a a big deal, if he doesn't want the same thing in life. Jackie says, he was the nurse that was with her during her jaw surgery. She says, this happened shortly before she got the e-mail for the show asking her if she was single.


2:32 PM BBT Jackie tells the HG's that she met him through friends of friends at a venue in Las Vegas. She says, he has an identical twin also. Shelli asks if she dated one, & her best friend dated the other? She says, no. Liz asks if she could tell them apart? Jackie says, not at first. She says, they are mirror twins, one is right handed & one is left handed, & they are both nurses. Liz says, that must be hard for the patients. Becky tells a story about the girl that was with her when she got her key.


2:34 PM BBT Meg comes to the BY, she says, she didn't feel like crying on TV. She says, you think they would forget about that. Liz says, no. Meg says, the fairies are loving our beach day. Becky asks if they said that? Meg says, yes. We get FOTH.


2:36 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Becky asks Austin about the weights. He says, he doesn't use the clamps on the ends when he's benching in case he gets trapped. He says, he uses them when he's doing squats. Becky says, that makes sense. Becky says, she likes doing other people's exercises, because she learns how to work out other muscles. Austin says, he wants to get up to work out to the music in the morning, & do legs. Becky says, she might try it, because she's getting used to the eat, but she prefers to work out at night. Liz gets told to please put on her microphone. John says, what if they try to eat their microphone? Becky says, he'll get a stop that. John says, shut it down.


2:39 PM BBT The HG's all talk about the different inflections & how the commands are spoken over the loud speaker. They talk about the music that was played this morning. Liz asks Meg if Jason was happy a song was played for him? Meg says, she didn't get to talk to him yet. We see FOTH. Liz & Austin are complaining that they requested songs last day from Magic Mike, & they didn't play them for them. Becky says, they were woke up at 10 a.m. We see FOTH again. The HG's tell what they've done so far today.


2:42 PM BBT Shelli asks Steve if he's o.k.? Steve says, the DR told him to drink a lot of water today, because he was getting dizziness. Liz is being extremely loud talking over everyone in her microphone about Jason & his girls. Steve says, Steve is the only one that drinks the Sqwincher's. Becky says, she drinks them also. John says, they are like Gatorade with aspartame in it. Liz says, ewww. Meg says, she would hate to be a boy, she loves being a girl. Liz says, she does to, & she knows she's in the right body. Meg says, she may be more self-conscious as a boy.


2:45 PM BBT Liz says, when they go in for a DR sesh, they say hair, make-up, & they walk in. Her & Meg talk about not having make-up on. Steve goes back by the pool, & says, Sqwinchers. Liz says, Steve likes the nasty orange one. Liz says, heaven forbid Steve goes in the pool without his ball. Meg asks Steve if it bothers him that someone else had their mouth on the ball? Steve says, he doesn't care that someone else put air in the ball already, if it needs air, he'll put it in. John tells Meg, sometimes she just has to make out with someone. Meg & Liz talk about the heat in the summer where they live.


2:48 PM BBT Meg says, it's soupy in New York, & Liz says, it's hot in Florida. Austin gets told to please exchange his microphone with one in the SR. HG's in the BY are watching Steve balance on the beach ball in the pool. Meg & Liz both say they wouldn't be able to do it. Liz says, she's excited that her sister is coming in this week. Meg asks if they've been super close all their life? Liz says, yes, super close. Liz says, they aren't b*tchy twins, they are such fun. Liz says, she feels if Julia wasn't coming in, it may be someone else coming back in. Clay gets told to please put on his microphone.


2:50 PM BBT Shelli says, Austin always has to replace his microphone because he sweats on it. Jackie gets told to please put on her microphone. Liz says, the feeds scare her. She tells Meg, she didn't know what Joker's was yesterday. Meg says, why would we know that going in? (Super fans & live feeders know what all the updating sites are, including Morty's.) We see FOTH.


2:53 PM BBT Becky wonders why BB won't let them have floaties when they have them for competitions. Shelli says, they let them have the giraffe for a minute. Jackie says, that giraffe got raped. Steve asks what the gender finally was of the giraffe? HG's tell him it was a girl, she had a skirt on. Steve tries to figure out where he's going to use the bathroom at. He gets out of the pool, & dries off with a dark orange towel. Liz tells Meg, she wonders when her & Julia are going to switch. Meg asks if they are going to? Liz says, they were supposed to switch yesterday. Meg says, maybe they won't. Liz says, she's not sure, but she wants to see her. She says, they've only seen her a whole 10 minutes this month. Liz says, they got sick of each other at college, & they lived together there.


2:56 PM BBT Meg asks Liz how they ended up doing BB. Liz says, it's a long story, but they've been rejected a lot. She says, they used to model a lot, & the ABC's in their area rejected them a lot because they said one of them was to fat. She says, it's a blessing that this happened for them, & their mom was really excited, because she is their biggest fan. She says, she has an older sister named Angela. She says, they are considered Irish triplets, because the twins are 10 months younger than their older sister, & they are so close in age.


2:59 PM BBT HG's talk about previous BB seasons with funny HG's. Liz says, it all starts over on Thursday. Meg says, the blindside is what gets her most. Liz says, expect the unexpected. Meg says, they are told one thing, & something else happens. She says, it makes the people on the outside feel like such idiots. Liz gives Steve his beach ball back. Meg says, it goes from one person you don't want to go, to another person you don't want to see go. Liz says, eventually everyone has to go. Jackie asks if anyone knows what time it is? Someone goes to the KT to check & tells her.


3:03 PM BBT Steve tells HG's that BB Canada HG's do not get to go outside while they are on the show. Shelli asks if they have a BY to go to? Steve says, they have an enclosed area with a gym in the house, but he doesn't watch BB Canada. Shelli says, she would rather have an enclosed area to breath in fresh air & a workout room. (Fresh air is from the outside right?). Shelli complains that she doesn't like the elliptical machine, & she can't stand only running around a small area in the yard. She says, she just can't do it. (Primadonna much?)


3:07 PM BBT HG's are joking around. Shelli tells Steve that he's monkeying around. Steve says, he gets it with the monkey's & bananas. The only HG's left in the BY are Shelli, Clay & Steve. Clay whispers to Shelli so we can't hear it. They tell Steve they're going to the hammock, because he thinks he's interrupting them. (Poor Steve.) Clay says, they will go to the hammock so he's not the third wheel anymore.


3:09 PM BBT Clay says, only 2 more days. Shelli says, as soon as it's midnight she will run to get their bed back. Clay says, it will be so nice, especially if he's HOH. Shelli is happy. (What if they're HN's again?)


3:11 PM BBT In the CBR, Becky tells John that she never used to do that, & two weeks later it's applying. She says, "O.K., nap time." She puts her purple bandana over her eyes, ties it, pulls her comforter up, & rolls over to go to sleep. John is in the bed next to her getting ready to take a nap also. Austin is bending over, stretching in the BY by the hot tub, while Steve is relaxing in the hot tub. In the KT, Jackie & Meg are talking about the double eviction coming next week. Meg says, the HG's may wait for that to get her or Jackie out. Jackie asks if they are the big targets? Meg says, it may be Clay & Shelli. Meg says, it's so hard to tell if they are on their side or not. Jackie says, she knows.


3:14 PM BBT Meg is eating the HN popcorn. She asks Jackie if she's had any of it, & she eats some as well. Meg says, from the conversations that have been going on, she doesn't feel that they are wrong. Jackie says, they have been HOH's for 4 weeks now, so they have to win. Jackie says, she loves Austin. She says, Shelli & Clay were the ones questioning all of them. Meg says, they would wait to the double eviction if they are smart, because that's when it happens.


3:18 PM BBT Meg asks Jackie what she thinks Vanessa is thinking? Jackie says, she may think none of them will be on her side. Meg asks, in her regular voice, if she should cook more for Jason? Meg gets the back out to cook for Jason. Meg whispers to Jackie that James needs to be more social to. It looks like they are making BLT's, because Jackie cut up a tomato. Jackie tells Meg, they are obviously not on their side. She tells Meg that Shelli is only worried about Clay, & that's all she worries about. Jackie says, Jeff's gone, what if that happens to Clay?



3:20 PM BBT Meg says, Shelli needs to leave before Clay though. Jackie says, for sure. Meg says, if she can on the double eviction, she is going to do it. Meg says, she'd rather lose the game trying, than not to make a big move. Jackie tells Meg, Austin is never going to leave now, because Austin will take whoever he's with to the end. They discuss possible nom's for this coming week that Austin may put up.


3:23 PM BBT James goes by the sliding door. Meg says, good morning. Jackie says, little boo bear. Meg asks if he's o.k.? James says, yes. Jackie & Meg are making the food. They sit down at the DT to eat.


3:25 PM BBT Steve, Meg & Jackie wake Jason up to eat. They tell him it's after 3 p.m. Jason goes to the KT. James tells Jason that they slept all day. The girls tell them they already had a whole beach day, & layed out in the sun. Jason says, he wanted to do that. The girls talk about the sun they got. Jason says, he's going to put on his bathing suit.


3:27 PM BBT Meg says, she wants the popcorn thing. Jackie says, they won't do it again. Jackie says, she wants salmon. She says, she lives off salmon. They talk about the fish there having eyeballs. James says, ever since he ate the steak, he hasn't eaten. He eats some food. Jackie says, he came in a whole different person. James says, there was so much food there. Jackie says, that's awesome. Meg was looking at the Memory Wall. Clay & Shelli come inside. Meg says, hi guys. Clay says, it smells good. Meg says, they are making lunch.


3:31 PM BBT We get FOTH. Live feeds come back with Shelli, James & Jason still sitting at the glass table. Meg is cleaning out the pan she used to cook in. Steve is bringing his tennis shoes in from the BY. HG's compliment them. Steve says, they feel tighter than they were last time. He says, he washed them in cold with some towels. James says, he needs to wash his.


3:33 PM BBT Shelli is sitting at the glass table without Clay. She is listening to HG's talk. James says, he slept about 13 hours. Shelli laughs to herself. James talks about his child at home. Meg, Jackie & Jason are making their food.


3:36 PM BBT Jason & Meg are eating at the DT. General conversations have been going on while making their sandwiches. Jason talks about country music. James says, they are complaining. Meg says, Jackie's sandwich always looks 10 times better than hers. Shelli is having chipolte popcorn for lunch. James is hungry again, & he just at a ham sandwich.


3:39 PM BBT Jackie says, it tastes like a deli sandwich. Jackie tells Meg she did a good job on the bacon. James says, he doesn't really eat BLT's anyway. James wants some of the potato chips. Jackie says, there you go, baby, as she hands the Original Lays chips to James. James says, big baby. They talk about chips they eat back home, as they chomp their food while they eat.


3:41 PM BBT James asks Shelli has she's handling HN status? Shelli says, she's doing o.k., even though she really wants to have a normal sandwich. Meg says, she wants the popcorn when she's a HN. She says, you have different tastes, & the cake was just sweet. They talk about the HN's last season, & how Frankie had to do it 2 weeks in a row.


3:43 PM BBT Steve joins in the conversation & they talk about previous seasons. They think the 1-6 comp will be next week with costumes. HG's are devouring their food like they haven't eaten in a week, chomping right along. They keep up the comp conversation with food in their mouths.


3:45 PM BBT They talk about Julia coming in the game this week, & think that is this weeks BB Takeover. Jackie asks if it's Julie or Julia, since Jason said Julie? They all say, Julia. We see the FOTH. Jason says, some HG's use their middle name on the show. Jackie really likes cheese. She says, she asked for cold cuts in her HOH basket, & they got a ton. They discuss the frozen bananas being gross. Mes says, they were black inside.


3:49 PM BBT They talk about crackers & how Liz said the gluten-free ones were good. Jason thought they were talking about the bananas being gluten-free. He says, they are natural. Jason says, he's going to eat so much gluten when he leaves the house. Meg eats some of the Triscuts. They are dill with sea salt & olive. Meg says, they are so gross. Jason tastes them, & gives such a pucker face. He says, they taste like they have been soaked in pickle juice.


3:51 PM BBT Meg says, she's so full after eating. Clay is getting a pickle to eat. James tastes the crackers & says they are good. He says, they taste like a pickle. Steve is eating his HN popcorn at the DT. Meg says, she likes pickles, but not those crackers. Meg cleans up the chips, & says she's full from all that. She says, good lunch. Clay says, yeah, good lunch, as he holds up his pickle. They try to figure out who started on slop. Jackie says, she can't believe they made the rotation. Jackie says, she'll jump up a week in a couple weeks. Meg says, Jeff never did it did he? Jackie says, no. Meg calls him a little weasel.


3:54 PM BBT Jackie says, Jace didn't do it either, & neither did Audrey. She says, she sure made use of the chair though. Vanessa comes downstairs with the glasses from her HOHR. She says, she needs to do dishes. Vanessa says, she's been so tired, & she doesn't know why. Meg says how fun it's been outside today in the pool. Meg says, they need to use the pool more. Jackie says, how did it take 40 days? Meg says, the fairies loved it today. Meg says, they said it was beach day for them today. Jackie says, that's cute.


3:57 PM BBT Clay tells them how he has to sleep in the dentist chair. Jackie says, she was being good with the one little pillow. Clay says, they pulled him in the DR about him using the big pillow. He says, he told them his back was hurting, & he had to use it, so they let him use it.


3:59 PM BBT HG's complain more about being a HN. They all say the sleep is the hardest part. They say the shower is not bad if you do it at night. Meg says, they need to figure out what to do about the mosquito's. Jackie says, they are in the OBR. Vanessa beings a trash bag full of clothes downstairs, & goes to the BY. We got FOTH.


4:02 PM BBT Vanessa comes back inside with the empty trash bag, & goes to her HOHR. The HG's talk about what they are going to do. Steve says, he's going to sit on the hammock for an extended period of time with sunglasses on. Jackie says, he never gets dinged for sleeping. Steve wants to know when he was sleeping? Clay says, when James squirted the honey in his mouth is one time.


4:04 PM BBT Meg is going to use the WA, & then wants them to go outside. Steve says, he's very sleepy, as he thinks Clay is. Clay says, always, & wants to find smell good lotion. Meg is brushing her teeth in the WA. Clay is searching around for lotion. Clay finds mandarin lotion. Meg says, lavender is better, but that may be his only option. Clay says, he doesn't like the feeling of lotion on his hands. Meg says, she needs highlights so badly. Clay says, yeah, me to, & smiles.


4:06 PM BBT Shelli comes out of the WC, & Meg goes in. Clay asks her what she's about to do? Shelli says, she's going to take a shower & chill. She washes & dries her hands. Meg comes out of the WC, & does the same. Clay then washes & dries his hands after applying the lotion to his arms.


4:07 PM BBT Clay gives Shelli a side hug & kisses her neck or cheek. Clay wants to go outside. Shelli puts deodorant & powder on. She tells Clay, she will be out in a second, & keeps digging through her makeup bag. She adjusts her clothing in the mirror by the sink.


4:10 PM BBT Shelli takes her hair down & brushes it. She looks at the cameras several times as she is putting her hair back up in a low pony tail. She grabs her microphone & leaves the WA. She goes to the hallway & puts her bikini up.


4:12 PM BBT Liz & Austin are in the BY. Liz is laying on her back, & trying to make her back flat to the ground. Austin tells her to bring her belly button in. He tells Liz to only fill up her stomach will air, not her chest. He tells her she's using her diaphragm now. He says, it's a whole ab workout by doing it that way. He tells her that's good to do in the morning before she gets out of bed.


4:14 PM BBT Clay, Meg, Jackie, James & Jason are sitting on the couches in the BY. Shelli joins them. HG's are making noises being silly.


4:15 PM BBT HG's talk about playing the pen*s game. Shelli says, she missed that segment. Jason says, they played it in the WA. Meg says, they had red faces when they were finished playing that game. Shelli asks Meg if she screams in her DR sessions? Meg says, she feels she does. Jackie says, she's loud. Shelli says, she screams. We get FOTH.


4:18 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Liz is stretching in the BY. She moans & yawns. She says, she's hungry again. HG's on the couch are still in conversation. Meg says, she probably couldn't handle people yelling at her all the time.


4:19 PM BBT We get FOTH again.


4:22 BBT Liz is folding towels in the WA. She says, one of them is going to her. HG's in the BY talk about their jobs. Clay says, he would love to work at a strip club. Jason says, they are so fun. He says, he used to hang out in the locker room with the house mom. James asks him who he is? Jason says, he's a trash bag. Meg says, as long as he knows how to make drinks, he's good. Jason says, he doesn't know how to make drinks. He says, he would need a book. James says, he can asks the customer to tell them how they want the drink made.


4:28 PM BBT The HG's keep up their conversations about their jobs. Jason says, he's not surprised if people are actually something else in real life. Jason says, he wouldn't be surprised if Austin wasn't already a wrestler. Jackie asks if he's not? She says, he told her that he is going to have a gig after this. They think that Jackie could be a back up dancer for Nelly. Jackie says, she did a countdown with Bruno Mars, & that was great. Jackie says, should would love to dance for Nelly. She says, that wouldn't make a difference in her game. Jason says, Meg can be a You Tube sensation.


4:34 PM BBT HG's wonder if John is still a dentist. Jackie says, they question what Audrey really does. Clay says, she's probably a psychic. Jason tells everyone to look at Johnny Mac's picture on the Memory Wall, because he has such a big smile, & it will still look good when everyone is going black & white. HG's say Steve could win. Jason says, he would choke on his tongue & die. He says, he's like Ian. Jason says, if he was in the jury, he would vote for anyone except Steve, because he's not doing anything in the game. The girls want a girl to win.


4:36 PM BBT Vanessa gets called to the DR. Meg says, Derek was quiet. They say, that was his game. Jason says, Derek didn't seem quiet when he met him. He tells them, Derek was at his casting. The camera view goes to Austin & Liz. They go in the SR. Liz tells Austin she is missing her sweatshirt. Clay gets called to the DR. Austin tells Liz it's like 1950's TV in the CBR. He says, John & Becky are in separate beds. Austin says, come on guys, you've known each other over 40 days. (Not everyone is like Austin.)


4:39 PM BBT Liz & Austin talk about what they are going to have for dinner. Clay is in the HOHR with Vanessa. Vanessa thinks other people are doing something. She says, she saw Johnny Mac & Meg whispering. Vanessa thinks they may be getting in Johnny Mac & Steve's ears about being on the outside. Clay says, Johnny Mac won't go with them. He says, he already told him that Jackie has to go next week. Vanessa can't believe that he would say that. BB tells Clay to please, not hold the microphone in his hand. Clay asks why Jackie has been up there so much? Vanessa says, she had her stuff up there, she's showering up there, & she drank wine up there. They talk about Becky.


4:43 PM BBT Clay wonders if Becky will go after them if she wins HOH. Vanessa says, she feels that Becky will go for Steve or the twins. Clay says, as long as it's before them. He says, the three of them are the main objective. Clay says, he thinks Jackie would go for them, but he's not going to say that. Clay says, Shelli doesn't want to put up Jackie, but he would. Vanessa thinks that Jackie & Jeff may be engaged, because she has said they were so much more before.


4:45 PM BBT Vanessa thinks Jackie is lying, because Jeff told her that he & Jackie didn't see each other, but Jackie said that they studied together for the show. Jeff says, they are not engaged. He says, he thinks that Jackie cared more about Jeff, than Jeff cared about Jackie. Vanessa asks if they could be acting? Clay says, no. Vanessa says, Jackie doesn't talk about anything really important. Clay says, Shelli was in the HOHR this morning before pictures. Vanessa says, she was sleeping. Vanessa says, she doesn't fully trust Jackie.


4:48 PM BBT Clay says, they need to keep Jackie at least another week or 2. Vanessa says, it depends who wins HOH. Then he says, he wants to win HOH this week to get Jackie out. Clay says, he might tell Meg or James to get Jackie out, to deflect it off them. Clay says, Jackie is a bigger threat then James. Clay says, she is revengeful. Clay says, it's because everyone thinks that he & Shelli came up with this plan. He says, they are a huge target for the double eviction, & that's what he's afraid of.


4:51 PM BBT Clay says, the other side is downplaying how they defend & work with each. Vanessa says, they need to watch how long they let them go with 4 people. Clay says, Austin, Liz, Shelli & them need to make it as long as they can. Vanessa says, it's the Sixth Sense. Clay says, Johnny Mac & Steve winning this week would be awesome. Clay says, they would tell Austin to make sure he throws the comp. (I really hope Julia does not work with them.)


4:53 PM BBT Clay says, he's scared of Jackie. Vanessa says, she's not worried about James. Vanessa thinks Meg will float until the end. Vanessa is worried a little about Jackie. She says, Becky is hard to know. Clay says, Becky only has Johnny Mac. Clay says, he believes everything that Becky was telling them. Vanessa says, she does to.


4:54 PM BBT Vanessa & Clay continue to talk about what THEY want to do with the rest of this game.


4:58 PM BBT Meg, Jackie & Jason are still sitting on the couches in the BY. They are discussing how Shelli & Clay lied to them. Jackie talks about how cocky Liz is getting. They talk about their future game plan.

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5:00 PM BBT On feeds 1/3 we have Meg, Jackie, James, and Jason in the BY. On feeds 2/4 are Vanessa and Clay in the HOH. The HG in the BY are talking about how they need to win HOH so they can reclaim the power in the house.


5:06 PM BBT Jackie tells Jason, James & Meg how things went down after the noms. Jason says, they were cheering Clay on in the comp. Jackie says, Vanessa created all of this to make them seem like they aren't trust worthy, when it's actually them who aren't trustworthy. Jason says, he calls them the human centipede.


5:09 PM BBT Vanessa & Clay are still deep in conversation in the HOHR. Clay says, Austin needs to try to win HOH also. Vanessa says, yes, he can't win the game, but he needs to win HOH for sure.
5:16 PM BBT In the BY Meg, Jackie, James, and Jason are talking about how if anyone outside of them wins HOH that they are screwed. They will backdoor them one at a time. Jason says it's going to be one bitter jury.
5:17 PM BBT The group in the BY are speculating that there might be a double eviction coming. They anticipate that Becky might be on their side. She is probably upset the way this week went down. They all think they are being picked off because they can't be manipulated.
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5:25PM BBT Meg, Jason and Jackie in the BBY. Jackie says that Vanessa told her last night that the twins are still the house target. Both meg and Jason say that doesn't make sense.


5:26PM BBT In the HOH Vanessa telling Clay how B told her not to take their moment away with her wonderful veto speech. She says that's why she made it sound so good and no one knew until the last minute. Vanessa wants to know if anyone called her a ruthless b*tch afterwards. They discuss that Jackie needs to go.



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5:33 PM BBT In the BY Jason, James, Jackie, and Meg are talking about what they have done to put them into this position. In the HOH Vanessa tells Clay that she expects Johnny Mack isn't nearly as clueless as he is pretending to be.


5:35 PM BBT In the HOH Clay tells Vanessa that he respects Johnny Mack's game play. Clay says he feels really good about him. He trusts him and John keeps his confidence.


5:38 PM BBT In the BY Jackie tells Meg, Jason, and James that she cornered Vanessa earlier today to the point of Vanessa being literally scared. She told Vanessa that she is coming after her now.


5:42 PM BBT Clay and Vanessa are in the HOH discussing how they can cover up that Steve and John are working with them. Meanwhile in the BY Jason asks who he has to blow in production to get a telephone booth.


5:47 PM BBT We keep coming in and out of FOTH. Jackie, Jason, James and Meg are talking about how their mothers are going to react when they see the veto ceremony on TV tomorrow. They all think their moms are going to be really angry.


5:50 PM BBT In the HOH Clay and Vanessa are talking about Jason. Clay thinks that Jason is going to have a lot of opportunities outside of the house. Vanessa says she guaranteed him a job when they get outside of the house. Her mission will be for him to be gainfully employed.


5:52 PM BBT Jason tells Meg, Jackie, and James that all the big personalities are leaving the house. The feeds are usually boring when they get down to just 6 HGs but this year it will be sooner than that. Jason "See you BB18"


5:55 PM BBT James and Jackie are now alone in the BY. James says he has been loyal to Clay and Shelli from day one so all of his DR sessions probably make him look like an idiot. Jackie says they have been in power a long time. They probably have made deals with everyone.


5:58 PM BBT Jason takes a dig at Liz. He says if she and Austin touch each other he will vomit. He says she is a prostitute for half a million dollars. She came into the house to pretend she likes someone and it's disgusting.


6:00 PM BBT Jason tells Jackie, Meg, and James in the BY that he has no one to blame for being on the block but himself. He should have agreed to be a pawn like they asked. This has been the Shelli and Vanessa show. They can't let them keep the power. Jackie thinks it's been a fluke.


6:05 PM BBT Meg tells the HGs in the BY that she is going up to the HOH just to annoy them. Meg goes upstairs and tells Clay and Vanessa that she doesn't associate herself as working with James, Jackie, and Jason. It wigs her out when she hears that. Clay says it's because they are always hanging out together.


6:10 PM BBT Clay says he still trusts Meg even though she is associated with the others. With a laugh she says "You better you b***c, you are the one that lied to my face." Vanessa laughs and says she needs to stay off of Meg's bad side.


6:14 PM BBT In the HOH Meg, Clay, and Vanessa are talking about what kind of HOH competition will take place next week. All live comps make Meg so nervous. Vanessa says she hopes it's a super physical one because she can't play. She jokes that she hopes they are out there sweating for hours.


6:20 PM BBT The HGs are back to general chit chat. James talks about his crotch rocket. He once took it to 158 MPH. However, he doesn't make it a habit to do that. It's too easy for something to go wrong. Even a box turtle can screw up a bike real bad.


6:27 PM BBT Steve suggests to Jason they do a podcast. Jason says hell no. It's a TV show within a TV show and just a plea for attention. He came on the show to be himself, not to plea for attention. Steve says he never thought of it that way but that's a really good point.


6:30 PM BBT Jason says this is not a show to get famous from. He laughs when he sees people try to get on the show to get famous. If they want fame, they need to go on MTV. "The whole world doesn't watch this show. All of America doesn't watch this show." Steve estimates only 2-3% of America watches it.


6:39 PM BBT The HGs are all talking general chit chat. Meg, Vanessa, and Jackie are in the HOH. Steve, Jason, James, and Clay are in the BY. Jason says he is on vacation now. He isn't doing awnings and he isn't doing dishes.


6:43 PM BBT The camera scans across Liz and Austin on the round lounge in the BY. She appears to be wearing a thong swim suit. Jason says the ladies need to be really careful. The camera can zoom in really close and their (insert private part here) will be all over online. Steve didn't know they can zoom in that far. Jason "You have no idea." Steve says BB in HD.


6:53 PM BBT James and Steve decided to run in the BY. In the HOH are Jackie, Meg, Vanessa, and Becky. They are talking about movies.


6:54 PM BBT Steve asks James if he wants to stretch before they run. James says stretching is for girls. James "Whew, ice cream" Steve "Do you want to wait?" James "Waiting is for girls too." Steve "Well, BB must be for girls too because there has been a whole lot of waiting."


6:58 PM BBT Steve and James are in the BY running. Austin is helping Liz work out with the weights. Liz has put on a pair of pink shorts. No more thong bikini bottoms.

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7:03 PM BBT In the BY Jason tells Clay that he has done the math. He doesn't think he can flip Liz and Austin and he would need to in order to stay. Clay says this move wasn't good for him and Shelli either, but there was nothing they can do.


7:07 PM BBT In the BY Jason tells Clay that Vanessa blamed his nomination as Clay and Shelli's doing. The talk stops because Meg walks up.


7:14 PM BBT Not much going on in the house. The HGs are talking about how bored and sleepy they are. This similar conversation is taking place in the BY and the HOH at the same time. Different versions of the same thing.


7:18 PM BBT Jason is in the BY with John, Shelli, and Clay. He says it's weird that Liz has been in the house all week. Julia must be in lock down all by herself all week long. Liz is the one that competed in everything this week.


7:20 PM BBT Jason says he is going to watch the twins come into the house together with Julie. He also says he is going to catch a burger with Da because she only lives twenty minutes away. He hopes she is in the audience for him.


7:26 PM BBT Meg and Jackie are in the Ocean BR whispering. They decide that if they can win HOH and secure five votes, they can turn things around. Jackie says she needs a throw down.


7:28 PM BBT Jackie and Meg say they have to play things really cool. If "they" find out that they are on to them, they have no choice but to pick them off one at a time.


7:31 PM BBT Not much going on. Feeds 1/3 are on Becky, John and Jason in the BY talking about the difference between Windows and Mac. Jason wouldn't know what to do with a Mac if he had to use one. Feeds 2/4 are on Jackie and Meg attempting to nap in the Ocean BR.


7:37 PM BBT Feeds 2/4 switch to Austin helping Liz work out in the BR. BB yells for Liz to put her microphone back on. It then switches again to Clay and Shelli in the KT.


7:37 PM BBT In the BY Jason tells Becky and John about an old story about a headless dead body found under his school bleachers. The head was supposedly found on a reservation. The thing to do as a kid is to drive through the reservation at night.


7:41 PM BBT Shelli and Vanessa are in the HOH. Shelli says she is concerned. She is hearing that she alone is being blamed for Jason being put on the block. Becky told Jason it was her fault. Vanessa says what Becky heard was Jason saying "You girls are running this sh*t" Vanessa is very careful what she says to Becky.


7:47 PM BBT Shelli says she is very nervous about Becky telling people Jason's nomination is her fault. She also heard she was Jackie's target more so than Vanessa is. Vanessa talked to Jackie and says it's because she wasn't going to say to her face that she is the biggest target. Vanessa tells her not panic.


7:50 PM BBT Vanessa tells Shelli in the HOH that the three of them are really strong. People are going to start trying to split them up. Meanwhile in the BY Jason says he has been on the block every week except when he was HOH. He thinks Clay is the next one out the door.


7:52 PM BBT Vanessa tells Shelli that Liz and Julia know they helped them get this far. They are loyal. Shelli says she doesn't have an issue with Austin either but she does worry about what Judas is up to.


7:55 PM BBT Shelli tells Vanessa that she has doubts about Becky. She knows Becky is talking to Jackie. She may sit back and watch Becky nominate her and Clay together so that she doesn't have to do it. Becky is with them for now, but doesn't think she will be for long.

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8:08pm BBT Vanessa talking to Shelli in HOH. Vanessa tells her Vanessa is working with Steve like Shelli/Clay is working with him. Shelli says yeah yeah. Shelli says it gets to her when ppl say she lies to her so she tries hard not to lie. Vanessa says she had convos with every single person and everyone wanted Jason put up over Austin.


8:13pm BBT Shelli says she feels defensive with Jason being up, she put him up before and now he is right back up there. Vanessa says told Jason that everyone had their reasons. Meanwhile down in the KT Austin is cooking, Liz is dicing zucchini. John is at the sink.


 8:20pm BBT Jason folding clothes. Meg is in bed, she lets a hugh sigh. Jason says with a sigh like that she must be a porn star. Jason says he will had out prizes from his jewelry box tomorrow. Jason says its bad, he will only be remembered for being a Whack Street Boys. He didnt come here to get tweeted by the Back Street Boys.


8:27pm BBT Meg/Jason tease James about how he says "The hell" a lot. In HOH: Vanessa/Shelli talking about gossip, other HG, and how Meg hurts Steve's feelings all the time. Shelli says Steve puts himself out there to teasing. Vanessa says she tells Steve when he does something off. He has asked her to. He wants to know what is right. Back in the OBR: Jason says to be on BB for other reasons then being on BB is stupid. To be on BB to become famous is stupid, everyone is on social media.


8:35pm BBT Jason says he wants Nicki Minaj all week for wake up. In KT: James, John, and Liz eating. Austin sitting with them. General chat.


8:45pm BBT Jason/Becky in BY. Becky says she wishes they had a phone call home between the House and Jury. Jason says you might but it would be supervised. Becky says she had a dream that she went home for 24 hrs. she didnt know how she got there, how she was getting back...then she hears BB call Vanessa and is zapped back to the BBH. Becky says knowing someone is a character or a twist makes you overlook their abilities. They think Austin is a bigger game then they think. Jason says ppl say he sold out Austins secret. Well that was the first bit of game he talked with Jason. Jason says why wouldnt he tell it.


8:50pm BBT Jason says he still thinks Steve was the off vote, he thinks there wont be an off vote this week. Becky thinks there will be. Jason says America will vote him out over her, he says he has been more vocal then she has. Becky says the louder ones have gone and the quieter ones are staying. Jason says they cant manipulate him. They want ppl they can control. Becky says Steve is the perfect target.


8:53pm BBT Becky says she has her plan down, she isn't changing. What changes is who will be with her in it. Sometimes is Jackie, sometimes its Shelli. Back in the KT, Liz is doing dishes. John says tap water is better for you teeth then bottled water. Austin says then he can just open the tap and drink from it? ((ummmm)) James fun fact of the day is there is something else good for your teeth too (its X rated tho)

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8:59 PM BBT In the BY, Jason tells Becky that he's a little bit sour that he has to leave before jury. He says, he's leaving before a lot of people there have even gamed yet. Jason says, he really needs money, & will do whatever it takes. Jason says, let there be some twist. Becky says, it's interesting that things are going this way. She says, she didn't want to win the first HOH she won. Jason tells Becky he will help Becky study the days. They go down the list.


9:02 PM BBT Jason says, he will leave on day 43, & he can't even make the halfway party. Jason says, he can't believe he's leaving 6 days before it. Becky says, as soon as she found out about the show, she dropped her outside life, & started to watch it. She says, she talked to a friend of hers about wanting to make jury. She says, she told her that 11 people make jury. She says, her friend told her she wouldn't be one of the HG's to go before jury. Becky says, you don't know, you have no idea. Becky says, she talked in her journal how it's different.


9:05 PM BBT Jason says, he hasn't been called to the DR since yesterday. He says, Clay, Vanessa & Austin are getting called to the DR that much. Jason says, Austin is a character, Vanessa is the poker player built for this, & Clay is the pretty boy. They talk about how much Clay gets called to the DR. They both think that Clay has been throwing all the comps. Jason says, he thinks that he & Shelli are running things so flawlessly because they are getting help in the game from the DR. Becky says, it's Shelli & Vanessa that keep winning.


9:08 PM BBT Jason says, this year the two girls are maintaining running the house. Becky says, it's not normally like that. Becky says, she thought she would have a better start socially in the game. Jason says, he knew people would get him, but he didn't realize that they would really get him. Becky says, she doesn't really talk to that many people. She says, she was never approached to be with anyone in groups or alliances. Jason says, he was asked by Audrey. Becky wondered why no one was going to her. She says, she had her two people in Jackie & John.


9:10 PM BBT Becky says, you don't want to be a floater. Jason says, everyone plays like the previous year. He says, everyone plays the anti-strategy of the last year. He talks about BB15 & BB16. He says, they have pockets of people this year, & next year they will play to not have that happen. Becky says, you can help be a floater, because there really isn't two sides, because of the pockets. Jason says, when someone says they are all good, they really aren't.


9:13 PM BBT Becky says, the deals they make when they are HOH don't mean anything the next week. Becky says, you might as well throw the deals away after the BOTB. Becky says, she loves it & hates it. Jason says, he loves it, but not this week. He says, date hate the player, hate the game. Becky talks about how some people came in the game all loud. She says, they have like 100 days, they should just chill out. Becky says, she hid from Jeff on all levels, game, personal, etc.


9:15 PM BBT Becky says, with Audrey gone, they can see what's going on now, & it sucks. In the OBR, James is talking to Jackie. He tells her they have to win. He says, he hopes it's not true & false questions, because he hates them. He wants to be on a diving board or something.


9:17 PM BBT In the BY, Jason tells Becky that he helped Vanessa study the night before the HOH competition. Becky can't believe it. Jason told her what it would be with songs, & pulled out key words. He says, he helped Jackie study also in the CRL the next day. Jason says, he sold himself out to Vanessa & now she's sending him home. Becky says, the same thing. She says, he sold her the top card. She is putting her face in her hands. Jason says, he can't really be that mad, because he did it to himself.


9:19 PM BBT Becky says, he seems to think a lot like her. Becky tells him about the "I" in Christine & James helping her. Jason says, it was before they knew how many letter were going to be in it. Jason says, they came over the speaker after 15 minutes & they were still missing Victoria at that point, that's where the confusion is. Jason says, once Liz found out how many letters were there, she counted & figured out it was Victoria.


9:22 PM BBT Becky says, she didn't get a lot of cheers in either one of her BOTB's. She says, the fairies were asking her about the cheers. Becky says, she was so aloof to it, because she was concentrating on the game. Jason says, if he played they wanted him to stay on the block. Becky says, the big meaty guys seem to want her to go. She says, Jace wanted her out. Jason says, Clay wanted her out also, that's why she went up instead of Shelli.


9:24 PM BBT Jason says, if Shelli would have went up in the first week, she would have stayed up & probably went home & things would have been different. Becky asks Austin if they got alcohol yet? Austin says, not yet, he's hoping within the next hour. Austin, Becky & Jason all go in the KT. Becky says, they wanted her in a sports bra, but she wore a shirt. Shelli talks about her intro. She says, she wore a dress, & had to spin around to blow a kiss. She says, she can do it with bare feet all day long, but not in her heels. She doesn't know which one got picked. Becky tells them she was jumping. Liz was in her bathing suit. Jason says, big surprise. Shelli says, the DR thought she was in the bathing suit.


9:27 PM BBT A lot of the HG's are in the KT. BB tells them, "HG's, you are not allowed to talk about production." Shelli says, well, we got a little in. Jason goes to the OBR, where Jackie is laying in her bed. (That Shelli & Clay want to get back this week). Jason is eating an apple. Jackie says, they are all so fake. She says, they all were just going to evict Austin, & he's in there. Jackie says, so when did Vanessa go to working with all of them? Jason says, he can't be mad at anyone but himself. Jackie says, you can't do what she did. She says, they should have all been called in to make the decision together. Jackie says, Vanessa told her every person gave their reason why. Austin gets called to the DR.


9:31 PM BBT Jason says, Austin is the star of the show, probably because he plotted his demise. Jason says, he practically lives in there now, which is fine, because he tried to plot his demise. Liz goes to the wardrobe in the OBR, & Jason & Jackie aren't talking. He is chomping on his apple. Liz gets up & smiles condescendingly at them, & walks back to the KT.


9:32 PM BBT Jackie tells Jason that her & James are trying to figure out what to do in this situation. Jason tells Jackie, they are in a tough spot. He says, he knows he's going home, but he's still trying. Jason says, he can't count Jackie in case the one vote is off again, so he still needs 2 more. Jason says, Clelli told him they gave their allegiance to Becky. Jason says, he can go out with a Zach Rance speech to call them out, but there are still people he likes in the house. Jackie says, he can pull people aside. Jackie says, he can tell Liz & Austin. Jason thinks he started this.


9:35 PM BBT Jackie says, Vanessa told Austin way to early, & he had a day and a half to change it. Jackie says, she just should of f***ing done it the way it was planned. Jackie says, Jason did do anything to Vanessa personally. Jackie says, she says it was a house decision. She says, no it was Shelli & Clay. Jason says, it was Clelli, Steve the minion, the twins & Austin. He says, he doesn't even need Johnny Mac with all of that. Jackie says, she told Vanessa she left her in such a sh*tty position in this game, because of how she played this week.


9:38 PM BBT Jason says, he wants to steal all the alcohol. Jackie says, there really is no reason to get Jason out, because he just wants to be there, & he isn't going around telling them who he wants to get out. Jason says, he's harmless, she wasted her backdoor. The talk about everyone wanting to win the game. Jackie tells Jason how Austin said he won't have any votes. Liz gets called to the DR. Jason says, "Ooo, someone else who was involved in the conversation."


9:40 PM BBT James comes in the OBR, he says, there you are, to Jason. Jason says, he couldn't stand the family reunion in the KT. James says, it was their whole alliance. Jason says, Steve couldn't stand Austin, & now he's in there with him. Jason says, they overestimated everything. Jackie says, they will have to go up against each other. James says, they need to win HOH. Jason says, he took his apple, & went running out of there. He leaves the OBR to throw his apple core away.


9:42 PM BBT James says, he should have kept an empty beer can to prank them all week that the alcohol was there. Jason comes back with a slop bucket, & is going to take it with him. He says, he has another BB card to take with him also, so he has 2 now. Jason says, they have condoms & zucchini's in there. Jason says, he almost wants to put the condom on the zucchini right now. James wants to do it & he wants to put it in Meg's pillow. James sits on the pull-out bed. He puts the zucchini between his legs, & puts the condom on it. He gets lotion to lube the condom. Jackie says, to put it in the tip of the condom. He gets it out of the pillow to do this. Jackie helps him put the lotion in the condom. They talk about the cameras. The lotion is all down the condom. He says, he can't put that in her pillow.


9:46 PM BBT James says, Meg is going to die. Becky comes in & asks what they are doing. Becky & Shelli both see what he's doing. He dries the outside of the condom off, & then puts it back in Meg's pillowcase. James goes to wash his hands. He goes in the SR. Becky is talking to Shelli in the HNR. She says, she's not opposed to taking out James of something. Becky says, they are not targeting, but she thinks they are over what happened. Becky says, they are listening to who is being called to the DR. Shelli wants to know if they are going after her. Becky says, they all want this HOH really bad, & they are not going to throw it.


9:49 PM BBT Becky says, she doesn't want to get close to Meg & James because she doesn't want to pulled into the group. Shelli says, that's what they did to her. Becky says, Jackie did not want to keep her safe. Shelli says, now, suddenly they need her. She laughs & shows her huge teeth. She says, she shouldn't be laughing, so she needs to be quiet. Becky comes out of the HNR. He tells James he's in trouble. He says, why? Becky says, she just doesn't trust him. James puts an empty skittle packet under Jason's blanket in the OBR. He goes to the BY.


9:52 PM BBT Jackie is in the KT. She says, maybe she should workout & then shower. Austin is sitting at the DT. He says, that's usually a good order. Becky is making herself something to eat. She goes to the BY. James is sitting in the couch area. Jason is trying to help Meg with the washer. James walks over there to see what's going on. James tells her how the washer goes. James tells her it's good to calm down. He says, she's from New York, so she should know how this works. Jason says, she doesn't do laundry, she pays people to do it for her, because she's a You Tube sensation.


9:54 PM BBT Jason says, "Please let us get alcohol tonight, BB. I can't stand these people anymore. That would be exactly the thing to put a smile on my face, & act like I can stand these people. Please & thank you." James comes back to the couch area in the BY. He says, he hates all the bright a** lights in his face. Jason says, half of his tan is probably from them. James says, he may not be in HN status for a while. Jason says, let Austin & the twins have it next week, f*** them hoes. Liz is outside, & she says, yep. She goes inside.


9:56 PM BBT James makes sure the mini-fridge is working. James tells Jason what he did with the condom. Jason says, he has to be there when she finds it. James tells Jason their side wants to win HOH. Jason tells James that Becky told him that she wants Steve out next week. (Becky just told Shelli she wants James out). Jason tells James to get one on their side out, & go for the head of the snake on the double eviction. James says, he's ready to take a big swing. He says, he's been ready since week 1, but he keeps getting swung at.


10:00 PM BB Jason says, he was only picked twice in the HOH comp. Jason says, he expected Austin to pick him back up, but he didn't, he did some other sh*t. Jason says, he should have just slammed a button & hoped. James says, that button slamming might have been all the difference, & he might have been up there. James says, he thought he won the second round by Jackie's reaction, but he lost it.


10:02 PM BBT Meg tells Jason she will make him an egg sandwich if he wants one. Jason asks how she makes it? She tells him, it's made with English muffins, eggs, & sausage. Jason says, yeah, he'll have one. He says, he will stand with her while she makes it. Meg asks James if he ate? James says, yes. Meg goofs around for a moment, & then goes back inside the house.


10:04 PM BBT James tells Jason that at the Veto Ceremony he was listening to everything, & it was said that it was a house decision, & then they said it was Jason. James says, he was like, what the hell just happened? James says, it got intense after that ceremony. He says, the first one to run to the HOHR was Vanessa. Jason says, she ran as fast as she could.


10:05 PM BBT James says, if they kept Jace he would probably be on their side. Jason says, for sure. He says, then when they were gone, it would be another couple for Jace with the sister coming in. Jason says, this one (Liz) is counting things on her fingers, he can see her in the mirror. He says, you only use your fingers when you are counting people or votes. James says, he thinks if they get HOH again they are going after him or Jackie, he just doesn't know which one first. Jason says,  it will probably be Jackie.


10:07 PM BBT Meg is so upset that all the eggs are gone again. James tells her there's another carton in the SR. Jason says, he gets sick of the broken eggs being left in the carton. Jason says, it's James, Clay & Austin that are doing that. James brings the carton of eggs from the SR. He says, here's a brand new carton of eggs straight from the chicken's a**. Jason says, they don't come out of the chicken's a**, they come from the vagina. Meg asks if the male is a rooster. She says, she wants chickens. Meg begins to cook. Jason wants to check for alcohol in the SR. James says, he just went in there for the eggs. Becky goes to the KT. Jason jokingly calls her a b*tch. Becky laughs at his humor, & says, Oh Mylanta.


10:11 PM BBT James & Jason are sitting at the glass table watching Meg cook. She asks why they are staring at her? They want to see her cook & see what her specialty is. Jason says, he needs to get out of his bathing suit because he's not going swimming. Becky says, she feels like she's walking around in her underwear. Jason tells her they are yoga pants where he comes from. He says, his ex-roommate wore hers all the time.


10:13 PM BBT Jason is pointing out microphones that they didn't know were there. BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Jason asks the other HG's if they knew the mics were there. Becky says, they are stealthy mic & secret mic. Jason says, he can't believe they've been in the house over 40 days, & didn't know they were there. James says, it says in your contract, though shall not poison other game players.


10:15 PM BBT James, Meg & Jason are having fun while she is cooking. BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about production." James asks who is talking about production. Jason says, probably them (Liz & Austin) on the hammock.


10:16 PM BBT Lix & Austin are going over things that could be coming up for the HOH comp. Liz says, last year they asked what color dress Pow Pow wore in a comp, & it was blue. Vanessa gets called to the DR. Liz says, if you win you get called more. Austin says, it's almost egg time. (There may not be that many left.) Liz runs doewn the HOH's in order & they continue cramming information.


10:18 PM BBT James tells Meg she's being feisty tonight, he may have to get revenge. Jason says, that'a already accomplished. Meg laughs. (Until she sees what it is). Jackie looks for some more paper towels. Jason takes her to show her where there are. Meg broke Jason's yolk when she put it on the sandwich. She says, it doesn't look as nice. Jason tells her thanks. Meg says, your welcome. Jason says, Jackie didn't know where any of their cleaning products were. Jackie is stretching in the KT.


10:21 PM BBT James says, you know, she (Meg) put James' egg on his sandwich wrong. He says, she broke Jason's yolk, & her egg will probably be perfect. James jokingly says, she'll probably drop Jackie's on the floor. Meg says, they are all ungrateful. Meg talks about a bar trip she had at home. Jason says, James couldn't remembered where he worked yesterday. Jackie asks where he works? James says, Office Max. Jason says, no, it's Office Depot. (They are both owned by Office Depot now). James says, he used to think it was Staples.


10:25 PM BBT HG's are goofing around upstairs by the chess board. Meg says, she can't even pretend to be interested in that. She asks Jason if they are the people that everyone hates? Jason says, no. He says, in Season 6, Janelle went around saying how much she hated everyone in the house. Meg makes Jackie's egg sandwich perfectly. Meg says, you soak up the yolk with the bread, & it's great. James says, he will make something for Meg tomorrow. Jason says, he likes all eggs. Meg says, me too.


10:26 PM BBT Jackie is talking to Becky in the HNR. (Shhh, Jackie, she will tell Shelli what you are talking about). Becky tells Jackie that if she wins HOH on Thursday it could be with Clay, & they will have to come to an agreement to work together. (Why can't Jackie just pick the two keys she wants without telling anyone?) Jackie asks Becky how she feels? Becky says, she feels safe for this week.


10:28 PM BBT Becky tells Jackie that she would be crazy to throw a big stone before a double eviction, or she'll be a sitting duck. Becky says, Steve is expendable & that will get out a vote for them. Becky says, if you take him out, they won't make them mad, but it will take a number from them. Becky says, Steve is a good target before the double eviction. Becky says, the strong players always get nervous before the double eviction, & she's not nervous.


10:30 PM BBT Jackie says, she didn't see this coming. Becky says, she really thought the group would work. Jackie says, Clay is denying saying they had a final 8 group. Jackie says, she doesn't know why he's denying it, because he did say it. Jackie says, Clay denied it to Meg when she asked them. Becky is worried about the other side of the house. She is trying to be quiet. She says, there are side alliances, big alliances, & people they are keeping around for their votes. Becky says, she is still trying to figure it out.


10:33 PM BBT Becky tells Jackie, there are 3 groups, & one group can't win without the help from a second group. She tells Jackie to think about that. Becky says, BOTB is going to be around for a while longer. Becky says, when it gets down to 9 people, you have to put people up that you are friends with. She says, it's going to get messy. She says, you almost want to be on the block. She says, you have a 75% chance to get off the block. Becky says, Da'Vonne was the only person to have her face show up on the board & go home. She says, it's a weird style. Jackie says, you never know.


10:35 PM BBT Jackie tells Becky that Meg was making her an egg sandwich. She leaves the HNR to get it. Becky showed her how she color coordinated her drawer before she left. Jason is looking for Jackie. He says, he was going to eat her sandwich if she didn't. Becky continues to get her stuff ready to pack tomorrow. Jackie says, she had cramps earlier. She says, she craves egg yolks when she's on her period. Jason asks if she's on it? Jackie says, she's about to start it. James gets called to the DR. Jackie says, they are tying to get the Wednesday show done. James tells Jason he will be the main attraction on Thursday.


10:38 PM BBT John is working out in the BY. Vanessa is talking to John about what he does for his workouts.


10:40 PM BBT Shelli is playing chess with Steve. She says, she's not used to playing & watching all the moves, it's an acquired thing. Clay is bent over the table watching them like a hawk.


10:43 PM BBT Austin asks Vanessa if some wrestling moves look real. He is doing wrestling moves with Liz. After she hits him in the head, Austin says, it hurts through his hair. (I thought you aren't allowed to hit anyone in the BB house.)


10:44 PM BBT Austin tells Liz to hit him hard. Liz hits him 3 times hard in the chest & neck area. (Production, are you seeing this?)


10:44 PM BBT They do kicks. He tells Liz to use the flat of the foot, not the toe. Liz kicks him in the chest. He tells her to punch her in the face. That time she used her hand to break the punch. We see FOTH.


10:47 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Austin & Liz still messing around. Liz knocks him down. John is still working out. Liz says, "Oh my gosh, I actually hit you, oh my God." Austin says, "You didn't hurt me, it's alright." (She's NOT allowed to hit you). Austin picks her up off the ground.


10:48 PM BBT John asks if there are some ropes to throw Liz into. Austin tells Liz to o the fake kick, & to really nail him on his back. Liz says, "Austin & Liz, Liz kicking his a**, & it's real." Austin has her keep doing it, & she is really hitting him on the top of the back. Austin shows her how to do a headlock. He puts her in a headlock.


10:51 PM BBT Liz asks him if it hurts when you're in a headlock? Austin says, it shouldn't or something is wrong. Liz gives Austin a headlock. He tries to get out of it by lifting her up. He tells her to not let go. Liz asks if he’s taller than a lot of wrestler's? Austin says, he's taller than most. They continue to do wrestling moves.


10:53 PM BBT Austin tells Liz he use to practice with girls a lot smaller than her, & they would be going at it hard, but it's fake, so it's o.k. Jason, John & Vanessa are talking about Jason's dream that he had of Liz winning BB17. Jason talks about other dreams he's had while being in the house.


10:54 PM BBT Jackie goes to the couch area in the BY & hula hoops with her neck. She moves it out her arms, & tries to do it the correct way. Vanessa says, the middle guy's back. They are talking about the camera. Jackie says, welcome to outside. Vanessa says, she's doesn't like it during the day. Jackie says, her a** is getting bigger, but not in a good way. She says, it's still tight, but she needs to keep squatting.


10:57 PM BBT Jackie says, she wants to learn. Austin tells her, that's good, maybe one day she will. Jackie walks by them to watch.


10:58 PM BBT Austin teaches Liz how to roll. They both will roll when they do this. Meg comes to the couch area in the BY to sit with Jason. Meg asks, since when is chess the best thing to do in the house? She says, it's the most boring thing to do. Jason says, Steve likes it, & they are pulling Steve in. Jason lights a cigarette. Meg asks what Vanessa said to him? Jason says, she told him that she's surprised he's taking it so well. Meg says, she's going to miss his stinky a**. Jason says, he's still going to try some sh*t. Meg says, she hasn't talked to anyone yet. Jason says, he can't count Jackie's vote, because of Becky.


11:01 PM BBT Jason says, Jackie wants to learn, & they are just letting her stand over there. Meg says, she's almost o.k. with how they are acting, instead of fakey McFakes in their. Jason says, he will never like Austin, & Liz' fake laugh kills him. Meg says, she really hopes he can stay. Jason says, they already have deals, so there's really nothing he can say to do anything. He tells her, that she may not be able to do anything to help either. Meg says, they know she will choose him over them. Jason says, that doesn't help either.


11:10 PM BBT Steve goes to the BY. He says, he's never heard this much noise coming from the BY. He tells Jason, James & Meg that the pool was cloudy because there was an orange stuck in the filter.


11:14 PM BBT Liz says, she's surprised they haven't been told to stop that. Austin says, no they love this, & they've probably been waiting for this all summer.


11:16 PM BBT Steve comes out of the SR carrying a beer. Liz & Austin walked in the house. Liz screams because of the alcohol. They ask where the wine is? Shelli says, she can't have any. Steve says, there were 2 bottles of wine in the SR. Shelli took the 2 bottles of wine to hide them, because she can't drink as a HN. Jackie, Meg & Jason are all searching the house for the 2 bottles of wine. Austin thinks it's a gag.


11:19 PM BBT Jackie finds both bottles of wine in the OBR, & it's a messy room now. Austin was showing Vanessa some wrestling moves. Jackie says, they wouldn't just give beer. Austin says, no they wouldn't just give them beer, geez. Vanessa, Liz & Austin keep being loud with these wrestling moves. (Isn't it time to stop this already before someone gets hurt for real?)

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