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Saturday, July 11 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:31am BBT It's Midnight snack time for the HOH crew.

1:00am BBT Jackie freaks out over the bugs and Meg joins the majority of the house in the KT.

1:22am BBT John tells stories about ppl coming in to him wanting Vicodin but not treated that day. Jeff, Meg and James in Lounge room. Meg a little upset that Austin didnt talk to her before nominating her. Jeff says it sucks when there is one member wavering from their group. (how can anyone take James serious when he is wearing a kitten hat.)

2:21am BBT In the lounge: Jason says he is creeped out by Steve. Jackie says no one has ever seen Steve naked. They talk about cell phones, Austin says by the time he gets out the Iphone 20 will be out. General chat in the KT.


4:06(ish)am BBT BB calls Shelli to the DR. She complains that now she has no make up on the call her.


5:06am BBT Jeff/Clay/Becky in lounge: They say Steve has a crush on Liz, Jeff kinda does too. Becky tells him about the 2 moles on one twin and only one mole on the other (on their forehead) Jeff says, shut up, no way. Jeff says this one likes him and Clay, and has the better butt.


5:25am BBT Jeff/Becky still awake and getting tea. Jeff says he has allergy so if you can find honey that is locally grown it helps your allergies. They take their tea to the WA. Jeff says its his fav spot in the house.

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6:20am BBT All cams on night vision with sleeping noises. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz shhhhh


7:00am BBT HG are sleeping.

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7:30am BBT Snoring, blanket rustling, camera buzz....all quiet in the BBH.


8:20am BBT Guess what? NO not that!! HG are still sleeping...geez

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9:30am BBT just got the WBRB message with music. Must be wake up call.


9:40am BBT Austin/Vanessa in HOH talking about Liz. He was hurt last night when she came to HOH then suddenly zipped back down stairs. Vanessa says he has to take his emotions out of it. They agree that Julia wouldnt act like that. Maybe Liz doesnt know what she is doing either.

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10:05am BBT HG are starting to move around. Meg put ice pack on her knee. BB keeps talking to them: clean the bathroom, lights must stay on, Austin to DR, put on your mic.


10:23am BBT Liz joins Austin in KT, he says she should go talk to Vanessa, she goes upstairs, knocks and Vanessa lets her in. Vanessa tells her the little differences they have noticed between her and Julia (the little mole/freckle). Vanessa says its all good, they are doing a good job.


10:28am BBT Austin joins HOH, Liz says she didnt want to crowd a little double bed with him so she slept with James. They tell her Julia needs to be more bubbly, she says she is going to yell at her. Liz says DR told her to calm down a bit and cover up. Liz also doesnt want to heat them up by others finding out they know about Julia.


10:39am BBT Liz needs to let Julia know everything that is going on with James/Jeff. Don't worry about their (HOH and Liz) convos they don't matter. Liz called to DR, she says she will probably be back in 24hrs. She doesnt know why they are switching so early.

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0:44am BBT Vanessa says she will find out for Austin if Liz likes him. He says well not now. She says no she will wait for Liz to return. Vanessa says she has missed cues by being distracted. When he comes out of here he will have the pick of the women. Austin says he doesnt want anything romantic or sexual, but is there a connection to build a friendship with. Vanessa says the difference between their relationship and him/Liz is with Liz he is distracted. She says they have about 10 alliances and they cant afford to make a mistake.


10:49am BBT Vanessa says part of his attraction to Liz could be from the hot/cold reactions he had from the twins switching. She says she senses Liz is intrigued and Julia is not. He needs to play it cool. Vanessa can feel him pushing forward and her pulling back. He agrees.


10:56am BBT Audrey comes in and asks if they are ok, she is told yes. Vanessa/Austin both tell her she is safe this week. Vanessa needs a reason tho. Audrey tells her she can say that Audrey has no one. Vanessa says for James she can say that he lied to her. She has no reason for Jeff. Audrey says no one can figure out where Vanessas head is.

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11:06am BBT after some discussion back and forth in HOH, its agree that Vanessa/Audrey/Meg will have a private meeting to hash out whatever Meg said Audrey said. Audrey wants to bring Liz in on it to discuss what Liz said to Da and both Austin/Vanessa say that oh yeah Liz told them all about it. Doorbell rings and Liz walks in.


11:16am BBT Audrey says if Jeff goes it would be better the ones on the outside of circle. Vanessa says she will get blood on her hands but oh well. Back and forth, back and forth on who should be picked to play POV if Vanessa gets HG choice.

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11:16 BBT Audrey, Liz, Vanessa and Austin in the HOH room talking about back dooring Jeff.  Audrey says that if Jeff is out of the picture, there are more people that will gravitate towards Shelli and Clay and protect the outsiders.  All agree that either Jeff or James are a target.


11:18 BBT Audrey says best case scenario is that she would get picked for veto, win and save Johnny Mac.  They say Johnny Mac is so oblivious sometimes that picking Audrey or Austin would fit right in to his charade.  


11:20 BBT Austin says that Steve and John are aligned somehow as they talking, playing chess and only talk about two subjects - each other and Audrey.  Audrey thinks that John and Steve are aligned with Audrey.  Austin says that Becky is always a day late with news.  Austin discussing the BOTB, couldn't believe how many delays it took to get the comp started and we have FOTH


11:24 BBT Audrey leaves and Liz reveals that she is actually Julia.  Vanessa and Austin catch her up on last night's discussions.  Julia says that Liz drew the two moles on her before the switch.  Austin says they do not think the HGs expect them to switch this week.  Julia voices her hate of Jeff.  


11:27 BBT Discussing the Freaks and Geeks and how Johnny Mac knows about Julia's fake tooth.  


11:32 BBT Vanessa called to the DR.  Austin discussing the Gronk Foam BOTB.  It was a foam party with pieces of fabric that they have to match to each model.  James was terrible at the comp and Meg and Jason won 10-3.  Afterwards they doused Austin in foam and he used his wrestling skills to make a stunt out of it.  FOTH


11:34 BBT FOTH


11:36 BBT Austin, Julia and Vanessa discussing how they told Steve.  Vanessa to the DR.  Austin and Julia discuss the sleeping arrangements last night and how he was pissed that she slept downstairs. Austin says he was real hurt by her actions.


12:24 PM BBT Austin and Vanessa discussing POV strategy.  Players are Audrey, Austin, Shelli, James, John and Vanessa.

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11:22 AM BBT Audrey leaves the HOHR and “Liz” stands up and says “I’m Julia-a-a-a”  Austin tells her that her sister is ticking him off because she slept with James last night downstairs.  Vanessa says they’re trying to minimize the amount of conversation she has with others.  Julia doesn’t like Jeff.  Liz drew a mole on Julia during the switch.  Julia strongly dislikes Jeff because he tried to trick her into showing her birthmark by saying there was something on her shirt.  Austin and Vanessa fill Julia in on more details.


11:26 AM BBT  Austin says they are the Freaks (Austin, Liz, Julia) and Geeks (Vanessa, Steve).  Steve doesn’t know that Shelli and Clay know, and Shelli/Clay do not know that Steve knows.  Vanessa and Austin coach Julia on the narrative of how the alliance was formed.      


11:28 AM BBT Austin telling Julia about Jace’s shrine.  Liz still hadn’t told Julia about that..she’s not so good on detail.  Austin reviews the noms and the reactions.  Vanessa comes out of the HOH bathroom to caution them to keep their voices down.  Vanessa is called to DR.


11:33 AM BBT Vanessa is called to the DR again and she complains that she’s not ready yet.  Julia asks why they thought it was a good idea to tell Steve.  Austin says because Steve is a loyal person.  Vanessa finally leaves for DR.  As she leaves she reminds them to watch for people coming. 


11:39 AM BBT Julia telling Austin that she felt bullied by James and Jeff.  They were hanging out in the WA and wanting to play 20 questions.  Julia feels Liz doesn’t understand what they were putting her through.  Austin thinks that Julia has lost weight because she’s been stressed.


11:42 AM BBT Julia asks Austin what the deal is with Audrey.  Austin tells her that they are working with her and they are saving Audrey again this week.


11:47 AM BBT  Becky, Shelli and Jackie in the WA doing hair and putting on make-up.  Meg, John, Jason and Steve are hanging out in the Grey BR.  We get “We’ll Be Right Back” and then Jeff’s Reels.  Must be time for the PoV picks!!


12:05 PM BBT Vanessa and Austin in the HOHR with Jason.  John got HG choice.  Jason leaves and Vanessa is excited because 4 out of 6 people are in their favour.  Even if James wins, they feel they have it.  Sounds like Audrey, Shelli, and Austin were picked.  Shelli comes in and they are discussing how they should orchestrate who wins the PoV.


12:11 PM BBT In the HOHR Vanessa tells Shelli that during the comp they have to keeping trying to win for as long as James is still in it.  Once James is out they can do whatever they feel is best for their game.  If James wins and takes himself off, Jeff will be the replacement nominee.  Otherwise noms will stay the same and James is the target.  Vanessa is feeling blessed by the “BB Gods”


12:14 PM BBT  John comes into the HOHR and says he is ready to “go hard in the yard” [play to win the PoV].  Vanessa says that John is safe even if he doesn’t win.  Austin says if there is anything with head shaving he is dropping out. 


12:16 PM BBT  After John leaves, Vanessa and Austin whispering about if Austin wins, he would be obligated to take John off the block.  They might even fake a fight to explain any disconnect in their narrative.  They want Audrey to win so that she is safe and they don’t take any heat for not putting her up.   


12:21 PM BBT Vanessa and Austin in HOHR speculating about what kind of comp it will be in light of it being Gronk’s party week.  Austin is going to try to beat everyone except Audrey in the PoV.  If it’s down to Austin and Vanessa, it depends on the type of competition it is and who is better at that type of competition. 


12:25 PM BBT Vanessa and Austin wondering about what would happen if James wins it and they put up Jeff… could Johnny Mac be at risk?  They think yes…. Jeff has a lot of allies, but John doesn’t.   They want to make sure Becky is on board with keeping John.  Becky was picked to host the PoV. 


12:30 PM BBT Steve comments to Meg in the WA that this is the last competition before the next HOH, and that Meg is guaranteed to play because she won “BoB”.


12: 31 PM BBT Clay comes into HOHR and tells Vanessa that it couldn’t have gone better.  Vanessa pulled Shelli’s name, John got HG choice and picked Austin.  James is the one who pulled Audrey’s name…James was NOT happy to pick her name. 


12:38 PM BBT Most of the HGs in the KT.  Becky laying down for a nap in the Colourful BR.  Audrey doing the same in the Grey BR.


12:45 PM BBT John having a shower, Meg brushing her teeth in the WA.  Julia goes up to the HOHR to talk to Vanessa, who is filling Julia in on what Liz wore yesterday, and even how she was wearing it.  Vanessa tells her to avoid talking with Jeff.  Julia asks for confirmation of whether Steve knows that she is a twin.  Vanessa explains that when they brought Steve in they formed “Freaks and Geeks” alliance and when they brought Shelli and Clay in, they formed the “Sixth Sense” alliance.  She reiterates that Shelli/Clay and Steve do not know that the other knows.  They are two separate alliances. 


12:51 PM BBT Austin comes back up to HOHR.  Vanessa starts to tell him why it would be amazing if Austin wins the PoV, but Julia comes in and Austin interrupts to tell them that Jeff noticed that Liz and Julia switched.  Jeff wants to check if there is a mark…he thinks that there won’t be one and that it’s Liz right now.  Julia has the birthmark, so they tell her to let him see it.  If he sees it, he will be more unsure. 


12:55 PM BBT Vanessa telling them that if Austin wins PoV, his speech about leaving the nominations the same can be revenge for how James took Jace out in week 1. 


12:56 PM BBT  Audrey comes into HOHR and Vanessa tells her they shouldn’t be seen talking right now.  Audrey apologizes for laughing when James pulled her name.  She said she couldn’t help it because of the irony that her name is the last one that James would have wanted to pull.

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2:23 BBT: Austin and Julia in the HOH bedroom. Austin is telling Julia he goes 100% in everything he does and he becomes obsessed with it. He is trying to figure out why his obsessions come and go. Julia reminds Austin that he said he doesn't believe in love. Austin agrees and says he believes that people think they are in love with people who don't share the same energy, so they aren't really in love. He says he is going to tell a story in his next speech about a guy he met on an airplane. Austin tells Julia a long story about meeting a guy on an airplane who had a son who was about to die. The man asked Austin to say he was about to die so that the man could practice his reaction for his son. Austin couldn't say he was about to die while on an airplane. Julia says his story was crazy and asked what he said instead. Austin said he and the guy just started talking, but it was a big moment for him about words. That's when he stopped writing - he can't solve everything with words. The words might be beautiful on paper, but they leave him empty inside. His fear is settling down into a normal lifestyle with a partner because he wouldn't be suffering and creating art.

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2:29 BBT: Austin still talking to Julia in HOH. He says he isn't good at this game because he always believes what people tell him. He's okay with people breaking his heart because he is still going to be true to himself. He doesn't care if he looks like a fool. He equates his story with Lancelot and Guenevere - Lancelot made a fool of himself because Guenevere asked him to. He then says it's also like making a fool of himself in wrestling. There is no protecting yourself from being made fun of, both in front of the crowd and behind the scenes. But, no one can really hurt you more than you can hurt yourself. Julia agrees and says you are your own biggest critic.


2:31 BBT: Austin says he is all confused. Julia says she didn't know that he was a writer who stopped writing. Austin says he is still writing a thesis for school. Austin talks about a girl he met at a bar that he could talk philosophy with, and then another girl that liked him while he was still with other girls. Then he realized he did like her, but she had a boyfriend. She didn't really like her boyfriend and would flirt with Austin and hook up with him while drunk. Then, after she broke up with her boyfriend, she would flirt with other guys in front of Austin (they both worked at the same bar). They would fight, but still go home with each other on occasion. Then, she went on vacation and fell in love with a guy and moved in with him. After that, Austin didn't get involved seriously with girls for two years. This girl also hooked up with one of his good friends while they were both drunk. Clay enters and Austin recaps the story of the girl for him.

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2:00 PM BBT In the OBR, Jason tells HG's that Jace had a tank top similar to the one he's currently wearing. Meg leaves to make a sandwich. James is putting lotion on his hands, & has Liz' cat hat on. Jason get's up & leaves carry 3 cups. James is sitting by John on the pull-out bed. Jeff & Clay are laying in their bed. Audrey is laying in her bed. Camera view switches to the KT. Steve tells Meg, Vanessa just went to the DR. They whisper to each other. Meg says, this is stupid, & she's never like that. Steve says, nor is he.


2:03 PM BBT Steve says, of course this is BB, 1 of the 6 will win it, & she will will do everything she can to win it. Meg says, of course. We see FOTH. Jason walks by the memory board. Camera view switches to the OBR. Jeff asks James if he's ever woke up & a girl has bailed on you? James says, yes. Jeff asks if they've ever tried to sneak away, or abandoned their own room for hours? Clay says, his ex-girlfriend. Jeff says, his fraternity house was the best.


2:06 PM BBT Jeff says, college was wild, it was f***ing wild. Shelli is also laying in the bed with Audrey. Jeff asks James if he just wants to sign up for college & do it all over again? James says, he's down. Jeff says, that would be crazy. He says, he's not into younger girls that much. James says, he will give a 21 year old a shot. Jeff says, he will not. Jeff says, some girls say they mature faster than men. He says, that may be the case, but girls he's met between 21 & 24, usually have major issues. James says, the older girls he meets get down to business.


2:09 PM BBT James says, the women just say, cut the b.s, are we going to have sex or not? He says, he went to one woman's house & saw pictures of her husband & stuff. James says, he asked her where her husband was? He says, she said he was over seas, but they have a mutual relationship. Jeff says, that's wrong when military husband's are overseas, & the spouse cheats on them. Jeff says, there are wives that are totally faithful. James says, he likes that when they stay faithful. He says, the younger ones, crack under pressure, especially if they are newly married.


2:12 PM BBT James give a scenario of Jeff calling one of them saying, what's up. They laugh. James says, his buddies taught him not to mess with a man's wife, or he could wake up looking like a raccoon from getting beat with a Maglight. Jeff says, he would never do it. James asks, what if she's smoking hot? Jeff says, he still wouldn't. Jeff says, he has the 3-year rule. He says, if they've been broken up for 3 years then he would see. Jeff says, there are so many fish in the sea, why mess it up with one chick.


2:14 PM BBT James asks Jeff if he would hook up with one of his buddies mom's? Jeff says, that's different. James says, what if she's single, & she's a smoke bomb? Jeff says, that would just be weird. Jeff says, it might be different if it was a female friends mom. James asks what if his girlfriend's mom? Jeff says, he** no, that's some Jerry Springer sh**. James asks what if it's an ex-girlfriends mom, they've been broke up for a while, & she hires you to be a garden boy?


2:17 PM BBT Jeff asks, how much he's getting paid? Jeff says, this isn't the movies, & no one is going to hire you for that. He says, it he's getting paid over $100,000 a year than he would think about it. Jeff says, there are people that are hired to be personal assistants, & they make over $200,000 a year. Meg comes in the OBR. The guys tell Meg they were talking about her mom.


2:20 PM BBT BB tells Jeff to please not obstruct his microphone. Jeff tells BB to leave him alone. Camera view goes to the HOHR. Austin tells Liz (Julia) about published work he has from being in college. The camera view goes back to the OBR. The HG's are talking about how much they like Sheetz & Wawa. Jason tells Meg, she's so pretty today. Jeff says, she is. James says, he can't even look at her today. Jeff says, Meg may actually have a soft spot in her heart for him. James says, it only took 21 days.


2:22 PM BBT James says, it may be the cat hat. Meg says, it could be the cat hat. James says his cat, Gizmo, is 35 lbs., & is cute. Jeff & Meg can't believe his cat is that big. He is showing them dimensions with his hands. Jeff asks how fat is this cat? Meg asks, if he's really fluffy? James says, he has long hair. Jeff asks if he's really a dog? James asks if he's ever attacked anything? James says, birds, possum, etc.


2:27 PM BBT Meg asks if they will see a picture if he wins HOH? James says, he hopes so. Jeff asks how big he really is? James says, bigger than a Pug. Jeff says, he can't be more than 20 lbs. max. James wants to see the picture of his cat at Easter time. James says, he got about 150 likes on Facebook. James says, he got more likes than he did when he changed his Facebook profile picture.


2:29 PM BBT Jeff says his Facebook in on super private, & he has Twitter & Instagram. Jeff tells Meg, that he & James are friends on Instagram. Meg says, she can't wait until she gets out of the house to follow James. She's laying in the bed with Jeff now, since Clay got up. Camera view switches to the HOHR. Liz (Julia) is still talking to Austin. Liz (Julia) tells Austin that she didn't know he was writing before the wrestling thing. BB tells Meg to please re-attach her microphone. Austin tells Liz (Julia) about the girls he got over that rejected him. He says, he was home-schooled, & late to the game. He says, he started being the one to reject the girls.


2:33 PM BBT Austin tells Liz (Julia) about his experiences with some girls. Clay comes up to the HOHR. Austin tells Liz (Julia) he didn't care for about 2 years, & went to wrestling. Austin says, a girl betrayed him, & went with one of his best friends. He tells Austin about her getting phone numbers in front of him, getting drunk, & flirting in front of him. BB tells Clay to move his microphone higher.


2:35 PM BBT James leaves the OBR. James says, he has to use the bathroom. Jason comes back to the OBR. He says, someone left their huge turd in the toilet, & didn't flush. He says, it was foul, straight up foul, & he's distraught right now. Jeff asks Jason if it was coiled up in there, & Jason almost spits out his drink. Jason says, he thinks it was Steve. He says, he had just went to the bathroom before him, & he didn't hear a flush.


2:37 PM BBT Jason says, he doesn't want to embarrass Steve, so they shouldn't talk about it. James comes back to the OBR. Jeff tells Jason that he missed the convo about James' 35 lb. cat. Jason says, how can they even get that big without dying? Jason says, he had a friend with a cat named Garfield that was at least 25 lbs. Jason says, a friend of his has a French Bulldog that is probably 25 - 30 lbs.


2:39 PM BBT Jeff, Meg & James are all in the same bed together. Jeff says, he wants to get a boat. James says, they are chick magnets. Jeff says, he wants to get a truck, because he's tired of riding around in sports cars. James says, Meg might like that. Jeff says, she wouldn't like seeing him drive around with some other douche in the car. We see FOTH.


2:40 PM BBT Feeds come back. James tells Jeff not to holler out the car window, just follow the girl home to get her number. Meg says, that's creepy, & it's terrifying. Meg says, she doesn't understand why guys do that? She says, do you think you're going to get her number by cat calling her. Jeff says, girls have used their hands to give him their numbers. Meg says, she never gets that. James says, she looks like a mom dropping her kids off.


2:43 PM BBT Meg says, she gave a guy her number written with lipstick on a napkin. She says, he texted her the next day, & she was shocked. She says, she was a hot mess that day, & she was drunk. Jeff tells her to get the guys phone, put her number in it, call her phone, & that way you have his number also. Steve is in the OBR also, & asks why don't you just give a wrong number if you don't want them to have it?


2:44 PM BBT Meg says, she has to be crazy about someone to go out with them. James says, he will ask a girl to borrow her phone, & he sends himself a secret text. He says, he'll call them later, & they ask who he is, & how he got their number? Jeff says, so your success rate is probably low. James says, it's really low. James says, he gets a "wow" sometimes. Meg asks James, what girl lends out her number that easily, because she's leary?


2:47 PM BBT James says, he says he needs to borrow it, & usually get to. Jeff & Meg figure out their pillow situation. Meg asks James what he's doing sleeping without a pillow? He says, he's a country boy, & he doesn't always sleep on a bed. He says, he lets girls sleep on his bed, & he'll sleep on his couch or whatever. Jeff says, so you don't cuddle? James says, he will, but sometimes he just doesn't want to be messed with.


2:49 PM BBT Jeff tells James, when they go back home to send him a video of a girl passed out, with him brushing his teeth. James says, he will do that. Jeff wants to do a game with him, & have a point assessment. They continue the talk. The camera view switches to the HOHR. Clay tells Vanessa that Audrey is name-dropping again to get in people's heads. Clay asks Vanessa if his name came up again?


2:51 PM BBT Vanessa says, it can be that Audrey said something about them wanting to flip the house. She says, there was so much going on, but she couldn't grasp it all. Vanessa says, it could be that Audrey was trying to tell Meg to campaign to stay, so she would try harder. Vanessa asks Clay where he heard it? She says, she heard it from Meg herself. The camera view switches to the OBR again.


2:53 PM BBT The convo in the OBR is about different stores that people have. They say CVS, Right Aid, Eckerd's, & others. Jason says, all pharmacies went away from their cigarettes 3 years ago in Massachusetts. He says, everyone there pays for others healthcare. Camera view switches to the KT. Steve tells Liz (Julia) that everyone knows her & Liz switched today. She says they did switch today. Liz (Julia) says she's glad to get it off her chest so they aren't lying anymore.


2:57 PM BBT Austin is in the KT now. He & Steve are saying the competition might be later today. Austin says it could be a Margarita party, & the losers can be punished. Steve says, it could be times, & be the person closest to the hour wins. Austin & Liz (Julia) both says, "Oh Mylanta." Steve tells them about BB season 10. He says, Keisha go out in like 20 minutes. He says, everyone else went out after like 1 hour & 15 minutes, so Keisha ended up winning. Steve says, there was another one with shackles in BB Season 12.


3:00 PM BBT Steve asks if Austin knows how many seconds are in an hour. Austin says, alot, 60 X 60. Steve says, 3,600. Liz (Julia) says, that's good to know. Austin tells Steve he's better with cadence because he plays the drums. Steve was shocked, & said he didn't know. They talk about different bands. Austin asks Steve what he's going to do? Steve says, he wants his Master's Degree, wants to work for Disney Imaginarium for a while & then he wants to go back & be a teacher. He says, he wants to be an Audio Engineer.


3:03 PM BBT Steve tells them that he loved Cornell & lived in the fraternity house his sophomore year. He says, he was a guide in his Fraternity. He says, he can't say anymore than that. Austin says, it's the person that starts the initiations. Austin says, he was a ritualist. Steve says, Stanford has a chapter of the Fraternity he was his. Austin says, he was in maintenance history, but he did his papers were on medieval history. He says, he would spend 7 or 8 hours a day on the computer doing it, but he loved it.


3:06 PM BBT Steve says, those papers seem like they would be harder to write. Austin says, the hardest part is getting your Thesis. In the HOHR, Vanessa & Shelli are laying in the bed. Clay & John on laying on the couch. Vanessa says, sorry, she's deep in thought. She says, there's no right answer sometimes, & it's hard. John says, once we get rid of her (Audrey) they will be better.


3:08 PM BBT John says, he doesn't like talking to Audrey when she comes up to him. He says, he feels if you say something, it will get out & be twisted. He says, even if he doesn't say anything, she will say he said something anyway. John says, Audrey talked to him about Mormon's & her brother. John says, last night, she was letting him talk about pulling teeth. Vanessa asks if he's Mormon? He says, no, he's Agnostic, but he doesn't go to Agnostic parties.


3:10 PM BBT Vanessa says, she doesn't even know what she's talking about anymore, to just ignore her. John says, they're all getting loopy. Vanessa says, James' voice when he says Audrey's name sounds like satan. John says, he likes the cat hat. Vanessa says, it suits him. Back in the KT. Audrey & Jackie are in there now. Steve is washing dishes, while wearing yellow rubber gloves.


3:13 PM BBT Jackie says, she feels it's going to be a fun comp. Steve says, it could be one with a Unitard, & prizes that can switch. Austin asks if there could be 24-hour solitary confinement? Steve says, there could be because there aren't HN's this week. Steve says, they get slop, water, screen & a bucket. Steve asks if there was solitary last season? Jackie says, no there wasn't. Steve says, they're due.


3:15 PM BBT The HG's in the KT discuss how the prizes may be in the comp, with boxes, choices, etc. Austin says, he couldn't make it in solitary. Steve says, this house is designed to drive you crazy. Audrey is sitting at the DT eating chicken nuggets. In the HOHR, Vanessa says, she needs to start planting the seeds now for after the Veto competition. She says, it's not fun to have no duo. Clay says, she has a trio. Vanessa says, no one knows that though.


3:17 PM BBT Jackie gets called to the DR. Shelli says, here it comes, ya'll. Shelli asks what she should do if she wins it? Vanessa says, she would ask that she not use, & she can tell everyone Vanessa asked her not to use it. Shelli says, they'll have the POV today, & they'll have until Monday. Vanessa says, she didn't do it on purpose, she was just trying to go to the bottom.


3:19 PM BBT Shelli says, she's heading downstairs, because she's getting ready to call the Veto comp, & she doesn't want to be up there. Clay says, he's right after her. Vanessa tells Clay, she wants everything to work with them. Clay says, to always be leary of what Audrey says. Vanessa says, & don't trust 100 percent. Clay says, not trust at all. He says, the double eviction would be perfect to get her out.


3:21 PM BBT Clay says, Audrey won't go this week. He says, Jeff is a good one to pull. He says, Johnny Mack was going to pull them. Clay says, hold on, & Austin comes up to the HOHR. He says, he's nervous. Vanessa says, she can tell by his walk. Austin says, Becky went in the DR. ***CORRECTION...It was Becky called to the DR in a previous post, NOT Jackie.***


3:23 PM BBT Vanessa, Austin & Clay are trying to figure out who they can trust in the house to pull others to help them. Clay says, if Jeff's on the block, he has a better selling point. Vanessa says, she pi**ed off Meg, James is on the block. She asks them to limit the blood on her hands at this point. Clay says, he knows. We see FOTH, followed by Jeff Schroeder's Highlight Reels.

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5:23 BBT: John has won POV!

5:23 PM: James and John in colorful bedroom. James tells John - you know what time it is, pull yourself off the block time. James says he will be pissed if Johnny gets put up on the block again next week. John says he just wants some time off. James says he is going to try to be fair. If he wins HOH, he will put up people who haven't been on the block before. 

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5:28pm BBT: James is waiting to get in a shower and Jeff is in the shower now. Audrey is leaving the WA and heading to the KT.Clay comes in and goes to the WC. Jeff is saying he is hungry as hell as he washes his body.

5:30pm BBT: Jeff tells James to come closer to the shower then whispers to him (can not hear him) . In the HOH rm Austin is  talking to Vanessa He tells her sorry i F'ed up i am sorry i will go next week. We see the fish and hear i think it is Vanessa saying g that people are saying that if she does not backdoor Audrey then they are coming after her.

5:33pm BBTL Vanessa says she needs a reason  that out ways the pressure from the whole house. Austin says i know. 

5:38pm BBT: Austin and Vanessa talking about the veto comp as Austin says he could not process the numbers in his head , he says he needs to think about it and process first. Vanessa said it was good that i could pick Audrey cause she was busting it. Austin said yeah cause everyone was calling  the numbers.

 5:41pm BBT: Vanessa said she had johnny Mack beat and she Blew it. Vanessa says i can not put him up cause he is with us or do i need to put Audrey up? Austin sighs then laughs and Vanessa says it is done. 

 5:44pm BBT: Austin says he wants to hear what Shelli has to say. Vanessa says but everyone says what they want to help themselves and their own game.Austin apologizes to Vanessa and she tells him not to worry about it i can forgive you but it just sucks cause you could have won.

5:48pm BBT: Vanessa says what if i do this i being Jeff in and says i want James to go home and want to use him as a pawn and if he throws a fit then i wont do it. But the thing is  that he is James best friend in the house. Austin says where do i come into that what do i do stand here and protect you? Vanessa starts laughing.

5:50pm BBT: Austin ask Vanessa who do we want out this week and Vanessa says  i don't know and Austin says who do you want out? Vanessa says James has competitive skills. 

5:50pm BBT: In the WA Jeff and James are talking as James says he is still stuck on the chopping block. Audrey goes to the WC and Jeff says i feel like i am gaining weight in here.

 5:54pm BBt: Jason and meg in the Grey BR saying all Vanessa has to do is say her name that all if she don't then someone we are close to will go up.

Back in the HOh rm Austin and Vanessa are still talking about what to do. Austin is getting in the shower and Vanessa is o the bed eating.

5:58pm BBT: Vanessa goes down to the Kt to make food for herself, James,Becky, Shelli, Clay and Jackie are sitting in the KT eating  with general talk going on. Steve comes in walking around the KT area. Jason and Meg in the Grey br and Jason says i want everyone to sit there and let the twins come in and they are going to fire off their mouths.

8:04pm BBT: Austin and Becky in the STR whispering about One of the girls not wanting to talk to Austin and not knowing where his game  is at, Becky says she told meg and i heard it so i wanted to pass it along for reference. Austin says thank you. 

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6:10PM BBT Jason tells Meg that if they evict Liz now, they can have a person return to the game later (speculation). He says DR confirmed a twin twist (unlikely). He says Jackie is in denial that Liz/Julia are twins playing the game as one.  He tells James that Audrey is stalking him and that Vanessa makes emotional decisions not strategic.


6:30pm BBT Clay and Shelli are in the hammock (together, as usual) talking to Becky about Jeff. He doesn't talk game with people, he interrogates them.  Becky says she trusts Vanessa but doesn't know where she stands with her. Audrey is up in HoH crying to Vanessa who tells her she needs a reason not to bend to the will of the house and nominate her as a replacement. Audrey says she's totally alone.  Vanessa wants a reason to nominate Jeff instead.


6:45pm BBT Up in HoH, Audrey and Vanessa count votes.  Audrey, Clay, Shelli, Austin, Liz and Steve would all vote to evict Jeff. Only Jackie, Becky, and John would vote to evict James.  Vanessa continues to put the onus on Audrey to justify nominating Jeff against James.  Audrey thinks she'll take the blame for not being nominated. Vanessa says she will be blamed. Downstairs, Jason tells Jackie's she looks too good to be a stripper. John comes into HoH and is told to leave. Shelli comes in to use the WC and isn't sent away. Vanessa thinks Jeff has the Last Laugh last week.


6:50pm BBT Audrey says she's being blamed for everything in the house and she can't defend herself because nobody believes her. John and Clay are having a convo in the Cabana Room.  Shelli has joined the HoH convo as Audrey promises to backdoor Jason if she's HoH, says she didn't vote for Da'vonne.  Vanessa continues to make Audrey grovel.  Liz and Austin are in the WA. There's a nervous energy downstairs and desperation upstairs.


6:55pm BBT The title of the PoV comp was Gronk & Roll according to Audrey's t-shirt. Vanessa is worried what James, Jason and Meg will do if Jeff is evicted. Shelli says it doesn't matter (sounds like she's in favor of not nominating Audrey) - they will only have each other.  Vanessa complains she can't play for HoH next week.  Banal conversation continues in the BR.


7:00pm BBT Austin is now up in HoH, apparently oblivious to having been dethroned. Downstairs things are getting freaky as Clay puts on a woman's sweater top.  John doesn't stop eating, unfazed. Jeff and Becky joke that Steve's never seen anything like this. Clay shows off his new fashion in HoH.

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7:10pm BBT HoH group trying to figure out where Becky and Jackie's loyalties lie. Clay brings James up to HoH and Audrey hides. They don't want him to know she's working with Vanessa and Jeff maybe the replacement nom against him. They don't want Audrey to feel alone but she has to leave HoH so no one suspects they are working together. She and Clay head down to the Cabana Room.

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7:10 PM BBT We see FOTH. Feeds come back up with Clay & Audrey talking in the CRL. Audrey tells Clay, Jeff makes certain comments, but she doesn't think they are serious. She tells Clay that James said there is a power couple in the game. Audrey says, John slayed the POV competition. She says, he's a lot better player than people think. She says, he's the new Frank. Clay says, he loves Frank. James shuts the CRL door. Audrey says, that's soo dark moon. Clay leaves. We see FOTH again.


7:19 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Clay tweezing his eyebrows in the WA mirror by the sink. Jeff is using the same mirror to pop his pimples. Jeff says, shut up, Liz, as he hears her talking. He tells Clay, they need to get rid of her to. The camera view switches to the OBR, & goes back to the WA. Clay & Jeff are sitting on the couch. Clay tells Jeff if Liz leaves before the 5th eviction, then the twin that's in sequester gets to come in the game & play. Jeff tells him to run it by James, because he's the historian.


7:22 PM BBT Clay says, BB wants entertainment if Jace, Da'Vonne or Audrey came back. He says, that would be better than having Liz' twin joining the game. Clay says, if he was a producer there he would want that. We see FOTH. James walks in the WA. Clay says, why would they do that? Jeff says, if we have the other one (Liz) all the time that's fine. He says, this one (Julia) doesn't really know what she's doing.


7:24 PM BBT Jeff says, this one (Julia) is not playing the game. He says, the other one (Liz) is playing the game. He says, she (Liz) talks game, & this one (Julia) is probably told to just keep her mouth shut, & be a place holder. Clay says, they have to make it to week 5, because it's a double eviction. Clay says, that's why BB would want to do a competition with the people that have already left. Jeff says, they need to get their alliance together & name it.


7:26 PM BBT Clay says, He can't think of any names. He says, he's about to sh** his intestines out. Clay says, 2 of their people have to win HOH next week. Clay says, this one (Julia) likes Austin, & the other one (Liz) likes him (Jeff). Jeff says, yes this one (Julia) liked Jace. Clay says, he's going to blow this up, & goes to the WC. Jeff tells Clay the Vaseline is James' & not to use it.


7:28 PM BBT Jeff goes by the DR table. Julia is painting Austin's nails. Austin says, he needs to paint them, because he can't tattoo them. Austin & Jeff say the sponsor announcement they use for Irish Spring, & add Zest to it. Austin says, they have to get both sponsors. Jeff says, let's plug that in. Austin says, let's run it by EP, wherever he is. In the HOHR, Vanessa & Shelli are collaborating on what Vanessa should say in her speech at the POV Ceremony.


7:31 PM BBT Vanessa says, she will tell Jeff to take a seat on the block. Shelli says, after she makes the speech, she will have people coming up to her asking what she heard, & who said it. Vanessa tells her again, the same stuff she's said already, about the lies spewing from James' & Jeff's mouths. Vanessa says, it's a power move. Shelli says, it's a beautiful move to make. Vanessa says, they are both very tough, connected players.


7:33 PM BBT Vanessa tells Shelli that Austin is 100 percent with Liz. Shelli says, she has her, Clay, Becky, Austin or Liz to win HOH next week. She says, once Jeff is gone, they'll have Becky also. Shelli says, after some things she's heard about Audrey, she wonders if she made the wrong decision keeping her. Vanessa says, based on Audrey's new confidence, she will be loyal to them. She says, Audrey has never doubted Shelli, but she has doubted Clay, but now she trusts him.


7:37 PM Shelli says, Clay kept saying, Audrey has to go, Audrey has to go, but now he's not saying that at all. She says, when she wanted Da'Vonne to go, Clay got totally on board, & did not want Audrey to go up. Shelli says, Clay is totally on board with Jeff going up. Vanessa says, she has the ammunition against Jeff, but he doesn't want him to know she's working with Shelli & Clay. Shelli says, they have to stay up at night when Jeff is doing his dirty work.


7:39 PM BBT Vanessa practices another speech, saying it soo fast. Shelli says, that's beautiful & so poetic. Shelli asks if she will say that in front of everyone? Vanessa says, she has to. Shelli says, everyone is expecting Steve to go up, they are not going to expect this at all. Shelli says, it's going to be so fun to watch. Shelli says, for her, but it's going to be blood on her hand. Vanessa says, Audrey told her that Shelli & Clay are a power couple.


7:41 PM BBT Vanessa tells Shelli if her & Clay both go up, she doesn't want her to go home. Shelli acts surprised, & says, if her & Clay go up? Shelli says, she doesn't want Clay to go home. Vanessa says, yes, she knows that, but she doesn't want her to go home. Shelli says, Clay may be another twin. Shelli says, Liz & Julia aren't saying that you have to spend time with this other person. Vanessa says, maybe it's harder than it looks.


7:43 PM BBT Vanessa tells Shelli that Austin threw that competition. Shelli asks if he really threw it? Vanessa says, yes, he admitted it, & she called him out. Vanessa says, she threw it to Audrey. She says, she saw season 16, & practiced it with dice. She says, she knew Austin threw it, because he has a very high IQ. She says, she asked Austin if he threw it to John? She says, Austin said, yes. Shelli asked if she did the right thing by calling up who she called? Vanessa says, yes.


7:45 PM BBT Vanessa sounds like she's about to cry. She tells Shelli that she got so upset with Austin, because he promised her he would do something, & didn't do it. Vanessa says, there's something in Economics called the Prisoner's Dilemma. She says, that's how the mafia has been able to exist for so long, it's a longs story. Vanessa says, she told Austin how upset she is, because she wanted to stay HOH to get some blood on her hands, but she didn't want all this blood on her hands.


7:48 PM BBT Vanessa says, she doesn't know if she even has Austin like she thought she did, because she doesn't think she really even has Audrey. She tells Shelli, she knows Austin is as loyal as her & Clay are. Vanessa says, she should make deals with the people that she could put up now, for next week. Vanessa says, Becky knows about the inside & outside, but she doesn't talk strategy or game with Jackie. She says, she can go back to her to make a jury or bigger deal.


7:51 PM BBT Vanessa says, she told Becky about Jeff's back-door option, that she was his third, after 2 other people, & she was an initial target on week 1. She says, she doesn't care about what Jeff thinks, because she's trying to back-door him this week. Shelli thinks that Jeff may be putting Becky up to what she's doing. Shelli says, people are coming upstairs. Shelli says, it's Steve & John, probably going to play chess. Vanessa tells Shelli to keep her voice low, because Steve heard her once in the DR. Shelli yells, & says, of course Steve does. Then she covers her mouth. Vanessa says, Steve definitely is listening. Shelli agrees.


7:54 PM BBT Vanessa wants to make James paranoid, & maybe make Jeff paranoid also. Shelli says she needs to lay low, & let them think it's Audrey. She says, she never once told anyone she was going to back-door Audrey. She says, everyone stayed downstairs, no one said anything to her about it. So, she got to sit pretty also. Shelli says, once everyone new it was Da'Vonne, none of the HG's came up to her still.


7:56 PM BBT Shelli tells Vanessa that the nomination ceremony won't be tonight. She will usually get 30 minutes notice. She says, if the nominations are tonight, then her speech is fine. Shelli says, she needs to leave, because Becky is coming upstairs. Vanessa asks, is it suspicious for her to go & tell Steve or Becky that Vanessa wants to talk to them. Shelli asks what she's going to talk to them about? Vanessa says, she will start investigating.


7:58 PM BBT Shelli tells Vanessa she may not want to tell Steve about Jeff. She says, she may want to wait to talk to Becky also, because she really wants Audrey gone. Shelli says, she probably doesn't want anyone to know. Vanessa says, she can't believe that Audrey said anything racist. Vanessa tells Shelli she can have Steve come in to talk to her now. Shelli tells Vanessa what to say to Steve to try to get his thoughts on Audrey.


8:01 PM BBT Vanessa tells Shelli to keep her ears open & on the ground for ammunition against Jeff. Shelli tells Steve that Vanessa wants to talk to him. Liz (Julia) whispers something to Shelli. Austin is in the WA blowing his finger nails dry. Clay is putting cream on his face. Audrey whispers to Austin, & then stairs at Shelli. Austin tells Shelli that whoever goes, their group is going to disintegrate.


8:05 PM BBT Shelli tells Austin & Clay that Vanessa doesn't have a reason to put up Jeff. BB tells Clay to please put on his microphone. Austin says, "God d*** it, Clay." Austin starts singing Total Eclipse of the Heart as he walks out of the WA. Audrey asks Shelli if she's ever had bangs. She stops the blow dryer, & says, when she was a little girl. Clay asks her about pimples. Shelli says, she doesn't get them. Audrey asks Shelli if she wants to paint her nails? Shelli says, no, because she's hungry. She says, she will paint them later.


8:08 PM BBT Audrey asks Clay if Austin's been acting weird towards Clay? Clay says, no. BB says, "Clay." Shelli laughs. Austin asks what happened? Shelli says, BB has asked him twice now to put his microphone on, so now they just said his name. Shelli says, she trusts Vanessa more then all of them. Austin says, he feels bad that he let Vanessa down. He says, he really didn't know what he's doing.


8:11 PM BBT Austin says, he feels so good to walk around the house now, because Shelli is going to get the blood on her hands now. Clay is blow drying his hair. Steve & John are still playing chess, with Becky watching them. Steve tells John, well done. Becky says, he's a smart little cookie, as she takes a drink out of her glass. John tells Steve his move was good. Steve says, that's better to John, as he tells Steve, check.


8:13 PM BBT Steve makes a move, & tells John his knight is stuck. John asks if there's a way he can win this? Steve asks the same question. John tells Steve, check, again. Steve says, he's played more chess in the BB house, then he's played outside. Becky says, she can't wait to play pool. She says, it sounds like they are blowing drying, so maybe they are blowing drying off the carpet.


8:14 PM BBT John tells Steve, it's difficult, & he may have done something really dumb. It's Steve's turn. Becky says, she knows it was her idea to come up there, but now she's going to bed, because she's sleepy. She goes downstairs, as they continue to play their chess game. Back in the WA, Audrey is still sitting on the couch. She has pillows all around her. Austin says, they need to get the beef cakes out of their yard, so they can go & lift weights.


8:16 PM BBT The camera view changes to the HOHR, with Vanessa laying in her bed, & watching the TV screen. In the SR, Becky tells Austin to proceed slowly. She says, the comments weren't bad. Austin says, he & Liz were just brown-nosing. Vanessa gets called to the DR. Becky tells Austin to hint stuff, because he does have a girlfriend at home. Austin says, kind of. Becky says, if it's something serious, then bring it up. He asks Becky to feel it out also.


8:19 PM BBT Becky & Austin walk out of the SR. Austin says, "Ooo, Mylanta." Camera view changes to James sleeping in the CBR. Then, it goes to the KT area. Liz (Julia) is using nail polish remover at the DT. Audrey & Shelli are by the stove. Camera view changes to the OBR. Jason & Jackie are sleeping on the pull-out bed. In the CBR, Jeff & James are sleeping in the same bed.


8:18 PM BBT In the KT, Shelli is still cooking her ground turkey on the stove. Meg says, something's going on, & goes to wake up Jason. All the HG's go to the LR.


8:30 PM BBT Vanessa says, she really has something to tell them. She says, she got them, with them thinking it's the nomination ceremony. Vanessa has an envelope in her hand & reads it. Hg's, as everyone knows, Gronk said, no HN's this week. But, the party's about to kick into high gear. Anytime Gronk calls you to a party, you must go & do what he says. If you don't show up, that's a party foul, & that will make you a HN for the week. So, show up, & don't disappoint Gronk.


8:32 PM BBT We see FOTH. When feeds come back, Steve says, he just wonders what it will be. Liz (Julia) says, she just wants it to start, she wants to party. Liz (Julia) goes to the WA as James walks out. She comes back out. Audrey is by the glass table getting a frozen pizza ready to cook.


8:37 PM BBT Austin is using the foam roller in the LR. He says, "Oh, Mylanta," twice. (This must be his favorite saying). Austin asks when the party is going to begin? He says, it's not going to be actual parties. John says, he can't wait. Austin says, it could be dancing, until he says stop. He gets up & walks out of the LR. He says, he has to fix his fingernail. He goes in the KT, & says, he new it wasn't the Veto ceremony.


8:40 PM BBT Shelli is the only one left in the KT. Liz (Julia) walked towards the WA. James walks by from the WA. John, Clay & James are all in the LR. Clay is sprawled out on a couch. John is sitting on the other couch. James is sitting in a chair. James gets up & goes to the OBR. Jason, Meg, Jeff & Steve are all in the OBR. James is whispering & is very difficult to hear. James says, someone is basking in Clay's scent from his robe that has the yellow on it.


8:43 PM BBT Jason says, Clay snores when he sleeps on his side, so Jeff just needs to move him. Meg says, he sleeps on his side? That's bad news. Camera view switches to the CBR. Becky & Jackie are laying together in a bed. Becky tells them, if she was HOH, & Audrey wanted to use her shower, she would tell her that she's in there right now. We see FOTH.


8:45 PM BBT We come back to live feeds with Becky saying, the reason why she wants to send Audrey home is because she sees that Audrey is nervous. She says, the whole house is saying they need her out. Becky says, she can't see Vanessa not sending her home, because everyone wants her out. Jackie says, that would be crazy if she does anything else. Becky says, she can't see Vanessa pulling a fast one.


8:47 PM BBT Becky says, it's a hard thing, because she hasn't really talked to her. James says, it will be crazy, if she doesn't put Audrey up, & puts someone else up. Becky says, she can't win anything, so she doesn't understand what kind of deals she's making. Becky says, she has nothing to offer, she's not a competitor, she's crazy, & just throws everyone under. James says, once she gets on the block everyone can breath easier.


8:49 PM BBT Clay goes in the OBR. James gets in the same bed to try to take a nap with Clay. James is just trying to reassure himself that Audrey is still going to be put up, since she's been upstairs talking to Vanessa a lot today. Clay says, he can't see her doing anything else, but they still have until Monday. James says, she's probably already pulled Shelli aside to talk to her, if she's already talked to Clay.


8:51 PM BBT BB tells Clay, to please not obstruct his microphone. James opens the door in the CBR & says to the HG's in the OBR, he can hear them all talking about him in there. Jackie hears Jason say, he doesn't feel bad because he had a sandwich in his bed. They can hear them through the walls. James says, Meg's such a cutie patootie. Gronk says, "Shower party, everyone in the shower, & let's party, & I want the water hot." All of the HG's go to the WA, & we see FOTH.


8:54 PM BBT All the HG's are in the shower. Audrey is covering the water, so it doesn't get all over everyone. Someone says, the party is over, but it's not really. After the HG's get out of the shower, music comes over the speakers.


8:57 PM BBT Jackie says, she's never had a shower party before. All of the HG's are drying off. James says, this is going to suck at 2 or 3 in the morning. Jeff says, he screamed like a girl, because the water blasted him on the chest. Jackie asks how some people got so wet, but others didn't? Jackie says, Jason was on the floor like a little baby.

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9:01pm BBT Steve/Vanessa in HOH. Steve tells her that Meg said she was cornered. Austin comes in and says Audrey sent him up there. Vanessa tells him the Meg/Audrey she said/she said earlier. That its possible that both are telling the truth. Vanessa tells him that after the convo she thinks Meg was lieing.


9:07pm BBT Vanessa tells him Jeff said that they should go to HOH and tell her (Vanessa) that if she doesnt back door Audrey they will come after her. Steve says so is this about the best way to put Jeff up? Austin says they will think Audrey got into his(Steves) head some how. Steve says Jeff is throwing Vanessas name out there. He also tells her that they all know Liz switched. Steve says he didnt catch the convo but they said Vanessa was lieing.


9:14pm BBT Vanessa says are you sure it was me and not Audrey. Steve says Meg came out of the HOH and said "She" is lieing. Vanessa says she probably meant Audrey. Steve says Jeff has been slinging her name around.


9:20pm BBT 8 HG in the CBR, Jeff is batting a beach ball around. Meg is soo ticklish, she gets sooo mad. Shelli asks Jeff why he is being an ass today? Austin/Liz in WA, Austin says its making him question if he is making the right decisions. Liz says she told her how mean he(?) has been to her. She doesnt talk to him. Austin says he will tell him (Jeff) that he has his vote.


9:36pm BBT Jason/Austin/Liz talk about how socially inept Steve is. His mom worked where he went to school. Jason says he would rather deal with granny ppl instead of kids. He says old man are the rudest to ppl. He says where he used to work ppl came in cuz they wanted to be there they were all happy but at a grocery store you have to go even on  your worst day and ppl are grumpy.




9:29pm BBT Jason comes in to WA talk changes to the shower part. Jason fell in the shower. Austin wonders what 'they' (production) were saying while they were in the shower. Talk turns to POV comp: Austin says he was frogger in there, he was hopping around. He was too big for that comp.

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9:36pm BBT Jason/Austin/Liz talk about how socially inept Steve is. His mom worked where he went to school. Jason says he would rather deal with granny ppl instead of kids. He says old man are the rudest to ppl. He says where he used to work ppl came in cuz they wanted to be there they were all happy but at a grocery store you have to go even on your worst day and ppl are grumpy.


9:47pm BBT Steve and Vanessa talking about James being in love with Meg. Steve was worried there would be a someone he had a crush on in here. Steve says when he left the HOH before Shelli/Clay asked who was up here, he panicked and said just her but it was really her/Austin and Liz. They talk about a solution if Vanessa is asked about it.


9:50pm BBT Austin/Audrey/Liz in WA talking about how did Jeff/Jackie get on the show they placed what 7th on TAR? Audrey says the feeders have probably seen his dirty said. Austin wonders if they are shown as goody on the show. Audrey tells Austin his nom speech was really good. He says it was a quote from J. D. Salinger.

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10:05pm BBT CBR crew talking about voting and talking to Julie. (cant tell which girl it was, sorry) One of the girls is excited because she finally gets to vote this week. Jason says he will fart in Audreys mouth when he votes for her.


10:11pm BBT James hopes they dont call a party when he is sleeping, what if he has an erection and has to jump out of bed. They wonder what else they can do that is obnoxious.


10:16pm BBT Austin/Liz/Vanessa in HOH talking about her speech to put Jeff up. Austin says the others think that if its announced that Liz is playing as a twin they are out. Vanessa says we know thats not true.


10:24pm BBT Vanessa asks Austin/Liz that they want Jeff nom and not Audrey and they agree. She says Steve wants Jeff too. She says Shelli/Clay want Jeff too. Austin says the only ones that will be mad are Jackie/Meg and maybe Jason.


10:33pm BBT Shelli, Steve, Clay and Audrey talking in LR. Shelli and Audrey get told to not talk about production. Shelli says that was all Steve. She wants the whole house to know it was Steve. Steve owns up to it.


10:39pm BBT Austin/Liz/Vanessa still going round and round and round and round and round about her replacement nom.


10:43pm BBT Vanessa talks to Shelli: Vanessa says Jeff is going to look like Audrey 2.0. Austin is going to pull Jeff in to Lounge and ask him about a few things that they know he lied about. That way when Vanessa puts him up she will be the "hero" of the house. Austin pulled Clay in Lounge to talk to him about the plan. Austin says the more the Vanessa does the less they have to work. He and Clay have to be the last ones to talk to Vanessa before ceremony.

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10:53pm BBT They got alcohol!!!


10:56pm BBT Steve doesnt want any, someone else can have his. In HOH, Clay/Vanessa still talking about confronting Jeff. Before Shelli ran down to get her drink she said it cant look staged. Vanessa said it wont, Austin is pissed.


11:06pm BBT John, Liz, Jason, Becky, Jeff, Austin, Jackie and Shelli in KT drinking and talking about Pop Tarts. Steve is there but not drinking. Where Jason is from they call sprinkles, jimmies.


11:21pm BBT John gets James up so he can have his drink, Shelli saves one for Clay. (he is still in HOH talking with Shelli) General chat in KT about beer, the pod cast, Edwards 40 Hands, Power hour. Meg is out of DR and gets her wine.


11:26pm BBT BY is open!!! They run outside. Look how clean it looks, they even folded the blanket. The lights even work, Jason thought they didnt work. Jason lights up, Liz takes one saying its been so long since she had a smoke.


11:31pm BBT Clay messes with Vanessa by telling her he is a twin. Vanessa looks to Shelli and keeps asking if he is F'ing with her. Clay says he is joking.


11:37pm BBT Giselle has deflated. They are having a funeral for her. They are going around the BY Lounge using the lighter ....party time....go to the living room, grab a toga. (toga may or may not been said by BB)HG start chanting Gronk and bouncing around.


11:46pm BBT Clay/Shelli/Vanessa tell Jeff in BY that there is a set of female twins and a set of male twins. The male set is Clay. Jeff says get out of here. The girls leave and Clay tells Jeff that Vanessa asked him that because of his hair. Jeff says he feels he would know of all ppl. Clay says it was so funny.

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