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Tuesday, July 1 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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1:05 AM BBT: Nicole and Victoria are back up now and Nicole is in the BY with Amber on the hammock. Amber asks about her talk with Hayden. She says he wasn't mad but that she thinks things will be different. They talk about what life will be like after the house.

1:15 AM BBT: Devin is playing motivational speaker to Caleb by the HT. Caleb asks if she (I think Amber) said anything about him. Devin didn't want to say anything but Caleb keeps pushing. Devin says that in the BY earlier she was saying stuff about Caleb being full of himself and the more she gets to know him the more she sees it. Devin says he cut her off and told her to stop. She told him that everyone thinks they have a thing and that she isn't into Caleb. Devin says he continued to tell her to stop.

1:25 AM BBT: Devin continues to try and help Caleb by saying Amber told him once that she has never dated anyone who isn't black or mixed. Devin tells Caleb that she told him that he (Devin) was her type initially. Caleb looks very sad. Devin says one day Caleb will meet a girl that is over the moon and that they will all go to each other’s weddings. Then Frank, Jocasta, Joey, Victoria and, Christine break up to bromance by sitting with their feet in the HT.

1:35AM BBT: The group is talking about Amber's butt and how good it looked in whatever pants she had on yesterday. Caleb looks so uncomfortable. Brit heads to bed. Caleb still looks like he is looking for an excuse to leave the HT. They all talk about seeing each other in the airport which gets us fish.

1:45 AM BBT: We get flashes of fish but in between them, Amber lays down and Frank says goodnight. He says he might get back up later. Paola has headed to bed too. Paola says she feels bad for Caleb cause he was just sitting there not saying anything. Amber asks what she is supposed to do about it. Paola says nothing but it's just sad. Jocasta heads inside leaving Devin alone in the HT with Caleb. Caleb gets called to the DR.

2:00 AM BBT Derrick and Devin are by the hot tub going over what they have told Joey to make her feel better about possibly leaving. Brit and Joey have made their beds and shut off the light, causing the feed to change to the fire BR. The girls in there are talking about their families, their families marriages, and the type of men they want. Paola says she wants a southern man but that Caleb is not her type. Amber says "Me either."

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Guest 6Borders

6am BBT: Good Morning Live Feed Folks and a Very Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends!!!

Cody and Brit are up and giggling on the BY lounge. Cody is talking about being asked if he likes

to go to the DR (didn't get from whom) and says he loves going to the DR which earns us immediate

Fish and WBRB!

6:01-6:06am BBT: Feeds are back and they are talking about the POV. Cody says it sucks and she (Joey maybe)

would not be in this position. Cody said if he had won the POV he would have loved to take Donny off

because Donny is a great guy. They are discussing the vote and Cody says he feels bad for Nicole having

to send someone home (I gather they think Nicole is the swing vote).

Talk turns to Devin and why he thinks he's such a strong player. Cody is saying "he is a really good kid and comes

from an an amazing family" (no idea who). Brit is talking about Devin (she's muffling the mic with a blanket so it's hard

to get what she is saying). Cody says Caleb is someone (he would not put up?) because he's such a strong player

and fighter he would get himself off the block, and if you want someone to go you have to make sure

they will go. Cody says Devin is just a dictator and people are seeing right thru it. Brit agrees. Cody tells

here is she ever needs to vent and talk shit go for it. Says he knows if he needs to do that with Derrick he can.

6:07am BBT: Cody and Brit turn their talk to pool, how much Brit has practiced and who they can beat

in the house at pool. Cody feels like pool is the only thing to do. Brit asks if he plays chess and Cody says

he just gets too board. He says maybe checkers, that everyone loves to play checkers and it's easy.

6:08am BBT: Cody says he can't believe how long they were sequester and his wake up call was 4:30, Brit

says "mine too" and...you guessed it...Fish and WBRB!

6:10am BBT: Feeds are bed and Cody and Brit are discussing where they slept and with whom (maybe the first

night or first week, or else Have Not). Cody says he was miserable the first day because he was crazy excited and forced himself to stay in bed until 4:30. Talk turns to getting food and the new HOH. Cody says he's confused because they

canot not have the have-not challenge because there is not time..but maybe there is.

Cody doesn't think they are going to change that and maybe they get food tonite at midnight and there will be a have-not challenge tomorrow. Cody says he just needs something and he decides he will eat every hour.

Brit says they should have a food challenge every hour. Cody lists the foods he wants as soon as he can eat,

including pizza, man 'n cheese...!!

6:13am BBT: Fish and WBRB because Cody and Brit are discussing requesting things (from the DR).

6:14am BBT: We are back and Cody is saying it would be a mess if everyone were drinking heavily in the house.

They are both quiet and reflective, not saying anything for a minute. Cody suddenly asks "is your body sore"

and Brit tells what she can and can't do and her lower back was like a block of ice.

Cody says when you came out and told us we have to take all the stuff down he thought he was going to

break (something about the Have-Not room).

Cody says he loves when people walk into the back room and say "it's not that cold". Brit says that's

because they are not staying that long.

6:16am BBT: Cody is talking about Zach (I think) and how crazy he is and the stuff that comes out of his mouth

and he's obsessed with everyone. They discuss how Zach loves his brother so much. Cody says he wishes

he could have a younger brother like that. His sister is only a year younger than he is and her birthday is

July 8th, that it's her graduation and birthday party Brit says we will have to wish her a happy birthday

6;18am BBT: Cody is talking about his brother and sister saying it took a while for he and his sis to

get close but they got so close and he doesn't know why it took so long.

Talk turns to Brit's ex...they met when they were young and together for 10 years.

6:20am BBT: BB has shifted all the cameras to the bedrooms of sleeping HG's

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Guest 6Borders

6:21-6:24am BBT: There is a conversation going on in the backyard and BB has apparently decided to

take a break in the control room so all I have to report is sleeping and snoring {thanks a lot BB}

6:25am BBT: The camera is back on Cody & Brit {thanks BB}

They are discussing Frankie and Joey and they would not stop getting up and doing...

and we are back to Fish and WBRB!

6:26am BBT: Feeds are back. Brit is talking about she can't sleep and food, then Cody says

"and then they all brought beers in". Cody says they had the POV and Nicole's birthday (I

guess the POV involved food and they were allowed to eat for Nicole's bday)

Cody says he is used to having a glass of wine and how two glasses got him buzzed.

They are discussing who had how much alcohol and who was drunk!

6:28am BBT: Brit says she thinks Frankie and Zach are going to have a showmance.

Cody says he's going to tell her something and if it gets out he will know she told.

Cody says Zach came up to him at the photobooth and said "I want to fuck Frankie"

and how Frankie was turning him on and this was like on Day #2. Cody said Zach told

him he never had a gay friend and maybe he's just confused

6:29-6:32am BBT:They spot some hummingbirds and Brit says every time she sees them she thinks they

are her grandparents. Cody said he was really excited when he came down the other

day because he'd never seen one before. Talk immediately turns to they wish (BB) would

tell them when they would be have-nots and talk turns to food again. Cody talks about all

the amazing meals they are going to cook. Brit has to explain what halibut is to Cody "a very \

mild fish".

Talk turns to the food budget. Brit says it's probably huge. They discuss why food expires so

fast and Cody said the date (on some food item) was June 24th and that's why.

6:33-6:35am BBT: Talk is back to gay people. Cody said he's never had a gay friend (at least not

that he is aware of) and he didn't until he started going into the city a lot and how some gay

people are so cool, and Frankie is just amazing. Cody says he's just never met someone like

Frankie and he's amazing and Cody loves his personality. He can't wait to hang out with Frankie

after the show. Brit is mumbling through her blanket again. She says she thinks Frankie is a

good person and Cody says he is.

6:36am BBT: Cody said Frankie was in his group when he first came her (interviews) and he told himself

there is no way this kid is not getting on the show. Brief Fish and WBRB because they are talking

about pre-production.

6:37-6:40am BBT: Brit is talking about first walking into the house and someone (who was in her group)

told her they thought she was going to be a bitch and told Brit she is a lot funnier than she thought Brit

would be. Cody says everyone was pretty nice. Cody says "you are funnier than I thought you would be"

Talk turns to the first night and what the first group felt when they came in.

Cody wonders if they are going to throw another twist on Thursday. Cody says he knows for a fact

that live evictions are always on Sundays and Brit says they are on Thursday. Cody is saying they

are all out of wack (schedule) because it's the 11th day. Cody feels like a double eviction is coming

very soon. Cody says he hates talking about it because then his mind goes millions of miles.

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Guest 6Borders

6:40am BBT: Talk turns to the beds and the different rooms. They think something

crazy like the sprinkles will go off in the fire room. Cody loves the beds in the rock room.

Cody says he hates to ask (BB?) what is going on. Brit says something which gives

us a brief Fish/WBRB.

We're back and Cody says the (have not) shower is the easier part for him and Brit says

it's the hardest part for her. Cody's talking about how it does not take long (for him) to

rinse his hair but harder for the girls.

6:42-6:46am BBT: The discuss taking a nap and Cody says they should and they head in

to the house to nap until the music starts. Brit says she never hears the music.

Cody says do you want me to wake you up. The head into the ice bedroom past

some loud snoring in the earth bedroom. Brit is covering herself up in bed next

to Joey and Cody goes to his bed. Brit whispers to Cody "thank you for watching

the sunrise" Joey wakes up and Brit tells her "we watched the sunrise".

Brit and Joey have settled down and Cody is now making himself comfortable.

6:45am BBT: All the HG's are now tucked in their beds sleeping or attempting to

sleep, except Cody. He's heading to the WC before bed.

6:48-6:50am BBT: Cody is out of the WC, washes his hands and heads back to bed.

Brit wakes up and gives a half-giggle. They whisper something I could not hear

and now Cody is tucked in for a nap until wake up call.

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Guest 6Borders

6:54-6:59am BBT: Brit gets out of bed, whispers to Cody "I can't sleep" and

heads to the bathroom, grabbing what looks like a bag of cotton puffs on the way.

Brit uses the WC, adjusts her mic and starts applying body lotion, fixing her hair, etc

6:59-7:02am BBT: Brit gathers up her robe and heads to the kitchen to fix something

in the microwave. Looks like some pre-mixed slop and spices.

7:06am BBT: Brit takes her food to the BY couches to eat. Planes are going over

and the camera guys are having fun panning in and out on Brit.

7:13am BBT: Brit is eating on the BY couch and the rest of the house is sleeping.

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Guest 6Borders

7:22-7:30am BBT: Brit is still on the BY couch with her beverage and appears deep in

thought. The airport activity is buzzing and Brit occasionally looks up {maybe to see if

the planes are close enough to see the pilots...that's what I always look for}

7:32-7:33am BBT: Brit is still on the couch {sure wish she were talking out her thoughts because

they look really deep}. Just for laughs I checked in on the rest of the house and can report

snoring and heavy breathing, accompanied by lots of machine noises.

7:36am BBT: Brit whispers something to herself that sounds like "ohhh man" but doesn't

elaborate on the thought.

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Guest 6Borders

7:36-7:45am BBT: Nothing to report unless you need to know that 7 planes

have now gone over the BB House and Brit has inspected her nails twice

7:50am BBT: Brit says again "ohhh man" {c'mon Brit, let us in on it}

Lots of noises can be heard in the background like equipment being shoved

back and forth.

7:55am BBT: Brit gathers up her dishes and heads into the house. She actually

puts her dishes in the sink without washing or rinsing them and leaves

{I am shocked, that is so un-Brit like -6Borders}

and heads back to the ice bedroom for another attempt at sleeping.

7:57-7:58am BBT: A quick inventory of the house shows everyone is sleeping.

7:59am BBT: we have a split second Fish/WBRB {maybe someone in the control room

accidently hit the wrong button} and right back to all cams on the sleeping HG's.

8:01am BBT: We have Fish and WBRB so I guess BB is either practicing a wake up

call or there is something they are doing behind the walls they don't want us to hear.

We are back to sleeping HG's on all cams.

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Guest 6Borders

8:11am BBT: Everyone is still sleeping, amid a few restless position changes!

{just before the last Fish/WBRB I thought I saw a crew person in the house so if anyone

gets a chance to flash back and check it out please let me know -6Borders}

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(I checked on flashback, didn't see a crew person on the feeds before the Fish/WBRB)

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Guest 6Borders

8:25-8:30am BBT: Nothing to report really, except the noises like heavy equipment

being moved seem to have stopped and things are really quiet. There is a tapping noise that happens

intermittently I can't ID. The HG's are all still snoozing.

(I checked on flashback, didn't see a crew person on the feeds before the Fish/WBRB)

Thanks...I must be getting old and losin' it LOL! Could have been a moving cam creating a shadow.

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Guest 6Borders

8:51am BBT: I hear footsteps but they are off camera {Nicole's ghost pal maybe}

and what sounds like dripping water.

8:58-9:02am BBT: Someone is up. Looks like Christine. Confirmed, it's Christine {BB has

the lights on now}. She goes to the WC and we can hear loud nose blowing {she's been

having trouble with that since being in Calif in case you just tuned in to the feeds recently}.

She washed up and heads back to bed, still snuffling.

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Guest 6Borders

9:20am BBT: I'm still here, the HG's are still sleepin' & snoring, a few

restless tosses 'n turns and the machine humming has started back up.

Probably nothing will happen until wake up call.

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Guest 6Borders

9:41:48am BBT: Feeds are on and away we go!

In the flame room Donny is heard saying "we don't have to do that right now...we can do it together"

9:452am BBT: Frankie is yawn-talking to Christine in the bathroom. He thanks Amber for the sunglasses and

says "why are you awake, go back to bed" and gives her a hug. Frankie and Christine are in the backyard

and Frankie is saying the boys were out here conspirizing (he is tired and can't put his words together).

Frankie is telling Christine that Caleb says it's time for a smaller alliance and they are laughing and Christine

says "this is unbelieveable"

9:45-9:50am BBT: BB hollers at the HG's "I SAID the bedroom lights must remain on during the day"

Christine and Frankie are in the hammock. They are laughing and Frankie says all of them have

given them (he and Christine) the information to destroy all their relationships. Frankie says he

told Caleb "isn't it odd that Devin told you this after noms". Christine asks what Caleb said and
Frankie replies that he said "Damn" {Christine finds this completely funny...guess you had to be there}

Christine says "he" (?) is so good at damage control.

Frankie is saying that Brit has unbelievable ability to manipulate all the boys. Frankie says she is

still on the "Devin rampage". Frankie says every single person in the house hates Devin.

Christine thinks Devin is trying to get tight with Amber because Amber likes Devin more than Caleb.

9:50-9:55am BBT: Frankie is telling Christine that the new person in the alliance is apparently Hayden.

Christine says "where did he come from". Frankie says now if they get HOH they can put up Devin.

Christine says "omg that is amazing". Talk turns to Team America (Joey ratted it out) and Frankie

wants to be the 3rd nominee for T.A...says it does not even matter if Cody wins.

Frankie says "smart people who love the game will find it funny". He says if Caleb wins it he (Frankie)

is done. They are discussing Caleb's inflated ego. Christine says she asked if there was anything he

can't do and Caleb said he didn't play tennis. They don't want Devin in or anywhere near the jury

house. Christine whispers "we gotta get him out". Frankie says Brit wants to make jury but would

not mind going home early to be with her kids. Christine basically says who does that.

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9:03am Christine blows her nose alot and then heads right back to bed.

9:31am We now have FOTH . Maybe a wake up call.

9:42am Frankie and Christine in the WCA whispering and laughing.Frankie says I was up at 6:30 and wants to go back to bed. He says thank you for the sunglasses and looks at Amber and says why are you awake go back to bed I am then goes outside with Christine. He tells Christine that the boys were talking last night and saying it is time for a smaller alliance to get Devin and Amber out.

9:47am Frankie and Christine on the hammock saying that every single person in this house hates Devin. Christine says yeah they do.Donny is in the KT making breakfast.
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Guest 6Borders

9:5510am BBT: Frankie and Christine continue to discuss the other hg's. Christine says

"what about Jocasta" and Frankie says "no clue". They agree she is hard to read and Frankie

says it would be fun to have her (Jocasta) take out Devin. Lots of laughing about that.

Christine relates (again in case you missed it the last 6 times) that it reminds her of being

bullied in the 6th grade. Frankie says what is he going to do, throw me off the balcony.

Frankie says "look at poor Donny over there...let's go get him in the alliance".

They go to join Donny on the BY couches and Frankie says it looks like rain today

{wouldn't we love that here in Calif -6Borders}. He says his shoes are way over there and

he is worried that it is going to pour down rain. Donny says he thought he heard thunder

but they decide it's just the cameras in the walls. Frankie decides he is going back to bed

and wishes everyone goodnight.

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Guest 6Borders

10am BBT: Donny is on the BY couch drinking water and humming a tune

to himself {he must have this down to a science or own the copyright because

BB never tells him to stop -6Borders}.

Donny takes his plate into the kitchen and begins to wash up the dishes

10:02am BBT: Amber is brushing teeth and Victoria is finishing her shower

and now doing ADL's.. Donny preps his toothbrush and heads to the bathroom, giving

a brief look into the camera. He mutters {what I am officially dubbing a "Donny-Ism"}

"gotta brush your teeth...both of them"

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Guest 6Borders

10:06am BBT: Donny remarks "that's a big 'ol ugly beard ain't it" to Amber.

Victoria is doing makeup.

Looks like Donny, Victoria and Amber are the only ones up.

10:09-10:12am BBT: Donny is getting his shoes from a huge pile of them in the kitchen.

Victoria comes thru and says "good morning" {guess she didn't notice he was just in

the bathroom} on one of her endless trips thru the house. Donny rinses a milk jug and

takes it outside, gets his water and some chew! He's still humming and singing to himself.

Donny adjusts the elliptical and starts his work out.

10:13am BBT: Amber and Victoria are still primping in the bathroom!

Looks like everyone else is still sleeping or has gone back to bed.

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Guest 6Borders

10:28am BBT: Joes is up and readjusting her blankes.

Donny & Victoria are on the BY couches...just general chit chat about dreams!

10:37am BBT: Donny and Amber are in the BY. Donny is relating that he

thinks one of the rubber ducks quacked yesterday. Said he might be looing his

mind. Amber says "we are all losing our minds.

Amber says she should start the towels. Donny says whenever you want to

do that we can start them together. General discussion about laundry.

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Guest 6Borders

10:42-10:44am BBT: Not much to reort. Nicole is up briefly. Donny is wandering

around the backyard, the laundry has been started.

Nicole is back in bed w/Victoria. She asked how long are you sleeping for

and the reply is until they call me into the DR (Victoria has done her hair and

make up before going back to bed so she's camera ready).

Some sighing and snoring can be heard over the humming of the BB machines

doing whatever BB machines do.

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10:30 am BBT Victoria is in the kitchen making food in the microwave. Donny on the Eliptical telling Amber when he first starting using it 11 minutes in it almost killed him, but today he is almost at 11 minutes and he is fine. Today he may go 12 minutes. Amber say " that's the way to do it, add a minute every day." Victoria come out to the backyard with her food and joins Donny and Amber. Donny stays on the for 13 minutes today.

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Guest 6Borders

10:55am BBT: Zach is up {shocker} and in the shower!

Frankie and Caleb are asleep in the HOH room. Frankie has

his"eye turbin" on. In the flame room Nicole has the pillow over her

face. Looks like the house is catching up on sleep after being up late.

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10:57 am BBT Camera 1 and 2 on Zach taking a shower. Camera 3 on sleeping houseguests in fire bedroom and camera 4 on Frankie sleeping in HOH.

11:01 am BBT cameras 1 and 2 change from Zach showering to Donny walking over and laying in the hammock. Looks like Zach and Donny are the only ones up, so the feeds are very quiet since Zach was taking a shower and Donny is laying in the hammock.

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