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Tuesday, July 1 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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9:29 PM BBT: Everyone wishes Victoria's sister happy birthday on the feeds. Frankie says, "It's everyone's sister's birthday this week." Frankie, Caleb, and Paola are still in the hammock area. The camera is showing Frankie. He was blinking his eyes rapidly, closed his eyes, then tried to wake himself up. He's obviously tired. He once again closed his eyes on the hammock. Joey is still keeping up the Alex routine in the backyard. Seems like the majority of the houseguests are outside now.

Joey walks into the kitchen and asks Amber, "What if I told you I liked the way you look?" They laugh. Derrick and Amber are enjoying the Alex routine. The cameras have been following Joey for awhile now and the houseguests are picking up on it. Joey wants to go into the DR, but it seems Nicole is still in there. Now Joey is trying to start up the chainsaw with no success. She is doing some awkward poses by it. Now she is doing lunges and squats for the camera to show off how well-endowed Alex is. (I feel dirty watching her). She is now in the bathroom smacking her ass with a hairbrush for the camera. Paola went into the kitchen, and Joey scares her by sneaking next to Paola and loudly sniffing her. Nicole comes out of the DR and Alex says that she has some nice tan legs. Houseguests such as Amber, Christine, and Derrick seem to be enjoying her routine. Joey walks to the DR and push the button to go in there since Nicole is out. Devin informs her that someone else went in. Joey gets frustrated because she has been waiting to go in there. Joey is now walking into the Earth bedroom and dancing on the beds.

9:36 PM BBT Frankie and Caleb are on the hammock by themselves. Caleb: "She will definitely reap what she sows, trying to use me to get to the end." Caleb says that Devin told him that Amber wanted to be at the end with Caleb. Seems like Caleb is basing off this on hearsay from Devin. Frankie says he doesn't think Devin can be the middleman any more. Frankie thinks Caleb should talk to her once things calm down. Caleb says he doesn't want to talk to her. He believes Amber has been talking crap about him.

(I really want to continue updating, but I know I'm going to fall asleep at work tomorrow if I stay up any longer. Night.)

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#BB16 8:56 PM Nicole playing billiards with Cody. She tells him he is the best smelling guy she has ever smelled in her entire life. he says thanks.

#BB16 9:15 PM Joeys comes out of the house as "Alex". She is drinking something and laughing. Frankie playing on the character. Asking "Alex" is she is gay or straight.

#BB16 9:23 PM Joey is roaming the house as "Alex" making HG very uncomfortable.

#BB16 9:38 PM Feeds come back and Joey is changing out of her Alex outfit.

#BB16 9:45 PM Caleb talking to Frankie on the hammock. Caleb says that he will no longer speak to Amber. He says he wants to remain the person he is. Frankie says he should.

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10:05pm Pool game going in the By and Victoria and Jocasta and Amber are in the fire rm talking about people hiding things.

10:11pm Frankie is heading to the STR sayin g he doesn't want to get in trouble for not washing his dishes. In the BY the pool game continues. Paola is changing clothes in the fire rm as Victoria looks at a bra and Amber is helping paola with the dress she is putting on.

10:15pm Caleb is in the hoh rm while Devin is in the shower telling him that he didn't tell amber anything and that he has Caleb back.Caleb tells Devin that Amber likes him and wants a showmance with him and Devin says no she don't.Caleb says yeah she does.

10:18pm Caleb said earlier he was sitting in the By and Amber was sitting there ignoring him and he says man I thought a lot about her at the beginning cause I thought they put her in here for me and me for her but I know they didn't so I don't really care.

10:23pm Paola changing clothes again in fire rm talking to Victoria about all the crazy stuff that's been going on but they wont hit anyone and Victoria laughs.Amber shows Paola another dress.

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10:39pm Nicole, Brittany, Joey and Cody in the BY playing pool while Frankie, Victoria, Christine, Hayden and Donny watch. Caleb, Derrick, and Zach on the BY couch just chit chatting.

10:47pm Frankie and Zach in the HoH talking about not revealing the Bomb Squad. Zach asks if Amber is still in the Bomb Squad, Frankie responds saying it is still intact.

10:49pm Zach asks Frankie if Frankie and Caleb have a final 2 deal, Frankie says no. Zach talks about Devin not being able to hide anything.

10:50pm Frankie: "Caleb is a huge asset", Zach: "Christine told me that Amber keeps telling her that Caleb and Devin want me and Cody out of the Bomb Squad", Frankie: "I think that has changed today."

10:57pm Zach and Frankie think they are not targets because they are not even on the board. They talk about the only people they can't control, are Jocasta, Brittany, Paola, Donny, and Nicole, and how they are the next 5 targets.

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11:03pm Devin is changing his mic, Frankie and Zach strategizing about what to do depending on who wins HOH, thinking if Amber and Devin win "it will probably be the worst thing".

11:12 Frankie and Zach feed the fish. Joey and Paola on the couch in the WC talking about how they need to remember that its just a show, and to be grateful.

11:21pm Donny, Victoria, Amber, Frankie, Jocasta, Nicole and Derrick in the Kitchen. They are hoping for someone to ring the doorbell and come in.

11:23 Devin is going to sleep, Donny joined Paola and Joey in the WC, Frankie started singing and WBRB.

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11:34 PM F1/2 Zach explains to Caleb he likes Snapchat to share what he's doing throughout the day, prefers it to posting on Instagram. Paola wonders to Joey "what if one of us was Americas favorite"?

11:36 PM F1/2 Derrick, Caleb, Zach speculate(again) if the vote will be 13-0, or if there will be a few stray votes. Cody joins them to discuss the difference between empathy and sympathy. Determining definitions turns into figuring out how much sleep they will get between now and Thursday live show.

11:40 PM F1/2 Derrick, Caleb, Zach, Cody speculation turns to what the HOH comp will be Thursday? True/False, Questions, Majority Rules? They don't expect it to be endurance since the show is live. Derrick explains the show is live at 5pst.

Zach plays Julie:"Cody, I hear all the girls are in love with you..."

Victoria, Christine, and Nicole join them, Nicole lays on the couch and gets a head massage from Cody.

F3/4 Joey, Britt in WA getting ready for bed. Britt hopes to get sleep tonight since she got so little last night.

11:50 PM F1/2 Frankie is entertaining the others, doing impressions of the HGs

Frankie as Caleb:"I'm just gonna win every game... also I'm gonna sing... and dance... and kill a hog"

Frankie as Cody: "Wanna do abs?"

11:55 PM F1/2 Flashback worthy moment...

Zach starts a 'talent show', has Nicole come up to 'bump/grind'.

Nicole:what's that?

Zach:I'll bump and you stand there and grind.

After 2 seconds, he has her sit down.

Frankie is up next, heads to storage room to get (small cherry tomatoes?) to have Zach play "Dingle Berry Red Swollen Berries in my mouth". Zach has his hands behind his back, and they attempt to toss the 'berries' into the other's mouth.

Derrick's 'talent' is "I'm going to go wash my face and go to bed".

Paola's talent is getting Cody to spread his legs, then she does a split under his legs and ducks her head thru his legs.Hayden does dramatic readings from imaginary book he's holding.

Next up, Frankie/Hayden do a 'very hyper sexual workout routine', consisting of Frankie on his back and Heyden over him as they do ab workout.

F3/4 Britt has joined Jocasta outside on the patio, small talk going on between them, then Britt goes to fold clothes

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