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  1. 10:31am Frankie and Nicole are laying out in BY. Frankie asks Nicole what her mom and dad do. Nicole says her dad is a boss doing road work. He has only taken 4 days off in his career. The day of his wedding, one her and her sibling was born and when she got her BB key. Her mom was a stay at home mom until Nicole was in 10th grade. Frankie says his dad is a doctor and his mom does telecommunications. Brittany comes out and joins them
  2. 9:46am feeds are back. Camera 1 and 2 on bathroom. Jocosta doing ADLs and Nicole in the shower. camera 3 and 4 on Kitchen table with Frankie and Donny eating
  3. 7:59pm Caleb talking in BY to Donny speculating on the HOH comp on Thursday and if America will pick the second HOH or not. 8:01pm Jocosta tells everyone near the bathroom not to sit on the toilet for a few minutes, she has just cleaned it with bleach. 8:04 pm Amber is in bed in the fire room feeling sick. Poala comes in and asks Amber if she can get her any medicine. Amber says yes, Poala asks does it matter Nightquil or Dayquil? Amber says no. As Poala leaves, Zach comes in to check on Amber and to see if she wants anything to eat. Tells her they are making burgers. 8:09pm Cody says when he gets out of the house he can't wait to eat oatmeal, that he never had oatmeal before and wants to see what it is like compared to slop. 8:12pm Zach, Cody,Nicole, Christine, and Victoria are in the earth room talking. Cody asking Victoria about being Jewish and Victoria is teaching them a few sayings in Hebrew.
  4. 7:50 pm BBT Frankie in HOH bathroom primping in the mirror, Derrick is also with him off camera. They are discussing if Caleb would put up Amber now that Devin told Celeb that Amber told Devin she doesn't go for guys like Caleb. She dates black or mixed guys. 7"54 FOTH
  5. 7ish BBT Cody, Frankie laying in bed in the earth room, Victoria comes in. Cody asks her if she is a virgin. She exclaims "why would you ask me that?" Victoria doesn't answer him. She leaves to ":go get pretty" when she returns she said she had an answer for Cody, Victoria says she is going to plead the 5th.
  6. 10:57 am BBT Camera 1 and 2 on Zach taking a shower. Camera 3 on sleeping houseguests in fire bedroom and camera 4 on Frankie sleeping in HOH. 11:01 am BBT cameras 1 and 2 change from Zach showering to Donny walking over and laying in the hammock. Looks like Zach and Donny are the only ones up, so the feeds are very quiet since Zach was taking a shower and Donny is laying in the hammock.
  7. 10:30 am BBT Victoria is in the kitchen making food in the microwave. Donny on the Eliptical telling Amber when he first starting using it 11 minutes in it almost killed him, but today he is almost at 11 minutes and he is fine. Today he may go 12 minutes. Amber say " that's the way to do it, add a minute every day." Victoria come out to the backyard with her food and joins Donny and Amber. Donny stays on the for 13 minutes today.
  8. 10:33am BBT Caleb asks to speak to Donny and the go to the BY. Caleb wants to know where Donny's head is at, and asks him who he wants to see go up. Donny says he will be saving himself, and he doesn't really care who goes up. He has friends in the house but no real close bonds like in seasons past. Devin says ":it's all good man, just wanted to know where your head is at. The shake hands and go back inside.
  9. 10:11am BBT we are back from FOTH. On feeds 1 and 2 is Devin, Caleb and Frankie in the kitchen. Devin is telling Frankie to talk to Brittany and tell her "That Devin really is a big teddy bear." Devin keeps rehashing his conversation with Brittany last night. Frankie said "he will smile, nod and keep his distance" Frankie then says soon she (Brittany) will be all alone.
  10. 10:07am BBT Devin in the kitchen rehashing last nights conversation with Brittany to Caleb. BB told them to clean the bathroom and wash the mirrors above the sick, so Frankie says he will wash the mirror 10:09am BBT went to FOTH
  11. 9:12am BBT went to FOTH could this be the wake up call?
  12. 9:06am BBT Everyone is sleeping, not seeing any movement. ( My coverage will be hit and miss, but when I can have the live feeds on, I will post. BTW Morty, love your website and have followed BB on your website since season 5 when I first started watching BB)
  13. 752pm BBT switching feeds back to Victoria, Amber and Pow Pow in fire room. Amber says she can't really start the game until the first eviction. Victoria says she likes Joey as a person, but game wise I don't know. 7:55pm BBT Victoria said she could have won the POV if she could have found a C. Pow Pow tells Victoria to lay low, Victoria says she doesn't think the boys know how competitive she can be. 7:58pm BBT Amber says she has to poop, PowPow wants to get nail clippers from the diary room, so they and Victoria leave the fire room. 8:04pm BBT Frankie is explaining Kabala religion to Christine on BY couchs.



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