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Tuesday, July 1 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Guest 6Borders

11:03am BBT: Dopnny is in the hammock whispering to himself (maybe going

over comp info for a Q&A)

Zach appears to be out of the shower and has disappeared for parts unknown off camera.

Everyone else is sleeping still.

Donny is making bird sounds now and the planes are flying over.

11:05am BBT: BB calls Caleb to the DR.

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#BB!6 10:04AM HG doing ADLs on all feeds.

#BB16 10:27 AM In the BY Donny completes 13 minutes on the step-machine. He says 13 is his lucky number.

#BB16 10:41 AM Donny roaming the BY. Nicole in the WCA and everyone else is in bed. Lights are all on.

#BB16 11:06 AM BB occasionally calling HG to DR. Every is asleep in bed except Donny who is lying on the hammock.

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Guest 6Borders

11:06-11:08am BBT: Devin is up and walking around. Remarks "this is creepy"

and where is everyone. Says it's like a ghost town {don't tell Nicole}.

Devin says "I guess it's up to me to....(missed the rest, sorry).

Devin is picking at his neck in the bathroom mirror..clipping something {now THAT

is creepy to me}

11:09-ll:llam BBT: Zach has gone back to bed after his shower. Derrick's bed is empty

but I don't see him on camera anywhere. Devin is still in the bathroom doing ADL's and

Donny is still in the hammock (all cams are on them right now).

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Guest 6Borders

11:23-ll:25am BBT: Jocasta and Brit are in the bathroom.

Mostly ADL's but Brit remarks that the have-not's no longer have to

be have nots.

Donny is on the BY couch reading a nail polish bottle {dang...now that

is desperate for reading material -6Borders}

11:25am BBT: BB calls Jocasta to the DR.

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Guest 6Borders

11:26am BBT: BB again calls Jocasta to the DR.

Nicole has joined Donny and he is trying to figure out what a hair tie does

We get Fish and WBRB for a minute.

11:27-11:29am: Donny and Nicole are raising the awnings and Donny is explaining

that it's not that complicated. Donny says "that ladies voice (BB) is so nice" and

Nicole agrees. Donny remarks that your feet can get hot. Nicole lets us know she

has tough feet and goes barefoot a lot.

Donny remarks "this is how we earn our keep around here" Nicole says taking

care of any home no matter where it is.

Nicole asks if he's hungry and he says no, he had two pieces of toast with jelly

and he normally has cereal. Nicole is not a cereal person, and she's not huge

on bacon anymore.

11:30am BBT: Nicole asks if Donny is going to work out and he says he thinks not,

doesn't want to hurt his shoulder.

11:31:BB calls someone to the DR but I didn't hear who (sorry) but I think it's Brit

because she says "I'm coming...just a second". She says everytime she goes in there

she looks like (death?) and Christine tells her she looks great. Brit says "love you Christine,

I'll be back for more motivational talk"

11:32am BBT: In the BY Donny and Nicole are finished with the awnings and Donny says thanks

to the nice lady and it was some exercise. Talk turns to the weather. Donny remarks that

Calif has some good weather but he feels sorry for the plants because there is no rain

{yeah, we do too Donny, but thanks for noticing -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

11:34-ll:40am BBT: Jocasta pops out and talks to Donny and Nicole. Talk is about

playing by the rules. Jocasta leaves and they remark she has a great smile...Donny

says everyone does and Nicole says "even you Donny". He thanks her.

Talk turns to birds and Donny wonders if there are hummingbirds out here {there are,

just in case you want to know}.

Nicole wishes they had a dog and Donny says that would be a lot of responsibility

and it would be pooping everywhere. Nicole says they could train it and Donny says

he's never had success.

Donny relates a dog he knows whose name is Shorty but he calls it Reina. Nicole

wants to know why and Donny has no clue but gives everyone a nickname. Nicole

asks what hers is and he says he has not given her one yet.T

Talk turns to hashtags and social medial. Nicole is trying to explain it. She says she

has some things to teach him when they get out. Nicole is going to get him a computer.

She says they can move to Calif. Donny says are you moving and she says she lives here

now. Nicole says she was told to give Calif. a year...Donny says there is always home!

Donny remarks that the swimming pool is pretty and Nicole would like some of those little

(floating) candles or lillies. Nicole likes fresh flowers and Donny says maybe they will

have some for the coffee table Thurs. night., that they have to have everything spiffy to

impress Julie.

11:41am BBT: Brit joins Nicole and Donny. Says she was super tired

and tells them she went to bed at 8 this morning. She tells them Cody came out

to keep her company. General chit-chat about chatting with Cody another hour.

and she could not sleep. Brit says it was nice to sit out and clear her mind when

nobody else was around. Donny remarks it is easier to zone out now and now you

look for some alone time.

They decide the towels are done and go to check and find 2 minutes to go. Donny

says that was a long 8 minutes {I have a washing machine like that so I can relate}

11:43:41am BBT: Fish and WBRB

11:44-11:48am BBT: Feeds back. Victoria is in the kitchen and Jocasta,

Christine and Brit are in the bathroom doing ADL's.

General discussion about washing clothes. Devin joins the girls

looking for the house lotion {uh oh...here comes "Lotion-Gate" again -6Borders}

Brit finds some lotion and hands it to Devin. General chit chat about "issues".

Brit is relating Cody joining her to watch the sunrise for the bathroom crew.

Brit says once they are done being have-not's she's going into...and switches to

it's her last (birthcontrol) pill. Someone remarks hopefully you won't need it in

this house.

General conv. I can't hear much over the hairdryer but its not game talk.

11:49am BBT: Donny and Amber are in the BY watching the washer

and Amber is explaining how it works. She says it's pretty simple and Donny

remarks "it don't look it". Says his name is DT (no clue where that came from or

how it's related to the conv).

11:50am BBT: Devin is eating and discussing snoring with Amber, who is now

in the kitchen cleaning/organizing {she moves faster than BB15 Andy}

11:51-11:54am BBT: General girl chit chat in the bathroom. Christine says (at home)

she has to wear earplugs because Tim (guess that is her hubby) snores.

Discussion about sleeping in the house vs. hme. Christine relates she got

sunburned so not going to lie out today.

Talk turns to the house getting back on schedule and have/have nots.

Brit asks if she gets HOH will they all come have sleep over's with her and they

enthusiastically say yes.

11:56am BBT: Just general chit-chat about missing people and how tired they are,

what time they went to bed, doing ADL's and saving some cupcakes (from Nicole's

birthday party) for the have nots.

Nothing really new.

Devin tells Donny you get lyme disease from cutting too many limes. Donny says "what...you get

lyme disease from ticks". Devin says he knows but used to think you got it from limes.

Silly talk about getting lemon disease from lemons and Devin has oatmeal disease.

Donny is going to jump in the pool today...he wants to hear that duck quack!

11:59am BBT: Amber and Devin start talking game but it wasn't too informative.

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12:01pm Amber in the Kt cleaning as Devin finishes eating and Victoria washing a cup. Devin talking about it being so hot outside and so freaking cold inside.

12:07pm Amber is cleaning the house and Devin tells here to wait and clean tomorrow for Thursdays show and have someone clean a certain area cause there are 16 people in this house but everyone with a different idea of cleanliness.
12:17pm Devin and Christine and Brittany in KT talking about gluten free foods and medications.Nicole in the BY running
12:22pm Amber is now cleaning the out the refrigerator. Donny and Nicole in the By talking about enjoying the pool and laying out today cause tomorrow they will be cooped up in the house and will have to go to the Bee Hive to talk.
12:35pm A lot of cleaning and chit chat going on in the KT and Brittany sitting outside. Christine and Nicole in the WCA.
12:43pm Jocasta says all we need now is a vacuum cleaner. Amber says when I get started cleaning I can't stop.Devin is drying dishes as Victoria washes them. Amber stubs her toe on the chair and yells.Donny is sitting in the BY and Christine is sitting by the pool reading a bible.Nicole is getting ready to go outside and Brittany is fixing to go out also everyone else in the house is still sleeping.
12:51pm Brittany telling Christine about all the things her kids do in a week and she says I will never tell my kids they can't go outside again after being on LD in this house I will never tell them they can't go out again.
12:58pm Several in KT still cleaning and making food to eat. Brittany and Christine by the pool talking general chat. we keep getting a lot of WBRB from Devin talking about production.
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1:07pm :A lot of chit chat going on about travelling and going to little simple bars.

1:19pm Zach and Derrick laying in bed watching Victoria put her shoes on. In the By the girls are running from a Beetle and laughing. Brittany just covered it up with a towel and they say it is moving like am mouse. Nicole says what you going to do with it? I don't have a plan. Donny comes to save the girls and takes the bug away and the girls thank him.

1:35pm Everyone is out of bed and either in the KT or by the pool just a lot of chit chat going on about taking medications or religion.

1:38pm Christine and Zach in STR talking about gluten free oatmeal in there..Paola is being called to the DR Derrick getting in the shower and Donny is in the pool

1:50pm Jocasta and Caleb talking about going to stores and fast food restaurant and where kids hang out at in their hometowns. Hayden is making food.

1:56pm: BB Says Caleb the HOH rm is ready for you and everyone yells and Caleb says maybe i have a couple of hotties up there as he goes to HOh rm then we get WBRB.

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1:30 PM BBT: Jocasta and Frankie are talking in the KT. Frankie says he can't wait to lay out in the sun all day. (It appears some of them are just waking up?)

Christine, Zach, Cody, Nicole and Amber outside just general conversation about music. Christine says she hates people that say they like everything but country.

Zach and Derrick are talking in the bedroom. Conversation about how they feel Devin is a cop. Derrick starts talking about the crotch rocket he had.

1:40 PM BBT: Feeds cut to Christine and Zach talking in the storage area. They discuss about how Devin doesn't know theres an alliance of five that he's not in. (Derrick, Frankie Christine, Cody and Zach)

Derrick is now showering, Christine and Zach are brushing their teeth, just general discussion about how people are sleeping in the house. Hayden, Paola and Nicole also in the room now.

Outside, Donny is swimming and Amber has joined him as well. Feeds are cut right after Brittany is called to the DR.

1:45 PM BBT: Back in the bathroom, Christine and Frankie are talking about Frankie's short run as HoH. Most of the HGs just doing ADLs.

Feeds cut to Jocasta, Devin and Caleb in the dining area. General discussion about church and how small Caleb's hometown is. Caleb says it is a simple life and everyone in his town knows each other. Caleb continues talking about his church and hometown to Jocasta.

Frankie is now outside on the hammock and keeps saying "Chick fil a, Chick fil a ..." He says he wants to sing so badly.. He asks Donny to tell him a story. Donny tells him a story about a yellow duck named Howie.

1:57 PM BBT: Feeds have been cut to fish. Conversation in the kitchen was about Caleb's blogging on twitter. Feeds are back. Frankie is meditating on the hammock. Amber and Brittany are also with him meditating. Feeds again fish.

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2:02 PM BBT: Feeds are back. Meditation continues oustide. Feed 1 is on Nicole and Paola. Nicole says she wants to keep Paola. Nicole says she didn't see two of the first four girls in the house being up on the block in the first week. Victoria has now joined those two. Conversation about whether Caleb will get a HoH camera, Victoria says she isn't even dressed. All three then decide to head in and do their hair/makeup.

Outside, meditation has ended. Frankie keeps repeating "Little boy in the red shorts, stop cutting in line", apparently it is refering to a story when he was 18. Conversation then turns to theme park versions of Amazing Race. Frankie asks CBS to please do a version like this and have him in it.

2:10 PM BBT: Derrick and Joey are talking in the kitchen on Feed 3. Derrick says he took some time away from thinking about the game yesterday, and now feels that this day 1 for him. They start talking about what day it is. They agree its Tuesday and that is Day 12 in the house! Other feeds show Devin and Zach talking about the possiblity of a double eviction and twists done the road. They then discuss about the Next HoH. Zach asks what if it is endurance. Devin says he is not worried what it might be, he is just in "Relaxation Station" and is enjoying the rest the next few days. Talk turns to if they will get their keys at the end of the game. Feeds keeping go fish briefly.
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2:06pm BBT Victoria wants to shower upstairs so she can shower without a bathing suit. Paola is drying her hair. Most Hg are in the BY laying by the pool with general chit chat.

2:21pm A lot of general talk going on about grooming and TV shows . most of the Hg are at the pool laying out and laughing.

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Great job everyone! We have two updaters covering 5PM to 9PM BBT, then NOTHING for the rest of the day. If you have the feeds and the time, please help out by posting some live feed updates. You don't need any special permission, just login and post. If you have not registered to post in the forums, it's easy, it's free, but you'll be asked for an invitation code. Use the number 6547979 If you have any questions, just drop into the chat room where there's usually a moderator or a veteran poster that can help.


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#BB16 11:20 AM BBT We have a few minutes of FOTH. When we come back it appears a few more HG are up.

#BB16 11:36 AM Devin finds chicken breast that has been out all night and asks Jocasta if she knows anything about it. They decide to throw it away.

#BB16 11:54 AM Amber and Devin in the KT. Devin is eating. They are discussing who their F4 would be in the house.

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#BB16 3:35 PM Caleb and Paola talking in SR. Giving each other their word that they will not vote them out.

#BB16 3:52 PM Brittany telling Paola in the BR that she feels she is really staying this week. Tells her she wouldn't say that if she wasn't sure.

#BB16 4:03 PM Joey does a "scene". Yelling at the HG that she want's their vote and her name is Alex. She says either vote for her or vote for those they are afraid of.

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5:05 PM BBT Devin and Cody are outside stretching in the yard. Zach and Frankie are in the KT but the feeds keep switching because Frankie is in a singing mood.

5:09 PM BBT Frankie is dancing in the KT "Let's do this, I can't wait til Thursday." Repeat

5:16 PM BBT Caleb is talking to Devin in the BY. Devin is telling him that he is letting her his heart interfere with his game. Caleb says he hates having to protect someone (Amber) who is talking bad about him behind his back. Devin says he needs to man up and be strong.

5:21 PM BBT Devin is telling Caleb that he is stressing over something that is no big deal. He tells him not to let this affect him. Caleb says this will only make him step up more. He isn't going to let it bother him and eat him alive. However, he isn't going to do all the little things he had been doing before like fixing her meals and kissing her cheek. He isn't going to jeopardize the Bomb Squad but he isn't do anything special for her either.

5:24 PM BBT Devin is telling Caleb he is breaking down over someone he has only known for two weeks. Devin is telling him to be quiet because Amber is outside and can probably hear him. Frankie comes over and sits down with them.

5:32 PM BBT Frankie must be bored. He is dancing around the yard and then inside saying do you wanna play a game, I wanna play a game, do you wanna play a game with me?" Donny is in the KT watching Zach slice a pizza.

5:43 PM BBT Caleb and Victoria are sitting on the hammock talking about Devin. Victoria is not a fan. Caleb goes to get up and almost spills Victoria off the hammock.

5:47 PM BBT Victoria and Jocasta are talking about by the hot tub. Victoria says she has been seeing a different side of Caleb the last few days. She feels sorry for him because he is taking it (Amber) so hard. Frankie and Hayden are goofing off in the KT.

5:53 PM BBT Victoria keeps looking over at Caleb and saying that she just wants to go and hug him. Jocasta says it isn't her place to tell him what Amber said to her. Victoria agrees. She just feels sorry for him. Meanwhile, Devin is frying up a couple burgers in the KT.

5:54 PM BBT Jocasta wants to work out but she doesn't have any clothes for that. Victoria says she can borrow some of hers. Jocasta "My butt is too big."

6:00 PM BBT Hayden and Cody are playing pool. Hayden has a mini hissy fit. Victoria to Hayden "Is Cody winning you?" Hayden "Yes, he is winning me." Meanwhile Jocasta is yelling shout outs to her family.

6:06 PM BBT Hayden is losing his mind while playing pool. In a sort of mixed Scottish/British accent he says "Oh come on. That was a great shot. All me balls are going in me holes." Cody is called to the DR. Frankie "The holes are not accepting of me balls."

6:18 PM BBT I have narrowed down Hayden's accent for the pool game. He is doing Frankie. "So many balls, so many holes, very heterosexual." Christine and Zach are in the hammock cracking up.

6:26 PM BBT Zach is making fun of Joey with Nicole and Donny at the hammock. He says she honestly thought changing clothes and acting like a crazy crack addict would save her. He says no wonder she will voted out twenty to zero.

6:33 PM BBT Cody and Derrick are sitting in the LR. Cody tells him that he was trying to convince the rest of the Bomb Squad that Brittany is just an innocent bystander. They agree that Devin and Caleb are the weak points in their alliance. Cody "he says he has been nothing but nice to everyone but he walks around here like he's God or something." Cody and Derrick are tired of Caleb playing the pity card. Derrick "and Victoria is buying it."

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#BB16 4:27 PM Cody, Derrick and Zach on the hammock. Telling Cody about Devin going. Talking about keeping the target off of them. Says that Frankie will start talking and jump ship on the plan.

#BB16 4:32 PM BBT Zach and Derrick talking about how they are in control. Devin comes over and they tell him about Joey's "scene". Devin says he is done talking to her.

#BB16 4:39PM Zach and Frankie talking. Zach talking about Devin has to be the first to go.

#BB16 4:51 PM In HOH room, Christine, Frankie and Zach going over what happened on what day so far in the house.

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6:47 PM BBT Caleb and Hayden are playing pool. Christine and Nicole are in the hammock. Just general chit chat.

6:58 PM BBT The HGs keep talking about stuff that BB wouldn't let them keep, or took away from them. so we keep getting WBRB.

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7ish BBT Cody, Frankie laying in bed in the earth room, Victoria comes in. Cody asks her if she is a virgin. She exclaims "why would you ask me that?" Victoria doesn't answer him. She leaves to ":go get pretty" when she returns she said she had an answer for Cody, Victoria says she is going to plead the 5th.

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7:50 pm BBT Frankie in HOH bathroom primping in the mirror, Derrick is also with him off camera. They are discussing if Caleb would put up Amber now that Devin told Celeb that Amber told Devin she doesn't go for guys like Caleb. She dates black or mixed guys.

7"54 FOTH

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7:59pm Caleb talking in BY to Donny speculating on the HOH comp on Thursday and if America will pick the second HOH or not.

8:01pm Jocosta tells everyone near the bathroom not to sit on the toilet for a few minutes, she has just cleaned it with bleach.

8:04 pm Amber is in bed in the fire room feeling sick. Poala comes in and asks Amber if she can get her any medicine. Amber says yes, Poala asks does it matter Nightquil or Dayquil? Amber says no. As Poala leaves, Zach comes in to check on Amber and to see if she wants anything to eat. Tells her they are making burgers.

8:09pm Cody says when he gets out of the house he can't wait to eat oatmeal, that he never had oatmeal before and wants to see what it is like compared to slop.

8:12pm Zach, Cody,Nicole, Christine, and Victoria are in the earth room talking. Cody asking Victoria about being Jewish and Victoria is teaching them a few sayings in Hebrew.

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#BB16 8:08 PM BBT Donny and Caleb out by the pool just gen chit chat about comps and when the house gets fun. Unitards and such.

#Bb16 8:11 PM Devin and Caleb at KT. Devin is reading the bible. he stops and Caleb tries to talk game. Devin says he doesn't want to talk game now he just finished reading the Bible. He wants to go work out and leaves.

#BB16 8:24 PM In the BR - flirting going on. Hard to keep track of the scorecard. Victoria flirting with Cody. Paola flirting with Zach. Tickling and laughing. Donny just sitting there laughing. Cody comes over and gives Nicole a hug as he is leaving.

#BB16 8:30 PM In the BY Devin is working out and talking with Caleb about Cody being a flirt.

#BB16 8:36 PM BBT Paola joins Frankie and Zach in the BR. Frankie asks her what guys in the house she wants to sleep with. She just laughs.

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(Got a few minutes to spare, Here's some BBAD)

8:32 PM BBT Caleb reading the bible in the hammock while talking to Devin who is on the weight bench.

Caleb: "Caleb's done with the ladies." Caleb is saying he is not flirting with one girl in this house because he sees what it does. It gets him off his game real quick. "I was so blind to the fact that she was using me to take her (Amber) to the end." He's saying that he's happy that he at least realized this.

Caleb: "I can turn it on. I can turn it off."

Talk is off Amber for the moment as Caleb reads the Bible.


8:34 PM BBT Feeds switch to the earth bedroom with Paola, Frankie, and Zach. Paola leaves to check for some sheets and tells Frankie and Zach, "You two behave." They laugh. Zach immediately gets in the bed next to Frankie and they start laughing. No cuddling as of yet. Zach said it was a crazy day. Frankie gives a frustrated look agreeing with him.

Frankie: "i feel like I've not been in the game." Not sure what he meant.

Paola rejoins the boys

Frankie: "Which guys do you want to have sex with? Everyone thinks you're super hot."

Frankie and Zach are poking some fun at Paola about how everyone loves her boobs. Frankie says that's why they call her Pao-Pao. Christine and Nicole have joined the room. Zach is laying down next to Nicole using the same blanket.

Small talk and laughing. No strategy talk.

Frankie says some of them were in drag the first night such as Hayden. They lost their wine... saying it was crazy.

They are talking about how the shows work. Zach says that the live feeders probably already know that Donny won the POV and used it. Christine agrees and tells Paola that even though they don't show the competition, they still talk about it. Frankie says: "They don't know the full story, though."

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8:45 PM BBT. Amber and Nicole are playing pool. Derrick walks into the backyard and saying how good Derrick's hair looks. One of them mentions his hair looks like Leonardo DiCaprio's. Brittany is on the chaise next to the ladies playing pool. Talk has turned to halloween costumes, and Derrick says he was Gumby last year for Halloween. Amber says she hates bananas for halloween. One time she was a banana and her boyfriend was a gorilla. She showed up to a party like that with her boyfriend and said she was the only girl there that didn't look cute. Derrick asks the ladies if they did their goodbye messages in the DR yet. They said no. Seems like Derrick already did his. Derrick is cooking some slop right now, too. General smalltalk. The camera shows Nicole making a relatively easy shot, but instead misses the ball and scratches. Zach comes out eating and joins the conversation in progress. Derrick goes back in to check on his slop. Donny has now wondered into he backyard.

8:53 PM BBT In Earth bedroom, Christine, Frankie, and Victoria are cuddling together. Frankie has his eyes closed. Paola and Joey are in there too. The talk is about shopping at Whole Foods.

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9:00 PM BBT: In the backyard, Cody and Nicole are playing pool. Zach was giving some pointers to Nicole, and it sounds like she's beating Cody. Donny is by the pool table watching. Seems like Derrick made a pretty tasty slop concoction. Brittany brings it out to Cody and the rest. Nicole says it kind of tastes like peanut brittle. Everyone seems to like the taste. While they were eating the slop, we here "Joey, stop that."

Then feeds switch to Joey giving Paola a piggy back ride to the kitchen from the Earth bedroom. The kitchen is filled with houseguests eating what Derrick made with the slop, and they are complimenting him. Paola, Joey, Jocasta, Brittany, Frankie, Hayden, Victoria, Derrick, and Amber are around the bar area. Some houseguests leave, others join. Nothing too interesting. Now we see Zach in the storage room not really doing anything. Feeds cut back to the kitchen where nothing too interesting is going on. Frankie is talking in a british accent asking, "Would you like to touch me head?" He then walks out continuing his accent asking, "Who wants to play rhinestone (sp)?"

By the pool table, the game continues with Cody and Nicole. Nicole nearly lost the game as the 8-ball was one inch from going into the corner pocket. Talk is of people's hometowns right now. Nicole got called to the DR and promptly leaves the backyard while Zach subs for her. Frankie and Hayden are outside continuing their british accents. Hayden wants to play pool. Hayden: "Who wants to get wrecked with me balls? Next opportunity I get, I would like to wreck someone with my stick and me balls."

9:09 PM BBT Frankie and Caleb are on the hammock. Frankie asks him if he is okay, and Caleb responds he is okay as he holds the bible in his right hand. Paola and Brittany are also near the hammock making small talk.

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9:14 PM BBT: The uneventful night continues as Frankie and Caleb are still in the hammock with Paola nearby. Joey is walking around the house imitating someone it seems. She looks like she is wearing some guy's clothes.

Caleb is talking about how floaters are going to leave the house. He also says he came into this house with a different mindset than he has now. Feeds cut from the hammock back to the pool table where Zach and Cody are still playing with Christine spectating. Joey then walks over to the hammock laughing. Frankie says, "ohhhh my god." Everyone is calling Joey, Alex. Frankie: "What do you do, Alex?" Joey: "Ask me what I don't do and we'll get somewhere." Frankie continues asking "Alex" questions. (They've officially lost it). Caleb didn't look too impressed.

9:18 PM BBT: Jocasta, Devin, Donny, and Amber are on the living room couches.

Zach, Cody, Victoria, Christine, and Hayden are by the pool table.

Joey walks back to the pool table. Zach: "Alex is out of control." It looks like she stuffed her pants to give herself a bulge. Joey stops by the living room couches where Jocasta, Donny, and Devin remain. As Donny and Jocasta are talking, Joey starts doing lunges right next to Jocasta showing off her bulge. Jocasta had an "I have no idea what's going on" look on her face. Devin doesn't look too impressed with Joey, either. Not even giving her a reaction. Joey moves closer trying to get him to laugh. He's not budging. He's looking at Jocasta with a "What the hell is this girl doing?" face. Joey is keeping up her Alex routine. Jocasta and Donny leave. It's now just Joey and Devin on the couches. "Alex" tries to engage Devin in conversation, but Devin obviously doesn't want to talk to her. She keeps moving closer trying to make him laugh, but he doesn't. The awkwardness finally ends as Joey walks off.

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