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Tuesday, April 1 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:42PM BBT; Sabrina keeps asking about the days and how long they have been in the house. Jon and Adel doing a loud video for the camera then Sabrina makes a greeting for her family. Neda is working the camera. Allison now complaining about Andrew farting and how is smells weird not like his normal ones. Kenny not being given and chance to sleep as Rachelle has now returned to her sleeping bag next to him. Andrew and Allison are on a cooler just above his head she is still sitting on his lap. Adel and Jon now doing another shout (literally) out to Canada this time in the living room. They review it with Neda and are quite pleased with themselves. Sabrina still going on about the date and general complaining. She is talking to Kenny and Sarah who seemed thrilled about it. Kenny now complaining about the spot lights outside then he is looking for the red pillow he had earlier. Heather has now come outside and climbs into her sleeping bag. Kenny tells Andrew to stop throwing ice at him.. Jon Adel and Neda still playing with the camera at the dining table. Allison now telling Andrew that he is approaching the point of too much then she complains that she keeps drinking and it just makes her tired. She now announces that she is going to fart and declines to go elsewhere when he suggests it to her. Sarah and Sabrina now doning coats to go out to the hot tub. Sabrina is complaining again about how she gets the shaft all the time. Rachelle has joined them now. Sabrina now saying she feels really alone and starts the water works. Adel comes out with the camera to take videos with them. Jon and neda talking again at the dining table. He is saying that numbers are now numbers and they don't have to worry about who know what. (I am really sick of the audio constantly cutting out on these feeds. DRG) Adel returns to the table and they gather round to look at the pics and vids he just took. Sarah saying that the other side is not telling her anymore than they are telling Sabrina. Sabrina thinks that Jon is walking around differently now than before. Sarah saying that if the others win HOH and two of us go up then they might have the numbers. Jon interupts with a rant about hashtags and Sarah asks him if he wants to do a DR with her and yell about it in there right now. he wants to but someone else is still in there. (And once again the audio has dropped out. I only have two hands BB. DRG) More posing in the hot tub area now as Adel has come out with Neda. Andrew and Allison now side by side in the BY. He is going on about how he is a jerk and she is trying to tell him he is a strong player and maybe Canada put him up because of her. Jon and Sarah whispering in the brick hall heading back into the house and he is asking her to trust him. Rachelle and Neda watching the vids with Sabrina by the hot tub and Arlie and Adel join them. Andrew now telling Allison about conversations he has had with the others earlier today. Arlie has a bowl of food and is in a red chair eating away. Andrew now saying that he has two of nine votes but Jon is telling him that he should not role over and die. He says it is either do nothing or fight agains a girl. Jon is telling him that he is not a Tom (from last season) Jon reminds him of the convo they had the other day when they were drunk at the hot tub. Jon says he is not going to try and lobby for him if Andrew is going to roll over. Andrew thinks Sarah will not vote to keep him. Andrew tells him that he has a better chance to lobby Heather than he does. Girls making another video in the red chairs outside. Allison sitting quietly listening to Jon and Andrew chat. Jon is telling andrew that he has a chance to get Neda and/or Adel and Heather. Andrew telling him to do what he can but there is no fire in his belly if you ask me. He says to Jon if you can pull off a miracle then go ahead, but he thought if you wanted me to stay you would have used the veto on me. Jon is asking him for 48 hours and they will talk right before the vote and Jon will tell him if he did it or not.

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12:05 AM BBT

Allison and Andrew in the BY. Allison is afraid that because Canada voted her in they might be disappointed that she hooked up with Andrew and Canada voted for Andrew because of that.

12:15 AM BBT

Jon is telling Andrew not to give up. That he has more votes than he thinks he has. Andrew is telling Jon if he has sway over the people he works with than go for it. Jon is saying he needs Andrew to fight for him to do that. Andrew doesn’t want to fight against Sabrina. Jon feels Sabrina would lie to his face more than what Andrew would do. Jon wants the conversation kept between the 3 of them.

12:23 AM BBT

Jon leaves Allison and Andrew. Allison doesn’t know if they should trust Jon. Allison doesn’t think she can campaign against Sabrina as she has to stay in the house with her and needs to get along with her. Now they are thinking Jon said he’d vote for Andrew to keep the peace until Andrew leaves since he didn’t use the Veto on Andrew.

12:32 AM BBT

Now Jon is in the WA talking to Arlie. Jon gave a quick summary of his convo with Andrew and they laughed about it. Jon thinks he believed him and they are happy that he’s falling for it. ‘We’ve GOT this’ Arlie says.

12:41 AM BBT

In the BY many of the HGs are trying to sleep. They don’t seem to be staying up too late for their slumber party. Allison and Andrew are still up talking in the pool area. They are still counting out votes. It’s stressing Andrew out. They are getting up and getting ready for bed.

1:02 AM BBT

The last two are getting into their sleeping bags. Andrew and Allison are whispering and kissing. They haven’t taken their mics off yet. Even though BB has turned up the volume it’s too hard to hear them.

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1:18 AM BBT

Andrew and Allison are Not settling down. There is a lot of movement happening. I wonder what they are doing? Hmm…….

1:28 AM BBT

Andrew said that Allison’s back is so soft. That she’s incredible. Suddenly, Andrew is very hot under that sleeping bag. And he throw’s his pants out. They may be settling down now.

2:01 AM BBT

The houseguests are all asleep for the night. Good night Canada!

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7:15am BBT Arlie is up early and in the house. He goes into the DR for a few minutes before heading to the kitchen which is a mess. He gets a glass of water but ignores the dishes left over from last night. He steps outside and walks quietly around the other sleeping HG.

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9:00AM BBT: All HG's are still sleeping the the BY.

9:17AM BBT: HG's have woken up! Not much being said that I can make out because they don't have their mic's on.

9:20AM BBT: Neda is passing out batteries. Jon telling Sarah she looks good in the mornings. Andrew is upstairs in the WA.

9:24AM BBT: Andrew makes the comment that this is sorta what camping looks like when you wake up. Arlie yeah but will 50,000 more beer bottles. Andrew and someone passed out naked.

9:35AM BBT: Not much to report. Most everyone still in the BY on their sleeping bags. Andrew and Allison are snuggling. General chit chat.

9:38AM BBT: Andrew tells Allison to spoon him as he rolls over and manages to take the pillow from her and then gives it back while hitting her in the eye with it she says she is trying but he is just too big. They then discuss how awful of a night's sleep they got.

9:42AM BBT: Sarah, Adel and RO in the WA doing ADL's. Ro says that she thinks her head was on the grass most of the night and now she has a rash. Adel has now left to do laundry and Sarah makes the comment that paranoia can get the best of them and they just need to trust our alliance. We have to win HOH. Ro says Allison is getting paranoid now that Andrew is leaving. Sarah says we can't get paranoid about each other's relationships. We have her. I am staying close to Jon, if he is being honest he is not coming after us. You guys (Sab and RO) still have Neda too.

9:49AM BBT: I feel like a bit of a floater because I never get any good information from anybody.

9:50AM BBT: Ro and Sarah in the WA. Sarah It is almost a good thing if Jon wins this week because he is not coming after us this week if he is telling the truth, and then he can't play the next week. I mean I don't want him win at all but if he has to then it would be better to win this week. Ro agrees.

9:53AM BBT: Jon has now joined Ro and Sarah in the WA. Jon announces he has to go poo. Sarah says is this going to be a slop poo are you going to scream in agony? Jon says no, I poop so much on slop. Sarah says that's good I can not poo at all when I am on slop there is no poo in there it just sits in my stomach. Jon comes out and says his weight today is 219.

9:58AM BBT: Jon, Arlie, Sarah, and Kenny sitting in the folding chairs in the BY. Talk started out about making coffee, then turned to putting Bailey in their coffee, then turned to getting drunk in class. Arlie tells them that he used to take water bottles of vodka to class and get drunk.

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10:05AM BBT: Kenny, Arlie, and Sarah in the folding chairs in the BY. They are talking about how bad it is to be on slop. Arlie says you think the days are so long now they are even longer when you are on slop because you are so hungry and you just want the day to be over so you are that much closer to the end. Kenny says I feel like that now and I have never been on slop I can't imagine. Sarah says my body has quit getting her dreams about her family because she wakes up wanting to cry. Talk then turn to how awful they slept last night.

10:12AMBBT: Allison has joined the BY crew and tells them that she choked trying to swallow a vitamin. Sarah says when she little she got sick off a Tylenol and has had such a hard time swallowing pills, even the birth control pill which is very tiny. Kenny says he is fine taking big pills, he can get down the vit. d, multi vit, and fish oil all together just fine but if he were to just take the little vit. d pill he would throw up. He tells a story about when he was younger and this girl he was trying to get with had him take and Advil and she left he room and was trying not to throw up in her room because he really liked her, she came back with 5 other people and he threw up his mouth. Audio cut out.

10:17AM BBT: BB anounces "The house is now off limit's please vacate the area." Then feeds are cut.

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10:22AM BBT: Feed's back up with all HG's talking about how awful they slept last night. They then hope BB has locked them out so they can clean. Sarah says it could be something for April fool's.

10:25AM BBT: Talk is now about watching Survivor. Sarah says if they were on Survivor it would almost be over. Andrew says he would get off work early to watch it and everyone would make fun of him but then they all got into it.

10:29AM BBT: Talk is about shows that people watch. Everyone is talking at once I can't make out what anyone is saying, but they seem very excited to be talking about it.

10:32AM BBT: Adel says he is going to take everyone back in time with a video game. Contra. No ones knows what he is talking about. He says is it's like Law and Order but in a video game. Sarah is telling everyone about a episode of Criminal Minds where these people stole children and cremated them when they were bad. A family whose child had been gone for 7 years was alive up until the day before. She said she had to boycott the show after that for a little while.

10:38AM BBT: Adel went outside to check the weather. He come out and says it's gloomy and a little cold.

10:41AM BBT: Kenny asks Jon if he is hungry. He say f*** right I am I have not had anything since 3 smores last night. Kenny says well have a graham cracker. Jon says I don't think I can. Others say no he can't that was just for last night. Kenny say really I thought that was your food until it was gone.

10:46AM BBT: HoTH.

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11:00 AM BBT : Adel, Sabrina and Sarah are outside. Sarah says she feels this is the sanctuary away from Big Brother. She mentions that she enjoys the quietness outside. Adel says he likes feeling the wind and hearing the weird noises. All three of them look rather tired from sleeping outside last night.
11:05 AM BBT: The rest of the HGs are in the backyard, many of them still in their sleeping bags from last night. Just general chit chat about berries between Kenny, Allison and Andrew. BB opens up the HGs back into the house, ending their lock out.
11:10 AM BBT: Heather joins Adel Sabrina, and Sarah outside. Sarah mentions that their families are probably going crazy getting asked about Big Brother. She says they are probably posting on facebook every night about them.
BB Gives them a 15 minute warning to leave the backyard. HGs now recovering from their night outside, nothing really significant.
11:15 AM BBT: Final warning giving to the HGs. Arlie warns everyone not to go anywhere near the bathroom, Kenny just had one of the "worst smelling poos".
Sarah, Rachelle, Jon and Sabrina are in the BR. Rachelle says she hopes Canada doesn't hate her. All three agree that Big Brother won't have Canada as HoH again this season. There is talk about the trustworthiness of Adel, regarding Adel saying Jon was talking bad about Sabrina. Adel then enters the room. Sabrina asks him if he said anything yesterday. Adel says he isn't believing anyone or anything anymore, he sees how this house works now. Whatever people say to him from now on, he is just brushing it off. Sabrina pleads with him to trust her, to no avail. Adel just says let everyone think there are enemies now. Sabrina says it's just so annoying. Neda and Jon enter, the conversation ends.
11:30 AM BBT: Heather and Jon in the shower, Neda doing makeup. Allison and Andrew laying together on the couch. Just general talking and flirting.
Adel seems to be in a really good mood today, he keeps singing "she got me up all night.. she got me up all night.." while moving about the house. HGs continuing to recover from last night's outside adventure. Sabrina is now blow drying and styling Jon's hair upstairs.
BB voice says something inaudible, then says "Adel STOP that". (Not sure what he did, camera was not on him??)
11:40 AM BBT. Allison says "Holy S***, you look good" when seeing Jon's hair. Andrew asks her how does he get that kind of complement. Allison responds by saying you always look good, Jon is usually a mess and she was surprised how good he looked.
11:50 AM BBT: A few minutes later, Andrew almost falls asleep laying on Allison. Allison says you are gonna get us in trouble, she then starts slapping Andrew repeatedly in the face to wake him up. He looks really hungover. Allison says you are the most hilarious person to see trying to wake up.
Sarah tells the Ika chip story again to Arlie, Heather, and Andrew. Neda and Sarah had made chips that only the have-nots could have (both were have-nots). Ika was a half and asked for one, and they said no. But she took one anyway, and Sarah then reinacts what happened, saying she lost her s*** to Ika.
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10:51AM BBT: Adel and Sarah at the hot-tub both snuggled under blankets. Sarah says she loves Amazing Race. She was going to try out with her cousin but then BB happened. She says she could not do the race with her husband they would get a divorce. Adel says he is always dropping hints about how him and Talla live so close. Sarah says being on BB is a one time thing for her. When she thought about it before she came in the house she was going to want to do an All star season but not now. Adel says he would and he thinks Sarah would think again if it is actually offered to her.

11:02AM BBT: The HG's are still on the outdoor lock down. Only 2 feeds up right now both on the hot-tub area where Adel, Sarah, and Sabrina are sitting in the red chairs. General chit chat about missing home and work.

11:10AM BBT: Outdoor LD is now over. Nothing appears to be changed and BB did not clean up for them as they had hoped. Jon is fixing himself some slop. Arlie is cleaning his feet in the shower. Kenny and Heather are also joining him doing their ADL's.

11:13AM BBT: BB anounces " Final warning the BY is now off limits." Arlie comes downstairs and yells "that is the worst smelling poo I have ever smelled. Kenny's ass is on fire." 11:16AM BBT: Andrew and Allison are eating cereal at the KT counter. Sab, Ro, Arlie, and Sarah in the BR. Arlie asks what is wrong. Sarah tells him Sab is upset because Adel told her that Jon is talking bad about her. Everyone has left and just Adel and Sab are in there. Sab. says can I ask you something? Adel cuts her off. and says don't worry about it. I am just not gonna believe anything anyone says. She says I didn't say anything. Adel repeats himself and says I am not going to believe anything any more people are using it to their advantage. They want to believe we are feuding and I am just gonna let them. Jon come in and talk stops. 11:30AM BBT: Not much going on. Most everyone either doing ADL's or eating breakfast. Arlie is so excited about the crock pot root beer pulled pork sandwiches that are going to be done for lunch. Neda tells Adel how none of the plugs are working in the WA they are using the plugs in the hall. Adel asks how he is supposed to shave his head in the hall?

11:37AM BBT: BY is now open. BB has cleaned up everything from the slumber party. Allison is upset because they have not brought the hammock back yet.

11:39AM BBT: Sabrina is doing Jon's hair. Downstairs in the LR Andrew has his head in Allison's lap. General chit chat.

11:42AM BBT: Neda tells Ro she can sing and asks if she ever wanted to do it. Ro says no not really but if someone wanted her to she would. Neda tells her she should post herself singing on youtube. Ro says she prob. should.

11:50AM BBT: House is quite. All the HG's are sleepy from having no sleep last night. Sarah and Arlie sitting at the KT table telling him the story of how Ika ate her slop chips.

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11:55 AM BBT. Sabrina and Heather in towels doing makeup. Sarah, Arlie and Allison and Andrew are in the main room. Sarah says shes freaking about who will be HoH now, since Canada had it this week. They then discuss how many people will be on the jury, and if Canada will have a vote in the jury. They discuss when there could be a double eviction, and when it is most likely given when the jury starts. Andrew says he doesn't care he justs wants to get into the jury house and smoke and drink so much.
12:00 PM BBT. The meter is shown to the HGs. All of the HGs gather around the main room. The meter says it is at 3.6 million. Kenny says this twist is going to be even crazier so it probably needed 4 million hits. The HGs figure it is another Twistos twist. Sarah mentions how fast it is going up. The HGs then contemplate how the meter is determined and what twist may be coming (they assume it will be another week until the twist occurs after the mark is hit, which they do not know it is 6 million not 4 million. We however know that it has already hit 6 million). Kenny mentions that it hits 3.77 million, then the meter is turned off.
12:15 PM BBT: Neda, Rachelle, and Sabrina upstairs talking about what the meter numbers mean, and what they are voting for. Neda says she thinks Canada is voting for a double eviction, or for someone to come back. Sabrina says she still doesn't understand how Canada could hate her. Neda and Rachelle reassure her saying they just want to stir up drama by putting her on the block Sabrina says she's nice on her DR. Sabrina and Rachelle then go off into the upstairs BR. Sabrina says she is so stressed out about Jon, saying he chose to be with Adel by not using the veto.
12:20 PM BBT: Sabrina says it is so annoying and she is so stressed out, saying she believes she is a nice person. Sabrina asks Rachelle if she is blind, am I not a nice person? Rachelle reassures her that everyone in the house likes her (which is total BS). Sabrina says she doesn't think that is true either. Rachelle says that Canada wanted her up with Andrew, because it would cause the most drama, that Canada would not put up someone easy. Rachelle says Andrew is probably being portrayed as the hot-headed guy which is why he was put up. Sabrina asks if she is being portrayed as the hot-headed Italian girl, Rachelle responds no, that was Ika. Rachelle says the 2 million meter was for Canada to be HoH. Then she says they are probably voting this time for a double/instant eviction and that they are not voting to evict someone this week. Rachelle asks Sabrina if there is a way Ika could come back. Sabrina says there is no way. Rachelle mentions that she is just ready to go home. Sabrina then agrees, exclaiming frustratingly, "Cause nothing is in our control!!"

12:25 PM BBT: Jon and Neda are upstairs talking. Jon mentions that he asked Andrew last night if he was dead in this game. Andrew told Jon no. Jon then asked Andrew who he should go after now to sway for votes. Jon said that Andrew told him Kenny and Allison for sure, but he thought no for Sarah, but possibly Heather and Neda. Andrew said that since Jon is so close to Neda, that Jon could sway her. Jon then tells Neda that Andrew did not mention Arlie at all and that it was smart to say this to Andrew just in case there is some way he stays.

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12:48 Sabrina speculates on why Canada cannot be a "juror" at finals. Mumzy says Canada could be a juror, they don't need to hear the 'plea' since they already know more about the finalists than the HG's who are still in the house.

12:51 BB announces HG backyard will be closed in 15 minutes

12:54 Sabrina uses her fingers again to count number of days left

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No joke!

For some reason the regular updaters took the day off, maybe it's an April Fools Day joke on me, so I really appreciate everyone in the forums pitching in. If you haven't registered to post, just go here to register, you be asked for an invitation code, use the number: 8298572 You'll need to reply to the conformation email, and that's it.

Every line of text you type is appreciated. My situation is not conducive to covering the live stuff, I try to listen and remember what happened to write later, so even if you're just posting notes for me, that's great.


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2:21 PM BBT - Feeds have been going in and out on Slice Site. Only one camera feed seems to be working. Sabrina is washing dishes in the kitchen. Kenny says in the kitchen to Arlie that it smells alot better now (looks like he sprayed something...?) Arlie tells him it's funny how he can clear out a room (with his farts). Arlie is eating ice cream in the kitchen alone. Another feed is working now. Adel is doing pushups in the bedroom. Allison is counting them. He did 50 of them.

2:27 PM BBT All feeds go FoTH

2:37 PM BBT Feeds are back! Jon and Adel singing in the living room. "Wake Up Canada, Wake up Canada, the boys are back and looking for glory!" Adel and Jon continue singing various things and talking about songs. Rachelle is laying on the couch with them and Kenny joins them too. General talk about the lights dimming within the house.
2:43 PM BBT: BB gives a warning to HGs that they will have to go outside. HGs preparing to go outside. Adel says jokingly that there will be 200 some people there waiting to throw a party for them. Sarah joins Jon on the couch, and starts snuggling with him.
2:50 PM BBT: Adel says it would be cool if they gave them nerf guns and let them shoot each other throughout the house. Jon says paintball would be cool. Kenny says it would be cool for a challenge and would not be difficult to do outside with the canvas backdrop. Neda talks about how she is going to ask BB for more "guy shirts". Neda, Kenny, Andrew, Adel, Sarah, Rachelle just sitting/laying around the couch, lots of people talking over each other.
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3:05 PM BBT BB notifies the HGs to move upstairs on lockdown, instead of going outside. Most are now laying in their beds wishing they could go to sleep. Feeds go FoTH.

3:20 PM BBT FoTH still. Apparently there were two feeds up this whole time, but the HGs are just sleeping now. Yawn.

3:30 PM BBT Two feeds remain up on the sleeping HGs. BB wakes them up saying nap time is over. Arlie says I dont like naps anyway they are stupid. Many of the HGs actually were sound asleep.

3:35 PM BBT HGs remain on lockdown in the bedroom. (There is a possibility that this lockdown may be to hide the secret PoV, but since the Veto meeting already happened it is doubtful). Sarah gets anxious and is wondering what they could be doing. She tries the door but it still is locked. HGs talk about what they would do if Boogie was down there waiting for him. Kenny mentions again about the meter saying it hit over 3.7 million and went up 70,000 points really fast. Allison talks about how she found out about Big Brother coming to Canada.
3:40 PM BBT Arlie mentions that he would either want to sleep or have fun. HGs agree, wanting to get out of the room. Talk then continues about the meter among the HGs. Kenny says they have no idea what the meter has to get to for the twist to happen. Adel says what if the meter is a Twistos eat off, and they eat as much Twistos as possible. Kenny says he would shit on all your faces if it was an ice cream eat off. Talk then goes back to general chit chat and wanting to get out of the room/going back to sleep. Fun or Sleep! That is all the HGs are asking for.
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3:50 PM BBT Discussion turns to the wrap party after the show ends. The HGs say they are going to drink so much. Arlie says he will drink until he pukes. Adel mentions that it would be cool if they had one more drunk night in the house all together.

Talk then turns to if the HGs will get to see/talk to their families in jury and how they will react to seeing their families if they get evicted. Sarah hopes they will let them talk to their families. Sarah walks up to Arlie and whispers F*** you Arlie jokingly (Arlie had been disagreeing with everything Sarah had been saying and was giving her a hard time).

Sarah jumps on the bed with Kenny, and they then banter/flirt back in forth. Sarah asks Kenny to play the trust game. Kenny says ill hurt you, saying he doesn't trust her. Sarah about to give the test to Heather and the Feeds go down.

4:00 PM BBT All Feeds remain FoTH.

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4:55pm BBT Sarah and Kenny outside hottub area. They are thinking this will be a double eviction. They now discuss it would be
hard to be the first one in the jury house. Sarah says she hopes Sabrina does not get HOH, she is afraid Sabrina will out her.
Kenny says Sabrina is nuts. Sarah is very annoyed with her. Sabrina probably has a final 2 deal with everyone in the house.
Sarah says she was annoyed the week that Sabrina was a half not. She would constantly ask for the left overs to be placed in the
freezer for her. Sarah says this is the thing that annoys her the most. Kenny says, because she cooks, she thinks she`s in control
of everything, she thinks she has made the biggest moves in this game and she should win everything. Sarah is worried she says Neda and
Jon have been in the DR together several times together. Talk turns to Heather, they says she eats everything in the house, she
loves sweets, they say she has gained weight and her cheeks are big. Sarah says Sabrina was upset that Adel told her, she is not
his taget he is going after the big fish. She was happy and angry at the same time. She`s not his target and she`s not a big player.

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5:08pm BBT Rachelland Sabrina, Jon, Neda come outside to the hottub area to join Kenny and Sarah. Kenny and Sarah, get up and leave.
Jon and Neda stay for 5 min. Then they decide to leave. Sabrina says she was going to take Sarah to final 2 but she says Sarah would
take Kenny instead. She now says she has decided to take Rachelle. Talk turns to how weird Jon is acting. They wonder what the
6 million on the t.v. screen means. Rachelle says herself , Sabrina, Sarah and Kenny are now the new final 4. They say Neda is lost
without Jon.

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5:19 pm BBT Heather, Adel, Neda, Jon, Kenny, Sarah, in the living room sitting on the green couches. Kenny;'The gremlins better
not make any noise tonight.' Jon says he has a confession to make, he made a final 2 deal with a seagull outside. Talk turns to
Stephen seagal, he calls him Jason seagal. Neda says she like Jason Segel from 'Freaks and Geeks'. Heather says she misses her friends
from back home. Jon says he found the packs of smokes. Kenny says really? Jon says NO. Kenny says;'C`est une bonne tune.' (It`s a
good tune.) Arlie and Sabrina, come to sit in the living room as well. Sabrina asks, you think tomorrow something special will happen
in the HOH room ?. The houseguests say no. Sabrina says one season on BBUSA. There was a pandora`s box, he refuse to take it. Then
got evicted the next week. Jon says he is hungry, Sabrina says on BBUSA if you eat you get a vote against you and the house gets
punished. Kenny says, whenever Jon asks a question both Neda and Sabrina answer him. Jon wants to know more about Dr. Will and
Mike Boogie. Sabrina tells Kenny , Boogie got the job on BBUSA from his agent when he was an actor. Sabrina now says she will introduce
Rachelle to her agent, because her agent has singers and actors.

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5:19 pm BBT Heather, Adel, Neda, Jon, Kenny, Sarah, in the living room sitting on the green couches. Heather talking about movies.
Sarah liked ;'We are the Millers' . Jon and Kenny like the show 'The Republic of Doyle' filmed in Nova Scotia. Sabrina tells Kenny
he pronounces Newfoundland in an odd way. Kenny says no your wrong. Kenny says;'C`est une bonne tune.' (It`s a good tune)
BB comes over the PR and tells Adel to please wake up. He is laying on the green couch, he opened his eyes but does not sit up.
Jon sings OH CANADA. Kenny says;'C`est une bonne tune.' (It`s a good tune). Jon repeats after Kenny ,,'C`est une bonne tune.'
Adel gets called to the Dr for sleeping. Kenny;'It`s so weird this is our life.' Adel comes out of the Dr and says he was told not
to sleeps, then says, no I`m joking, I have to get a shirt and go back in the Dr. Sabrina says she`s going to be jealous of
next years houseguests, and tell them;'Get out of my house' Heather wants to know what the houseguest of next year, we`ll have to
say about them..

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5:19 pm BBT Jon says he thinks it`s weird when girls put on eyeliner and wing the tip out, Jon says it just looks smeared.
Sabrina says she wants to cut Kenny`s hair, Kenny says no. Sabrina says but look at the good job I did on Jon. Sabrina says
to Jon, he will be getting contracts when he leaves the BB house. Andrew comes to sit on the couche. Kenny says him and Jon
are BLASER, Blade and Laser together. Sabrina says Rachelle will get a adult magazine contract because we have seen her breasts
so many times. Adel comes out of the Dr. "Wake up Canada" Sabrina say Neda will be a stylist for ELLE magazine. Jon starts singing.
'I would walk 500 miles' by;'The Proclaimers' Jon asks will they call him back if he calls them. Kenny says no, text me and I`ll text
you back. Jon says he has MSN. Jon is happy when the show is over he is debt free. Kenny says my debt is much larger than yours.
Jon tells about how he got 3000 dollars in debt with cell phones. Jon says he is the richest man in the house right now. It`s
a good feeling. Jon will be getting a bartender job this summer. Kenny passes gas. Sarah says there is a dead animal that crawled
up there and died. Sarah is gaging. she says she can`t breath. Allison says when she sees Jon in Newfoundland she will buy him
a beer everytime, so he doesn`t go into debt. Allison says I wonder if people will care about us the way I cared about last years
cast. Jon starts singing;'What`s new pussycat'

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5:19 pm BBT Allison, Neda, Heaher, Jon, Kenny, Sarah on the living room couch.
Kenny, Jon, Heather all agree, they love kissing in the morning before brushing their teeth., all of them say their
significant others hate kissing with bad breath. Kenny says he sometimes is in bed with his eyes closed , and he`ll eat
with a bag a chips, and keeps chewing until he falls asleep. Adel comes to join them. They banned Neda from wearing necklaces
they make too much noise. Adel says he would do anything for food. Adel and Jon say the slop is boring, Kenny says, so is this
conversation. Jon laying with his head in Sarah`s lap, trying to find gray hair.

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6:55 pm BBT Sabrina, Arlie, Adel, outside hottub. Sabrina talking about she wants to rent out her house in Mexico. This
is where she keeps her Mercedes. Adel says his familly has buildings in Arabia. Adel gets up to leave it is too cold.
Sabrina tells Arlie, Jon wants Kenny out. Sabrina tells Arlie, Kenny brushes her off, and that`s not normal. She says
Kenny must have a final 2 deal with Sarah. Sabrina says Kenny has a mean streak. Sarah told her Allison is the Liza
of this season. Arlie;'I need you to keep me updated.' Sabrina says she knows how to play the game. Sarah doesn`t
talk game to them, she feels she is the one doing all the big moves. She feels she runs on a treadmill. Why does Neda
never comes back to them with information about Jon

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