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  1. They laugh more about Heather after she comes in and then leaves. Then talk goes into maybe talking about her intervention style, saying they should sit down with the DR about giving more vegetable options so she doesn't become diabetic. (lol)
  2. "I think new Heather ate old Heather," Sarah laughs to Kenny in the BR. "I really never noticed until I looked at the picture tonight and was like holy shit!" Kenny "I definitly noticed her cheeks being swollen...she literally lives off of sugar, a diabetic could be saved by taking a bite out of her." Sarah "She's like whacked all the time." Kenny, about Heathers sugar addiction
  3. 10:52PM Jon and Neda wrestling on the hammock on cam 4, Neda gets knocked off. "Ow, I just hit my head on the bar," Both are laughing playfully
  4. 10:47PM Sabrina now praising Andrew, implying he's misunderstood by Canada. "They can say I'm a bitch [production?] but I don't want them to make you look like an asshole." "The Savinator," Andrew calls Sabrina, "eliminating the competition, one at a time, one whisper at a time."
  5. 10:40- Sabrina, Rochelle are in the hot tub. Allison and Andrew go sit by them for company. Allison reports she got an air kiss from the "wonderful" Heather for finding her missing water bottle. Now bashing Neda for her comments about attempts to try and make them believe her and Jon do not talk game. 10:43 Andrew, to Sabrina: "That's why they put us up cuz they hate me (production) for picking my nose and swearing. And they hate you for talking about p-duck all the time"
  6. Jon and Neda are flirting and laughing on the hammock. "Do my balls smell?" Jon asked. "Your such a fucking weirdo," Neda comments back. They debate whose weirder. Andrew and Allison are also in the BY. Andrew is going on about urinals. 10:35 Now Andrew is telling Allison how he doesn't want to give up. Saying Kenny (I believe) told him he'd give him a vote. Allison agreeing, "It can't hurt." [talking to Jon tommorrow]. Both agreeing it's their only real shot for him staying



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