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  1. 7:51 pm BBT, In the living room, Rachelle, Kenny, Sarah, Jon, Heather, Neda, Allison, Andrew . Andrew doing a asian accent, and asks if it`s offensive, Rachelle says yes it is. Andrew then changes and does a british accent, he says the best way to learn is to watch interviews with Russell Brandt. Sarah then says she loves Russell Brandt. Kenny is laying with his head in Rachelle lap, she is playing with his hair. Jon is laying with his head in Sarah`s lap, she is playing with his hair. Andrew calls over Sabrina in french. When She sits he asks her what she was saying, she says when you go home, you can watch videos of me talking to you.
  2. 7:13 pm BBT Sabrina, Arlie outside hottub. Sabrina says," see I am a good person. I listen in conversation, I am paying attention, I play this game 24 hrs a day. I`m a strategic player. I am not leaving. I am loyal. with Andrew gone, they feel they can dispose of me. I will do anything for our alliance. Keep all this in your mind. We`re too cold out here. Let`s go inside." Arlie leaves Sabrina stays outside. She talks outloud, ;'Please god help me, I want to stay here, have to win HOH this is a game, your suppose to be strategic, to play this game, I`m off with Rachelle, so is she, if anyone thinks I `m not going to have her back, your wrong, she loves me. Hey birdie (talking to a seagull) Canada I love you, I`m staying in this house, and I`m going to win this. It sucks you got my ally out. Come on god help me, Montreal help me, come on my friends, mes amis. With Andrew out of the house, they want to see if I`ll survive, I have Sarah, Kenny, Arly, Allison, Rachelle, I gave my word too and I`m gonna keep my word. And people think I`m a backstabber? I`m not a backstabber thank you very much, I don`t feel bad about myself. I need to win HOH, I need to have the eye of the tiger. I`ve already won, I`m in my HOH room, with my comforter and pillows and my letter from Stephnie, Don`t let them bring me down, I`ve already won. "
  3. 6:55 pm BBT Sabrina, Arlie outside hottub. Sabrina talking about how Sarah makes up stories, tells them to Allison, so that Allison will not trust Jon. She explains to Arlie that it is a bit weird that Sarah and Kenny always are together getting secret snacks in the pantry. Sarah told her she was annoyed that Arlie told her Sabrina is the mastermind. And Sabrina says this is because Sarah is treathened by Sabrina`s superior game play. She now does not trust Kenny and Sarah. They now have to be careful. When she goes to Kenny with info. He dismisses her with saying Oh I already new all that. Kenny does not acknowledge her 'superior' game play. Sabrina says, she has Rachelle and Allison. We need those 2, Allison can win competitions. Kenny is in love with Sarah, she has a husband and 2 children. Sabrina now says, keep being alert over the next few weeks, because we`re one third of the way there.
  4. 6:55 pm BBT Sabrina, Arlie, Adel, outside hottub. Sabrina talking about she wants to rent out her house in Mexico. This is where she keeps her Mercedes. Adel says his familly has buildings in Arabia. Adel gets up to leave it is too cold. Sabrina tells Arlie, Jon wants Kenny out. Sabrina tells Arlie, Kenny brushes her off, and that`s not normal. She says Kenny must have a final 2 deal with Sarah. Sabrina says Kenny has a mean streak. Sarah told her Allison is the Liza of this season. Arlie;'I need you to keep me updated.' Sabrina says she knows how to play the game. Sarah doesn`t talk game to them, she feels she is the one doing all the big moves. She feels she runs on a treadmill. Why does Neda never comes back to them with information about Jon
  5. 5:19 pm BBT Allison, Neda, Heaher, Jon, Kenny, Sarah on the living room couch. Kenny, Jon, Heather all agree, they love kissing in the morning before brushing their teeth., all of them say their significant others hate kissing with bad breath. Kenny says he sometimes is in bed with his eyes closed , and he`ll eat with a bag a chips, and keeps chewing until he falls asleep. Adel comes to join them. They banned Neda from wearing necklaces they make too much noise. Adel says he would do anything for food. Adel and Jon say the slop is boring, Kenny says, so is this conversation. Jon laying with his head in Sarah`s lap, trying to find gray hair.
  6. 5:19 pm BBT Jon says he thinks it`s weird when girls put on eyeliner and wing the tip out, Jon says it just looks smeared. Sabrina says she wants to cut Kenny`s hair, Kenny says no. Sabrina says but look at the good job I did on Jon. Sabrina says to Jon, he will be getting contracts when he leaves the BB house. Andrew comes to sit on the couche. Kenny says him and Jon are BLASER, Blade and Laser together. Sabrina says Rachelle will get a adult magazine contract because we have seen her breasts so many times. Adel comes out of the Dr. "Wake up Canada" Sabrina say Neda will be a stylist for ELLE magazine. Jon starts singing. 'I would walk 500 miles' by;'The Proclaimers' Jon asks will they call him back if he calls them. Kenny says no, text me and I`ll text you back. Jon says he has MSN. Jon is happy when the show is over he is debt free. Kenny says my debt is much larger than yours. Jon tells about how he got 3000 dollars in debt with cell phones. Jon says he is the richest man in the house right now. It`s a good feeling. Jon will be getting a bartender job this summer. Kenny passes gas. Sarah says there is a dead animal that crawled up there and died. Sarah is gaging. she says she can`t breath. Allison says when she sees Jon in Newfoundland she will buy him a beer everytime, so he doesn`t go into debt. Allison says I wonder if people will care about us the way I cared about last years cast. Jon starts singing;'What`s new pussycat'
  7. 5:19 pm BBT Heather, Adel, Neda, Jon, Kenny, Sarah, in the living room sitting on the green couches. Heather talking about movies. Sarah liked ;'We are the Millers' . Jon and Kenny like the show 'The Republic of Doyle' filmed in Nova Scotia. Sabrina tells Kenny he pronounces Newfoundland in an odd way. Kenny says no your wrong. Kenny says;'C`est une bonne tune.' (It`s a good tune) BB comes over the PR and tells Adel to please wake up. He is laying on the green couch, he opened his eyes but does not sit up. Jon sings OH CANADA. Kenny says;'C`est une bonne tune.' (It`s a good tune). Jon repeats after Kenny ,,'C`est une bonne tune.' Adel gets called to the Dr for sleeping. Kenny;'It`s so weird this is our life.' Adel comes out of the Dr and says he was told not to sleeps, then says, no I`m joking, I have to get a shirt and go back in the Dr. Sabrina says she`s going to be jealous of next years houseguests, and tell them;'Get out of my house' Heather wants to know what the houseguest of next year, we`ll have to say about them..
  8. #BBCAN2 5:19 pm BBT Heather, Adel, Neda, Jon, Kenny, Sarah, in the living room sitting on the green couches. Kenny;'The gremlins better not make any noise tonight.' Jon says he has a confession to make, he made a final 2 deal with a seagull outside. Talk turns to Stephen seagal, he calls him Jason seagal. Neda says she like Jason Segel from 'Freaks and Geeks'. Heather says she misses her friends from back home. Jon says he found the packs of smokes. Kenny says really? Jon says NO. Kenny says;'C`est une bonne tune.' (It`s a good tune.) Arlie and Sabrina, come to sit in the living room as well. Sabrina asks, you think tomorrow something special will happen in the HOH room ?. The houseguests say no. Sabrina says one season on BBUSA. There was a pandora`s box, he refuse to take it. Then got evicted the next week. Jon says he is hungry, Sabrina says on BBUSA if you eat you get a vote against you and the house gets punished. Kenny says, whenever Jon asks a question both Neda and Sabrina answer him. Jon wants to know more about Dr. Will and Mike Boogie. Sabrina tells Kenny , Boogie got the job on BBUSA from his agent when he was an actor. Sabrina now says she will introduce Rachelle to her agent, because her agent has singers and actors.
  9. 5:08pm BBT Rachelland Sabrina, Jon, Neda come outside to the hottub area to join Kenny and Sarah. Kenny and Sarah, get up and leave. Jon and Neda stay for 5 min. Then they decide to leave. Sabrina says she was going to take Sarah to final 2 but she says Sarah would take Kenny instead. She now says she has decided to take Rachelle. Talk turns to how weird Jon is acting. They wonder what the 6 million on the t.v. screen means. Rachelle says herself , Sabrina, Sarah and Kenny are now the new final 4. They say Neda is lost without Jon.
  10. 4:55pm BBT Sarah and Kenny outside hottub area. They are thinking this will be a double eviction. They now discuss it would be hard to be the first one in the jury house. Sarah says she hopes Sabrina does not get HOH, she is afraid Sabrina will out her. Kenny says Sabrina is nuts. Sarah is very annoyed with her. Sabrina probably has a final 2 deal with everyone in the house. Sarah says she was annoyed the week that Sabrina was a half not. She would constantly ask for the left overs to be placed in the freezer for her. Sarah says this is the thing that annoys her the most. Kenny says, because she cooks, she thinks she`s in control of everything, she thinks she has made the biggest moves in this game and she should win everything. Sarah is worried she says Neda and Jon have been in the DR together several times together. Talk turns to Heather, they says she eats everything in the house, she loves sweets, they say she has gained weight and her cheeks are big. Sarah says Sabrina was upset that Adel told her, she is not his taget he is going after the big fish. She was happy and angry at the same time. She`s not his target and she`s not a big player.
  11. Kyle, Arlie has said he has misplaced 11 packs of cigarettes, KANDREW have said they think you had smugled them outside the house, Do you think Arlie is the one who decided to get rid of the cigarettes himself, in order to place more stress on KANDREW ? Also, any ideas on when the WAR room will come back into play this season ? I really admire the way you stood by Paul with Adel, good job. Caro from New Brunswick.
  12. 9:40 PM BBT Kenny, Andrew, Allison, Sarah in the bathroom. Sarah says they found hidden sweets today, chocolat covered raisins. Kenny had hid them. Allison to Kenny;'Why would you hide food?' Kenny;'Cause all the sweets we get are eaten and gone the next day,. cookies, frozen treats, chocolat everything gone. Actually we didn`t have to hide them this week cause Sabrina is on slop.' FOTH
  13. 9:06 PM BBT Sabrina and Allison in the bathroom. Sabrina asks;'Are you sure your not coming after me?' Allison;'I`ve never said one bad thing about you.' Sabrina;'So you think people are trying to pin us against one another?' Allison;'Yes' Sabrina;'Adel is so mean to me, have you noticed it ?' Sabrina to Allison;'I like your hat, I love Panda bears.' Allison;'It`s a koala bear. Koala bears are grey and black. Panda`s are black and white.' Sabrina;'Oh Ok.' Rachelle to Allison;'If Heather wins HOH , do you think she would put up Sabrina?' Allison;'Yes Sabrina and you.' Rachelle;'Really?, everyone loves Sabrina so I would go home. Omg if I go home when Heather is HOH.' Rachelle;'This whole thing today was really weird. Do you think we`ll find out today.' Allison;'I hope so cause I can`t sleep with not knowing.' Heather comes in and hugs Allison, but not Rachelle. Kenny, Sarah in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Kenny asks Allison to use acne medicine all over his back.
  14. 9:06 PM BBT Heather and Jon in the bathroom, Heather says;'Kenny came to me and made a deal, I don`t put him up and he votes out Ika.' Jon walks to the bedroom singing to himself;'I don`t like anyone.' Sarah, Arlie, Andrew, Allison, Kenny at the kitchen table;'I wonder if they will tell us the prize today?' Jon, Rachelle, Sabrina in the HOH. Jon to Sabrina;'Is Allison making you nervous as a game player?' Sabrina;'I think Andrew is angry with me.' Jon to Rachelle;'What`s wrong wienner?' Sabrina;'She used mouthwas and has a cold sore in her mouth. Sabrina says she is now nervous that Jon has asked her about Andrew and Allison. Jon;'I don`t think Andrew would come after you.' Rachelle;'Who else didn`t get call in the DR?' Jon;'You and Neda.' Sabrina;'Watch if Adel wins again, then he would have 2 powers. Sabrina and Allison in the bathroom. Sabrina tells Allison that Heather came to her and wants to start over.
  15. 9:06 PM BBT In the kitchen with Arlie, Rachelle, Sabrina, Kenny, Sarah, Arlie, Allison, Neda, Andrew. Conversing around the kitchen table. Sarah just had a rare steak and Arlie says he wants to drink the blood off her plate. Sarah says she would want Big Brother to give them cake mixes every week. And Kenny says he is thankful they don`t. Heather and Jon in the bathroom, Heather says; they mentionned Count your blessing, count your eggs.' Jon asks how do you feel about the game. Heather says she is coasting. Heather;'Adel is a nice guy, but I don`t trust Neda. So far things I have said to Adel have never come back to me.' 'I heard a conversation today between Kenny and Andrew Heather and Neda are just coasting, and we can use them as pawns.' 'Sabrina came to me today and said she wanted a fresh start. but I don`t trust her.'



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