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Friday, August 30 Live Feed Updates


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#BB15 5:18 PM BBT Amanda tells McCrae that she no longer cares. She would rather go home then him

.#BB15 5:20 PM BBT Amanda takes off for the cockpit room She says that the only way Gina can do this is if Gina has the numbers and calls off all of their names. Spencer and Andy trying to deny and save face.

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McCrae and Amanda in bed. Amanda keeps saying 'this does not make sense.' Says Andy has to win veto and save one of them, but if both stay on the block, she says she doesn't care anymore, that she'd rather go and have McCrae stay in the house.

Amanda repeats that this just doesn't make sense and why wouldn't she put Elissa on the block.


Amanda leaves and goes to the cockpit and says that GM must be working with you, Judd and Elissa and Spencer says who, me? It's Andy, Spencer and Amanda in the room. Amanda says it doesn't make sense why Elissa didn't go up and Spencer said he was shocked when he pulled Elissa's key. Amanda heads upstairs.

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#BB15 5:21 PM BBT Amanda barges into HOH room without knocking and is yelling at Gina that Aaryn told her the truth and now one of them will be after Gina next week. Gina tells her that Aaryn told her all sorts of stuff.

#BB15 5:23 PM BBT Judd comes into cockpit room and tells Spencer and Andy that Amanda is yelling. Judd says that Amanda thinks she is better then everyone and shouldn't go up. Andy says he will go up.

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Amanda says that Elissa got both Nick and Aaryn out. GM says she can't think about the NIck thing and both Amanda and McCrae lied to GM about voting her out.

Judd and Andy enter the HOH room and the girls are still going back and forth.

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#BB15 5:25 PM BBT Amanda tells Gina that what was done previously was a game move. Gina tells Amanda that this is a game move. Bickering back and forth. Gina tells Amanda that everyone in the house is on their own but Amanda and Mc have each other. Amanda asks why Gina said that Amanda took the fire out of McCrae's eyes in the game. Gina says that McCrae is distracted by her.

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GM says everyone else is alone in the game and McCranda have eachother so this helps everyone. Amanda says who goes up as a replacement nom if the veto is used and GM says she hasn't thought that far.

Amanda asks what was that about she takes the 'fire out of McCrae's eyes' part of GM's nomination speech. GM says that everyone needs to stay focused and play hard and thinks McCrae has been lacking b/c of Amanda's distraction. Says McCranda are a duo and GM needed to separate them and people should vote for themselve and none of this voting with the house thing.


Amanda says she can't believe that GM listened to Elissa and GM says she didn't listen to anyone and this was her own decision. amanda repeats this doesn't make sense and GM says it makes perfect sense. Amanda says everyone will be after GM now.


Amanada says she tried so hard to save Aaryn last week and now GM has f*cked herself in this game b/c she'll be going home next week. Amanda is raising her voice and tells GM that if anyone but GM or Elissa wins the veto, they will save either Amanda or McCrae and they will have the votes and both McCranda will stay and Judd says, so wait, we're supposed to all pack our bags and give you the game? Amanda says, oh, I see where you stand and leaves the room. They all follow her and screaming in the house.

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5:25 pm BBT Amanda goes to HOH, wonders why GM would do that, only makes sense if they are all working together. GM tries to tell her they are on their own and her/Mc are a power duo. Amanda says now she will have all the targets on her. Amanda says its all about timing, Gm says this is a good time, what if there is a double next week.

5:28 pm BBT GM says they had to go with the house or she would have been f'ing it. Amanda going on about wanting to keep Aaryn, tried so hard. Tried to keep GinaMarie in the game and she just F'd it. Who wever wins HOH will put her up. Judd pipes up and says so we all should just pack our bags.

5:30 pm BBT Amanda walks out of HOH followed by Judd and then GM. Amanda goes this is the person (Elissa) that put up Nick, that put up Aaryn, that wanted you up. Elissa says GM I never wanted to put you up. Amanda says you sat there and lied to all of us. GM says I never said who I was going to put up. She cant its a HOH rule.

Amanda starts to cry that she doesnt want to be here, she doesnt want to be in this house. she tries to go in DR and the door is locked. She goes in HNR and covers up. GM says to Andy that tears run and I am whatever. She tells Andy what Amanda said in HOH about who ever wins POV will take one off and the replacement will go home.

5:34 pm BBT Judd telling Spencer what went on in HOH about Judd saying they should all pack their bags. GM tells Andy that she got the balls to put Mc/Amanda up and now look. She tried to tell Amanda that they have to split them up.

5:35 pm BBT Mc enters HNR, Amanda says she doesnt even want to be here, they did so good, they made it farther then any other couple in the game. She asks MC if he thinks she distraceted him. He just sits there. Amanda says she (GM) wants Amanda to go that Mc is safe. Amanda cries on Mc shoulder.

5:37 pm BBT Amanda says thats the point of talking to ppl, she alluded to putting up Elissa. I cant stand the fact that Elissa will be here longer then she (Amanda). They are obviously working together. If Andy doesnt win veto then he will go up. But one of them will go home for sure.

5:39 pm BBT In HOH, Elissa telling GM that the house wanted her to put up Nick. in HNR, Amanda doesnt want to wait to go, cant stand to look at her (Elissa) face any longer and GM!!! GM retelling what Amanda said to her. And who is crying now.....In HNR....Amanda cries.

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5:44 pm BBT Both groups continue to go over what was said, Amanda doesnt want to leave Mc, cant be w/o him, dont believe Spencer, they have to be working together. They kiss, kiss, kiss. Amanda says doesnt matter who gets picked for POV, she doesnt want to be here for another week, guess it was bound to happen anyway.

5:48 pm BBT In HOH: GM and Elissa talk about make up. In HNR: Amanda tells Mc that GM said Mc lost his drive because of her. She is shocked by this. She was What??? did she just pull Elissa Key? is this real life. Mc mumbles something.

5:51 pm BBT Amanda/Mc come out of HNR and lay down in bed. In HOH Elissa says she hopes Andy doesnt get picked to play POV. GM says if she gets HG choice she will pick Judd or her.

5:53 pm BBT Amanda mumbles into the blanket, she has her head on Mc chest. In KT: the guys talking about key order. HOH: Elissa whispers to GM, GM says its cuz she was sick on slop and it was only twice, not for.....Elissa says she was sick on slop, its painful. GM says it was a bad week, she even told Elissa about it. Elissa says she (Amanda) is a horrible person.

5:57 pm BBT Andy, Spencer and Judd in SR getting silverware and aluminum foil and taking it to KT. Andy says he will wash it all, he doesnt know who has touched it. Spencer says he doesnt care, just put it away. Andy says he cares.

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6:01pm BBT: Amanda laying in bed with mccrae and says she does not want to see Elissas goodbye message.Spencer, Judd and Andy in KT doing dishes and. Spencer says he would help but he doesnt want to get his feathers wet and Andy laughs and says thats fine. Elissa joins them and is drying the silverware. Amanda in chair room crying more and complaining to Mccrae.

6:05pm BBT: ELIssa asking Ginamarie if she is making the chicken parm tonight and she says yeah in about an hour or so.Ginamarie goes to chair rm to talk to Amanda and Mccrae and says Hey buddy you know i love you right? He says yeah i know i love you too and she tells them she is making chicken parm and will make them some and Amanda ask if they can have the hoh rm for one night before and ginamarie says sure absolutly do you want ti before or after veto and Amanda says we will see.

6:09pm BBT:Amanda and Mccrae now kissing alot in chair rm.In the Kt Ginamarie showing her bruised foot and Spencer says yeah ginamarie that looks broken. Ginamarie yells i need a medic please. and Spencer says yeah get her a medic. then he tells her that there is tylenol in the STr and she says forget that crap i dont take that stuff.Elissa is running in the house.

6:13pm BBT: Andy and Amanda in STR talking and Amanda says i just want to go home now and Andy says dont talk like that just stop it. Amanda says where did this come from and Andy says i dont know but i will find out and Amanda says i dont want to stay here with her joker face walking around here and i cant believe she is letting Elissa stay in this house for another week.. Andy says i dont know why she did this and Amanda says Aaryn told her to do this.

6:15pm BBT: Spencer walks into the STR and Amanda tells her she wants to appoligize to you for freaking out and Amanda leaves and goes back to bed with Mccrae saying Elissa was ,listening at the door. Elissa runs through and she says listening at the door and Elissa ignores her and keeps running. then stops to tell Gm what she said and Gm laughs.

6:18pm BBT: Gm in the KT cooking dinner and Andy walking around the hiuse. Spencer sitting at the table watching Gm cook, Elissa still running.Amanda and Mccrae still in chair rm laying in bed. Amanda rubbing his face and Mccrae trying to go to sleep.

6:20pm BBT: elissa in WA telling Judd that Amanda was saying i hate her and her joker face and then Elissa laughs.

6:27pm BBt: Elisaa telling Judd and Spencer that she keeps getting attacked and Spencer says that needs to stop that it is a poor choice of words she has.Andy walks in and says i am being nice cuz i dont want them to know i am not with them cuz i want to stay in this game so if you see me talking to them just know and elissa says yeah i know. Andy says i told her not to let Elissa get to her and stop crying so she will stop doing this stuff.

6:30pm BBt: Amanda tells Mccrae that she wishes this week would go by faster and he says yeah and rolls over. amanda says well this sucks i did not forsee that happening.In Wa Elissa and andy talking about bullying and things that are not exceptable and going over boundrys and Andy says i am trying to get her to leave you alone is all i am trying to do and Elissa says then stand up and tell her she is wrong.They leave Wa and head back to the KT where Gm is cooking chicken parm.

6:36pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae look to be alseep in chair rm.Elissa walking around Kt drinking coffee and ask if Gm is in the Dr and Spencer says yeah hopefully they are checking her foot.

6:40pm BBT: Amanda says they cant break us up and Mccrae says wait and she says i love you and she says she wants them to be together forever and he says hmmm hmmmm and she kisses him and covers them up.Amanda hides her head under the covers and is crying again.mccrae is trying to go to sleep.

6:42pm BBT: Amanda tells Mccrae he better not have any fun when she leaves and laughs and she says keep your eye on the prize and then she gets up and puts shoes on and heads to the Kt and talks to Spencer on the way as he tells her Gm is in DR cuz her foot is all black. Amanda says i am sorry i just went into shock and he says thats ok. Spencer says dude when i pulled that key out did you see my face.

6:45pm BBT: Spencer tells Amanda that he was shocked and it was a sucker punch that he didnt know this was going to happen and Amanda says thats ok i am ready to go cuz if Andy wins and takes me off then Mccrae goes home and i dont want that. Gm comes out of Dr and Amanda says Gm i jujst wanted to talk to you and she says sure honey and she says i am sorry i acted that was it was just a shock and they head to the lounge rm.

6:47pm BBT: Amanda says i am sorry i acted like that it was such a shock and Gm says no no its ok i undertand and i didnt mean to blindside. Amanda says its ok i just love him so much and i have been with him for 2 months and i am scared to be alone. Gm says i know i was that way with Nick and i understand you both come in seperatly and now you are together i needed to put up a power couple.

6:49pm BBT:Amanda says Gm you are doing Elissas dirty work and i knew right then when she was welling up at noms that you were working with her.l Gm says no no no i am not working with her.

6:51pm BBT: amanda crying (AGAIN) repeating herself over and over and Gm says last week she put andy up and she wanted Aaryn out and i voted aaryn out cuz Aaryn told me to vote with the house. and last week i was talking to Elissa alot cuz she asked me to talk to Aaryn cuz they didnt like each other or whatever and i was the middle man.

6:54pm BBT: Amanda says she went above and beyond to keep Aaryn in this house and Gm says yeah and she says after like my ship that sailed kinda sunk after Nick Jeremy davif and Kaitlyn it sunk.Gm says here is my perspective he put me up and i put him up and this is a new week so all is good. amanda says if you hadnt put us up and we was keeping you safe and and why would you put me and Mccrae up so one of us might come down and then it puts a target on you and Gm says you two are a pair and i am alone and that power duo is gonna come back at me do you understand? amanda says yeah i was just blindsided.

6:58pm BBT: Amanda says i came to you and i thought you would put up Elissa and Judd and then it was me and Mccrae so if i come down you sending Mccrae home and she says no it is the votes it has nothing to do with me . Gm says i am scared if Mccrae is still here next week i am afraid he is going to kick my butt.

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7:00pm BBt:amanda crying again as she ask Gm what is wrong with judd and Gm says Judd is afraid since he was voted out and just came back in. Gm says you two fight for this and if it was my choice i would take your place and i wanted to play with my heart but i cant and i came in here alone and i will leave here alone.

7:05pm BBT: Andy talking to Spencer in Wa and saying if i didnt go on the block then how do i protect myself next week and Spencer is whispering very low. BB yells at Elissa and Judd to not talk about production. Spencer says i am fic=xen to take this shirt off and go to the bathroom. Amanda and Gm still in lounge repeating themselves and Gm says this is just what i had to do and Amanda says ok and Gm says i am making chicken parm if you want some and amanda says ok and Gm leaves the lounge rm to go finish cooking.

7:11pm BBT:Amanda now back in bed with Mccrae and all other Hg in Kt while Gm is cooking dinner and they are taking about baby carrots. spencer says he likes baby tomatoes. Judd says i am going to go lay down and get this off for a few minutes i am hot.Judd says we have 26 more hours but i hate that i have to get ready for veto and everything in this. Gm says i bet they let you tsake it off for veto.

7:19pm BBT: general talk in KT about crickets and now talking about popping

baloons this morning and andy asking where everyone was popping them at and

elissa says she was in the Kt and andy was in the livingroom and Judd was all

over and Spencer was in the bedroom.

7:22pm BBt: talk in the Kt is about Sam Goodys and movies as Gm is cooking . In Chair rm Amanda is poilishing her nails as Mccrae sleeps.

7:28pm BBT: Amanda is drawing with nailpolish on her blank disk she found today writting i love you on it for Mccrae.Evertone else still in KT snacking and Gm cooking dinner just general talk going on.

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7:33pm BBT:amanda and Mccrae in bed whispering as amanda wipesand blows her nose from crying.In the Kt Elissa lays a pack of chicken on the stove top and didnt realize the burner was on and it melted the bag and she says how bad it smells now.

7:36pm BBT:Amanda and Mccrae says i wanted this exsperiance but i dont care anymore i love you and thats all i care about. She tells mccrae not to cry and he wipes his eyes as she wipes hers and her nose.Amanda says Gm said something to me about us being a power couple and she wanted us to fight for ourselves.

7:41pm BBT: Elissa and Gm in Kt cooking and amanda and Mccrae still in bed and Amanda says well they wanted a show as she rubs Mccrae face and hair. Judd in bed taking a nap so he could take off the chicken suit for a little bit as he is hot with it on.

7:44pm BBt: Amanda yells at Gm and ask how much longer to the chicken parm and Gm says aboit 15 to 10 minutes. mccrae is now reading the bible .

7:46pm BBt: Amanda getting Extra cheese for her chicken parm and spencer comes in and says how many boxes of rice a roni is this and Gm says one i thought we had more i can eat this box all by myself.

7:48pm BBT: as Amanda makes her plate she says i am taking some of this as she gets rice and says cuz Amanda is doing whatever she wants this week and then licks her fingers.

7:50pm BBT: Mccrae is still laying in bed reading the bible and Gm is going to go wake Judd so he can eat. Everyone else in KT making them a plate of chicken parm and a salad.

7:54pm BBT: Judd starts eating and says if nick doesnt put a ring on it i might and Gm laughs and says i dont know about that.now they talk about how everyone cooked and what they cooked.

7:58pm BBT: Most HG in Kt eating dinner . Mccrae is still in bed reading the bible and Amanda was called to the DR.just general talk going on at the table.

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8:04pm BBt:Everyone finishing up with Dinner and just general talk and laughing.Andy asked where Amanda went with the nachos and Gm says she went to Dr.

8:08pm BBT: Mccrae is out of bed and in STR looking at the food then walks out and goes back to bed eating a chocolate bar. He is now reading the bible again. In the Kt talk is about the veto and being hot in the chicken suits.

8:11pm BBT: Spencer is going to take trash to the STR for Gm and she ask him to bring dish soap back and Andy says they wouldnt let me in the STr a minute ago and Spencer says ok and andy says they probably wouldnt let me in cuz i am gay. Andy says i am gonna start using that i am gay and he laughs. Now they are all planning to go to HOH rm and play cards tonight.

8:14pm BBT: Amanda is now out of the DR and goes to chair rm and ask Mccrae did you est he says no and she says want me to make you a plate and he shakes his head no. In the KT talk is about sleeping and Gm is called to the DR.

8:20pm BBT: In the living rm Judd is complaining about the hot chicken suit snd Spencer says it is made out of wolly mammoth fur and Andy laughs. they then talk about everyone but one person will play in the pov tomorrow and one will host unless they have a guest host.

8:24pm BBT: amanda keeps whispering to Mccrae who is ignoring her snd not talking to anyone at all. he now rolls over and puts his back to Amanda and covers up. In the living rm is talk about music .

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8:30pm BBT: Andy and Spencer in Living rm talking about traveling and Andy says what do you think the four ladies in the jury house is doing right now and Spencer says talking.

8:33pm BBT: Andy and Spencer talking about their elementary library teachers and how they would like to slap them . amanda in chair rm says i cant wait for you to meet baxter. she ask Mccrae are you gonna come see him and Mccrae shakes his head yes. Amanda now says look how beautiful your brush is now after she polished it with nail polish and he says pretty then she starts kissing him and saying i love you so much.

8:36pm BBT: Amanda says can you come to florida so i can take care of you and cook you food and Mccrae says yeah and she says i can walk with you and be happy with you.She says i want you to fight hard for that veto tomorrow and then says i am going to fight hard for it to just for you.

8:41pm BBT: Amanda says if Andy or Spencer wins pov they will probably take you off but if Elissa Judd or Ginamarie wins it they will probably keep it the same. But i think it would be good for us if i go cuz you are stronger in the game.she says people wont target you anymore they are only targeting you cuz of me and targeting us together. Amanda says dont worry i wont say one word to campaign against you but you do it though ok and Mccrae takes a deep breath.

8:44pm BBT: Amanda says you love this game and i want you to go the whole way. She says dont be sad and he takes another deep breath as she rubs his ear.she says we did everything we could and we made so many good moves and we did it together.she says i didnt think we would last this long together it is amazing that we protected each other this long and you do what you have to do to make sure you make deals however you have to.

8:49pm BBT:Elissa walking around going to the color rm to get dressed after her shower and Amanda whispers to Mccrae and says i think i hate her (Elissa) .n the living rm Spencer and Andy talking just general talk and Andy announces he has to go to the bathroom and Spencer says go.

8:55pm BBT:andy and Spencer says i cant believe there was that many baloons in this house today and andy says i wonder how long that took. Gm comes back out of Dr and says it could be broken but they dont know without xrays and i told them i have a comp tomorrow and i need to be on my A game buddy. she says she has to put an ice pack on her foot now as the Medic says it is bad.

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9:09 pm BBT Elissa, GM, Spencer, Judd in HOH going to play blackjack. They are not sure how to play. In bedroom Amanda wonders if Mc thinks Judd is mad at her.

9:14 pm BBT Amanda says she is afraid to watch the show, says she thinks she didnt come off looking very well. She wants Mc to not shave his beard, maybe shaving it was bad luck. In HOH they talk about playing with ppls $$ and winning but playing with their own they lose. (have I ever mentioned I dont like it when they get cards, the shuffling hurts the ears)

9:20 pm BBT GM teaches them to play Rummy. Amanda enters HOH and asks if she can grab some Sweetish fish. She apologizes to them both, she loves all of them, she know one of them will go home, she loves them. Its hard to put personal over game. She understands why GM did what she had to do. GM says come up any time, dont be weird. Dont take anything she has done and hold it against Mc, it was all her. She leaves.

9:22 pm BBT GM says she prob never put herself in the noms shoes before. Now its wow she has been an idiot. GM says you cant make your emotions like that. chat goes back to Rummy. Amanda takes dinner to Mc in bed, they put a towel under the plate. She tells him what she said upstairs.

9:30 pm BBT Rummy lesson still going on. Mc reading Bible while eating. Amanda told him they could play cards if they wanted to, he says he doesnt want to do anything. GM says they wont get alcohol tonight.

9:36 pm BBT Rummy in HOH, GM asks how does it feel to be between two chickens, Elissa says like a low carb chicken sandwich. Amanda is making Mc a bracelet, it says A heart M, she asks if he likes it, he says he is hungry.

9:42 pm BBT Elissa asks the others if they get tired when they talk to "their friends" they say no...."Elissa, please go to the DR." they LOL They shuffle her cards back into the deck. Elissa jokes with Andy in the rainbow room about how she just found out the other day they are on a TV show.

9:45 pm BBT HOH talks about how the fight has gone out of Mc eyes, he made GM mad when he thru the question comp to her. They think he was different when he came in. GM says he is smart as F, it scares her sometimes. Meanwhile, Amanda apologizes to Andy, she doesnt need the money like they do, she just wanted to see how far she could get, never thought it would be this far. Both are sniffling.

9:48 pm BBT Amanda says Andy and Mc need to seperate, spread out. She tells Mc to get with Spencer, Andy needs to stay with GM/Elissa. Once she (amanda) is gone they need other ppl. Get out Elissa and Judd.

9:52 pm BBT Amanda says she was so blindsided by that. Andy says you were. Amanda says she never saw that coming. Andy says just know that when you see me being nice to Elissa know that I want to punch her in the face. He says he told Elissa (after she listened at the SR door) that he was just trying to calm Amanda down.

9:56 pm BBT Andy goes back upstairs, Mc goes to try to poop. Amanda says Mcranda has been nominated. Back in HOH, the talk about Mc, Spencer says he got used to sleeping 15 hrs a day and letting Amanda do all his dirty work.

9:59 pm BBT Talk goes to them taking punishments or prizes if POV comp is like that. Andy says it was heart breaking when he talked to Amanda cuz she was saying how much she trusts him. Andy tells HOH crew not to worry, he is unwavering.

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I DVR'd BBAD (I'm going to write what happened from 9 to 11 PM BBT)

9:00 PM BBT Andy, GM, Spencer in the LR. GM goes upstairs to shower and is limping as she leaves. Andy leaves to go to Amanda and McCrae in the outside bedroom. He asks if they are ok. Andy immediately says, "fuck." They start whispering and can't hear them at all. After BB finally realizes we can't hear them, Andy asks Amanda what she is going to do tomorrow for the competition. She says she will take every single luxury (Kinda odd since they just had a luxury comp). Amanda tells Andy that Judd/Elissa/GM are working together and possibly Spencer. Amanda says that GinaMarie implied the only person that wouldn't be gunning for McCranda would be Andy. Elissa is in the hallway next to the bedroom and now talk switches to comps and what to expect. Andy gives her a signal that Elissa is still there and Amanda gives the evil death stare to the hallway where Elissa is. Amanda then says she never thought she would make it this far. Elissa goes into the other bedroom and Amanda starts whispering again about what GM said. Amanda tells Andy that McCrae, Andy, and possibly Spencer need to stay together. Elissa and Judd walk out into the bedroom and silence. Then as they leave, Amanda says it's not fair that Judd came back, and then Elissa got HOH, so she knew she was screwed. Amanda says that Judd got to bypass two evictions and that he is pissed at her.

9:07 PM BBT Spencer walks into the bedroom with Andy, McCrae, Amanda and asks if they want to play blackjack. They decline. They then start talking about blackjack and playing the odds. Andy is called to the DR. There was a slight DR leak but it was just the person on the other side and Andy saying "Hi!"

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10:03pm BBT: Gm talking about Amanda and Mccrae and how they arw acting still and says it is all rediculous and i am over her. Gm says i like the girl but geez she is to much. Andy says there are a few moments that i was very weary of her. Gm says with the horn blowing to Elissa was rediculous and Amanda said she did it for Aaryn. elissa said today nuh uh. Gm says yeah who torches someone for Aaryn? Elissa says do you not understand when you are an adult that isnt cute. Spencer says especialy whe you are suposed to be a grown woman. Gm says it is all hitting her now and i feel bad about it but she cant treat people like that.

10:07pm BBT: Elissa says you know Amanda has to have some kind of strange behavioral problems. Amanda in chair rm with mccrae says i am just afraid of my ex boyfriend. Mccrae says why and she says i dont want him to ruin my life. she says i just dont want to talk tohim at all and i owe him a thousand dollars so i might just mail him a check or something.

10:10pm BBT: Gm and Elissa and Andy playing Jenga and talking about cereals they like and talking about making up their own rules and Elissa sk Andy what he eats for breakfast in the mornings and Andy says a granola bar and a banana.

10:14pm BBT: Amanda says i really thought we was going to be ok this week and Mccrae says yeah. Amanda says well they know how good we are.In the HOH RM Elissa is telling a story about a little girl with fake eye lashes on and how cute she was. back in chair rm Amanda asking what the jury house looked like last year and mccrae says i dont know she ask if everyone gets their own rm and he says i dont know.l Amanda is being called to the Dr now. mccrae goews back to reading the bible.

10:18pm BBT:In the hOh rm Elissa and Judd and Gm talking about a tarzan chicken and laughing and they have Judd going bock bock bock in his chicken suit as they all laugh.

10:23pm BBT: Andy won the Jenga game against Elissa. Now Gm is going to play Elissa a game of jenga . Spencer is listening to the CD that Gm got in her basket. Judd is just sitting around talking with andy and Gm and Elissa. just general talk going on about a hair dryer.

10:35pm BBT: jenga game still going on in HOH rm Amanda still in Dr and mccrae now eating dinner sitting in bed.

10:38pm BBT: andy telling about movies that he likes as Gm and Elissa play Jenga.

10:40pm BBT: Mccrae finishes eating and goes to Kt and washes his own dishes.In HOH rm Judd says he took his Nephew to see the movie Cars. and Elissa says Cars wow thats racie.Spencer is being called to the DR and Amanada is back in bed polishing things on other items.Mccrae is going back to bed and Sopencer says i will hollar at you when i get out of DR.

10:47pm BBT:In HOh rm talk is about past seasons otev comps and how people got kicked and hurt. Judd says otev is always violent. In chair rm amanda and mccrae are laying in bed (shocker) she is playing with his hair and ear.Amanda says did you ever think we would end up ,like that? he says no. she says me either.

10:54pm BBT: general talk about Jenga in the hoh rm then andy says we are surrounded by a city see the windows and Elissa says yeah down town new york. Elissa then says to Gm that the jenga game is very wobbly she then says she is like in a daze today.

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9:13 PM BBT In the HOH, Elissa, Judd, and Spencer are playing blackjack. GM is in the bathroom laying down in the tub. Spencer thinks that an ace is a 1 or 10, but then GM corrects him saying it is a 1 or 11. They continue to play blackjack. Judging by Judd's facial expression, he is either bored or confused. Elissa has been winning a lot of games of blackjack, and GM says she is taking Elissa to vegas. Elissa then says she is going to "beat all of yous." Elissa says that she goes to craps tables and people start asking her to play for them even though she doesn't know what she's doing. They're also trying to figure out what other card games to play. GM joins them and is going to show them how to play Rummy.

9:18PM BBT Camera switches to Amanda and McCrae laying in bed not talking. Amanda is on her side looking at him, and McCrae is staring at the wall.

Feeds switch back. BB asked GM to reattach her microphone followed by "Thank you for your cooperation."

GM is explaining Rummy to Judd, Spencer, and Elissa. As GM is explaining, Amanda walks into the HOH room and asks for some candy. GM continues explaining, and Amanda asks if she can say something real quick. Amanda: "Just in case this is my last week here, I apologize to you both. (starts crying) I really do love all of you guys here. I just want to be happy and I'm sorry if anything I said is taken on a personal level. I truly and honestly do love all of you and Im totally like accepting that I'm going home this week. All game aside, I love you and I love you and I love you. I know it's just a game. I know after this, this will all... and we're here for so long that it's hard to separate personal from game. But I'm not going to campaign against McCrae. He loves this game. He wants to stay here badly. I do too. We're both going to fight hard tomorrow, but know that I have no hard feelings. I understand why you do what you had to do. I fought really hard to get here, we all did. And I love you guys, so I hope nothing is weird." GM then responds she can come up any time. Amanda continues to say not to let anything that she has done be also blamed on McCrae because he tried to stop her too. She leaves.

GM says Amanda has never saw herself as ever being nominated with McCrae, and now she's realizing everything she's done in this game. GM said it's nice she came up like a lady and apologized, and she told them she and McCrae could have her room one night. They then go back to rummy.

9:25 PM BBT Amanda is now telling her conversation in the HOH to McCrae. McCrae doesn't really seem to respond immediately, but BBAD goes to commercial...

9:31 PM BBT Upstairs crew is still playing cards. Doesn't seem like there is going to be any alcohol tonight. GM said is was because Amanda was going to go on a rampage, and BB tells her to "stop that." Elissa says it's nice to know "they" (BB) cares. GM says she did exaggerate a little bit. GM noticed that the King of Hearts is stabbing himself in the head, and Spencer says the he is the suicide king.

9:35 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae are still in their bed. McCrae seems to be reading the bible, and Amanda is asking him questions such as, "What's your favorite part of the bible you've read so far?" McCrae says the Moses story. Amanda keeps asking questions about the bible.

9:37 PM BBT Upstairs, they continue playing Rummy with very little talking. GM does ask Elissa how does it feel being in a chicken sandwich? Elissa says it is like a low carb sandwich. It's pretty boring watching them. (I would love to teach the houseguests how to play Egyptian Ratscrew, then it would be a little bit more entertaining for the viewers).

9:43 PM BBT Not much has changed. McCrae looks like a zombie as Amanda goes in for a kiss. Andy walks by and goes into the color bedroom. Elissa has made her way down to the bedroom to get something, makes small talk with Andy, then they both leave. Elissa says that she realized or maybe saw something in the storage room two days ago that we're on a tv show. As Elissa leaves, Andy stays with McCranda, and Andy says he told Spencer, "I think I hate her. I think I totally hate her so much." McCrae seemed more excited to see Andy come join them than laying down next to Amanda. Amanda says that the house knows Andy is with them so Andy needs to separate. Amanda says that Elissa knew that as soon as GM won HOH, Elissa was safe. Amanda says GM told her that Aaryn said that GM and Elissa should work together. Amanda says that their alliance lasted the longest in the game. Amanda has been very calm talking and talking like she is going to leave. Andy says not to talk like that and Amanda starts crying. Amanda says that she trusted McCrae and Andy the most. She came here to play the game, not for the money, and didn't think she was going to make it this far. Andy starts tearing up a little. Andy, "I feel like my hatred for Elissa is going to fuel me." Amanda reiterates that Andy, McCrae, Spencer need to separate. Amanda believes that Judd/GM/Elissa will be together. She says Andy needs to keep with GM and Elissa, and that McCrae needs to stick with Judd because they had a good relationship. Andy says he doesn't believe Elissa will ever trust him again. Amanda says Elissa and Judd are the biggest threats in the game to Andy and McCrae. Amanda says GM always kinda wanted her out. She says that she is going to fight hard tomorrow for the veto.

Andy chimes in every now and then with, "God!"

Amanda: "You're with people 24/7, you learn to love them. You two are the only ones I care about in this game. Up until this point, I think we've made each other stronger, but I think now I make you weaker. Now that I'm going, you both have the ability to make it to the final two. Just stay loyal to each other."

McCrae hasn't said anything yet.

Amanda: "I can't believe how blindsided I was. I did not see that coming." Amanda believes GM is lying when she says she is not working with Elissa. Andy chimes in saying it makes him nervous too because GM kept saying "Elissa" last week to go up on the block. (Andy, have you yet to realize your mouth gets you in trouble? You can lie to Amanda, but don't throw people under the bus!) Andy says it doesn't make any sense GM nominated Amanda because Elissa nominated Nick. Andy leaves to go upstairs. Andy: "Just know when you see me being nice to Elissa, I want to punch her in the face." He then puts both hands to his head and says, "Oh my god! Like, I want to talk to her about how she was listening to our entire conversation." Andy talks about his confrontation earlier with Elissa and uses swear words that BBAD blocked. It looks like he called her a "fucking cunt" and then he confirmed saying he just used the c word on BBAD.

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10:00PM BBT Andy is now in the HOH and says he was just talking to Amanda. He is saying it was heartbreaking talking to Amanda because she knows nothing about the exterminators. Seems like Elissa is not in there, and Judd gets called to the DR. GM lets out a burp that's better than anything I could let out. GM goes on to say that McCrae is a beast in competitions week 1, but now he's like whatever. GM says that when she walks out, she'll be walking into Nick's arms instead of alone. Elissa was in the DR and comes back to the HOH. Andy is saying if it's a double eviction, they can get both of them out. GM continues to talk about McCrae throwing competitions to Amanda. GM says she likes Amanda, but she's just too much. Andy says there were a few moments that made him wary of Amanda, but the moment that solidified it was when she went off on Elissa last week. GM says she thought it was funny for a few moments, but not after that. GM says that Amanda said earlier that she tortured Elissa for Aaryn. GM didn't buy it and Elissa seem surprised Amanda said it. Elissa says when you're an adult, it's about being positive and making an impact in the lives of others. Spencer says that you reap what you sow. Andy is now talking directly to Elissa saying that Amanda can't expect to belittle people and expect not to be nominated. They continue to talk about Amanda. Elissa brings up she has some sort of behavioral problems, and GM brings up Amanda is on medication. GM says when Amanda isn't on her medicine, she's crazy. Elissa and Andy play Jenga while they all talk.

10:14 PM BBT Andy said a student wrote a paper about him for another class about who the student looks up to. Andy was flattered. Elissa then tells a story of a young girl that looked up to her and drew a picture of her. They are all sharing stories of the like.

It's random chit chat going on now including GM's cockroach comment. Judd walks in and wearing the top of his chicken suit like a toga, probably because he's hot.

Judd asks GM if Andy reminds her of Napoleon Dynamite. Andy responds, "Shut up, Judd!" Elissa and Andy have a very intense game of Jenga going on. Judd, "I hope Andy is the one that knocks it down." Andy: "Quiet, slutty chicken."

Talk turns to different unitards that the houseguests may have to wear such as unitards. And Andy loses the game of Jenga.

10:28 PM BBT GM is now playing Elissa in Jenga. Judd says that GM wasn't mean during her speech, and it was to the point. Andy says that Amanda sounds defeated and may throw veto to McCrae

10:33 PM BBT Andy is reiterating that his loyalty is to the people in the HOH room, but he's not going to be mean to McCranda. Judd says he is not talking to them because it pisses him off that they threw him under the bus. Judd says he can't fake too much. GM says she is glad she wasn't close to Amanda because look what happened to Aaryn. No one is going to boss her around except Nick.

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10:41PM BBT Random talk in the HOH room as GM and Elissa continue to play Jenga. Andy wonders how TVGN works with BBAD and if they have to block cursing because it's basic cable. He then proceeds to curse as BBAD is muted for about ten seconds.

GM says she is going to rock out the veto competition.

Talk turns to Candice, and Andy says that he's going to come after GM saying, "This is for Candice!" Elissa says during the next eviction, she says Andy should say, "Who voted Amanda out over this! Everyone loved her! She wasn't here to hurt none of yous!"

Talk now turns to the OTEV competition and how Elissa "Enzo-ing" Andy during the competition and how it was played slow-mo during the live show. They also talk about past OTEV competitions such as Janelle and James from BB7.

10:50PM BBT GM brings up how Aaryn protected Amanda, evicted her, and now Amanda is on the block. Judd: "That's what you get for backstabbing so many people. You backstab everybody, you got nobody left." GM then mentions that Amanda told Elissa to nominate GM.

10:54 PM BBT GM and Elissa continue playing jenga. GM is counting how high their stack is. GM counts 32, and asks how high Andy and GM's stack was. He says it was 36.

10:58 PM BBT Andy asks if anyone was asked about the chicken suits because he wants to talk about the chicken suits. GM says she did, and Andy is a bit jealous. BB says, "Andy, shut it down." Andy: "Well you know what I want, production!" BB: "Andy, stop that."

Elissa: "The less people, the more obvious when we say something we're not supposed to." GM and Elissa are up to 34 rows high. They're trying to beat 36 and very carefully placing and removing jenga blocks. They're also standing up to finish.

And that concludes tonight's BBAD. I guess we'll never know the ending of GM and Elissa's game. :(

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11:02pm BBT: Gm says that amanda told her she was never coming after her and Gm says what thats why you were telling people to put me up . Elissa says amanda is just a rule breaker.Judd says what and elissa says Amanda is just a rule breaker and thats why your going home amanda and Judd says what if she wins the veto? Elissa says lets hope she doesnt.

11:05pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae in Wa brushing their teeth. Judd and elissa and Gm talking in HOh about Judd being a stripper chicken. elissa says i heard him making deals with all the chicks today and she laughs. Gm goes on about her foot hurting and Judd says you have to relax your falling apart.

11:08pm BBt: Andy says it is funny them in a chicken suit and Elissa and Gm says we call them the big mac and the chicken nugget. and they all laugh.

11:10pm BBt: they get wine and beer tonight and Amanda says she will take wine and mccrae doesnt want anything so then Amanda says she doesnt want anything that someone else could have her wine. Andy says he will drink wine if Judd wanted his beer instead of wine. Elissa comes down and wants wine too. Spencer has two beers and Judd has two beers and Andy and Elissa are sharing the wine.

11:15pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae in chair rm and amanda says she has to take the writing off mccraes brush. Mccrae says why and she says i have to take it off. The chickens are walking around drinking and yelling it aint easy being a chicken. they go to the living rm with andy as they drink .Andy says he likes the white wine so much more than the red and Judd says really i am the opposite. Elissa goes to hoh where Gm is in bed and elissa says you going to bed she says no i am resting my foot then they start talking about Nick.

11:20pm BBT: Andy saying if the exterminators stay together and amanda or mccrae leaves this week and if Elissa wins hoh next week then the exterminators are still safe she will put the other up that didnt leave this week. Andy says Elissa scarws me she will make an alliance with anyone so she scares me.

11:23pm BBT: Gm telling elissa in HOh rm whay she told amanda today about why she had to go on the block and elissa says yeah we had to do something with the strong romance. Gm says yeah and i didnt want no part of that wedding and elissa says i didnt either. Gm says i did her hair and makeup even after what she said about Nick and then i couldnt even tell aaryn anything cuz she went back and told amanda.

11:28pm BBt: In the lounge rm Andy says this could be another double eviction and what if Elissa won it. Judd says she will put up Amanda. andy says if it is a double it would be better to let Elissa or Amanda win it so we can all play in the next hoh.Spencer says we will face it when it happens just fight like hell. Andy says we just dont know where Elissas head is.

11:31pm BBt: Judd says i am impressed with Gm and andy says oh me too and then judd says i am so impressed she pulled me out of that water and she gets hurt all the time and she keeps going.

11:32pm BBT: Spencer says i hope this is a double cuz Amanda is so shaken up that she wont win anything. andy says then we might have to get rid of Elissa and Spencer says yeah .

11:45pm BBT: Gm is listening to music in HOh rm and Andy Judd and Spencer in lounge rm and andy says who do you think the most outragous player was this year and they say candice. and Andy laugh and says get this Candice made jury and jeremy didnt and they all laugh.Andy says if i could switch Candixe for howard i sure would.

11:47pm BBT:Andy is talking about helen and how she would scream when she talks and he would have to tell her to calm down.Andy tells Judd that he would have been gone sooner if it hadnt been for him cuz helen every week was teying to get him out.Spencer says yeah she was always coming to me for that.

11:53pm BBT: andy goes to see where elissa is at and Judd says i love her but she eaves drops alot.Andy comes back and says Elissa is upstairs so we are ok.

11:57pm BBT: Andy Judd and Spencer still talking about Hg that have been evicted and how they said things and he believes he either saved them or got them out of the house. he says he caught most of them evesdropping alot.

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