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Friday, August 30 Live Feed Updates


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11:40 PM BBT Talk turns to White Castle's versus Krystal. Judd wonders where they are (north versus south. Generally White Castles are found in the north/NE while Krystal is located in the south/SE and Kentucky and Tennessee have them both). Talk turns to the pictures.

11:48 PM BBT Elissa says she wishes Poopy (Aaryn) could see this. She misses her and thinks the house feels so different already with her gone. Amanda busts out laughing and tries to hide her face behind McCrae. Clearly she finds Elissa funny. She continues to laugh and cover her face. McCrae points out that you can see a bulge in Nick's photo. Amanda laughs saying it's funny that he's the one to notice that. GinaMarie shows the photo off to Andy. Spencer called to DR.

11:54 PM BBT GinaMarie is going to head downstairs to get her shrine to Nick. Talk in the HoH turns to what if they have a luxury/punishment competition for PoV. Andy says if they have a gift card to PetSmart everyone should let him have it. Amanda warns him that if he takes that then she may have to go after him because he already has so many prizes. Elissa walks outside the door for a moment and Amanda comments "I miss Poopy so much. I love her? Did anyone else hear that? She said that twice!" Elissa and GinaMarie back.


12:00 AM BBT Amanda whispers to GinaMarie quietly about what Elissa had said about missing Poopy (Elissa in the HoH bathroom). She tells her that she made her cry while she was in DR because she was being mean and nasty. Amanda says she's going to suck it up this week for her. GinaMarie thanks her. Amanda heads outside alone to smoke. Back inside Andy is rattling off different prizes "Would you throw the competition if there was a year subscription to Blockbuster's video service?" Etc. Andy questions whether they normally get the BY immediately after HoH.

12:07 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the HoH. GinaMarie heads downstairs to get a band-aid. Elissa chases after her. "Oh my god GinaMarie I can't even stand to look at her. GinaMarie invites Elissa to share her room tonight. Elissa says she will. Meanwhile back in the HoH Amanda is Elissa bashing saying that she's saying and doing things just to push her buttons. They watch on the spy screen as GinaMarie wanders from point to point downstairs and Elissa follows. Amanda says GinaMarie is probably trying to get away from her.

12:12 AM BBT The awkward silence in the HoH has now begun. It seems as if it's going to be a waiting game...who will leave GinaMarie alone first? We have idle chit chat, but when it gets quiet...it gets quiet in the HoH as everyone snacks on the food. McCrae heads down to smoke.

12:18 AM BBT Amanda joins McCrae outside. McCrae tells her to go back upstairs with her. Amanda says Andy is there. McCrae points out that he's listening to music. Amanda heads back in. Meanwhile up in the HoH Judd says he'll probably go to bed early tonight because that's the only time he can take off the chicken outfit.

12:22 AM BBT Judd outside in the BY chatting with McCrae while McCrae plays pool by himself. Andy heads outside. He feels like running. We have idle chit chat in the HoH between GinaMarie, Elissa, and Amanda.

12:27 AM BBT McCrae heads back inside, leaving Judd and Andy outside. Andy says Amanda and McCrae are driving him crazy. Andy says Elissa and Amanda keep pushing each others buttons and it's getting old. They know they won't be able to talk to GinaMarie tonight because Amanda and McCrae will be up there all night if they need to be.

12:34 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues. GinaMarie, Elissa and McCrae up in the HoH talking about Britney Spears. Down in the BY Andy and Amanda are talking about how amazing GinaMarie was at the competition tonight. Talk turns back to Elissa. Amanda says everyone needs to point out to GinaMarie that Elissa is such a bad person.

12:40 AM BBT Up in the HoH talk has turned to the fact that they haven't had a Pandora's box yet. In the BY Amanda complains about Elissa again. Amanda heads back in to go follow GinaMarie around some more. Judd and Spencer begins to chat. Spencer questions who should go home if Amanda and McCrae end up on the block. Judd thinks it should be McCrae because he is stronger at comps. Spencer agrees but says nobody can beat Amanda in the final 2. Judd agrees.

12:55 AM BBT Amanda looks at a camera in the WA and says "If you can't see that she's taunting me then I've lost all faith in humanity". Out in the BY McCrae is setting up to play pool by himself. Spencer and Judd are sitting on the couch. Spencer tells Andy to stop procrastinating and start running.

01:00 AM BBT Amanda says Elissa was telling GinaMarie not go in the diseased pool (a couple people have commented that the pool looks murky and should probably get treated before getting used). Amanda is taking offense (because she believes that Elissa is saying she would be the source of the disease?). Amanda tracks down Elissa as she makes her bed in the colorful room and tries to 'make ammends' by asking her why she's acting the way she is. Elissa pushes past her. Amanda calls to her saying she's being real mature.

01:05 AM BBT Out in the BY now Andy (who still procrastinating his run), Judd, Spencer, McCrae and now Amanda are talking on/near the couch. Amanda begins crying. Judd tells her not to cry. Amanda stays quiet for a moment or so before saying she feels like she's in High School again. Amanda calls her the b***** girl from high school. In the WA Elissa has begun nightly ADLs.

01:09 AM BBT GinaMarie is out of the DR and Elissa calls her into the WA and tells her about Amanda's most recent outburst. GinaMarie says she will talk to her. GinaMarie heads outside...and Amanda is crying. So now we're hearing Amanda's side of the story. Amanda is trying to make things better between the two of them. Amanda says Elissa has been torturing Aaryn since day 1. Amanda says that makes her angry.

01:14 AM BBT Elissa bashing continues in the BY with Amanda crying. Andy asks chicken (Judd) if he has anything to contribute. Judd says he blames Julie. She's a pot stirrer. Spencer heads inside to use the WC and Elissa tells him about Amanda's outburst. Spencer asks if she's about to head to bed. She says she is. Spencer isn't far behind. Back out in the BY the Elissa discussion continue.

RT @grilled_cheeser: @mortystv I wouldn't give Amanda the time of day after everything she has done either. E doesn't seem 2 do the "fake friends" thing much...

01:27 AM BBT More of the same with people moving about the house. Elissa is heading to bed. Up in the HoH Judd and Aaryn are chatting about the Amanda/Elissa situation. Down in the BY Amanda says she feels that Judd is working with Elissa now because he defended Elissa earlier. Andy says he's not sure where Judd has been because he's been very quiet since getting back.

01:31 AM BBT Up in the HoH Judd says he wants McCrae to go home this week. GinaMarie agrees. Out in the BY Amanda continues to complain about Elissa.

01:37 AM BBT Brief period of FoTH. Feeds back and in the BY McCrae and Amanda are talking. McCrae says not to act lovey dovey because GinaMarie may get jealous. Amanda says Spencer can't be trusted. McCrae points out they trusted Poopy (Aaryn). Amanda agrees and she did all the work they needed.

01:45 AM BBT Amanda in the BY crying next to the HT. She misses her family and Elissa is evil.

01:56 AM BBT Judd and GinaMarie in the HoH chatting. Judd tells her that if Amanda and McCrae try keep her up all night to send them away and tell them they can talk tomorrow. GinaMarie agrees. In the BY Amanda and McCrae continue to talk about Elissa. Amanda wonders if they should go talk to her. McCrae is going to try tonight. Judd heads outside and says he's going to bed. Speaking of bed, Elissa appears to be in bed already.

02:05 AM BBT Amanda heading inside to change out of her swimwear. GinaMarie heading into SR to get a heat patch before going to bed.

02:21 AM BBT We more or less have had the same thing for the last 10-15 minutes or so. GinaMarie is going to bed to bed soon. Spencer says he will be right behind her.

02:29 AM BBT Spencer is heading to bed. He's in the WA doing nightly ADLs. Out in the BY GinaMarie says she's heading to bed. Amanda stops her and asks about a final 4 deal. GinaMarie says it's clever and that's fine. Amanda wonders where her head is at with nominations. GinaMarie says Elissa for sure and the pawn is a toss up. Amanda asks for names. GinaMarie says Spencer or Judd. Amanda questions if Judd would pull Elissa off the block if he won PoV and he wasn't on the block. Andy and McCrae doesn't think so because that would be a massive target for his back.

02:43 AM BBT They talk a bit longer and get some Elissa bashing in before GinaMarie says she's heading to bed. They'll talk tomorrow. GinaMarie heads in and they begin running scenarios for the week. Up in the HoH GinaMarie calls out to Andy (in the shower) telling him she's there and not to walk around naked. He comes out and they touch base briefly about the day's events. GinaMarie feels a bit guilty lying to Amanda and McCrae to their face, but it's something that needs to be done.

02:46 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae decide that they're going to head to bed soon. They also head inside.

02:52 AM BBT Andy heads downstairs to the WA to begin nightly ADLs. Amanda tells Andy she suspects GinaMarie has a deal with Judd and that's why she doesn't want to put him up. Amanda says she'd even be willing to go up as a replacement nom just as long as she doesn't go up against Spencer (for fear of Judd and Elissa voting her out forcing GinaMarie to break the tie thus getting more blood on her hands.

03:01 AM BBT We now have horizontal HGs in almost darkened rooms. GinaMarie is bouncing and dancing while listening to her CD. Downstairs Amanda could be heard telling McCrae "it's going to be a while before I get tired". Updates may slow down a bit but we'll stick with it just in case anyone gets up and decides to start talking game.

03:08 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae out of bed. They take their blanket and head into the cockpit. Meanwhile GinaMarie continues to jam out in the HoH room.

03:09 AM BBT McCrae wants to tell Spencer that he should be the one to tell GinaMarie that Judd made deals with everyone in the house. Elissa bashing begins.

03:20 AM BBT GinaMarie turned the light out in her room and is now laying in bed. Meanwhile down in the cockpit Amanda and McCrae make out.

03:26 AM BBT McCrae repeatedly calls Elissa a c***. More Elissa bashing.

03:37 AM BBT Elissa is entitled. Her family has money. On and on and on. They want to win veto this week and can't wait to make their goodbye message.

03:37 AM BBT Elissa is entitled. Her family has money. On and on and on. They want to win veto this week and can't wait to make their goodbye message.

03:52 AM BBT They agree that they want to try and go to bed now.

04:02 AM BBT All four feeds show horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.

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7:30am It's a new week in the BB house with GM as HOH and Judd/Spencer in chicken suits. But some things stay the same... everyone is still asleep this morning.

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8:20am bbt and everyone is still asleep...

8:50am bbt and no change...

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8:53 am BBT we have FOTH. BB getting them up for this supposedly big nomination day. The huge question is....will GinaMarie really nom Mc and Amanda?!!

9:10 am BBT Andy outside asking Judd how many birds are going to have a crush on him. GinaMarie explains that she sleeps backwards in the HOH bed because of the air conditioning. GM and Andy head back to bed. Elissa and Judd sitting outside. Spencer, Mc, Amanda still in bed.

9:13 am BBT Judd says he didnt think the comp last night was hard until he looked over and others were almost done. How in the world did GinaMarie do it. Elissa asks if he thinks GinaMarie will put them (Mc/Amanda) up. Judd says yes. Elissa says she doesnt know why ppl buy into Amanda. Elissa was making her bed last night when Amanda came in, Elissa didnt say one word to her.

9:16 am BBT FYI--Spencer has his clothes mountain started again, the layer is the chicken suit. Elissa and Judd lower the outside awnings. Judds suit is so big on him its hanging off one shoulder.

9:22 am BBT Judd called to DR. Judd out of DR, uses WC (forgets to turn mic off). Andy gets called to DR.

9:23 am BBT Andy out of DR, Judd gets a towel from the dryer and gets in shower. Amanda called to DR. Amanda out of DR, Elissa called to DR. Amanda asks Judd if he danced this morning, he says No, he didn't know it was the Chicken Dance song or he would have.

9:47 am BBT Judd finishes his shower and some more ADLs, puts the suit back on. Amanda had put some make up on then disappeared off cams. Elissa laughs at Judds open shoulder suit. He says he should trade with Spencer while he is sleeping. Elissa cant wait for real coffee....FOTH

9:52 am BBT Judd tells Amanda that the suits sleeve is ripped is why it's like that. Says he looks like a slutty chicken. Amanda gets her coffe and goes to HOH. She tells GinaMarie she is going to keep away from Elissa today. She starts to cry. She says now that Aaryn is gone she is emotionally spent. GinaMarie says she is welcome up there any thime. Amanda says she just needs to cleans herself of the negative energy.

9:56 am BBT GinaMarie says ppl will prob want to talk to her, the guys wont want to sit outside in those suits. GinaMarie looking for her mic, she finds it. Amanda leaves.

9:59 am BBT 2 cams on GinaMarie putting on makeup, 2 cams on Spencer/Mc sleeping. Judd wonders into cam view, GinaMarie gets called to DR.

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10:04am BBT: Ginamarie comes down the stairs and says good morning and then falls down the stairs and Elissa is in the KT and says oh my gosh and Ginamarie says i always get hurt. Elissa offers to help her up and she says no just give me a second then Elissa goes back to washing dishes saying this house is a death trap. Ginamarie sitting on steps and then gets up saying these slippers are going in the garbbage and walks towards the DR. They let her in as she moans.

10:14am BBT: Elissa still washing dishes and Amanda is Wa getting dressed. Amanda now walks through KT and heads to the STR.Ginamarie still in DR and all other HG still sleeping.

10:17BBT: Ginamarie comes out of DR and Elissa ask are you ok and she says yeah i hurt my toes a little so i am going to go lay down and rest my back for a little bit so enjoy your morning sweetheart and Elissa says i will. Ginamarie ask if the screan says nominations yet and Elissa says no and Ginamarie says well my screen is arrows and Elissa says that is weird and Elissa says you might get pandoras box and Ginamarie says that might be crazy. Elissa says i hope someone gets it and we get foth.

10:21am BBT: Andy and Judd is now up in the color rm and Judd is getting dressed and Andy says i wonder why they are locking us up in there(hoh rm) and Andy says it is something fishy.Judd put on half his chicken costume and says can i wear it like this and BB says Judd stop that and Andy laughs.

10:24am BBT: Judd comes in the KT and Elissa says did she say 15 minutes or 30 and Judd says she said 10 minutes. Judd getting food as Elissa says she has to go get some stuff.

10:27pm BBT:Spencer now up putting his chicken suit on and Judd goes to HOH rm already and Ginamarie tells him she fell down the stairs this morning. He ask if she is ok and she laughs and says yes.

10:31am BBT: Amanda sitting outside and Andy joins her out there.In the hoh rm Judd goes back up with a cup of coffee and then spills it on himself and Ginamarie laughs. Spencer now walks in and Ginamarie says she fell down the stairs and you missed it and he says no i heard it and she says you heard it and he says no i heard you say you hurt your toes. Elissa joins HOh rm now. Andy back in the house he says it is to hot outside and now heads to HOh rm.

10:34am BBT: Spencer tells the HOh group that lastnight he was coming back in the house and got his wing caught in the sliding door and they all laugh. Amanda in By talking to herself. She says what the hell happened. Aaryn won we send Helen home and then Aaryn goes home and Ginamarie wins and she takes a deep breath and eats her yogurt.

10:38am BBT: Everyone in hoh rm for a lockdown and we have trivia .

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11:08 am BBT 30 minutes of TRIVIA. Could this be the special comp Julie was talking about? Could this be noms? Could this be just to freak us out?

11:38 am BBT An hour of Trivia. FYI---the BY was open and most HG were still in bed when HG went on HOH LD

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12:05 BBT feeds back and they are talking about balloons and them being all over and having to pop them

popped balloons are all over the house!!!

everyone has brooms and are sweeping

sounds like there were prizes in the balloons

there has to be thousands of balloons and confetti every where!

people are congratulating Spencer so he must have won something.

Judd said it took under 4 minutes

all complaining saying they need a shovel or a shop vac... sounds like there were letters in the balloons

sounds like spencer won $10,000

all are cleaning but GM who is inspecting her toes

Judd said their goal was to make them clean the whole house... Amanda said she's done cleaning her back hurts

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12:03pm BBT: feeds back and there is a big mess in the house with confetti all over the house and Ginamarie says why do we have to clean this up and spencer says i rather be in hoh ld and ginamarie says sweep it all in a pile and then spencer says sweep it all in a pile too and ginamarie yells hey chris you still there and we get trivia

12:05pm BBt: Elissa says this was like a childhood memory to me with all the baloons and they are asking each other if they found anything and Elissa and Ginamarie says they only found blank cards and Judd says he found one with a zero on it. Ginamarie said it would have been nice to win a car and they are all cleaning now.

12:08pm BBT:Spencer says coming down here to all the ballons was awesome and Judd says i am glad i didnt clip my nails yet and Andy says i used the end of the counter. spencer says no one found a K and Judd says i am taking this off to dive in as he goes to take off his chicken suit Bb says Judd stop that.Ginamarie says why dont we have like one person clean a rm cuz i am not cleaning the bathroom too after cleaning this one and i am cleaning this Dinning rm and then i am good.

12:12pm BBT:Andy says he founf a zero chip and Amanda says i didnt find one. spencer says we will pick this up to Ginamarie so she wont hurt her back more. Elissa says i love confetti.Elissa says we are going to be finding confetti the rest of the year.

12:15pm BBT: Elissa says Spencer got a trip now and ten thousand dollars thats pretty good.Ginamarie is now laying on the couch in the living rm as everyone is still cleaning.

12:16pm BBT: Amanda says it is going to take forever to clean this . She says we need a shop vac and then says this is going to take us all day.

12:17pm BBT: Spencer is in the bathroom pulling Balloons out of the shower. Amanda is taking them in the other rm.They are now popping the balloons to see if there is a chip in them and one andy popped has a zero in it. amanda now using the blow dryer to try to blow the confetti in a pile. Ginamarie in living rm tells Spencer she is proud of him for winning and Judd says yeah you won that fast dude.

12:21pm BBT:Spencer and Andy in KT and Spencer says did anyone find a letter K and Andy says no noone did.Andy says i think what thwey wanted to do was like if spencer found the one and all the zeros and someone found the K then you would have to come together to make an aggreement. Amanda and Mccrae cleaning the bathroom and Amanda says i need to talk to Ginamarie. Spencer standing in KT warching Judd and Elissa work saying this confetti sticks to the ground and we need a shop vac.

12:27pm BBT: Spencer and Ginamarie talking about her toe might be broke after she falls down the stairsthis morning.

12:30pm BBT: Amanda says ok my back hurts has anyone requested a shop vac and they say no not formaly so Ginamarie goes to dr to ask for one and Amanda says ask when we can go outside and Spencer says they are building something out there we hear a ringing noise so Bb plays a siren over the speaker for them.

12:32pm BBT: Ginamarie says we dont get the BY yet we will find out and they are checking on it and putting in a request.

12:33pm BBt: Amanda went to HOH RM and got her pillow and blanket and then heads to the Bedroom and starts making her bed.Elissa is in there sweeping all the confetti up as there is still alot all around the house.

12:39pm BBT: Ginamarie says to bad this wasnt glitter but then it would be all over the place for weeks. Spencer ask Judd to help move the couches so he can sweep under them.

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12:42pm BBT:Andy and Spencer in STR and Andy says sorry i didnt seem excited that you won but i was but at least amanda and Mccrae didnt win.Andy says if i dont win this game and i go home before those two do like omg. he says if i play for veto and dont rry to win it Ginamarie gets mad and then if i win it Amanda and mccrae get mad when i dont use it. Spencer says yeah dude.

12:45pm BBT: Spencer and Ginamarie and Elissa in STR going throught he food and Spencer says we have pork chops and Judd says i love me some pork chops and Spencer says me to. Amanda and Mccrae are now in the bedroom and Mccrae sits on the bed as Amanda walks around and Spencer stands and talks he now lays on his bed. Elissa and Andy in KT snacking and Ginamarie getting some coke to drink.

12:48pm BBT: Amanda telling Mccrae in the bed that he needs to go talk to Ginamarie now and He says it isnt even ! yet and she says it doesnt matter go talk to her and Amanda says for me go talk to her or she might put me up. Amanda says whats wrong with you and Mccrae says why whats wrong you mad at me? he says no she says you mad at me and he says no.

12:50pm BBT: Amanda says so you are not going to talk to Ginamarie then? Mccrae says i will talk to her and he keeps laying on the bed.Amanda says he won ten thousand dollars thats awesome and then says i havent won crap in this house. In the STR is Spencer, andy and Judd . talking aout amanda breaking down and Andy says she has to stay and he has to go.

12:54pm BBT: Ginamarie tells Spencer not to spend all that money in the Bahamas and he laughs and says yeah i wont. Spencer goes to the bedroom where amanda is laying on the bed facing the wall and Mccrae was laying at the foot of the bed and now sits up to talk to Spencer and says i cant take much more of her.

12:56pm BBT:Ginamarie laying on couch in living rm talking to Andy and Spencer and Judd. They are wanting a shop vac to finish cleaning and Ginamarie says that was alot and we did good.

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#BB15 1:1 PM BBT Andy is vacuuming the floor. Gina complaining about her toe.

#Bb15 1:08 PM BBT In the BR Amanda is curled up in bed but you can hear her crying a bit. Mccrae is eating hummus and crackers right out of the containers. In the LR Gina has announced nominations are today.

#BB15 1:14 PM BBT McCrae gets up after Amanda tells him again that he better go talk to Gina. He goes to HOH and Gina sends him back downstairs and says she doesn't have time to talk right now.

#BB15 1:23 PM BBT Amanda in the KT looking for a knife. She says she can't find any and heads back to the bedroom. Gina putting on makeup in HOH bathroom.

#BB15 1:28 PM BBT Amanda telling McCrae that she is over everything and hates it there. She doesn't want to talk about Elissa anymore. Not in the house and not in DR. McCrae lying on the bed and rolls his eyes. Amanda hassling him about being pissed. He says he doesn't know why he is pissed off but he is. He woke up that way.

#BB15 1:39 PM BBT Spencer, Amanda and McCrae in BY talking about competition. Now MCCrae telling Spencer that he should go to Gina and tell her that "he" is making deals. (maybe Andy?). Amanda tells Spencer that Gina is now available upstairs

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#BB15 1:46 PM BBT Amanda, Spencer and McCrae talk about how it is unfair that Judd had a two week break and is back in the game. They break up and head back inside.

#BB15 1:56 PM BBT Spencer comes up to talk to Gina. Gina getting ready for the Nominations. Gina tells him she will talk to him in awhile.

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2:00 pm BBT Elissa in HOH WA with GinaMarie, asks GM if she feels like she is making the move of the century, ppl have wanted her out since the beginning.

2:03 pm BBT They yell a shout out to Britney Conners. its so funny, so awesome. In downstairs WA, Spencer, Mc and Andy talk about how they got their scars and how if Spencer gets called to DR he will say the reason he found it so fast was he used his pecker to pop the balloons.

2:07 pm BBT Spencer says he complained about Candice in the clown costume so he feels he has to wear the chicken suit, he tried to take the hat off outside and he got yelled at. Amanda comes in WA asking who is upstairs. (Elissa) Andy says he didnt get to talk to her as she was getting dressed, but she (GM) said Andy was ok.

2:10 pm BBT Amanda says she can see GinaMarie putting her up. Amanda says she did go to GM this morning and told her she wasnt going to be like Elissa and follow her around like a puppy, it drives Amanda crazy. Amanda says what ever is going to happen will happen....FOTH

2:12 pmBBT feeds back and Amanda is playing with her hair in the WA, she goes to the WC. Mc pacing the WA....he opens the WC door and asks if she can hear anything. She says no but someone should be up there. She asks Mc if he is going up there, he says no.

2:19 pm BBT GinaMarie tells Elissa that Mc lost his fire when he got with Amanda. That she told ppl she needed time to get used to Nick being gone and she would be ready to play again, and she did.

2:21 pm BBT Amanda comes into bedroom and wants someone to go upstairs, Mc says oh chill out. Amanda leaves, Spencer tells Mc it will be one of them 4 going home. Spencer says that he will hammer her when he gets into the HOH room.

2:25 pm BBT Elissa tells GM that she wants the girls to go all the way, that the guys will try to pit them against each other. GM says if either Mc or Amanda go home the other will be going after her, she is ready, at least one will be gone.

2:27 pm BBT Andy to HOH and Elissa asks for some more time, he says they are on the same page, he goes back downstairs. Elissa asks why she cant have time to talk to her. downstairs Amanda says "wants more time she has had half an hour."

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2:30 pm BBT Andy in HOH: GinaMarie tells him that Elissa was a bit bugged out. Andy says he is scared of her, if he goes home at the hands of Elissa he will kill himself. GM tells him the deal she had with Elissa. Andy says that Amanda is freaking out a bit but wants to talk to her.

2:35 pm BBT GinaMarie says she didnt tell Elissa that she wants Mc to go home, that Elissa is pushing for Amanda. GinaMarie says if the POV has prizes go for the prizes, they know one of them will leave cuz they are both going up.

2:36 pm BBT GinaMarie is going to see if Spencer will take the punishments (if that is what it is) because he already has a trip and 10K. She says it would be perfect if its a double eviction, they could both be going home.

2:38 pm BBT GinaMarie says she hopes her foot doesnt interfer with comps. Andy says she knows where his head is , he leaves. Spencer heads to HOH. Andy slips back in HOH and says he will tell them she wants to talk to everyone before she makes a decision. He whispers to Spencer that all GM said was that Andy was good.

2:40 pm BBT Spencer in HOH. They hug. She tells him she is still deciding what to do but Mc/Amanda are in her sites, she is not working with Elissa. Elissa will be up her butt, she doesnt want to be around Amanda. Spencer knows where GM lies. She wants everyone to go for prizes but if he could sneak a punishment to take a point from Mc. Spencer says he wants noms to stay the same.

2:43 pm BBT She says that Mc is her target, if Amanda stays in the house and will be crazy. Spencer says one of the 4 of them will win half a million dollars.

2:44 pm BBT GinaMarie says it will be great. Andy tells Amanda: that GinaMarie will for sure put up Elissa. Judd goes to HOH, tells him she knows who is going up, its all good. tells him if POV is prizes to go for them. Spencer says that Mc will be going for punishments. She/Spencer/Judd and Andy will take ALL the punishements, they want Mc out.

2:50 pm BBT GM says if she can do this maybe America will give her the 25K. FOTH, back...Amanda sitting outside....FOTH

2:51 pm BBT GinaMarie says she (Amanda) has shown her boobs and all the other stuff and she wants a reputation as a realtor. Spencer gets ready to leave HOH and tells her he is supposed to push for Elissa and Judd to go up. GM says she has heard that already. GM says she will talk about "the two noms" with them not knowing that They (Mc/Amanda) are "the two noms"

2:54 pm BBT GM tells the boys (not to spread rumors or anything) but that Amanda was pregnant before she came on the sho.....FOTH

2:56 pm BBT Judd tells GinaMarie that Mc/Amanda just couldnt believe Elissa would put one of them up last week, thats why they were so mad. Spencer tells Amanda what GinaMarie told him to say. Andy says they cant lock them outside for 2 hours today, its too hot. Andy keeps singing and we keep getting FOTH. Andy gets ready to run.

2:59 pm BBT Amanda upset that Mc is in such a crappy mood. Amanda tells Spencer that GM must be working with Judd, he could walk right in. Spencer says that Andy walked in but it was Elissa who asked for more time.

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#BB15 3:08 PM BBT Spencer and Judd talking in the BY. They talk about how Amanda is coming unglued. Amanda now in HOH telling gina that if she puts up Elissa and Judd, Amanda will volunteer to be the replacement nomination. McCrae enters HOH and Amanda tells him what she told Gina. We get FOTH.

#BB15 3:11 PM BBT Amanda tells Gina that she should play the odds and put up Elissa and Judd and then only 1 person would be against her. Amanda tells Gina that she should think for herself.

#BB15 3:14 PM BBT Amanda tells Gina that they have been working with Andy since day 1. She tells Gina that she has been with Aaryn for awhile and she loved Aaryn.

#BB15 36:16 PM McCrae stays to talk to Gina and Amanda leaves. Gina talking away and McCrae saying "yeah". They are pushing for Judd and Elissa or Spencer since he won prizes.

#BB15 3:18 PM BBT McCrae tells Gina that he will go for all of the punishments because he wants to be the one who sends her home (Elissa).It would be a feather in his cap.

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#BB15 3:20 PM BBT Amanda in the BY telling Andy about her convo with Gina. Said she had to use visuals with Gina. Amanda tells Andy that Gina seemed receptive to her suggestions. She thinks Gina will put up Judd and Elissa.

#BB15 3:23 PM BBT McCrae leaves HOH and Gina spills some cotton balls. As she picks them up she sings a bit of "Poker Face".

#BB15 3:35 PM BBT Amanda changing into short shorts. Andy in HOH talking to Gina about the convo she had with McCrae and Amanda. Andy going to take a shower in the HOH bathroom.

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#BB15 3:38 PM BBT All 4 cams on Amanda getting dressed for the ceremony. (Gina has not yet been called). Now she sits on the bed while McCrae eats more crackers and hummus.

#BB15 3:43 PM BBT McCrae reading the Bible. Tells Amanda he is at the good part. Amanda asks if it's where they let her people go. McCrae says yes. Amanda whines for him to stop reading and pay attention to her.Amanda taks baby talk to McCrae asking him if anyone knew she put the confetti in Elissa's bag. He said no. She then asks him in a baby talk if he brushed his teeth. He says no. She then kisses him and says he is her stinky boy (in a baby voice). He is still a bit grumpy and she asks him if he fisted the machete today. He says yes.

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#BB15 3:54 PM BBT Amanda, Spencer and McCrae in the BY. Amanda very excited that ELissa is going up on the block as she feels Gina was very receptive to her thoughts on the subject (there is no confirmation who is going up yet). Amanda says this is so exciting and they will be guaranteed F4.

#BB15 4:02 PM BBT BB calls for an OLD.

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4:00PM BBT McCrae has a bad feeling, anytime Judd says he is going up, McCrae thinks something else is going on. GM is tidying up her HoHroom. She heads down to the DR. McCrae and Spencer the chicken are in the BY talking.

4:02PM BBT All the HG just got called outside for lockdown.

4:04PM BBT We have gone to trivia! It is time for the Nominations Ceremony!

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#BB15 5:07 PM BBT Trivia still going on. Anyone have any fingernails left?

#BB15 5:15 PM BBT We are back. Cams on Amanda and Mcrae and everyone hugging. Elissa telling Gina she has made the best move ever. Amanda and McCrae crawl on the bed and Amanda complaining.

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