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Wednesday, August 21 Live Feed Updates


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12:05 AM BBT Out in the hammock Helen and Elissa are talking about Amanda and how it's her show and if anyone talks about getting her out then they're gone. They agree it's crazy because she hasn't even won anything. Amanda and McCrae get up and head outside to smoke.

12:14 AM BBT Idle chit chat across the BY between Amanda and McCrae and Helen and Elissa about the different ways they can make slop. Amanda is hungry and decides to make something to eat now. McCrae heads up to the HoH.

12:22 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in all corners of the house. General game rehashing. Helen and Elissa head inside and Amanda is telling them what she's been up to with her slop baking. She's hoping to try and make a power bar of some sort.

12:33 AM BBT Idle chat chat continues in the house. Helen, Elissa and Amanda continue to bake slop in the KT. Up in the HoH the rest of the house is discussing how they'll have to get together and hang out in Vegas when they get out of the house.

12:39 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues. Down in the KT they continue to bake. Up in the HoH they're discussing Frank (BB14) and Aaryn's crush on him. It's a pretty graphic conversation with Spencer and McCrae making suggestions for how Aaryn should approach him regardless of if he has a girlfriend or not.

12:47 AM BBT Baking/idle chit chat continues in the KT. Amanda heads up to the HoH and asks what they've been talking about. Talk turns to who the live feeders like and dislike. Aaryn thinks the feeders hate her. McCrae says the live feeders hate him and Amanda. Amanda says the live feeders hate him more than her.

12:57 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues. Helen and Elissa heading upstairs. Current chat is about who might come back in the future. McCrae doesn't think it would be Jeremy because they would have had to sequester him for so long. Talk turns to who in the BB house had a hotter body Nick or Jeremy. The house mostly agrees that Jeremy's body was great but his face was less than desirable. The house agrees that Nick had a better face. GinaMarie hates the conversation period. Elissa tells her not to get mad at them. Andy is the one that made out with him (Nick).

01:04 AM BBT Talk has turned to saving things from your kids past (teeth, hair clippings, umbilical scabs...). McCrae went downstairs to check for more alcohol and has been gone a while. Andy wonders where he went. Amanda says Andy should go find him and make out with him. Elissa says Andy has kissed all the guys in the house. Amanda gets up to go find him and joins him outside for a cigarette.

01:17 AM BBT Idle chit chat up in the HoH. Amanda and McCrae have rejoined them. Current conversation is about Antiquing.

01:28 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the HoH about relationships. Helen says her mother taught her that if a guy ever said he wasn't interested in a relationship then he's not interested in you.

01:41 AM BBT Absolutely no game chat continues. We've learned Helen had a dorm mate with the last name DuPont. Amanda has dated a Sears and a McCormick and they were cheap. Andy wanders downstairs.

01:47 AM BBT Spencer and GinaMarie have made their way out of the HoH as well and joins Andy outside. The three of them are sick of the conversation going on up in the HoH. Andy says he feels like he's from a different world than they are. Winning the money is so important to him and would improve his life. Talk turns to who Amanda dated and all four feeds are now on the HoH with the conversation about boats, yachts, etc...

01:50 AM BBT The BY feeds return and Andy and Spencer are chatting. Spencer says he has a good shot at winning in the end against Aaryn because of his clean game and his likability. GinaMarie returns from inside. The three agree that they're all good with each other. Talk turns to the PoV. Meanwhile up in the HoH they're now discussing diamonds and pearls.

01:56 AM BBT Spencer heads back inside. Andy and GinaMarie share a moment about the money and it's quite touching with GinaMarie struggling to hold back tears about being able to help her family with it. Then GinaMarie says "Wait until you see the clip when I get my key, my house is like the size of the HNR. It's not like I'm poor like I'm Mexican or live 8 billion people in my house."

02:14 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the house with all HGs in the HoH. Current conversation is about their animals back home.

02:25 AM BBT Idle chit chat has continued. Conversation has been about Stockholm syndrome and various kidnappings. Helen is going to bed. Elissa will be joining her soon.

02:35 AM BBT Wish I could report that the HGs have had something interesting to talk about. Helen is down in the WA doing nightly ADLs. Up in the HoH Amanda says she requested a sifter for baking while she's a HN and then she was told that it is considered a luxury item and would arrive in an HoH basket. Amanda will be mad if she gets one in her basket. Andy says GinaMarie farted.

02:44 AM BBT Andy down in the WA doing nightly ADLs. Up in the HoH the current talk is about "Molly" (The drug). Elissa is heading down to bed. Andy and Elissa pass at the bottom of the stairs as he heads back upstairs. Elissa can't believe it's three AM.

02:50 AM BBT Elissa in the WA doing nightly ADLs. HoH crew begins talking about her husband being rich. Spencer asks if anyone else heard her say her son...FoTH. Feeds back quickly with all of them on Elissa in WA.

02:52 AM BBT Feeds back with GinaMarie, Amanda and McCrae heading downstairs. Up in the HoH Aaryn is disappointed that she didn't get a Pandora's Box this week. Talk turns to Aaryn wondering what her family thinks about how she's doing in the house. Andy says he thinks his mom is watching the feeds this season. Andy says he's going to go to bed soon because it's almost three. Spencer says he probably will as well. Andy is heading downstairs. Down in the KT Amanda, McCrae and GinaMarie are snacking.

RT @Markeene: @mortystv Real Quick ADLs? -- Activities of Daily Living. Nightly ADLs usually include brushing teeth, removing makeup, etc...

02:58 AM BBT Amanda and Andy head outside to hang out on the couch. Andy says he's having a weird missing home kind of night. Amanda says she's already been there. Amanda says she's had a very quiet day. Andy says he spoke with Helen for about an hour today and it was ok. Talk turns to needing to separate Aaryn and GinaMarie because Aaryn seems to want to keep GinaMarie around. They agree Elissa should go first. Meanwhile up in the HoH Spencer and Aaryn chat some. Aaryn wants Elissa to go next week.

03:06 AM BBT Spencer and Aaryn continue their chat in the HoH. Aaryn says she is working with GinaMarie obviously but GinaMarie talks way too much. Aaryn says GinaMarie made a comment earlier to someone that Aaryn thinks Spencer is a larger threat than Helen. Aary says that's not the case and she doesn't realize how that makes her sound. Meanwhile out in the BY Amanda, McCrae, GinaMarie, and Andy chat about who they would rather see come in the game if they had to vote on it.

03:11 AM BBT Aaryn swears her allegiance to Spencer when the time comes and tells him not to tell Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn feels McCrae would vote her out in a heartbeat and that Amanda would keep her only because jury would hate her. Spencer says with her win record and everything she's been through...if she makes it to the final two the game is hers. Aaryn says that'll be hard to do. Spencer says nobody said it would be easy.

03:13 AM BBT Idle chit chat out in the BY. Amanda wonders if Andy went to bed. Speaking of Andy he sticks his head into the HoH and tells them he's going to bed. Spencer questions the time. He's glad it's only Wed so they should be able to sleep in.

03:18 AM BBT Andy comes outside and GinaMarie heads in to try and go poop. Andy sits down and they start talking about how easy GinaMarie is to control. Some squeaking or crying can be heard in the distance. Amanda starts screaming at the top of her lungs trying to get whatever it is to stop. Spencer comes outside and takes a seat. Meanwhile Aaryn can bee seen doing nightly ADLs in her bathroom. Feeds switch to Helen and Elissa sleeping in the HNR.

03:26 AM BBT Spencer and Andy head into the WA and begin nightly ADLs. We had McCrae and GinaMarie in the BY but they started talking about when they think lockdown might be and all four feeds flipped to the WA. Feeds back and Amanda is back in the BY.

03:29 AM BBT Spencer and Andy in the colorful room whispering. Spencer says Aaryn really trusts him and she's hesitant on what Andy would do if he won HoH which is a good thing in a way. Spencer says Aaryn likes him (Spencer), and GinaMarie and she likes Andy but she's not sure where he stands. Andy understands. Spencer says Aaryn says GinaMarie wouldn't put Andy up because she likes him. Andy says that's good. Spencer says he'll talk to Aaryn later. Conversation over and they say goodnight to each other.

03:35 AM BBT GinaMarie is heading to bed and tells Amanda and McCrae she'll see them in the afternoon. Andy can be seen laying down in his bed in the colorful room. GinaMarie comes into the colorful room to get bundled up for bed. Back out in the BY talk has turned to various HGs. McCrae thinks Andy is acting weird lately. Amanda disagrees and says this is going to be hard this week because Helen is going home. McCrae says he (Spencer) asked him who he would put up. Amanda wonders what he said. McCrae says he'd try to talk Spencer into going up. They both agree that Spencer taking out Aaryn would be ideal.

03:45 AM BBT Aaryn and McCrae discuss why Aaryn wants to keep GinaMarie so badly. McCrae points out that once GinaMarie is gone who will Elissa target? McCrae is biting his nails and Amanda's mic sounds muffled.

03:51 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae continue to talk in the BY. Amanda says Aaryn says things that annoy her "The 22 year old that thinks she runs things in this house". One of them points out that she has performed quite a few moves for them though. The other agrees. Amanda loves McCrae. McCrae loves Amanda. They begin to kiss (which is infinitely better sounding than McCrae chewing on his nails...). McCrae suggests they head in and they get up and inside.

04:01 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae head into bed. Spencer rolls over and starts to whisper to McCrae. They whisper back and forth. Spencer can't get close to Elissa he's tried. McCrae says he'll continue to try and build his relationship with her. Spencer says he wants to win HoH bad. McCrae says it would be awesome.

04:07 AM BBT Whispering continues between McCrae and Spencer. McCrae isn't sure where Andy's head is at. McCrae says if Spencer wins HoH in final four and Andy wins veto he's not sure if Andy would take him or Amanda. Spencer believes he would take McCrae. Talk turns to they don't think anyone can beat Amanda in final 2. Spencer says they have to win HoH this week.

04:14 AM BBT Whispering continues. They both agree that they can't trust GinaMarie even though they want to. They run various scenarios of different people winning HoH this week and who they would put up and what the HoH could be this week.

04:19 AM BBT They agree to head to bed. We'll stick with the house for another 10 minutes or so but this should be it for the night.

04:30 AM BBT We've had horizontal HGs in darkened rooms for almost 10 minutes now. We'll go ahead and call it a night ourselves. Want more BB Coverage? Be sure to check out the Morty’s TV Fan Forums and Chat at http://www.tvfanforums.net(New members can register through http://tvfanforums.net/joinchat). Plus, catch up on the live feeds on our Feed Summary Page at http://mortystv.com/bb! And it’s not too late to join the Live Feed fun with a monthly subscription to the BBUS Live Feeds: http://mortystv.com/livefeed. You can also follow BB across the pond at our BBUK page: http://mortystv.com/bbuk or Down Under with our BBAU page: http://mortystv.com/bbau . Wherever you want to get your Big Brother news, we have it covered at Morty’s TV!

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4:49AM BBT GM walking around kitchen drinking water, goes to Storage Room door to get in. Amanda comes out of DR crying that "I have massive F-ing insomnia and they won't give me my medication!" We then get Fish for almost ten minutes. Upon return we get 4 feeds of Andy sleeping but can hear GM and Elissa talking about where Amanda is. The audio is clearly from the HN room. GM is heard to say Amanda is out with McCrae. (I think if she just stopped sleeping for 6 hours midday, she might be able to sleep at night -Phortune,)

As of 5:05AM BBT all feeds are still on Andy's bed with Have Not room audio.

Multiple Fish breaks over the last half hour.

5:40AM BBT McCrae must have talked Amanda off the ledge. We see him tuck himself back in bed.

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7:15am bbt Everyone is still horizontal in the BB house

7:45am bbt Nothing has changed... still waiting for the morning wake up call...

8:30am bbt you guessed it... still sleeping...

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9:00 am BBT Sleeping HG....stay tuned

9:19 am BBT there has been some snoring and some yawning. Spencer gets up, puts a shirt on, changes his batteries, uses WC. Andy gets up, puts on shorts. Andy uses WC. Spencer says he didnt get to bed til 6, Amanda was crying etc. They both head back to bed.

9:38 am BBT FOTH, lets hope its their wake up call.

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10:20am BBT Helen is awake and doing ADL. Elissa called by BB to the DR. She joins Helen in the WA complaining about her sleep on the uncomfortable chairs.

Elissa says she thought Amanda and McCrea were in the room with them last night because someone was making so much noise.

Both are doing ADL -

10:29am BBT Helen starts her morning jog - indoors. It must be set building outside as we have alot of noise in the background.

Elissa is in the DR.

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#BB15 10:10 AM BBT Helen is up doing ADLs. The rest of the feeds are on sleeping HG.

#BB15 10:22AM BBT Elissa and Helen are up. Elissa did not sleep well. Says the HN beds are so uncomfortable. Says that she thought Amanda and McCrae were in the room with them about 5Am because they were making so much noise.

#BB15 10:37 AM BBT Helen is jogging in the house. All other HG sleeping on feeds.

#BB15 10:51AM BBT Same update as 15 minutes ago - Helen jogging in the house. The rest of the HG sleeping on the feeds. Elissa is awake somewhere in the house.

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11:08am BBT Elissa is out of the DR. Helen is exercising. Elissa walks by on her way to SR and comments how skinny Helen is looking. Helens stated, "I know! I need food."

11:10 am BBT Amanda, Aaryn and McCrea are called by BB to please change their batteries.

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11:09am BBT: Helen is getting clothes for a shower after her workout. Amanda is getting up to go get her batteries changed as Bb told her and aaryn and mccrae to change them.

11:15am BBt:Aaryn making a bowl of cereal in the KT. Elissa is changing clothes Amanda is heading back to bed helen has gone to the shower. all other HG still sleeping.

11:25pm BBT: elissa is saying that something is so gross that is on the counter in the KT she ask Aaryn what is it and Aaryn says it might be the gravy and laughs.

11:27pm BBt: Amanda goes to chair rm and crawls in bed with Mccrae,Elissa is now washing dishes Aaryn went up tp her hoh rm to eat her cereal.

11:29pm BBT: mccrae ignores Amanda so she gets up and goes to color rm and gets a pillow and then to have not rm and goes back to bed.

11:36am BBt:Elissa and aaryn in hoh rm talking about Elissa being worried about Ginamarie coming after her and Aaryn says i can talk to her and we need to stop going after each other. elissa says we are like two totally different people i am married and have my life and you are 22 and still in school and there is nothing in your life that i want so we dont need to go after each other and we could have fun together but amanda and Mccrae are after all of us.

11:40am BBT:Elissa telling Aaryn that they can work together and that next weel she thinks they are going to go after andy Aaryn says yeah i know.amanda and Ginamarie in have not rm talking about bb taking Ginamaries hair dye and they didnt take elissas. Ginamarie says they told me i couldnt cut my hair and Elissa gets to walk around here with her long haIr looking glamorous.

11:44am BBt:elissa is telling Aaryn that amanda always says she has to talk to the children and Elissa says you and ginamaroe are the children. Aaryn says the only reason Helen went up is that Amanda told me that you and Helen was the only ones coming after me and elissa says yeah we wasnt but can you see now that Amanda is using you? Aaryn says yeah

11:48pm BBT: Elissa tells aaryn that she isnt playing Her own game that she is playing Amandas game and there is no way you will win they wont take you and you dont deserve to win cuz you are playing Amandas game not your own. Aaryn says but if i had put up anyone else would have made people mad at me and i wouldnt be here. aaryn says i didnt want to put you and helen up i wanted Spencer up and i want Spencer to go home not Helen. Elissa says then you need to make them vote him out talk to Andy and tell him what you have to to get him to vote Spencer out.

11:55pm BBt: Aaryn says i am not stupid and you say i am not playing my own game but even if i am being carried i am still here and if yall are talking bad about me on live tv then ok . Elissa says i am not talking bad about you but Amanda is talking bad about everyone. Aaryn says i dont want to go to final 2 with amanda and i dont want them to make it to final 2 together. Elissa says then now is the time to get Spencer cuz after this week they have the numbers to run this house. Elissa says if helen leaves this week then next week i will vote for them , Aaryn says amanda and Mccrae to stay and Elissa says yes if you wont work with me then yeah. Aaryn says i am not saying i wont work with you.

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#BB15 12:04 PM BBT Aaryn and Elissa rehashing the same things over and over. No one is budging. Just talking in circles.

#BB15 12:14 PM BBT Aaryn and Elissa their conversation. Elissa pushing for Spencer to go. She tells Aaryn that Aaryn is not a threat to her. Aaryn disappointed that she isn't one. Says that she wants Spencer gone.

#BB15 12:18 PM BBT Elissa and Arryn talking about who Candice would vote for in jury. Aaryn says it would be her over Gina. Aaryn said that Candice would vote for her over anyone left in the house if they were F2. Elissa pushing for Aaryn to send Spencer home.

#Bb15 12:24 PM BBT Helen arrives in HOH. She tells Elissa that she would be up anyways. At this point, Helen is trying to bring them together. Elissa tells Helen that she is trying to impress how important it is that Spencer goes home.

#BB15 12:31 PM BBT Elissa leaves HOH. Aaryn starts complaining to Helen about Elissa being threatening.

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#BB15 12:36 PM BBT Aaryn tells Helen that she was told Helen was targeting her. Helen upset. Says not true at all. She says she has never targeted her.

#BB15 12:47 PM BBT Aaryn is starting to cry. Helen is crying. Same convo going round and round. Helen trying to tell sell Aaryn that she has been building a relationship with her.

#BB15 12:52 PM BBT Spencer goes to HOH. Aaryn asks him for a few minutes. He heads back down stairs.

#BB15 12:59 PM BBT Aaryn tells Halen that she has always wanted to work with her. This convo keeps going round and round. Targeting each other, etc. Lots of crying by Helen.

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1:00pm BBT:Elissa tells Aaryn that if helen leaves and amanda gets her way then she desreves to win this game i swear she does.

1:04pm BBT: Aaryn says there is no reason for me to go forward in this game cuz apperantly everyone has used me and now wants me to go.Helen says i dont throw people under the bus and i would never do that so someone is telling you things and us things and Elissa says i have always wanted to talk to you and Ginamarie but Amanda always kept us apart.

1:06pm BBT: Mccrae gets out of bed and Spencer tells him that Helen and elissa are in HOH talking to Aaryn and Helenis crying on the bed and he laughs.BB calls Ginamarie to the DR.

1:13pm BBt: aaryn says Elissa you are right i have messed up this week and i am only loyal to Ginamarie and Helen says i am loyal to Ginamarie also and i was loyal to you too and if the four of us are working together then you have the votes to stay cuz we can control this house. Elissa says we need to talk to andy and Ginamarie but i am not tryiong to munipulate anyone but if Helen leaves our game is over. Helen says please believe me aaryn i love you and i have always talked good about you.

1:16pm BBt: Spencer tells Andy to go to the HOh rm that there is alot of crying going on and they sent him out about ten minutes ago.

1:25pm BBT: Andy is now heading to the hoh rm.Aaryn leaves to go get advil and andy to go get contacs and they go to the lounge rm and Aaryn is telling Andy everything that was said upstairs in the hoh rm and Andy says that is bull crap and you will see when we leave here.

1:29pm BBT: Elissa and helen are waiting for Aaryn and Andy to come back to the hoh rm and for Ginamarie to get out of the Dr so they can talk to Andy and Ginamarie about flipping the house

1:31pm BBT: Andy now going to HOH rm . helen says hi andy and Elissa says goodmorning. andy says whats going on and helen says lets wait for aaryn. Elissa says we know that you are planning on voting zhelen out and Andy says i am thinking about it but it has nothing to do with you it is just for my game and i know you arent coming after me . helen says then why would you vote some out that would never vote you out?

.1:34pm BBT: Elissa says if you vote Helen out then Me , aaryn and Ginamarie will vote you out next you will be our target. Helen says if you do vote me out then you have targets you never had before. elissa says if you vote her out you are giving Amanda and mccrae the game. Helen says people are trying to pit us against them and the jig is up and i need your help to stay here.

1:36pm BBT:Helen and Elissa repeating everyrthing that they have already told Aaryn and Aaryn says i always wanted Spencer out.Elissa says ok people that have been my allies have never threatened me and i dont like this . helen says i am not threatning you and Andy yells and says please you just called me up here and threatned me.Helen says i am sorry i dont want you to feel that way and i take that back. Helen says i just want you to consider keeping me and Andy says i am thinking about it. andy says but earlier in the week i felt like yall didnt trust me and helen says i am sorry andy i do trust you and i knwo you been loyal to me in this game but people have been in my ear telling me you dont trust me.

1:41pm BBt:Aaryn goes to have not rm and tells Ginamarie and Amanda about getting attacked worse than ever even in high school. Aaryn says that helen and Elissa told her that Amanda made her get all the blood on her hands and that i dont play for myself and they are threatning me. aaryn says they are talking to andy right now and amanda and Ginamarie get up to go to hoh rm.

1:44pm BBt: Aaryn is now upstairs and now Amanda comes in and says why is this bash amanda . helen says no one is bashing you and Elissa says no one is bashing you Amanda we are campaining for helen.Helen says we ghave heard that spencer said things that i did not say.amanda says if you are going to say things about me that isnt true. helen says i didnt say anything that isnt true i said things to aaryn and i have not said anything to throw anyone under the bus.

1:47pm BBt: elissa says all i did is say that i was trying to keep Helen in this house and to get spencer out i never said anything bad about you. elissa says aaryn made things up that i nevrr said . Amanda says thats big brother and Helen says that is big brother but all tbhis comes from all of us not just you just all of us.

1:53pm BBT: Elissa and Andy yell at each other about being threatned and Elissa says i didnt threten anyone and Andy says yes you do and elissa says i am done talking to you people you are all rediculois and Helen says lets listen to Ginamarie and Elissa says no i am done with you fake people i will go to the Dr and say what i want about anyoneand elissa leaves the rm.

1:55pm BBT: Helen says i am trying to stay over spencer and Amanda says then why did Aaryn come down crying saying she was being threatned and Helen says i dont know what Elissa said before i came up here. Andy tells Mccrae that when he came up they told him if he didnt keep Helen then he would be voted out next is that a threat and Mccrae says yeah sounds like it to me.

1:57pm BBT:Everyone in HOh but Elissa who is in the Dr now. Mccrae says i am suprised about Elissa and Helen says she is fired up today and i dont know what she said before i came up here? Aaryn says that elissa sais.why would anyone want to keep me here over her and i am rachels sister and she deserves to be here over anyone.

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2:05PM After Elissa split Aaryn in HOH with Andy, GM and Helen saying "The only thing that gets Elissa to stop is to keep saying 'you're right.' And that's what I do. She's going home next week anyway." Then she changes that and says maybe not because she gets paid more than all of them to be on BB because she's Rachael's sister, and production will give her special powers or an advantage to stay or something.

2:06PM GM finishes off agreeing with Aaryn by saying "People think that I'm freaking nuts. That's [Elissa] a whole new level of robotism." Aaryn then says to Helen, "I'm sorry but your best friend in the house is f'n nuts."

02:09PM Amanda walked in a few minutes ago and chimes in with "She's not all there."

Shot of Amanda and AAryn in the bathroom at the HoH sink. Note: The Black Fish are swimming with the white fish at the middle and top of the tank. This is an observation and not necessarily "scientific."

02:13PM Aaryn, "My greatest fear coming into this game was that I would be manipulated. Everyone who is honest is gone, the ones that manipulate are still here. This is my greatest fear - it's happened. [uh, has she watched BB?]"

White fish are on the bottom of the tank now in HoH Bathroom.

02:18PM Aaryn still tag teaming Elissa bashfest with GM. "I don't want to work with someone who thinks they're better than me." Helen is still pretty much listening to her game hopes being completely smashed into the ground - obliterated - because of Elissa's action here.

02:20PM Helen expressing disappointment that she thought her and Elissa were a team working together until today when she told her she wasn't. Helen says "Okay, I'm going to Jury." On cue, Elissa enters the HoH again and starts slurring about Andy being a liar and fake for the cameras. [is she on muscle relaxants or pain meds? Sounds like it...]

Mostly the dead silence of contempt hangs in the room now that Elissa is back.

02:23PM Elissa slurs about "bag game moves" as she sits next to GM and talks over everything GM says.

Amanda and Andy are back in HoH now. Elissa left when they came in.

02:30PM Amanda speculating that Elissa has been given a phone call home at some point to her husband because of something Amanda overheard. Also, Amanda hates the way production tiptoes around Elissa and gives her considerations because she keeps threatening to walk from the game.

02:33PM Aaryn re-counts how Elissa said Amanda said that Aaryn is stupid and gullible, and all her HoHs aren't hers because she did others bidding. Aaryn says Elissa then said "You can never have the life that I have, so I don't know why you try to compare yourself to me." And that Elissa wasn't afraid of Aaryn because she's Rachael's sister. [Wat?]

02:34PM Aaryn still recounting that Elissa said all Aaryn's HoH wins were all luck and she deserves no credit. Aaryn asks if she's stupid for considering the other HG desires when choosing nominees. The other HG say totally not stupid.

02:35PM Amanda says when Elissa sees someone in pain she's pure fucking evil. Amanda makes a face imitating Elissa enjoying watching someone suffer.

02:38PM Aaryn still relating Elissa stuff. She says Elissa said that she has a final 3 deal with Amanda and McCrae. Amanda interrupts with, "Whats our alliance name, then? Batshit Crazy?"

[spencer came in at some point in the last few minutes and is on the couch]

02:42PM More Amanda chat, then Spencer pipes up about Elissa with "Fuck off, Bitch. Take your Fucked up Face and keep steppin'..."

02:44PM Mccrae walks in and says he was talking to Elissa. She was going off on Andy and McCrae says he fake agreed with her saying "That punk!" The HG in the HoH laugh.

02:46PM Aaryn speculates about a game twist to bring HG back from Jury. She says if Elissa is out, the producers will make her the one that comes back. She also says it feels like she's on a scripted show for entertainment and it doesn't feel like they're being allowed to play the game because of production meddling and Elissa's demands.

02:49PM Talking about medication, Aaryn volunteers that she gets something for cold sores [??] then Amanda talking about Elissa getting medication for genital warts. FOTH immediately. Brief back and you hear Amanda saying "She would be SO horrified." Then immediate FOTH again. [Not sure if this was jokes, but it didn't seem like it]

02:51PM Amanda continues that they should ignore Elissa and "spread rumors about her genital warts." [so maybe they were joking before.]

02:52PM HG speculating about how this event with Elissa would be edited and how much will be shown and how Elissa will be portrayed. BB pipes in and tells Amanda and McRae not to talk about production. Aaryn gets in a final production jab quickly.

02:57PM Rehashing Elissaisms. GM volunteers to "go low" with the personal Elissa jabs. Aaryn calling Elissa's husband a cheating sugar daddy who didn't marry her for love. She then gets sidetracked into talking about Brendon's dick and how watchers can see it and how ugly it is.

03:00PM McRae say he really wants to hear Cher's "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" so bad right now. One of the wakeup songs today was ONJ "Physical" and another "Meow Meow" song Amanda hated [probably this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJhXJ3kifkw].

[Repeating info now, so I'm out]

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2:01pm BBT: Aaryn says that elissa said she will stay in this house cuz she is rachels sister and that she was kept in this house cuz she was rachels sister.Andy says i dont even understand why i was talked to like that. Ginamarie says Andy if someone talked to me like that there would have been two hits me hitting you and you hitting the floor. Now Andy is laughing that Elissa went to the Dr to see if she threatned me .

2:07pm BBT: Ginamarie and Andy are bashing Elissa in HOh rm as helen sits and listens and Andy sits there mad and Helen says i am so sorry that this has haoppened this morning.Amanda now has coffee and heading back up to the hoh rm. Helen says i dont know why Elissa is doing this she went off on me too and helen is crying. Aaryn says there is no excuse and Ginamarie says Aaryn you won those hoh's fair and square . Aaryn says apperanly not. Helen says i dont know why Elissa took that tactic to keep me in the house and i am sorry i just wanted to stay in this house. Aaryn says i cant believ this just happened to me and Zhelen says i am sorry aaryn i dont know why she did and Amanda says she isnt all there .

2:12pm BBt: Andy now in lounge rm with Mccrae and Spencer telling Spencer all that was said upstairs and andy has been crying. Aaryn and ginamarie and Helen still in HOh and ZAaryn says we are niot working with her GM its over. Ginamarie says i know i know.

2:17pm BBT: IN the lounge rm Amanda and mccrae and Spencer and Andy are talking about how nasty Elissa is and in HOH Aaryn and Ginamarie are bashing Elissa with Helen sitting there listening.Helen says she is in shock that Elissa spoke to her the way she did and Aaryn says it isnt your fault Helen it isnt your fault.

2:21pm BBT: Elissa is back up in HOH rm and says that Andy is a liar and Helen says it is what it is so obviously i dont have his vote and it is what it is. Elissa says well at least you know right? Helen says yea at least in know. Elissa says why did you change tyour mind Ginamarie and Ginamarie says it comes down to what is best for Me and aaryn and it is like i protect her and she protects me kinda like you and Helen and elissa says no me and helen are not together.

2:25pm BBt: Elissa leaves HOh and Helen says ok everyone HUg me and she tells em all she loves em and Andy comes in and says what did Elissa say when she came back up here and Ginamarie repeats what was said and then ginamarie says that elissa says that Elissa was saying she didnt want to listen and go up and left.

2:29pm BBt: Helen is now sitting at the KT cabnit and Mccrae and Spencer are there. Mccrae says he drinks to much coffe all day and Helen says does that keep you up all night and he says yeah maybe.Helen says now that i know i am leaving tomorrow lets just have a good time and be cool . Mccrae says yeah i will give you Judds plate before then and Helen says what you want me to tell him that you miss him? Mccrae says i dont get what Julie said about the Jury still being apart of the game.

2:36pm BBT: Andy and helen in lounge rm and andy says what the hell? Helen says i dont know she was just upset with the whole thing cuz i am on the block and aaryn just told me what she said. andy says one thing i wanted to say to you that the reason i was considering voting you out and i want you to know i love you but you are connected to someone i just do not love. and i feel if i line with Elissa it freaks me out. helen says why didnt you tell me these thinhs and Andy says as of two days ago i was keeping you but after going up there i was like amanda and mccrae would never talk to me like that and when you Squashed things then that was the helen that i know and love.

2:40pm BBT: Helen says she cant be mad at Elissa for trying to keep me in this game and just know i am sorry she got upset with me this morning too and i cant get upset with her for what she did but know that i do love you and in all the loyalty thing i got buggs in my ear and heard things and Andy said i know.

2:47pm BBT: Helen and Andy in lounge rm crying and saying they love each other and helen says she is proud she got to play this game all summer. In the HOh rm Mccrae, amanda, Spencer, Aaryn and Ginamarie are bashing Elissa still. Helen in lounge rm says i could have done things differently and got evicted week 2 and we get foth.

2:53pm BBT: Ginamarie in HOh talking bad about Elissa and Aaryn still repeating what elissa said earlier. Helen and Andy still in lounge rm crying and repeating themselves.

2:55pm BBT: Aaryn asking Mcfrae id he said that he wanted to get the blood on his hands to get aaryn out and he says no . amanda says who said that helen? aaryn says yes and amanda says noone said that lets get Helen up here and ask her now. Aaryn says that Elissa and helen told her that Amanda says everything to them that i say to you and Amanda says no way i have not i told you what i told them.

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#BB15 3:07 PM BBT Andy and Helen talking in BR. Andy wants Helen to be there when he talks to Elissa. Andy asks Helen if he was wrong to feel the way he does. Helen tells him he can feel how he feels.

#BB15 3:11 PMN BBT Andy apologizes to Elissa. Says he got freaked out. Elissa apologizes to him. Says that she was just upset that Helen is going.

#BB15 3:13 PM BBT Andy is crying. Elissa gives him a hug. Helen tells him there are much bigger targets then Elissa.

#BB15 3:17 PM BBT Helen giving Andy a pep talk. Tells him to stay up on the wall. Elissa agrees.

#BB15 3:21 PM BBT Amanda in HOH talking about how BB won't give her her medications. MCcrae says he doesn't understand what Xanax would do for them anyways. Aaryn says it would allow her to climb into her cave. Amanda says they don't understand that she is up all night and doesn't get her meds on time.

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#BB15 3:27 PM BBT Amanda cleans some lint out of her belly button in the KT and then heads to the cockpit room. She is trying to sooth Elissa. Andy joins in. Pep talk time.

#BB15 3:33 PM BBT Amanda, Elissa and Helen in the KT. Helen tells them to just have fun. No one feel uncomfortable about her. No more crying.

#BB15 3:36 PM BBT In the HOH Aaryn still going over the talk from this morning.

#BB15 3:4 PM BBT In the HOH McCrae tells Aaryn that she can get to Elissa by telling Elissa that all of Aaryn friends hate her and that Elissasize is stupid.

#BB15 3:47 PM BBT Aaryn talking about Elissa again in the HOH room. Just some general bashing.

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#BB15 3:54 PM BBT In HOH - gen chit chat and laughter. Amanda in KT tells Helen and Elissa that she knew from the moment Elissa won Veto that Helen was going home. She tells Helen that everyone wanted to blindside Helen.

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4:01 PM BBT Helen and Amanda are in the KT. Helen is thanking Amanda for helping her to get to day 63 of the game. She mentions Judd, McCrae, Elissa, and McCrae as well. Amanda says she is glad she understands, no one feels good about it, they all love her. Helen is grateful that she was not blindsided and Amanda says that she didn't want that either.

4:10 PM BBT The Helen and Amanda heart to heart is over. Helen is cooking now. In the HOH room Andy, Gina Marie, Spencer, and Aaryn are talking about what they don't want to see in future competitions such as eating disgusting stuff.

4:15 PM BBT Elissa has joined Helen in the KT and Helen has explained her heart to heart with Amanda. Elissa is getting teary eyed and Helen says "You need to buck up."

4:20 PM BBT Not much going on in the BB house. Just general chit chat all around.

4:25 PM BBT Elissa is crying to Helen again in the KT. "It's the stupidest thing." Meanwhile in the HOH Aaryn is taking responsibility for Helen leaving tomorrow. Amanda tells her that she is not responsible. It's what the house wants. Gina Marie "If it was what he house wants, Elissa would be gone tomorrow." Gina Marie fusses at Amanda for talking to Elissa and apologizing on Elissa's behalf. Gina Marie "If she feels bad, she should apologize." Amanda "You want me to let Aaryn continue to be upset?" Gina Marie "There is no reason to defend Helen while making someone else feel bad."

4:40 PM BBT Now that Amanda has left the HOH room, Gina Marie is still going on and on about Amanda apologizing and talking to Helen. Spencer "The house is getting too small to play both sides." Gina Marie agrees. They think the entire conversation between Amanda and Helen (regarding her leaving and the Elissa situation) was just a way for Amanda to gain a jury vote before Helen leaves.

4:50 PM BBT Helen and Elissa are in the HN room. They are reminiscing about all that they have done and accomplished in that room. Elissa is crying very hard now. Helen "But, I've already won in life. I got a chance to play in this game and I'm happy. I've accepted it and you need to accept it too." Helen tells her that it would break her heart if Elissa was the next to walk in the jury. "Fight for me, fight for all the moms out there. Don't you dare come to jury next." Helen tells her that God has blessed her with so much and she hugs Elissa, calling her a sister.

4:55 PM BBT Helen to Elissa "You may think that all these people leaving is wrong, but you are still here. You need to keep playing this game. Tomorrow you have to win HOH. After you win they will kiss your butt. You do what you have to do to make sure you have a higher probability of staying in this game. You nominate those that will help you do that. Don't nominate people because you are told to." Helen "Who says you are not like your sister? She is proud of you. You have won the veto when you needed to. Buck up and play for your family."

5:00 PM BBT Elissa says entire time she has been fighting to keep Helen it has been wasted breath. Elissa trashes Aaryn some more. Helen tells her "That's the game. I got played. Everyone knows this can happen when they walk in here."

5:05 PM BBT Helen and Elissa are still in the HN room. Helen is telling Elissa that she played the game the way she wanted to. She wanted to make big moves. She's going because of it but she doesn't regret it. She also says that they are underestimating Spencer. Meanwhile the crew in the HOH room are still talking general chit chat.

5:10 PM BBT Helen and Elissa are both red eyed at this point but the tears have momentarily stopped and replaced with smiles. They talk about the past happenings of the house. The things that impacted them so much before are funny now. Meanwhile McCrae "There better some twist action going on tomorrow." Andy "Why do you need a twist?"

5:15 PM BBT Elissa and Helen are still in the HN room talking about Aaryn. Elissa thinks she is ignorant. Helen doesn't exactly agree with her but says that Amanda has controlled all her HOHs. Elissa says people are going to love to hate Aaryn. She can't think of a single thing she doesn't dislike.

5:30 PM BBT In the HOH room Andy, McCrae, Spencer, and Amanda are talking about Helen. Andy says that Helen's bullying is very out of character for her. Spencer says he doesn't get his feelings hurt much but Helen hurt his feelings this time.

5:35 PM BBT Amanda is venting about The Moving Company. She still can't believe that they had five other people to pick from. Why would those stupid **** ****** ***** ****** ***** *** target her?" Meanwhile Helen is teary again. She is packing her bags and re-reading her letter from home from her HOH week. She packs an empty slop bucket saying that is definitely going home with her.

5:40 PM BBT Helen is upset again as she packs her bag and re-reads her letter from home from her HOH week. She packs an empty slop bucket saying that it is definitely going home again.

5:50 PM BBT Gina Marie has joined Helen and Elissa. She gives Helen some love. Gina Marie acts like she is sick to death that Helen is leaving and tells Helen she has no idea what caused this.

5:50 PM BBT Amanda, McCrae, and Andy are still in the HOH room. That wish that Aaryn would stop coming to them every single day wanting to make sure the 3AM alliance is for real. Amanda says that at this point she doesn't care who is in the final four with them as long as these three are there. They want Aaryn to just shut up and trust them already.

5:55 PM BBT Andy, Amanda, and Spencer are making plans for next week's eviction. They plan to win HOH, nominate Gina Marie and Spencer, then backdoor Elissa. Amanda "The only one that would be shocked by it would be Gina Marie. She is hurting our game."

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6:04PM BBT Spencer, Andy, Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae are talking about the show, they don't think "the Elissa craziness will make the show" McCrae doesn't think CBS shows how "Crazy she really is." Amanda says "Well they have to lock the show by a certain time," and we get FotH.
Helen and Elissa are in the chair room, Helen is packing her bags. A few giggles, a few tears.

6:10PM BBT Elissa and Helen are talking about their clothes, Andy is now supervising the packing, Helen feels that Judd was where she went wrong. She shouldn't have trusted him.
Aaryn says that it is sad that Helen is down stairs crying. Amanda says "Why?" Aaryn says "Because she was crying." Aaryn leaves the HoH Amanda says "I believe she is more high maintenance than Elissa, I have never seen Aaryn with no makeup and messy hair." Spencer says he goes for women who are as pretty when then wake up as then are all dolled up.

6:15PM BBT Amanda, McCrae and Spencer are talking about their "types". Spencer says he is an Alpha Male.
Helen is still packing, Andy says he hates to see her pack, Elissa sings "We could still change it." and Andy goes silent.

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6:22PM BBT HoH talk is about what Spencer or Amanda would do if they were blindsided. Aaryn tells them about her original deal with Helen. BB says "Helen, Andy you are not allowed to talk about production" and Spencer says "She is campaigning again. She is gonna flip Andy!" Aaryn and Amanda defend Andy. Spencer thinks GM and Andy might flip. Amanda says "If she stays McCrae and I would be screwed!!!" Aaryn says "NO! Why would you be?" She is reassuring them. They tell Spencer "you don't even have to pack your bags." Spencer says he has to, out of respect for Helen.

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6:32PM BBT HoHR is like deja vu, it is the same convo they have had the past few nights. Spencer doesn't understand the big deal about being a MOM because "You only pushed a kid out of your vagina" Amanda says she has had "penises in me the size of a small child." Amanda says everyone in the room is a stronger player than Helen or Elissa. McCrae says he needs to get fired up and win the HoH.
Elissa, Helen and Andy are in the chair room talking about the finale, places they have visited, stuff they have done. You can hear GinaMarie slamming around in the KT.

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6:43PM BBT HoHR HG's are comparing themselves to former HG. Spencer is compared to Adam. Amanda says she is just like Dr. Will, he was charming and didn't win anything. McCrae tells her to get over herself. Aaryn asks if Amanda cares about anyone she says "No I don't." so Aaryn says "Then you are a Will." Andy comes back in to give Amanda a report. He says there was no game talk at all (it is annoying that everyone gives Amanda a had-a-talk report)

6:50PM BBT Helen tells Elissa she is going to cry leaving tomorrow, she is going to be emotional. They are whispering.
In the HoHR Andy explains how Nakomis changed the game and her strategy is why they now randomly choose players for the Veto. Andy now says he called Helen out for being a jerk in the morning. They are now trash talking Elissa.

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