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  1. I am sooo glad that Zach is staying! He makes things fun and the house is better off to keep him. He is playing the game, which is better than some of the others. I am so happy he is not leaving before Victoria.
  2. Personally, I think too many people are questioning Elissa's decision to leave her child for 3 months without knowing her personal circumstances. I realize that most of us would not be able to make this decision and feel it would cause separation anxiety for our child; however, how many of us have a 13 year old with 3 thriving internet businesses and their own car years before they will be able to obtain a valid license? It is very difficult to question her decision without understanding the dynamics of her family. I can not begin to put myself in her shoes and would never judge a lifestyle that I have no knowledge of personally. I am from a different world, but unlike the houseguests this season, I will not speak poorly of Elissa and her family. I feel I have no right to judge!!!
  3. 1. Who will you vote for America's Favorite House Guest? I will vote for Elissa. 2. Predict something one particular hg's will do on the Wednesday/Thursday show ..... Andy will lie at least three times! 3. Who do you think/want to win FINAL FOUR HOH/VETO ? Final four HOH McCrea and veto GM
  4. Agree totally! I suppose that Helen is a shitty mom too? Funny how only Elissa has been branded with this label...jealousy...I think so!
  5. What the hell is wrong with some people??? Instead of being offended by the distasteful words spewing freely this season, some seem to join in on the mob mentality and blame Elissa for what??? Being above the low-life bashing, having a successful marriage and business, spending 3 months on a reality show that her sister loved? How is any of this our business? This is TV. We tune in to watch and have no right to make personal assumptions about the real life of the houseguests. Spewing further hatred is absurd. Some people need to grow up and get a life!
  6. Sadly, they have had a great deal of publicity while on this show! Negative publicity,but still they have had publicity. This is the worst season the show has ever had and I look forward to it every summer. For the first time, I had to stop watching the live feeds for my own sanity. The comments spewing from the mouths of the final five were driving me over the edge. In no way should ANY of them be rewarded with 500,000. Why can they change it up and we vote for the grand prize and the runner up and let the jury house get "JURY FAVORITE". That would end this with a twist and we would all feel sooooo much better!!!
  7. Same as the majority of BB fans, I am disappointed in this season of Big Brother! The sad thing is that my disappointment does not stem from Amanda's bullying techniques, but from the lack of support given to prevent or put a stop to the bullying. It seems to me that this season was "scripted" as a "good vs. evil" season and yet, those deemed to be on the good side were so easily dragged to the evil side. No one was strong enough in morals to stand up against the horrific nature of this house. Worse yet, they enabled the bullying and bashing tactics and finally joined in to become part of the problem. This season has shown us that racism, homophobia, jealousy, bullying, and other prejudices and harassments are sadly still prevalent within society. I am voting for Elissa as America's Favorite Player. The game reasons that I have chosen to do so are as follows: 1 - Elissa was targeted with hatred from day one of entering this house, not for anything about herself, but for what this mob mentality thought; yet she managed to remain in the game for a long time. 2 - Elissa did not lower herself to "join in" and dismiss her own values and morals and only played using "game" not on a personal level! 3 - Elissa did play the game and attempted to make moves with little or no support. 4 - Elissa won veto competitions and HOH competitions when they were most important for her to remain in the game. 5 - Elissa was onto the scheming of Andy and Spencer and knew not to trust either of them when others believed they were true! Now the non-game reasons: 1 - The other house guests in no way deserve to win anything! 2 - The amount of bashing aimed at Elissa, her husband, children, sister and her husband, and even her parents can not be overlooked. 3 - I want to see the looks on the others as she is named Americas Favorite Player! Finally, It is my humble opinion that in a season that was supposed to be full of twists, I would LOVE for the final twist to be that the BB winner must be one of the members of the jury house, not the BB house and America gets to vote!!!! A girl can dream!!! In reality, one of these awful people will win, but as I tried to explain to my children, evil may appear to win and for a time it does, but it never lasts and nothing good can be achieved when it stems from evil!!!
  8. Lane, Enzo and Hayden treated Brittany with respect and fully intended to take her to the final four! At that point they told her what was going on and felt so bad for having to trick her. They all really were good people that liked one another. There is no way to compare these crazy people with them!
  9. I think Judd knows that Andy is a shady, lying, sneak and is faking with him now, but he seems to really believe Spencer. I would not believe any of them! I hope he finds out Spencer and Andy were in on McMandas plan to get GM nominated by staging the fight with Andy all week! Judd needs to be the hero this season...he has the best heart of all of them!!
  10. I am only watching because I am optimistic and believe that the bad can not win and the game will turn! I wanna see the McNastys faces when they are ejected! So sad that all I can root for this season is someone to stand up and be a hero!!!
  11. Is Judd really believing everything Andy is dishing out! Why does he not see how tight Andy is with the McNastys? He can not break that bond. Judd needs to stick with Elissa and bring Spencer along.
  12. Can Aaryn be serious if she thinks she can beg Elissa to get the votes for her to stay now? The minute she remained in the house she would go back to Amanda and McCrea! Elissa is just not that stupid. I feel absolutely no sympathy for Aaryn, not in this game and not for the lashing she will get once she rejoins the world!!!!
  13. IMHO I believe that Gina Marie has a good heart but is a follower. She was unfortunately taken to the dark side with some mean, ignorant, hateful girls and not only felt the need to go along with them - she joined in! I think she does realize how bad she is looking for that now and her true inner heart will remain in tact when she votes Aaryn out and stays true to her allegiance with Elissa. I feel sorry for Gina Marie that she was not strong enough to resist the meanies, but that does not make her heart bad. Unlike the other girls who show no remorse whatsoever for their actions, she has a glimmer of hope! If she can just keep her big mouth shut instead of feeling pressured into joining in with them....
  14. If Elissa puts up Andy - it really will not matter. He will go home. Aaryn may be back with the McMandas and spencer and GinaMarie would be back as their outcasts. Then there is disposable Judd as well for the McMandas. Unless Aaryn keeps her word to Elissa and her, GM or Judd win HOH - Elissa is game over. I really hope the next HOH puts the McMandas on the block together!!!! I am SOOOOO over them! I would like to see some real game play and was getting excited that we were about to get it!
  15. I think Aaryn just lost her game by running to Amanda and telling her that Elissa and Helen were bullying her. She had a huge chance to take out Spencer and make a REAL move in this game and she BLEW it! She is so afraid of Amanda that she just ended her game!!! Someone in this house needs a bigger set of balls than Amanda!!
  16. Gina Marie sounds very uneducated. Coming from NY does not mean you have to talk like you live in the gutter. She needs a lot of help to grow up and get her mind right. I did feel sorry for her for the first part of the show, but now I really believe that she is just loony and I am appalled at most of what comes out of her mouth. I know she is capable of holding a real conversation - due to the FEW small glimpses of her speaking to Helen or Elissa and not being sucked in by the others!
  17. The fact that they are all so ridiculous that they can't see teaming up with McCrea and Amanda is their downfall! Silly, Silly children!!!
  18. IMHO - I don't think she feels she is above them because of money! I think she feels they are immature, insecure, bullies that have no respect for anyone and she IS above that! I also feel that by the time she finally speaks to them about how ridiculous they are, she is so frustrated that she has trouble saying it appropriately! It must be very difficult to be in a house with such twits for as long as she has been and no want to knock them all upside the head!!
  19. I am on the edge of my seat to see both Aaryn and Andy's faces when they realize that the McManda's have no intention of taking them to final 4! Imagine the regret they will have for not sticking with Helen! Can't wait!!!!
  20. 1. Which Juror do you want back Judd, Helen, Candice, Jessie ? I am hopeful it is Candice and she and Elissa take turns getting HOH and get revenge on these twits, but most likely it will be Helen returning! 2. Predict something one particular hg's will do on the show tonight ..... I believe on tonight's show they will attempt to lie to Elissa, but she will see through them and it will fuel her stronger for HOH. 3. Who do you think is playing best game at this point ? I really can't stand Amanda's tactics of bullying and constant talking about the other houseguests when they are out of ear shot, but if McCrea really is using her as the enforcer for his game and is the most liked by the others, then he has it hands down!
  21. 11:08am BBT Elissa is out of the DR. Helen is exercising. Elissa walks by on her way to SR and comments how skinny Helen is looking. Helens stated, "I know! I need food." 11:10 am BBT Amanda, Aaryn and McCrea are called by BB to please change their batteries.
  22. 10:20am BBT Helen is awake and doing ADL. Elissa called by BB to the DR. She joins Helen in the WA complaining about her sleep on the uncomfortable chairs. Elissa says she thought Amanda and McCrea were in the room with them last night because someone was making so much noise. Both are doing ADL - 10:29am BBT Helen starts her morning jog - indoors. It must be set building outside as we have alot of noise in the background. Elissa is in the DR.
  23. 10:08 am BBT Cameras are back but all four feeds on sleeping houseguests
  24. 7:19AM BBT All house guest snuggled in their beds and sleeping. It will probably be afternoon before they wake up!

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