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Tuesday, August 20 Live Feed Updates


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11:10 PM BBT: They divide up the alcohol and Helen jumps in the cold shower. Aaryn quotes an Adam Sandler movie and BB yells at her to not do that. Elissa retreats to the HN room to read her bible. The rest of the house is in chit chat mode in the KT, discussing celebrities.

11:20 PM BBT: GM makes bets on how many gulps it will take Aaryn and Andy to finish their wine. She gives Andy six and Aaryn seven. Andy does it in five. I will keep you posted on Aaryn. Amanda is also reading the bible in a separate room. Mccrae goes and sits with her and they talk about how ridiculous they feel the Noah's ark story is. Amanda asks why the bears wouldn't eat the other animals. They laugh.

11:30pm BBT Spencer, Andy, and McManda move outside and bash on Elissa a bit. Andy and Spencer joke about self-evicting if she wins HOH. They agree they don't want GM to win either.

12:30AM BBT All alcohol is gone and GM, Spencer, Andy, and McManda are in the BYD still rehashing old days in the house and issues the moving co had. Helen and Elissa had another Pow Wow in the HN room about votes and who to put up next week. They have since gone to bed. Two feeds on the BYD two feeds on Elissa in her airport seat bed.

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12:45AM BBT: Mccrae and Aaryn are now upstairs in HOH. Mccrae says he wants to win next week so bad just to have Elissa's blood on his hands. He tells Aaryn not to worry because if Elissa wins that she will be after Mcmanda next week 100%. Aaryn says she isn't sure about that but lets him continue to talk. Mccrae says that he is down for 3AM 100% and the only thing that can mess things up is if Elissa gets HOH. Aaryn is upset because she found out Helen called her a freaking female dog (Censored)

12:55AM BBT: GM and Amanda are now upstairs in HOH too. They reiterate the Eliss factor going into next week. Andy and Spencer decide to go inside and see what's up. They both join the HOH crew and move on to making fart jokes.

ok back on track for hrly updates now

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1:10AM BBT: HoH crew rehashing Jessie's eviction week. Amanda jokes that on previous seasons of BB the nominated HG goes for the HOH that nominated them. She says noooo now apparently it's all my fault, I did it. Aaryn is still upset that Helen called her names and is planning on telling Helen she is asking for everyone to vote for her to go home. Andy wants Helen to cool it with the crying because h no longer feels bad.

1:25AM BBT: McManda disperse to go smoke. Amanda is frustrated that Aaryn said if McManda were on the block and Aaryn won veto she wouldn't take one of them down. Mccrae says that isn't what she meant. Mccrae says she wouldn't take one of them down if they were against GM or Spencer. He thinks she would if they were against each other. In HOH Andy and GM are assuring Aaryn that they don't think Helen would say those things about her. They all agree Helen has shown to be disloyal though.

1:35AM BBT: It is that time of night where McManda argue before making out. Amanda is upset and feels Mccrae isolates her. She says he likes his alone time with the rest of the house so they like Mccrae better than her. He tells Amanda that isn't true. She says he is less affectionate now. Mccrae says that they need to think about the game and they have less than a buffer than they had before. Amanda says she is emotional because everyone is talking crap about her. Mccrae says sh shouldn't have told Helen she was voting her out. He continues by saying Amanda made herself a target by saying it.

1:50 AM BBT: Everyone in the HOH exits. Andy goes to brush his teeth. GM and Spencer are in the BYD. Spencer says he’s cool with giving HOH to GM if he can. GM says Spencer knows he is cool with her. Spencer says likewise. Mccrae and Andy head outside so the HOH talk is essentially over. They all agree they are tired and bedtime is nearing (This early? could I be so lucky??) Aaryn heads to bed.

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2:05AM BBT: Amanda goes upstairs and gets Aaryn up. Aaryn tells Amanda that she doesn't understand why Mcmanda had to go into the WC to talk. Amanda tells her to stop being paranoid. She goes over her issues with Mccrae. In the BYD Mccrae says Amanda is on her midweek slop freak out. They then move on to talking about how much slop sucks. The come inside and all start brushing teeth and getting ready for bed.

2:15AM BBT: Spencer has gone to bed. GM is showering then going to bed. Andy is taking one last stroll before bed. Amanda and Aaryn are talking about how Helen is causing drama and they can't stand Elissa. Mccrae is in HOH just listening adding an occasional "yep" here and there. McManda leave to head for bed. Aaryn once again has the lights out and is in bed.

2:25AM BBT: and by bed for McManda I meant the airplane room to make-out before bed. They agree to tell Elissa that Helen was being disloyal to her at some point to try and keep Elissa from going after them.

2:40 AM BBT: McManda agrees that tomorrow Amanda will insure Elissa they have always been there for her and can no longer help Helen. They will tell her that Helen is not loyal to her and if Helen causes an issue they will argue with her loudly if they have to. They get up and head towards their separate bedrooms to finally head to sleep.

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8:25am bbt All the HGs are still snuggled in bed...

8:50am bbt everyone still sleeping, but there appears to be bodies tossing about... time to wake up soon?

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9:02 am BBT Spencer is awake, changes his batteries, uses the WC. He washes his hands and crawls back into bed.

9:35 am BBT all heads are on pillows, all eyes are closed

9:55 am BBT Still sleeping.

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Lights are on, Aaryn gets up, goes downstairs, looks like changing batteries. Helen in WA in her running clothes, goes outside and puts on her running shoes. Time to run!

Elissa called to DR

Elissa called again (a little more sternly) to go to DR. Helen running laps, Aaryn out of SR with package, goes back to HoH BR.

Aaryn out of HoH WC, goes back to bed. Helen still running laps No one else seems to be up (except Elissa in DR)

Helen running, Elissa in KT no one else up

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Elissa making coffee. Uses over 3 large spoonfuls of coffee, empties bag. Starts to put spoon on counter, realizes how dirty it is, puts on top of cofee filter. Gets more coffee out of the freezer, opens it and puts in 10 more spoonfuls of coffee. (going to chew this?) Has to wash a large pot before she can clean the coffee pot. Scrubbing it. Finally ready to start the coffee.

11:06 am BBT Helen still outside running, no other movement yet in house.

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10:06am BBT: All HG still sleeping !!!!!

10:31am BBT: feeds just went to foth as Bb is now waking them up for the day.

10:46pm BBT:feeds are back and Aaryn is moving around in her bed with everyone else still in bed sleeping.

10:49am BBT: helen is up and has her running clothes on and is going out in the BY for her morning run.Aaryn is up in the STr changing her batteries. BB calls Elissa to the DR.

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11:23 AM BBT Helen in WA doing ADL's after coming in from outside laundry (huge piles of dirty laundry out there) Elissa is still working on getting the top of the stove clean. Cam4 on Spencer sleeping with his sunglasses on (looks like a redheaded ZZTop member)

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Helen and Elissa head outside with their coffee. Helen said she slept really well last night. She was exhausted. Elissa says it is exhausting being on the block. Helen saying she hopes to stay, hopes to have GM, Elissa and Andy's vote. She isn't sure where Andy's head is at. Helen said if she stays she will have to work with Aaryn and Gina Marie...and Elissa of course. Helen said Aaryn and GM are more fun to hang with. She doesn't like Amanda on a social level. Elissa questioned that. Elissa said Amanda is playing this game. She is always playing. Helen said Amanda is a phenominal player. If she has to go out, she would rather go out under Amanda than a Spencer or Gina Marie. In the real world, she would call Amanda if she needed to get things done.

11:34 BBT More talking by Helen about her opinions of the houseguests, and what traits they have. Elissa throwing in her comments (more realistic insights), and Helen is agreeing, then changing again.

Helen still defending Aaryn, and Elissa saying what a bad person she is, she is fake, lies, horrible,etc. Helen saying she needs to play with her. Elissa said she doesn't have good character, and in the real world Elissa only has friends with good character. Helen said she always tries to find the good in people. Now discussing David as a nice guy, had a bad experience and made him a better person. Helen said she feels bad at having such a big part in getting him out. Elissa said if he had stayed, he would have worked with Aaryn, and might have become a bad person. Helen again giving theories on Aaryn and why she is like she is.

Gina Marie is up and getting clothes. She is wearing her Pink animal hat.

More of Elissa bashing Aaryn, and Helen defending her...

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11:53 am BBT Brief FoTH then back with Helen in KT. Dumps the large pot of slop. Empties it, runs water in it, takes it outside. Then goes back out and gets it. Elissa comes in and says it must be because she is on slop. Helen said it was sparking, they can't forget it. Elissa said she can't believe no one smelled it, you could smell it all the way in the DR. Amanda called to change her batteries.

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11:06am BBT: Elissa is in the KT washing dishes and Helen is in BY running her laps. All other Hg still in bed sleeping.

11:16am BBT: helen tells elissa she has ran 60 laps and Elissa says after i have coffee i might run with you. Helen gets towels from the WA and goes out to put them on washing. Elissa is still washing dishes waiting on her coffee to finish making.

11:30am BBt: helen and Elissa in by talking as they drink coffee helen saying that if she stays she cant work with amanda but i live Aaryn and Ginamarie and if mccrae keeps me i can work with him but i can never work with Amanda. She says i dont know why Andy is drawn to them i dont get it i dont know if he has been brainwashed or what.

11:34pm BBT: Helen says i think Ginamarie would vote for me but she will vote the way Aaryn tells her to.

11:39am BBt:ginamarie is now up in the STR changing batteries then heads to the bathroom. In the By Elissa and Helen talking about David and him leaving early. Elissa says Aaryn would have brought him down, but it actually helped him that one week.

11:43am BBT: Helen and Elissa talking about Ginamarie and Aaryn. Elissa says Aaryn will bring Ginamarie down . Ginamarie cares about Aaryn but Aaryn doesnt care about ginamarie at all she will bring her down. Helen says i know i see it too.

11:53pm BBT:54am BBT: Helen takes a pot off the burners in the KT then sets it outside in BY then takes it back in the zkt and rinses it out.Elissa walks in and helen tells her they will boil water in another pot. She says we cant forget about this one and Elissa says i cant believe i forgot about that and helen says it was almost on fire and Elissa says really? Helen says it was smoking.

11:57am BBT: Bb tells Amanda to change her batteries and Amanda gets up and goes to STr. She is now going back to the have not rm and going back to bed.

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#BB15 12:06 PM BBT Most HG sleeping. Elissa and Helen in the KT talking about clothes.

#BB15 12:12 PM BBT Helen and Elissa talk in the By about how impressed they are by different HG and how they have played the game. They talk about who they would vote for in the F2.

#BB15 12:25 PM BBT Wish we had something exciting to report but all we have is sleeping HG and Elissa making slop in the KT.

#BB1512:54 PM BBT Andy was called to the DR so he is awake! Helen making slop and Elissa getting ready to exercise.

#BB15 1:3 PM BBT Helen and Elissa are in the By talking about voting. And in breaking news - Spencer rolled over in bed.

#BB15 1:15 PM BBT Elissa and Helen still talking about the game (not game - just about the game). Aaryn called to DR.

#BB15 1:23 PM BBT Aaryn cutting up a watermelon. Helen and Elissa in the BY talking about HG lives.

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#BB15 1:30 PM BBT BB has asked Aaryn to report to the HOH room. She goes up and we get a different camera view.

#BB15 1:37 PM BBT Helen is starting to cry as she talks to Elissa about how beautiful the girls in the house have made her feel. She has never felt that way.

#BB15 1:46 PM BBT Spencer is up and in the KT. Elissa goes through the house and out to the BY. Spencer calls her an idiot under his breath.

#BB15 1:5 PM BBT Spencer gets food for lunch. Helen and Elissa talk in the BY about starting a business when they get out.

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2:01pm BBT: Spencer is in the Kt and ginamarie comes out of bedroom and Spencer tells her that Andy is the bathroom and Helen and elissa is outside and that Aaryn is up in HOH blogging.

2:12pm BBt: Elissa is running in the back yard now and Andy goes to wake up Amanda tells her that it is now 2:30pm And Amanda says thats why i sleep all day is cuz i am hungry and Andy laughs at her and tells her she cant have a cuter alarm clock then him and she says you are a cute alarm clock.

2:15pm BBT: helen is washing dishes as Spencer and Andy are in WA talking and Ginamarie walking around and Amanda in bathroom.

2:20pm BBT: Andy, Spencer, Ginamarie and Amanda talking about past comps they have played and are laughing. elissa is still running on BY as helen does laundry.

2:28pm BBT: Spencer is now outside and zhelen is laying out in the sun by the pool after starting a load of laundry. Amanda now joins Spencer in the BY for a smoke. Andy in Kt makign food and Ginamarie in Wa doing her makeup.

2:31pm BBt: Bb calls Amanda to the Dr and she tells them she is going to finish smoking forst then would be there then she yells can you call someone else so i can smoke this and do makeup so i dont look like a hag? Mccrae walsk out to BY to smoke now and Amanda says heeeeyyyy.

2:36pm BBT: Spencer, Mccrae and Andy talking about music. Ginamarie comes out and says how nice it is in the shade. amanda now going to the Dr. she pushes the buttons and says diaharia room i am allowed and BB still doesnt open the door. Aaryn in HOh rm doing her hair.

2:43pm BBT:Helen and Amanda in lounge rm talking and helen says i am sorry i have respect for you and mccrae as a couple and after i had that conversation with Mccrae i didnt feel good about it and when it comes down to it i want you and Mccrae in my life i do and when i came down to it i just didnt feel good about it and i want you to know i realize that you know i didnt like who i was and i love this game and i dont want to be the one who put you down and i will talk to mccrae seperatly. amanda says my feeling were hurt. and with Jessie she attacked me on a personal lever and i dont want that with you.

2:46pm BBT: Amanda says yeasterday i felt like Elissa was on the helen train and helen says she was just talking to me cuz i am leaving. Amanda says she was ignoring me and laughing at me. Helen says Elissa has the up most respect for you and i am telling her to do what is best for her game and elissa is Elissa she will play her own game.Amanda says i wanted to talk to her yesterday but i felt like the odd man out cuz ya'll was talking to everyone but me.

2:48pm BBT:helen is saying i love the way you play this game Amanda and if i was watching this game and not playing i would love the way you are playing this game you are awesome at this game. helen says i will talk to Mccrae seperatly. amanda says with tears in her eyes that i completely love Mccrae and my drive isnt for this game it is for him.

2:50pm BBT: helen says i know i only have a couple of days here and i want it to be good i want to hang out with you and Mccrae and Andy i dont want it to be bad cuz i love this game and it is like my dream to be here. helen says i wont talk bad about you in jury or anything and Amanda says yeah i wont talk bad about you either and i want this week to be comfotable with everyone.

2:54pm BBt: Amanda says i need Elissa and Elissa needs me too and Helen says you and Elissa needs to talk about that i know Elissa has admiration for you so you and her will have to talk. helen says i know Elissa will campain to keep me and amanda says i know it isnt me and you on the block it is you and Spencer. Helen says i just wanted to appoligize to you for yesterday and i know we have done so much together in here and i want to leave being good with you.

2:56pm BBT: Helen says you and mccrae , andy and spencer and Elissa are my people and i started this game with you guys and i want to finish with you guys so no matter what you guys are my people inside and outside of this house. helen and Amanda hug and leave the lounge .

2:57pm BBT:Elissa is getting dressed after taking a shower and in the By Aaryn and amanda and Andy and Mccrae and Spencer sitting around on couch just talking about dirty heads.

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#BB15 3:13 PM BBT Aaryn cooking bacon in the KT. Gen chit chat in the BY,.

#BB15 3:23 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae in the cockpit room and talking about Helen conversation with Helen. Amanda says that her feelings were hurt by Helen. Saying that she told Helen that they were never her target.

#BB15 3:30 PM BBT Amnda telling McCrae that she just can't sleep. McCrae tells her she is lucky that she gets meds for it. She asks if he means her prescription. He says yes.

#BB15 3:32 PM BBT Gina is cooking at the stove while sitting on a dining chair. No conversations going on in the KT.

#BB15 3:35 PM BBT Andy comes in to ask Amanda what he should and shouldn't be saying to Helen. Amanda tells him about the conversation she had with Helen. She told Helen that she won't get her vote because Helen is after her. Says that she told Helen that Helen was never a target for her.

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#BB15 3:41 PM BBT Amanda calls Elissa to the cockpit room. She tells Elissa that she has never ever said or attacked Elissa or Helen. Elissa tells Amanda that Aaryn is telling them that. Amanda stops her.Amanda says her feelings were hurt. Amanda tells Elissa that she wanted Elissa to win the veto. Amanda tells Elissa that she has been protecting her from the beginning.

#BB15 3:51 PM BBT Amanda is telling Elissa what Helen said about her. Elissa says that Helen doesn't have the right to say things as Elissa. Elissa says that she speaks for herself.

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4:03PM BBT: Elissa and Amanda are chatting in the lounge room. Elissa has been repeating over and over that the other houseguests are stupid. She can't believe how dumb they are. E also states she hates her life in this house. She feels that after Helen leaves that she is stuck in the house alone. McCrae, GinaMarie, Helen and Spencer are out chatting on the patio.

4:10PM BBT: Amanda is going over the fact that Helen has wanted her (Amanda) out for a few weeks. She says that she can't trust Helen at all and that Helen has been lying to her face. Elissa reiterates that she doesn't want Helen to go home. The backyard group are talking about nothing in particular.

4:17PM BBT: Elissa is asking Amanda about things that Aaryn has accused her (Amanda) of saying. Amanda is trying to reassure Elissa that she will support her and that the numbers are in their favor. Elissa is very insecure about Aaryns intentions.

4:25PM BBT: GinaMarie made slop balls. Elissa is still trying to work Amanda about keeping Helen. Helen sits down to talk to McCrae about their relationship on the BB house. She tells him she will look at him in a positive way (as well as Amanda) after she leaves. Helen doesn't want it to be uncomfortable between the three of them during the time they have left in the house. She will leave on good terms with the two of them. She apologizes for making them feel uncomfortable.

4:39PM BBT: Aaryn and Spencer are talking about food and slop. She says that GinaMarie gets up in the night and binges then goes to the bathroom and vomits. She also says that she hides in the corner to eat and that is sad. They are talking about eating disorders and how awful they are. Aaryn was implying that GinaMarie eats in a way that is not normal.

4:44PM BBT: Spencer asks GinaMarie if Elissa or Amanda seemed mad while they were in the lounge room talking. They comment that the two of them were in the lounge room for at least an hour talking. Spencer, GinaMarie and Aaryn are talking in the HoH. They are discussing Amanda and her Aderall use. They comment that she takes 60mg (Amanda) and Aaryn says she only takes 30mg. Aaryn feels that is too strong of a dose.

4:49PM BBT: Amanda is now in the HoH telling Aaryn, Spencer, GinaMarie about their conversation. She explains that she told E that she has to vote out Helen because she is after her (Amanda). They agree they want to make Elissa feel safe next week so she doesn't feel that she has to fight for her life in the next HoH.

4:55PM BBT: Aaryn is annoyed at Amanda for talking to Elissa for over an hour. Amanda is trying to explain what they spoke about and is trying to defend her intentions to Aaryn. Elissa is now lying on the hammock and Helen is in the pool.

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7:07PM BBT Helen and Andy are in the hammock. Chatting, small talk. Helen is discovering McCrae told Elissa to put up David when she was MVP.
In the HoHR Spencer, GinaMarie, Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn are laying around, Spencer is talking about food.

7:15PM BBT HoH talk has explained what the Butterfly Effect is, the florescent lights are getting to Amanda, Aaryn thinks they are getting sick, GinaMarie wants to rest her eyes, Elissa is favorited and they are pissed about it. Now they are making fun of Elissa.
Hammock talk is which days in the house were craziest. Helen's HOH win and Andy's were the craziest days for Andy. Helen wants to stay and fight to win.

7:20PM BBT Amanda went outside to have a smoke, Elissa was out there eating slop. Small talk, nothing significant. Amanda is now inside in the HoH. She has a headache, so does Aaryn.
Helen and Andy are still in the hammock, talking about favorite moments.

7:22PM BBT While complaining about Elissa's possible use of prescriptions or muscle relaxants, Amanda just admitted she has received Monistat to use since being in the house.

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7:30PM BBT (I apologize for the times being wrong. Wasn't paying attention) HoHR, talk is about sex, making fun of charitable work... it is starting to get crude again.
Helen tells GinaMarie she wants to talk to her after she has a shower. GM says it is fine, she is gonna make some coffee and relax so "When ever" Elissa and GM are small talking in the KT.

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