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Tuesday, August 20 Live Feed Updates


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7:40PM BBT HoHR talk is still about sex and things Aaryn has not done. It was on racism and how aaryn has gotten out Candice, Howard and now Helen and how she will be perceived outside the house.
Eissa made ice cream, McCrae tried it and said it was good and tastes like honey. Elissa offers some to Spencer and he says no. GinaMarie says "F**k off Spencer and just try it." He says "I only understand every 3rd word you say."

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7:49PM BBT The HoHR evening of crudeness is about what Aaryn is calling "butthole sex". She is very uncomfortable with the conversation. Amanda, Spencer and Andy are hounding her and pushing the conversation, it is crude. (I won't go into details but for those with feeds, you can flashback to 7:30BBT to when the convo started.)

7:53PM BBT GinaMarie is telling a story about how when she was having sex with someone she punched him in the face. The HoHR crowd is laughing. Spencer says "Everyone knows that NO doesn't mean NO it means try harder." in reference to kinkier sex.
Elissa and Helen are talking in the KT about slop and how Elissa is having a hard time with the lack of energy from the slop, Helen agrees.

7:56PM BBT Aaryn says "The problem with women is, we can't be happy unless we are being taken advantage of in some weird f'ed up way that shouldn't happen. That is why we end up with douchebags." Amanda says she never ends up with douchebags, Andy calls her out on that.

8:00PM BBT Aaryn is called to the DR, as she comes down the stairs she tells Helen that they are having the most awkward convo up there and she was uncomfortable. Helen is whipping up a slop frenzy in the KT. All 4 feeds are in the KT.

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8:07PM BBT All 4 feeds are still on Elissa and Helen. Helen says "The secret to day 5 on slop is the salsa, just drench it in salsa." Elissa tries it, "No, it tastes worse with salsa." Helen, "Really? You need more salsa!"

8:11PM BBT Helen is now in the HoHR (thankfully) BB had told GinaMarie and Spencer to "Stop that!" We didn't see it on the feeds but Spencer says to Helen they were wrestling.
They are now talking about the havenots options and how hard it has been to live with them.
Aaryn is in the KT with Elissa.

8:15PM BBT Andy and Helen were talking about Tina Fey, Helen loves her. Spencer says she is hot. Andy says she did Second City. Helen wants to try improve as she enjoyed her drama courses in school. Andy explains different options in Chicago.
KT talk, Elissa says she is probably allergic to slop. Elissa also thinks that BB is pumping oxygen into the house and that is also why she feels terrible. GinaMarie is listening, Aaryn says she doesn't feel any different (because you aren't a have not)

8:21PM BBT Andy jokingly is asking how to make a clown suicide. Spencer says a fork in the socket, Helen says Aaryn will freak! Andy says "Or a knife in the socket!" Andy is trying to hide Clownie in the fridge. Spencer starts telling a story about the sheriff in his county and all 4 feeds go to the KT. Aaryn is making food, Elissa is scraping out the slop pot.

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8:33PM BBT Helen says she has only met maybe a dozen people in her life with beards like Spencer's. Andy thinks Marc-Paul Gossalar (sp?) is hot, Helen had a huge crush on him. Spencer is talking about Mario Lopez. Andy says he doesn't like Mario, Spencer says "Then don't watch him!" Aaryn goes into the HoHR and says "I am making cornflake crusted chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner." Spencer says "Oh you are wifey material Aaryn!" He and Andy agree that is what they are having for dinner.

8:40PM BBT Amanda has had a shower in the WA. She is now doing ADL's. Andy and Spencer are talking about movies. The hand that rocks the cradle, Fatal Attraction and Backdraft. GinaMarie has walked to everyone to show that she cut her finger. She can't find the neosporin.

8:44PM BBT HoHR is bashing the Baldwin's. They loved William Baldwin in Backdraft. They do not like Stephen Baldwin. McCrae says he was on BBUK and he got into a fight with Heidi Fleiss.
Spencer is rambling about people and shows he likes.
GinaMarie is ranting about not being able to find the neosporin. She now says she ripped off half her fingernail. Aaryn is cooking.

8:47PM BBT Helen says she has so much to watch on TV... "I have this to watch and Arrested Development" they agree they love Netflix, Helen says, "House of cards, it is so great. When you first watch it, it is like meh but then it gets really good!" They agree they love Kevin Spacey. Spencer is talking about Man of Steel and how good Kevin Spacey is in it.

8:52PM BBT Helen "Spencer you are like a movie and tv encyclopedia! Has anyone told you that?" He says "Ya." they talk about how they can't remember lines from them but details.
In the KT, Aaryn announces "Holy F**K America! I made gravy!" She is very proud.

8:58PM BBT Spencer is talking about the third Texas Chainsaw Massacre, (the recent one I believe), Spencer didn't think it was so great in 3D. Aaryn is still cooking. Not much happening.

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9:25PM BBT: Just pleasant kitchen conversations about theater and drama classes. [You see, they had to learn to stir up all this drama. -Morty]

9:35PM BBT: Most of the HGs are in the kitchen. Andy is looking the the memory wall naming evicted HGs and asking what everyone misses about them. Aaryn says she liked it when Jessie got mad, she would go through the house cleaning. Jessie would blame all the messiness on Amanda. Andy mentions Candice, and GinaMarie goes off on a rant about how messy, noisy and disrespectful she was.

9:45PM BBT: The HGs are wondering when BB is going to make the dining room table smaller. They were joking that they could do it for BB, because they discovered that the smaller table is under the big one.

9:50PM BBT: Amanda is thrilled when McCrae announces that he's going to take a shower. [is it Saturday already?]

10:00PM BBT: It looks like McCrae is postponing his shower to take a nap in the chair room with Amanda. Amanda says they're allowed to sing in the diary room. "Is that the reason we have to unplug our battery packs when we go in the DR is so the live feeders can't hear us? I just figured that out. So when I go in and request Monistat BECAUSE I HAVE A YEAST INFECTION they won't hear it." McCrae: "Well then stop yelling it, they'll know now." Amanda: "Well I don't have it now."

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10:15PM BBT: Elissa jokes that she's related to Renny. Spencer asks her to say "It's locked" in her best Renny voice, and Elissa does a pretty good impression of her. Andy asks her if she can imitate anyone famous, and she jokes, "Oh sure..."

10:20-10:22PM BBT: FotH

When the feeds come back Elissa and Spencer are talking about Kimmy Gibbler on Full House. [Yes, it's just that dull.]

10:30PM BBT: Spencer and Andy are talking to Elissa about her son. Because of Elissa lives in both North Carolina and Canada, she home schooled her son because of all the traveling they had to do.

10:40PM BBT: The HGs are searching the storage room for wine, they got a six pack of beer, but no wine. They thought Aaryn might have hidden it.

10:45PM BBT: In the HOH room, Aaryn is nervous that she's trusting Amanda and Andy is reassuring her that the 3AM alliance is most solid ever and she has nothing to worry about. Spencer joins the conversation and they continue talking that they are loyal to each other.

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11:07 PM BBT Idle chit chat in the BY with Helen, GinaMarie and Elissa. Helen heads in to get some chocolate milk to drink. Up in the HoH Andy, Aaryn and Spencer are talking a bit of game. Aaryn says she can see GinaMarie getting more and more angry and upset with Amanda and fears she'll put her up. Aaryn asks that this conversation stays in the room. Aaryn says Amanda and McCrae would put up GinaMarie so it is what it is. She again asks that the conversation stays in the room.

RT @JustEroca: @EastDallasAlice not sure if you found the link or not, but if you go through @mortystv. They have it. #BBAU FAR better than #BB15 this yr -- mortystv.com for all your BB needs!

11:13 PM BBT Helen and Elissa are pitching to GinaMarie the importance of keeping Helen this week because she'll be someone to go after Amanda in the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile up in the HoH they continue to rehash game chat. Aaryn tells Spencer that if he wins HoH Amanda will be his best friend. Spencer knows this. Aaryn says "Once you put up the replacement nom that she wants...she's done with you".

11:20 PM BBT Up in the HoH they're discussing how they expect something wacky to happen soon and they're surprised it hasn't happened already based upon the previous season. Andy comments that he expects someone to come back. This thought makes Aaryn sick. Talk turns to Candice saying the $5,000 was the only good thing that happened to her in the BB house. Aaryn is offended by this statement. She says they all worked hard to get in the house and she "walked-in" because she didn't have anything to do this month. Spencer starts talking about his job and we get FoTH.

11:26 PM BBT Down in the HT GinaMarie, Elissa and Helen continue to talk. Current conversation is about Spencer and how sketchy/lazy he is. Helen says if she stays this week they'll control the votes if they win HoH. Helen says if Spencer wins HoH it's scary because he'll send home Aaryn, GinaMarie or Elissa without thinking twice. Helen says Andy is so tight with McCrae and Spencer. GinaMarie isn't sure why he's like this suddenly. Helen says it's because he's being manipulated by Amanda and he doesn't realize it. Helen points out that he's not been on the block yet.

11:32 PM BBT Down in the HT Helen and Elissa continue to pitch the idea to keep Helen this week and how to pitch the idea to Aaryn. Up in the HoH they're currently chatting about Twitter. Spencer is asking how Twitter works and they're trying to explain it to him. Aaryn explains how hash-tags works.

11:37 PM BBT GinaMarie goes inside. Helen and Elissa stay behind. Elissa says they have to get Aaryn to know that if Helen stays she's not going to go after Aaryn or GinaMarie. Helen wonders how they can get Andy and Amanda to fight. Meanwhile back in the HoH GinaMarie has joined Spencer, Andy and Aaryn. Idle chit chat/rehashing.

11:44 PM BBT Feeds switch to Amanda and McCrae laying in bed in a lightened room briefly. Elissa and Helen head inside. Up in the HoH Andy is disappointed that there wasn't another gay guy in the house. Aaryn says there was. GinaMarie tells her to shut up. Aaryn says she wasn't talking about Nick and that she just assumed she was. Andy asks GinaMarie "You said you'd drown Nick's date in the pool if he brought one. What if he says he had a crush on me? Would you drown me?" GinaMarie laughs and says no and she'd be happy for him. Andy assures GinaMarie that Nick seemed closer to her than him so he thinks she's safe.

11:48 PM BBT Talk in the HoH turns to how Andy is more flamboyant than most women. Aaryn says GinaMarie is more masculine than Andy. Andy says GinaMarie is more masculine than Spencer. GinaMarie tells them all to eat fudge.

11:55 PM BBT Idle chit chat in the HoH. Helen and Elissa in the hammock chatting about what they want to happen versus what they need to happen. Feeds switch to Amanda and McCrae in bed in the chair room whispering super softly. One of their mics is being obstructed. Aaryn comes downstairs and says they're all just doing nothing. Amanda gets called out for obstructing her mic. Aaryn has TP rolls in her hand and heads back upstairs.

11:58 PM BBT It's very difficult to hear what Amanda and McCrae are whispering about. McCrae mentions she needs to keep her cool before saying anything and they can't really do anything for the moment. Amanda says all they can do is cover their bases from week to week. Amanda and McCrae want to take each other the end. McCrae fears that Elissa may try and take her shot next week at them. He tells her that she needs to continue to point out that they are a weak power couple because they've not won anything since week 1. He says they have to be afraid of Aaryn though especially in the end. Amanda wants to break up GinaMarie and Aaryn.

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