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Amanda - Week 5 MVP Nominee

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I agree with this.

Attempting to run the house could put a huge target on your back, yet they took the chance-the only ones that have.

For those who like to blame Aaryn for the votes, must remember those were Helen's votes not hers, but I also believe if she wasn't in debt this week to Helen Elissa would have been sitting in a chair too.

"gay-gay" - proves my point how deragatory remarks only count when made against certain people.


I agree with you that some people are only sensitive to their own ox being gored. I was pleased when Andy stood up to Amanda with her PRican shower and said it was racist...she really thinks she gets a pass to say these things bec she has sex with a Prican She is probably not racist to the degree that she will hate those of a difference, but she sounds it and she needs to understand that bec it is why Aryan also thinks she is not racist. When Amanda gets pissed she reverts to racist remarks which expose her as racist or as one who sees a person's race as a means of demeaning them. Aryan is not pissed to be saying these things, she only uses racist remarks to demean as her general frame of mind, so she is more implicated in being a racist. Both are racist, but there is a matter of degree in how it is embedded in their world view

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OMG telling America that you are engaged on the live show.

She will do or say anything not to get picked by MVP.

I am sorry but she makes my eyes bleed.

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