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Thursday, July 18 Live Feed Updates


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12:01 AM BBT General chit chat about music at the hammock. Helen has brought a chair over from the HT and is sitting on the ground near them. Shenanigans breaks out in the BB with Andy, Judd, Candice and others throwing the beach balls at each other.

12:11 AM BBT Everyone is gathered out in the BY now. Some in the hammock some on the couch. Jeremy and Kaitlin come outside to do Dirty Dancing. It takes them a few times until they finally nail it. Pictures incoming shortly.

12:22 AM BBT General chit chat/late night snack time in the BB house. Topics are of a very broad variety that end just as quickly as they begin.

12:33 AM BBT McCrae, Amanda, and Elissa make their way up to the HoH with food. Elissa wants to talk to her besties. Amanda is concerned..."What if tomorrow is a double eviction and someone manages to put one of us on the block?". They begin to run scenarios. Amanda doesn't think Aaryn would put anyone other than Spencer or Howard on the block. In the BY they continue to have idle chit chat. Helen is ready to play volleyball but it sounds like they're lacking enough players.

12:40 AM BBT Candice and Jessie are going to head to bed. Helen, Spencer, and Howard start hitting the ball up in the air with their heads. The record is 10. Feeds switch to Andy and Candice chatting in the lounge. Candice said she never really had any problems with Kaitlin before but here lately she's been distant. She's sure it's because of the Jeremy thing. Andy tells her that GinaMarie wanted to know who to vote out this week and Andy recommended voting Jeremy out so Spencer doesn't use that vote on her. Candice says GinaMarie apologized about the bed incident but Kaitlin never did and Kaitlin called her a trashy hoosier (not hoosier...). "That trashy hoosier wakes up every morning and puts my weave in her head...whatever...". Their meeting breaks up.

12:44 AM BBT 2 man team volleyball has begun in the BY. Feeds switch to Judd rubbing Jessie's shoulders down with something. Judd says GinaMarie trusts him. Jessie agrees. Judd says Howard talked to him earlier. Howard told him that he was watching Judd and Jessie's back and Judd said he's watching Candice and Howard's back. Judd thinks he wanted to talk to him about something else. Judd says he got up extra early this morning to so they could chat and then the chat only took like 35 seconds. Jessie thanks Judd for being so great this week. Judd mentions McCrae and TMC and we get brief FoTH. Feeds back and Judd says "They're always together". More FoTH. Feeds back and Judd tells Jessie goodnight. We now have a darkened HNR.

12:50 AM BBT Candice, Andy, McCrae, Amanda and Elissa are discussing possible ideas for what HoH will be tomorrow. Andy hits the nail on the head "It could be like who does America think..." Talk turns to periods and missing family. Andy says he doesn't mean his friends and family he hates them all (kidding of course). Out in the BY Judd has joined Aaryn on the couches and they're also discussing what the HoH comp will be tomorrow.

12:56 AM BBT The volleyball game in the BY has appeared to end. Spencer walks over and asks what the contents of one of the glasses were. Aaryn says "Semen..." Spencer says "Yep it's mine!". He walks inside to get something to drink. Judd says if he's not a have-not next week he's going to want to quit smoking and get the patch. Randomly Aaryn tells Judd that she's afraid Jessie wants her out because they're friends (Judd and Aaryn). Judd says no but he'll talk to her just to make sure. Up in the HoH chat has turned to last names.

01:05 AM BBT Talk out in the BY has turned to Aaryn's family ranch. She tells Spencer to Google her last name when he gets out and he can find out all about their Ranch. Spencer wonders if they would offer he and his brother a discount to hunt. Aaryns says yeah probably. Aaryn says our names are going to be all over the internet when they get out (Some more than others! - NiteSlacker). Feeds switch to HoH as she starts to talk about her brothers. Feeds switch to a darkened chair room with GinaMarie whispering to Kaitlin and Jeremy. Jeremy says to tell them they'll have a Cherokee working for them. GinaMarie says she's going to talk to someone. GinaMarie says she's going to go try right now. Jeremy and Kaitlin says to keep trying and she's the best. Andy can be heard telling her he's getting tired.

01:11 AM BBT Switching feeds to the BY. Andy, Spencer, Judd, Aaryn, McCrae and Amanda are chatting. Random topics. Someone yawned (they're not the only one). Up in the HoH Elissa is talking to Candice. Elissa is talking about someone that "says so many things that are bizarre"... Candice says she feels like she's spending so much time and energy trying to ignore her that she doesn't feel like herself. Even though another part of her tells her that she did some really mean things to her. She feels like this truly is a growth moment for her. Elissa says she can't have a conversation with her because she twists so many of her words around that it could be dangerous for her game.

01:21 AM BBT McCrae and Amanda are getting comfy in the lounge room. Up in the HoH Elissa and Candice continue to talk about how they handle Aaryn. Candice says she's more mad at Spencer for lying about the hat thing. Aaryn bashing continues. Switching feeds down to the lounge room. Aaryn and Judd have joined McCrae in the lounge. The discussion is about GinaMarie and Nick's hat. Apparently someone suggested that the hat is worth about $6 on e-bay now and she got mad. She also complained that she'll loose the bed that her and Nick slept in together. Aaryn says she told her that she's slept in all of the beds except for those in the HNR. It happens because there's a different HoH and have-nots every week.

01:33 AM BBT Talk turns to the HoH tomorrow. Amanda points out it could be a "Who would you rather..." that America voted on. Amanda asks Judd "Who would America vote as prom queen?" Judd says "Aaryn?" Amanda says "Aaryn?" Judd says "Well...before we first came in the house maybe...". Aaryn laughs and says Judd should go fork himself. They throw out a few "Who would you rather?" questions before Aaryn says she's going to bed. Judd says he won't be too far behind. Up in the HoH Candice and Elissa continue to bash the other-side. The current topics are Aaryn and Jeremy.

01:45 AM BBT Talk in the lounge has turned to Judd and Jessie. Jessie wants him to find another couple for them to partner with. Amanda and McCrae say the Goof Troop comes first. Obviously they have their friends they want to protect...Jessie, Helen, and Elissa but if any of them are on the block against a Goof Troop member then the non-member is getting a vote to be evicted. Andy comes in and out of the lounge. Lots of whispering. Very difficult to understand. GinaMarie annoys them. Judd especially. He's not sure if he's just tired of slop. Andy wants to know what Howard wanted to talk to Judd about. Judd tells him (Howard has he and Jessie's back). Andy says Howard told him that he has his and Helen's back. Amanda says he never talks to her.

01:51 AM BBT Meanwhile up in the HoH is making a defense for Aaryn. Helen says the "wh*** house comment really bothered her. Elissa immediately says it wasn't directed at her but at the couple that she was renting the room out to in the BB house (Call me crazy...but that sure seems like the HoH should be offended by it if they're allowing the couple to sleep there...- NiteSlacker). Helen brings up the Adderall comment Elissa made (about folks on Adderall having an advantage over those not on it). Elissa says "Well it's true..." Helen says but if you have a medical reason to be on it (ADHD) they have that right. Elissa says sure but... Feeds switch randomly to the lounge for a few minutes.

01:58 AM BBT Feeds switch back up to the HoH and Helen is trying to stay neutral about the wh*** house comment but Elissa is pushing saying it wasn't directed at her "Can you see how she twists things like this?" Elissa explains the comment in context "She told Jeremy and Kaitlin that 'You can sleep in MY room in MY HoH bed' and I mentioned how unfair it was to use the room like that...we all fought for the room and deserve it over someone using it like a ...well...wh*** house." (How is that NOT directed at Aaryn? Mind you I'm...not taking sides here but I'm just asking) . Helen continues to listen and dodge taking sides on it. Talk turns to Jeremy needing to go this week and Aaryn is wounded and trying to get along with folks.

02:04 AM BBT Down in the lounge...Andy is going to bed. Amanda and McCrae head into the WA to use mouthwash. Up in the HoH Jeremy bashing continues. Down in the BY Judd, Andy, Howard, and Spencer are chatting. Andy says last week when they were in power they were rude to everyone and they didn't want everyone coming up to the HoH room, whereas with Helen this week she wanted everyone to come up. Brief FoTH. Candice comes outside and asks what everyone is talking about. Judd heads in to go pee and to grab his cigarettes. Andy is heading to bed.

***Twitter Reply*** RT @Markeene: @mortystv my bb obsession lol - You're following the right person! We're here for you!

02:13 AM BBT Judd comes back out. He has about 17 packs of cigarettes left. Spencer asks if Kaitlin and Aaryn were on the block together who would you want to get out. Judd says Kaitlin because she's dangerous because she can get in nicer with folks. Aaryn doesn't have anyone. Judd says GinaMarie is just crazy. Up in the HoH bathroom Elissa and Helen are doing nightly ADLs. Helen is now crawling into bed in a darkened HoH room.

02:15-02:55 AM BBT (Rewinding a bit to check the feeds that were down) It appears that Spencer and Judd sat out in the BY to talk for a bit about various things before going to bed. (Sounded mostly like rehashing to me).

02:28 AM BBT There appears to be some technical difficulties with the feeds at this time. Myself and a handful of other users are no longer getting live access to the feeds instead we're getting a replay of feeds from earlier. When he hit the "Go Live" button it plays about 5 seconds and then says to reload. I'll update you just as soon as I'm up and running again.

02:36 AM BBT We appear to only have feed 1 right now. Feeds 2-4 are reruns/reloads from earlier. Feed 1 is Amanda and McCrae cuddling in the lounge listening to one of the cameras make noise at them. Amanda wonders if BB is toying with them.

02:46 AM BBT (Just a reminder we're running on limited feeds due to technical difficulties on CBS' end). On Feed 1 we have McCrae and Amanda making out. Feeds switch to Howard getting into bed with Candice. Feeds switch to Jeremy, and Kaitlin in bed with Jeremy laughing. Jeremy apparently made up a poem that was super cute but made her laugh at him. Aaryn chimes in and says they (Jeremy and Kaitlin) should totally have the HoH room tonight. Kaitlin didn't want to ask for it even though Helen offered it to them any night this week.

02:51 AM BBT Feed is back in the lounge. Any guesses as to who and what is happening? Here's a hint...it's the same two people and it's the same thing that has happened every day this week at this time. If you guessed Amanda and McCrae making out underneath the comforter...you win! Amanda comes up for air and says she's hungry. They lay outside the comforter for a bit before curling right back up underneath it only to begin kissing again.

*FLASHBACK ALERT* Feed 1 - 03:00 AM BBT Well...the make-out session has gotten significantly more intense.... Amanda was clearly straddling McCrae beneath the comforter with some serious hip movement going on and moments ago she let an...interesting sound. She rolls off of him and lies down and says she's hot. She asks if he feels used now. He agrees. Amanda tries to talk to him about it and he finally says "Stop talking about it..." and she says "why they're not watching us..." McCrae replies and says there's a camera on them. (Well...the rest of our feeds are down...so all eyes are turned on the two of you right now because you're all that we have! - NiteSlacker).

03:13 AM BBT Conveniently the feeds all appear to be back now. Feeds 1 and 2 are Amanda and McCrae in the lounge. Amanda asking "How will they feel about that?" McCrae says about half and half. McCrae telling her about people from previous seasons that have performed oral stories (not really stories) for each other. Amanda says we haven't done that. McCrae agrees. Talk turns to what GinaMarie and he talked about earlier.

03:34 AM BBT Amanda has been dancing around the lounge in her underwear for McCrae mimicking him. "Hey guys! I have an idea for a game! Let's take a ball...wrap it up in a bandanna...and wrap another bandanna and another bandanna and we'll throw it in the basket! We'll call it bandanna ball." "I'm such a nice guy that for my birthday I only want all of the have-nots to have!" McCrae is laughing and joking with her saying yes or no to things he agrees with. Amanda begins singing and we get FoTH. Feeds back and their lips are locked.

03:49 AM BBT More of the same for the past 10 minutes or so with another hot-n-heavy make out session under the comforter. At one point Amanda busted out into laughter and retrieved a bandanna and tucked it under the comforter.

03:54 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae head outside for a cigarette. Talk turns to that they can't believe they're in the BB house after seeing so many seasons of it. Amanda likes it when everyone's asleep because it's so quiet. Amanda says imagine if we were the final two... McCrae says he'd be $50,000 richer! McCrae hopes he makes it to jury. Amanda thinks he will. McCrae hopes she does as well. Talk turns to Judd asking to bring Jessie into the Goof Troop, trying to figure out why he was being so bold.

04:02 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae head in to begin nightly ADLs. Talk briefly about how much Elissa loves them.

04:11 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae head into the HNR for the night. All four feeds have sleeping or almost sleeping HGs in darkened rooms now.

04:29 AM BBT We've had horizontal HGs in darkened rooms for about 15 minutes now. It looks like they're all asleep. Good night everyone and have a great day!

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8:08 am BBT With all that goes on today, BB could be getting them up early. But for now they are sleeping.

9:00 am BBT They are snoozing away.

9:06 am BBT Andy gets up, uses WC, walks back thru the dark house towards his bed. Helen uses HOH WC and also goes back to bed.

9:30 am BBT Twas the morning of Eviction and all thru the house the HG were sleeping...come on BB lets get this show on road!!

9:35 am BBT Helen gets again but cant tell what she is doing, there is no camera on her.

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Guest 6Borders

9:42am BB Time

We have movement in the BB House. Helen is up and looking like she is ready to do her workout.

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9:41 am BBT Helen gets ready for her morning run. She opens the back door and closes it again, changes her batteries. Change of mind she takes a glass of water into the cockpit. (the back door was dark when she opened it, that usually means they are on LD)

9:50 am BBT Helen puts her shoes on and sits with her face in her hands for a few minutes. They must be on LD as Helen jogs back and forth from the SR to WA.

9:53 am BBT Cameramen caught her rhythm, they are flipping views as they follower her from rm to rm. The other HG are not even stirring.

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Guest 6Borders

9:49am BB Time

Helen is sitting with her head in her hands looking like she is about to cry {real tears or to make us viewers do her bidding?? -6Borders}

Helen has started her workout...through the house (that should wake up a few people)

9:54am BB Time

We are getting intermittent FOTH so it might be time to wake the up for the day!

10am BB Time

FOTH right on schedule...time to get up for the day!

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Guest 6Borders

10:13am BB Time

The HG's are up (sort of), yawning and doing ADL's.

Discussion between Andy, Judd and Spencer is about protein shakes, they are out of kleenix and Andy is scared to step in the bathroom (due to the nails coming up) and writing their names in the bathroom!

Andy is going to send GM into a tailspin writing a message from Nick.

Andy says everyone is being lazy, it's 10am. They discuss going back to bed. Andy is going to see if he can hear any drilling outside. Helen is still jogging laps in the house. Howard just got out of bed and someone off camera wishes Jessie good morning.

Andy says he can't hear anything (from outside). Andy asks what Clabber Girl (baking powder is). Spencer says that pretty much says it right there! They discuss drinking the last of the choc milk to give the Have Hots a really bad last day.

Helen asks if everyone is ready for a big day. Andy jokes that Helen is already intimidating ppl.

BB announces that sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms...lots of laughter about who it is and they discover it's McCrae. Spencer asks Jessie if she had any dreams last night {Spencer, why did you do that???}

Jessie first can't recall, then says ohhh, ohhhh....and proceeds to relate a dream about dinosaurs and this girl had been killed by one and they were walking up a hill and five planes are following us {I am positive she makes this stuff up..-6Borders}. Spencer asks what kind of dinosaurs they were and Jessie said "they are new ones" {if she's not making it up someone needs to analyze the Slop!}

10:24am BB Time

Howard is up and he Spencer and Jessie are discussing going back to sleep. Howard says when they get up there (HOH room for lockdown before run-thru) he can sleep for 2 hours.

Lounge: Andy and Judd are discussing past HG's speeches and when they were evicted.

BB tells Judd to stop obstructing his mic.

10:29am BB Time

General silly talk in the lounge

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Guest 6Borders

10:30am BB Time

Silly talk continues (Spencer, McCrae, Jessie, Andy & Judd), mostly about GM. Spencer (I think) said what if there was a whole show about her?

Judd is rehashing not wanting to spend the holidays with GM and GM's "why would you do this (vote out Nick)..." Discussion about Nick's hat goes everywhere. Jessie says they tried to take it away (not sure who "they" are...BB or HG's) but then GM cries.

Discussion about villians in different movies, Batman had a shit-load (according to Judd) and they disucss Batman villians. They relate all of them from Batman and Spiderman (Andy relates most of them).

10:37am BB Time

Discussion goes from movie villians to Spencer saying they should take dental floss and make a trip-wire for Helen (I guess she's still house jogging tho I have not seen/heard her in a while)

The lounge crew discusses what shows they wish they were watching right now and what they would watch on stay-at-home days. Helen says it would be fun if they were all on the price is right. Andy says he would not do very well. Judd said he would underbid and be shocked at how much everything costs. Discussion about laundry detergent costs and the best places to buy it (but you have to get there early and have the club card).

The consensus (in case you are still reading) is that laundry detergent, paper towels and toilet paper are the most expensive to buy.

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Guest 6Borders

10:41am BB Time

Discussion turns to if the HOH names the Have Nots they will not even get a break from being a Have Not.

Helen says the house needs to agree that anyone who has not been a Have Not should be one {good luck on that one} and how cruel it is to put people on it again. They talk about how GM always eats Have Not food. Helen says her time is up unless she gets HOH...Judd says GM doesn't want HOH because she will lose the bed (I assume that means the bed GM shared with Nick)

Helen tells Howard if he gets HOH who goes on slop. Andy hopes it a fun food comp (for the house). Jessie says no that sucks cos they would not get pizza and Spencer says "what?" {those were my sentiments exactly!} Jessie says they would get stuff like wheat bread...Andy points out at least they would get hot showers and beds.

Discussion about whether being a Have Not was easier the first or 2nd time...they all agree 2nd time because they got the extra (American's vote) food.

10:51am BB Time

Silly talk continues about comps, prizes and punishments.

Andy says he would go nuts with a solitary confinment

10:53am BB Time FOTH

Feeds are back and Andy suggests they speculate on what the HOH will be.. Andy thinks it will be either fill up a jar {didn't they just do that?} or hang onto a pole and a giant tongue {didn't they just do that too??}

Andy decides to get up and go to the WC.

Jessie has says (twice) she has figured it out but fails to inform us....she's now gone silent and reflective!

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Guest 6Borders

10:59am BB Time

Andy is rehashing how many times Nick went to the DR...says it didn't make sense because Nick was not funny and it didn't make any sense. They discuss what Nick could possibly have to talk about in DR. Andy is recapping conv. with Nick about farts and jokes and Nick being 28 and not being able to deal with it.

They laugh about "in this case joking about farts and poops gets you voted out 2nd"

Jessie brings up "Sunday Brunch" and Andy recaps "would you rather" {nothing you have not heard before folks}

Jessie says there was something weird with him...Andy chimes in definitely something we still don't know.

Jessie says it's so weird that one of them is going to win $500,000. Andy says he would go to Paris, Judd says he would go to Egypt or Afganastan ...Jessie says terrible choices.

Amanda is relating a nicotine patch dream about being trapped no a school bus and someone tried to rape and shoot her

{guarantee you folks, it is NOT something in the water out here in California -6Borders}

BRB everyone...I need to refresh my computer! -6Borders

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10:15am BBT: BB had woken up the hg Andy Spencer and Judd in the wa. jessie in kt washing dishes.Helen is still running in the house.
10:16am BBT: Candice and Howard are snuggled up in bed, Howard rolls over and gets his mic then gets up. Andy says it is 10am everyone get up. then he goes to see if he can hear anything going on in the by.
10:23am BBT: BB says sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms and andy starts laughing as he walks to the cockpit where mccrae is sleeping. now andy mccrae and judd are in cockpit talking general talk. jessie and spencer and howard are in kt talking about the have nots eating lastnight. helen is still running in the house.
10:31am BBT: spencer, Jessie, Judd, andy and Mccrae in cockpit just general talk. Helen still running and Howard in have not rm praying.
10:38am BBT: hg in cockpit talking about streets and houses then go to talking about the price is right. Howard still in have not rm reading his bible.
10:42am BBT: Jessie says helen this is what i am thinking if the new hoh has to pick the have nots this week then we only get a 1 day break. helen says we should make sure that someone else goes on slop and not those that have already been on it.
10:45am BBT: Howard is done reading his bible and goes to cockpit with the others. andy says where is candice still sleeping? Howard says yeah. elissa is still in the hoh bed asleep.
10:54am BBT: Howard in the kt making food. Andy in cockpit says lets think about what hoh comp will be like. andy says i think it will be buckets of colored water or something like that.jessie says let me think what it might be and she sits there thinking. andy says let me go pee while your thinking.Mccfrae looks to be sleeping again. spencer sitting there quietly.

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11:13am BBT: jessie Spencer,Andy Mccrae and amanda in cockpit talking about all the stars that watch bb. Spencer is called to the dr. Howard is still making breakfast and we get foth.

11:19am BBT: Candice is up and going to get her coffee. Howard is now cooking bacon,

11:26am BBT: spencer is in the kt with Howard as howard makes his breakfast. candice and Jessie are in the cockpit with Mccrae and amanda and Andy talking about speeches and we get foth.

11:30am BBT: Aaryn is now up in the cockpit . judd looks to be trying to go back to sleep like Mccrae. just general chat going on. Howard is now cleaning the kt while his food finishes cooking.

11:35am BBT: the feeds have now gone to trivia.

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12:56pm BBt: feeds are back Hg are leaving the hoh rm. Helen and kaitlin is in the have not rm and Helen is saying Jeremy is leaving that she has thought about it and she is going to tell him and that she is sorry but this is what is happening. she says if it is a 5-5 vote then there are people that have lied to me but we will see,
12:58pm BBT:Aaryn and Jessie Amanda and Jessie in wa brushing teeth and doing makeup.

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#BB15 1:00 PM BBT Andy and Spencer in the cockpit room. Laughing about someone searching for hair spray and stressing out. They joke that Helen took it because as HOH she thinks she can have anything.

#BB15 1:02 PM BBT It was Jessie missing the hair spray. She thinks someone used it because it is now only half full.

#BB15 1:05 PM Most HG in the WA doing ADLs and getting made up. Spencer lying by himself in the cockpit room.

#BB15 1:12 PM BBT Elissa and Jessie in the KT talking about others using their lotions and face product. Elissa says hers is prescription. Otherwise general chit chat going on.

#BB15 1:14 PM BBT Spencer and Jeremy talking in the BR. Jeremy says that it would be great to get the stipend before the finale. Says he is going home and going to lay some concrete. Wanted his stipend to get his sleeve done. Says he will go to Vegas only if it is an official reunion.

#BB15 1:19 PM BBT Jeremy looking for his $100 Kenneth Cole cologne and his toothpaste. He tells Howard that he took someone else's because he needs toothpaste. The girls are still doing their make up in the WA with the exception of Helen and Elissa.

#BB15 1:24 PM BBT Spencer and McCrae talking about the sleeping situation and where McCrae will be sleeping. He says he doesn't care, he is just happy to have a bed.

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1:40PM BBT: Howard and Candace are napping in bed. McCrae, Spencer and Judd are in the chair bedroom chatting about TV shows. Aaryn, Gina Marie, Amanda, Kaitlyn are in the washroom getting ready. Jeremy comes into the washroom and grabs Kaitlyn's mic. Aaryn says he's probably doing something to it. Kaitlyn says he's been leaving cute stuff around the house. She says that he asked the DR if he could write a note, then they give it to her in the DR, but they said no. Amanda says she etched her name into something, and BB saw and they asked her about it in the DR, "What did you write?" "Just my name" "oh ok" then feeds cut to FotH.

1:50PM BBT: Jeremy has joined McCrae, Spencer, and Judd in the chair bedroom. Jeremy says he played Pokemon on his Gameboy for a good 7 hours without realizing it. They chit chat about TV shows. Aaryn and Gina Marie are in the washroom getting ready.

2:05PM BBT: Elissa talks about her name. When she got married, she changed her middle name to Reilly. She says her middle name is/was Beatrice. Talk changes to names/nicknames. Spencer mentions he rescued a dog named Billie, and then gave it to a friend, but it passed away because of its chains. Amanda says she had a friend whose name was Taylor Taylor, same spelling. [i went to school with someone who’s name was Chase Ball. I still don’t understand what his parents were thinking, as he got teased for it.]

2:11PM BBT: The storage room is unavailable for a few minutes, then BB announces it's available again. Feeds cut to FotH, but we still have sound. Someone yells "OUTFITS!". General chit-chat on all 4 feeds. Most housemates are getting ready, but some are laying around. Andy says he wants to sleep until 5:20. McCrae and Spencer chat about the bear shirt. Someone has worn it for every major event in the house. Spencer says if he wore it, he would distort the bear so much it wouldn't look like a bear. McCrae says it fits him perfectly.

2:20PM BBT: Gina Marie is laying in bed with Nick's hat on top of her. Feeds 1 and 2 are on the storage room, but we are getting sound from elsewhere. Elissa asks McCrae if he's excited to eat tonight, and McCrae says he is super excited to eat pizza. Helen walks into the storage room with pictures in her hands. Helen exits the storage room and says she had to hand her pictures in. Feeds still stuck on the storage room with audio from elsewhere.

2:29PM BBT: Looks like Candice is giving Judd a minor hair-cut. Amanda is making slop in the kitchen. Amanda asks McCrae to request more sweet tea mix. He says he has to ask for glue as well to fix his glasses. Candice is now giving Spencer a quick haircut. Helen says she needs to get her hair layered, so she's straightening her hair to make it lie flat.

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2:30pm BBT: candice is giving spencer a haircut. Andy and Howard looking in the mirror. amamda and Mccrae are making slop.
2:32pm BBT: Candice starts laughing while cutting Spencers hair she ask him can i make it shorter cuz i kinda messed it up a little bit. Spencer says let me go to dr and see if i can get my clippers. candice says the lineing looks good though. spencer laughs and says i bet it does as he walks to the dr.Candice is now looking at Howards hair to cut it.
2:35pm BBT: Candice is now giving Howard a hair cut. helen is putting makeup on.Amanda making slop and mccrae washing dishes. Andy is just walking around the kt.
2:44pm BBT: Elissa , Ginamarie and Helen in br talking. helen asked did you tell jeremy yet? Ginamarie says no i will tell him and kaitlin right before the live show. Helen is saying we dont want to be on a show rith racial slurs do we and Ginamarie says no we dont. Aaryn and Jeremy and Kaitlin are in the cockpit talking about Ginamarie not talking to people. Aaryn leaves the cockpit and leaves jeremy and kaitlin sitting close and giggling.
2:51pm BBT: Judd is in the wa brushing his teeth.Candice is still cutting Howards hair. Helen , Elissa and Ginamarie are still talking about how ginamarie should act if she gets put on slop. Helen tells her if it happens please dont freak out and go crazy.
2:56pm BBT: Ginamarie and Helen and Elissa talking about what they ask them in the dr and we get foth.

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3:00pm BBt: Helen in str talking to Jeremy telling him she is proud of him for fighting and she will be sad to see him go. Jeremy says i will walk out with my head held high i promise that. they leave str. candice still clipping howards hair. most hg in kt eating and general talk.
3:01pm BBT: jeremy in cockpit talking to Mccrae asking for his vote. mccrae says i dont know man. Jeremy says i will do anything to keep you and amanda and other safe you know i will have your back. Mccrae says i will talk to amanda about it. jeremy says you know i will do anything to stay here. mccrae says i will talk to her about it.
3:11pm BBT: amanda has been cooking slop for 45 minutes and Mccrae was putting dressing and seasonings on it she yells at him to try it before he puts all that on there since she has been cooking it for so long. he taste it and says it is good. Arryn just sitting at the kt bar not saying anything. andy is walking around the house from room to room seeing where everyone is.we are now on trivia.

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4:54 PM BBT Feeds are back. The HGs are working hard to get ready for the show.

4:58 PM BBT Spencer pulls Andy into the SR. Andy tells him that it will be 9-1 or 8-2. Andy "Unless you make me mad, then it may be 7-3." Spencer laughs, thanks him, and the meeting is over.

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#BB15 5:00 PM BBT All of the HG are just gen chit chatting and prepping for the show.

#‎BB15‬ 5:07 PM BBT HG complimenting each other on their outfits and discussions of shoe size. Andy wonders who Julie will ask questions of tonight.

#BB15 5:17 Andy, Spencer and Aaryn in the BR talking. Spencer just wants healthy kids. Andy too. Aaryn tells Andy that he will have a daughter just like her. He says that's ok, he likes her. Aaryn says she tells that to guys who mess her over so they think about what they do to people. Aaryn says you don't understand until you have kids. Spencer says "uh huh".

#BB15 5:27 PM BBT Jessie curling her hair in the WA. Judd and Spencer talk about what the vote count should be.

#BB15 5:34 PM BBT McCrae in the WA brushing his teeth. Other HG in KT counting down until the show.

#BB15 5:43 M BBT We have just gone to trivia - counting down until show time!

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7:02 PM BBT In the cockpit Amanda and McCrae are throwing out ideas about the MVP this week. They discuss that maybe the MVP can’t be nominated. They also discuss that maybe the MVP gets to change then nominations.

7:04 PM BBT Jessie bashing in the BR by Aaryn and Kaitlin. Kaitlin says Jessie is going to want to sleep in the HoH room with Judd. Kaitlin can’t stand her.

7:06 PM BBT Judd is still wearing his crown. He has joined McCrae in the cockpit. Amanda is telling him that it might be a good idea to target Aaryn and Kaitlin and then let Elissa put up Spencer so they can backdoor Howard.

7:09 PM BBT Lots of talk about the comp. More speculation on Julie Chen’s expect the unexpected. Judd is going to approach Elissa. He wants to talk to Elissa about MVP. He plans to tell her that he wants her to tell him if she gets MVP and not to mess around with him about it. Judd tells Spencer he was not hoping to win HoH this early. Jessie offers Judd some slop. He passes saying he is going to wait until midnight to eat.

7:18 PM BBT Amanda is now speculating that maybe since Elissa has won the MVP three times in a row BB is throwing in this new twist to make sure someone else gets it.

7:21 PM BBT Andy was going to cook Veggie chicken nuggets but decides to stop and wait. He hears that Judd wants some and he doesn't want it eaten up before the Have-Nots get their reprieve at midnight. Amanda is talking to Judd again about backdooring Howard.

7:24 PM BBT Judd is playing with Andy. He tells Andy that he is worried about a special power. He says he might put up Andy and Aaryn so if the noms get a power Andy will get it. Amanda "Are you nuts?" Judd then jokes he will put up Andy against Jessie. Amanda then talks to Elissa. Elissa agrees to possibly put up Spencer. Elissa mentions getting rid of Aaryn. Amanda says no because Aaryn has no one. Howard has Spencer and Candice on his side already so they are three strong. Jessie says she is worried about Kaitlin. Kaitlin has gone to final question twice now. Amanda tells her it's about numbers not about mental ability.

7:30 PM BBT Jessie, Judd, Elissa, Amanda, and Andy in the cockpit. Amanda has convinced them that as an alliance they need to nominate Aaryn and Kaitlin. They need to warn them in advance that they are pawns so that their real target does not win the POV. Elissa will put up Spencer. When the POV is used Howard will go up. Amanda asks if everyone is in agreement. Everyone is. The backup plan should Howard win POV is to go ahead and get rid of Aaryn.

7:33 PM BBT Jessie bashing in the Have-Not room between Gina Marie and Aaryn. Gina Marie says Jessie's acting all high and mighty now. Aaryn "She's such a joke." Kaitlin to Judd "How excited are you?" Judd is worried about the surprise. He says "Watch I'll be the first HoH ever to get evicted." Aaryn asked him if he tried really or hard for the HoH or did he win by default. Judd says he didn't try to throw it. He's tired of being a Have Not.

7:39 PM BBT Judd is trying to figure out what he wants to take upstairs when it's open to him. McCrae is worried about the Have Not comp. He has no energy from being a Have-Not all week and hope it doesn't cause him to do poorly in the food comp.

7:41 PM BBT Andy is talking to Howard and Spencer in the LR. Andy jokes that if Julie doesn't ask him a question next live eviction night then he is just going to butt in one someone else's question. Earlier he said that if he doesn't play he better be chosen to host the next POV. He is the only one who has not taken any part in any POV so far.

7:44 PM BBT Amanda is coaching Judd again. He needs to tell Aaryn and Kaitlin that he can't trust Elissa and her MVP choice. He has to put them up as his noms to make sure they aren't put up as backdoor targets by Elissa since Elissa is wishy washy with her nominations. Amanda tells him that they won't be mad at him if he presents it this way. Judd regarding Elissa's nomination last week "It worked out good but it could have messed them up really bad."

7:49 PM BBT Judd, Jessie, and Elissa are in the cockpit. Judd asked Elissa if she was willing to work with him regarding MVP. Judd wants to make sure they get together early so they both know exactly what the other will be doing. Judd is still throwing out scenarios for the MVP. He has mentioned the Coup D'État twice now. Elissa is thinking something or someone may be unleashed in the house. Elissa "She said expect the unexpected in a way that was like a game changer." Judd to Elissa "We need to know what each other are doing. You have as much power as I do."

7:49 PM BBT Judd, Jessie, and Elissa are in the cockpit. Judd asked Elissa if she was willing to work with him regarding MVP. Judd wants to make sure they get together early so they both know exactly what the other will be doing. Judd is still throwing out scenarios for the MVP. He has mentioned the Coup D'État twice now. Elissa is thinking something or someone may be unleashed in the house. Elissa "She said expect the unexpected in a way that was like a game changer." Judd to Elissa "We need to know what each other are doing. You have as much power as I do."

7:58PM BBT Elissa to Judd "You know how you can be so happy about something and then something is going to shake it all up. That's how I feel."

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8:03PM BBT Amanda, Kaitlin. Andy, McCrae and GinaMarie are chatting it up. Sounds like they are working on some sleeping arrangements. (we have the FotH popping up sporadically) Jessie, Howard and Spencer are playing chess. Judd and Helen were in the KT, off camera someone asks Judd how excited his family would be right now? He said they are probably scared about the twist.

8:10PM BBT Kaitlin wants to win HoH and hopes they bring out Pandoras Box and that it is Jeremy inside. Then she asks "What are we gonna do tonight?" McCrae says "We are gonna eat, feast like kings!" Judd, McCrae, GinaMarie and Andy are with Amanda and Kaitlin in the brown bedroom. Kaitlin says if she is a HN she won't be having a shower. Amanda just said Puerto Rican shower again. Kaitlin snaps sarcastically "That was racist!" Gina says "Whatever, my sisterinlaw is Puerto Rican." (so that makes it better?)

8:16PM BBT The bedroom crew is rehashing the HoH competition. Gina says she should have picked Andy over Helen because she would have won HoH. She says "Screw the letter, just give me some hair dye!" Judd is saying "Yeah" a lot. Judd asks "How much longer in here? 30 days?" McCrae says "60" Judd says "Ahhh ok"

8:20PM BBT Aaryn, Helen, Kaitlin and Candice in the KT. Aaryn is excited about the twist, she likes surprises. Helen says this is all too much to think about. The MVP is enough to think about on it's own. Judd walks in, asks what they are all cooking. Candice "Pork chops and Gravy!"

8:24PM BBT Elissa is doing a yoga workout in the LR. Judd is back in the BR with Amanda and Andy. Amanda is whining she wants food. Judd wants a cigarette more than anything. Amanda asks if she can host the veto. Andy is whining he wants to. GinaMarie asks if she can be host. Judd says that Andy gets it, if he gets picked, Jessie gets it and if they all get picked GM gets it. Judd is hoping for gin, "gin and sprite."

8:30PM BBT Small talk everywhere! They have run out of ice cream, there is no lettuce for salad, Helen doesn't like the brand of olive oil so she is gonna chill it for a bit. Candice is making "Smothered pork chop with spinach and onions" Andy is wandering around like a supervisor asking questions. "What are you making? What are you putting in that?"

8:33PM BBT Bedroom talk is speculating about what food comps they will have this week, will it be have/have not or the what you get to eat for each day of the week (they reference Season 7's ball competition) Aaryn says she would suck at those. If she is on the team they would be on slop for sure that day. Judd says "We went from 4 days to 4 hours." They are planning on Pasta and meat sauce for dinner. McCrae's birthday is on Sunday. He hopes he can eat on his birthday. Amanda asked and the DR said the birthday boy can! Aaryn and Howard share a birthday, Sept 3. Amanda's is May 11.

8:37PM BBT Aaryn is saying that Howard was wearing the outift from a comp when Jeremy yelled at him. Gina and Kaitlin think she is reading into things and it will get her in trouble. GinaMarie is called to the DR. Aaryn is still talking about the outfit. Kaitlin is saying she doesn't see the connection. Aaryn says she isn't saying anything just making a statement. Judd is listening, not saying a word. Kaitlin says she hopes Howard isn't on her team for have nots. "He scares the shit out of me, there is something behind him more than we know." She high fives Judd quietly. She and Judd whisper about Howard, Judd says "We will talk about it later."

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8:44PM BBT Aaryn hums a line from Country Strong. She says she idolizes Carrie Underwood. "She was large and in charge and then when she won, Howard was her trainer and now she is all skinny!" Amanda "She wasn't fat?" Kaitlin "No just like a country girl" Aaryn continues.. "This is why I changed my portion size." We are back to FotH, off and on. Usually when someone starts humming.

8:49PM BBT Amanda "Dear sweet big brother baby jesus, please open the backyard so that I can have a cigarette." Judd says to start chewing on her patch, thats what they gave them to them for. Amanda tells him "Shut up Judd jesus! Talk about HOHitis! You are turning into Helen!" Andy agrees, they giggle. GinaMarie walks in yelling about stuff going missing. Apparently someone threw out Jeremy's cologne. Judd thought BB took it. Kaitlin says No. GinaMarie leaves. Kaitlin thinks someone just threw it out when they were cleaning thinking it was empty. Kaitlin is now sulky about Jeremy leaving.

8:53PM BBT GinaMarie was missing her contact case. She stomped around about people taking stuff then says "I found them, they were magically on my bed!"
Aaryn, Helen, Candice, Spencer and Howard are eating at the table.
Kaitlin, Jessie, Judd and Andy are talking about GinaMarie and how she says she doesn't want to win HOH because she doesn't want to give up the bed (because of Nick) they says it is weird she sleeps with his hat on her pillow.

8:57PM BBT Well the DR told Jessie that the BY would be open tonight. Kaitlin is wanting a cigarette. Jessie asks her if she is ok? Kaitlin says "Ya.... I am ok. I just really want a cigarette." They are small talking with Andy. Kaitlin thinks she will be the last to be called into the DR.

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10:00 PM BBT Spencer/Elissa/Andy in the cockpit room talking about getting three serious competitors out in the first three weeks. Spencer says he, Andy, and McCrae are now the strongest guys in the house. Elissa and Andy leave the room and looks like Spencer said something to the extent of "Do people always fucking leave the room when I'm in there?" (Part of it was censored)

GM, Jessie, and Kaitlyn are in the bathroom. Kaitlyn says Jeremy was probably going to watch the live feeds and wonder what they show. Jessie says she watched BBAD every night. Kaitlyn says it's probably really boring to watch the feeds. Just general chit-chat going on between the girls.

In the Kitchen area, there is Andy, Aaryn, Helen, and Elissa. Andy brings up the questions asked during HOH wondering how they are portrayed. Andy thinks he and Helen are being portrayed as dorks.

In the bedroom, Candice is laying down and Howard is in there with her kneeling by the bed talking to her. Nothing important going on in there either except maybe for a little bit of flirting. Candice sends Howard on a mission to get her some lotion from the bathroom.

Camera switches to the bathroom area with Jessie, Kaitlyn, and GM still making small talk and Howard walking in getting Candice's lotion.


10:15 PM BBT Nothing interesting still going on. Still small talk in the kitchen about the HOH competition. The feeds keep showing the DR door so Judd should be coming out soon to get his HOH. Andy said he is "putting a pillow between him and Aaryn" tonight so I'm assuming they are sharing a bed. Andy: "Judd needs to come out of the DR. I want to see his room." Elissa is eating cottage cheese with her apple.

10:19 PM BBT Judd comes out of the DR wearing the crown from the HOH competition and the house heads up to the HOH room. The houseguests were mad earlier about being allowed to go out in the backyard then immediately having to go back inside without being allowed to smoke. Judd came out and said that there was miscommunication between the crew saying they are getting something set up in the backyard (early morning food comp perhaps?). The usual cheers accompany Judd as he enters his HOH, and they continue with "aww's" as they look at his pictures. Judd has some coronas, chicken, and more coronas.

10:23 PM BBT Judd reads his letter from home from his mom and dad. The gist of it was how proud they were of him. Elissa asks him to name some of his favorite childhood memories, and Judd says he doesn't remember much before age 12


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#BB15 9:00 BBT Nothing much is going on. Judd and jessie and andy are in the bedroom Kaitlin is there,
amanda and mccrea are in the lounge room. Just chatting.

#bb15 9:05 Kaitlin is talking about her pet mice, with Andy and Spencer. while in the lounge room, Amanda and Mccrea are both
told by BB to please put on your microphone

#BB15 9:10 Judd would like a picture of Stevie his dog, Aayrn is in the room with them, Stevie is a Boston Terror
in the KT, is Howie and Candice and Amanda and Mccrea are still in the lounge room, now Aayrn is talking about her dog that she had
to put down.

#BB15 9:15 BBT Ginamarie is called to the DR Candice is now in the lounge room with Amanda, and MCcrea, Howie has finished his
Bible study in the have not room, and Aayrn is telling a story about her dog still

#BB15 9:20 BBT Helen is now telling us a story about a dog that she had and Mccrea and Amanda are still in the lounge room.
Helens dog it appears ate all her shoes and everything else.

#BB15 9:25 BBT and the doggie stories continue on.

#BB15 9:30 BBT Jessie, and Spencer are at the chess table talking about the twist and what it might be
Kaitlin is now called to the Dr.

#BB15 9:35 BBT now in the lounge room is Judd, Jessie, and Andy, oh and Amanda, Mccrea who are all waiting for
the lock down to be over with. Elissa is in there with them

#BB15 9:35 BBT Amanda reminds everyone that tomorrow is the burial for Nick, and Aayrn is telling another story of some kind (exciding night in the BB house)

#BB15 9:40 BBT Judd is talking about putting Aayrn up with Ginamarie, and they are now talking about how mean she has been.
now talking about how Ginamarie and Helen are three years apart in age from each other Amanda says if they were normal they wouldnt be in this game
Mccrea and Spencer are in the bathroom talking

#BB15 9:45 BBT Elissa says if they do anything else mean to her she is going to jump off the BB cliff, Elissa says she(Aayrn) goes into the DR
everyday with a glass of champain. now they are talking about how many gallons the pool has. Aayrn is in the washroom with Spencer and Judd, Mccrea. They are waiting
for the BY to open up

#BB15 9:50 BBT Judd wants a cirg, beer and a porkchop. (what no frog legs?) now Amanda is in the WR with Aayrn, Judd and Spencer, Judd is still talking about
his beer, Cirg, and porkchop. (Quick someone get this boy a porkchop so he can stop talking about it)

#BB15 9:55 BBT so now they are all just laying around doing a whole heck of a lot of nothing, but talking about past seasons now.

#BB15 10:00 BBT Elissa is saying that Jeremy was being to mean to the woman, but she doesnt take it to heart. Kaitlin, is eating chips in the wr with Aayrn and Amanda.

#BB15 10:05 BBT Kaitlin now wants to go to tacobell, Mccrea walks in and Andy Elissa and Spencer are now talking about the twist.

#BB15 10:10 BBT Judd is now called to the DR sounds like he is getting his room now. Ginamarie is now in the WR. Howard is in the KT with Helen, Elissa who is talking about
making protain muffens. They are healthier, Aayrn is looking for Icy hot for her leg.

#BB15 10:15 BBT Howard is now in the color room with Candice who is in bed Ginamarie is talking about running around in your underwear?
Candice asked Howard to get her lotion and yellow shorts, Ginamarie tells Andy to shutup.

#BB15 10:20 BBT all quite in the BB house, Candice asked Andy what the twist maybe he says no point in guessing Howard says its a pandora box maybe. They are now
talking about beds and who is sleeping where.

#BB15 10:25 BBT In the KT talk turns to protain bars, at the counter is Helen, Jessie, Elissa, and Ginamarie. Howard and Candice are in the Color room Candice is getting up
they are waiting for Judd to get out of the Dr so they can see his room

#BB 10:30 BBT Judd comes out who wants to see my HOHR they all run upstairs. Judd wearing his crown. Opens the door and yelling starts
Judd the stud He got pictures, got somekind of nickless, picture of his friend Gorden, and his dog Stevie and his High school graduation picture, now what is snacks are
he got chicken no porkchops beer cokes orange shorts. tictacs letter From his mom and Dad, they are telling him its his dream come true. Hope they all see how loving and caring he is, play the best he can

#BB15 10:35 BBT They are asking Judd about his family and childhood now Judd says he doesnt remember much about his childhood, Judds happy now that he is no longer a have not and can eat. They dig into his basket. They told him that he can eat now
in the DR. His music is the Chilli peppers. He got a picture of him has mario for halloween. pictures of his grandma and grandpapa.

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